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Harold Hutton & The Dells

Lucky Boy / Thinkin’ About You

    Two more classic tunes from the Deptford Northern Soul Club dancefloor. Remastered for maximum effect. Harold Hutton’s ‘Lucky Boy’ was originally on the Chess sub-label, Checker. Released in 1965, an original goes for around £50 these days. ‘Lucky Boy’ was the B-side of his debut single, ‘It’s A Good Thing’, which launched him on a career that included regular spots on Soul Train during the 1970s. Filled with Motown-esque horn stabs, ‘Lucky Boy’ builds into a bongo-powered frenzy. The super soulful Dells’ flipside from a year later was initially on Cadet, another Chess subsidiary originally called Argo. Another £30-£50 gem, if you can find an original copy. Typical of the band’s close harmony style, ‘Thinkin' About You’ is a mid-tempo groove with an insistent rhythm and some lush strings. All topped with a heart-warming baritone vocal on a classic piece of soul romanticism.

    Shawn Robinson / Bessie Banks

    My Dear Heart / I Can’t Make It (Without You Baby)

      Two more classic tunes from the Deptford Northern Soul Club Records dancefloor. Remastered for maximum effect.

      Shawn Robinson’s ‘My Dear Heart’ was originally released on Minit in 1966. Original copies go for around £250 plus. Filled with positively glowing soul sounds underpinned by gorgeous vibes and a heady beat. Big at Wigan back in the day, a favourite of Richard Searling.

      The flipside, from 1967, is from the inimitable Bessie Banks, the hit maker of ‘Go Now’ fame. Originally released on the Verve imprint. Fired up by choppy guitar and a heavy cross mix of vibes and horns, it’s a chugger with some essential breaks for added impact.

      A triumphant anthem. 


      1. Shawn Robinson - ‘My Dear Heart’
      2. Bessie Banks - 'I Can’t Make It (Without You Baby)'

      The Salem Travelers

      Tell It Like It Is / Give Me Liberty Or Death

        Two tracks from Chicago’s mighty Salem Travelers, from their brief time on the Chess subsidiary Checker in 1968.

        The A-side, ‘Tell It Like It Is’, goes for around £45 on seven, its follow up, an previously unheralded classic from the same year. Both tracks are a unique funky take on gospel.

        ‘Tell It Like It Is’ is filled with wah wah guitar chops and some excellent lead breaks that spice up the conga-adorned upbeat; a heady song grasping for the truth.

        ‘Give Me Liberty Or Death’ is slightly slower, with a Motown-styled backbeat behind a fist pumping anthem that reels in its churchy roots and some great vocal interplay, a message song filled with emotion.

        Two fantastic tunes from a transient ever-changing group who, in the 1960s and 1970s, were known for soulful harmonies, glass-shattering lead singing.

        Typical of their repertoire of songs that provided social commentary on the troubles of the world from the war in Vietnam, drugs, violence, prejudice, civil rights and child delinquency.


        1. Tell It Like It Is
        2. Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death

        Velma Perkins, Johnson, Hawkins, Tatum & Durr

        Yes, My Goodness Yes / You Can’t Blame Me

          Two major soul sides, one from the Twinight catalogue, one from Capsoul. Velma Perkins is the sister of guitarist, songwriter and producer Al Perkins (whose Atco 45, ‘Nothing Is Impossible’, was a big Northern sound). A successful songwriter in her own right under her married name Vee Allen, ‘Yes, My Goodness, Yes’ was the flipside of her only Twinight single, her 1970 debut 45 ,‘I’ll Always Love You’.

          With more than a touch of Diana-era Supremes, it’s a gorgeous uptempo groove with typical Twinight horns and a funky guitar that could well be Al himself lending a hand. It’s a super rare 45 that never seems to come up for sale these days. Cut with Johnson, Hawkins, Tatum and Durr’s debut single for Capsoul, ‘You Can’t Blame Me’.

          Signed to the label by DJ and singer Bill Moss (his ‘Sock It To ‘Em Soul Brother’ on Pama is a corker) as The Revelations, the band changed name and cut two 45s before disappearing. A super soulful funky mid-tempo tune that lets all five (even though there are just four names in their chosen name) vocalists lay down a super plush soundtrack. Punctuated with strings, it’s a magnificent full-on sound that goes for over £30 on seven inch.


