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Brian Jonestown Massacre

Bringing It All Back Home Again - 2021 Reissue

    This six-song, half-hour LP the band’s affecting a more rural, lonesome-sounding tone and a moodier, more deliberate pace; the more traditional feel meshes well with Anton Newcombe's twisting of country-gospel lyrical clichés into rock & roll attitude. 


    1) The Way It Was 
    2) Mansion In The Sky 
    3) Reign On 
    4) The Godspell According To A A Newcombe 
    5) All Things Great And Small 
    6) Arkansas Revisited

    Brian Jonestown Massacre

    Don't Get Lost

      “Don’t Get Lost” was recorded & produced at Anton’s new Cobra Studio in Berlin between March 2016 & October 2016. It is the 16th full length release. With band members Ricky Maymi , Dan Allaire , Collin Hegna & Ryan Van Kriedt .Also Emil Nikolaisen from the Norwegian band Serena-Maneesh & Pete Fraser (The Pogues .New Young Pony Club) on saxophone joins the band on this album , plus vocal performances from Tim Burgess (Charlatans) , Tess Parks and Shaun Rivers .

      A new dynamic is heard on this album mixing the shoegaze/psychedelic sound with more experimental twists, on some tracks you might hear PIL (Metalbox) , Primal Scream , or even Ornette Coleman . 14 tracks that will twist and turn through the known and unknown Brian Jonestown Massacre . In 2016 The band released 2 singles and the critically acclaimed Third World Pyramid . 

      The KVB

      Minus One (Re Issue)

        The KVB is the audio/visual project of London youngsters Nicholas Wood & Kat Day, who combine reverb heavy wall of sound guitars, minimal haunting strings and grinding bass synths, messed up motorik drum machine beats and delay drenched vocals with a backdrop of imagery to accompany the symphony, that’s nothing short of life affirming. the KVB's music evokes the ominous chill of abandoned factories; burning wreckage on the post-industrial wasteground just outside of the city; a conflation of romantic betrayal and socioeconomic collapse; end times, and bad things waiting on the periphery, but the kind of bad things that many of us are unerringly drawn to.


        1. Again & Again 
        2. Something Inside
        3. Passing By 
        4. Live Or Die
        5. Endless
        6. Dominance / Submission 
        7. Kill The Lights 
        8. Radiant Hour

        The Brian Jonestown Massacre / The Telescopes

        Before I Forget/Come Down My Love (RSD21 EDITION)



          Available as a numbered red vinyl 10" and limited to 2000 copies worldwide. This split release features 2 exclusive tracks recorded specifically for Record Store Day 2021 in December 2020 and were mixed by Anton Newcombe at his Berlin studio. The link between the 2 bands goes back more than 20 years when Anton asked The Telescopes for a release on the Committee To Keep Music Evil label called As Approved By The Committee. These tracks are two slices of shoe gazing delight. 


          AA- Before You Forget. Side A. Come Down My Love.

          Magic Castles

          Sun Reign

            Minneapolis psych-rockers Magic Castles are back with a new LP, “Sun Reign”, making an exciting return after founder and songwriter Jason Edmonds’ suffered a near fatal car accident in November 2019. Magic Castles are well-versed in the ways of psychedelically-inclined folk-rock. Edmonds’ smooth vocal harmonies float above the guitars, creating a lush, almost Byrds-esque soundscape. The layered arrangements incorporate Farfisa organ, synths, and dreamy string arrangements.

            Sun Reign is the band’s fourth release on Anton Newcombe's label ‘A’ Recordings Ltd. Ironically similar to BJM, the Magic Castles have been plagued by lineup changes over the years. Due to this and other factors, in 2016, Edmonds, a single father, decided to take a short hiatus from regular live shows and touring to focus on his family. During that time, (2016-2019) Edmonds, an introverted multi-instrumentalist, continued to record new material in his studio, and also record with a new band at Neil Weir’s studio Blue Bell Knoll, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The results of these sessions are the current release, “Sun Reign”

            TRACK LISTING

            1) Sunburst 
            2) Lost Dimension 
            3) Ode To The Wind 
            4) Asuras 
            5) World Of Time 
            6) Valley Of Nysa 
            7) Magna Mater 
            8) Surmise 
            9) Gates Of The Sun 
            10 ) Relax Your Mind

            The Brian Jonestown Massacre

            Third World Pyramid

            Third World Pyramid is the first album that was fully recorded & produced at Anton’s new Cobra Studio in Berlin . It is the 15th full length release from the Brian Jonestown Massacre recorded from early 2016.

