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DR. MYSTERY marks her debut release with Ono. "Far From Home" is an eight-track album that glides across the dreamscape of another world. DR. MYSTERY’s world, set in the future, exploring sounds that excite the mind and body, underpinning an eclectic take on leftfield techno.

DR. MYSTERY’s talent to traverse the intersections between dreams and reality through sonics, positions her as an electric producer who is only just at the beginning of her journey. Ono wishes to capture this moment in a way that feels special, they have handmade 300 sleeves for the "Far From Home" vinyl out of old record sleeves and screen-printed the artwork onto them. Therefore each sleeve is bespoke and one of a kind.

Landing inna indeed exotic and alien dreamscape. The first two, quite classic Detroit / electro influenced tracks quickly morph into a cybernetic-trip-pop masterpiece entitled "Petrichor" which sounds like if Portishead transmitted from Saturn. Peppered drum hits, ethereal vox and wavy synths decorate much of the remaining duration; as DR. MYSTERY drifts between hydroplaning electro and jarring mainframe kinetics. It's a seductive and immersive trip with a great deal of continuity, simplicity and sentiment holding the whole thing together. Like much of Ono's cherished discography, it's a leftfield, DIY epic which belies its underground ethos and aesthetic. Fully endorsed by us all here at Picc HQ it's great to see Ono back in action for 2023!

All tracks written, produced & mixed by DR. MYSTERY
Mastered by Nick Sinna at Hidden Sounds
Artwork by Dr Mystery, Michael Holland
Screen-printed by Luste Silkscreen Studio in Riga


Matt says: For newcomers to Ono this is a quintessentially great entry point. Custom sleeves, screen printed artwork, featuring a truly underground artist - all aspects that the Michael Holland-directed label has celebrated over its many years of inception.


1. Dialog That Needs Your Attention 04:24
2. Gaia 06:00
3. Petrichor 05:08
4. Zukunft 02:33
5. Opulence 04:22
6. Avalanche 04:24
7. Far From Home 05:11
8. Antares 03:41

Ugis Jansons


    Latvia's Ugis Jansons comes highly recommended by Manchester's own Michael Holland, and sees Jansons working through a number of beautiful poppy piano pieces and shimmering loungey jazz numbers. Sitting somewhere between the off-kilter pop of Efterklang, the twinkling piano of Frahm and Jens Lenkman's cleverly produced sunshine pop. There's elements peeping through of dancefloor electronics and post-dubstep, before breaking into super-smooth glitched hip-hop, but all of the seemingly disparate elements are pulled together into a refined and beautifully polished whole. It's constantly surprising, thoroughly entrancing and most importantly, a great listen. 


    1. KLAVRĪT 02:55
    2. PLKST 1 13 5 04:01
    3. JĀ 03:38
    4. MIERĪGA 03:06
    5. STARPSPĒLE 00:59
    6. RĪT 03:56
    7. UPE 04:13
    8. WAVESTATE 03:41
    9. KNTRLE 04:44
    10. NAKTHTTPS 04:24
    11. ELĒPSPRATS 01:13

    Michael Cutting


    North UK-based tape musician Michael Cutting makes his album debut with STILLS on Salford’s beloved imprint Ono. Relish- ing in the lo-fi, analogue textures offered by the pairing of fender rhodes piano and reel to reel tape machines, the album’s seven tracks act as vignettes; tempting with loop-induced isorhythms of warping, disintegrating harmonies. An extended re- working of Cutting’s live set for the same instruments, STILLS heavily retains the sense of live process, evoking precariously balanced loops between tape machines and thermoflasks, with the distinctive clicks and clunks of the reel to reels’ buttons and levers an intrinsic element to the sonic discourse.

    Cutting’s use of melody — plaintive, jaunty, occasionally drifting off-key — perfectly suits the nature of his tape-based ‘instruments’, with their inherent flaws, uncertainties, and means of making sound [...] STILLS is full of such attractive contrasts of melody, harmony, and rhythm, made all the more compelling by the ways in which they incorporate the material nature of the machines and processes that produce them


    1. Smoke
    2. Scorch
    3. Skint
    4. Slate
    5. Silk
    6. Salt.
    7. Sway

    Vitalija Glovackyte

    We Are For A While

    Another of Ono's expansive and highly creative projects. "We Are For A While" is a fully realized multimedia experience, detailing the working process for Vitalija Glovackyte's sonic and visual tale about recycling. Vitalija first sourced a plethora of broken and salvaged instruments, their acquisition alone worthy of a tale (told in the accompanying booklet). After repairing instruments to a (somewhat) playable state, Glovackyte then set about recording the album you hear now - a collection of electro-folk meanderings, broken ambience and fairytales from industrial sites. It's a heartfelt homage to re-using instead of replacing and is highly evocative in the process. The booklet comes with photos detailing the process as well as a written narrative from Glovoackyte. It's another brilliant addition to the art / music cannon that is Ono records. Highly recommended.

