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He teams up with the cult Brighton based experimental artist Alasdair Willis (The Vitamin B 12) who plays saxophone on 3 of the 11 tracks on the album.

The album has all the hallmarks of an Emote record and more. Likely to be listed as down tempo / abstract ambient and blending many different styles together.

If you are in tune with free jazz and abstract electronic tribal music you should find this good home spooky listening .

Supported by Chloe Alice Frieda of Alien Jams and Damo B of the Outer Limits Radio Show 


A1. Home And Dry
A2. Poi Poi Poi
A3. Are Gate
B1. Homage To V Neck
B2. Old Duck.
B3. Loaded
C1. Segway
C2. Odd Stoop
C3. Naughty Letter
D1. ESP Gulls
D2. Mask-Debate 

After resurfacing in 2017 with Chicago Bee Records, label owner Mark Churcher has received a steady stream of interest for his old label Emote and in house band V-Neck (with Doug Martin). The repeated interest of the 90s label has sparked this re-issue.

Now a monstrous 25 years old it would appear this record is still very much appreciated by the few that bought it at the time. And until now extremely hard to find with only 500 pressed in 1995.

Side A fuses ambient, dub and techno at a time when this sound was still developing as a sub-genre.

Side B leans more towards dark electronica and techno with hints of Warp, in particularly their flagship act, Seefeel. Moody and esoteric. 


A1. Auto
A2. Quasi
B1. Semi
B2. Uni

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