            Featuring Ricky Maymi , Dan Allaire , Joel Gion , Collin Hegna & Ryan Van Kriedt from the band .Also Emil Nikolaisen from the Norwegian band Serena-Maneesh joins the band on this album , plus vocal performance Tess Parks and Katy Lane .

            Anton Newcombe has been a very busy man these past 2 years, kicking off with the critically acclaimed Brian Jonestown Massacre album ‘Revelation’ in May 2014. After a successful UK and European tour, the BJM followed this up with the ‘+-‘ EP (Nov 2014). 2015 saw the release of ‘Musique de film imaginé’ (April); an imaginary film soundtrack album featuring the track ‘Bonbon’ which has, ironically, been used in ‘Dheepan’; the Palme D'or winner at Cannes film festival 2015. In June, Anton and Tess Parks embarked on a well received tour of the UK and Europe to support the release of ‘I Declare Nothing’. Anton finished the year with a BJM mini-album release entitled ‘Mini-Album Thingy Wingy’. 

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Barry says: Encompassing aspects of wandering psychedelia, meditative drone and anthemic indie balladry, this newest outing from Newcome and co. is their most diverse and exciting yet, cementing them as one of the most defining and prolific acts in modern music.

            TRACK LISTING

            SIDE A:
            1) - Good Mourning
            2) - Government Beard
            3) - Don't Get Lost
            4) - Assignment Song
            SIDE B: 
            1) - Oh Bother
            2) - Third World Pyramid
            3) - Like Describing Colors To A Blind Man On Acid
            4) - Lunar Surf Graveyard
            5) - The Sun Ship

            CD - Tracklisting
            1) - Good Mourning
            2) - Government Beard
            3) - Don't Get Lost
            4) - Assignment Song
            5) - Oh Bother
            6) - Third World Pyramid
            7) - Like Describing Colors To A Blind Man On Acid
            8) - Lunar Surf Graveyard
            9) - The Sun Ship 

            The Vacant Lots

            Damage Control

              “Damage Control” LP is the double album that combines both EPs released by The Vacant Lots on Anton Newcombe's label A Recordings - "Berlin” EP and "Exit” EP. This is the first time all tracks will be made available on CD and including liner notes from the band. All tracks were produced and recorded by Anton Newcombe (Brian Jonestown Massacre) at Anton's Cobra Studio in Berlin.

              Jared Artaud of The Vacant Lots says, "working with someone who made you want to make records is fucking inspiring. You not only learn a lot working with Anton in the studio – you become a better artist in the process. Through this collaboration we were able to distill ideas on the spot and turn fragments into songs. Anton pushes you further to get the best results and that really drives the process of making records.”

              The Vacant Lots have recently released their critically acclaimed third album "Interzone" on Fuzz Club and have previously released singles with Mexican Summer and Reverberation Appreciation Society. The duo has collaborated on their debut album “Departure” with Spacemen 3’s Sonic Boom, and their second album “Endless Night” with Alan Vega. The group has toured with Suicide, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Growlers, Dean Wareham, The Dandy Warhols, and Spectrum.

              The Brian Jonestown Massacre

              Musique De Film Imaginé

                The strangest thing happened to this album after it’s release in 2015 one of the tracks “Bonbon” was used on the soundtrack to the 2015 Palme D’Or winning film “Dheepan” so maybe this album was becoming less imaginary .Musique de film imaginé (music for film imagined) is a soundtrack that pays homage to the great European film directors of the late 50’s and 60’s, such as François Truffaut & Jean-Luc Godard (to name but two), created by Anton Newcombe on behalf of the Brian Jonestown Massacre for an imaginary French film.

