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Omo is a new band comprising occasional Chap keyboardist Berit Immig and visual artist David Muth. Together they make pop that delights and surprises, eminently hummable and chewable, it's post pop pop for the now generation. A little like Laurie Anderson jamming with the Tom Tom Club but only a little. This is a sure-fire chart hit in a parallel universe where all TV programmes are made by David Lynch and every household owns a hover car. On the flip we have the kings of school teacher dada pop that never fails to entertain, The Chap. "Well Done You" is as smooth as baby food, spiky as a sea urchin and as fruity as Leslie Nielsen. Their tribute to achievement is a top notch slice of noughties pop that will have you grinning all the way to the Bill Gates motivational speech.

Vincent Oliver

EP 3

    Much been said about Vincent Oliver in the past eighteen months; his unique approach to songwriting that fuses the quirky lyrical elements of DIY pioneer R. Stevie Moore and Arab Strap's Aidan Moffat while musically leaning on the thin line between the shoegazing electronica of "Pygmalion" era Slowdive and the utter popness of New Order's "Power, Corruption & Lies". His first two EPs on Loaf have been a starting point for a young songwriter with infinite pop potential. "EP3" concludes the series of EPs of Vincent Oliver's bedroom recordings with reinterpretation and remixes from some of his most notable fans. Border community's young star and tour mate, Nathan Fake, lends a hand to re-arrange the blissfully confusing "Cluods In The Haed"; into a psychedelic techno affair that has been getting dancefloor support from James Holden. There's also remixes from Hrdvsion, Andrea's Kit, Isan, Rothko and an extended live version.

    Dark Captain Light Captain

    Jealous Enemies / Mid-Session Interval

      "Jealous Enemies" b/w "Mid-Session Interval" is the debut recordings from the Captains, their unique (but strangely familiar) textured sound and breathy vocal harmonies is without a doubt an indication of greater things to come. There's an avant folk feel to this record, and hints of everything from Midlake to The Beta Band to Badly Drawn Boy.

      Andrea's Kit

      Bad Taste Emergency

        Feisty French fun from a group of musical mavericks lost in London. Rubber band funk avant punk and even a touch of grunk like Captain Beefheart in a tryst with Damon Albarn.

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