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David Tattersall

On The Sunny Side Of The Ocean

    David Tattersall, the Wave Pictures guitarist and frontman releases a solo album of interpretations of John Fahey tunes, recorded live in the studio. "I have been a fan of John Fahey's music since I was very young; it has always been with me and I can't remember a time when I wasn't affected by it. It is weird music, and very good. Of course, Fahey is an important cult figure in the history of music: as the first man to find a language for steel string guitar that can stand proudly alongside the established tradition of nylon string classical guitar; as one of many men who rediscovered obscure old blues musicians and recorded them for a new generation in the 1960s; as one uniquely able to reconcile 20th century avant-garde music with folk tradition; as an early indie-label DIY pioneer. For me personally, Fahey went beyond technique, and to some extent beyond historical or intellectual justifications for his work. He explored his emotions through his instrument of choice, and in so doing made the case for the guitar as the ultimate conduit for emotional expression. While there are many imitators who try to play ''like Fahey'', I avoided using his fingerpicking style or sense of rhythm, and tried instead to use his music to explore my own emotions, my own dreams and memories. I was more interested in the lyrical and expressive aspects of Fahey's music than in the techniques of it. I tried to find myself within his compositions and without composing anything I feel that I have managed to make a David Tattersall record that says as much about me as any of the many albums that I have written. John Fahey's beautiful discography shows that the guitar can carry as much mystery and soul as the human voice, and simply put, I wanted in on a little of this action. This is my second all-instrumental solo acoustic album, and where this differs from my first attempt, Little Martha, is that here I improvised freely. I used Fahey's originals only as guides. I'm not sure what I was looking for, perhaps something beyond explanation, but I tried to be as free as possible, and I am delighted by the spontaneous results. Hopefully, they will make the listener feel happy and dreamy, just like the effect that Fahey's many albums have on me. One of the most important things that Fahey ever said was his advice to guitarists to try to feel the emotions that each chord they play on a guitar brings forth. He is telling guitarists to not only play the guitar, but to let the guitar play them. I did my best to follow this advice.

    I think Fahey was a genius of the kind that creates a whole genre single-handedly. There could be thousands, millions, of reinterpretations of his compositions. In fact, there probably already are. And long may this continue. All tracks were recorded live with no tampering." David Tattersall. 


    01. On The Sunny Side Of The Ocean
    02. Special Rider Blues
    03. St Louis Blues
    04. How Green Was My Valley
    05. (Poor Boy) Long Way From Home
    06. The Death Of The Claptop Peacock
    07. Spanish Two Step
    08. In Christ There Is No East Or West
    09. Steam Boat Gwine Round The Bend
    10. Sligo River Blues
    11. Poor Boy
    12. When The Springtime Comes Again
    13. On The Sunny Side Of The Ocean 

    Silver Biplanes

    A Moment In The Sun

      Silver biplanes are Tim Vass (one half of Razorcuts - the Creation-signed indie pop darlings) and Vanessa Vass (singer of Radcliffe jangle pop favourites the Melons). "A Moment In The Sun” is the debut long player by silver biplanes, a melodic indie band based in Bedfordshire, England. The band features wife-and-husband team Vanessa Vass and Tim Vass alongside drummer Rob Scott and the album is the pinnacle of a musical career which has previously seen Vanessa and Tim release songs on no fewer than 30 different labels between them! The band are lifelong fans of the highways and bi-ways of music and the album draws upon a wide range of influences. It’s a heady mix of choruses, hooks and catchy tunes in which you’ll hear traces of psychedelia, post-punk, krautrock and more. Tim was bassist and lyricist in cult indie band Razorcuts, co-writing all of their songs. Razorcuts releases regularly featured in the higher reaches of the independent charts throughout the late 80s and included two top five albums recorded for the famous Creation label. Both albums were reissued in sellout deluxe vinyl editions in 2020. Razorcuts continue to appear on numerous compilations and their influence is often cited in books and internet articles. Tim has also played in Red Chair Fadeaway, Dandelion Wine and the Forever People. Vanessa was the singer in 90’s indie band The Melons who are probably best remembered for their two legendary live sessions on Mark Radcliffe’s Radio 1 show. The Melons released 6 singles and were regularly featured in the British music press.


      01. Parallel World
      02. Breaking The Grey
      03. Searching For Your Name
      04. Songs That Don't Exist
      05. The Stars Align
      06. UAS 29396
      07. No Better And No Worse
      08. All Fools' Day
      09. Fairground Rocket Ride
      10. Deliver The Dawn
      11. Think Again
      12. There's A Party

      The Leaf Library

      Library Music Volume One

        Library Music: Volume One is a sixteen track double LP collecting the North London drone pop band’s 7” singles, one-offs and compilation tracks spanning the first 14 years of the group’s existence. It includes synth pop, indie fuzz and moody motorik workouts, alongside pastoral folk sketches, dubby electronics and the occasional drone experiment. More immediate than their stretched out and slow-burning recent album tracks, the music here is taken from limited vinyl releases, album bonus tracks and music for compilations on labels as diverse as Bezirk Tapes, Second Language, Modern Aviation, and Concrete Tapes as well as the band’s current home, Where It’s At Is Where You Are.

