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Glider / Jet Johnson

Le Mal Ne Meurt Jamais / Le Jet

    Limited edition split single from the Jonathon Whiskey label. Glider play a beautiful warm, atmospheric instrumental. Jet Johnson play a funkier groove full of strange bleeps, reminiscent of And The Native Hipsters (for those of you that are old enough to remember them!).

    Patrick Phelan / Ultrasound

    Then Trust / Cathera

      Patrick Phelan plays a lovely intimate acoustic track with a Nick Drake-ish feel. The Ultrasound track is a quirky instrumental track full of strange atmospherics.

      Vince Mole And His Calcium Orchestra


        Vince Mole is one of the original members of The Apples In Stereo and he played on their debut single "Tidal Wave". This single was penned to be the last single to come out on Elephant 6 but the label folded. It's been in limbo until now. Three poptastic tracks, handmade sleeves, limited to 500 copies.

        Various Artists

        The Adventures Of Jonathon Whiskey

          Jonathon Whiskey have released a series of mailorder only singles, all limited to 200 copies. This CD compiles some of the best tracks from this series, 14 tracks all for the price of a CD single - bargain! Includes exclusive tracks from: Billy Mahonie, Chicks On Speed, Rothko, Hood and of course the infamous "Lady Porno" by Twisted Nerve's resident rockers Mum & Dad.

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