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brokntoys welcomes Marcel Caron for his debut on the label.

Caron first came to light through his debut release on Boris Bunnik’s Transcendent label back in 2014. Since then he has also released on Mosaique & 030303

Haunted Memory sees Caron shift through the gears from string ridden melancholy to aggressive broken acidic workouts all with an overhanging state of suspense.
Limited to 300 copies

Komarken Electronics makes his debut on brokntoys with Expanded Consciousness. With previous releases under his belt on Solar One & Stilleben, for brokntoys he serves up shimmering neo electro with Early Mornings following up with the fidgety Bubble Theory. On the flip, the title track runs deep into ether before Delta Funktionen steps up with a heavy remix of Early Mornings to close proceedings.

Karl Lukas Pettersson has searched through his vaults of DAT tapes to create a personal album of lost projects, ideas and forgotten gems. The album includes a remastered version of Professor Laphroaigh originally included on his Dr Lindh – Sounds Interesting EP for SCSI-AV

Limited to 300 copies

Luxus Varta makes his debut on brokntoys with "Then We Fall". This mysterious producer has previously released records with Solar One Music, Intramuros and Shipwrec. Here he delivers 6 tracks of intricate, experimental, weirded out electro & electronica, perfectly in keeping with the brokntoys ethos but skillfully introducing his own concise, grappling style. Muscular but feminine, tense and carnal; with jussst the right amount of wacked out behavior to keep the late nite creatures more than happy.

Individually screenprinted & limited to 300 copies.

Brokntoys' "Lesser Mysteries" EP brings together five up and coming acts to the prestigious electro label. Ben Cohen opens the EP with the atmospheric, hazy sci-fi sheen of "Entrance", rich in midnight textures and dazzling city lights. Monotoxine's demented blaster, "Positive Thinking!" is up next, completing side A. On the flip Tharsis Shelter Unit’s "Start Transmission" utilizes big wobbly B-line and resonating discordance to conjure up a fireball of deep electro. Statowerx deploys some classic robotic electro with "Zero Hour Dispatch", reminiscent of Motor City darkness and it's pure, honest retro-futurism. Finally, recent Ken Oath machine head, Furios Frank sends up some swirling, gently powered dream house from the depths down under via the final track "Night Rider". It's another essential Brokyntoys entry! 

brokntoys opens its monochrome series with a debut EP from Gamma Intel. Across 4 tracks, the Dutch producer presents a workout in jagged body music. "Power Plant Tales" sets the scene with suspended, driving rhythms poised for damage. It's thick, chunky, galvanized but contrastingly slow moving, like a distant whirr of a powerplant undergoing some heavy mechanical process. "Theorem X" rolls on through the same mechanized factory line, tumbling acid lines and clashing metallic hits signaling the industrial nature of the beast. On the B-side, "Post Factum" navigates through weird contortions while "Self-Denial" takes no prisoners as the fierce and menacing finale. Limited to 200 copies and most excellent.

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