                Guests on this daring symphonic experience are French chanteuse and multi-instrumentalist SoKo and Italian actress, singer and director Asia Argento. SoKo is signed to Because Music and her track ‘We Might Be Dead by Tomorrow’ was featured in the viral video ‘First Kiss’, which has garnered over 63 million views and debuted at number 9 in the Billboard Hot 100 last year. Asia Argento, who has starred in music videos for Marilyn Manson, Placebo and Tim Burgess, recently wrote the storyline for ASAP Rocky’s music video and short film ‘Phoenix’, which has had over 5.5 million hits. Both vocal performances are in French. Anton Newcombe recorded Musique de film imaginé in Berlin in August 2014, after a successful European tour for the Brian Jonestown Massacre

                TRACK LISTING

                1 - Après Le Vin 
                2 - Philadelphie Story (with Soko) 
                3 - La Dispute 
                4 - L'Enfer 
                5 - Elle S'échappe
                6 - Le Cadeau 
                7 - Le Sacre Du Printemps (with Asia Argento) 
                8 - Le Souvenir 
                9 - Les Trois Cloches 
                10 - Bonbon 
                11 - L'Ennui 
                12 - Bonbon
                13 - La Question  
                14 - Au Sommet

                A stellar combination of the talents of The Brian Jonestown Massacre’s Anton Newcombe, cinematic femme fatale Emmanuelle Seigner and ice-cool pop provocateurs The Limiñanas (Lionel and Marie Liminana), L’Epee transcend artistic and traditional borders.

                “We are living in very culturally insular times, so it feels really good to be swimming against the tide,” says Anton of the band’s bi-lingual, cross-continental approach.“There’s something really positive about branching out, collaborating and taking risks.”

                Far from being defeated by a world seemingly regressing into turmoil, L’ Epee’s strength comes from a long history of challenging the status quo. From Anton’s legendary battles with ‘The Man’ with The Brian Jonestown Massacre to Emmanuelle’s eclectic screen career to The Liminana’s community-minded ethos- setting up their own record shop, L.G.D.C, and promoting gigs by the cream of the world’s garage rock scene ( New Bomb Turks, Oblivians, Fleshtones, Revelators) - they share a fierce intelligence and an outsider aesthetic which, over the decades, has been sharpened to a razor’s edge. Fitting, then, that their name translates as The Sword.
                “It came to me in a dream,” explains Anton. “I woke up and there it was, ‘The Sword’. Someone told me there had already been a band with that name so I flipped it into French. It suits the band because we’re united in a common cause.”

                This pent-up creative energy has been channelled into their extraordinary debut album, Diabolique. Named in tribute to Mario Bava’s 1968 cult classic ‘Danger: Diabolik’, it’s a musical masterclass where elements of garage, ye-ye, sleaze rock, cult soundtracks, sci-fi, spaghetti westerns and girl-group pop noir are combined with the cut-and-thrust zeal of a band bursting with ideas and energy. All delivered by Emmanuelle in a sultry Gallic drawl which will send a frisson of recognition through anyone familiar with her iconic roles in, among many others, Frantic, Venus In Fur and Bitter Moon (all directed by her husband, Roman Polanski). “I’ve loved rock music since I was a kid,” she says, namechecking Lou Reed, The Velvet Underground and The Stooges as key influences. “I always wanted to be a musician, but it wasn’t so easy in France as I couldn’t meet the right people. Then I became a model and then very quickly after that I did Frantic and became an actress. It worked for me, but in my heart I always wanted to do music.”

                Having asked close friend Bertrand Belin to provide lyrics for three further tracks (‘Grande', ‘On Dansait Avec Elle’ and ‘Lou’), the trio set to work at The Limiñanas’ studio in Cabestany, Southern France, in November 2017 -with Emmanuelle, ever the perfectionist, fine-tuning them the following February. Satisfied with the results, the trio flew to Berlin to hook up with Anton and (Liverpudlian engineer) Andrea Wright at his Cobra Studio in Berlin Utilising a treasure trove of vintage equipment (“I’ve got way more ‘60’s gear than The Beatles and The Stones had, I’m mad for that stuff”, explains the BJM man), Anton set to work, re-recording the drums with Marie and adding -and deleting- tracks so that the shifting layers of sound suited the mood of each individual track. “I’ve got plenty of other ways to express myself, so I really enjoyed taking a backseat, creatively,” he explains. “Lionel is such a great composer. There’s a very visual sense to his songs and I was very conscious of not stepping on his intentions too much. There were some really interesting sonic things I would add, like a track of the craziest feedback, to give a song a weird ambient quality. It’s the role that Brian Jones had in the Stones, or Warren (Ellis) has in Nick Cave’s band. Musically, they’re all over the map, but they make things happen.” “It was so inspiring to see Anton work,” says Emmanuelle of seeing him in action. “When we sent the songs to him they were good, but they were nothing like how it ended up. He’s so talented, like a genius. He made the whole thing darker, more interesting and more psychedelic.”

