Van Morrison & Joey Defrancesco

Close Enough For Jazz / The Things I Used To Do


    New track from forthcoming album

    Various Artists

    Communion - Burning Witches


      Compilation of Burning Witches artists for 2018. Synth heavy, instrumentals. Download card included, printed 12x12 insert card and hand numbered. 1 time coloured vinyl pressing

      Various Artists

      Erased Tapes: 1+1=X


        Produced by label curator Robert Raths, 1+1=X sees all Erased Tapes artists come together and make an album as a collective — sharing the same space, instruments and musicianship in a residency at Vox-ton in Berlin to record 20 exclusive songs in celebration of the label's 10-year history. The 3-LP set, accompanied by a book of photographs documenting the recording process, is housed in a bespoke, hand-assembled white box with a recessed X that slides open on one side.

        Various Artists

        Get Ready… Do Rock Steady


          The successor of ska and precursor to reggae, rock steady originated in Jamaica in the summer of 1966 and for the next two years dominated the island’s musical landscape. During this brief, yet intensely creative period, many of the foundation stones for the modern Jamaican music industry were laid by some of the greatest talents ever to emerge on the Caribbean music scene. ‘Get Ready… Do Rock Steady’ brings together reproductions of 10 of the most collectable rock steady 7” singles of all time. Pressed on high-quality vinyl and presented in stylishly designed sleeves, the 10 x 7” box also contains a card insert featuring a fascinating essay on the development of the rock steady sound.

          Various Artists

          Last Shop Standing - The Rise, Fall And Rebirth Of The Independent Record Shop


            Limited to 500 copies. Deluxe Record Store Day Fifth Anniversary Edition Gatefold Vinyl. The package includes : The 7” Single “Last Shop Standing” by Batteries (taken from the new film released later this year) . A download featuring : The Acclaimed 2013 RSD Original Documentary Film “Last Shop Standing - The Rise, Fall and Rebirth of the Independent Record Shop” by Pip Piper. Exclusive Liner Notes by Author Graham Jones and Director Pip Piper. Hear from over 20 record shop owners and music industry leaders as well as musicians including Paul Weller, Johnny Marr, Norman Cook, Billy Bragg, Nerina Pallot, Richard Hawley and Clint Boon as they all tell us how the shops became and still are a part of their own musical education, a place to discover and cherish new bands, new music and why they might just have a brighter future. Bonus Features: Never broadcast before : Last Shop Standing - The Rebirth, Continued…, Last Shop Standing - Shop Talk, Last Shop Standing - Official Trailer, Last Shop Standing - Johnny Marr Extended Interview, Last Shop Standing - Paul Weller Extended Interview, Last Shop Standing - Jo Good Extended Interview, Last Shop Standing - Richard Hawley Extended Interview, Last Shop Standing - Billy Bragg Extended Interview, Last Shop Standing - Sid Griffin Interview. Reviews: “Brilliant” _____ – Q Magazine // "An essential watch..." – Mark Searby, MTV // “A touching documentary" – Sarah Lay, Louder Than War // "You are never going to discover Captain Beefheart or the 13th Floor Elevators or the Velvet Underground in your local supermarket, ever" – Richard Hawley, Musician // “Punchy and engaging!” – MOJO Magazine // “Last Shop Standing is more than just a film about collecting records. It’s about passions, and people caring about what they love.” – Johnny Marr, Musician // “You need a physical record shop full of people who are going to help you and guide you.” – Jo Good, BBC Radio 6 Music // “Record shops kept me going when I was desperately trying to work out how to be an international rock star.” – Billy Bragg, International Rock Star // “See the film… you will laugh and cry.” ____ – Record Collector

            Various Artists



              An hour of groovy Singapore 60's Beat A-Go-Go Pop Classics
              Songs sung in Mandarin and Hokkien Chinese dialects
              Surf guitars, teen beat, orchestral pop, odd percussion, & crazy vocals!
              2-LP gatefold edition with gorgeous photos of original 45 covers
              Extended liner notes by compiler William Gibson

              RSD 2018 release. Sublime Frequencies works its way down to the tip of the Malaysian peninsula with this superb collection of Singaporean 60’s beat, pop, and “off-beat cha-cha” classics from original vinyl 45’s. These 22 supercharged beat-a-go-go tracks defy a common held belief that the Chinese couldn’t rock, groove, or swing back in the 1960’s. The vocals are sung in the dialects of Mandarin and Hokkien and they soar with catchy hooks atop groovy, clever beats. There’s plenty of electric guitar, organ, and crazy percussion rocking and twisting behind it all, at times reaching quite a mad and freaky state of affairs. The record’s finale “Happy Lunar New Year” sung by Linda Yong may be the weirdest New Year greeting ever recorded. Every single cut is a winner and it never lets up from start to finish. Although most of the lyrics focus on love, innocence, and festive atmospherics, there’s an epic vibe to the music that rivals other extremely well-recorded and unique pop styles emanating from the surrounding Southeast Asian scenes during the late 1960’s. Seminal bands of the period like The Stylers and The Silvertones are well represented here backing up a wide array of popular vocalists with Charlie Electric Guitar Band’s Sound of Japan ripping it up on four brilliant instrumental tracks. This 2-LP limited edition record store day release comes with a gorgeous gatefold full-color jacket with photos of the original 45 sleeves and extended liner notes from compiler William Gibson. 

              Various Artists

              Soul Jazz Records Presents Congo Revolution - African, Latin, Jazz And Funk Sounds From The Two Congos (1957-73)


                Unique Soul Jazz Records’ Record Store Day seven-inch box set which brings together a stunning five-single/ ten track selection of mind-blowingly groovy selection of African, Latin, Jazz and Funk music from the Congo. Absolutely killer and essential tracks (mostly unknown) from the masters of the vibrant Congo scene in the 1960s – featuring the groups Franco & OK Jazz, Rock-A-Mambo, African Jazz, African Fiesta and more. Roots African meets Dizzy Gillespie, James Brown, Ray Barretto & more. The bomb! This unique box-set edition is only available as a one-off pressing especially for Record Store Day 2018.

                Various Artists

                Soul Jazz Records Presents STUDIO ONE Dub Plate Special


                  Soul Jazz Records are releasing Studio One Dub Plate Special, an exclusive Record Store Day collectors 7” box set featuring 10 amazing unreleased Studio One tracks, only ever released as extremely limited edition hand-etched one-sided dubplates (250 copies!), available only directly to Soul Jazz Records subscribers (most of these sold out in less than 2 hours!). This box set brings together all 8 of these exclusive dubplate unreleased cuts, plus two more also never before released alternate cuts. Featuring Alton Ellis, Cedric Brooks, Brentford Road All Stars, Jacob Miller and more!

                  Various Artists

                  Themes About The House (From The De Wolfe Music Library)


                    Cult 1970s Original TV Themes and Interludes from the legendary De Wolfe Music Library featuring the music of Johnny Hawksworth, Jack Trombey, Simon Park, Lee Mason, Reg Wale and Barbara Moore (The Voice of The Saint Theme).

                    Various Artists

                    Too Slow To Disco Brasil Compiled By Ed Motta (RSD18 EDITION)



                      Various Artists

                      Wharf Cat Records ACLU Benefit Compilation


                        Wharf Cat Records made a double LP with various artists (The Men, Merchandise, Pop.1280, Palberta, Old Maybe, Psychic Blood, Alice Cohen, Dollar Band, Mail Thief, Weeping Icon, Signal, Profligate, Jeff Zagers, Horoscope, Cheerleader, and more ) to benefit the ACLU. The artwork done is by Emma Kohlman. The record store day copy will come with a flexidsic containing 2 songs only available with this special RSD copy as well as a special poster only available with the RSD copy. The record will also include a download card. All proceeds from the sales of this record will go directly to the ACLU. The LP's also feature a center label done by Nic Van Woert, and an insert made by Jason from Psychcic Blood.

                        Viv Albertine

                        To Throw Away Unopened

                          What was I fighting for? Even now I’m not sure. Something so old and so deep, it has no words, no shape, no logic.

                          Every memoir is a battle between reality and invention - but in her follow up to Clothes, Music, Boys, Viv Albertine has reinvented the genre with her unflinching honesty.

                          To Throw Away Unopened is a fearless dissection of one woman's obsession with the truth - the truth about family, power, and her identity as a rebel and outsider. It is a gaping wound of a book, both an exercise in blood-letting and psychological archaeology, excavating what lies beneath: the fear, the loneliness, the anger. It is a brutal expose of human dysfunctionality, the impossibility of true intimacy, and the damage wrought upon us by secrets and revelations, siblings and parents.

                          Yet it is also a testament to how we can rebuild ourselves and come to face the world again. It is a portrait of the love stories that constitute a life, often bringing as much pain as joy. With the inimitable blend of humour, vulnerability, and intelligence that makes Viv Albertine one of our finest authors working today, To Throw Away Unopened smashes through layers of propriety and leads us into a new place of savage self-discovery.

                          Victor Bockris & Gerard Malanga

                          Uptight: The Story Of The Velvet Underground

                            The Velvet Underground is arguably one of the most influential American rock bands ever. Based on interviews with former members Lou Reed, John Cale, and Sterling Morrison, as well as others from Andy Warhol's circle of artistic collaborators, Up-Tight is the definitive oral and visual history of the band and its revolutionary, often avant-garde music. Bockris and Malanga's intelligent and entertaining approach-which does not shy away from the drugs, sleaze, and controversy that enveloped the band seemingly from its inception-provides compulsive reading.

