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Pepe Link

Scenes From My Soul

    The release of 'Scenes From My Soul' marks the culmination of the career of one of the essential figures in the history of electronic music on the island of Mallorca, undoubtedly one of the most influential DJs of his generation and one of the most important figures in the Balearic sound. We are talking about someone who, since the very beginning, has been faithful to the vibe -not so much a style as a way of conceiving music, more concerned with what it provokes than with conforming to the rigid rules of any pattern. In fact, Pepe López Ojeda (Palma, 1968) proves on this first LP that his way of conceiving music has more to do with the creation of a landscape and evoking a moment: you can almost hear the breeze from the sea, your breath in sync with the waves in the background.

    In 2020, Pepe Link returned to his role as producer to shape a first single, 'Gypsy Love Affair', after three decades behind some of the world's most prestigious booths, continuously demonstrating his impeccable taste as a music prescriber. Whether at the head of several radio programs or as musical director of the Cappuccino group, for which he has already directed ten compilations that have contributed to making the brand a globally recognized label, Pepe´s careful music curator work continues to impress and delight. For his personal project, it was clear that for his release there was no better label than Music for Dreams.

    In 2022, 'Korasoul' would be released and from then on, in collaboration with the Copenhagen label, he began to dig into his hard drive in search of the best musical ideas and sketches he had accumulated over the years. From there emerged the songs that make up this album, which could be considered a career retrospective, almost a greatest hits compilation, were it not for the fact that all the songs (except those already mentioned) are unreleased and were recorded with a plethora of collaborators, including the engineer Tolo Servera, the legendary Cuban trumpeter Alejandro Delgado and Brazilian singer Marta Santamaria.

    The collaboration with Music for Dreams and the complicity with his alma mater Kenneth Bager has given him the opportunity to count on session musicians to bring the required organicity to the tracks.

    It has also allowed him to follow his personal obsessions: soul (the version of 'Lovely Day' by Bill Withers), bossa ('Vem Menina', by Tania Maria and Emilio Santiago), flamenco airs ('Korasoul') and even soundtracks and contemporary classical music (the nod to Wim Mertens with the version of his 'The Scene').

    To come full circle, Pepe Link enlisted the help of fellow DJ and producer Kiko Navarro to complete the mixing and mastering of the album. Both are two of the pillars of the island's electronic music scene, and he credits Kiko as one of his masters in terms of DJing and producing. The rest he has learned on his own since 1994, when he first stepped into a booth. To this day, he has achieved a mastery that few can match. That's millions of nights, hundreds of millions of beats, an enormous amount of good vibes.

    Now he has poured almost everything he knows about vibes into this album. Although in Pepe Link's case it would be more accurate to say what he feels rather than what he knows, because if one thing is clear when listening to 'Scenes From My Soul', is that there are no filters or cutoffs here: Pepe Link has poured 30 years of experience into each of these songs, 30 years of music, of listening to it, of playing it, of feeling it; 30 years of merging his life with it.


    1. Connexao
    2. Exotronic
    3. Lovely Day
    4. The Scene
    5. Osaka By Night
    6. Vem Menina
    7. Playdoo
    8. The Chant
    9. Korasoul

    DJ Pippi & Willie Graff

    Universal Language

      DJ Pippi & Willie Graff present their sophomore LP 'Universal Language', continuing their pioneering experiments with the Balearic sound.

      This duo of Ibizan royalty began their collaboration 17 years ago, connecting through a special enthusiasm for the freedom and diversity of Balearic music. Odd singles here and there found their way to the labels such as Compost, Leng and Archipelago but not until 2022’s 'Follow Your Dreams' (Music For Dreams) did a longer release see light of day.

      Now following up that celebrated debut, Pippi and Graff present a fresh batch of soulful, luxurious and highly original Balearica. Twelve tracks escort us through the duo’s manifold styles, modulated with subtle layers of eloquent instrumentation and effervescent synths.

      Starting with the nebulous Latin-flavoured drama of ‘Un Buen Sueno’ featuring vocalist Carmen Cano. On through ‘N’Goni’, a luscious synth-chugger laden with the effortless artistry of guitarist Mikkel Nordso.

      There’s the shaded machine funk of ‘Golden Hour’, which introduces vocalist Jade PraiZe; the impossibly infectious sun-drenched house cut ‘Soul Free’; the beatless bliss of ‘Harmonized’; the downtempo exotica of ‘Let Me Show You’; the Balearic bossa of ‘Faz Favor’; or the timeless easy-breezy nothing-but-good-times title track.


      1. Un Buen Sueno Feat Carmen Cano
      2. N'Goni Feat Mikkel Nordso & Anders Pomsaing
      3. Aire Feat Antonio Jimenez Munoz
      4. Golden Hour Feat Jade PraiZe
      5. Dance First Think Later Feat Paul Powell
      6. Island In The Sun Feat Santino Surfers
      7. Soul Free Feat Chilani, Walther & Olio
      8. Harmonized Feat Mathias Heise
      9. Let Me Show You
      10. Faz Favor Feat Rodrigo Sha & Pere Navarro
      11. Universal Language Feat Mathias Heise
      12. Anta Lika Feat Reinhard Vanbergen
      13. Noche De Primavera Feat Troels Hammer & Rodrigo Sha

      Rheinzand & Pete Blaker

      Atlantis Atlantis - Sonic Refurbished

        Pete Blaker (NL) has teamed up with Belgium’s Rheinzand to re-work tracks from their last Album ‘Atlantis Atlantis’. This is by no means your standard ‘remix’ album!

        Pete has sonically re-furbished the tracks getting the band to do new instrumental layers and vocal dubs to enrich his versions to recreate a totally new take on the songs. With Pete leading the way in his production style, showcasing another side to his skills than his traditional disco edits which we know & love. The Album flows through different electronic frequencies taking the listener on an unparalleled journey into another dimension.

        Pete says “Back in 2021 I was asked to remix a track for Rheinzand (Strange World). I couldn't imagine that we would have had a whole remix album that would eventually be released on vinyl. This journey was a new, overwhelming, frightening but beautiful experience for me. I had never done something like this. I didn't have the experience and knowledge at that time. I only had one night a week of studio time and 10 months of time. And here we are, I can certainly say – anything is possible.


