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Pale Shades Of Grey: Heavy Psychedelic Ballads & Dirges 1969-1976 (RSD24 EDITION)




    Die Ersten Tage (The First Days)

      Before releasing their lone self-titled debut album, one of the most rare rock records to be released in Europe in the 1970s, Paternoster provided the soundtrack for a film that could only have been made while the psychedelic movement was still in its first wave. The group’s first recordings presented here are the soundtrack for Herbert Holbaís 1971 hippie sci-fi film Die Ersten Tage (The First Days), screened at the Berlin International Film Festival, and interestingly played on Austrian TV in August of that year. The material issued here is the genesis of Paternoster and set the stage for the release of one of the world’s great rock albums with their self-titled debut the following year. The music has been painstakingly transferred directly from master tapes


      SIDE A: Cues 1-15.
      SIDE B: Cues 16-30

      Kashmere Stage Band

      Texas Thunder Soul 1968-1974 - 2022 Reissue

        The Greatest High School Band Of All Time Plays Hard Soul, Funk And Jazz On This Double LP. The word is out The Kashmere Stage Band was the greatest high school band - ever. The bandleader at Kashmere High School, Conrad Johnson, transformed a bunch of rough-hewn Houston high schoolers into a band that could compete with any in the nation – professional, or otherwise. Forget high school bands, we're talking about sixteen year old kids who would give the JBs a run for their money! The Kashmere Stage Band released a total of eight albums and three 45s on Johnson’s Kram label. The band’s best tracks are collected on Texas Thunder Soul 1968-1974


        A1. Boss City
        A2. Burning Spear
        A3. Take Five
        A4. Super Bad
        A5. Keep Doing It
        A6. Thunder Soul
        B1. Do You Dig It, Man?
        B2. Headwiggle
        B3. Do Your Thing
        B4. Scorpio
        C1. Thank You
        C2. Al’s Tune
        C3. All Praises
        C4. Shaft
        D1. Kashmere
        D2. $$ Kash Register $$
        D3. Zero Point – Pt.1 & Pt. 2 (45 Version)
        D4. Getting It Out Of My System

        Various Artists

        Tickets For Doomsday: Heavy Psychedelic Funk, Soul, Ballads & Dirges 1970-1975 - Black Friday Edition



          Debuts on Black Friday. Never issued in this form. The compilation features a collection of small run releases and private press releases. All long out of print and impossible to find. 3000 pressed worldwide.

          Now-Again’s follow up to one of its most well-loved compilations, Forge Your Own Chains, and this, as the title hints, a recollection and rumination of what might befall the human race made especially salient by the past year’s trials and tribulations as performed by prison funk ensembles, Krautrock legends, Turkish teenagers, Icelandic prog-rock bands and even E-40’s uncle, the man to first distribute No Limit, and the creator of this album’s title track, St. Charles “Chucky” Thurman. 


          Golden Wing - Hari Yang Mulya
          Beybonlar - Nenni?
          Icecross - Sad Sad Man
          Paternoster – Realization
          Christopher - In Your Time
          Chucky Thurmon - Tickets For Doomsday
          Upheaval - Paradise Lost
          Dr Hooker - The Bible
          Jean And Donella - Get Ready (for That Day)

          "Ykytu" is Brasilian guitarist Fabiano do Nascimento’s fourth album for Now-Again Records. Produced by Nascimento’s longtime engineer Jason Hiller, this album is do Nascimento’s first solo guitar album and, like his previous album, Preludio, is reliant on do Nascimento’s own compositions, with a little help from like-minded musical travelers. In keeping with the trajectory of his previous albums, including Dança dos Tempos and Tempo dos Mestres, Ykytu follows folkloric Brasilian music, Brasilian jazz, bossa-nova and samba as experienced through the mind and able fingers of an expansive musician, this time in a minimalist, meditative manner. “Even though this album is a bit experimental and even abstract at times, It is meant to be a calming and easy listening experience,” do Nascimento offers.

