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The Lounge Society

Silk For The Starving EP

    Pre-order this EP to be in with a chance of winning an exclusive signed test-pressing.

    With their first two singles under their belts – "Generation Game", the fastest selling 7" for the award-winning label, and "Burn The Heather" – plus a raft of Ones To Watch accolades for 2021, there is much anticipation for what lies next for the band.

    In early 2020, "Generation Game" announced the band as artists shaping powerful narratives around a fast-fragmenting society. With the lyric “what will the US do?” they served up a painfully prescient prediction of American unrest.

    Follow-up single "Burn The Heather" made a left-hand turn for the more punk-funk, sneering at culture wars and the damaging impact of a class divide.

    New single "Cain’s Heresy" shakes with the propulsion of a nimble rhythm section, full of bite and scorn, simultaneously swinging angrily at a negligent political class ("The death of four souls is less than a kick in the teeth, for them"), the threat of misinformation ("Poisonous ideals on the screen breed a vicious way of thinking, off the screen") and the noxious follow-the-leader march of celebrity culture ("They’re servants to fame"). The EP title “Silk For The Starving” in itself probes at a society that routinely neglects the needs of the have-nots.

    The Lounge Society sing about what they know then. Make no mistake, this is the sound of young England: articulate, enraged and energised. And – perhaps crucially - highly danceable too. It should give hope to anyone who has lost faith in the future, because here the future is in safe hands.

    Savage Gary

    Quarantine Sampler 2

    Despite current circumstances – Speedy Wunderground have had a busy year. The London-based label run by producer Dan Carey alongside Alexis Smith and Pierre Hall were recently coveted with the ‘Best Small Label’ Award by AIM (Association of Independent Music) after being nominated for the second year in a row. When COVID hit – bringing bands into the studio wasn’t an option and so the label started an ongoing project called ‘THE QUARANTINE SERIES’ in which Carey under his ‘Savage Gary’ techno/electronic alter ego collaborated with artists and friends, old and new over the internet and then uploaded them to the labels Soundcloud/socials with little or no fanfare – no PR-ing or radio pluggers, just letting them do their own thing, organically.

    First on the release is ‘Wait & See’ from rising Bajan artist RoRo. A hypnotic masterful flow which meanders seamlessly around Carey’s pulsating electronics. It’s bursting with attitude and originality. ‘I saw Dan Carey play with Kae Tempest on one of my first few times ever being out in London’ she says, ‘it was such an amazing show. I was extremely excited to then get the chance to work with him. I'd been trying to do so while in London, but it didn't quite work out that way. We did manage to make it happen remotely whilst I was back in Barbados though, and we knocked it out!’

    Second is ‘Cigarettes Pt. 2’ from the enigmatic Londoner youngblackmale AKA Rutare Savage: ‘It’s a poem, transformed into a song by the ever amazing Dan Carey. It touches (lightly) upon the topics of fear of the police, drug and alcohol abuse, family, and pulling oneself out of a nihilistic worldview driven by a newfound lust for life. This is me trying to reason with the void.’


    Positive Mental Health Music

      Pre-order the album to be in with a chance of winning a limited edition test pressing.

      Freud’s process of therapy was famously labelled the ‘Talking Cure’ - through the act of conversation participants received cathartic relief. Positive Mental Health Music (PMHM), the debut album from South East London band Tiña, stems from this idea. Lead singer/songwriter Josh Loftin explains that he used the songs to “work through a mental breakdown”, and that for him “writing is like solving a mystery”.

      The 11 track LP provides an honest and intimate portrait into this process of self-examination, covering themes of anxiety, depression, love, sex, isolation, fear and failure. Yet, PMHM is anything but a difficult listen: the tracks are catchy, lively - even danceable at times. Loftin’s cooing vocals, his lyrics poetic yet slightly self-mocking, sit atop a blend of psych-pop keys, drums and guitars, all guided by the shepherding hand of producer Dan Carey.

      After singles ‘I Feel Fine’ and ‘Dip’, Positive Mental Health Music is the first ever LP to be released on Carey’s Speedy Wunderground label.


      says: Tiña perfectly stands between solemn bedroom rock and intricate art-pop, at once beautiful and effecting but without ever being a struggle to listen to. Personal, frank but beautiful and wonderfully done.


      Coloured LP Info: Transparent pink vinyl.

      The Lounge Society

      Generation Game

        The Lounge Society are Cameron Davey (vocals/bass), Archie Dewis (drums), Herbie May (guitar) and Hani Paskin-Hussain (guitar). While some bands make music that pats you on the back, The Lounge Society make music that kicks you in the teeth . Hailing from Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, they are the next to emerge from the contagious 'Calder Sound', alongside Working Men's Club, The Orielles and WH Lung. An unruly bunch of talented multi-instrumentalists, The Lounge Society have pioneered a fresh approach to an eclectic range of influences spanning from The Fall and Talking Heads to The Velvet Underground and Fat White Family.

        The band’s manager got in touch with the label via email – ‘and for both me and Dan it was one of those – we HAVE to do this moments’ – says (Pierre) Hall, label co-runner. All aged 16-17 years old and still in school – they needed to get permission to miss their music exams in order to come down and record. They would also need an adult in order to check them in to the Travelodge in Streatham they’d booked in order to come to the label’s HQ/studios.

        But age/educational restrictions aside, when they did arrive - wow – what a racket they made. ‘They are great. Really fun to work with – and a fucking amazing band’ enthuses label boss Carey. As for the band themselves: ‘I don’t think it’s sunk in yet that we’re releasing a single with Speedy. It’s always been a dream for all of us to record with Dan Carey and release with Speedy. We love their ethos and all the music they’ve put out in the past, it’s a great scene.

