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Virgil Shaw

Quad Cities

    Virgil Shaw from San Francisco band Dieselhed with his Americana inspired new release on Munich Records. His compositions are striking and enigmatic, sometimes little more than sketches, and often difficult to decipher, but usually anchored with a telling chorus that manages to convey a fresh, novel observation with simplicity and immediacy.

    Mary Gauthier

    Drag Queens In Limousines

      Mary Gauthier (pronounced Go-Shay) is another rare find from the label that discovered Johnny Dowd and her downbeat lyrics are similarly hard hitting, whether they tell of drag queens, execution in Texas, drinking, strippers and inhabitants of the darker side of country: the kind of people Gauthier has been around, those Bohemian spirits that abound on "Drag Queens In Limousines" along with her wry vision and vocal directness.



        One of the new breed of American band to appear on the excellent Munich records label. Laconic, indie rock but laced with an Americana alternative country feel that at times is like new roots music. Then they sound like Crazyhorse or some blues band from Chicago. It couldn't originate in any country but the U.S. and in vocalist/songwriter Rusty Miller they have hit the Jackpot.

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