          “I choose to keep the songs and arrangements intentionally very bare and stripped down. Just adding few layers and colors here and there.” The album came together during the Covid-19 pandemic, but one hears anything but isolation in Ykytu’s grooves. Do Nascimento performed the album almost entirely with a Strimon Timeline pedal, with a few loops and overdubs, and the result is a full-fledged, if quiet and subtle, conversation Do Nascimento has with himself, as he ruminates about this stage in his life, in his musical journey, and his music’s place in the world. Ykytu means "wind" in the indigenous Brazilian Guarani language. In his own way, as he was quarantined in Los Angeles, Do Nascimento has succeded in journeying outwards, in heeding the call of the open world. At the same time, he has remained true to the spirit and calling of his forebears, hearing their whispers, amplifying them, augmenting them, and allowing them to flow outwards. “...Based in Los Angeles, a continent away from his homeland, Nascimento draws from a deep love of Brazilian rhythms and pays homage to his mentors…His music is beautiful and transcendent and… at this time and place – a balm” – KCRW


          A1. Curumn
          A2. Meditacao
          A3. Novo Dia
          A4. Noite
          A5. Stalgmites
          A6. Ykytu

          B1. Pelas Ruas
          B2. Alta Paz
          B3. Corrida
          B4. Flower Of Life
          B5. Planalto
          B6. Rio Tapajos


          Morgen - 2021 Reissue

            Morgen’s self-titled 1969 album is the sole release by the NYC band led by songwriter / vocalist Steve Morgen. Now-Again’s Reserve edition of the release pairs the album with previously-unreleased songs and alternate takes to create a definitive double LP reissue of the album. CD edition features a third CD of instrumentals. Vinyl contains Download card for WAV files for all vinyl tracks and additional bonus tracks. That casual listeners have never heard of this late 60s masterpiece is by any measure a musical injustice. Morgen offers a portal to a dream space where the expansive, artful touches never prevent the band members from pummeling their instruments like their lives depended on it. Paul Major, perhaps the first Morgen evangelist, likens the album’s immediacy to that of Hendrix, stating “Morgen was one of the records that came closest to giving me that same kind of thrill on that level.

            It blew my mind!” Geoffrey Weiss, Now-Again’s nomination for World’s Greatest Record Collector, states “…unlike 95% of the rare psychedelic records that people celebrate it sounds like they were good musicians who were well rehearsed and had worked out this sound very intentionally. Morgen has a kind of power – you really can’t compare it to anything.” The band, and Morgen’s arc were – cribbing Kurt Vonnegut – unstuck in time. It took 50 years for Steve Morgen’s belief, for instance, that an alternate, superior version of his stellar “Purple” was recorded in 1968. It sees release here, alongside other takes of songs from the album, including a version of “Beggin’ Your Pardon (Ms. Joan)” on which Morgen’s fiery guitarist Murray Shiffrin sings lead and songs the band recorded as possibilities for the album, before settling on their dense, hazy vision and etching an indelible entry into the psychedelic canon. The vinyl set is rounded out with the inclusion of extensive liner notes by Jeff “Chairman” Mao as well as never-before seen photos and ephemera in an oversized book. Download card for WAV files for all vinyl tracks and additional bonus tracks

            TRACK LISTING

            A1. Welcome To The Void
            A2. Of Dreams
            A3. Beggin’ Your Pardon (Ms. Joan)
            A4. Eternity In Between
            B1. Purple
            B2. She’s The Nitetime
            B3. Love.. Unreleased And Alternate Takes:
            C1. Purple
            C2. She’s The Nitetime
            C3. Love (Alternate Take/Mix)
            C4. Beggin’ Your Pardon (Ms. Joan)
            D1. Purple D2. She’s The Nitetime
            D3. Welcome To The Void (Alternate Mix)
            D4. All I Know D5. Everything’s Gone
            D6. Woke Up This Morning


