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'Erotic Probiotic' is Nourished By Time’s debut EP on Scenic Route, following hot on the heels of his featured track, ‘Wild Thang, Sweet Thang’, on the critically acclaimed Scenic Route 16-track digital compilation, 'The Road Less Travelled Vol.1', supported by BBC 1Xtra, Dazed, CRACK, BBC 6 Music, Lot Radio, NTS, The Wire and Resident Advisor. The 'Erotic Probiotic' is an intimate glimpse into the world of Baltimore native, whose two track EP shows the duplicity of this exciting singer/songwriter/producer.

Side A, ‘Give It Away’, a beautiful multi layered serenade, showcasing the breadth of his vocal range, with delicate textures sprinkled throughout; heart aching guitar riffs and celestial chords enveloping you into this contagious dream pop melody. Give It Away is a lush R&B ballad about choosing yourself over love but choosing love over pride. The Live performance video was shot at his sold out Servant Jazz Quarters show, in April, directed by Jono Canning.

'Staring Into The Fireplace', a relatable anarchist anthem for anyone working a dead-end job, filled with angst and a foreboding energy driven by eerie drums and a melancholy tone. Written whilst employed by Whole Foods during COVID , spraying down shopping carts, what he describes as “the most soul destroying job”. The song explores America’s social constructs moulded by race and capitalism, through his gravelly baritone vocals over lo-fi punk sound, with lyrics reinforcing his ‘bun down Babylon’ sentiment. Along with a self directed music video.

The 'Erotic Probiotic' is the first EP with Scenic Route as he looks to cultivate his unique off beat, guitar driven pop sound in the lead up to his album.


Matt says: One of the hottest stars of 2023's first vinyl release. Strangely, the album that would cause his blow-up was also named "Erotic Probiotic", but this 7" release contains two tracks not featured on the album. Very few people got this first time round, so this is a cheeky chance to bag this sure-to-be-superstar's first proper release.


A1. Give It Away
B1. Staring Into The Fireplace

Natty Wylah

Moth Wings / FB Trap

Scenic Route follow up their now classic Nourished By Time album with the debut 7" from London's Natty Wylah. Tip for fans of Cobey Sey / Curl, Young Fathers and Wu Lu.

This year Natty Wylah has been cementing himself in London’s rich contemporary music scene with festival performances at Glastonbury, We Out Here with Silhouettes Project and a headline Southbank show as part of Nabihah Iqbal’s ‘Glory To Sound’ series. As well as contributions to Rhythm Sections, compilation ‘Shouts’ all in the run up to his next EP, "Willowisp".

"Moth Wings / FB Trap" is the perfect introduction to Natty’s world where magic, slime and reality all mix together. With his cinematic lyrics on "Mothwings", Natty conjures up the imagery of celestial moths, who when seeking the moonlight end up stuck chasing flickering artificial light bulbs. The track features the unmistakable characteristics of Natty’s sound: traipsing across hip-hop, the psychedelic and punk, all adorned with ethereal vocals and woozy synths from Poppy and Finn Billingham.


Matt says: Scenic Route continue to scout out the hottest new sounds from the underground. After slaying us with that Nourished By Time album earlier in the year they now turn the spotlight on the charismatic Natty Wylah.


A. Moth Wings
AA. FB Trap

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