          A1. Velma Perkins - Yes, My Goodness Yes
          B1. Hawkins Johnson, Tatum & Durr - You Can't Blame Me

          Josephine Taylor / Krystal Generation

          Is It Worth A Chance / Satisfied

            Two tracks from the short-lived Twinight label from Chicago that peaked in the late 1960s and early ‘70s, their biggest star being the super soulful Syl Johnson.

            Featuring ‘Is It Worth A Chance’, the flipside of Josephine Taylor’s 1969 single ‘I’ve Made Up My Mind’, original copies of which go for anything between £30 and £100 these days.

            A brass peppered funker with a driving bassline behind Josephine’s strutting vocal, it was the climax of her short career that started with three 45s for the Mar-V-Lus label.

            Cut with Krystal Generation’s 1970 side ‘Satisfied’, the B-side of their ‘Is It Meant To Be’ that goes for around £75 if you can find a copy.

            A female four-piece from Chicago featuring Darlene Arnold, who recorded several sides in her own right as well as half a dozen with Krystal Generation, who also released a couple of singles on Gene Chandler’s Mister Chand label.

            ‘Satisfied’ revolves around Darlene’s lead vocal, some glorious harmonies and some sassy Staxlike horns.

            Slightly slower paced than Josephine Taylor’s cut - more soulful but just as funky.

            TRACK LISTING

            Josephine Taylor ‘Is It Worth A Chance’
            Krystal Generation ‘Satisfied’

            Cindy & The Playmates / Paul Kelly

            Don't Stop This Train / The Upset

            Cindy & The Playmates, led by Cindy Redd (later of The Voices) and backed by Wanda Cunningham and Manesbia Pierce, deliver an upbeat funky floor filler. Copies go for between £300-400 pounds for this storming and evocative fist-clenching gem which builds dramatically with strings and an emotive lead vocal. Cut with Paul Kelly’s ‘The Upset’, which was the B side of his second single for Lloyd Records, the vehicle for Willie Clark’s Florida-based productions. A monster sound with a grinding funky backdrop providing the perfect foil for Kelly’s aching vocal; the chorus break is a guaranteed spine-tingling moment. Copies currently go for around £250 if you can find one. 

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Matt says: Catchy and bright, funky floor fillers from yesterday, earnestly repressed by your good friends at Deptford Northern Soul Club who should be awarded a medal for their services to soul.

            TRACK LISTING

            Cindy & The Playmates - Don't Stop This Train
            Paul Kelly - The Upset

            Helene Smith

            True Love Don't Grow On Trees / Sure Thing

              A Deep City Records release (one of five for Helene Smith) that originally came out in 1965 on the Miami-based label, ‘True Love Don't Grow On Trees’ is a gorgeous mid-tempo soulful heartbreaker, while the flipside and its wandering guitar line sounds like girl group buried treasure that would have sounded fantastic covered by Dusty Springfield. In the hands of Helene Smith, both tracks are nothing short of magnificent. These two tracks only previously appeared as a long-lost single that goes for £300 a pop these days. Acclaimed as the First Lady Of Miami Soul, Helene Smith came back into prominence with the issue of Numero’s 2006 ‘Eccentric Soul’ album of Deep City cuts.

              TRACK LISTING

              Helene Smith - True Love Don’t Grow On Trees
              Helene Smith - Sure Thing

              Quantrells / Promise

              Can't Let You Break My Heart / I'm Not Ready For Love

                Quantrells’ only single release from 1972 goes for two to three hundred pounds if you can find a copy on the Chicago-based Yambo label. A deep soul smoocher with a glorious vocal with enormous brass stabs, it’s like a roughed up version of The Jackson 5. Backed with Promise’s ‘I’m Not Ready For Love’; one of two singles from the mid ‘70s by this all-girl teenage four piece on the New Directions label. Built with a driving bass and the girls’ gorgeous vocals dropping into party mode over a funky guitar break midway through, it’s a classic ice breaker. Copies go for around £100.

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Matt says: Deptford Northern Soul Club continue to attack the market value of this elite scene by repressing some of the most memorable and must-have records at an everyman's price. I've always championed such behaviour and I'll be honest, it was one of the things that always left a sour taste in my mouth about the Northern scene. It's nice to hear these tracks on vinyl without having to worry about auctioning off your liver.