        A1 Love Games
        B1. The Gift Of Love
        B2. Orange Bun.
        C1. Ibiza Macht Frei
        C2. Facciamo L’Amore
        D1. Hotel Cathargo

        Various Artists

        Down To The Sea & Back: Volume Tres. The Continuing Journey Of The Balearic Beat - Compiled By Balearic Mike & Kelvin Andrews

          After a 10-year hiatus, Balearic Mike and Kelvin Andrews return to continue the journey of the Balearic Beat with another edition of their distinguished Down To The Sea And Back compilation series, presenting a formidable new set of rare and obscure records.

          With Vols. 1 and 2, the well loved duo showed us that not only are they serious collectors but chroniclers of a scene, assembling lost gems and unheard marvels into Balearic mythology. Reaping, along the way, accolades such as Piccadilly Records’ Compilation of the Year, and featured on Lauren Laverne’s BBC6 Music show. For Vol. Tres, Mike and Kelvin team up with Copenhagen-based Music For Dreams label – themselves no strangers to the Balearic archives. The compilation features 16 tracks, every selection accompanied by an essential background story in the liner notes of the gatefold vinyl and CD booklet.

          As fellow comrade and beloved friend Luke Una puts it: “From Greek acid folk, Balearic bossa, outsider pop and electronic chug, to cosmic machine soul, majestic songs, odd numbers, proto-techno new wave to dubbed out 5am technoid, bass buggin deepness and ethereal outer-space Detroit via San Francisco. This album is a story. A story from the heart, with over three decades digging and grafting in the trenches. In a world of faux, pastiche, counterfeit and aggrorhythm fakes, it oozes a wholesome intuitive authenticity. Majestic songs, odd numbers, cosmic dreaming and late night astral travelling as we all hold on together.” 


          Barry says: It's been a long wait, but we finally get the newest outing from Balearic legends Balearic Mike (How's that for nominative determinism eh?) and Kelvin Andrews. Featuring a slew of excellently curated horizontal swooners and lysergic breeze. Fittingly summery, and a wonderful new outing in the series.


          A1 Josete Ordonez - Objetos Perdidos (Dagobert Böhm Version)
          A2 Robert Williams - I Believe You're The One
          A3 Lee Ryda - Electro Eyes
          A4 Francisco - Heal Yourself
          B1 Vidderna - Villfarelser
          B2 Meo - Cikuana
          B3 The Emperor Machine - Dying By Wits (Original Mix)
          B4 Tri Atma - Yummy Moon (Long Version)
          B5 Pressure Drop - Unify /Rip Up (instrumental)
          C1 Enzo Carella - Malamore
          C2 Ad Vissar & Daniel Sahuleka - Giddyap A Gogo
          C3 Le Couleur - Underage (Original Mix)
          C4 Sunshine Jones - Fall In Love Not In Line (Extended Vocal Version)
          D1 Car Crash Set - Fall From Grace
          D2 Len - Steal My Sunshine (Version Idjut)
          D3 Mcraft - She Sells Sanctuary

          Hess Is More


            Danish electronic pop act Hess Is More presents CÆKE. After several orchestral and experimental adventures, Hess Is More is once again back to where it started, as Mikkel Hess’ (more or less) solo venture through the borderlands of pop music. Gone are the sprawling ensemble works. The sound of CÆKE is minimalist, spacious and mellow. Piano, drum machines and vintage synths assemble a curious DIY space for Hess’ voice to wander… pensive and unhurried, with strange, eccentric poetry.

            In honest Hess-ian fashion, the maturity of the sound is offset by a tendency for the childish, the curious… a subversive lightheartedness, which traces back to Hess’ early works. Take the chorus to ‘I Love My Life… Again and Again’, laid above an innocuous drum machine beat: “I Love My Life/I Fuck My Wife/Again and Again”. The ironies and pleasantries flow into a larger mood of mellow existentialism, with which Hess greets the oncoming seriousness of life as a father. Much has happened since Hess’ began the project in the early 00’s. CÆKE represents a return to the basics, but the basics have changed. Life has changed. The world has changed.

            CÆKE is Hess finding the melody of a new life. One that makes room for both seriousness and carefreeness, the introspective and the outward, the living room and the dancefloor. 

            TRACK LISTING

            1. I Love My Life (again And Again)
            2. Are You Sleeping?
            3. You And Me And Them
            4. Walk Me Home
            5. You Don't Dance (Extended Version)
            6. Halløj, Kan Du Høre Mig?
            7. Always There
            8. Sometimes You Get Lucky
            9. I Love My Life (again And Again)
            10. Are You Sleeping?

            Jacob Gurevitsch

            El Terreno

              Music For Dreams are proud to announce the release of Jacob Gurevitsch’ new album El Terreno. It is the fourth LP from the Danish guitarist with the Spanish guitar,whose world of misty, Mediterranean romance is charming listeners all over the world.

              El Terreno is named after the neighborhood in Palma, Mallorca, in which Gurevitsch wrote it over the past couple of years. The tranquility and beauty of this setting is reflected in the music: eight songs of Gurevitsch’ Spanish guitar meandering through the cobblestone streets, idling on town squares frozen in the afternoon sun, drifting on the perfumed evening air.

              Two special guests feature on the album. On ‘For Your Love’ the legendary Cuban jazz trumpetist Arturo Sandoval is invited to play along. And on ‘Santa Teresa’ the esteemed Danish rock singer Annisette lends her characteristic smoky phrases to the drama. Throughout the album, Gurevitsch’ Spanish guitar is accompanied by a band of drums, percussion, bass and keyboards.

              The release of El Terreno comes after Jacob Gurevitsch’ national tour, which sees him play two sold out nights at DR Koncerthuset on November 1 and 2.

              STAFF COMMENTS

              Barry says: A selection of drifting airy melodies and ambience-rich wooze from the Danish Guitarist. Brilliantly paced and ram-packed with exactly the sort of ethereal breeze we'd expect from yer' man JG.

