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Lovers Rock - 2024 Reissue


    Side A
    1. By Your Side
    2. Flow
    3. King Of Sorrow
    4. Somebody Already Broke My Heart
    5. All About Our Love
    6. Slave Song

    Side B
    1. The Sweetest Gift
    2. Every Word
    3. Immigrant
    4. Lovers Rock
    5. It’s Only Love That Gets You Through


    Soldier Of Love - 2024 Reissue


      Side A
      1. The Moon And The Sky
      2. Soldier Of Love
      3. Morning Bird
      4. Babyfather
      5. Long Hard Road

      Side B
      1. Be That Easy
      2. Bring Me Home
      3. In Another Time
      4. Skin
      5. The Safest Place


      Love Deluxe - 2024 Reissue


        Side A
        1. No Ordinary Love
        2. Feel No Pain
        3. I Couldn’t Love You More
        4. Like A Tattoo

        Side B
        1. Kiss Of Life
        2. Cherish The Day
        3. Pearls
        4. Bulletproof Soul
        5. Mermaid

        A Tribe Called Quest

        The Anthology - 2024 Reissue


          Side A
          Check The Rhime
          Bonita Applebum
          Award Tour
          Can I Kick It?

          Side B
          Buggin' Out
          If The Papes Come
          Electric Relaxation
          Jazz (We've Got)
          I Left My Wallet In El Segundo

          Side C
          Hot Sex
          Oh My God
          Stressed Out
          Luck Of Lucien
          Description Of A Fool

          Side D
          Keeping It Moving
          Find A Way
          Sucka Nigga
          Vivrant Thing

          A Tribe Called Quest

          The Low End Theory - 2024 Reissue

            TRACK LISTING

            Side A
            Buggin' Out
            Rap Promoter

            Side B
            Verses From The Abstract
            Show Business
            Vibes And Stuff

            Side C
            Infamous Date Rape
            Check The Rhime
            Everything Is Fair

            Side D
            Jazz (We've Got)


            Stankonia - 2024 Reissue

              TRACK LISTING

              Side A
              Gasoline Dreams
              I'm Cool (Interlude)
              So Fresh, So Clean
              Ms. Jackson
              Snappin' & Trappin'
              D.F. (Interlude)

              Side B
              Spaghetti Junction
              Kim & Cookie (Interlude)
              I'll Call B4 I Cum
              Good Hair (Interlude)

              Side C
              We Luv Deez Hoez
              Humble Mumble
              Drinkin' Again (Interlude)
              Red Velvet
              Cruisin' In The ATL (Interlude)

              Side D
              Gangsta Sh*t
              Toilet Tisha
              Slum Beautiful
              Pre-Nump (Interlude)
              Stankonia (Stanklove)


              Promise - 2024 Reissue

                "Promise", the follow-up album of their multi-million selling debut album "Diamond Life", was released in 1985 and includes typical smooth and sophisticated easy-soul Sade songs and hit singles like "The Sweetest Taboo", "Never As Good As The First Time", "Is It A Crime" and "Jezebel".

                "Promise" became the band's first album to top the albums chart in both the United Kingdom and the United States, assisted by an appearance at the Live Aid charity concert and a cameo in the film Absolute Beginners. Over the years, it was certified double platinum in the UK and quadruple platinum in the US, with Sade herself returning again as the queen of cool.

                TRACK LISTING

                Side A
                1. Is It A Crime
                2. The Sweetest Taboo
                3. War Of The Hearts
                4. Jezebel

                Side B
                1. Mr Wrong
                2. Never As Good As The First Time
                3. Fear
                4. Tar Baby
                5. Maureen


                Stronger Than Pride - 2024 Reissue

                  'Stronger Than Pride' was Sade's third album, and was released in 1988. The album was the first to be produced by Sade Adu, and replicated the tremendous success of Sade's two previous albums, selling millions of copies worldwide and going triple platinum in the US. The singles taken from the album include 'Love Is Stronger Than Pride', 'Paradise', 'Nothing Can Come Between Us' and 'Turn My Back On You'.

                  TRACK LISTING

                  Side A
                  1. Love Is Stronger Than Pride
                  2. Paradise
                  3. Nothing Can Come Between Us
                  4. Haunt Me
                  5. Turn My Back On You

                  Side B
                  1. Keep Looking
                  2. Clean Heart
                  3. Give It Up
                  4. I Never Thought I’d See The Day
                  5. Siempre Hay Esperanza


                  Diamond Life - 2024 Reissue

                    This modern soul classic debut was recorded and released in 1984, two years after the English group was formed. Diamond Life was an instant hit in the UK, peaking at #2 and staying in Top Ten for more than six months. At the same time they conquered the rest of Europe reaching #1 positions in The Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland and Austria. In the USA it reached #5 in the charts and the album reached a four time Platinum status, just like in the UK. Due to the hit singles "Your Love Is King", "When Am I Going To Make A Living", "Smooth Operator" and "Hang On To Your Love" Sade's debut album sold more than 7 million copies worldwide! 

                    TRACK LISTING

                    Side A
                    1. Smooth Operator
                    2. Your Love Is King
                    3. Hang On To Your Love
                    4. Frankie’s First Affair
                    5. When Am I Going To Make A Living

                    Side B
                    1. Cherry Pie
                    2. Sally
                    3. I Will Be Your Friend
                    4. Why Can’t We Live Together

                    Ben Folds Five

                    Whatever And Ever Amen - 2024 Reissue

                      Whatever and Ever Amen is the sophomore album from alternative rock trio Ben Folds Five. Originally released in 1997, the album features fan favorite songs like "Brick", "Kate", and "Song for the Dumped.”

