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Metal dance, synth wave and electro are the common themes on this release. Dutch Job Sifre serves us a masterful dark trip to the underground European electro scene with four tracks that are dark and challenging at times (Zeno Dicho), playful, abstract and chuggy (At Least We Try), melodic and futuristic but also dancefloor friendly (Bestaan) or otherwordly and relentless as in 'Mars Express'. These are all killers in their own way and get better with every listening!
We keep on saying that this is the year when Electro is going to be revived and so far it is keeping us on our toes. 


Sil says: Electro heads, metal dance and synth wavers, this is your year. Release and conquer. This 12" sounds great and it gives you a glimpse of things to come. All killers in here!

New York City based Further Reductions is the live project from husband and wife Shawn (aka Vapauteen, 400ppm, Let Er Est) and Katie O'Sullivan (aka Rose E Kross, ppG). Back in 2014 they released their gorgeous debut album on Cititrax records. The album was an adventurous trip, where they pushed forward a unique sound. Now they follow up that first salva with a fresh attack on Knekelhuis. "Central System" initiats engagement, a tight electro beat riding suspended, darting leads. "It's Later Than You Think" dresses tantalizing technoid stab pattersn with bendy, drunkard tape delay, imparting a strew out narcosis on the track that the trip heads will adore. "Disparate Elements" could well be a lost Jack People's track with its quirky sampled voice, vibrating against a refracted electro palette. Finally, "Aural Equivalent" demonstrates that Further Reductions charge at 4/4 as a dark, pitch black techno monster is unveiled at the very last moment. Strong stuff here from FR & KH. Most recommended.

Hacking the local generator, Lauréne Exposito returns to Kneckelhuis with an impressive follow up to last year's critically acclaimed debut. Recorded at Lauréne’s home in the French Alps, the four track 10" delivers intimate, emotive content expressed through frenzied analogue gear. Opener "Yellow Destiny", finds Lauréne musing on loss over a driving blast of techno melancholia, complete with laser bursts, snapping drum machines and blurry pads. This would be a masterpiece as an instrumental, but Lauréne’s otherworldly vocals are as hair raising as the beats are heart pounding. On "Mucho Mucho", sh eabstracts her vocal through a shit-ton of distortion, taking a step back from the deep and meaningful in favour of a primal scream over some spangled electronics. The B-side opens with the titular "Cocktail Mexico", a groovy fusion of machine funk, primitve techno and minimal wave which combines the emotion of the opener with the fx abuse of its successor. Finally, the art-house howl of "Go Forward" gives us the lofi charm of a synth-punk classic with none of the pretention.


10" Info: Includes intimate inlay.

De Ambassade


‘Verloren’ is like a late night pink Dutch sky after a long day of heavy rain, a sign that a warm summer’s day is just ahead. It will make you sweat tonight. This long awaited follow up 7", will be released in the same form as the first: a beautifully designed disco sleeve with cardboard artwork. The vinyl will feature perfect-not-perfect, melancholic yet very danceable tracks. The machines in here take you back to the 80’s, but sound very contemporary nevertheless. 

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