              TRACK LISTING

              1. November Night
              2. Everything I Wanted
              3. Santa Teresa
              4. Morning View
              5. For Your Love
              6. El Terreno
              7. Villa Longa
              8. Luna Love


              Hippie Picasso

                Over the past decade, Be.lanuit has made a name for himself in Ibiza, both as a DJ, artist and fashion designer. Across disciplines he radiates a deep-rooted bohemian spirit harkening back to the philosophy on which the Ibiza-scene was originally founded. This creative hearth of soulful hedonism has now borne a full-length album, one that reveals a sprawling composing talent and complete mastery of the melodic downtempo terrain.

                Be.lanuit says:

                “Hippie Picasso is an album inspired by the life of a hypothetical Pablo Picasso with a hippie soul. I have a deep interest in Picasso that sparked when a work by him caught my eye at the Louisiana in Denmark, incidentally on a trip with Kenneth Bager who runs Music For Dreams. Since then, reading his biographies and visiting Malaga where he was born, where the Mediterranean culture, especially through music, spreads out to the world.

                The tracks revolve around Picasso’s artworks and moments in his life, all from the point of view of a dream of an imagined life on the island of Ibiza. The melodies are all reminiscent of the Mediterranean with flamenco airs, sometimes melancholic. Jazz has a subtle presence alongside the electronics. The Spanish classical guitar as well, one of his favorite instruments.”

                The album features a range of artists from around the world such as the legendary multi-instrumentalist Tupac Peralta, DJ Pippi, Melón Jimenez, Lara Wong, The Swan and The Lake, Jonas Krag, WALTHER and OliO.

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Barry says: Another killer outing from Music For Dreams here doing all they can to remind us that there is more to the world than moist roads and dripping balconies. Big one for the summer relaxation this.

                TRACK LISTING

                A1. El Picador Telepathico
                A2. Por Donde Pase
                A3. El Malagueño
                A4. La Espera
                B1. Hippie Picasso
                B2. Tren Destino A Paris
                B3. Tú
                B4. Circulo


                Popsicle Obstacle

                  Ahead of their European tour, Turkish electronic group islandman announce the release of the EP Popsicle Obstacle. The new material collected on the EP tracks a musical pathway from archaic folk traditions and regional acoustics through the electronic sequencer. From the spiritualist dream of primitive past to the glossy utopia of digital future. The core members of Islandman are multi-instrumentalist & producer, Tolga Böyük and Eralp Güven (percussion) and Erdem Başer (guitars). Islandman have become known for their live performances, as anyone who has witnessed their live streams from Istanbul for the London Jazz Festival and Boiler Room can attest to. The Popsicle Obstacle EP follows the group’s third album Godless Ceremony of 2021 and their 2022 EP Bahar.

                  TRACK LISTING

                  A1. Sunshine (Extended Mix)
                  A2. Kalpler
                  B1. Simple Man (Extended Mix)
                  B2. Hemşin

                  Prins Emanuel

                  Diagonal Musik II

                    "For his fourth full length album, we see the proficiency of instrumentalist and composer Prins Emanuel in full bloom as he turns head deep into the techniques he established on the preceding outing of Diagonal Musik. Here, he revisit what he refers to as a diagonal approach in composing; i.e. starting at one point and then moving to the farthest point in the process, as a way for him to connect the dots somewhere in the middle, or - like I previously described it for the liner notes of that album - “something akin to drawing only shadows and then finishing with the contours”.

                    And in the tradition of great sequels, this is a much larger and intricate production. While relying on the guitar as a formative backbone to many songs, the layering of brass and woodwinds houses these compositions in bold and sharply lit structures. Mallets and percussion adds an air of momentum but also grounds these tracks in earthy hues.

                    Thawed and gracious, Diagonal Musik II in essence creates a space that bridges the various paths of Prins Emanuel’s musical universe. At once post-minimalist and avant garde in nature while also peeking through the door at both IDM and folk music, the lingering sensation is that of a well balanced palate that doesn’t break under the presence of repetition. Enveloped in a fourth world approach to jazz and incorporating the more contemplative side of post punk or art pop, there is a story hidden in here that gives cause to the appropriation of these influences.

                    The inherent warmth of certain instruments play their part in this story. Emanuel often builds on the notion of ‘organic music’ but broadens the definition via subtle electronic enhancements that sit naturally alongside their acoustic counterparts. Take for instance the voice emulator sequence that opens “Kadens Tre” and is dashed on by guitar slides and flute drills to roll further down a hill of staccato percussion. A few tracks in, the lines are so blurred it becomes a natural state until the harsh and eerie sample loops of closing track “Östan Vind” finally breaks the spell. ”

                    TRACK LISTING

                    1. Kadens Tre
                    2. Boetia
                    3. Paia
                    4. Västen Vind
                    5. Naides PT.1
                    6. Naides PT.2
                    7. Parnassos
                    8. Year-End
                    9. Ruach
                    10. östan Vind

                    Mike Salta & Mortale

                    Moloko Island

                      Mike Salta & Mortale release their debut album ‘Moloko Island’ on Music For Dreams label. Moloko Island is a getaway where good vibes can float freely. An island where only fantasy set the limits.

                      It is a collection of tracks, some of which have already been buzzing around the balearic / downtempo scene for a while now. The Album includes the infectious ‘Hey Moloko’ which was picked up by Hot Chip for their splendid Late Night Tales compilation, and the gamers amongst you may have noticed it in the most recent Playstation – Gran Turismo 7 soundtrack. Outro track ‘Bye Moloko’ is a brand new Re-edit of this classic.

                      The music of Mike Salta aka Gert Nygaard flaunts an eclectic palette, collecting strands from New Orleans funk, 80’s italo disco or Brazilian tropicalia and transforming them into rich and sun-drenched dance music.