                            Victor Assis Brasil

                            Toca Antonio Carlos Jobim

                            Over the course of the 60s, Roberto Quartin released more than 20 albums in Brazil on his label Forma, by artists including the likes of Eumir Deodato, Quarteto Em Cy, Baden Powell and Vinicius De Moraës. Selling the rights of Forma to Polygram in 1969, Quartin struck out for pastures new at the dawn of the 1970s with the launch of his self-titled label. Significant works and high-water marks for Brazilian music overall followed in that decade's first year, with "Victor Assis Brasil Plays Antonio Carlos Jobim" and the "Obnoxious". These singular gems in Brazilian music, difficult to categorise yet compellingly haunting, have for too long gone unheard. Unlike Jose Mauro, whose biography is almost completely shrouded in mystery, Victor Assis Brasil's tragically short life is a better known story. He passed away aged just thirty-five, but by this point his status was already cemented as one of Brazil's top players. Gifted his first saxophone by his aunt at the age of fourteen, his debut LP was recorded just four years later, alongside some mercurial greats of Brazilian jazz, Tenorio Jr and Edson Lobo. Following the release of his first two albums, Victor was granted a place to study at Berklee College of Music, and it was during this period he recorded toca antonio carlos jobim upon returning to Brazil in the summer of 1970. At a time in Brazil when the smooth n' easy groove of the bossa beat no longer reflected the inflamed politics of a nation under the cosh of military dictatorship, Victor Assis Brasil morphed Jobim's soothing originals into raw, deep jazz cuts, with the help of Brazilian legends Edison Lobo, Helio Delmiro and Edison Machado. The album's influences spans both American continents, finding a meeting point for Latin jazz and North American post-bop, with Roberto Quartin's perfectionist approach to sound elevating the already incandescent music to divine new heights. Like all Far Out reissues, the album has been remastered from the original tapes, and pressed to high quality heavyweight vinyl.

                            STAFF COMMENTS

                            Patrick says: Beguiling and brilliant, this third LP from Victor Assis Brasil is a masterclass in deep Latin jazz, packing each and every groove with pure expression and feeling.

                            Various Artists

                            Brutal Music Tape Transmission Volume One - Mixed By Dom Thomas

                              60 minutes of Brutal Music morphed, mixed and layered by Dom Thomas.
                              Covering the usual Brutal palette, merging proto-house, cosmic rock and denizen funk. The mix includes previews of forthcoming tracks, reconstituted back catalogue and previously unreleased demos. Includes music comes from Justin Velor, Cherrystones, Cyclops Sister, Amaziac, Donald Knaack, EP-4 and Rain Society.

                              STAFF COMMENTS

                              Philippa says: Dom Thomas brings us a 23 track mixtape of exotic cosmic, psych, disco, funk etc.

                              FORMAT INFORMATION

                              Cassette Info: Limited to 100 cassetes in hand stamped card slip cases.

                              ‘Heartleap’ is Vashti Bunyan's long-awaited third LP, the follow-up to 2005's 'Lookaftering' (which received incredible press, radio and TV coverage). It was written, recorded, edited, arranged and played largely by Vashti herself in her Edinburgh home studio over the past 7 years, it is a unique and entrancing collection of 10 songs forming what Vashti is adamant will be her final album.

                              Nine years after ‘Lookaftering’, her last album of new material, legendary British singer-songwriter Vashti Bunyan returns with a breathtaking new LP. Recorded largely in her Edinburgh home studio over the past 7 years, ‘Heartleap’ is a unique and entrancing collection of 10 songs forming what Vashti is adamant will be her final album.

                              This third album follows her rediscovery - after thirty years in the wilderness - with the 2000 re-release of ‘Just Another Diamond Day’ (a cult classic that made # 53 in the Observer Music monthly’s ‘top 100 British albums of all time’), and the critical success of 2005’s ‘Lookaftering’. ‘Heartleap’ has a classic sound and sees her deliver an album where – for the first time – she herself has been in control of the whole process, from writing and arranging to playing and recording. Working predominantly from a studio set up in her Edinburgh home, the record reveals an artist at her peak, capturing her songs within fluid settings that masterfully marry content and form.

                              A more personal record, 'Heartleap' stands solely on the merits and patient endeavour of its author rather than being buoyed by and filtered through the cachet and collaborative creativity of a powerful supporting cast. It is ultimately a less mediated record, and one that Vashti feels is far closer to the vision she set out to realise. Vashti will play a run of UK tour dates in smaller settings with guitarist Gareth Dickson (her first since 2010) in support of the album, with more dates to be added in early 2015.

                              FORMAT INFORMATION

                              Ltd LP Info: Heavyweight vinyl and download card.

                              Vashti Bunyan

                              Just Another Diamond Day

                                Vashti Bunyan’s legendary debut album from 1970 finally gets a UK vinyl repressing. Produced by Joe Boyd for Witchseason Productions and originally released on Philips in 1970, the album features contributions from Fairport Convention’s Simon Nicol and Dave Swarbrick and The Incredible String Band’s Robin Williamson.

                                The songs mostly concern the events that took place when Vashti and her lover travelled to the Hebrides in a horse and cart to join up with Donovan’s artistic community but by the time they got there that community had all left. 

                                FORMAT INFORMATION

                                Ltd LP Info: First UK vinyl pressing since 2000.
                                Limited edition of 1000 180g black vinyl.
                                Deluxe replica gatefold sleeve with lyric inner sleeve and restored artwork.

                                The next chapter in Vashti's incredible story centres around rare and previously unheard material from 1964-1967, before the fabled, much-revered "Just Another Diamond Day". This 2CD double vinyl album features the Jagger / Richards penned "Some Things Just Stick In Your Mind", and Vashti Bunyan's two other rare Decca singles, alongside previously unheard acetates, unreleased singles and other rarities. The second disc is of Vashti's first ever recording session – discovered only days before the album as it stood was about to be mastered. "Some Things Just Stick In Your Mind" nevertheless stands up as a strong release next to "Just Another Diamond Day" and unearths another beautifully fragile chapter in Vashti's history.

                                Vashti Bunyan

                                Some Things Just Stick In Your Mind - Singles And Demos 1964 - 1967

                                  Originally slated for release on the Spinney label after they rescued the ‘..Diamond Day’ album, ‘Some Things Just Stick In Your Mind – Singles and demos 1964 - 1967’ will now be re-issued by Branch Music.

                                  Following the amazing success story of Vashti Bunyan’s re-emergence as an artist after an exile of over 30 years, we are proud and excited to re-issue ‘Some Things Just Stick In Your Mind’, a comprehensive compilation of early recordings dating from the period prior to Vashti’s classic ‘Just another Diamond Day’ album which was originally released1970.

                                  A complete collection of Vashti’s existing early recordings, the album is divided across two discs and features 25 tracks - mostly rescued from a number of old acetates and quarter-inch tapes Vashti’s brother John had found in his attic a few years ago.

                                  The first disc gathers together the early singles (two of which were unreleased) and a set of taped demos recorded between 1965-67. Discovered by Rolling Stones manager/guru Andrew Loog Oldham, who gave her a Jagger/Richards song, (‘Some Things…’) Vashti was put in the studio to record the song accompanied by a full orchestra. The B side was her own ‘I Want To Be Alone’ and released as her debut single on the Decca label in May 1965. Despite a whirlwind of promotion, the single flopped and Vashti left to pursue more pared-down ambitions, recording ‘Train Song’/‘Love Song’ for Columbia, with just voice, guitar and cello. Again foundering with no publicity upon its release in June 1966, Vashti left again, this time returning to Andrew Oldham and the Immediate label he had just started. She recorded three more singles (‘Winter Is Blue’ / ‘Coldest Night Of The Year’ / ‘I’d Like To Walk Around In Your Mind’) between 1966 – 1967, yet each again remained frustratingly unreleased, leading to Vashti’s disenchantment with the industry and disappearance, bound for the Isle of Skye and a colourful if obscure existence in which she would not pick up a guitar again for over 30 years.

                                  Deliberately separated off from this first disc the second disc comprises the entire, unaltered contents of a long-forgotten tape discovered at the last minute before mastering, whilst Vashti was searching for one of the master reels for disc one. Featuring just Vashti’s voice and guitar, unadorned and with no overdubs, the twelve songs here were rattled out one after another with spoken introduction in one hour of time she’d borrowed the money for and booked at a studio in central London in 1964. Four of these songs were then run out to a 7” acetate (since lost/destroyed) which would serve as her demo. These were the first recordings Vashti had ever made of the songs she had written aged eighteen and nineteen. Considering they sat gathering dust in a shed and then in an attic for nearly forty years, the tapes are amazingly well preserved, and after baking reveal a stunning set of raw, pure, intimate recordings. At times it almost feels like you’re in the room with her; that these are songs sung for your ears alone.

                                  Vic Chesnutt, Elf Power & The Amorphous Strums

                                  Dark Developments

                                  A tuneful collision of Athens institutions finds fruition with Orange Twin releasing Vic Chesnutt's collaboration with Elephant 6 originals Elf Power, "Dark Developments." As intriguing as this combination may seem for hardcore fans of either act, the final sonic results reveal a daunting sum much greater than even the involvement of such esteemed parts would imply; the Elves' lived-in dexterity as a live band goads Vic's vocal delivery to a menacing new muscularity, imbuing this batch of songs with a sinister vibe not dissimilar to John Cale's black classic "Fear", the harsh, articulate sleaze of Lou Reed's "Street Hassle" or the defeated low key soul-music of Nick Lowe's last few records. And Chesnutt's songwriting retains its trademark literary bent; central songs carry the narrative weight, sturdy construction and lexical mystery of a longlost Raymond Carver story. And as he still woos you with his squelched, beautiful melodies, his sonic turns-in-the road take an even stranger tack with the aid of the psych-pop veterans. Recorded over the course of a winter by Vic and Derek Almstead in Chesnutt's own attic studio, "Dark Developments" revels in the intimate, home-recorded atmosphere you'd expect from an Athenian union like this. Elf Power's tripped-out pop-smarts provide the contradictory musical notions that never allow the album to sway too far in one bleak direction or another: it's that friction extant between Chesnutt's shadowy worldview and the inventive bounce and bray of the band's joyful chemistry that buoys the album, provides its freshness, and makes for highly rewarding repeated listening. "Dark Developments" stands as a classic addition to the legendary local pantheon, and, most importantly, as a brilliant statement endemic of a natural partnership between two separately-evolved and vital musical entities that never feels forced, flashy or false.

                                  The broad cast of players - all seven members of Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra & Tra-La-La Band, along with Guy Picciotto (Fugazi), Bruce Cawdron (Godspeed You! Black Emperor) plus members of Hanged Up and Frankie Sparo amongst others - offered influences and approaches to Vic's music that yielded a record unlike any other in his substantial discography. Recorded over the winter of 2006-2007, at one of the last sessions to take place at the original Hotel2Tango location in Montreal (the studio moved in spring 2007), "North Star Deserter" is maybe, the very best album Vic Chesnutt has yet made. The songs on "North Star Deserter" are some of the most bracing and intense we've ever heard from him: macabre and fearless, playful and funny, at times deeply personal and at others, incongruously hopeful. Stripped-down songs like "Warm", "Rustic City Fathers", "Over" and "Marathon" are juxtaposed with explosive rockers like "Everything I Say" and "Debriefing", while "Glossolalia" and "You Are Never Alone" feature wonderful arrangements and group singing.