                TRACK LISTING

                Quantrells - Can’t Let You Break My Heart
                Promise - I’m Not Ready For Love

                Bob & Fred / The Volumes

                I’ll Be On My Way / I’ve Never Been So In Love

                  Deptford Northern Soul Club continue their retrograde mission with two colossal floorfillers from the late 1960s Northern scene.

                  ‘I’ll Be On My Way’ is not only a staggeringly beautiful song, it’s also a super rare side filled with those strings that recall the echoey ceiling of Wigan Casino. A supremely soulful cut with a sturdy beat from 1966, with a classic vocal to fall in love with. Originally on Big Mack and going for over two grand, even the re-issue on Goldmine fetches 75 quid, it’s such an invigorating vocal and storming instrumental.

                  On side B, The Volumes’ funky floor surfer ‘I’ve Never Been So In Love’. Filled with horn slurps over a crazed organ anchor, it chugs into a singalong chorus that’s impossible to forget. From 1969 and originally on the obscure Garu label, it goes for between £40 and £140 pounds if you're lucky enough to find a copy.

                  Nicely pressed in sturdy 7" disco bag. Northern never sounded so crisp and fresh! 

                  STAFF COMMENTS

                  Matt says: Shark-slaying re-issues to keep Kevin Lewandowski crying into his dipping stock value. If you're a fan of Northern on a budget (and sounded nice n crisp to boot!) you need these floor-fillers!

                  TRACK LISTING

                  Bob & Fred - I’ll Be On My Way
                  The Volumes - I’ve Never Been So In Love

                  Sebastian Williams

                  Get Your Point Over / I Don't Care What Mama Said (Baby I Need You)

                    Originally released on the Ovide label from Houston, Texas in 1970 and currently going for around £175, if you can find a copy.

                    Get Your Point Over is a brass-led funky dancer that beautifully compliments Sebastian Williams’ soulful vocal style, while the flipside, I Don't Care What Mama Said (Baby I Need You), is a slower groove that lets that vocal really soar, arriving complete with a groovy psychedelic guitar break before Williams testifies to his lady amid some punchy brass stabs.

                    Two stellar tunes from Sebastian Williams (aka Roger Williams of no-hit wonders The Quarter Notes), whose solo recording career amounted to just three 45s, all five years apart, along with a couple of releases as Sebastian And The House Rockers and finally, in 1975, just Sebastian.

                    Imagine vintage Tavares lead singer Chubby Tavares at his gritty best with a funky brass section in a soulful Harold Melvin And The Blue Notes- styled blast. Both tracks mastered from the original sound source for maximum soul sound

                    TRACK LISTING

                    1. Get Your Point Over
                    2. I Don’t Care What Mama Said (Baby I Need You)

                    The Soul Stirrers / Spinners

                    Don’t You Worry / Memories Of Her Love Keep Haunting Me

                      Two more stormers from Deptford Northern Soul Club. Floor fillers primed for the DJs returning to the club circuit.

                      Featuring The Soul Stirrers’ funky, backbeatthumping classic ‘Don’t You Worry’, with gorgeous harmonies and a tortured lead vocal.

                      A gem filled with the kind of soulful positivity we need right now. In every sense, an upbeat classic that fetches around £200 on 7” on the original Checker imprint out of Chess back in 1969.

                      Backed with The Spinners’ ‘Memories Of Her Love Keep Haunting Me’, an essential piece of lost Tamla Motown from the late 1960s that’s never been officially released as a single before.

                      Powered by that Motown slap drum sound and a conga player on uppers, it’s a stomping tale of love lost with a super Motown production and a great horn break.

                      Both mastered from the original sound source for maximum soul sound.

                      TRACK LISTING

                      The Soul Stirrers - Don’t You Worry
                      Spinners - Memories Of Her Love Keep Haunting Me

                      The Ballads

                      I Can't See Your Love (For The Tears In My Eyes) Pt. 1 / Pt. 2

                        A classic Vee-Jay side from 1965 that originally sneaked out on the Bay Area Wee label. The original goes for around £100, the second Wee press for £75, while the Vee-Jay version is 50 quid a throw. That said, copies are few and far between these days.

                        Featuring an upbeat, brass-powered Temptationslike harmony with a call and response, a deep sax wail and a piano motif pushing it forward towards a glorious middle eight that breaks into a Gospel roll out.

                        Powered by Ric-Tic-like drum rolls; a euphoric soulful classic split into two essential parts.