            In The Past

              “Electrified by a diet of James Brown, the Stones and Deep Purple, WITCH were the stadium-filling kings of 70s Zamrock.” MOJO.. This landmark recording from Now-Again’s comprehensive overview of Zambia’s premier garage-, psych-, prog-, funk-,afro-rock ensemble WITCH, We Intend To Cause Havoc! Is now available in a never before seen color variant. The audio is nigh-perfect – restored and remastered from the original master tapes. WITCH’s musical arc is contained to a five year span and, in retrospect, is a logical one. The band’s first two, self-produced albums - released in unison with the birth of the commercial Zambian recording industry – are exuberant experiments in garage rock, and are as influenced by the Rolling Stones as they are James Brown. In The Past, their second album, is the perfect follow-up for anyone exposed to the WITCH band through their landmark Introduction

              TRACK LISTING

              A1. Living In The Past
              A2. Young Lady
              A3. Chance
              A4. It’s Alright
              A5. I’ve Been Away

              B1. I Like The Way I Am
              B2. The Only Way
              B3. Smiling Face
              B4. She Is Mine
              B5. Mushed Potatoe

              Ayalew Mesfin

              Che Belew (March Forward)

                Ayalew Mesfin stands aside the likes of Mulatu Astake, Mahmoud Ahmed, Hailu Mergia and Alemayehu Eshete as a legend of 1970s Ethiopia. Mesfin’s music is some of the funkiest to arise from this unconquerable East African nation. Mesfin’s recording career, captured in nearly two dozen 7” singles and numerous reel-to-reel tapes, shows the strata of the most fertile decade in Ethiopia’s 20th century recording industry, when records were pressed constantly by both independent upstarts and corporate behemoths, even if they were only distributed within the confines of this East African nation. Though Mesfin was forced underground by the Derg regime that took control of Ethiopia in 1974, he has returned almost 50 years later with this triumphant set albums the first time that his music has been presented in this form. These albums give us a chance to discover a rare and beautiful moment in music history, in anthologies built from Mesfin’s uber-rare 7” single releases and from previously unreleased recordings taken from master tapes. Che Belew gives us a chance to discover a rare & beautiful moment in music history, in an anthology built from his uber-rare 7” single releases. Contains an oversized 11” x 11” 16 page book that tells the story of modern Ethiopian music and Mesfin’s role within it. 

                TRACK LISTING

                A1. Libe Menta Hone (My Divided Heart)
                A2. Hedech Gara Zura (She Left Across The Mountain)
                A3. Tereterkush Betam (I Suspect You Are Unfaithful)
                A4. Harrar Dire-Diwa (Harrar Dire-Diwa)
                A5. Yecew Neger (Amazed By Humanity)

                B1. Konjo Lidge Nat (She's A Beautiful Girl)
                B2. Yetembelel-Loga (Tall And Graceful)
                B3. Che Belew (March Forward)
                B4. Ho Bilo Hede (He Went Marching)
                B5. Zebeder (Mesmerizing)

                Grodeck Whipperjenny

                The Grodeck Whipperjenny

                  Sho is Funky Down Here and The Grodeck Whipperjenny are a pair of albums that are the result of an unlikely but highly productive musical relationship between James Brown, a superstar at the creative and commercial peaks of his long career, and David Matthews, a then young arranger-musician whose limited professional experience had little or nothing to do with the funk and soul of his collaborator. The Grodeck Whipperjenny. A psychedelic classic, created by his James Brown’s bandleader David Matthews, the first album issued on Brown’s famed People imprint. As progressive as it is funky, this album was issued in tandem with another Matthews project issued under Brown’s name – Sho Is Funky Down Here. One of the deepest albums in the Brown catalog, its story is finally told. Both albums were lacquered directly from the original master tapes at Capitol Studios. This is the first official reissue of both of these rare titles. Each album contains an extensive booklet with full annotation, liner notes by Brown historian Alan Leeds and never-before-published photos

                  TRACK LISTING

                  01. Sitting Here On A Tongue
                  02. Wonder If
                  03. Why Can't I Go Back
                  04. Conclusions
                  05. You're Too Young
                  06. Put Your Thing On Me
                  07. Inside Or Outside
                  08. Evidence For The
                  09. Existence Of The Unconscious