                                  Vitalija Glovackyte

                                  We Are For A While

                                  Another of Ono's expansive and highly creative projects. "We Are For A While" is a fully realized multimedia experience, detailing the working process for Vitalija Glovackyte's sonic and visual tale about recycling. Vitalija first sourced a plethora of broken and salvaged instruments, their acquisition alone worthy of a tale (told in the accompanying booklet). After repairing instruments to a (somewhat) playable state, Glovackyte then set about recording the album you hear now - a collection of electro-folk meanderings, broken ambience and fairytales from industrial sites. It's a heartfelt homage to re-using instead of replacing and is highly evocative in the process. The booklet comes with photos detailing the process as well as a written narrative from Glovoackyte. It's another brilliant addition to the art / music cannon that is Ono records. Highly recommended.

                                  FORMAT INFORMATION

                                  CD & Book Info: Hand stamped Cdr (wrapped in recycled paper donated by artists involved with the project) with paper or clear plastic envelope and a riso printed booklet.

                                  Vic Godard & Subway Sect

                                  Caught In Midstream

                                    THIS IS A RECORD STORE DAY 2013 EXCLUSIVE, LIMITED TO ONE PER PERSON.

                                    A 7” single from Vic Godard & Subway Sect, recorded at West Heath Studios. . .

                                    Vic Godard and Edwyn go back a long way and this has been produced at West Heath Studios by the AED label boss and Seb Lewsley and features original members Vic and Paul Myres together with Paul Cook from The Sex Pistols on drums. It foretells a new album from The Sect, also on AED Records later this year, along with a re-release of ‘End Of The Surrey People’, the record which brought Edwyn, Vic and Paul together in 1992 (Edwyn producing).

                                    ***It’s quite a thing to be able to celebrate the continuing genius of Vic Godard, eminent songwriter of our times.***

                                    LIMITED TO 300 COPIES IN THE UK

                                    Vic Godard

                                    Can't Take The Sunshine Away

                                      Vic Godard is a vocalist, Subway Sect frontman, songwriter & postman. Vic's musical adventure began in 1976 when he formed the Subway Sect with assorted South London soul boys. They formed at the suggestion of Sex Pistols manager Malcolm McLaren (who wanted another band for the line-up of the 100 Club Punk Festival) They went on tour with The Clash on their White Riot Tour in 1977, as well as becoming a regular feature on the new Punk scene. Vic has been releasing records in various genres (Indie, Jazz-lounge, garage, Hip-Hop) ever since. 'Can't Take The Sunshine' / 'inertia' is a limited tour only 7" on his own GNUinc Records label.

                                      Ever since she migrated from pitching editors on the little-known music of Robert Nesta Marley to becoming one of the foremost chroniclers of the perfect storm of reggae, punk, hip hop and afro-beat, the London-born, New York-based Goldman has made documenting music her primary life work. But between 1979-82, Goldman was also a working musician, creating songs that, years later, would be sampled by The Roots and Madlib. These rare grooves are now collected for the first time on 'Resolutionary', courtesy of Staubgold Records.

                                      'Resolutionary' takes us through Vivien's first three musical formations: first as a member of experimental new wavers The Flying Lizards; next as a solo artist, with her single "Launderette," featuring post-punk luminaries; and then as half of the Parisian duo Chantage, with Afro-Parisian chanteuse Eve Blouin. Goldman's synthesis of post-colonial rhythms and experimental sounds are threaded together by her canary vocal tones and female-centred themes. Her eclectic musical crew included PiL's John Lydon, Keith Levene and Bruce Smith; avantgardists Steve Beresford and David Toop; Aswad's George Oban: The Raincoats' Vicky Aspinall; the mighty Robert Wyatt; Zaire's Jerry Malekani; Manu Dibango's guitarist; and Viv Albertine, then of her good friends, the Slits. The majority of the tracks were produced by dubmaster Adrian Sherwood, and 'Resolutionary' channels the history of a time when the bon-vivant voice of music was in the air, and Vivien Goldman was its eyes, ears, and mouth. When she wasn't writing, broadcasting or filming - or even when she was - Vivien always sang. She sang in a lilting, clear-toned soprano honed during childhood, when she and her two sisters would harmonize with their violinist father. Spend even a little time with Vivien, and she is likely to burst into song.

                                      "The Punk Professor" began her singing career in the late '70s, doing backup with Neneh Cherry and Ari-Up (the Slits) on Sherwood records by reggae artists, including Prince Far I. It was a time of musical fermentation, collaboration, and experimentation - and of post-punk boundary breaking.

                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                      Patrick says: Like a cooler, more musical Forest Gump, Vivien Goldman has spent a lifetime at the frontline of forward thinking music. As a fearless musicologist, respected journalist and revered industry guru she’s stayed with Fela Kuti, lived with Chrissie Hynde, smoked with both Bob Marley and Flava Flav, and had a front-row seat for the cultural explosion of reggae, punk, hip hop and Afrobeat. As a musician she fused these incendiary styles with an outsider’s view on the modern world, creating her own dub heavy strain of avant garde pop. Wildly creative and improbably catchy this is music from the cutting edge.

                                      Vince Guaraldi Trio

                                      A Charlie Brown Christmas - Green Vinyl Edition

                                        Originally broadcast in 1965, A Charlie Brown Christmas is hands down one of the most beloved specials in TV history. Commissioned by Peanuts creator Charles M. Schulz, Vince Guaraldi and his trio rounded out by Monty Budwig (bass) and Colin Bailey (drums), composed and performed the timeless contemporary jazz score which wonderfully reflects both the spirit of the legendary Peanuts characters and the Christmas season.

                                        A Grammy Hall of Fame inductee in 2007, A Charlie Brown Christmas was inducted into the Library of Congress in May of 2012 with the accompanying statement, “A Charlie Brown Christmas introduced jazz to millions of listeners,” and 45 plus years on it's still doing just that. Peanuts and Vince Guaraldi historian Derrick Bang even goes so far as to say, "Back people into a corner and limit them to just one holiday album for the rest of their lives, and I suspect that an impressive number of folks, jazz fans or not, would select this one!" Reissued here on green colored vinyl by Fantasy Records.

                                        FORMAT INFORMATION

                                        LP Info: Green vinyl edition.

                                        Vince Guaraldi Trio

                                        Charlie Brown's Holiday Hits

                                        Available on vinyl for the first time! A festive collection of classic tunes featured in the beloved Peanuts television holiday specials, all with the sophisticated, yet accessible jazz stylings of the Vince Guaraldi Trio. The album includes titles from A Charlie Brown Christmas, It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving and Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown. Ralph Gleason notes, "All the characters in Peanuts are artists confronted with the illogical, blind and mechanistic world. It was natural that Vince Guaraldi's music should fit so well."

                                        Vince Guaraldi Trio

                                        Peanuts Greatest Hits

                                        To celebrate the 60th Anniversary of Charles M. Schulz' Peanuts cartoon strip, 'Peanuts Greatest Hits' is an all-new compilation featuring 12 of the most memorable recordings from the beloved animated Peanuts TV specials, all with the sophisticated, yet accessible jazz stylings of the Vince Guaraldi Trio.

                                        The album includes such favorites as the instantly recognizable "Linus and Lucy", the "Charlie Brown Theme" and the humorous "Little Birdie," and includes all new liner notes by Peanuts historian Derrick Bang.

                                        In 1968, Vince made a label switch from his long-time home, Fantasy Records, to his new label, Warner Bros. Records. For his inaugural album, he decided to re-interpret his Peanuts classics on Oh, Good Grief! In addition to the instantly recognizable Guaraldi sound of piano, bass, and drums, this time he added electric guitar and electric harpsichord to the mix. The record was a smash hit.

                                        Now, for its 50th anniversary, Omnivore Recordings is proud to present the album the way the world first heard it as stated on the original album’s back cover, “on shiny black vinyl.” Well, actually, this special pressing is “on shiny red vinyl!” Mastered by Kevin Gray and pressed at RTI, this timeless album has never sounded better.

                                        With songs like “Linus And Lucy,” the special was a hit and for over five decades not a holiday season goes by without an airing of the television classic. So potent and successful was the Peanuts/Guaraldi combination that Guaraldi went on to score a total of 15 Peanuts television specials and the first feature film.

                                        Taken from his self titled 2004 debut (CD only) album, "Down Here In Hell (With You)" is a superb retro-sounding neo soul cut that comes here in vocal and instrumental versions. On the flip Mac & Toolz give the track a real mid 80s flavour and more of a dancefloor rub.

                                        After receiving renewed attention with the reissue of a selection of his early works on Amsterdam's Redlight Records affiliated label "Into The Light", Vangelis Katsoulis offers an 8 track LP and 12 track CD album aptly entitled "If Not Now When", for Alex Bradley's new Utopia Records concept. The Avant Garde movement largely influenced Katsoulis' early compositions. After which, he turned to minimalism, applying elements of jazz and rock into that genre. Since the 80's, the use of technology became gradually apparent in his compositions, whist not diminishing the importance of the human factor and the creative involvement of the performer. Today, he is striving for simplicity, trying to express the most, using the least, providing the context for this release. From the subtle ambience of title track, to the intense and confronting sound on "All The Blue Skies", Katsoulis and his accompanying musicians deliver a diverse and contemporary work with a level of sophistication that will challenge the current electronic musical landscape. The purity of sound in stand out track "Tore" is juxtaposed by the dark and gritty "Grand Delusions", a remarkably modern composition which sounds like it has been composed for a Berlin Techno club, from a man we suspect has never been to one. "Slipping Beauties", the most revered of Katsoulis' back catalogue (recently remixed by Young Marco) is given an organic and intelligent reinterpretation for 2016. The haunting and provocative vocal performance by Anna Linardou on "Zarrin" leads the record down an even more emotive and provocative path. In conjunction with Vinyl Factory with artwork direction by esteemed young designer Lee Roach who worked under Peter Savile of Factory Records, the piece is a limited collectors edition to stand alongside the already high level content on Utopia Records.