                      The album is produced in collaboration with long-time studio partner Mortale, and is a sumptuous piece of chillout to call on the summer. A full-bodied groove of an album to transport you and soundtrack those sunny days & balmy evenings. Moloko Island concludes a voyage and reconcile an era where electronics and acoustics have been explored and united in the unique sound and vibe Mike Salta and Mortale has strived to unfold…

                      TRACK LISTING

                      A1 Hey Moloko
                      A2 Bon Abantu
                      A3 Rheya
                      B1 Yaeyama
                      B2 Mamboyar
                      B3 Bye Molok

                      Kenneth Bager & Tolga Böyük

                      East Of North

                        Kenneth Bager was invited to the cinema by his dear friend, the movie enthusiast & director Peder Pedersen. They watched the classic ‘The Thief’ by Michael Mann starring James Caan in the lead role. The soundtrack was made by the legendary German electronica band Tangerine Dream. The music, a mix of Electronic Avant-Garde, floating, ambient prog-rock made an immense impression on Kenneth. A few days later Kenneth had a visitor, Tolga Böyük from the Turkish band islandman, who was over in Copenhagen from Istanbul. The pair of them watched William Friedkin’s film ‘Sorcerer’ once again Tangerine Dream scoring the soundtrack. After watching the movie, Kenneth and Tolga felt the inspiration to do a soundtrack for a non-existing movie.

                        They started out by composing five tracks before nightfall. The next day, still excited about yesterday’s movie, the two came up with the album title ‘East of North’ (Tolga being from the east and Kenneth from the north). Together they kept going in the musical direction from the previous day, and managed to produce 10 tracks within 24 hours! They imagined a film through music which told a story about two people stuck on the arctic ice cap. One of them treasonously tries to fool the other. The album cover picture was captured during that session on a cold, windy day near the beach in Hellerup, Denmark. The music on 'East of North' is a tribute to some of history’s most significant electronic film composers: Vangelis, John Carpenter, and Tangerine Dream.

                        STAFF COMMENTS

                        Barry says: The endlessly talented K-Bag teams up with Tolga Böyük of Islandman fame for an impeccably conceived and gorgeously minimalistic suite of arps and icy melodies. Reminiscent of classic soundtracks / Seven Waves-era Ciani and obviously Tangerine Dream. I'm more than sure that noisy synth sound is an Arp Odyssey / 2600 too and that's me sold straight away. Really beautiful stuff.

                        TRACK LISTING

                        A1. The Meeting
                        A2. Blood Is Thicker Than Ice
                        A3. Betrayal (New)
                        A4. The Hunt Begins
                        A5. Wounds Of Sorrow
                        B1. Here To Eternity
                        B2. Re-arrange Your Face
                        B3. Love Of My Life
                        B4. Choices Of Consequences (New)
                        B5. The End 

                        Hess Is More, Kenneth Bager & Iboja Wandall-Holm

                        Iboja's Sange

                        At the centre of the project "Iboja's Songs" sings 99-year-old Iboja Wandall-Holm who unfolds her unrivalled inventory of childhood memories and unique treasures of songs. Iboja has collected these and brought them from her childhood in Eastern Europe. She later translated them into Danish.

                        The album appears as a musical encounter. An encounter where Iboja's memories and songs are put in a new light by danish musician Mikkel Hess and other members of the band Hess Is More, in collaboration with co-producer Kenneth Bager.

                        Even at her advanced age, Iboja sings with a beautiful timbre that miraculously encapsulates intimacy and the sense of travelling through history. Iboja has had a career as a journalist and writer. One therefore immediately senses her storytelling abilities both as a singer, but especially also as a writer. Iboja is in more than one sense the voice of the century. The singles "Jeg Er Blevet Gammel" and "Solen Går Ned Over Land" were the first two releases from this project's musical journey. They laid the groundwork for the release of '"Iboja's Songs" to flourish.

                        TRACK LISTING

                        A1 Jeg Er Blevet Gammel
                        A2 Hvor Musikken Kommer Fra
                        B1 Solen Går Ned Over Land
                        B2 Bag De Høje Toppe
                        B3 Væk I Tide
                        B4 Blæs Vind

                        Troels Hammer

                        An Introduction

                          Danish Artist Troels Hammer has released 5 albums to date, with his sixth House of Memories due out later this year. As yet there has only been a sampler 12” on vinyl. Therefore ‘An introduction’ LP is a compilation of tracks exclusive to Vinyl for fans and new listeners to enjoy.

                          Troels was discovered by the Danish producer Kenneth Bager in 2012 and has already gained great recognition for his music on both the Danish and the international scene

                          The style is instrumental and moving in the area between nu-classical, lounge, dance, ambience and electronica. When Troels Hammer sits down at the piano, the music flows through him and brings the audience in a mood that is both relaxed and intense. He himself says that he creates music you can go in and out of –and get carried away by.

                          Intermediation has been the centre of Troels Hammer’s entire professional life and also musically he is driven to set the tone for stories and touch elements recognizable to the audience. He can be experienced on stage alone, plays brilliantly with others and shares gladly stories about the music as a part of his performance.

                          TRACK LISTING

                          A1 Diário De Silêncio
                          A2 Cold Hawaii
                          A3 Fly Salmon Fly
                          A4 Bogotá
                          A5 Infinita Feat. Clara Valente
                          A6 View Of Wisdom
                          B1 Azur
                          B2 Unika 4 Feat. Rodrigo Sha
                          B3 Theme Frm Ngong Hills
                          B4 Run King - Piano Forte
                          B5 Father Sky
                          B6 Letters From Uhuru 

                          Turkish trio Islandman have been busy of late with festival and club gigs around the globe. Now they are setting off on a cross cultural sound journey with their second album “Kaybola” (which means to get lost to find a new way in Turkish). The record is chock full of ethno-cultural material from Japan to Bulgaria, including field recordings of Tuva, Central Asia throat singers. Shamanic rhythms were introduced to nomadic guitars, combining with compact electronic structures, finally transforming jazz elements into dance movements of a tribe that no one knew and emerged as "Kaybola".