                      TRACK LISTING

                      SIDE A
                      One Angry Dwarf And 200 Solemn Faces
                      Song For The Dumped
                      Selfless, Cold And Composed

                      SIDE B
                      Steven’s Last Night In Town
                      Battle Of Who Could Care Less
                      Missing The War

                      Modest Mouse

                      Good News For People Who Love Bad News - 20th Anniversary Edition

                        Released by Epic Records on April 6, 2004, Good News For People Who Love Bad News offered a unique blend of existential lyricism and innovative soundscapes which helped Modest Mouse break out of the rock underground after more than a decade of existence. The album, which has been certified double platinum for U.S. shipments of 2 million copies, is hailed as an alternative classic on the strength of songs such as the Modern Rock chart-topping, 5-times platinum single “Float On,” the gold-certified “The World At Large” and “Ocean Breathes Salty.”

                        Remastered for vinyl in opaque baby pink and opaque spring green, the package includes an alternate album cover, 8-page booklet and five ew remixes. 

                        Jimi Hendrix

                        First Rays Of The Rising Sun - 2024 Reissue

                          Originally released in April 1997, First Rays Of The New Rising Sun, was the first album prepared under the direct supervision of the Hendrix Family. Drawing together seventeen songs whose creation spans from March 1968 through to Jimi’s final sessions at Electric Lady Studios in August 1970, the album marked the last graceful gesture by the innovative artist Jimi Hendrix. Features “Dolly Dagger,” “Angel,” “Ezy Rider” and “Freedom.” This release is a new, all analog edition mastered from the original 1/4" mixes by Bernie Grundman and pressed on 140-gram black vinyl.

                          TRACK LISTING

                          Side A
                          1. Freedom
                          2. Izabella
                          3. Night Bird Flying
                          4. Angel
                          5. Room Full Of Mirrors

                          Side B
                          1. Dolly Dagger
                          2. Ezy Ryder
                          3. Drifting
                          4. Beginnings

                          Side C
                          1. Stepping Stone
                          2. My Friend
                          3. Straight Ahead
                          4. Hey Baby (New Rising Sun)

                          Side D
                          1. Earth Blues
                          2. Astro Man
                          3. In From The Storm
                          4. Belly Button Window

                          Girl In Red

                          I'm Doing It Again Baby!

                            Norwegian artist girl in red started sharing her home-recorded songs as a teenager in 2017. Noted for her candid lyrics about the frustrations of everyday life and relationships, she emerged with catchy, guitar-based indie pop on early tracks, including her viral debut, "I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend," and 2018's "We Fell in Love in October." In 2021, she released her first full-length and studio effort, if i could make it go quiet, hitting number two in Norway and charting on the Billboard 200. A sequel to her earlier October-themed anthem, "October Passed Me By," arrived in 2022.

                            Vampire Weekend

                            Only God Was Above Us

                              Only God Was Above Us is the fifth studio album from Vampire Weekend. The album is inspired by and infused with the essence of the band’s birthplace of New York City, though recorded all over the world, from New York to Los Angeles to London and Tokyo. The album was produced by Ezra Koenig, and longtime collaborator Ariel Rechtshaid. The album title is lifted directly from the album artwork, which is a photo taken from a Subway graveyard in New Jersey in 1988 by photographer Steven Siegel.

                              Only God Was Above Us includes universal themes ranging from the urge to question the world in which we live, and the quest for peace that can only be found through acceptance. The album is equal parts as direct yet complex as anything the band has ever released, as beautiful and melodic as they’ve ever sounded but also at their grittiest.

                              STAFF COMMENTS

                              Barry says: There's something unmistakeable about the way Vampire Weekend form their songs, and it's been the case since they first burst onto the scene with their debut LP in 2008. 'Only God...' has all of the pitch-shifted guitar lines and rolling basslines of their early work with Koenig's vocals working away beautifully over the top, but there's a sense of a more mature songwriting drive, and results in possibly their greatest work yet.

                              TRACK LISTING

                              1. Ice Cream Piano
                              2. Classical
                              3. Capricorn
                              4. Connect
                              5. Prep-School Gangsters
                              6. The Surfer
                              7. Gen-X Cops
                              8. Mary Boone
                              9. Pravda
                              10. Hope

                              Alice In Chains

                              Jar Of Flies - 2024 Reissue

                                Originally released in 1994, Jar of Flies is the 4x platinum EP including hit songs “I Stay Away,” “No Excuses,” and “Nutshell”. The acoustic-based album described as ‘deeply gorgeous’ by Rolling Stone magazine reached No. 4 in the UK Charts (as well hitting the top spot in the US – a first for an EP).

                                TRACK LISTING

                                Side A
                                1. Rotten Apple
                                2. Nutshell
                                3. I Stay Away
                                4. No Excuses

                                Side B
                                1. Whale & Wasp
                                2. Don’t Follow
                                3. Swing On This


                                Make It Big - 2024 Reissue

                                  With their second album, Wham continued their rise to pop stardom. It includes not just some of their biggest hits, but some of the biggest hits of the 80's; Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go, Freedom and Careless Whisper.


                                  Fantastic - 2024 Reissue

                                    George and Andrew's debut album is chock full of pop gems, including Young Guns (Go For It), Wham Rap, Bad Boys and Club Tropicana.


                                    Live - 50th Anniversary Edition

                                      1991’s double live album Live was recorded at Donnington Park and Birmingham in the UK, Edmonton in Canada and Moscow.