                                        STAFF COMMENTS

                                        Patrick says: Utopia reach out to Greek ambient hero Vangelis Katsoulis for a gorgeous LP of brand new music. Embracing minimalism, sonic purity and meditative philosophies, the composer’s return to our shelves is a triumph.

                                        Les Disques du Crepuscule present an extended double disc reissue of Shiver, the acclaimed debut album by seminal Swedish artist Virna Lindt, originally released by The Compact Organization in 1983.

                                        Written and produced by Virna Lindt and Tot Taylor, Shiver offers 12 slices of chic orchestrated pop informed by ‘foreign film’ soundtracks, movie composers John Barry and Ennio Morricone, Modernist musique concrete and Cold War spy thrillers. The album spawned three singles: Attention Stockholm, Intelligence and I Experienced Love. For the most part Lindt provides the voiceover for her own narratives, occasionally striking reflective poses amid orchestral swells and multi-layered atmospherics; a clear influence on later acts such as Pulp, St Etienne and Air.

                                        This new edition of Shiver showcases acoustically-enhanced mixes prepared by Taylor and Lindt in 1997, augmented with non-album singles Model Agent and Young & Hip, and immaculate instrumental versions of key album tracks such as Underwater Boy and The Dossier on Virna Lindt. The extended tracklist also finds room for a leftfield cover of Windmills of Your Mind, originally written by Michel Legrand and Alan & Marilyn Bergman for The Thomas Crown Affair and recorded for the Crepuscule compilation album Moving Soundtracks.

                                        Cover photography is by E.A. Janes. 

                                        STAFF COMMENTS

                                        Patrick says: If you have a soft-spot for arch art pop, frothy euro capers and some of the finest leftfield synth serenades you'll ever hear, you need this holy grail from Virna Lindt. There's dubby dreampop via "I Experienced Love" (well Balearic), the cinematic swoon of "The Dosier" (a proto-Air cut which could also have made it onto "This Is Hardcore"), the killer aqua-cosmic love song "Underwater Boy" and the new wave romp "Intelligence" - all present and totally correct. If that weren't enough, there's a whole additional disc of delights I haven't had a chance to sample yet. Grab one while you can.

                                        FORMAT INFORMATION

                                        2xLtd LP Info: The double vinyl set comes in a stylish gatefold sleeve and includes a free digital copy.

                                        CD Info: The 2xCD edition is housed in a 6 panel digipack with a 12 page booklet.

                                        Vince Mole And His Calcium Orchestra


                                        Vince Mole is one of the original members of The Apples In Stereo and he played on their debut single "Tidal Wave". This single was penned to be the last single to come out on Elephant 6 but the label folded. It's been in limbo until now. Three poptastic tracks, handmade sleeves, limited to 500 copies.

                                        Van Morrison

                                        Astral Weeks - Coloured Vinyl Edition

                                          Part of the Summer Of Love Vinyl Campaign, this is a 140gm clear vinyl re-issue of the classic Van Morrison LP.

                                          FORMAT INFORMATION

                                          Coloured LP Info: 140 gram clear vinyl.

                                          Much been said about Vincent Oliver in the past eighteen months; his unique approach to songwriting that fuses the quirky lyrical elements of DIY pioneer R. Stevie Moore and Arab Strap's Aidan Moffat while musically leaning on the thin line between the shoegazing electronica of "Pygmalion" era Slowdive and the utter popness of New Order's "Power, Corruption & Lies". His first two EPs on Loaf have been a starting point for a young songwriter with infinite pop potential. "EP3" concludes the series of EPs of Vincent Oliver's bedroom recordings with reinterpretation and remixes from some of his most notable fans. Border community's young star and tour mate, Nathan Fake, lends a hand to re-arrange the blissfully confusing "Cluods In The Haed"; into a psychedelic techno affair that has been getting dancefloor support from James Holden. There's also remixes from Hrdvsion, Andrea's Kit, Isan, Rothko and an extended live version.

                                          Manchester song-writing maverick, performance poet and Smiths associate Vinny Peculiar has cultivated an alternative music career spanning the past 10 years collaborating with a diverse range of artists from Bill Drummond to Bonehead. "Goodbye My Angry Friend", his 7th studio album, is an ambitious, vengeful, tuneful and intriguing collection of songs. Produced by sonic magpie Tim Browne it fuses influences that are, to many a pop music connoisseur, poles apart.. from Nick Cave to The Darkness.. from Johnny Cash to Queen. Here is a record that, for better or worse, plays by its own rules.

                                          Vinny Peculiar

                                          Whatever Happened To Vinny Peculiar? - Selected Out Takes And Inserts 1989-2003

                                          Subtitled "selected out-takes and inserts 1989 - 2003", "Whatever Happened to Vinny Peculiar?" is a superb collection of obscurities, alternate takes and lost gems which both hangs together brilliantly as an album in its' own right and - once again - begs the question: why is this guy not revered as one of England's finest singer / songwriters? Most of the cuts actually date from around the turn of the 21st Century and as usual Vinny's vivid, acerbic observations on life, love and failure are presented with rich, colourful and persuasive musical backdrops which usually suit the unlikely subject matters to perfection.

                                          Vinny Peculiar

                                          Suicide Dad

                                          Fantastic acoustic and lyrical single on Manchester's very own Uglyman records, think of I Am Kloot as possible reference point.

                                          Vito Ricci

                                          I Was Crossing A Bridge

                                            For their fifth excursion into the lesser thumbed pages of the great musical story, Music From Memory present a collection of works from a man close to the label's heart. Operating at the leading edge of NYC's underground music scene, Vito Ricci produced only a handful of self-released cassettes and one LP (titled "Music From Memory", wouldn't you know) between 1983 and 1985, with most of his work being recorded for experimental theatre and performance art pieces. Starting out as a percussionist, Ricci’s early musical journey led him to improvised and experimental jazz; working alongside such luminary musicians as Rashied Ali, Byard Lancaster, Peter Zummo and Yousef Yancey. Quickly becoming involved in the avant-­garde scene with spoken word performances, film scores for independent movies and even playing in punk bands with performances at venues such as CBGB’s and Mudd Club, Vito’s own compositions drew on all of these influences whilst channeling them through his experiments with synthesizers and drum computers. Drawing comparisons with New York’s downtown no-wave scene Vito’s compositions blend his unique use of intricate percussion with a wide sphere of musical influences to create a world of hypnotising ambient, meditative and minimal synthwave through to dubbed out electronic funk and even leftfield boogie. "I Was Crossing A Bridge" unveils Vito Ricci's unique and visionary take on electronic music, most of which was previously unreleased.

                                            Virgil Shaw

                                            Quad Cities

                                            Virgil Shaw from San Francisco band Dieselhed with his Americana inspired new release on Munich Records. His compositions are striking and enigmatic, sometimes little more than sketches, and often difficult to decipher, but usually anchored with a telling chorus that manages to convey a fresh, novel observation with simplicity and immediacy.

                                            Post-minimalist, post-ambient, post-something else.

                                            History freely dilates and collapses on Valgeir Sigurðsson’s ‘Dissonance’, his first solo release since 2012. Its three largescale works are haunted by the old Western tradition, infused with the ethereal workings of electronics and sound manipulation.

                                            Recorded and produced between September 2015 and November 2016 at Greenhouse Studios, ‘Dissonance’ is disarmingly human, reflecting the most extreme four years of Sigurðsson’s life full of ecstatic joy and deep sorrow.

                                            ‘Dissonance’ is a personal and collective musical treatise to explore and question a world that is collapsing under its internal dissonances.

                                            Valerie Smith And Liberty Pike

                                            No Summer Storm

                                            Valerie Smith is a top bluegrass vocalist and her band provides perfect instrumentation for her considerable talents. She is at the cutting edge of today's acoustic music scene and "No Summer Storm" is probably her best work to date. A natural performer, with a passion for country music "No Summer Storm" offers a fine introduction to Smith's music and will please anyone into good contemporary bluegrass.

                                            Val Stephen

                                            Abstractum: The Electrogenic Music Of Val Stephen

                                              A lost collection of home studio tape manipulations and VCS3 synthesizer experiments from the unsung Australian composer Val Stephen. A practising medical anaesthetist turned electronic music innovator, Stephen's study of tape music originates back as early as the 1950s.

                                              Throughout the following decades he created a remarkable personal archive of uncharted electronic compositions and experimental music sketches using a range of resourceful tools and pioneering techniques.

                                              With only two of his compositions ever published (Folkways - Electronic Music. 1967) ABSTRACTUM is an amazing look into the previously undocumented world of this silent innovator. A hallucinogenic hybrid of sedated synthesis & primordial Musique Concrete that will appeal to those interested in experimental music such as Basil Kirchin's Worlds Within Worlds and Pierre Henry's Le Voyage.

                                              Vince Tempera

                                              Paganini Horror OST

                                                Paganini Horror is the second release on SUB OST, the soundtrack focused sub label of Subsound Records. For the first time ever on vinyl, this is the original soundtrack of Dario Argento protégé Luigi Cozzi's movie, composed and arranged by electronic composer and wizard Vince Tempera in 1989. Sinister like the sounds of a violin, this is a classic Italian horror score finally available on 2LP in a limited edition colored vinyl or black wax. Includes original artwork by E. Sciotti. 

                                                FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                Coloured LP Info: Limited edition blue vinyl.

                                                V Twin

                                                Free The Twin

                                                A collection of singles and rarities, featuring mixes from the likes of Jagz Kooner (Primal Scream), Adam & Eve (aka Royal Trux), Gareth Jones (Depeche Mode & Clinic), Kid Loco and Domino label mates Cinema.

                                                V Twin

                                                The Blues Is A Minefield

                                                Fantastic album that manages to meld together electronic and organic sounds seamlessly eschewing the great rock n' roll of the past and present.


                                                Shostakovich - The Missing Symphony

                                                A new symphony created by combining all 15 Dimitri Shostakovich symphonies digitally.


                                                Sick-Love Vinyl Version

                                                NME album of the month! Vinyl version limited to 600 copies only. Includes two exclusive trax! Hilarity inducing butchering as Robbie Williams, Spice Girls, Elton John, LL Cool J etc get run through the Sick-Love filter.

                                                FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                LP Info: On swine-pink vinyl.

