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    The 1971 masterpiece and the record for which she is still best known, this is one of the greatest albums to come out of the whole early-mid 70s singer/songwriter West Coast genre. It's poetic, introspective, acoustic-based and consistently melodic, as was most of the wonderful music coming out of LA at the time, but Joni stood apart and was worshipped by all the other movers and shakers as well as the newly denim-clad young hipsters, on both sides of the Atlantic. This became THE record of the day and it's resonated on through the years. It's not hard to see why: it's absolutely beautiful.

    "Fork In The Road" is the raw, unpolished studio follow-up to Neil Young's eclectic 2007 release "Chrome Dreams II". Here the Canadian folk-rock pioneer returns to the production values of 2006's "Living With War" - this time presenting a batch of car themed songs that often allude to the state of the economy. While much of the material here is delivered at a relentless pace, the pedal-steel fuelled ballad "Light A Candle" is one of the album's finer moments.

    Recorded over two nights in November 1968 at The Canterbury House in Ann Arbor, Michigan, the "Sugar Mountain" album documents the launch of Neil Young's career as a solo artist following his departure from Buffalo Springfield just six months earlier. Captured on a TEAC two track tape recorder, the album offers a glimpse into the development of a legendary artist. The album includes songs that were written during his Buffalo Springfield tenure as well as newly written material that would appear on future solo albums. Included in the performance are several moments of witty, engaging banter that are highlighted in this album release. The Canterbury House shows were considered an experiment to see how Neil Young's solo performances would be received by an audience who knew him as part of the Buffalo Springfield band dynamic. The experience erased all doubts and set the stage from which his solo career was launched.

    The 1971 Concert is the second album in the performance series. On January 19, 1971, Neil Young performed at Massey Hall in Toronto, Canada. In many ways, this was a major homecoming event. He had left Canada in 1966, soon becoming a member of Buffalo Springfield in Los Angeles, then recording his self-titled debut solo album in 1968. That was followed by "Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere" with Crazy Horse, then Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young's "Déjà vu" in 1970 and his best-selling album "After The Gold Rush." By the time Young came back to Canada for the Massey Hall concert, he had become one of the most exciting and successful singer-songwriters in rock. Neil Young was performing solo that evening in Toronto, playing many of his well-known songs like "Down by the River," "Ohio" and "I Am a Child." But he also included several new originals that would be featured on his next new album, "Harvest," which had not been released yet, like "Old Man," "The Needle And The Damage Done" and "Heart of Gold". 'This is the album that should have come out between "After The Gold Rush" and "Harvest",' Young says now. 'David Briggs, my producer, was adamant that this should be the record, but I was very excited about the takes we got on "Harvest" and wanted "Harvest" out. David disagreed. As I listen to this today, I can see why'.


    2xCD/DVD Info: Special edition CD+DVD combo-pak, the DVD includes original live footage and hi-resolution audio.

    Neil Young

    Are You Passionate?

    Young's mighty guitar on two epic compositions, "She's A Healer" and "Goin' Home" are the main highlights on this new set of eleven songs from this living legend.

    Neil Young


    Compilation of the best of Neil Young's songs recorded between 1966 and 1976 features some of the finest work of his entire career. Such groundbreaking and unique tracks as "Cortez The Killer", "Like A Hurricane", "Down By The River", "Southern Man" as well as other classics like "Heart Of Gold" and "After The Goldrush" all feature here. This is quite simply ESSENTIAL!!!

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