                                      To honour AC/DC’s 50-year reign as the world’s greatest rock and roll band, the band’s catalogue will be available as gold coloured vinyl LPs. Each of these limited edition LPs comes with an album-specific 12”x12” print featuring new AC/DC 50 artwork, suitable for framing. 


                                      High Voltage - 50th Anniversary Edition

                                        The band’s international debut album High Voltage included tracks from their first two Australian albums.

                                        To honour AC/DC’s 50-year reign as the world’s greatest rock and roll band, the band’s catalogue will be available as gold coloured vinyl LPs. Each of these limited edition LPs comes with an album-specific 12”x12” print featuring new AC/DC 50 artwork, suitable for framing. 


                                        Dirty Deeds Done Cheap - 50th Anniversary Edition

                                          Dirty Deeds Done Cheap was initially unavailable in the U.S. for five years, the album eventually rose to #3 on the Billboard chart, selling over 6,000,000 copies.

                                          To honour AC/DC’s 50-year reign as the world’s greatest rock and roll band, the band’s catalogue will be available as gold coloured vinyl LPs. Each of these limited edition LPs comes with an album-specific 12”x12” print featuring new AC/DC 50 artwork, suitable for framing. 


                                          Powerage - 50th Anniversary Edition

                                            The classic 1976 album Powerage contains the single ‘Rock And Roll Damnation’, the band’s first European hit.

                                            To honour AC/DC’s 50-year reign as the world’s greatest rock and roll band, the band’s catalogue will be available as gold coloured vinyl LPs. Each of these limited edition LPs comes with an album-specific 12”x12” print featuring new AC/DC 50 artwork, suitable for framing. 


                                            Highway To Hell - 50th Anniversary Edition

                                              Highway To Hell was originally released in 1980 and was AC/DC’s first hit album in the US.

                                              To honour AC/DC’s 50-year reign as the world’s greatest rock and roll band, the band’s catalogue will be available as gold coloured vinyl LPs. Each of these limited edition LPs comes with an album-specific 12”x12” print featuring new AC/DC 50 artwork, suitable for framing. 


                                              Back In Black - 50th Anniversary Edition

                                                Back In Black features ‘You Shook Me All Night Long’, ‘Shoot To Thrill’ and the iconic title track. It is the ‘best-selling studio album of all time by a band’.

                                                To honour AC/DC’s 50-year reign as the world’s greatest rock and roll band, the band’s catalogue will be available as gold coloured vinyl LPs. Each of these limited edition LPs comes with an album-specific 12”x12” print featuring new AC/DC 50 artwork, suitable for framing. 


                                                For Those About To Rock (We Salute You) - 50th Anniversary Edition

                                                  The iconic cover of For Those About To Rock (We Salute You) features a ‘Twelve-Pound Cannon’ from the 19th Century. The band still incorporate cannons into their live set to deafening effect.

                                                  To honour AC/DC’s 50-year reign as the world’s greatest rock and roll band, the band’s catalogue will be available as gold coloured vinyl LPs. Each of these limited edition LPs comes with an album-specific 12”x12” print featuring new AC/DC 50 artwork, suitable for framing. 


                                                  The Razors Edge - 50th Anniversary Edition

                                                    The Razors Edge features the classic single ‘Thunderstruck’, the video for which has been viewed over a billion times on YouTube.

                                                    To honour AC/DC’s 50-year reign as the world’s greatest rock and roll band, the band’s catalogue will be available as gold coloured vinyl LPs. Each of these limited edition LPs comes with an album-specific 12”x12” print featuring new AC/DC 50 artwork, suitable for framing. 


                                                    Who Made Who - 50th Anniversary Edition

                                                      Who Made Who - AC/DC provided the songs for the soundtrack for Stephen King’s movie ‘Maximum Overdrive’, which included three brand new tracks including the hit title track.

                                                      To honour AC/DC’s 50-year reign as the world’s greatest rock and roll band, the band’s catalogue will be available as gold coloured vinyl LPs. Each of these limited edition LPs comes with an album-specific 12”x12” print featuring new AC/DC 50 artwork, suitable for framing. 


                                                      Down With The King - 2024 Reissue

                                                        Down with the King is the sixth studio album by American hip hop group Run-D.M.C., released on May 4, 1993, by Profile Records. The album was produced by Pete Rock, Q-Tip, EPMD, DJ Kay Gee of Naughty by Nature, Jam Master Jay, The Bomb Squad, Daniel Shulman, Run-D.M.C., Chyskills, Jermaine Dupri and Clifton "Specialist" Dillon.

                                                        Showcasing their evolving style, this innovative album boasted invited guests, including reggae star Mad Cobra and Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello. The album features guest appearances from rappers Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth, Q-Tip, EPMD and Onyx. Down with the King was generally received more favorably by fans and critics than the group's previous album, Back from Hell.

                                                        TRACK LISTING

                                                        1. Down With The King
                                                        2. Come On Everybody
                                                        3. Can I Get It, Yo
                                                        4. Hit 'Em Hard
                                                        5. To The Maker
                                                        6. 3 In The Head
                                                        7. Ooh, Whatcha Gonna Do
                                                        8. Big Willie
                                                        9. Three Little Indians
                                                        10. In The House
                                                        11. Can I Get A Witness
                                                        12. Get Open
                                                        13. What's Next
                                                        14. Wreck Shop
                                                        15. For 10 Years


                                                        Run-D.M.C. - 2024 Reissue

                                                          Run-D.M.C. is the self titled debut studio album by American hip hop group Run-D.M.C., released on March 27, 1984, by Profile Records, and re-issued by Arista Records. The album was primarily produced by Russell Simmons and Larry Smith.