                                                This week's target for the V/VM mangler is The Matchroom Mob With Chas & Dave's classic comedy / knees up / snooker celebs record, "Snooker Loopy". Also includes the "BBC Snooker (Crucible Theme)" coverage music, "The Romford Rap", a cover version of "Snooker Loopy" that sounds like its from Holland or something (?!) and finally "Hurrican Hoggins Wins, 1982". Limited edition of 147, on either white, red, yellow, green, brown, blue, pink or black vinyl. What will they think of next?!



                                                Putrid pink vinyl 7" limited to 300 copies. Loin-el Glitchie is pitch bended to fuck and Fat Larry's Band are fed through the sonic mincer. Simultaneously frightening and funny!

                                                Vacant Lots


                                                  Alan Vega protégés The Vacant Lots are a NYC-via-Vermont duo comprised of Jared Artaud and Brian MacFadyen. Their minimalist-yet-primitive rock’n’roll and sprawling psychedelic drones have seen them pick up international acclaim and go on to collaborate with an impressive roster of underground music royalty such as Vega, Anton Newcombe, Sonic Boom of Spacemen 3/Spectrum and Dean Wareham of Galaxie 500. Their 2014 debut ‘Departure’ (produced by Sonic Boom) was what kick-started it all and London imprint Fuzz Club are delighted to be reissuing the record, following a previous partnership with the band for a split 10” with Vega himself.

                                                  On their debut, The Vacant Lots deliver a primal hit of darkly hypnotic rock’n’roll with a repetitive and utterly formidable proto-punk gusto - reflecting back on the album it’s pretty easy to see why the duo went on to become so revered. Fuzz Club will be reissuing the album as a double LP and the D-side includes two amazing remixes from Alan Vega and Anton Newcombe. The standard edition (/500) comes on one side black and other white vinyl. All 180gr in a gatefold sleeve with printed inner-sleeves. 

                                                  The Vacant Lots

                                                  Berlin EP

                                                    This release takes the monochrome sound of the Vacant Lots and adds a layer of Berlin chill to the mix of all 4 tracks . Featuring lyrics from Jeffery Lee Pierce on the 1st track “Promise Me” to the disconnected vocals of Astrid Carter on “Verschwinden” . Then to the shoegazing “Land “ & finishing with the throbbing beats of “Funeral Rites” . The band are supporting the release of this EP , with few dates (see below) . The Vacant Lots released their debut album ‘Departure’ via Sonic Cathedral in 2014.

                                                    ‘Departure’ was mixed and mastered by former Spacemen 3 legend Sonic Boom and follows previous single releases on Mexican Summer, Reverberation Appreciation Society and a split 10” with Suicide’s Alan Vega on Fuzz Club. The key element of The Vacant Lots’ minimalist, primitive rock’n’roll songs is their boundless energy, which tears up the psych template with a genuine punk spirit. This ‘minimal means maximum effect’ aesthetic is something they have developed over the past few years, not least by continuing as a two-piece. The notion of duality is also a recurring theme, whether in the band’s fiercely monochrome artwork or their lyrics, which deal with life and death, love and loss and the human condition. Poetic, but with a streetwise swagger; psych, but with a punk attitude. To this end, Brian spends most of his spare time working with electronics, building pedals and custom effects. Jared’s extra-curricular activities are based around painting and the written word. He had his first book of poetry ‘Empty Space’ published in 2014

                                                    FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                    Ltd 12" Info: 180g Clear Vinyl

                                                    The Vaccines

                                                    Live From London (RSD 2011 Edition)

                                                      THIS IS A RECORD STORE DAY EXCLUSIVE, LIMITED TO ONE PER PERSON.

                                                      "Live From London" official bootleg.

                                                      The Vaccines

                                                      Combat Sports

                                                        Columbia Records present the much anticipated new album from The Vaccines! An 11 track record featuring the hit single "I Cant Quit", plus instant grats "Nightclub" & "Put a T-Shirt On It".

                                                        FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                        Indies Exclusive LP Info: Indie retail exclusive signed LP Vinyl of 500 copies.

                                                        Indies Exclusive CD Info: Indie exclusive signed CD of just 300 copies.

                                                        The Vaccines 'Come Of Age' follows their platinum selling, Brit nominated and NME award winning debut, 'What Did You Expect From The Vaccines?' which was released in March 2011.

                                                        The album was recorded at the ICP studios in Brussels and Distillery in Bath with producer Ethan Johns.

                                                        STAFF COMMENTS

                                                        Ryan says: They're back and coming in strong, 'Come Of Age' is just a bit crisper than their debut, the guys seem to have perfected their sound this time round. All in all they still has the same magic that was always there.

                                                        The Vaccines

                                                        Come Of Age - Deluxe Edition

                                                        The Vaccines 'Come Of Age' follows their platinum selling, Brit nominated and NME award winning debut, 'What Did You Expect From The Vaccines?' which was released in March 2011.

                                                        The album was recorded at the ICP studios in Brussels and Distillery in Bath with producer Ethan Johns.

                                                        FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                        2xLtd CD Info: Deluxe 2CD edition includes 3 bonus tracks and the entire 17 track 'Live In Brighton' gig.


                                                        Many Nights

                                                        Jazzy, soulful house grooves with a sweet vocal. Includes vocal, instrumental and Dog Shelf mixes.

                                                        FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                        12" Info: Was £5.49.


                                                        Infinite Worlds

                                                          Infi nite Worlds via House Anxiety Records is the reissue of Vagabon’s criti cally acclaimed debut album.

                                                          The renowned label that launched everyone from King Krule to Courtney Barnett, amongst many others, has announced itself as the European home for the heralded record, which garnered numerous accolades including Pitchfork’s Best New Music tag earlier in 2017.

                                                          Vahagn is a rising producer with releases on Ben Watt's Buzzin' Fly & Lisbon's Groovement Records.
                                                          On his debut for Telefonplan, True Stories, we're offered two original cuts.
                                                          On the opening track Black Sea, Vahagn works with a deep vibe from start to finish. It owes a large debt to classic deep house sounds but with a bubbly acid twist.
                                                          The flip on this 12" Booger features a true Detroit legend, Jerrald James aka Jerry The Cat. Together the duo deliver a slick, immaculately-groomed techy & bumpy track.

                                                          Vainica Doble

                                                          Vainica Doble

                                                            Vainica Doble's debut LP (1971) was the fascinating invitation to the truly unique world of Carmen Santonja and Gloria Van Aerssen. A dazzling mix of folk, traditional genres and psych rock where every track is a wonderfully idiosyncratic marvel. Includes booklet with notes by Vicente Fabuel.

                                                            Presented in facsimile artwork and pressed on 180g vinyl. 

                                                            Mika Vainio

                                                            Lydspor One & Two (Blue TB7 Series)

                                                            Moog Recordings Library is the record arm of Moog Sound Lab which was created and loaned by Moog Music Inc as a celebration of the life and work of Dr Robert Moog. Across 2015 and 2016 the project invited a who's who of contempory electronic artists for a 'conference' around the celebrated synthesizer. This week we see the fruits of these sessions via releases by Mika Vainio, Hieroglyphic Being and The Grid.

                                                            Mika visited the Moog Sound-Lab in April 2015. He made one his last known solo studio recordings in the form of two vinyl sized side long pieces. Entitled "Lydspor" - Danish for ‘Soundtrack’. Mika worked almost exclusively with the lab’s Moog Modular System 55. This UK sound-lab instrument is the sole protoype model (containing several golden filters) of Moog’s recent sold out reverse-engineered edition (55 units only) recreating the 1970’s classic. On completion of his sessions Mika announced ‘I could work with this machine for the rest of my life….I would need nothing else”. A second Moog session was planned but tragically Mika died in an accident in April 2017, shortly after he had approved the vinyl mastering. 

                                                            STAFF COMMENTS

                                                            Barry says: The late, great electronic genius Mika Vainio brings his imitable ambient electronics to Moog Recordings Library for his superb suite of simmering industrial electronics and crushing, static drone.

                                                            Mika Vainio, Ryoji Ikeda & Alva Noto

                                                            Live 2002

                                                            LIVE 2002 captures an inspired performance at BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art in Newcastle by three revered, influential and like-minded pioneers; Ryoji Ikeda, Alva Noto, and the late, great Mika Vainio.

                                                            This recording marks the only ever concert by the trio and its release serves as a tribute to the much-loved Vainio. “Mika was not only a friend and collaborator, but also an inspiration for my work as an artist. This is a celebration of his contribution to our work”, says Carsten Nicolai, AKA Alva Noto.

                                                            Minimal but highly effective, the performance builds throughout with deep sub bass, sleek, spacious sound design and high voltage, inorganic ambience. The inherent noise floor in studio equipment is pushed-up to take center stage. This is sound of electricity, the hum of the engine room and of technology operating almost independently, only gently coerced with artistic finesse by expert human hands. At points static is used decoratively with an ornate, delicate intricacy. At points it becomes rhythmic, like the innate repetition found in machinery. The sonic spectrum later opens up, evoking a rush with laser-like beams of audio light and a barrage of colossal, synthesized waves.

                                                            CARTSEN NICOLAI was born in Karl-Marx Stadt, Saxony in former East Germany and studied architecture and landscape design before pursuing art and music, when his interest in David Toop’s ideas on the structural and spatial qualities of sound inspired his own endeavours. In 2000, Nicolai adopted the pseudonym Alva Noto for his growing experiments in sound and music, to distinguish them from his visual art, for which he uses his own name. His extensive catalogue and diverse musical projects include collaborations with Ryuichi Sakamoto, Ryoji Ikeda, Mika Vainio, Scanner, Björk, Iggy Pop, Tarwater, Michael Nyman and Blixa Bargeld from Einstürzende Neubauten.

                                                            RYOJI IKEDA is one of Japan’s leading electronic composers and audiovisual artists. He was born in Gifu, Japan and lives/works in Paris, France and Kyoto, Japan. Ikeda elaborately orchestrates sound, visuals, light, and physical phenomena into immersive live performances and installations, utilizing mathematical precision and aesthetics. He focuses on the essential characteristics of sound itself and his razor sharp music primarily examines sound in a variety of ‘raw’ states, such as sine tones and noise, often using frequencies at the edges of the range of human hearing. In addition to working as a solo artist, he has also collaborated with Carsten Nicolai (as cyclo.) and the art collective Dumb Type.