                          The album has been 2 years in the making and the result will no doubt gain a whole new fanbase. An intoxicating mix of experimental electronics punctuated by distinctly Turkish instrumentation. The album features the single "Lamani" a hypnotically psychedelic hip-swiveler of a track. It also features their latest single "Dimitro" which is their superb re-work of a traditional Bulgarian wedding song using 808 drum machine & bass to work it into a slow-mo dance track whilst retaining the raw vocals and ritualistic feeling. Tolga found the original record whilst digging in a world music record store in Istanbul and immediately fell in love with the vocals.Other highlights on the record include sunset, chill fave "Khepre", the dancefloor chugger "Shu" & the superbly catchy trumpet banger "Sahara", and Pink Floyd vibes on the hippie synth based "Hold Your Breath".

                          This special edition double vinyl release includes 5 tracks that are not on the digital album each with their own unique style and includes collaborations with Ibiza legend DJ Pippi on Sem Voce and the jazz journey of Lumiere, produced in Denmark with label mates The Swan & The Lake & Langkilde. Altogether a wonderful new album by Islandman who has taken another musical leap forward from his critically acclaimed debut album "Rest in Space".

                          TRACK LISTING

                          A1. Dimitro
                          A2. Kaybola
                          A3. Zebra
                          A4. Hold Your Breath
                          B1. Sahara 
                          B2. Lumiere Et Penombre Feat, The Swan & The Lake & Langkilde 
                          B3. Marakesh
                          B4. Jambo Maro 
                          C1. Sem Voce Feat. Copenema & DJ Pippi 
                          C2. Khepre
                          C3. Shu
                          D1. Lamani
                          D2. Island Dub 
                          D3. Rama
                          D4. Sumeru 


                          Atlantis Atlantis

                            Rheinzand are back with their electrifying new album 'Atlantis Atlantis'. Upon turning on 'Atlantis Atlantis', the oh so welcome spectre of recently departed Maria Mendola - the airy chanteuse of the beloved Bacchara - seems to appear. Charlotte Caluwaerts, a voice of similar purity proffers the message: “We’ll be alright” on their first single, offering a salve to the troubles the world has faced in recent years.

                            As with their previous work, melody is key. Rich arrangements abound, with Reinhard Vanbergen’s light and funky crevices detailing a home that feels cozy, inviting the listener into the best, most unexpected club around; the one in their living room with all their closest friends. The “Max Berlin” of the group, Mo Disko, is no stranger to bringing this kind of intimacy to his events and freewheeling DJ sets for decades in Gent, Belgium. Once again his spirit pushes the record into that inviting place where inhibition dissolves, (aka you can really freak out).

                            Much of Reinhard Vanbergen’s recent output for Music for Dreams has expertly traversed the forgotten worlds of virtuoso led experimental records; full lengths with tracks that maestros like DJ Harvey undoubtedly treasure. There are glimpses of these danceable instrumental improvisational landscapes such as ”Orange Bun”.

                            One thing about Rheinzand is that they are musicians driven to make dance music that harkens back to a moment when real players appeared on dance music records. These were musicians devoted to their instruments, the kind who made love to them on stage, unafraid of modulations, bombast, histrionics even (cue Elefantasi). Slower subdued numbers reiterate the “journey to Atlantis” we are on, such as the a cover of “Love Games” an honest low slung boogie take on the track.

                            One of the biggest takeaways from 'Atlantis Atlantis' is the excavation of the real fun that was had in dance music before the advent of loop based technology. Epic chord progressions, singing songs in multiple languages - these are musicians exploring the colour palette of the entire Pantone spectrum, not only shades of grey and black. Are you up to see the world in colour, brave enough for a journey to Atlantis? Welcome aboard, Rheinzand are here to invite you to do so.

                            TRACK LISTING

                            A 1 Better
                            A 2 Orange Bun
                            A 3 La Nuit
                            A 4 We Love You But You Are Late Again (Single Edit)
                            B 1 We'll Be All Right
                            B 2 Atlantis Atlantis
                            B 3 Electrify Me
                            C 1 The Gift Of Love
                            C 2 Love Games
                            C 3 Facciamo L'Amore
                            D 1 Elefantasi (Original Version)
                            D 2 Hotel Carthago
                            D 3 Dudo

                            Jacob Gurevitsch

                            Yellow Spaceship

                              At the heart of Jacob Gurevitsch's latest album is a desire for collaboration, and with Spanish Grammy nominated singer Buika, and Danish chanteuse Alice Carreiri at the helm, the Danish guitarist delivers, with his third album Yellow Spaceship.

                              Rich in cross cultural flows, dipping into flamenco and bolero, jazz and with flourishes of Italian and French soundtrack motifs, Jacob has laced together 10 sublime tracks whilst unleashing his impressive Spanish guitar skills, a craft which begun in his late twenties, complimenting his soul, jazz and funk grounding, instilled as a young, gigging guitarist.

                              Phenomenally, Jacob has built a mammoth fanbase online with his streaming track counter reading at over 100 million in part due to the roaring success of his previous long player, Lovers in Paris, also released on Danish label, Music for Dreams. It was back in 2014 when his title track from said album was remixed without permission and gained large traction on the radio dials in Ibiza that kickstarted an association with the vibe of Ibiza and chill out music whilst picking up a legion of DJ fans like the legendary Ibizan DJ Alfredo. His second album In Search of Lost Time came out in September 2019, further stripped back and acoustic than his prior and that paved the way for Yellow Spaceship.

                              Residing in Copenhagen, Jacob has a litany of cultural paths that have led him back to Denmark, having travelled plenty and spent much time living and learning in both Buenos Aires and Rio De Janeiro. The bulk of the recordings on Yellow Spaceship took place in Denmark but Jacob's creative hideout in Palma, Mallorca has been integral to his songwriting process. And it is Majorca where Buika, the flamenco singer with attitude who takes the vocal reins in Melancolía, originally comes from. The song drips with emotion, an exploration of love and beauty and a recourse for painful times. Danes are known for their tendency towards melancholy, although here, the grey Nordic despondency makes way for a kind of poetic wallowing that compliments the Spanish guitar and singing. The song also represents a massive turning point in Jacob’s life after a great friend passed, a movement in which appreciation of people and things became the key to life. It was at the funeral of his friend he heard a perfectly poetic make-believe about how his beloved pal had taken off into the sky in a 'Yellow Spaceship' with an errand to spread his charisma.