                                                          TRACK LISTING

                                                          Hard Times 
                                                          Rock Box 
                                                          Jam-Master Jay
                                                          Hollis Crew (Krush-Groove 2) 
                                                          Sucker M.C.’s (Krush-Groove 1)
                                                          It’s Like That 
                                                          Wake Up 
                                                          30 Days 
                                                          Jay’s Game

                                                          Jack White

                                                          Lazaretto - 2024 Reissue

                                                            Lazaretto is the second studio album by Jack White. The 180g vinyl is anything but ordinary. Hidden tracks, Side A plays from the inside out, hand-etched hologram, dual-groove technology, both sides ending with locked grooves, as well as mixes different from those used on CD and digital version. 

                                                            TRACK LISTING

                                                            SIDE A
                                                            1. Three Women
                                                            2. Lazaretto
                                                            3. Temporary Ground
                                                            4. Would You Fight For My Love?
                                                            5. High Ball Stepper
                                                            SIDE B
                                                            1. Just One Drink
                                                            2. Alone In My Home
                                                            3. That Black Bat Licorice
                                                            4. Entitlement
                                                            5. I Think I Found The Culprit
                                                            6. Want And Able

                                                            Jack White

                                                            Acoustic Recordings 1998-2016 - 2024 Reissue

                                                              Jack White Acoustic Recordings 1998-2016 collects 26 acoustic songs from throughout White’s wide-ranging musical career including solo material as well as The White Stripes and The Raconteurs tracks, spanning album tracks, B-sides, remixes, alternate versions, and previously unreleased tracks.

                                                              TRACK LISTING

                                                              SIDE A
                                                              1. Sugar Never Tasted So Good
                                                              2. Apple Blossom
                                                              3. I'm Bound To Pack It Up
                                                              4. Hotel Yorba
                                                              5. We're Going To Be Friends
                                                              6. You've Got Her In Your Pocket
                                                              7. It's True That We Love One Another
                                                              8. Never Far Away
                                                              SIDE B
                                                              1. Forever For Her (Is Over For Me)
                                                              2. White Moon
                                                              3. As Ugly As I Seem
                                                              4. City Lights
                                                              5. Honey, We Can't Afford To Look This Cheap
                                                              6. Effect And Cause
                                                              SIDE C
                                                              1. Love Is The Truth
                                                              2. Top Yourself
                                                              3. Carolina Drama
                                                              4. Love Interruption
                                                              5. On And On And On
                                                              6. Machine Gun Silhouette
                                                              SIDE D
                                                              1. Blunderbuss
                                                              2. Hip (Eponymous) Poor Boy
                                                              3. I Guess I Should Go To Sleep
                                                              4. Just One Drink
                                                              5. Entitlement
                                                              6. Want And Able

                                                              Jack White

                                                              Blunderbuss - 2024 Reissue

                                                                The debut solo release from Jack White, this album is as strong an artistic statement he has ever made. Released in April 2012, "Blunderbuss" was Jack White's first-ever #1 charting Billboard album. The LP would sell 33,000 copies in the US that year, making it the top-selling piece of vinyl for the year. The album was certified gold in the US, Australia and the UK, and certified platinum in Canada.

                                                                TRACK LISTING

                                                                SIDE A
                                                                1. Missing Pieces
                                                                2. Sixteen Saltines
                                                                3. Freedom At 21
                                                                4. Love Interruption
                                                                5. Blunderbuss
                                                                6. Hypocritical Kiss
                                                                7. Weep Themselves To Sleep
                                                                SIDE B
                                                                1. I'm Shakin’
                                                                2. Trash Tongue Talker
                                                                3. Hip (Eponymous) Poor Boy
                                                                4. I Guess I Should Go To Sleep
                                                                5. On And On And On
                                                                6. Take Me With You When You Go

                                                                The Strokes

                                                                Is This It - 2024 Coloured Vinyl Reissue

                                                                  The American rock band's critically acclaimed debut studio album. Building on their 2001 EP 'The Modern Age', the band members moulded compositions largely through live takes during recording sessions, while songwriter and lead singer Julian Casablancas continued to detail the lives and relationships of urban youth. Three singles were released from the album: 'Hard to Explain'/'New York City Cops', 'Last Nite', and 'Someday'. Now available on red vinyl.

                                                                  TRACK LISTING

                                                                  Side A

                                                                  Is This It
                                                                  The Modern Age
                                                                  Barely Legal

                                                                  Side B

                                                                  Alone, Together
                                                                  Last Nite
                                                                  Hard To Explain
                                                                  New York City Cops
                                                                  Trying Your Luck
                                                                  Take It Or Leave It

                                                                  Various Artists

                                                                  Judgement Night - Original Soundtrack


                                                                    IF THERE ARE ANY REMAINING COPIES THEY WILL BE MADE AVAILABLE ONLINE AT 8AM ON SATURDAY NOVEMBER 25TH).

                                                                    Introducing the highly anticipated re-press of the Original Soundtrack "Judgment Night" exclusively for Record Store Day. Originally released in 1993, "Judgment Night" revolutionized the world of film soundtracks by bringing together an eclectic lineup of renowned rock and hip-hop artists. This reissue allows you to experience the iconic soundtrack in all its glory, preserving the raw, edgy sound that defined an era.

