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"The Ick" - a sense of sanity amidst the storm of information. This album by Archetype is an abstract scream for something quite fragile, a polarizing society, disruptive isolation, and the fading collective experience. Utilizing dramatic vocals, industrial trip-hop, and post-punk-leaning electronics, Archetype marks the new moniker by the ever-versatile Viennese Rotterdammer, Leonard Prochazka. Following his manifold of concept-driven, instinctive musical output, Archetype's "The Ick" follows "Strapazen und Genesung" as Geier Aus Stahl on Knekelhuis in 2022. 


Mental Is True
Minute After Minute
The Ick
I See Numbers
Final Chapter

Ghastly and hallucinatory -"Last Liasse" is a sign of the times, an alternative synth-pop record by Helen Island. Within this debut album, the artist captures the saccharine gaze of digital escapism through characteristic filtered high notes, cut-up genres, and processed vocals. Providing a comprehensive overview of Helen Island’s self-distributed initiatives, with the ethos of the Parisian Simple Music Experience collective, the twelve tracks set a solid musical score that resonates with the age to come. 


U In The Red
Its So Easy
Its So Cool
Dressed To Shine
No Witness
My Bestie
Thank You
Marian 323
The Mirror Dance
Alice Dj

‘Permanent Rain’ is introspective listening. Lean back and let your ears catch a source that moves, breaths, resonates and rises, until a quiet truth swells upon us.
XII captures truth in all its honesty. Sometimes it feels so physical, it’s as if time and elements of nature are peeled of layer after layer.

This record combines songwriting with sonic hypnosis. A rhythmic, esoteric oasis, containing currents of mysticism, yet accompanied by contemporary electronics. Its elements translate to a brew of mutant raga, neofolk and tripped out celtic fantasies.

Ffo: Rapoon, Breadwoman, O Yuki Conjugate


Rientro In Alona
Ladnaday (Feat. Sabina Kaufman)
Hardtmuth Feat. Hans Harsen
The Distance
Black Tropica Data
Where Are You Now
Il Calcio Della Rotta
Addendo Dell Pietra Feat. Anna Homler

The latest example of Knekelhuis' expert curation comes via this killer compilation of all new productions from a wealth of international talent. Featuring label mainstays alongside new friends, this sonic journey explores the spaces between ambient and experimental electronica rendered in tape manipulation and spectral synthesis.

Label Text "This is a story of friendship, about how it grows stronger through the years. But it’s just as much about fledgling togetherness and shared art in times of crisis. The result is an introspective document of contemporary music, in spirit of Eno and Hassell. A space where we embrace our differences and speak the language of collectivity together, where we reflect, adapt and value each artist's contribution equally. To witness a multitude of cultural backgrounds that speak one like-minded language. Soothing and illuminating. And felt like..."


XIII - L’Abete Al Contrario
Ike Zwanikken - Bianca
Treasury Of Puppies - Himlen Den Vackraste
Avsluta - Mono No Aware
Troth - Calm Of The Shadow
Philipp Otterbach - When The Fish Travels..
Michel Banabila - E.T
Ayaz - Yuma
Bashar Suleiman - T7KINI Feat. Olan Monk & Lil Asaf

An extraordinary twilight world opens while listening to Organizatisya. Adventurous yet humble, they push the limits towards the unknown. One thing’s for sure, it’s fresher than the juiciest peach on a perfect summer day.

Organizatsiya hail from Lyon, France. Leo and Zoe clearly have strong roots in folk and acoustic music. These ‘old worlds’ blend in surprisingly well with more contemporary digital, futuristic sounds. Soothing analog recordings meet hyperdigital compositions reminiscent of IDM creations and peppered with spoken words that dance around in unexpected ways.

Seductive, intelligent and deeply hypnotic, this esoteric material delivers a dreamlike experience.

Like finishing a game and celebrating victory with cheap champagne in a neon light lit bubble bath with the end tune of The Legend of Zelda in the air.

With great contributions from several guest musicians in this record involved. Designed sleeve and printed inner sleeve by Guilhem Prat.


Die Idee Der Toleranz
We Cannot Promise You Privacy
A Song For Marius
Une Comptine Pour Jeanne
Avatha Subumbra Feat Benoit B
Sur La Digue
A Shade Of The Princess Z' Castel

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