    Big Peace (formerly known as Big War) is a Manchester based producer, DJ, member of the Generic Greeting Collective and co-promoter of No White Tee's (alongside Swing Ting's Joey B). Working in a variety of musical disciplines, you're as likely to hear his music as part of an installation in a gallery as you are to hear it on a rap mixtape. His unique and underivative productions have received praise both locally and further afield and have been featured on websites such as Vice, Dummy, Southern Hospitality and Cocaine Blunts. Big War's DJ sets run the gamut from funk and soul to rap and leftfield beats. Peace & War was created between 2010-2016 and is a two part collection of instrumentals made from samples and original
    material with an awareness of DIY music and a clear influence from early 90's Warp / electronica. The music is bright eyed and positive but keeps it's foot firmly in the present as it marries its hip hop influences with a very post-everything, 2016 aesthetic. References could be made with 1080p, 100% Silk and the more recent Hyperdub output; but this definitely stands out as something sincere and considered, not simply an attempt to latch onto a fashionable trent of also-rans. Although highly produced, this is honest music that should resonante with the heart as much as it stimulates the mind and body. There's elements of yearning, lust, wide-eyed optimism and serene melancholy. Wonderfully sequenced and presented, this is a brilliantly realized piece. Highly recommended! 


    Peace Side:
    1. Aisha
    2. Hush (with Szajna)
    3. Cosey
    4. Diva
    5. Mrmi3
    6. Imperial Bedrooms (with Moose)
    7. Find A Way
    8. Bodyhigh
    9. Scales (with Szajna)
    10. Peace
    War Side:
    1. Tour
    2. Hypeeee
    3. Knew Too Much
    4. Stiffy (with Szajna)
    5. Ballout
    6. Nono
    7. Bonus Edit
    8. Skerg
    9. One Of You
    10. Oscar

    Fresh from dropping the world conquering "Posh People Make Me Ill", Ono are at it again, throwing another sonic curveball right around your melon. This time round, label favourite Stuart Chalmers (DJ Crackle) sets to work looping, layering and collaging a broad selection of sampled delights, loving cut up (in this case literally) from DJ Skip's (label head Michael Holland) extensive record collection. Taking an anything goes approach to source material the set switches between RnB, exotica, avant garde experiments, oddbal funk and disconcerting ambience, all chopped, screwed, slurred and spun out with maximum respect to Burroughs, Mike Cooper and Severed Heads. Whether you dig the frenetic and disorienting "Palm Treehouse Street Band", the headnodding bump of "Brandy Song For Supercat" or the borderline Balearic chill of "Beach Clouds" there's more than enough here to keep you coming back for more. Bravo.


    1. Beach Clouds
    2. Beautiful Cara, Don't Worry
    3. Brandy Song For Supercat
    4. Neutron Future Classics
    5. White Moonglows
    6. Neutron Past Classic
    7. Torch Songs For Trumpet
    8. Palm Treehouse Street Band

    Watch Repair

    Sea Shanty Township

      The cultishly adored and highly acclaimed Watch Repair return with one of their biggest hits to date. "Sea Shanty Town Ship" sees the act expand on their now trademark work method of tuned grandfather clocks and other found sounds and now includes flurries of guitar, pocket cello, dulcimer, reed organ, accordion and bowl (!!!). Those familiar with the sound know what to expect - the warmest, almost cerebral enveloping ambience, drones and tones, collaged together in sophisticated, sleight-of-hand excellence. Suspense and tension are given new meaning alongside reconceptualizing the natural ambience of the traditional grandfather clock. Now garnering support from the cyberworld, Factmag are counted amongst their fans; and rightfully so. This is gloriously sedate but instantly resonating musique which can instantly transport any listener from the current location to an altered mindstate. Most recommended. 

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