                                                                    TRACK LISTING

                                                                    Side A
                                                                    1. Helmet & House Of Pain: Just Another Victim
                                                                    2. Teenage Fanclub & De La Soul: Fallin’
                                                                    3. Living Colour & Run-DMC: Me, Myself & My Microphone
                                                                    4. Biohazard & Onyx: Judgment Night
                                                                    5. Slayer & ICE-T: Disorder
                                                                    Side B
                                                                    1. Faith No More & Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E.: Another Body Murdered
                                                                    2. Sonic Youth & Cypress Hill: I Love You Mary Jane
                                                                    3. Mudhoney & Sir Mix-A-Lot: Freak Momma
                                                                    4. Dinosaur Jr. & Del The Funky Homosapien: Missing Link
                                                                    5. Therapy? & Fatal: Come And Die
                                                                    6. Cypress Hill & Pearl Jam: Real Thing

                                                                    A Tribe Called Quest

                                                                    The Love Movement - 2023 Reissue

                                                                      The Love Movement" stands as A Tribe Called Quest's fifth studio album. It was initially launched on September 29, 1998, under the Jive Records label. This album is a concept masterpiece delving into the theme of love through its 15 album tracks and 6 bonus tracks, spread across 3 LPs. Notable singles from the album include "Find A Way" and "Hot Sex".

                                                                      TRACK LISTING

                                                                      DISC 1 - LP - Side A
                                                                      Start It Up
                                                                      Find Away
                                                                      Da Booty
                                                                      DISC 2 - LP - Side B
                                                                      Steppin’ It Up
                                                                      Like It Like That
                                                                      Common Ground
                                                                      4 Moms
                                                                      His Name Is Mutty Ranks
                                                                      DISC 2 - LP - Side A
                                                                      Give Me
                                                                      Pad & Pen
                                                                      Busta’s Lament
                                                                      Hot 4 U
                                                                      DISC 2 - LP - Side B
                                                                      Against The World
                                                                      The Love
                                                                      Rock Rock Ya’ll
                                                                      DISC 3 - LP - Side A
                                                                      Scenario (Remix)
                                                                      Money Maker
                                                                      Hot Sex
                                                                      DISC 3 - LP - Side B
                                                                      Oh My God
                                                                      Jazzy (We’ve Got) (Re-recording)
                                                                      One Two Sh*t

                                                                      The Jimi Hendrix Experience

                                                                      Jimi Hendrix Experience: Live At The Hollywood Bowl: August 18, 1967

                                                                        Previously unreleased live concert from the Jimi Hendrix Experience from 1967. The concert, which took place at the Hollywood Bowl in California in August 1967, features the original Experience line up of Mitch Mitchell on drums and Noel Redding on bass.

                                                                        The concert followed their incendiary American live debut at the Monterey Pop Festival that June - and immediately preceded the US release of 'Are You Experienced', their debut album - and saw the Experience opening for The Mamas & The Papas.

                                                                        Before a sold-out audience of 17,000 people, the Experience overwhelmed an unsuspecting audience with a superb show that encompassed his renditions of songs by The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Howlin' Wolf and Muddy Waters as well as signature songs such as 'Purple Haze' and 'The Wind Cries Mary'. This recording has never been bootlegged and captures the Jimi Hendrix Experience at a unique moment in their illustrious career. 

                                                                        The Jimi Hendrix Experience

                                                                        Live In Maui

                                                                          'Live in Maui' is a live performance from 1970 featuring Hendrix, Billy Cox, and Mitch Mitchell at the height of their playing powers - restored and mixed by longtime Hendrix engineer Eddie Kramer. 

                                                                          Originally released on x2 CD and x3 LP in 2020 (to accompany the feature length documentary Music, Money, Madness… Jimi Hendrix In Maui), this new x1 LP Vinyl version presents highlights from two legendary live shows on 30th July 1970.

                                                                          Tyler, The Creator

                                                                          Wolf - 2023 Reissue

                                                                            Long out of print on vinyl, Tyler, The Creator’s classic album Wolf finally receives an official repress that is set for release on 20th Oct.

                                                                            TRACK LISTING

                                                                            SIDE A
                                                                            1. WOLF
                                                                            2. Jamba
                                                                            3. Cowboy
                                                                            4. Awkward
                                                                            5. Domo23
                                                                            6. Answer
                                                                            SIDE B
                                                                            1. Slater
                                                                            2. 48
                                                                            3. Colossus
                                                                            4. PartyIsntOver/Campfire/Bimmer
                                                                            SIDE C
                                                                            1. IFHY
                                                                            2. Pigs
                                                                            3. Parking Lot
                                                                            4. Rusty
                                                                            SIDE D
                                                                            1. Trashwang
                                                                            2. Treehome95
                                                                            3. Tamale
                                                                            4. Lone

                                                                            Teenage Fanclub

                                                                            Bandwagonesque - National Album Day 2023 Edition

                                                                              Bandwagonesque is the third album by Scottish alternative rock band Teenage Fanclub, originally released in November 1991 on Creation Records. The album gave the band substantial US success when the single "Star Sign" reached number four on the Billboard Modern Rock Tracks chart, becoming their biggest hit in that country, with "What You Do to Me" and "The Concept" also becoming top 20 hits. Bandwagonesque was voted 'album of the year' for 1991 by American music magazine Spin, famously beating Nirvana's landmark album Nevermind.

                                                                              TRACK LISTING

                                                                              Side A
                                                                              1. The Concept
                                                                              2. Satan
                                                                              3. December
                                                                              4. What You Do To Me
                                                                              5. I Don't Know
                                                                              6. Star Sign
                                                                              Side B
                                                                              1. Metal Baby
                                                                              8. Pet Rock
                                                                              9. Sidewinder
                                                                              10. Alcoholiday
                                                                              11. Guiding Star
                                                                              12. Is This Music?

