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Blauer Montag


    Following the quickfire sell outs of the recent trio of ace Studio Kosmische LPs, Feral Child return with a new LP; again heavy on krautrock leanings but more channeled towards the driving, motorik aspect than SK’s more tranquil Cluster and Harmonia inspired ambience, as the more eagle eyed may have spotted from the title alone…?!

    “Ding*r” is the debut full length from Blauer Montag, featuring former founding member Hair & Skin Trading Company, Richard Montag- who recorded the album over a number of years (some material here dates to 2007) and locations; mainly Govan in Glasgow, Rutherglen and Lochailort in Scotland and Swedish Lapland with location recordings in the Isle of Arran and the Swedish Arctic. Borrowed sound clips hark back to now defunct eras of UK & German culture such as militant anarchist revolution and the German Democratic Republic (DDR).

    Montag wrote, arranged and mixed the album and even built some of the synths, guitars and equipment used. The album features guests such as longterm friend Kath Gifford (who Richard has known from his H&STC days, whilst Kath played with the likes of Stereolab and Snowpony) who provided vocals / lyrics for “Mirtazapine Drift” (originally written by Montag after being prescribed the drug for chronic insomnia) and Gareth McNicol (fellow bandmate of the sometimes active, Hearing Voices Movement) provided additional guitars.

    Professor Jono Podmore who is a collaborator with Can (supervising their most recent remastering) and co-collaborator with Irmin Schmidt (Kumo) provided mastering and whisky sampling.

    These days Richard is also a mental health Nurse and Psychological Therapist in Glasgow, Scotland, and the album is “bookended by Montag’s favourite Swedish toddler”.

    The record is a beauty, each copy includes a signed and numbered print.

    Studio Kosmische

    Gamma 75

      The third of the superb collection of Kosmische / Kraut fuelled gorgeous grooves from Dom Keen’s Studio Kosmische project; “Gamma 75” is ready to roll on Feral Child. Again in a pressing of 250, this time on cherry coloured vinyl with insert card and housed in screened SK|FC PVC outer sleeves.

      This final part of the series is perhaps more collaborative; Jon Parkes (from the equally wonderful Korb) guesting heavily on this record. Twelve beautiful cosmic pieces recalling the ambient works of Cluster, certain early T.Dream / Froese, Harmonia / Eno etc whilst also sounding remarkably fresh and of it’s time now.

      Cosmic Ground


        3 real deep, minimalist cuts from the project’s formative period- heavy Berlin School dark, sequenced electronica which ticks all boxes for Krautrock, T.Dream / Klaus Schulze heads, with nods to Conrad Schnitzler, some Ashra and other heroes from that time…

        Opening piece “xx10” is incredible. Epic in depth and intensity, a brooding masterpiece of deep electronic psych to these ears, and a track that incredibly lay by the curbside unused, as Dirk began assembling his first CG record, “xx10 was only ever -and still is- it’s working title, and it lay unmixed for a long time until in 2018 I finally made a good mix”. Side one closer “Frost” was recorded in 2013 and was previously lost on Dirk’s hard drive until found fairly recently and added to his “Relics” series on bandcamp.

        Side two is fully taken up with the epic “Sanctum”; and was the first recorded Cosmic Ground piece ever; prior to this new project even having a name. A long lost, discarded piece, recently found again and released on vinyl here for a first time. Cavernous synth swells give way to deeply beautiful heavily sequenced electronics, interspersed with percussive bursts and intense horror soundtrack-esque fills and thrills!

        Just magnificent and released on orange wax in an edition of 250 w/insert.


        Barry says: It feels fitting that my first intoduction to Cosmic Ground was on Polytechnic Youth sister-label Deep Distance and this latest should come through Dom's wonderful new Feral Child imprint. Cosmic ground craft a spiritual, evolving web of woozy synths and psychedelic ambience, and it looks as good as it sounds. Any synth music fans should always grab a PY / DD / FC press on sight.

        Magic Arm

        Good Views Near North

          A beautiful comeback record of sorts for Marc Rigelsford’s MAGIC ARM project. The 45 is a taster for his own privately released, and utterly fabulous “Dance Mania” full length, currently available via his bandcamp page.

          Recorded in isolation in a former whiskey distillery, “Dance Mania” is “Magic Arm whittling and distilling sound down to pure forms, a collage of songs, mood pieces, drones, found sounds and stirring instrumental passages”. The two tracks here are lifted from the album, with its A side, the majestic “Good Views Near North” having already attained 6music airplay.

          The songs’ treated piano opening offers no hint to the beautifully incessant, kinda’ motorik groove that then takes over- wonderfully skewed and quite otherworldly perhaps. The groove then changes tack again as it closes with cellos and strings aiding further it’s general ‘out there’ mood. It’s a beautiful piece and by releasing it on 45, one would hope to push Marc’s music out a wee bit further, certainly it’s a thrill for Feral Child to release it and it’s flip, the more electronic, and equally fabulous “432” is just great too.


          California Blue / Rock Yr Baby

            Feral Child, the on-off label that brought you vinyl only releases from Snails, Pete Astor, The New Lines and The Orange Alabaster Mushroom, returns with not one but two totally ace LUNA 45s, due for simultaneous release mid to late October 2017.

            Both containing covers, the first acts as a companion piece to the great “A Sentimental Education” LP, with the Orbison / Petty / Lynne penned A side; “California Blue” (from Roy Orbison’s hugely underrated 1989 “Mystery Girl” LP). A key, if cautionary, comment from Dean Wareham himself on this one: “It’s not possible to duplicate the great Roy Orbison; we decided to go away from the Jeff Lynne pop style of the original and try it more in the vein of Pavement’s “Range Life.””

            The flip features the bands’ cover of “Rock Yr Baby”; “"George McCrae’s disco classic is an important single. Written by Casey/Finch (of KC & the Sunshine band), it is one of the first disco hits to feature a drum machine. It has been in our live set for a while at the stroke of midnight but only if we are playing a show on New Year’s Eve.” (DW)
            This first single is released in an edition of 500 only.

            The Orange Alabaster Mushroom

            Space And Time: A Compendium Of The Orange Alabaster Mushroom

              Having been mooted for a number of years now, it’s the enigmatic new London label ‘Feral Child’ that has the honour of reissuing this revered psych classic, initially issued on the Earworm label in 2000 - with original vinyl copies now reaching £75 upwards online.

              The OAM revolves around the studio (bedroom / D.I.Y?) genius of Ontario based Greg Watson, who’s killer musicianship and ear for that authentic Nuggets era sound has arguably never been bettered in the last two decades. Recommended for absolutely everyone into Syd era Floyd, The Seeds, Chocolate Watchband, The Prunes et al. Every track here just bathes in that fried out, oilwheel 60s feel we all adore; Hammonds, Farfisas and FUZZ figure in equal abundance….

              It seems crazy that it’s taken so long to reissue this treasured collection. But ‘Feral Child’ have somehow pulled it off. The label that brought you a dubious reissue of the Clothilde/Delphine French Girl / Psych Pop 45s, alongside Pete Astor singles, a recent New Lines LP, yet somehow - indeed, seek pleasure from - exist without any net presence or even contact point.

              They also release the imminent debut LP from SNAILS, the new Psych Pop outfit outta’ Bristol, beloved by the likes of Stephen Pastel and having attained 6Music plays aplenty. More on that elsewhere, but The OAM here is dressed up in suitably psych sleeve, coloured wax and in a pressing of 500. 

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