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The Heads

Relaxing With... - Silver Jubilee Edition

    ITS 25 YEARS (THIS MONTH) Since the first Heads album was released.. .so.. for 2021..Rooster has decided to get the album back in print on vinyl.. but changing the artwork. With some silver foiling and bordering, the single sleeve has been boosted to a sweet gatefold, Rooster also got the Radio 1 sessions from the time remastered, and re-cut along with the huge b-side to their Television 7” “Jellystoned Park”.

    So there you have it, a double vinyl silver jubilee reissue of a fantastic debut album!

    From the original reissue sales notes:
    “The Heads had self-released a couple of 7"', and then Cargo Uk's inhouse label Headhunter UK got to release a further 7", and then the Debut album in 1996. Amidst a world suffocating in Britpop smarm, the Heads cut a timely swathe with their unkempt rock psychedelique. The album contained 10 tracks of guitar driven, amp destroying rock, with cues taken straight from the US underground, Stooges, MC5, Mudhoney, Pussy Galore, early Monster Magnet too but with a disitinctly British stamp, some of the drone and fuzz from Loop / Spacemen 3, some of the attitude of the Fall, Pink Fairies and Walking Seeds and overlaid with the spaced rock of early Hawkwind. It was obvious that the four members of the Heads were music obsessives. The debut album was recorded at Foel studios (owned by Dave Anderson from Hawkwind) and engineered by Corin Dingley, it was mastered by John Dent at LOUD.”


    LP 1 Original Album: Silver Vinyl Pressing
    Side A:
    1. Quad
    2. Don't Know Yet
    3. Chipped
    4. Slow Down
    5. U33

    Side B:
    1. Television
    2. Woke Up
    3. Widowmaker
    4. Taken Too Much
    5. Coogan's Bluff

    LP 2 Radio Sessions & 7" B-side
    Side C: First John Peel Sessions:
    1. Chipped (Peel Session, Maida Vale 10/11/95)
    2. Widowmaker (Peel Session, Maida Vale 10/11/95)
    3. Theme (Peel Session, Maida Vale 10/11/95)
    4. Woke Up (Peel Session, Maida Vale 10/11/95)
    5. Spliff Riff (Peel Session, Maida Vale 10/11/95)

    Side D: More Radio 1 Sessions / B-side:
    1. Quad (Live BBC Radio 1 Rock Show, Glasgow 31/03/96)
    2. U33 (Live Mark Radcliffe BBC Radio 1, Manchester 02/05/96)
    3. Television (Live Mark Radcliffe BBC Radio 1, Manchester 02/05/96)
    4. Jellystoned Park ( B-side Of Television 7") 

    Kandodo / McBain

    Lost Chants / Last Chance

      A meeting of like minds surfing the sonic highways to tonal oblivion.
      These four castaways on Sonic Island (this may be too much) have delivered an album that evokes the long lost and revered genre “Drug-Rock” a true mind melt of acid abandonment! Tab-era Monster Magnet, Sessions Era- The Heads… purely visceral and pummelling workouts of a krautrock and pschedelische (surely the most overused term of now..but finally in its right place) from these masters of the art.

      Lets not beat about the burning bush here, this is an original Monster Magnet member and three of the Heads… this is pedigree not to be overlooked.

      Tune in, Turn on, droned out!!

      Mutually appreciated riffs, drones and tones floated across the oceans (via the internet). Conceived by Simon Price, Wayne Maskell, and Hugo Morgan and their US conspirator John McBain.
      They’ve created a modern masterpiece, straight from the off, the album feels like it has been hurled from riff valley, laden with trips aplenty.. catch a sonic wave here fellow psychonauts!!!
      (Liquid aural lava, it will encase your brain with a sike glazed crust.)

      Mastered by John Mcbain for full sonic immersion, and cut at 45rpm to enable a further immersion into the molassess when sped down to 33rm… this works so well, that the CD comes as a double with CD one a 45rpm (normal) master and CD 2 the treacle trap murk of it slowed to 33rpm.. the come down stretched further… a psychedelic morass..all encased in a sike glazed crust of quality packaging.

      Wig out and get your oblivion set, strap this on and soar into space.



      CD DISC ONE (or LPs At 45rpm)
      1 Blowed Out (45 Rpm)
      2 Holy Syke (45 Rpm)
      3 Megladon't (45 Rpm)
      4 Chant Of The Ever Circling (Last Vulture) (45 Rpm)
      5 Pelagic Blue Haze (45 Rpm)

      CD DISC TWO (LPS At 33rpm)
      6 Really Blown Out (33 Rpm)
      7 Holiest Syke (33 Rpm)
      8 Megladon't Ever (33 Rpm)
      9 Chant Of The Ever So Slowly Circling (Last Vulture)(33 Rpm)
      10 Pelagic Deep Blue Haze (33 Rpm)

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