                              TRACK LISTING

                              A1. Yellow Spaceship
                              A2. Melancolía
                              A3. Elevation In Minor
                              A4. Gamla Stan
                              A5. La Ville
                              B1. Song For Sol
                              B2. A Walk To Remember
                              B3. Breathe
                              B4. La Maison Verte
                              B5. Finu

                              Islandman are a musical trio from Istanbul and "Godless Ceremony" is their third album, released via our much treasured friends at Music For Dreams. Alligance with the label is bound to signify a degree of horizontal leaning, and across the double album Islandman explore slow-mo Balearic chug, eastern melodies, downtempo house, expansive horizons and sun scorched air. An incendiary, uplifting and psychedelic slew of music drawn from a world of make-believe, rooted in Anatolia and rich with exotic beauty.

                              These 13 tracks are awash with acid drenched electronic motifs and stuttering electronic drum machine syncopations. The group effortlessly sail the globe, dropping into the tropics of Ecuador ("Amarnos Ahora"), to Mali visiting North African desert blues masters Tamikrest ("Tarhamanine Assinegh") and North India ("Drums Of Colca") whilst never forgetting the music and poetry from the band's spiritual home, Anatolia ("Kara Toprak"). In "Godless Ceremony" we are withdrawn from time and place, delivered to a fantasy zone, dreamt up in the sea, gazing at the stars. It's a musical storyboard, that whilst conceived in Istanbul by producer, singer and multi instrumentalist Tolga Böyük, journeys to far off places, real and imagined. Hindustani tablas, Tibetan flutes, flamenco guitars, Anatolian Saz and Balinese (Bhasa) vocals all mesh within a concept (and coping mechanism) that contemplates daily routine as beautiful and meditative and as Tolga has appreciated over a testing two years i

                              The core members of Islandman are multi-instrumentalist & producer, Tolga Böyük and Eralp Güven (percussion) and Erdem Başer (guitars). Islandman have become known for their live performances, as anyone who has witnessed their live streams from Istanbul for the London Jazz Festival and Boiler Room can attest to.

                              Islandman simply avoids boundaries and "Godless Ceremony" is ultimately their most open-minded work to date. The subtleties and deft electronic touches bewilder and their clear appreciation of music on a global level is an education for us all.

                              STAFF COMMENTS

                              Barry says: Godless Ceremony sits perfectly in-between the dancefloor and the beach, with tropical rhythms and airy ambience beautifully twisting around a solid core of deep-house percussion and euphoric vocal melodies. Perfectly measured and beautifully rich.

                              TRACK LISTING

                              A1 Kara Toprak
                              A2 Sattva
                              A3 Aku Membawa - Radio Edit
                              A4 Sad Walk
                              B1 Tarhamanine Assinegh Feat. Tamikreast
                              B2 Drums Of Colca
                              B3 Istanbul Lockdown
                              C1 Amarnos Ahora
                              C2 Godless Ceremony
                              C3 Eros Dosco Bossa
                              D1 Dere Boyu Kavaklar
                              D2 Self Hypnosis
                              D3 Gaze Into An Abyss

                              The duo consisting of Danish Morten Schantz (synth + vocals) and Swedish-Norwegian Anton Eger (drums) are well-known names on the jazz and fusion scenes of Europe. For a while now, both have been pushing the envelope, applying jazz logic in all sorts of unconventional shapes and places, seeking out the new and unheard.

                              With the release of the self-titled single ‘RKDIA’ earlier this year the duo gave a taste test of the blazingly frenetic, techno-chromatic, jolting and stirring world of RKDIA. A world you would have wished you had heard about a lot earlier. With their tribute single to the notorious Roger Federer: ‘Federer Happier’ they deliver a *hands in the air* tune leaving one breathless but comforted all at once. Not to mention the third single ‘Iris’ which represents the most pop sound from RKDIA on the album. It's a song that showcases Morten and Anton’s love of a good pop melody. With Anton’s unpredictable and truly inspiring, almost melodic drums and glitchy percussion, it lets ‘Iris’ arise into the unsudden, accompanied by Morten’s, foremost, bleepy arpeggiated chords supplemented by his vocals with a twist of the vocoder. Honorable mentions amongst the numerous original tracks within the album are firstly ‘Lucid Dreamer’. An unconstrained, four minute instrumental that feels like an extended snap- shot of a single moment in time, the melodies un- packing and re-packing themselves over and over. Secondly is yet another pumping, uplifting, and driving track ‘Shelter’ which is infiltrated by a jazzy trum- pet solo that furthermore accompanies the synth chord progression. Take yourself on a journey ‘Into’ and ‘Out Of’ the world of RKDIA, through an album filled to the rim with originals.

                              If you are into M83, Nils Frahm, Radiohead, DeadMau5, Tycho, Brad Mehldau, Pink Floyd, Kraftwerk and Genesis then godspeed into RKDIA.

                              Morten Schantz and Anton Eger have received world wide critical acclaim with artists such as JazzKamikaze, Phronesis, Marius Neset as well as their own solo projects.

                              TRACK LISTING

                              A1 INTO
                              A2 RKDIA I
                              A3 Frames
                              A4 Iris
                              A5 Shelter
                              B1 Federer Happier
                              B2 Lucid Dreamer
                              B3 A Beat
                              B4 RKDIA II
                              B5 Out Of 

                              Released in 2020, Rheinzand’s self-titled debut LP heralded an authentic vibe of retro-futuristic disco-pop, distinguishing themselves in the current climate of dance music. The album was met with acclaim, picked by Piccadilly Records as their nr. 1 album of the year. Since, the material on that album have proven fertile ground for practitioners in the art of the remix. On this EP, we release a selection of those efforts.

                              On the first slot, we have Running Back label owner and longstanding DJ heavyweight Gerd Janson polishing off his house music fluency with a gleaming take on ‘Blind’. The swerving vocals of Charlotte Caluwaerts’ reverberate through space ray arpeggiators and burnished drum gates.
                              Belgian compatriot Blitzzega, the neon-drenched moniker of composer Bjorn Eriksson, features with a dizzyingly switched-on version of ‘Mi Mundo’, sporting gnawing synths and hijacked funk licks.