        The compilation is a happily cohesive document of an inventive band that rarely stand still for long. The band says, “We wanted to gather all our early, scattered work before we move on to our next album, to remind ourselves (and others) of some of the poppier and less characteristic things we’ve done. We’ve always felt a lot more relaxed and freer making one off things for people – it’s a chance to try things that might otherwise be daunting on a full record”.

        Always a prolific group this is by no means an exhaustive collection, the title giving a clue to how much more they have left to share. “We have been introduced to loads of bands that we love initially through non-album compilations – Broadcast, The Chills, Stereolab, Piano Magic, Flying Saucer Attack amongst others – we wanted to add our own to that (admittedly slightly daunting) lineage.” The Leaf Library are formed around the core group of singer Kate Gibson, former Saloon and Singing Adams guitarist Matt Ashton, guitarist SJ Nelson, drummer Lewis Young and bass player Gareth Jones. They have released three studio albums (Daylight Versions, About Minerals and The World Is A Bell) as well a number of electronic and experimental albums and EPs, remix compilations and long form tracks. They have also released five Monument CDRs; an on-going series of experimental solo and side projects on their Objects Forever imprint. The band have collaborated with musicians as diverse as Alasdair MacLean of The Clientele, singer Ed Dowie, noise group Far Rainbow and string collective Iskra Strings, and have provided music for a number of exhibitions, films and performances. A collaborative album with Japanese artist Teruyuki Kurihara is due in late 2022 on the Mille Plateaux label. 


        01 Agnes In The Square
        02 Goodbye Four Walls
        03 City In Reverse
        04 Walking Backwards
        05 Soundings
        06 Diagram Loop
        07 The Greater Good
        08 Losing Places (ISAN Remix)
        09 A Stone In Water
        10 Architect Of The Moon
        11 Tired Ghost
        12 The Still Point
        13 Wave Of Translation
        14 Badminton House
        15 Tranquility Bass
        16 A Gap In The Trees 


        Dead Media

          In their relatively brief lifetime, between 1996 and 2002, Hefner enjoyed an incredibly productive four-album, multi-EP career. Their beautiful, concise, intelligent songs earned a fiercely loyal, cult audience and the long-term support of legendary DJ John Peel, for whom they recorded innumerable sessions. Originally released in 2001, their final album, Dead Media, found Hefner reaching out and taking risks. Keen to break free of their indie-folk roots, they cocooned themselves in a home studio with broken analogue synthesizers, antique drum machines and battery-powered amplifiers.

          The band’s naivety and guile produced some curiously engaging music, with frontman Darren Hayman’s precise, economic, poetic dissections of quotidian romance draped over awkward, fuzzy beats: something like Cat Stevens covering Warm Leatherette. Dead Media caused confusion at the time and ultimately lead to the band’s break up. However, the songs like ‘Junk’, ‘The Night’s Are Long’ and ‘When The Angels Play Their Drum Machines’ are among Hayman’s most adult and affecting essays and stand out among the finest of Hefner’s achievements. Tracks: 1 Dead Media 2 Trouble Kid 3 Junk 4 When The Angels Play Their Drum Machines 5 Union Chapel Day 6 China Crisis 7 Alan Bean 8 Peppermint Taste 9 The Mangle 10 The King Of Summer 11 The Nights Are Long 12 Treacle 13 Half A Life 14 Waking Up To You 15 Home


          1 Dead Media
          2 Trouble Kid
          3 Junk
          4 When The Angels Play Their Drum Machines
          5 Union Chapel Day
          6 China Crisis
          7 Alan Bean
          8 Peppermint Taste
          9 The Mangle
          10 The King Of Summer
          11 The Nights Are Long
          12 Treacle
          13 Half A Life
          14 Waking Up To You
          15 Home

          Various Artists

          Kiss Kiss Bang Bang


            Double pack coloured vinyl 7".4 track compilation of covers of the James Bond themes of Dame Shirley Bassey.Indie heroes pay tribute to Bond and Bassey just two weeks after the release of the 25th James Bond film.David Gedge (the Wedding Present) teams up with Louise Wener (Sleeper) on the unused Thunderball theme; Mr Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.The Left Outsides provide an atmospheric, pastoral, psychedelic take on Diamonds Are Forever.Darren Hayman (Hefner) re-imagines Goldfinger with his own chorus of Bond girls.DJ Downfall and Theoretical Girl's icy cool synthpop Moonraker will please fans of Ladytron, Black Box Recorder and Flying Lizards Tracks : 01 Mr Kiss Kiss Bang Bang - David Gedge & Sleeper.02 Diamonds Are Forever - The Left Outsides.03 Goldfinger - Darren Hayman.04 Moonraker - DJ Downfall & Theoretical Girl

            Lee "Scratch" Perry

            Big Ben Rock (Woodie Taylor Remix)