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Barry says: With some of the greatest and most unique voices in modern psychedelia coming together to record, the results were never going to be anything short of brilliant, and this heady lsyergic collection has exceeded that already. Hazy, all-encompassing and beautifully balanced, with drones and jams being brilliantly balanced with undeniable grooves and feel. A brilliant outing.

                TRACK LISTING

                1) Une Lune étrange
                2) Lou
                3) Dreams
                4) La Brigade Des Maléfices
                5) On Dansait Avec Elle
                6) Ghost Rider
                7) Grande
                8) Springfield 61
                9) Un Rituel Inhabituel
                10) Last Picture Show



                  This is the debut single release from L’Epee, the band are Emmaunelle Seigner (Ultra Orange & Emmanuelle), Anton Newcombe (The Brian Jonestown Massacre) & Lionel & Marie Liminana (The Liminanas). Recorded in Cabestany (France) and Berlin at Anton’s Cobra Studio, this three track 12” single comes in deluxe packaging & precedes the full length album released in June this year. 

                  STAFF COMMENTS

                  Mine says: If you're a fan of BJM's psych swagger and The Limiñanas' French charm this summery, fuzzy stomper will be right up your street. Love it!

                  TRACK LISTING

                  A1) Dreams  
                  B1) Last Picture Show  
                  B2) Dreams (extended A-go-go)

                  Brian Jonestown Massacre

                  Smoking Acid

                    Recorded after the extensive tour of Europe, Australia, New Zealand & a few select dates in New York State (especially ATP supporting My Bloody Valentine et al) in 2008, Anton went to Berlin to focus on his next album. 4 weeks before hitting the US tour in April 2009, Anton was bursting with ideas & went to Iceland where this 5 track EP was recorded. This album brings the traditional Brian Jonestown Massacre sound mixed with eastern influences & bringing it up to date with the benefit of all the additional weirdness that's been discovered in the past 40 years. 

                    TRACK LISTING

                    1) The Serious Matter 
                    2) I Alvöru Talað 
                    3) Tempo 116.7 (reaching For Dangerous Levels Of Sobriety)
                    4) Tempo 116.7 (clean Acid / Dirty Beats)
                    5) Super Fucked

                    Brian Jonestown Massacre burst into 2019 with the release of their 18th full-length album, just 7 months after their last one. The self-titled 9-track album was recorded and produced at Anton’s Cobra Studio in Berlin and is release on Anton Newcombe’s A Recordings.

                    Recorded last year, the album features Sara Neidorf on drums, Heike Marie Radeker (LeVent) on bass, Hakon Adalsteinsson (BJM / Third Sound & Gunman & Holy Ghost) on guitar and Anton Newcombe on multiple instruments. Also making a guest vocal appearance on ‘Tombes Oubliées’ is Rike Bienert who has sung on previous BJM albums.

                    STAFF COMMENTS

                    Mine says: You would think that after 17 studio albums fans might get a bit bored - or that a band might have lost its momentum - but the opposite is true on the aptly titled 'Brian Jonestown Massacre'. Despite sounding 100% like Anton Newcombe, the record feels fresh and relevant, much more so than the only recently released 'Something Else' if you ask me. Highly recommend!