        On the day everything happened really quickly, we messed around for a bit, trying different amps, guitars and stuff, then when we were ready Dan said ‘shall we go for a take’ and switched the lights off, put the smoke machine on and put lasers on. Then just as we started playing the smoke alarm went off which was really funny, apparently it’s never done that before!

        We went through the track and there was a real energy in the room, it was like being at a gig which is exactly what this track needed. Generation Game means a lot to all of us, and we feel it’s an ideal introduction to us as a band. To us the lyrics reflect what we’re all about – shedding light on topics and events we feel are criminally ignored - and for it to be our very first offering to the world (especially through Speedy) really helps get that across. Once we’d finished the take we all stopped dead and looked at each other (and Dan) and he just said ‘that’s it, that’s the one’. I think we were all a bit shocked but the energy was there on the recording and we completely trusted him!’

        In addition – the band have also gained another new producer fan in that of The Strokes producer Gordon Raphael – who has recently relocated to Hebden Bridge (!) and caught them at a local gig: "I was seriously impressed and really enjoyed the show. For me they have it all - a great performance, they look amazing, they play their instruments like hell (and I mean that most kindly) and they take really night sharp left turns in the middle of their songs, which always grabs my interest.” Is This It? We think so. The Lounge Society. No time for sitting around.


        Ltd 7" Info: Limited to 250 copies.

        Savage Gary

        Quarantine Sampler (Love Record Stores Edition)

          Love Record Stores Edition available from 9am on Saturday June 20th.
          Limited to one per person.


          Ltd 12" Info: White label 12”.

          Various Artists

          Speedy Wunderground: Year 3

            The London-based record label releases the third compilation of tracks from their limited edition 7” and 10” singles on LP and digital download formats.

            Among those artists / tracks involved in this collection are the skittering Arthur Russell-indebted jam of ‘Running Out’ by Boxed In & Formation, the DNA-rearranging genre-shifting post punk of Melt Yourself Down, the glacial synth-pop of JW Ridley and the Sademeets- PJ Harvey power pop of newcomer Dewey.

            In the strong tradition of breaking their own rules the compilation also includes the two tracks from Speedy’s very first double A-Side - Meatduscher aka Meatraffle’s ‘The Bird Song’ (one of Marc Riley’s Tracks Of The Year) and the dirty riffage of Warmduscher’s ‘The Sweet Smell Of Florida’ which also appears on their recent Careyproduced album ‘Whale City’.

            For the first time ever the label also deviated from their strict 7” policy with the epic sprawling 13-minute epic ‘Hyperborea’ from Kraut-psychedelia darlings Flamingods, the results of which could only be contained on 10” wax.

            Also included is the summery G-funk groove of ‘I’m Gone’ from legendary Detroit Stones Throw rapper Guilty Simpson, laying down his vocals over a beat provided by label head-honcho himself Mr. Dan AKA Dan Carey.

            Speedy Wunderground, the label run by Dan Carey alongside Alexis Smith and Pierre Hall, is changing. As always this evolvement is a natural thing, driven by the artists and, more importantly, the music itself. Whilst the focus is still on the idea of spontaneity examples like the above are a perfect example of how the imprint is developing.

            “The whole idea of Speedy is to be unrestricted,” says Hall, “so although the ‘rules’ themselves have always been slightly tongue-incheek there would be a subtle sense of irony in the idea that we were restricted by our own restrictions! So we’re kinda open to anything. That’s the point. As always, the music takes first priority.”


            I'm Down With That

              BOSS are Guro Gikling of All We Are, Theresa Wayman of Warpaint, Sarah Jones, who has previously drummed for Hot Chip and Yeasayer, and Speedy Wunderground head-honcho Dan Carey, who has recently been involved in the Sexwitch project with Natasha Khan and TOY.

              In the time honoured spirit of the label, the single was produced in a day at Dan’s south London studio and is their first release, yet the inception of the band goes back to 2012 when Dan met Theresa at a festival in Slovakia (he would also later produce All We Are’s debut album).

              “Being a Warpaint fan I found her backstage and told her I was the best psychedelic rock producer in the world,” remembers Dan.

              “The exact words of her response were ’that’s the last fucking thing we need. See you later.’ “

              Despite the inauspicious meeting, Dan would later be recruited to work on Theresa’s forthcoming solo album and having met Guro on tour, Theresa invited her to also work on the long-player.

              Born out of these album sessions, the BOSS track came out of post recording jams and after recruiting drummer Sarah Jones, a 20 second snatch of an almost 15 hour jam was eventually worked into ‘I’m Down With That’.

              Various Artists

              Speedy Wunderground: Year 1

                The record label Speedy Wunderground is the idea of producer Dan Carey, who has previously produced records for Franz Ferdinand, Bat For Lashes, The Kills, Steve Mason, Willy Mason, Django Django and TOY, to name a few.

                The idea of Speedy Wunderground was to create something immediate, harking back to the golden age of rock and roll - where records were written, recorded and put out in a short space of time. All Speedy records are recorded and produced by Dan in one day, followed by mixing for one day, released on 7” single in limited runs of 250 as soon as is humanly possible.

                Each record is recorded in Dan’s south London studio - the core of each song is a live take recorded in the dark with smoke and lasers.

                ‘Speedy Wunderground: Year 1’ is a collection of the first year’s singles along with the B-sides.

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