     Limited to 700 copies on green vinyl 7” with download code. Lee Scratch Perry releases new single. London indie label wiaiwya is equaly baffled and thrilled to be putting out the new single from LEE SCRATCH PERRY. From the opening chimes of the famous bell (silent now until 2021) to the closing gongs and bongos, this is a rockabilly big beat glam ragga rock headrush, with a nod to Sergio Leone... exactly what you would expect when Woodie Taylor remixes Lee Scratch Perry, fronting Morrissey’s sometime band... "Give me a rock beat, like Meatloaf..." Not a request that you get every day but then it's not every day you're taking orders from the legend that is Lee Scratch Perry! I lived near the Mad Professor's studio in South London and had sold him a few bits of recording equipment. He knew that I had played drums with Morrissey, that I was a reggae fan and asked if I'd be interested in playing on a session. I'd started doing a bit of production and when the track didn't get round to getting finished they agreed I could remix it. This is the fruit of my labours, with contributions from Boz Boorer (Morrissey/ Polecats), Jonny Bridgwood (Morrissey/Marianne Faithful) and Anthony Miller (Data/Friday Club). There's simply not enough Big Ben rocking these days and remember: "If you don't rock you're gonna get a big shock!" Woodie Taylor, 2019. Lee Scratch Perry founded Upsetter Records in 1968.He pioneered Dub, produced Bob Marley, allegedly burnt down a studio, and worked with the Mad Professor, the Clash, Adrian Sherwood and the Beastie Boys. Woodie Taylor has been rockin' on record since the early 80's. He first appeared on 45 as a member of the Daleks, then drummed for psychobilly legends the Meteors. In the '90's he was in Drive (with, the soon-to-be All Saint, Melanie Blatt). He played on Morrissey's Vauxhall & I LP and has provided the rhythmic backbone of cult Indie heroes Comet Gain for two decades. He has produced albums by Love Is All, Comet Gain, Proper Ornaments and Shrag. Boz Boorer has been Morrissey's co-writer, guitarist and musical director for the best part of three decades. He is also a founding member of rockabilly legends, The Polecats. Jonny Bridgwood played bass on three Morrissey albums and double bass on five Kathryn Williams albums. He has worked with Siouxsie Sioux and Adam Ant and toured with Marianne Faithful. Anthony Miller - Played trumpet with the Friday Club and appears on their very collectable 2 Tone single, Window Shopping. Was a member of the 90s Sirkus Records artists Data, along with Woodie Taylor and recording industry supremo Nick Huggett. The record was mastered by Graeme Durham, who has also worked on discs by Grace Jones, Bob Marley, U2, Fourtet, King Tubby and Frankie Goes to Hollywood… Track listing A Big Ben Rock (Woodie Taylor Remix)’ B1 Steady B2 J'ai Tout Lu


              T R O U B L E

                Canadian musician Woodpigeon, a.k.a. Mark Andrew Hamilton, has emerged from a brief hiatus to release his sixth full-length. Merging the best of John Grant with Avalon era Roxy Music, Fleetwood Mac’s Tango in the Night, and a nod towards Kanye West’s Yeezus, the sounds are transposed to a largely acoustic setting feeding off influences from his travels across the globe. This is a record about rhythm and sex and sadness. Previous Woodpigeon LPs have been epic affairs about falling in love with the interplay between choirs and symphonies, guitars and voices. This one narrows things down to the finest point, because so often less is so much more. As Hamilton points out: “It’s the loudest thing I’ve ever made.”

                He released his first four albums Songbook, Treasury Library Canada, Die Stadt Muzikanten and Balladeer via End of the Road Records, with Thumbtacks and Glue following via Fierce Panda. T R O U B L E features Woodpigeon’s current line-up of Mark Andrew Hamilton alongside Daniel Gaucher on percussion, Colin Edward Cowan on bass, and Annalea Sordi-McClure on keys. Guest appearances on the album come from David Thomas Broughton and Mary Margaret O’Hara. Before this release, Hamilton had all but quit music following a messy heartbreak. He wandered the earth for two years, particularly inspired by time in Istanbul; “during the riots, no less - when you're particularly bummed out, getting tear gassed every day is a good distraction”. Finally returned to Canada, he re-located to a collective house in Vancouver’s Downtown East Side and continued working on new material. It was freeing to write without any real rules. Many of the songs don’t follow typical formats and chord structures but rather fold in upon themselves in a cyclical way, patterns indirectly inspired by music he heard in Turkey and Argentina. “It’s almost mortifying to be so honest and direct”) initially confused the other players with their unusual structures. Inspired by reading-up on personal hero Roy Orbison, who spoke of throwing out the rulebook of what a pop song should be, Hamilton thought; “I've already quit music, so I might not even make these songs into anything other than things I play for myself… so let's just see where they go on their own.” The songs were so different from anything that he had done before that Hamilton even toyed with changing the name to create a new beginning, a fresh start. Despite being under the same Woodpigeon moniker, T R O U B L E is a huge step forward and the finest album of a storied career.

                TRACK LISTING

                1. Fence
                2. The Falling Tide
                3. Devastating
                4. Canada
                5. No Word Of A Lie
                6. Faithful
                7. Picking Fights
                8. Sovkino
                9. Whole Body Shakes
                10. The Accident
                11. Rooftops

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