                  James Brown

                  Sho Is Funky Down Here


                    First issued in 1971. Available digitally, CD is out of print. Vinyl has been out of print since at least the mid-90s. 3000 only worldwide. Sho is Funky Down Here and The Grodeck Whipperjenny are a pair of albums that are the result of an unlikely but highly productive musical relationship between James Brown, a superstar at the creative and commercial peaks of his long career, and David Matthews, a then young arranger-musician whose limited professional experience had little or nothing to do with the funk and soul of his collaborator. James Brown’s psychedelic album, created by his then-bandleader David Matthews, and issued at the same time as Matthews’ classic The Grodeck Whipperjenny. Underground, fuzzy, rambling psych-funk. The genesis of Brown’s “Talking Loud And Saying Nothing,” a 1990s hip hop sample staple, informing A Tribe Called Quest, Large Professor, Brand Nubian and others. Lacquered directly from the original master tapes at Capitol Studios. This is the first official reissue of both of this rare titles. Contains an extensive booklet with full annotation, liner notes by Brown historian Alan Leeds and never-before-published photos. Tracks : A Side 1. Sho Is Funky Down Here 2. Don't Mind 3. Bob Scoward B Side 1. Just Enough Room For Storage 2. You Mother You 3. Can Mind.

                    Karl Hector And The Malcouns

                    Non Ex Orbis

                      Kraut-jazz-rock produced by JJ Whitefield (Poets of Rhythm/Whitefield Brothers). The long-standing band’s third album. Featuring Marja Burchard (Embryo). Download card for WAV files included. It’s been over ten years since Karl Hector and the Malcouns’ Sahara Swing saw release on Now-Again in 2008. The album swung with influences from across the African diaspora and set the stage for a cult, but influential following. Hermes designer Christophe Lemaire picked tracks from Karl Hector and The Malcouns as amongst his favorites in the Now-Again catalog, and included them on his Where Are You From anthology. Festival promoters intrigued by the possibility of resurrecting the careers of once forgotten African mavericks – from Ghana’s Ebo Taylor to the progenitors of Zambia’s Zamrock scene – brought Hector and crew across Europe playing festivals for ecstatic fans.

                      Producer JJ Whitefield even founded an Afro-Rock band, Johnny!, with Taylor’s son Henry. Unstraight Ahead, their sophomore release from 2014, found the band exploring territories even outside of the expansive scope of Sahara Swing: West African sounds of Ghana and Mali met the East African sounds of Mulatu Astatke’s Ethiopian jazz, tied together with the groove heavy experimentalism of The Malcouns’ 70s Krautrock godfathers: Can, of course, but also more obscure and equally adventurous groups like Agitation Free, Ibliss and Tomorrow’s Gift. “We look to Middle Eastern funk and psychedelic fusions, and to various ethnic records for sound and phrasing,” Whitefield stated at the time of Unstraight Ahead’s release. “We’re trying to combine the global experimentalism of Krautrock with the backbeat of funk.” Non Ex Orbis, the band’s third studio album, digs deeper into the Krautrock history embedded deep in the soil of their native Munch - three of the most influential bands of the 1970s experimental German rock scene spurng from there: Amon Düül, Popol Vuh and Embryo.

                      Influenced by these musical heroes, Whitefield shapes a sound that takes the experimental approach of the classic Krautrock era and slides between beat-heavy drone and spacey, prog-rock suites. Marja Burchard, daughter of Embryo mastermind Christian Burchard, fronts the group on keyboard, vibraphone and other-worldly vocals. Al Markovic joins longstanding Malcoun Zdenko Curilija to round out the ensemble. Non Ex Orbis, read by Whitefield and the band as Out Of This World, symbolizes an innocent way of composing and improvising music, free from the influences of our contemporary environment, preserving a childlike way of hearing sounds in their unfiltered purity. “Some will classify this as a retro, but for the band it simply is a form of creating, Whitefield states. “We’re drawing from an established musical vocabulary which was popular at a time in Germany, when underground musical culture had its creative peak”. 

                      TRACK LISTING

                      A1. Non Ex Orbis
                      A2. Crawling Through Your Mind
                      A3. Hymnin5 (Extended)
                      A4. Stossgebet
                      B1. Asteroid
                      B2. Inhale / Exhale
                      B3. Mother Seletta
                      B4. Dekagon

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