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The Future Sound Of London

Papua New Guinea (Andrew Weatherall / Graham Massey Remixes) - 2023 Reissuee

    Originally out in 1991, FSOL's "Papua New Guinea" is one of those classic rave era moments. Combining a huge dub bassline with breakbeats, piano lines and synth washes, ethereal Bulgarian vocals and other atmospheric efx the track was a monster club / field tune back in the day. So much so that it got reissued a year later with a whole new set of remixes. UK techno originals Andrew Weatherall (Sabres Of Paradise) and Graham Massey (808 State) serve up a remix each while FSOL's Brian Dougans and Garry Cobain bring us four more. All that and the original too. It's all you need.


    SIDE 1
    1. Papua New Guinea (12" Original)
    2. Papua New Guinea (Andrew Weatherall Mix)
    3. Papua New Guinea (Dub Mix)

    SIDE 2
    1. Papua New Guinea (Journey To Pyramid)
    2. Papua New Guinea (Monsoon Mix)
    3. Papua New Guinea (Graham Massey Mix)
    4. Papua New Guinea (Dumb Child Of Q Mix)

    Various Artists

    Earthbeat (RSD22 EDITION)


      30th Anniversary Edition of the iconic 1992 "Earthbeat" collection with much sought after tracks from the series of "Pulse" EPs and 12" singles by The Future Sound Of London under their many guises.

      This special limited to 1500 hand numbered edition comes in a gatefold sleeve with a unique centrefold featuring past artwork and images from the period of these classic, much sought after tracks and rare mixes. 


      Mental Cube “q” (original)
      Yage “quazi”
      Candese “you Took My Love” (earth Mix)
      Fsol “papua New Guinea” (dumb Child Of Q)
      Indo Tribe “owl”
      Semi Real “people Livin’ Today”
      Yage “theme From Hot Burst”
      Indo Tribe “shrink”
      Mental Cube “so This Is Love”
      Mental Cube “chile Of The Bass Generation”
      Smart Systems “tingler” (original)
      Yage “coda Coma”
      Indo Tribe “in The Mind Of A Child”
      Humanoid “stakker Humanoid” (coby ’94 Mix)
      Smart Systems “creator”
      Indo Tribe “bite The Bullet Baby”

      The Future Sound Of London

      Archived 9

        The Future Sound of London's long and varied history stretches back almost 25 years and as such a vast amount of unreleased material exists in the FSOL archives. "Archived 9" brings together another 12 such tracks; in some cases these are completed but unreleased songs from that time, in others the songs have been reconstructed or enhanced and then further mixed to form the journey. This album is not just a collection of random off-cuts. It is a fully realized album, worthy of sitting alongside the rest of the band's critically acclaimed work. Did you know - The Future Sound of London were the first band to distribute their music via the internet, in 1994. Did you know - The Future Sound of London were the first band to use ISDN technology to transmit their music via the internet and also to radio stations across the world - a system that has now been adopted by the radio industry worldwide. (No I did not; but as I often say, every day's a school day here at Piccadilly Records... - ed).


        1. Ocea
        2. Semi Conscious Participant
        3. Silent Midnight
        4. Halfer
        5. Embodied
        6. Super Tide
        7. Without You It's Meaningless
        8. Oska Traveller
        9. Slow Moving World
        10. Propagate
        11. Photographs Of An Object
        12. A Constantly Changing Mind
        13. Confirmation Bias
        14. These Days
        15. Riverbed
        16. Extruded
        17. Views Of A Empty Sky

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