                    TRACK LISTING

                    1) Drained
                    2) Tombes Oubliées
                    3) My Mind Is Filled With Stuff
                    4) Cannot Be Saved
                    5) A Word
                    6) We Never Had A Chance
                    7) Too Sad To Tell You
                    8) Remember Me This
                    9) What Can I Say

                    Brian Jonestown Massacre

                    And This Is Our Music

                      Now repressed with bonus EP of the originally limited edition ‘If Love Is A Drug EP’ 

                      The key moment on And This Is Our Music comes during "Prozac vs. Heroin", in the form of a righteously head-turning phrase from a rock 'n' roller who is desperately driven to turn heads. More than merely moving units, the song's title articulates the dilemma facing those who won't or can't surrender: What's a guy to do when life offers shitty choices, he seems to be asking, and in doing so, he exposes what may well be the band's first-ever moment of human fragility. Through a typically rich acoustic haze, the lyric "they will be done," comes floating to the surface; were it not so surprising, I'd describe it as blissful resignation.

                      TRACK LISTING

                      1) Introesque ,
                      2) Starcleaner ,
                      3) Here To Go ,
                      4) When Jokers Attack ,
                      5) Prozac Vs Heroin ,
                      8) Geezers,
                      9) Maryanne
                      10) You Look Great When I'm Fucked Up ,
                      11) Here It Comes ,
                      12) What Did You Say?
                      13) Prozac Vs Heroin Revisited
                      14) A New Low In Getting High ,
                      15) Some Things Go Without Saying,
                      16) Tschusse ,
                      17) The Pregnancy Test ,

                      BONUS DISC

                      1) If Love Is The Drug Then I Want To OD 
                      2) When Jokers Attack 
                      4) Starcleaner 
                      5) Here It Comes

                      Brian Jonestown Massacre

                      Who Killed Sgt. Pepper

                        Recorded in 2009 between Iceland & Berlin. 13 tracks ranging from the ambient bhangra beats, rock, shoegazing eastern european gypsy folk & back again! 

                        TRACK LISTING

                        1) Tempo 116 
                        2) Tungur Hnifur 
                        3) Lets Go Fucking Mental 
                        4) White Music 
                        5) This Is The First Of Your Last Warnings (Icelandic Version) 
                        6) This Is The One Thing We Did Not Want To Happen 
                        7) The One 
                        8) Someplace Else Unknown 
                        9) Detka Detka Detka 
                        10) Super Fucked 
                        11) Our Time 
                        12) Feel It ( Of Course We Fucking Do)  
                        13 ) Felt Tipped Pens Of UFO's

                        Brian Jonestown Massacre

                        Forgotten Graves

                          The first track is "Forgotten Graves" (which is exclusive to this release) & the second track is “Tombes Oubliées” with Rike (Friedrike) Bienert providing the vocals which is off the forthcoming self titled BJM album. With Sara Neidorf on drums , Hakon Adalsteinsson on guitar & Heike Marie Rädeker on bass supporting Anton Newcombe in these sessions that were recorded between December 2017 & January 2018 at Cobra Studios in Berlin . The band have just completed successful tours of the USA ,Canada , Australia , New Zealand & Europe . "Forgotten Graves" is released in the same month as the world commemorates the hundredth anniversary of the World War 1 (“the war to end all wars”) , this war never ended any other war & more forgotten graves are being added every day.

                          TRACK LISTING

                          SIDE A - Forgotten Graves
                          SIDE B – Tombes Oubliées

                          Tess Parks & Anton Newcombe

                          Tess Parks & Anton Newcombe

                          Tess Parks and Anton Newcombe will release their second full-length album on 12th October 2018. The 9-track eponymous album was recorded in Anton Newcombe’s Cobra Studios in Berlin last year and was mostly co-written by the duo. The lead track ‘ Right On’ perfectly showcases the complementary mix of Tess and Anton’s musicianship and style. The pair first collaborated in 2015 on the album ‘I Declare Nothing’, which saw NME call Tess’ smoky, smouldering vocals ‘particularly impressive’, while UNCUT compared them to a ‘darker, edgier Hope Sandoval’.

                          TRACK LISTING

                          1) Life After Youth 
                          2) Monochrome Wound 
                          3) Mount Pleasant 
                          4) Bindle 
                          5) Please Never Die 
                          6) French Monday Afternoon 
                          7) Die Neue Welt
                          8) Talking About The Weather  
                          9) Right On

                          This is first full length offering from the Brian Jonestown Massacre for 2018 , a second, self titled, album will be coming out in September. This is the 17th full length release from the band & the style is less experimental & more of a retracing back to the traditional sound of the band .Recorded between 2017 & 2018 , this 9 track album will please old & new fans alike. 