                                                                              Ryuichi Sakamoto

                                                                              Async - 2023 Reissue

                                                                                'async' is the nineteenth solo studio album of Ryuichi Sakamoto and his first one in eight years since Out of Noise (2009). Consisting of a combination of bizarre interpretations of familiar musical instruments, unusual textures both acoustic and electronically made, samples of recordings of people such as David Sylvian and Paul Bowles doing readings, and everyday sounds borrowed from field recordings of city streets, async has underlying themes of the worries of the end of life and the interaction of differing viewpoints in humanity.

                                                                                TRACK LISTING

                                                                                Life, Life


                                                                                Cruel Country

                                                                                  Wilco's 12th studio album, Cruel Country, is the band's exploration of the genre they've often been defined by but, until now, never fully embraced. The double album features 21 Jeff Tweedy-penned tracks, made almost entirely of live takes, created with all six members together in The Loft for the first time since the 2011 release The Whole Love.

                                                                                  TRACK LISTING

                                                                                  SIDE A
                                                                                  1 I Am My Mother 
                                                                                  2 Cruel Country 
                                                                                  3 Hints 
                                                                                  4 Ambulance 
                                                                                  5 The Empty Condor
                                                                                  6 Tonight's The Day
                                                                                  SIDE B 
                                                                                  1 All Across The World 
                                                                                  2 Darkness Is Cheap 
                                                                                  3 Bird Without A Tail / Base Of My Skull 
                                                                                  4 Tired Of Taking It Out On You 
                                                                                  5 The Universe 
                                                                                  SIDE C
                                                                                  1 Many Worlds
                                                                                  2 Hearts Hard To Find
                                                                                  3 Falling Apart (Right Now)
                                                                                  4 Please Be Wrong
                                                                                  SIDE D
                                                                                  1 Story To Tell
                                                                                  2 A Lifetime To Find
                                                                                  3 Country Song Upside-down
                                                                                  4 Mystery Binds
                                                                                  5 Sad Kind Of Way
                                                                                  6 The Plains

                                                                                  Various Artists

                                                                                  Raised By Rap: 50 Years Of Hip-Hop

                                                                                    Experience the amazing 50-year journey of rap music with Raised by Rap: 50 Years of Hip Hop. This double-LP vinyl traces the roadmap through rap music from legendary acts to newcomers, offering a comprehensive history lesson and fascinating overview.

                                                                                    Hear some of the greatest hip hop tracks ever released from legendary acts like 21 Savage, A Tribe Called Quest, Bia, Doja Cat, Fugees, Future, Mobb Deep, Nas, RUN DMC, Wu-Tang Clan and more. This limited edition double-LP vinyl is a must-have for hip hop fans and anyone interested in exploring rap music's illustrious past.

                                                                                    TRACK LISTING

                                                                                    Side A
                                                                                    Genius Rap (7” Single Version) – Dr Jeckyll & Mr. Hyde 
                                                                                    It's Tricky – Run DMC 
                                                                                    It Takes Two – Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock 
                                                                                    Can I Kick It? – A Tribe Called Quest 
                                                                                    Summertime (Single Edit) – DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince 
                                                                                    Funkdafied – Da Brat
                                                                                    Side B
                                                                                    Insane In The Brain – Cypress Hill 
                                                                                    C.R.E.A.M. (Cash Rules Everything Around Me) – Wu-Tang Clan Feat. Method Man, Raekwon, Inspectah Deck & Buddha Monk 
                                                                                    Shook Ones, Pt. II – Mobb Deep 
                                                                                    Ready Or Not – Fugees 
                                                                                    N.Y. State Of Mind – NAS 
                                                                                    Watch Out Now – The Beatnuts Feat. Yellaklaw
                                                                                    Side C
                                                                                    Ms. Jackson – Outkast 
                                                                                    Grindin’ – Clipse 
                                                                                    Hip-Hop – Dead Prez 
                                                                                    Poppin’ My Collar – Three 6 Mafia 
                                                                                    Blow The Whistle – Too $hort
                                                                                    Int’l Players Anthem (I Choose You) – UGK (Underground Kingz) Feat. Outkast
                                                                                    Side D
                                                                                    Goosebumps – Travis Scott 
                                                                                    A Lot – 21 Savage 
                                                                                    Streets – Doja Cat 
                                                                                    Mask Off – Future 
                                                                                    Praise The Lord (Da Shine) Feat. Skepta – A$AP Rocky Feat. Skepta
                                                                                    Old Town Road (feat. Billy Ray Cyrus) (Remix) – Lil Nas X Feat. Billy Ray Cyrus
                                                                                    Whole Lotta Money – BIA


                                                                                    The Gold Experience - 2023 Reissue

                                                                                      The Gold Experience, released in 1995, was the first full-length Prince album to be credited to his unpronounceable symbol and was released at the most public, heated stage of his battle with the major label industrial complex. With the word “SLAVE” written on one cheek, Prince shined on the opulent ballads “The Most Beautiful Girl in the World” and “Gold” and the defiant single “[eye] Hate U,” and the album earned widespread critical acclaim. Available as black vinyl double LP.


                                                                                      Rhythm & Stealth - 2023 Reissue

                                                                                        Rhythm and Stealth is the second studio album by Leftfield, originally released on 20 September 1999. It reached number 1 on the UK Albums Chart. It was nominated for the 2000 Mercury Music Prize.

                                                                                        Matt Hendrickson of Rolling Stone said, "The album's jumble of epic sounds is a blessing and a curse: Rhythm and Stealth never develops a sustained, full-on groove, but it makes for a mind-melding headphone adventure."[10] John Bush of AllMusic said, "Leftfield has moved on with a grace and mastery of production seldom seen in the dance world."[4]

                                                                                        NME named it the 24th best album of 1999.