                              Next, dub-pop wizards Peaking Lights serve up a heady brew of plugged-up melodies braided around Reinhard and Charlotte’s shuffling vocals. This remix blends the magenta glow of synthwave with the deep grooves of maybe late Theo Parrish. We round off the EP with a treat form Dennis ‘Citizen’ Kane, the iconic dance music figure who emerged in mid-90s NYC downtown scene. A veteran DJ and disco-head, Kane applies a luminous hand to Rheinzand’s ’14 Again’, deepening the vibe of kittenish mystery through carefully layered work of phasing drones, wandering synths, and mushrooming rhythm section (think T-Connection). 

                              STAFF COMMENTS

                              Mine says: After the success of the first remix EP we'll again be stocking an exclusive 12" by our album of the year winners Rheinzand, this time featuring remixes by Running Back mastermind Gerd Janson and shop favourites Peaking Lights. LUSH!

                              TRACK LISTING

                              A1. Blind (Gerd Janson Dance Mix)
                              A2. Mi Mundo (Blitzzega Mix)
                              B1. Synti (Peaking Lights Disco Dub Mix)
                              B2. 14 Again (Dennis Kane Remix)

                              Lips Lips Lips

                              In All Eternity / Lifetime Girl

                              As the world starts to wake up again and soak up the sun, Copenhagen's Music For Dreams deliver a delicious limited edition 7" from LIPS LIPS LIPS, boasting two tracks from his forthcoming album ‘Life Is Pretty Surreal’ (Co-Produced by Peaking Lights’ Aaron Coyles). The man behid the moniker is Danish musician, electronic producer and songwriter Søren Løkke Juul (previously Indians and Søren Juul, both on 4AD).

                              The A Side, "In All Eternity", was written in 2015 on piano. It’s a love song that seems arrested in a state of estranged wonder or bittersweet bliss. Piano stabs rise in a towering, stadium-leaning riff while the metronomic beat float beneath and strings swirl in supporting arcs. Meanwhile on the flipside, ‘Lifetime Girl’ is a more electronic indie dream pop love song reminiscent of early Air meets Beck in a Nordic forest.

                              With the debut album, LIPS LIPS LIPS launches an ambitious project of lush and melodic electronic structures layered around hypnotic vocals. The music is yearning and melancholic yet warm and hopeful. Rarefied yet expansive. Cerebral yet wired with pop charm.

                              An essential difference from Juul’s previous work here has been the sense of ease and spontaneity with which the creative processes have flowed. According to Juul, this new sort of feet-on-the-ground freedom has helped develop a more physical side to his music.

                              While he hasn’t totally jettisoned the ethereal or spiritual qualities of earlier days, LIPS LIPS LIPS represents a much more pronounced rhythmic vision, materialized at the hands of Aaron Coyes (Peaking Lights), whose well- accomplished dub-engineering is layered deep into the texture of the album.

                              All recording on the album was carried out during a week-long refuge in co-producer Frederik Nordsø’s cabin in Sweden. The team included Juul, Nordsø, Coyes and label head and co-producer Kenneth Bager.

                              STAFF COMMENTS

                              Barry says: You're always assured of a great listen when Music For Dreams put a record out, and this time we get the neon synths and marching percussives of Lips Lips Lips. Beautifully rich electronic atmospheres and gorgeous string accompaniment all topped with a silken vocal line. It's heady and euphoric, and a great sign of things to come.

                              TRACK LISTING

                              A1. In All Eternity
                              B1. Lifetime Girl

                              Various Artists

                              Music For Dreams: Summer Sessions For Record Store Day 2019


                                A special limited edition sample, comprising of 6 tracks by different artists. All tracks have never been released on vinyl, and 3 of the tracks are unreleased exclusive tracks. It will be a double vinyl LP on heavyweight 180g black vinyl. A collector's edition for the Balearic/Downtempo/Sunset DJ's & Collectors. Tracklist (**unreleased exclusive tracks) A1. The Swan & The Lake - Plastic Pacific Ocean ** A2. Troels Hammer - Infinita A3. Nordsø & Theill - Castanos Azules - 06:17 ** B1. Mike Salta - Hey Moloko - 08:13 B2. Ambala - Morning Lights - 05:20 B3. Dj Pippi - Hierba Buena - 05:51 **

                                Mikkel Nordsø and Ole Thiell are no newcomers. Influential key players both on Copenhagen’s jazz scene and on the international circuit since the late 1970s, they have recorded and performed with such greats as Santana, L. Subramaniam, Jan Akkerman and George Duke to name but a few. Their numerous local projects include the much revered Bombay Hotel trio featuring Kenneth Knudsen. On their first record from 1989, they bridged the gaps between fusion jazz, new age and traditional Asian folk music into ethereal expressions that stand out even today. With this new album for Music For Dreams, the duo delves deeper into that soundscape with an even more profound knowledge of their instruments. With Nordsø on the flute and guitar and Thiell on various percussion instruments, they form a musical language together that reaches high spiritual levels while carefully blending electronic instrumentation to complete the experience. Guest vocalist Caroline Francesca steps in on the opener "Good Morning" and the closer "Sun Fo Ni" - the first being a sun-drowsy Brazilian-inspired jam, while "Sun Fo Ni" leans further towards crisp English folk. The inclusion of Francesca comes naturally, as she is the daughter of percussionist and long-time collaborator Jacob Andersen (who also releases on Music For Dreams as Bongo Entp.) making this quite a family affair. Named after a harbour town in Morocco, the track "Essaouira" weaves field recordings of children playing in the sun together with brooding oriental folk and a discrete drum machine beat. For "Japtal" the flute takes centre stage, leading us on a serene journey that unfolds into improvised passages along a chugging heavy groove, escalating and releasing in tempo much like the breathing techniques of yoga. "Velvet Sky" sees the duo at their most relaxed, letting it ride on feather light ambient chords and noodling out into a wigged out prog rock ballad. "B Phrygian" takes us into ancient Anatolian territory, again showcasing the duo’s vibrant live instrumentation with Thiell hurling an army's worth of percussion layers onto the dusty beaten path laid out by Nordsø's stone-faced psychedelic assaults. This album is a classic in the making already getting strong support from Mison and egg-fan Moonboots, who declared it "the best record I have heard in the last 10 Years!" Don’t miss...