                          TRACK LISTING

                          1) ) Hold That Thought 
                          2) Animal Wisdom 
                          3) Psychic Lips 
                          4) Skin And Bones 
                          5) My Poor Heart 
                          6) My Love 
                          7) Who Dreams Of Cats? 
                          8) Fragmentation 
                          9) Silent Stream

                          Pete International Airport

                          Safer With Wolves

                            Peter Holmström named his solo project Pete International Airport after a song by his other band The Dandy Warhols. Safer With The Wolves…’ is a meticulously crafted psyche rock journey into the dark heart of electronica upon which Peter has enlisted the help of numerous like-minded musical allies. One of which, if you’re to believe a certain infamous rock documentary called Dig! is an unexpected union; the Brian Jonestown Massacre’s Anton Newcombe is releasing ‘Safer With The Wolves…’ on his own record label A Recordings. The albums’ 11 tracks feature a variety of guest singers and collaborators including Robert Levon Been (Black Rebel Motorcycle Club), Alex Maas (Black Angels), Lisa Elle (Dark Horses), Jason Sebastian Russo (Hopewell, Mercury Rev), Jsun Atoms (The Upside Down, Daydream Machine), Emil Nikolaisen (Sereena-Maneesh) and Jeremy Sherrer (The Dandy Warhols, Modest Mouse, The Shins)

                            TRACK LISTING

                            1) Even Happier 
                            2) Señorita 
                            3) Hurray For The People 
                            4) Flowers Of Evil 
                            5) VHS Or Beta Fish 
                            6) Love In Reverse 
                            7) Western Shouting
                            8) Dance Around The Broken 
                            9) After All  
                            10) Happens All The Time  
                            11) Cloven Hooves

                            Alex Lipinski


                              The first thing that hits you is the voice. Alex Lipinski’s caressing sympathy, full-throated resentment, and the raw rockabilly excitement of earliest Elvis have grabbed unwary listeners from the West Country to Krakow, Berlin and New York, since he first left Somerset to become a crucial habitué of Soho’s legendary, lost 12-Bar Club. He has followed in the footsteps of his hero Dylan to write in the Chelsea Hotel, and sung Elvis songs in the home of an admiring Liam Gallagher, who responded with a roaring “Acquiesce”. With older brother and fellow musician Adam Lipinski by his side at Newcombe’s residential studio in Berlin, ‘Alex’ basically took six hours. “Anton put a lot of time and energy in.

                              I recorded with an old guitar, because he wanted to capture the effortless, timeless ‘60s records that he had in his mind. We had initially planned to be in the studio for three or four nights. The first evening we rattled though the songs, a take or two of each and in those six hours everything clicked. By midnight we were done. We ended the evening by going to a great bar called 8mm. Anton set up a gig there the following night and played old folk records, then we played a live set. We added small overdubs on the record later. But the album captures the character of the songs live with no frills. The slight imperfections add to the feel. Anton taught me about perfect mistakes.”

                              TRACK LISTING

                              1) Going Nowhere Fast ,
                              2). Dandylion Blues ,
                              3). Carolyn ,
                              4). Hurricane ,
                              5). Come On People ,
                              6). Sophie’s Song
                              7). The Devil You Know ,
                              8). Lonely Kid ,
                              9). Another Travellin’ Song ,
                              10). This Girl

                              Brian Jonestown Massacre

                              The Sun Ship

                                This single is from the forthcoming album “Third World Pyramid” which will be released in October 2016 . The B side “Playtime” is exclusive to this release , recorded in March 2016 in Anton’s studio in Berlin .

                                The band start their 2nd part of their European Tour starting in August.