                                                                                        Pressed on black vinyl.

                                                                                        TRACK LISTING

                                                                                        SIDE A
                                                                                        1 Dusted 
                                                                                        2 Phat Planet
                                                                                        SIDE B
                                                                                        1 Chant Of A Poor Man 
                                                                                        2 Double Flash 
                                                                                        3 El Cid
                                                                                        SIDE C
                                                                                        1 Afrika Shox
                                                                                        2 Dub Gussett
                                                                                        SIDE D
                                                                                        1 Swords
                                                                                        2 6/8 War
                                                                                        3 Rino's Prayer


                                                                                        Leftism - 2023 Reissue

                                                                                          Leftism is the debut studio album by English electronic music duo (now solo project) Leftfield, originally released in 1995 on Columbia Records. It contained a mixture of new tracks along with reworked versions of previous Leftfield singles. The album contains guest spots from musicians not associated with dance music at the time such as John Lydon from Public Image Ltd. (and formerly of Sex Pistols) and Toni Halliday from Curve. The album was described as progressive house, although some journalists found that label too limiting, suggesting the album incorporated many genres.

                                                                                          On its release, the album was well received from the British press with positive reviews from the NME and Q. The album was nominated for the Mercury Prize in. Critics have praised the album as one of the major album-length works of dance music, with Q referring to it as "the first truly complete album experience to be created by house musicians and the first quintessentially British one". Pressed on black vinyl.

                                                                                          TRACK LISTING

                                                                                          SIDE A:
                                                                                          1 Release The Pressure 
                                                                                          2 Afro Left 
                                                                                          3 Melt 
                                                                                          SIDE B:
                                                                                          1 Song Of Life
                                                                                          2 Original 
                                                                                          3 Black Flute
                                                                                          SIDE C
                                                                                          1 Space Shanty
                                                                                          2 Inspection (Check One)
                                                                                          3 Storm 3000
                                                                                          SIDE D
                                                                                          1 Open Up
                                                                                          2 21st Century Poem

                                                                                          The Strokes

                                                                                          First Impressions Of Earth - 2023 Reissue

                                                                                            Sony Music is proud to re-issue The Strokes’ critically acclaimed, Gold-certified album ‘First Impressions Of Earth’ on vinyl. The album, originally released in 2005, debuted at number 1 on the UK Official Albums Chart and spawned the hit singles ‘Juicebox,’ ‘Heart in a Cage’ and ‘You Only Live Once.’

                                                                                            TRACK LISTING

                                                                                            Side A
                                                                                            1. You Only Live Once
                                                                                            2. Juicebox
                                                                                            3. Heart In A Cage
                                                                                            4. Razorblade
                                                                                            5. On The Other Side
                                                                                            6. Vision Of Division
                                                                                            7. Ask Me Anything
                                                                                            Side B
                                                                                            1. Electricityscape
                                                                                            2. Killing Lies
                                                                                            3. Fear Of Sleep
                                                                                            4. 15 Minutes
                                                                                            5. Ize Of The World
                                                                                            6. Evening Sun
                                                                                            7. Red Light

                                                                                            Kings Of Leon

                                                                                            When You See Yourself

                                                                                              Highly anticipated eighth studio album by the American rock band. The album was recorded at Nashville's famed Blackbird Studios, and produced by Grammy Award-winning Markus Dravs (Arcade Fire, Coldplay, Florence + the Machine). 'When You See Yourself' propels Kings of Leon into 2021 with a modern evolution of their sound.

                                                                                              TRACK LISTING

                                                                                              1. When You See Yourself, Are You Far Away
                                                                                              2. The Bandit
                                                                                              3. 100,000 People
                                                                                              4. Stormy Weather
                                                                                              5. A Wave
                                                                                              6. Golden Restless Age
                                                                                              7. Time In Disguise
                                                                                              8. Supermarket
                                                                                              9. Claire & Eddie
                                                                                              10. Echoing
                                                                                              11. Fairytale

                                                                                              Arcade Fire

                                                                                              Arcade Fire EP

                                                                                                This is the original Arcade Fire demo EP recorded in August 2003 in a barn in Maine, and featuring an earlier line up of the band (Win Butler, Régine Chassagne, Dane Mills, Brendan Reed and Myles Broscoe). It was produced by Richard Reed Parry, Win and Régine, and was originally only available at shows.

                                                                                                The EP features an early version of fan favourite “No Cars Go”.

                                                                                                Janis Joplin

                                                                                                Greatest Hits

                                                                                                  In 1967, audiences at the Monterey Pop Festival experienced the powerful voice and stage presence of Janis Joplin, many for the very first time. Her work with Big Brother & The Holding Company and as a solo artist was a defining force in the changing soundscape of rock music in the 1960s. Her passionate vocals on "Piece of My Heart," "Cry Baby" and the posthumous chart-topper "Me and Bobby McGee" inspired generations of female singers to pour their hearts out. This Greatest Hits was originally released in 1973. A coloured vinyl version was pressed for Black Friday last year, and it now gets a standard black vinyl release.