                                                            MIKA VAINIO was a Finnish musician renowned for experimental electronic music made under his own name, his solo project Ø, plus various other aliases and collaborations. Much of his output was released on Sähkö Recordings – the label ran by Tommi Grönlund. Most famously he was part of Pan Sonic with Ilpo Väisänen and initially Sami Salo. The group were known for recording everything live using home-made, modified synthesizers and effect units, samplers and an MPC2000 sequencer, straight to DAT. In addition to performances and sound installations in various high profile galleries and in museums worldwide, Pan Sonic played a gig in London's East End from an armoured car using a 5000 watt sound system - similar to those used by the police to disorient rioters.

                                                            Mika Vainio died on April 13, 2017 at the age of 53. Tributes to his envelope-pushing genius came from far and wide, including Holly Herndon, Animal Collective, NHK yx Koyxen and Nicholas Jaar. A posthumous MV album called ‘Reat’ and a reissue of the Ø album ‘Konstellaatio’ have been released this year. Noton will also be making two other collaborations between Vainio and Nicolai digitally available in early 2018; ‘MIKRO MAKRO’ by Ø + NOTO and ‘wohltemperiert’ by Ø + noto. 

                                                            Vakula has been a Dekmantel label member ever since the very early days. The Ukraine based producer now drops his album 'Cyclicality Between Procyon And Gomeisa' on the label.
                                                            “This album is about cycles, repetition and interaction”, says Vakula, whose 'Cyclicality Between Procyon And Gomeisa' is the third of a series of albums and reflects a dashing experimental record that evokes the endless and captivating potential of electronic music. It creates a mesmerizing journey through various music genres, exhibiting a singular sonic experience, whilst he works through a process of improvisation and refinement.

                                                            Once again the mastermind proves to be capable of creating complex, yet diverse musical pieces beyond genres and trends. The result: an audio adaptation of his fascinating mind. “There are two parallel processes that come together in my work: me writing music and working on the sound I want to achieve, and the energy from outside that flows and transforms into thoughts, correlations, and actions.”

                                                            The track titles relate to the source of Vakula’s inspiration and connect the dots between his obsession for the vastness of our universe and electronic music. ‘‘To wonder about the universe and to dig into mythology and scientific research discovering at least some of its secrets is what keeps me endlessly motivated as a producer.’’

                                                            Vakulism - here's Vakula in the continuation of his metaphorical ideas embodied in a new alter ego and unifying combination of different genres which makes Vakula as always unique. In fairness, it's not a million miles away from his previous incarnations - but that's alll gravy with us as we heart Vakula through and through! Those dizzyingly hypnotic odes to organic deep house are still as tantalizing as ever, congas patterns, warm bass and reverb heavy hats sitting in a celestially-tuned mix full of darting leads and voluptuous pads. Bits of spoken word float through tracks like audible hallucinations along with bird sound and a rich sonic fauna. There's moments of serene Reichian repetition, and moments of driving deep house pleasure a la Ron Trent - that's the Vakula blueprint, and it's still as killer as ever. Highly recommended!

                                                            STAFF COMMENTS

                                                            Matt says: Beautifully serene collection of Krauty house minimalism here from our favourite Ukranian. It's been a long while but its worth the wait!



                                                              Valentina’s Debut EP 'Weights' is a vivid and painfully honest account of her journey from youth into young adulthood. From the torment of first love lost and infidelity, to frustrated commentaries on the lives and choices of close family members & friends. In this collection of songs Valentina has managed to find form for her most heartfelt anxieties.

                                                              Influenced by listening to classic songwriters such as Joni Mitchell and Carole King, Valentina was inspired to pick up the Guitar and later on the Dulcimer and gradually begin to teach herself both, encouraging a simpler and more direct approach to her songwriting. In telling such personal stories, Valentina's music leaves you with the feeling that you have entered into someone else's deepest secrets and fears, and yet they are also your own.

                                                              'Weights' was recorded during the break-up with her, then, boyfriend and Co-Producer of 'Weights' - Blue May. Creating an intense and often uncomfortable atmosphere, which most likely contributed to Valentina giving her most honest and at times vehement performances. Also taking production duties is Kwes (TheXX, Micachu, Dels) bringing his ever-present alternative take on production and weaving in threads of textures and sparkles.

                                                              Matt Valentine

                                                              Before It’s Gone

                                                                Next up on The Great Pop Supplement is the ace new 45 from Matt Valentine- temporarily dropping the MV+EE tag for a solo 45 where he’s joined by the likes of J Mascis, Woods’ Jeremy Earl, Magik Markers’ Pete Nolan and the always great Mick Flower.

                                                                “Before It’s Gone” began in earnest back when the Icelandic volcanic ash cloud of 2010 prevented Mick returning to the UK after a stint as part of Matt’s THE GOLDEN ROAD backing band. An intense period of jamming produced the embryo to the track here from which MV then recruited first Pete Nolan (featuring his previously unheralded backing vox savvy) then on visits to Vermont, Jeremy and J to fill it out and slow cook those edges. (The full story is expertly told by MV on the record’s insert…)

                                                                Beautiful, killer, stoned out soft psych released in perfect time for tail end of summer as a ltd one time pressing of 500 only. Cool sleeve as ever from the GPS and on tasty white wax….

                                                                FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                                Ltd 7" Info: White vinyl pressing of 500 copies only.

                                                                Third release on Radioactive Man's highly, highly acclaimed imprint, Asking For Trouble...Victor Valiant is the pseudonym of the label head, Keith Tenniswood and Suade Bergemann working in collaboration and recorded in the latter's 'mega studio' deep in the Northeast of England.

                                                                Recorded last year over two, 3-day sessions; produced, cut and mastered between the two producers, they have executed every level of production flair for this double pack vinyl release - with meticulous attention to detail.

                                                                Suade Bergemann is a Newcastle-based producer, mastering engineer and founder of techno label Adapted Vinyl. He collaborates with Steve Legget and is a resident at Free Rotation.

                                                                I really want to let the music speak for itself here, with little outside influence or hype affecting you, the listener's decision to purchase or indeed, future enjoyment. I'll go as far as to say that it's one of the best things I've heard this year: funky, advanced, accessible and ear-catching all at the same time. Obviously Keith's got enough of a cult fanbase to mean this'll sell out without question, but newcomers or anyone not familiar with Radioactive Man's many talents, don't miss an opportunity to get a seriously strong record from one of the underground's most enigmatic and multifaceted producers. 

                                                                STAFF COMMENTS

                                                                Matt says: Keith's done it again. Collaborating with Suade Burgemann, this, for me, surpasses the exquisite double headers that opened up the label last year. A ridiculously good release I'm more than giddy to get stuck into.


                                                                (Let Go) Trouble Girl / Where Is The Love - Feat. Fanny Franklin

                                                                Hailing from Moscow, Valique started his musical career in mid 90s as an arranger and musician in several electronic live projects, gradually shifting from raw jungle / industrial music to diverse forms of deep house, nu-jazz and funk / soul breaks (phew!). As an accomplished vibraphonist and percussionist he has recorded session work on various albums and recently recorded an entire album of classical Russian folk and war songs with nu-jazz / funk twist (can't wait to hear that one...). Following the hugely successful "Taking Your Seat" is the impressive "(Let Go) Trouble Girl", another funk-breaks hybrid with a hint of jazz-funk. Over on the flip is an updated take on the Betty Wright classic "Where Is The Love" featuring the vocals of Orgone's Fanny Franklin.

                                                                The Valkarys

                                                                Since I Was Fifteen

                                                                  Limited Edition 10" Desert Orange Vinyl EP from Edinburgh's finest psychedelic band, The Valkarys.

                                                                  Includes Download Code.

                                                                  Evolving from samba’s percussive pulse in the late 1950s, bossa nova (literal translation: new trend), is Brazil’s internationally accepted gift to the global melting pot of music. Initially brought to prominence by the likes of Antônio Carlos Jobim, João Gilberto, and João Donato, by the mid-1960s, there was an emerging pool of youthful talent ready to make their voices heard. Marcos Valle and his lyricist brother Paulo Sergio were no exception. After signing to Odeon Records (a subsidiary of EMI) the pair penned a classic of the South American songbook, “Samba De Verão” - known in English as “So Nice (Summer Samba)”. A musical trip to the United States in 1966, where the singer worked with Sergio Mendes and jazz giant Verve Records, provided even more inspiration. By the dawn of the 1970s, the multi-talented Valle was entering a new era, ready to test the government censors (Brazil was under strict military rule since a coup d’état in 1964) and express a socially aware stance and a playful hodge-podge of musical styles including samba, bossa nova, baião (a rhythmic beat from the rural northeast of Brazil), black American music, and rock.

                                                                  "Marcos Valle" was originally released in 1970 and not only features a seductive cover image of Marcos reading the local papers with a bottle of liquor on a side table, but a dynamic musical backing from some of Brazil’s most gifted players. Hip-hop fans may even recognize the opening horn blasts of “Ele E Ela,” sampled to great effect on Jay Z’s “Thank You”. Any way you spin it, we at Light In the Attic are extremely proud to present Marcos Valle as part of our four-album Marcos Valle reissue campaign.

                                                                  Consisting of an ambitious string of early 1970s landmark studio sessions (sympathetic in spirit to Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye’s game changing work from the same era) and released on CD and LP, "Marcos Valle" (including a rare bonus track on the CD version) features extensive liner notes by San Francisco-based writer Allen Thayer (Wax Poetics) with exclusive interview content and song-by-song breakdown from Marcos himself. Fans new and old will finally have easy breezy access to these once hard-to-find Brazilian classics.

                                                                  With legendary progressive rock group Som Imaginário backing the Valle brothers’ animated music and lyrics, "Marcos Valle" is a welcome addition to any South American friendly record collection and sits proudly with the best of Brazil. File after Os Mutantes and before Caetano Veloso.

                                                                  FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                                  CD Info: CD Version includes bonus track 'Berenice'.