                                This single brings the traditional Brian Jonestown Massacre sound mixed with eastern influences & brings it up to date with the benefit of all the additional weirdness that's been discovered in the past 40 years.Two dozen band members later and numerous “ups and downs” (some have been famously sensationalized in the media ), the one thing that has always remained consistent for this psychedelic collective, is front man Mr. Anton Alfred Newcombe

                                TRACK LISTING

                                Side A : 

                                The Sun Ship

                                Side B : 


                                The Brian Jonestown Massacre

                                Mini Album Thingy Wingy

                                Mini Album Thingy Wingy are 7 brand new & exclusive tracks recorded by Anton Newcombe in is his studio in Berlin in 2014 & 2015. Running at over 34 minutes, the mini album is co produced, engineered & mixed by Fabien Leseure. This release contains four self written songs by Anton Newcombe, a co write of the band’s first Slovakian song (Prší Prší) with Vladimir Nosal, another co write (Pish) with Tess Parks and a cover of the 13th Floor Elevator’s track “Dust” which features Alex Maas from the Black Angels on jug.

                                Originally, Anton Newcombe was heavily influenced by The Rolling Stones' psychedelic phase, but his work in the 2000s has expanded into aesthetic dimensions approximating the UK Shoegazing genre of the 1990s and incorporating influences from world music, especially Middle Eastern and Brazilian music.

                                This album brings the traditional Brian Jonestown Massacre sound mixed with eastern influences & bringing it up to date with the benefit of all the additional weirdness that's been discovered in the past 40 years.

                                TRACK LISTING

                                DOUBLE 10” – Tracklisting
                                SIDE A -
                                1 ) Pish
                                2) Prší Prší

                                SIDE B -
                                1) Get Some
                                2) Dust

                                SIDE C -
                                1) Leave It Alone
                                2) Mandrake Handshake

                                SIDE D-
                                1) Here Comes The Waiting For The Sun

                                LP - Tracklisting
                                SIDE A -
                                1 ) Pish
                                2) Prší Prší
                                3) Get Some
                                4) Dust

                                SIDE B -
                                5) Leave It Alone
                                6) Mandrake Handshake
                                7) Here Comes The Waiting For The Sun

                                CD - Tracklisting
                                1 ) Pish
                                2) Prší Prší
                                3) Get Some
                                4) Dust
                                5) Leave It Alone
                                6) Mandrake Handshake
                                7) Here Comes Waiting For The Sun

                                Tess Parks & Anton Newcombe

                                I Declare Nothing

                                Born in Berlin in early 2014 and nurtured over the following summer, ‘I Declare Nothing’ is the spine-tingling collaboration between Tess Parks and Anton Newcombe (Brian Jonestown Massacre), released on Anton’s A Recordings label. The duo co-wrote and co-played on the album.

                                A native of Toronto, Tess Parks moved to London, England at the age of 17 where she briefly studied photography before deciding to focus on music. Tess made an impression on industry legend Alan McGee, founder of Creation Records, albeit the timing of their meeting could hardly have been less ideal; McGee was no longer involved in music and Tess was due to move back to Toronto. After moving back to her hometown in 2012, Tess formed a band on the advice of McGee and less than a year after their meeting, he returned to music with his new label, 359 Music. Tess became one of his first signings and released her debut record ‘Blood Hot’ in November 2013 to excellent reviews. One reviewer described her as “Patti Smith on Quaaludes”. Others have mentioned her "gauzy psychedelic sound” and "smouldering voice”. Alan McGee himself said: “She’s only 24 and is already an amazing songwriter... she just doesn’t quite know she is yet … her most beautiful quality is her lack of ego. Tess is an amazing lady”.

                                Anton Newcombe as I'm sure you know, is the leader of the Brian Jonestown Massacre, who returned last May with their 14th full-length album ‘Revelation’ to critical acclaim. It is the first album that was fully recorded and produced at Anton Newcombe’s recording studio in Berlin and was released on his record label A Recordings. It was supported by a successful European tour. Named in tribute to the legendary Rolling Stones guitarist and his influence in introducing Eastern culture and music into the world of Western rock & roll, Brian Jonestown Massacre formed in San Francisco, California in 1990. Two dozen band members later and numerous “ups and downs” (some have been famously sensationalized in the media), the one thing that has always remained consistent for this psychedelic collective, is front man Mr. Anton Alfred Newcombe.

