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Janis Joplin

Greatest Hits

    In 1967, audiences at the Monterey Pop Festival experienced the powerful voice and stage presence of Janis Joplin, many for the very first time. Her work with Big Brother & The Holding Company and as a solo artist was a defining force in the changing soundscape of rock music in the 1960s. Her passionate vocals on "Piece of My Heart," "Cry Baby" and the posthumous chart-topper "Me and Bobby McGee" inspired generations of female singers to pour their hearts out. This Greatest Hits was originally released in 1973. A coloured vinyl version was pressed for Black Friday last year, and it now gets a standard black vinyl release.

    SZA, one of the redefining voices of today’s contemporary music era, entered the music scene in 2012 with her first critically acclaimed EP, See.SZA.Run. Following that, she released S in 2013 and Z in 2014, both to rave reviews. In 2013, SZA signed to Top Dawg Entertainment, being the first female artist to join the label. SZA wrote and performed on Rihanna’s Anti Single “Consideration” in 2016 and helped write Nicki Minaj and Beyonce’s “Feelin Myself” in 2014.

    Born in Maplewood, New Jersey as Solána Rowe, SZA grew up listening to classic and avant-garde jazz, alternative, and rap. She renamed herself finding inspiration within the Supreme Alphabet: the ‘S’ stands for savior or sovereign, the ‘Z’ for zig-zag, and the ‘A’ for Allah.


    Millie says: Raw vocals from SZA storms into the Alt-RnB with her incredible powerful sense of herself and her music influences. Having collaborated with Kendrick Lamar and Chance the Rapper, SZA is one to definitely check out! Personal favourite song has to be Drew Barrymore, so good.

    Our Review from 2004 - Get ready for a splendid new band, everybody. Their sound is a mixture of Canadian folk, new-wave disco beats, quirky David Byrne-ish vocals, Pixies' agression, Mercury Rev's sense of magic, big band drama, organic chamber pop and just an all round multi-instrumental sense of anything's possible, that you'll be setting up your own toy orchestra and playing along. Though talented players, and loads play on this record, it's this sense of fun and cookiness that pervades; this lot are clever but well beyond cool. It's music ripe with the joys of music-making. And the songs are really catchy. that always helps. Maybe chuck a bit of Sugarcubes and a bit of New Order even, into their melting pot, stir in with crashing operatic crescendos and tiny, sweet lullabies and you'll be a little bit nearer to the sound of this band. They're making a splash Stateside. It's obvious why.

    Johnny Cash

    I Walk The Line

      This was the nineteenth studio album from country legend Johnny Cash, originally released in 1964 and features re-recordings of classic Johnny Cash songs including: "Folsom Prison Blues", "Hey Porter", "I Still Miss Someone" and "I Walk The Line".


      LP Info: A 12 track, standard black LP vinyl with download code insert.

      Awwwww-sheeeeeiiitttt! There goes the neighbourhood folks. Way before Snoop, Nate, Daz and Kurupt, a young Compton brother was flipping samples, scratching wild and spitting serious bars into his Tascam, selling tapes out the trunk of his chevvie. That teen was DJ Quik and his innovative production technique, intricate flow and lyrical predelictions with blunts, bitches and liquor laid the blueprint for the G funk style the West Coast became famous for. If you though Dre was the OG, listen to "Tonite" and think again. The cold chillin cut even features Quik on the talkbox (FYI, Roger Troutman taught him how to rock it). "Born And Raised In Compton" boasts an optimistic attitude, hard hitting funk groove and string of dope multi-syllabic rhymes. Not only has the X-rated "Sweet Black Pussy" slayed every house party its graced, but its also stayed in my head since I first heard it in 1998. (I just freestyled the whole track to Barry). Elsewhere, "Quik Is The Name" and "Tear It Off" are fast paced club track (see Naughty By Nature's "Pin The Tail"), "8 Ball" is a cold chillin viber and "I Got That Feelin'" teaches LL Cool J a lesson in ghetto seduction. One of the LA's finest!


      Ltd LP includes MP3 Download Code.