                                                                                                  TRACK LISTING

                                                                                                  Side A
                                                                                                  1. Piece Of My Heart - Big Brother & The Holding Company
                                                                                                  2. Summertime - Big Brother & The Holding Company
                                                                                                  3. Try (Just A Little Harder) - Kozmic Blues Band
                                                                                                  4. Cry Baby - The Full Tilt Boogie Band
                                                                                                  5. Me And Bobby McGee - The Full Tilt Boogie Band

                                                                                                  Side B
                                                                                                  1. Down On Me - Big Brother & The Holding Company
                                                                                                  2. Get It While You Can - The Full Tilt Boogie Band
                                                                                                  3. Bye, Bye Baby - Big Brother & The Holding Company
                                                                                                  4. Move Over - The Full Tilt Boogie Band
                                                                                                  5. Ball And Chain - The Full Tilt Boogie Band

                                                                                                  SZA, one of the redefining voices of today’s contemporary music era, entered the music scene in 2012 with her first critically acclaimed EP, See.SZA.Run. Following that, she released S in 2013 and Z in 2014, both to rave reviews. In 2013, SZA signed to Top Dawg Entertainment, being the first female artist to join the label. SZA wrote and performed on Rihanna’s Anti Single “Consideration” in 2016 and helped write Nicki Minaj and Beyonce’s “Feelin Myself” in 2014.

                                                                                                  Born in Maplewood, New Jersey as Solána Rowe, SZA grew up listening to classic and avant-garde jazz, alternative, and rap. She renamed herself finding inspiration within the Supreme Alphabet: the ‘S’ stands for savior or sovereign, the ‘Z’ for zig-zag, and the ‘A’ for Allah.

                                                                                                  STAFF COMMENTS

                                                                                                  Millie says: Raw vocals from SZA storms into the Alt-RnB with her incredible powerful sense of herself and her music influences. Having collaborated with Kendrick Lamar and Chance the Rapper, SZA is one to definitely check out! Personal favourite song has to be Drew Barrymore, so good.

                                                                                                  LCD Soundsystem

                                                                                                  American Dream

                                                                                                    Deep breaths...headphones on...needle dropped. LCD Soundsystem are back. Seven years after their last long player, and six years since their premature retirement, NYC's era defining, life changing indie-dance/alt-disco/punk-funk legends are back on wax with their fourth LP "American Dream". As the live hats and staccato pulse of "Oh Baby" give way to tender arps, dramatic synth bass and Murhpy's crooning vocals, all seems well in the world once more. Imbued with the same cinematic quality with which "All My Friends" and "Someone Great" stole our hearts a decade ago, this album opener is vintage LCD. One track in and I'm already hooked. "Other Voices" pushes the tempo and picks up the intensity, fusing low slung bass, sizzling 4/4 and buzzing synthwork into the kind of hypnotic, disco-rock groover the world's been crying out for. Backwards guitar solos and strange synth riffs lend a little psychedelic colour while Murphy's vocals, ably supported by Nancy Wang and Korey Richey, retain all the sardonic lyricism of a particularly arch Larry David. Closing the first side out with shimmering synths, slow rolling bass and a moody piano, "I Used To" details a midlife moment of clarity before the squawking guitar, loose groove and Bowie-styled vocals of "Change Yr Mind" bring the punk to the funkshow. Tumbling toms, immersive reverb and distant vocals march around nagging violin and spectral arpeggios on "How Do You Sleep?", creating a gloomy Joy Division ambience which soon bursts into a slo-mo technicolour via chugging percussion and big bass blasts - Far from your average drug ballad, this is gonna bring the house down live! Blasting through the speakers on a tank full of squelching synthbass, snapping electronic percussion and Murphy's trademark half spoken/ half sung vocals, current single "Tonite" picks up the electroid baton from "Yeah" and "Pow Pow" and treats us to relentless barrage of Murphy's needle-point self referencial wit. Hilarious, danceable and deeply on point, this could well be an album standout. Presumeably inspired by his time working on Bowie's "Blackstar", "Call The Police" pairs an achingly sincere, occasionally bleak lyricism with anthemic rock drums and buzzing guitars, relishing in the bittersweet beauty of life. Electro-pop ballad "American Dream" continues the quest for understanding and acceptance in the tough climate of 2017 as Murphy leads us waltzing through the richest synth tones of his career. As we arrive at the final side Murphy et al blitz through the punk inspired rage of "Emotional Haircut", a hair-raiser in the style of early !!! or Outhud, before embracing the existential melancholy of "Black Screen", the medicated lullaby which closes the set with buzzing synth tones and delicate piano. Though this album may lack the immediacy of its predecessors, it offers infinite emotional depth, sincerity and faultless songwriting. Leave your skepticism at the door, this is the best LCD Soundsystem LP to date.

                                                                                                    TRACK LISTING

                                                                                                    1. Oh Baby
                                                                                                    2. Other Voices
                                                                                                    3. I Used To
                                                                                                    4. Change Yr Mind
                                                                                                    5. How Do You Sleep?
                                                                                                    6. Tonite
                                                                                                    7. Call The Police
                                                                                                    8. American Dream
                                                                                                    9. Emotional Haircut
                                                                                                    10. Black Screen 

                                                                                                    Arcade Fire


                                                                                                      Our Review from 2004 - Get ready for a splendid new band, everybody. Their sound is a mixture of Canadian folk, new-wave disco beats, quirky David Byrne-ish vocals, Pixies' agression, Mercury Rev's sense of magic, big band drama, organic chamber pop and just an all round multi-instrumental sense of anything's possible, that you'll be setting up your own toy orchestra and playing along. Though talented players, and loads play on this record, it's this sense of fun and cookiness that pervades; this lot are clever but well beyond cool. It's music ripe with the joys of music-making. And the songs are really catchy. that always helps. Maybe chuck a bit of Sugarcubes and a bit of New Order even, into their melting pot, stir in with crashing operatic crescendos and tiny, sweet lullabies and you'll be a little bit nearer to the sound of this band. They're making a splash Stateside. It's obvious why.

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