                                TRACK LISTING

                                LP Tracklisting
                                SIDE A -
                                1 – Wehmut
                                2 – Cocaine Cat
                                3 – Peace Defrost
                                4 – German Tangerine
                                5 – Gone
                                SIDE B
                                6 – October 2nd
                                7 – Mama
                                8 – Voyage De L’ame
                                9 – Meliorist
                                10 - Friendlies

                                CD Tracklisting
                                1 – Wehmut
                                2 – Cocaine Cat
                                3 – Peace Defrost
                                4 – German Tangerine
                                5 – Gone
                                6 – October 2nd
                                7 – Mama
                                8 – Voyage De L’ame
                                9 – Meliorist
                                10 - Friendlies

                                The Brian Jonestown Massacre

                                +/- EP

                                  On the '+ - EP' are 3 brand new and exclusive tracks recorded by Anton Newcombe in his studio in August 2014 after the band’s successful European tour .

                                  This release brings the traditional Brian Jonestown Massacre sound mixed with eastern influences and bringing it up to date with the benefit of all the additional weirdness that's been discovered in the past 40 years. Two dozen band members later and numerous “ups and downs” (some have been famously sensationalized in the media), the one thing that has always remained consistent for this psychedelic collective, is front man Mr. Anton Alfred Newcombe.

                                  Swearing At Motorists

                                  While Laughing, The Joker Tells The Truth

                                  Like Iggy Pop’s great lost Nashville record or the legendary demos for the Strokes masterpiece that never was, this recording is full of catchy courage, significant low notes, bedroom rhythms, hooks, and so on, all of which make for an impossible amount of pleasure. This Swearing At effort towers heads and squirrels above whatever that was you were just listening to. -Camden Joy

                                  Swearing At Motorists has come a long way since it's birth as a poster for a fake band in 1994 .The late '90s found S@M releasing a slew of 7" EPs on different labels, and after getting repeated plays from John Peel and favorable press worldwide, the band landed a contract with the then new label Secretly Canadian. They released 2 EPs & 4 LPs on SC, including 2000's Number Seven Uptown & 2002's This Flag Signals Goodbye, both of which were named MOJO Magazine's "Underground Album of the Year" the years they were released. Swearing At Motorists relocated to Berlin, Germany in 2005, releasing their last LP for Secretly Canadian, Last Night Becomes This Morning the following year before quietly disappearing into the never-ending Berlin night...

                                  8 years later, the band has resurfaced in Hamburg, Germany, with a new album titled While Laughing, The Joker Tells The Truth, to be released on Anton Newcombe's label A Recordings Ltd. Co-produced by Dave and Rick McPhail (of the legendery German band Tocotronic), the album tells the tales of those "lost" 8 years in classic Motorists style.

                                  TRACK LISTING

                                  1. I Don't Need Anyone
                                  2. Groundhog Day (Damn The Piper)
                                  3. Forever
                                  4. Academy Award For Best Actor In A Supporting Role
                                  5. Friend Of Mine
                                  6. Famous Orange Sweatshirt
                                  7. Time And Distance
                                  8. 17th Last Cigarette (Thinkin' Bout Drinkin')
                                  9. Wrote You A Letter
                                  10. The Darkest September
                                  11. Great Actress
                                  12. I Love You (Liar)
                                  13. Adjectives
                                  14. Don't Want To Dream (About You)
                                  15. I Likes Your Style
                                  16. Wasting Your Time
                                  17. It's Love That Chooses You

                                  After touring Australia in December 2013 with the Brian Jonestown Massacre The KVB's new six track EP is the culmination of a week long recording session at Anton Newcombe's studio in Berlin last autumn . During which they recruited the help of Joe Dilworth (Stereolab) to contribute live drums to the recordings , this was the first time the band have worked outside of their own studio set up at their home in South London. 'Out Of Body' is a further exploration of the bands interest in phenomenology, bodily immersion and consciousness. Introspective lyrics are suspended in dream like melodies, further expanding upon the duo's hypnotic aesthetic which they explore both sonically and visually on the record.

                                  TRACK LISTING

                                  1) All Around You
                                  2) From Afar
                                  3) Heavy Eyes
                                  4) Cartesian Bodies
                                  5) Across The Sea
                                  6) Between Suns

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