                                                                  Norway's Preservation Records team up with Big Dipper for their latest release, celebrating the summer with the first official reissue of Marcos Valle's second self titled LP. Originally released on Som Livre in 1983, the LP has been out of print ever since. Arranged by Brazilian boogie and soul legend Lincoln Olivetti, the LP sees Marcos strolling through loose funk grooves, glistening MPB and sunkissed melodies - smooth, refreshing and Caipirinha cool, this is a triumph. After hitting us with the slick boogie mooch of "Estrelar", Marcos reclines with the poolside paeon "Fogo Do Sol" then dives into the cruiseship sway of "Samba De Verao". The disco-driven "Para Os Filhos De Abraao" ups the tempo and basks in the moonlight while "Naturalmente" and "Tapa No Real" are two of the grooviest MPB tunes you're ever likely to hear. Elsewhere, "Dia D" condenses all the excitement of carnival into a fast paced disco heater before cinematic duo "Mais Que Amor" and "Viola Enluarada" close the album on an emotional note. Boasting killer cover art and a fantasic 8 page booklet, this is the full package.

                                                                  Marcos Valle's incredible 1963 debut, "Samba ''Demais;", established him as one of the premier performers and composers in the emerging Brazilian popular music landscape. Barely out of his Rio high school, where classmates included fellow Brazilian musical legends Edu Lobo and Dori Caymmi, Valle caught the eye of label executives and had a debut record out before his 20th birthday. Though he would later go on to be a massive superstar across his native country and a cult figure throughout the rest of the world, these humble beginning show Valle already had a complete mastery of the samba songwriting form and was already a brilliant performer. An essential Brazilian title on 180 gram vinyl with 1 bonus track from Cornbread.

                                                                  First vinyl reissue of this fantastic 1981 album by Marcos Valle, one of the essential artists of Brazilian music.
                                                                  Recorded in Brazil after spending the late 70s in the US, Marcos Valle brought together his innate talent and diverse influences on this irresistible record bursting with groove. Among a selection of top musicians, the line-up features Sivuca, Chicago's Peter Cetera, Robson Jorge and Azymuth's Jose Roberto Bertrami. Presented in facsimile artwork and pressed on 180g vinyl. A Record Store Day release.

                                                                  Niall And Cillian Vallely

                                                                  Callan Bridge

                                                                  Two brothers with an impeccable pedigree in Irish music Cillian Vallely of Lunasa and Niall, a founder of Nomos are both steeped in the tradition. Little wonder then that "Callan Bridge" has a brilliance all too rare on the scene these days. Inspired concertina playing from Niall and an absorbing and illuminating perfomance on the uilleann pipes by Cillian, an astute and rewarding choice of tunes and a recording quality second to none. Wonderful stuff.

                                                                  Canadian musician, Damian Valles has been performing for more than a decade with bands that run the musical gambit from punk, post-hardcore and math rock to electronic and post-rock. Over the last two years he's concentrated more on solo work, creating experimental ambient and drone based soundscapes.

                                                                  With several releases already under his belt (a number of limited CD-R's, a cassette, two Netlabel releases, and several compilation appearances), 'Skeleton Taxa', is Valles' seventh release to date. It's also his first "proper" full length CD and his first for the Drifting Falling imprint. Mastered by Taylor Deupree (12K), 'Skeleton Taxa' is a return to sounds first explored on his debut release, Count(r)ies (Under the Spire), but with an even stronger emphasis on instrumentation and song structure as opposed to the drawn out drones and ambient pieces he's explored in his recent work. Most of the tracks fall under five minutes and tend to have clear "parts" and passages, heavily guitar oriented with spatterings of piano, organ, field recordings and a healthy dose of percussive backdrops. The ambience and dronings are still present, but are there to fill out and carry the sound, rather than dominate the piece. Also, a new element is present on this release, the human voice, with samples and recordings of dialogue, manipulated or not, strewn throughout the course of the album. The track, "Bell And Arc", features vocals by Damian's wife, Heidi Hazelton.

                                                                  Says Damian, “I feel like it's my most accomplished work to date. The concept behind Skeleton Taxa is as a collection of individual pieces that work better as a whole, a patchwork of sorts. Some of the tracks have been sitting dormant for months to years, some are reworked tracks from a previous life, and some are fresh out of the box; hints of traditional song compositions intertwined with sound collage that, somehow, seem to fit together to create a cohesive ‘entity’ or ‘body’.”

                                                                  Matteo Vallicelli


                                                                    Matteo Vallicelli is an Italian drummer and composer, best known as the live drummer of The Soft Moon and Death Index and as a founding member of many renowned Italian punk bands. This winter he debuts his first solo project, ‘Primo’, on Captured Tracks.

                                                                    In 2013, Vallicelli relocated from the ancient neighbourhood of Trastevere in Rome to the ever-changing Kreuzberg district in Berlin. This dramatic uprooting acted as a catalyst, inspiring him to try and make music on his own. Heavily inspired by the pulsating techno scene of the German capital, Vallicelli began experimenting with synthesizers and drum machines. Recording sounds onto his computer and cassette tapes led him to create a massive collection of loops and samples, sometimes in protracted home sessions where he wouldn’t leave his apartment for days.

                                                                    For Vallicelli, the transition from playing drums in punk bands to sitting alone in his home studio, working on minimalistic electronic compositions, has dramatically shifted his music career. “Being in charge of everything can be disorienting. Having no other band members to work or fight with… I would end up with hours of music that I would endlessly edit on my computer. It took me years to learn how to limit myself, to finish up a project and move on to something else. But, as soon as I mastered that, I was able to assemble my first album quickly.”

                                                                    Songs like ‘Michelangelo’ and ‘Frammenti’ were born as techno tracks but, through subtraction, became something different and more representative of the introspective state in which they were created. These two tracks opened up a path for the rest of the music on the Primo, in which most of the songs have no traces of drums or percussive elements, marking a new, liberating way for Vallicelli to make music. The result of three years of experimentation, Primo is ultimately an exercise in self-limitation and discovery.

                                                                    FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                                    LP includes MP3 Download Code.


                                                                    Station EP

                                                                    Long awaited debut release from Pleasure records new boys Valve. Three gorgeous, melodic, melancholic songs. Recommended.

                                                                    FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                                    7" Info: Limited edition vinyl.

                                                                    Vampire Weekend


                                                                    Taken from their eponymous debut album, this single is a smart, direct and danceable gem of a tune that showcases exactly why they've become one of 2008's most hotly tipped new acts. The 7" is packaged with a CD single featuring both tracks and brilliant Hammer & Tongs produced video which the band describe as 'jittery Charlie Chaplin meets The Mighty Boosh'!

                                                                    Vampire Weekend

                                                                    Modern Vampires Of The City

                                                                    Vampire Weekend’s third album is ‘Modern Vampires Of The City’, released on XL Recordings.

                                                                    When asked in interviews about the new record, the band have been guarded in describing it, but have stated the album is darker and warmer, saying in Triple J Magazine that “this is our most American album” and citing New York City at night as inspiration for the new sound. The band told interviewer Zan Roew that they focused on “good songwriting”, saying “we wanted the songs to just be amazing”, working towards a sound in which “something that sounds traditional and maybe something that seems modern come together and it feels natural.”

                                                                    The cover art is a 1966 photograph by Neal Boenzi of the smoggiest day in New York City history, on which the air pollution killed at least 169 people.

                                                                    FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                                    LP Info: Standard black vinyl edition.

                                                                    Vinyl comes with CD version of the album enclosed.

                                                                    Dealing in genres the band have dubbed 'Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa' and 'Upper West Side Soweto', Vampire Weekend is a breath of fresh air, both musically and lyrically, with this New York band endeavouring to make music that is anything but straight ahead rock. This is indie-rock that isn't indie-rock, a joyously exuberant carnival of melody and rhythm. Strings. Organs. Afro-funk guitars. Courtly 18th century harpsichord. A bit of post-punk (maybe Franz Ferdinand crossed with the Bhundu Boys?). Lyrics about grammar and architecture and preferred bus routes and the British Imperial origins of American preppie fashion. With fleet-footed pizzazz Vampire Weekend deploy all these to craft a tinglingly refreshing sound. Anyone for brainy party music?

                                                                    Vanessa Van Basten

                                                                    Closer To The Small / Dark / Door

                                                                      Italy's Vanessa Van Basten reside among a rare breed of bands (loosely categorized as 'post-rock') that truly create instead of simply copy. At times lush and layered, at others minimal and haunting, "Closer To The Small/Dark/Door"'s breadth is the result of years in the underground. Although quite heavy, the album employs far more atmosphere and ambiance than its contemporaries.

                                                                      Acoustic / classical instrument tracks conjure visions of Mogwai conducted by Ennio Morricone, while programming-centric tracks imagine Swans personnel falling hard for a Mediterranean girl who listens to a lot of Godflesh and Jesu. Nothing fits snugly into place, though - Vanessa Van Basten pushes genre boundaries in more than one direction. Thankfully, these veterans know the importance of 'too much' vs 'not enough'.

                                                                      "Closer To The Small/Dark/Door" is a truly unique 50 minutes of rock music.

                                                                      Nathan Van Cleave

                                                                      Robinson Crusoe On Mars - OST

                                                                        Mondo is pleased to present the soundtrack to the science fiction cult classic Robinson Crusoe on Mars (1964), for the first time ever on vinyl. Over 50 years before Matt Damon was labelled 'The Martian,' there was the story of lone astronaut Christopher "Kit" Draper and his struggle to survive on the red planet after being marooned by his ship's near miss with a meteor. For a significant portion of the film - as Kit explores the terrain with no other life to communicate with (except for his monkey, Mona) - Nathan Van Cleave's music takes centre stage. Van Cleave's themes are simultaneously foreboding and triumphant. Only a few short years before Planet of the Apes took science fiction to its inevitable dystopian ends, the soundtrack to Robinson Crusoe on Mars is a pure patriotic time capsule; the sounds of a retro-future when science fiction films were still produced with true optimistic sincerity.

                                                                        Featuring original artwork by We Buy Your Kids, and pressed on 180 Gram Black Vinyl.

                                                                        So far so far out for Stroom, who continue their journey through the lesser thumbed pages of the Belgian underground with this sublime retrospective of art-house hero and ambient music weirdo Jan Van Den Broeke. Famed for his wavy, sample heavy synth compositions as Absent Music, The Misz and June 11, Van Den Broeke made an appearance on Alain Neffe's Insane Music imprint, with the lo-fi tropicalia of "The Desert" (included here folks). Falling somewhere between Spike, Marc Barreca, Eno's poppier moments and the bedsit anxiety of a Flying Nun band, the music collected on "11000 Dreams" beguiles, intrigues and transfixes us with its introverted magic. Working with a minimalist set up of drum machines, guitar, synth and spoken vocal, Van Den Broeke pursues his own unique musical path to create a sound which falls into a flawless musical no man's land - Absent Music indeed! So, if you dig on Balearic, minimal wave or ambient sounds, you NEED this in your life.