                        The Ballads were a four-piece from Oakland, across the bridge from San Francisco, featuring Freddie Hughes, who would later sign to Wand. The band themselves almost made it, charting in 1968 with the Willie Hutch-produced ‘God Bless Our Love’ but this earlier recording is the business.

                        Both sides remastered from the original sound source.

                        TRACK LISTING

                        I Can’t See Your Love (For The Tears In My Eyes) Pt.1
                        I Can’t See Your Love (For The Tears In My Eyes) Pt.2

                        Doris Willingham / Pat Hervey With The Tiaras

                        You Can’t Do That / Can’t Get You Out Of My Mind

                          Two classic cuts from the President catalogue.

                          Doris Willingham ‘You Can’t Do That’ - A big Northern floorfiller from a renowned soul backing singer who cut her own material later as Doris Duke. Her only release under the Willingham name, originally out on the super cool UK Jay Boy imprint in 1968 (the label’s debut release - BOY1).

                          Produced by Bernard Purdie (Funky Donkey label) who was at the controls for a number of super rare Northern sides. An early gem from the artist who ended up working with the legendary Swamp Dogg (Jerry Williams) charting with the ballad ‘To the Other Woman (I’m The Other Woman)’.

                          Pat Hervey With The Tiaras ‘I Can’t Get You Out Of My Mind’ - An anthemic, handclap-friendly gem that goes for anywhere between £50 to £100. Released on the UK President label from 1966.

                          Blue-eyed Canadian soul backed by black Canadian harmony group The Tiaras (not to be confused with the LA harmony outfit). A slow burner that ramps up the horns and strings behind some funky guitar chops and Hervey’s euphoric vocal, her one-off stab at the soul charts guaranteeing obscurity and legendary status.

                          TRACK LISTING

                          Doris Willingham - You Can’t Do That
                          Pat Hervey With The Tiaras - Can’t Get You Out Of My Mind

                          Sue Lynne

                          Don't Pity Me / Don't Pity Me (Mono)

                            Classic 1969 blue-eyed soul monster that was the flipside of Sue Lynne’s ‘You’ single on RCA.

                            Huge at Wigan Casino back in the day.

                            Original copies now go for a huge £700 apiece.

                            A brass-powered stomper with a funky rhythm and backbeat that leads to a euphoric chorus and instrumental break.

                            Expertly remastered from the original sound source.

                            Two stellar versions; both mono and stereo for maximum dancefloor impact.

                            Written by Chris Andrews, who also penned Chris Farlowe’s mod anthem ‘Out Of Time’.

                            Sue Lynne (AKA Sue Vanner) quit the music business after the single’s failure to chart and ended up in the Bond movie ‘The Spy Who Love Me’, as well as a host of TV shows.

                            TRACK LISTING

                            Sue Lynne - Don’t Pity Me
                            Sue Lynne - Don’t Pity Me (Mono Version)

                            Tyrone Davis / Gene Chandler

                            Slip Away / There Was A Time

                              Two great Brunswick sides on one disc, from two of the greatest soul vocalists. The A side features Tyrone Davis’ version of Clarence Carter’s ‘Slip Away’ from his essential ‘Can I Change My Mind’ album, which has never previously been available as a single. A mid-tempo toe tapper with a mid-section brass build that’s underpinned by a funky groove. The flipside cranks up the action with Gene Chandler’s riotous take on James Brown’s anthem ‘There Was A Time’. Worth the entry for the horn stabs alone, it’s an expressive slice of sharp-edged driving funk.

                              TRACK LISTING

                              Tyrone Davis - Slip Away
                              Gene Chandler - There Was A Time

                              Jackie Wilson / Doris & Kelley

                              Because Of You / You Don’t Have To Worry

                                Soul legend Jackie Wilson’s 1973 Brunswick single is a smooth, hook-laden, vibe-driven classic that goes for £80 and upwards. In typically fine voice, Jackie’s ‘Because Of You’ is an aching tale of the power of love that’s irresistible. Backed with Dorian Burton and Herman Kelley’s brooding ‘You Don’t Have To Worry’ from 1967; a snip at $400 these days. It was a Brunswick oneoff from the duo that plays off their falsetto and baritone vocals and his been sampled by both Common and 50 Cent among others.