                                STAFF COMMENTS

                                Patrick says: The pick of this weeks MFD bunch, 'Nordsø & Theill' is frankly sublime. A gorgeous fusion of jazz musicianship, asiatic melodies and esoteric instrumentation, this LP rightly has Moonboots in a spin. A Balearic masterpiece and certain future classic!

                                TRACK LISTING

                                A1. Good Morning
                                A2. Essaouira
                                A3. B Phrygian
                                B1. Japtal
                                B2. Velvet Sky
                                B3. Sun Fo Ni

                                Copenhagen’s Music For Dreams comes with yet another strong release - a double album of personal favourites compiled by Jan Schulte. According to all maps and witness accounts, Germany does not officially have any tropical forests. This is of no concern to Schulte however, who has unearthed many stunning examples of tropical drum music recorded there. Perhaps the number of botanical gardens and palm houses in Germany confused musicians into mistaking the climate, or maybe it was just a happy blend of escapism and multi-cultural integration within musical scenes that spawned such a curious output of undefinable tribal folk jazz. Most of the tracks picked by Schulte were released on small labels in the late 80's. The musicians involved were mainly traditionally schooled, born and raised in Germany. At that time to be interested in foreign folk music might have seemed a gimmick to some, what with the emerging "world music boom" already snowballing into the mainstream. But these songs, while they may be based on musical traditions from foreign lands, deal much more with introspection than exploitation. Schulte himself points to his "general fascination for music that describes places where the artists have never been. Songs about the jungle or the rainforest made by people that know the rainforest only from television and books. Somehow I think you can hear their mythical imagination and fantasy in those tracks," he explains. We certainly hear it in the extensive use of wildlife samples on both "Tagtraum Eines Elefanten" by Argile and on "Wuhan Wuchang" by Total Art Of Percussion. Or on the repetitive and trace-inducing drum circle re-enactments of Ralf Nowys "Akili Mali" and Bob Moses’ & Billy Martin’s "Boat Song Part II". And while Austrian band Sanza stands out with their interpretation of the traditional folk song "Sounouh", many of the inclusions take an avantgarde stance towards their visions of the tropics. The works of Om Buschmann and Trimopen seem to convey the stark and feverish nature of the jungle and its dangers, without relying on clichés. And while there is certainly a European approach in the production techniques on many of these recordings, the artists created something beyond all templates. In fusing folk music traditions from various corners of the world with avant-garde jazz improvisation and a distinctly European sound, they carved out a path of their own. Düsseldorf-based Jan Schulte has been following this path with his own productions in the past years. During the present resurgence of tribal influences in underground dance music, his recordings under the alias Wolf Müller and Bufiman have stood out as the most interesting, funky and mindblowing within this niche. With the compilation "Tropical Drums Of Deutschland" for Music For Dreams, Jan Schulte re-traces this path to its origins. With the inclusion of two exclusive edits he also engages and re-examines these tracks and incorporates his own musical expression into the mix.

                                STAFF COMMENTS

                                Patrick says: Clad head to toe in safari attire, Jan takes us into the imaginary jungles of Europe's heartland with this collection of esoteric and exotic tribal jazz. Essential listening for fans of Jan, Marco and Basso.

                                TRACK LISTING

                                A1. Om Buschman - Klang Fa"ngt An
                                A2. Total Art Of Percussion - Wuhan Wuchang
                                A3. Argile - Tagtraum Eines Elefanten
                                A4. Rüdiger Oppermann's Harp Attack - Troubadix In Afrika
                                B1. Argile - Kleine Rosa Wolk
                                B2. Sanza - Sounouh
                                B3. Om Buschman - Prima Kalimba
                                C1. Drumming Birds (Bob Moses & Billy Martin) - Boat Song Part II
                                C2. Ralf Nowy - Akili Mali
                                C3. Trimopen - Wagagroove
                                C4. Om Buschman - Hey Tata Gorem
                                D1. Om Buschman - Hey Tata Gorem (Wolf Müller Edit)
                                D2. TCP - At The Water-Hole (Wolf Müller Edit)


                                Tropique - Inc. Kenneth Bager Edit

                                Every once in a while a record comes along that defies any sort of conventional explanation and transcends today’s numbed-out consensus beats - “Tropique”, the latest offering on Copenhagen’s Music For Dreams is one of them. Cosmic disco, neo-Balearic, retro-Italo-futurism – get as creative as you like trying to peg it but one thing is for sure, Doctr’s “Tropique” is undoubtedly an excellently crafted tune, an irresistible crowd-pleaser. As if magically appearing from the untouched realms of electronic music, the soundtrack to some quirky, exotic floating party at the centre of the Bermuda Triangle, “Tropique” is a simple concept, a seemingly innocent loop which rolls along and sneakily picks up more effects with each rotation. The production is near faultless, perfectly structured and fine-tuned to draw the maximum drama out of its infectious bass and tasty keyboard hook. Its creator? Well, little is documented about the producer who simply goes by the name of Doctr, but it’s clear that he operates to the beat of his own drum and knows how to rock a party with rollicking flair judging by the dubby yet joyous vibes he brings to this eclectic and high-sprited offering. “Tropique” sounds like its gestation was characterised by years of crate-digging and wild, balmy nights. Having played only a handful of acclaimed shows so far, it appears Doctr is that rare find; a crowd-pleasing DJ whose musical skills trump his proven ability to move bums.
                                ‘Tropique” is the tune this summer’s been craving and will no doubt become virtually inescapable throughout 2016 and for years to come - a future classic for sure.

                                STAFF COMMENTS

                                Matt says: Music For Dreams take a house excursion with this piano driven terrace tonker from Doctr. Hedonistic shizzle which comes backed by a Compass Point styled rework from Mr Bager himself.

                                TRACK LISTING

                                A1. Tropique
                                B1. Tropique (Kenneth Bager Edit)

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