      LCD Soundsystem

      American Dream

        Deep breaths...headphones on...needle dropped. LCD Soundsystem are back. Seven years after their last long player, and six years since their premature retirement, NYC's era defining, life changing indie-dance/alt-disco/punk-funk legends are back on wax with their fourth LP "American Dream". As the live hats and staccato pulse of "Oh Baby" give way to tender arps, dramatic synth bass and Murhpy's crooning vocals, all seems well in the world once more. Imbued with the same cinematic quality with which "All My Friends" and "Someone Great" stole our hearts a decade ago, this album opener is vintage LCD. One track in and I'm already hooked. "Other Voices" pushes the tempo and picks up the intensity, fusing low slung bass, sizzling 4/4 and buzzing synthwork into the kind of hypnotic, disco-rock groover the world's been crying out for. Backwards guitar solos and strange synth riffs lend a little psychedelic colour while Murphy's vocals, ably supported by Nancy Wang and Korey Richey, retain all the sardonic lyricism of a particularly arch Larry David. Closing the first side out with shimmering synths, slow rolling bass and a moody piano, "I Used To" details a midlife moment of clarity before the squawking guitar, loose groove and Bowie-styled vocals of "Change Yr Mind" bring the punk to the funkshow. Tumbling toms, immersive reverb and distant vocals march around nagging violin and spectral arpeggios on "How Do You Sleep?", creating a gloomy Joy Division ambience which soon bursts into a slo-mo technicolour via chugging percussion and big bass blasts - Far from your average drug ballad, this is gonna bring the house down live! Blasting through the speakers on a tank full of squelching synthbass, snapping electronic percussion and Murphy's trademark half spoken/ half sung vocals, current single "Tonite" picks up the electroid baton from "Yeah" and "Pow Pow" and treats us to relentless barrage of Murphy's needle-point self referencial wit. Hilarious, danceable and deeply on point, this could well be an album standout. Presumeably inspired by his time working on Bowie's "Blackstar", "Call The Police" pairs an achingly sincere, occasionally bleak lyricism with anthemic rock drums and buzzing guitars, relishing in the bittersweet beauty of life. Electro-pop ballad "American Dream" continues the quest for understanding and acceptance in the tough climate of 2017 as Murphy leads us waltzing through the richest synth tones of his career. As we arrive at the final side Murphy et al blitz through the punk inspired rage of "Emotional Haircut", a hair-raiser in the style of early !!! or Outhud, before embracing the existential melancholy of "Black Screen", the medicated lullaby which closes the set with buzzing synth tones and delicate piano. Though this album may lack the immediacy of its predecessors, it offers infinite emotional depth, sincerity and faultless songwriting. Leave your skepticism at the door, this is the best LCD Soundsystem LP to date.


        David says: As you can imagine, news of a newly reformed LCD and a fourth album was greeted with trepidation here at Piccadilly. The band had gone out with a BANG in 2011, playing a sold out show at New York’s iconic Madison Square Garden. What remained for James Murphy to say or do? As it turns out, everything. As Murphy himself, freely admits, the band were already bloated and old when they split, so there was no chance of the fans being disappointed in that respect, which just leaves the music... Let’s not mince our words then, ‘American Dream’ is a triumph. It’s a new record whose primary focus is the end of things. Pop icons, (ghosts of pop past litter the album, whether it be Bowie on “Change Yr Mind” or Alan Vega and Suicide on “Oh Baby”), relationships, music, even the American Dream itself. However, amongst all these endings, LCD remain a constant. Murphy is still a musical magpie, still lifting wholesale from Mark E. Smith, still the biggest nerd in the record shop, (the hobbled veteran of the disk shop inquisition), still losing (what’s left) of his edge but at the same time defining 2017 in a way that none of his contemporaries can.


        2xLP Info: Includes lyric sheet.

        2xLP includes MP3 Download Code.

        Sundara Karma

        Explore E.P.

          Sundara Karma release this x3 trk E.P. of brand new songs not featured on the current album "Youth Is Only Ever Fun In Retrospect".

          An Indie exclusive release, limited to x700 individually numbered copies!

          Uncle Tupelo

          No Depression - Legacy Edition

            This 1990 landmark Americana album gets a Legacy Edition re-release, across a two CD set. The original classic 13 track album is newly remastered and features five new bonus tracks. The second disc features 10 demos from "No Depression" plus seven further cassette demos from other albums. Produced by the iconic Sean Slade & Paul Q. Kolderie this package is a striking fusion of traditional folk & country, with post punk innovation and hardcore ferocity.

            Our review from 2007 - Building on – rather than shrinking from – their tenure as coolest rock band on the planet, Montreal's finest follow up "Funeral" with a record at once more furious, more melancholy and more widescreen. Drawing strength from their solidarity and unique musical empathy, "Neon Bible" is borne of the same impulse that fired Echo And The Bunnymen to record "Ocean Rain"; epic choruses played from the bottom of Arctic caverns by a junk-shop orchestra. The subject matter manages to encompass the personal and political without missing a beat, state-of-the-nation addresses and post-millennium blues in the same heartbeat. The result is a record destined to fill teenage bedrooms and concert arenas alike.


            2xLP Info: Black LP Vinyl with the fourth side being etched!

            2xLP includes MP3 Download Code.

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