                                                                        FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                                        LP Info: LP + DL (inc digital bonus tracks) + "CHEZ RENEE" booklet

                                                                        Van Der Graaf Generator

                                                                        Do Not Disturb

                                                                          Esoteric Antenna are delighted to announce the release of the excellent new album by the legendary Van Der Graaf Generator.

                                                                          “Do Not Disturb” is the band’s 13th studio album and was recorded in the closing months of 2015 and the Spring of 2016.

                                                                          A true group effort, Peter Hammill, Hugh Banton and Guy Evans continue to follow in the tradition of Van Der Graaf Generator by delivering an album that is both powerful and possesses and emotive beauty.

                                                                          “Do Not Disturb” is another highlight of the band’s career, during which their music has been influential on successive generations of musicians.

                                                                          Van Der Graaf Generator


                                                                          1975s "Godbluff" saw a change of direction for Van Der Graaf Generator as they expanded on the darker introspective sound that Hammill had been developing in his solo work.

                                                                          FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                                          CD Info: This expanded, remastered edition incldes two previously unreleased bonus tracks: "Forsaken Gardens" and "A Louse Is Not A Home".

                                                                          Van Der Graaf Generator

                                                                          H To He Who Am The Only One

                                                                          Remastered edition of this 1970 album, which with it's strong jazz influence and inclusion of Robert Fripp's superb guitar work is a prog classic. Includes bonus tracks: "Squid 1 / Squid 2 / Octopus" and "The Emperor In His War Room (First Version)".

                                                                          Van Der Graaf Generator

                                                                          Pawn Hearts

                                                                          Universally acclaimed as their finest work, this newly remastered version of their fourth album (originally released in 1971) includes bonus tracks: "Theme One (Original Mix)", "W (First Version)", "Angle Of Incidents", "Ponker's Theme" and "Diminutions".

                                                                          Van Der Graaf Generator

                                                                          Still Life

                                                                          Originally released in 1976, "Still Life" saw Peter Hammill attempting to incorporate a more introspective mood into their sound.

                                                                          FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                                          CD Info: Remastered and expanded, it includes the bonus track "Gog" recorded live at the Theatr Gwynedd, Bangor in 1975.

                                                                          Van Der Graaf Generator


                                                                          This is a live album from 1978 and whilst not an original album as such, it did contain some new material. "Ship of Fools", "Urban", "Door" and "Sci-Finance" were all new tracks at the time.

                                                                          FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                                          2xCD Info: Digitally remastered expanded edition includes "Sci-Finance" and "Nadir's Big Chance" both only available on CD on Japanese import until now.

                                                                          Van Der Graaf Generator

                                                                          World Record

                                                                          An epic album with three classics, "When She Comes", "Masks" and "Place To Survive".

                                                                          FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                                          CD Info: Digitally remastered with bonus tracks, their John Peel Session versions of "When She Comes" and "Masks" recorded in November 1976.

                                                                          Van Der Graaf

                                                                          The Quiet Zone - The Pleasure Dome

                                                                          By 1977 Van Der Graaf were Peter Hammill, Graham Smith on violin, Nic Potter on bass and Guy Evans on drums. The music had a more direct, rockier sound and has stood the test of time unlike many of their contemporaries. This is Hammill at his best, focused, intense and powerful but still with moments of aching beauty. Guy Evans drumming is a tour de force as are the wonderfully heavy Potter bass lines - an obvious influence on Jah Wobble. This proved to be their studio swansong but it's a fitting legacy for a band who put the songwriting first and refused to bow to commercial constraints.

                                                                          Maarten Van Der Vleuten Presents Integrity


                                                                          R&S welcome Dutch dance icon Maarten van der Vleuten back into the fold.

                                                                          - ‘Outrage’ is a compilation of Maarten van der Vleuten’s Integrity project tracks, originally released on R&S sub-label Outrage Recordings in 1992, now remastered by Matt Colton

                                                                          Maarten van der Vleuten is one of the most influential figures in the Dutch scene, and also a man of many aliases - between 1987 to 2007 he racked up releases with over two dozen projects producing Detroit techno, electro, house, experimental and ambient tracks and remixes.

                                                                          Still highly active and inspired in 2018, R&S see the Outrage release as a perfect opportunity to re-introduce Van der Vleuten’s masterful productions to a new generation, adding to his existing influential fans such as Optimo, Global Communication, Ellen Allien and Dave Clarke.

                                                                          During the 90s he recorded mainly dance/techno for R&S Records, as Orpheus, 48V Phantom Power and Mantrax. He also memorably released on Apollo Records (check his excellent In-Existence ‘Moonwater’ album), Djax-Up-Beats, See Saw and Klang Elektronik amongst others.

                                                                          Van Der Vleuten’s ongoing collaboration with R&S founder Renaat Vanderpapeliere saw the later set up Outrage Recordings in early 1992 to release Van der Vleuten’s tracks that didn't fit on R&S Records, recording as Integrity, Zimt, Flux and Pultec.

                                                                          “Every couple of weeks i would drive up to Ghent with my new tracks and meet Renaat,” explains Martin. "We then went straight to Foon Mastering where we played the DATs and decided which tracks would be cut - i had carte blanche when it came to the 'sound' of the label.

                                                                          Van der Vleuten’s music on Outrage Recordings moved in the opposite direction of the contemporary rave and gabber scenes; while Techno became faster and shifted to a more aggressive sound, Van der Vleuten focused more on composing and arranging over danceability. This resulted in these EP’s being difficult to sell back in 92 but listening now it feels vital and fresh well over two decades since they were recorded which is an obvious sign of
                                                                          Van Der Vleuten’s deft talent.

                                                                          The release also includes Van der Vleuten’s collaborations with another dutch icon, Mike Kivits (aka DJ Aardvarck). The pair first met In 1989 when Kivits would sometimes play his demos on cassette-tapes at local clubs. The pair became fast friends and Van Der Vieuten invited Kivits into the studio where they found a natural chemistry that ultimately resulted in the tracks ‘Nightshift’ and ‘Intens’ which feature on ‘Outrage’, both written and recorded on the same day.

                                                                          After releasing her critically acclaimed debut "Because I Was In Love", Sharon Van Etten has been hard at work; singing on The Antlers’ album "Hospice" and performing at the Pitchfork Music Festival, as well as collaborating live with Bon Iver and The National.

                                                                          Due to all of this, Van Etten signed to Ba Da Bing (Beirut, Comets On Fire) for her sophomore album "Epic".

                                                                          In addition, Van Etten found time to record two exclusive songs for this 7” to be released by Poyvinyl.

                                                                          Both songs were recorded by Greg Weeks (Espers) at Hexham Head Studio (Marisa Nadler, Bonnie Prince Billy).

                                                                          FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                                          Ltd 7" Info: Limited edition of 500 on black vinyl. Vinyl includes
                                                                          digital download code.

                                                                          For all the attention that was paid to her 2012 breakthrough ‘Tramp’, Sharon Van Etten is an artist with a hunger to turn another corner and to delve deeper, writing from a place of honesty and vulnerability to create a bond with the listener that few contemporary musicians can match. Compelled by a restless spirit, Van Etten is continuously challenging herself. Now, the result is ‘Are We There’, a self-produced album of exceptional intimacy, sublime generosity, and immense breadth.

                                                                          For this album, Van Etten found a kindred spirit in veteran music producer Stewart Lerman. Originally working together on ‘Boardwalk Empire’, they gently moved into new roles, rallying around the idea of making a record together in Lerman’s studio in New Jersey. Lerman’s studio expertise gave Van Etten the freedom to make ‘Are We There’ the way she imagined. Van Etten also enlisted the individual talents of her band, consisting of Heather Woods Broderick, Doug Keith and Zeke Hutchins and brought in friends Dave Hartley and Adam Granduciel from The War On Drugs, Jonathan Meiberg (Shearwater), Jana Hunter (Lower Dens), Peter Broderick, Mackenzie Scott (Torres), Stuart Bogie, Jacob C Morris and Mickey Freeze.

                                                                          It is clear from the opening chords in the first song ‘Afraid Of Nothing’ that we are witnessing a new awareness, a sign of Van Etten in full stride, writing, producing and performing from a place that seems almost mythical, were it not so touchable and real. Always direct, and never shying away even from the most personally painful narratives, Van Etten’s songwriting continues to evolve. Many of the songs deal with seemingly impossible decisions, anticipation, and then resolution. She sings of the nature of desire, memory, of being lost, emptiness, of promises and loyalty, fear and change, of healing and the true self, violence and sanctuary, waiting, of silence.

                                                                          “Her voice is breathtaking throughout the record, altering to inhabit every emotional extreme.” - Uncut (9/10), “She seems to set her voice no boundaries” - Mojo (4 stars), “Van Etten goes several layers deeper, and faster, than most songwriters. ‘Are We There’ is the kind of album that many people have been trying to make for years and only a dozen or so have pulled off; words, voice and heartbreak.” - The New Yorker.

                                                                          STAFF COMMENTS

                                                                          Andy says: Lots of expectancy around this, and it doesn't disappoint. She's flying now!

                                                                          Laura says: This album feels like a real step forward from the wonderful "Tramp". There seem to be more layers, more depth to the arrangements, it feels like a more confident, expansive sound. Once again though it's her voice that really makes it, running a whole range of emotions from fragile and fractured, to strong and defiant and of course the songwriting is superb: heartfelt and wonderfully melancholic.

                                                                          FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                                          Ltd LP Info: Indies only limited edition coloured vinyl.

                                                                          2014 was a stellar year for Sharon Van Etten, with her critically acclaimed and best selling album ‘Are We There’ plus extensive touring and a Later With Jools Holland performance consolidating her position in the UK.

                                                                          Jagjaguwar release a five track EP of non album songs in conjunction with her  landmark Glastonbury performance.

                                                                          Van Etten and a sterling crew of collaborators offer documents of surrender and disappointment, admission and longing. The gorgeous ‘Just Like Blood’ manages to capture all four facets in less than five minutes.

                                                                          Produced by Van Etten and Stewart Lerman, who also helmed ‘Are We There’, these songs are as sophisticated and evolved as anything Van Etten has ever done.

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