                                TRACK LISTING

                                Jackie Wilson - Because Of You
                                Doris & Kelley - You Don’t Have To Worry

                                Willi J & Co. / Rare Function

                                Boogie With Your Baby / Disco Function

                                  Two rare and mystery-shrouded party-in-the-house sides from 1976. Willi J Coe’s Cleethorpes anthem ‘Boogie With Your Baby’ was a no-hit wonder that goes for around £100 if you can find a copy on the original shortlived Ki Ki label.
                                  Produced by Willie J Key and arranged by Bob Holmes (Joe Tex / Freddie North / Slim Harpo) it’s a slice of funky party disco. A proper floorshaker. V Rare Function’s ‘Disco Function’ was originally on Soul Unlimited in 1976 and fetches around £50 a copy these days.
                                  Sampled by Luke Vibert in more recent times, it’s a brass-stabbed party anthem with a nod to Kool And The Gang when they were funky.

                                  TRACK LISTING

                                  Willi J & Co. - Boogie With Your Baby
                                  Rare Function - Disco Function

                                  Herb Ward / Bob Brady & The Con Chords

                                  Honest To Goodness / Everybody's Goin' To The Love-In

                                    Two classic floor fillers from the DNSC record label.

                                    Featuring Herb Ward’s 1968 RCA release that goes for around £200 if you can find a copy.

                                    A Catacombs Club favourite that emphasizes Ward’s deep soulful vocal with a gorgeous call-andresponse bridge that leads into a truly uplifting chorus.

                                    Backed with Bob Brady And The Con Chords’ blueeyed soul classic from the same year.

                                    Often compared in style to Smokey Robinson, ‘Love In’ is a brass-led scorcher with a pulsating back beat that could have been a Motown 45.

                                    Both tracks remastered from the original sound sources for maximum dancefloor effect.

                                    TRACK LISTING

                                    Herb Ward - Honest To Goodness
                                    Bob Brady & The Con Chords - Everybody's Goin' To The Love - In

                                    Lou Courtney / Lee Dorsey

                                    Trying To Find My Woman / Give It Up

                                      Two more floor-friendly 45s from the Deptford Northern Soul Club’s record box.

                                      Featuring fifty quid’s worth of excellent brasspowered psyche soul that originally turned up on Buddah Records in 1969. An absolutely huge Blackpool Mecca 45 with a backflip moment at around 40 seconds that repeats for all stomping excessives.

                                      Backed with the legendary Lee Dorsey’s mighty ‘Give It Up’ from the same year. A swampy soul stew with a funky feel by the hugely underrated singer. An Allen Toussaint

                                      TRACK LISTING

                                      Lou Courtney ‘Trying To Find My Woman’
                                      Lee Dorsey ‘Give It Up’

                                      The Delreys Incorporated / Oscar Wright

                                      Destination Unknown / Fell In Love

                                        Two super rare sides, both remastered for added dancefloor punch. The Delreys Incorporated on original Tampete goes for close to £1.5K (often a bootlegged copy). This release is from the original master, licensed from source. A huge Blackpool Mecca sound and big at Cleethorpes after that. “It's the best record I ever played at Blackpool Mecca! I mean, how an artist like that can make one record and then nothing?” - Colin Curtis, 2019

                                        Backed with Oscar Wright’s 1966 Hemisphere flipside, a notoriously rare and, when found, in poor condition 45. Taken from the original sound source, it goes for anywhere between £150 and £300. A funky northern gem with a Hendrix break - one of the great brass-led soul tearjerkers.

                                        TRACK LISTING

                                        The Delreys Incorporated - ‘Destination Unknown’
                                        Oscar Wright - ‘Fell In Love’

                                        Lester Tipton / Edward Hamilton And The Arabians

                                        This Won’t Change / Baby Don’t You Weep

                                          This is the debut 7” single from DJs Deptford Northern Soul Club featuring two classic floor fillers from mid-60s Detroit. It includes the late Detroit soulman Lester Tipton’s one and only release ‘This Won’t Change’ from 1966, original copies of which go for a staggering $5000. Plus, from 1967, Edward Hamilton and the Arabians’ superb ‘Baby Don’t You Weep’ which the one-time member of The Falcons recorded for Lou Beatty’s Mary Jane label, originals of which go for a paltry £250.

                                          TRACK LISTING

                                          Lester Tipton - This Won’t Change
                                          Edward Hamilton And The Arabians - Baby Don’t You Weep

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