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Anniversary Remixes

    To honour twenty years since the release of Sugababes iconic debut album One Touch, the band release a series of brand-new remixes. The reworks from Majestic, Metronomy, Blood Orange and MNEK offer a fresh take on classic singles Overload, Same Old Story and Run For Cover.


    Run For Cover (MNEK Remix)
    Same Old Story (Blood Orange Remix)
    Overload (Metronomy Vs Tatyana Remix)
    Overload (Majestic Remix)


    Timeless (25 Year Anniversary Edition)

    Goldie's critically acclaimed drum & bass opus from 1995, remastered and expanded with rareties and new remixes!

    25 years old, this complex debut album founded a new chapter in the history of the electronic genre originally reaching no. 7 in the charts and has since been celebrated for its unique blend of sublime strings, beautiful atmospheres and sophisticated vocals. Inarguably an ambitious blueprint at the time; Goldie’s production fashioned the edgy rhythms and bass of jungle into a newly futuristic model, now globally admired as drum & bass.

    Thsi special edition feature rarities and remixes unearthed from Goldie’s personal archive. Remastered with Goldie overseeing the process himself. 


    Disc 1

    A Side:
    1-1a Inner City Life
    1-1b Pressure
    1-1c Jah

    B Side:
    B1 Saint Angel
    B2 State Of Mind
    B3 This Is A Bad

    Disc 2

    C Side:
    C1 Sea Of Tears
    C2 Jah The Seventh Seal
    D Side:
    D1 A Sense Of Rage (Sensual V.I.P. Mix)
    D2 Still Life
    D3 Angel

    Disc 3

    E Side:
    E1 Adrift
    E2 Kemistry
    E3 You & Me
    F Side:
    F1 Sensual
    F2 Kemistry

    Happy Mondays

    Uncle Dysfunktional - 2020 Mix (RSD22 EDITION)


      On vinyl for the first time in the UK as a RSD exclusive on pink vinyl. Uncle Dysfunktional is a fifth and most recent studio album from Happy Mondays. Released in 2007, it was their first album since Yes Please! in 1992. Despite Factory Records having closed 15 years before, Tony Wilson personally assigned Uncle Dysfunktional a FAC number, FAC-500. The artwork has been re-worked by Central Station Design. Limited to 2000 copies world-wide.

      The Communards

      Communards - 35th Anniversary Edition

        The Communards are releasing a 35 year anniversary edition of their debut album ‘Communards' featuring their huge hit single ‘Don’t Leave Me This Way’. Upon the album’s original release in 1986 ‘Don’t leave Me This Way’ had a four-week run at number one, the album itself reached a chart peak of number seven, going on to spend a total of 45 weeks in the UK Albums Chart.



        A Side
        1. Don't Leave Me This Way 6:26
        2. La Dolarosa 2:43
        3. Disenchanted 6:14
        4. Reprise 5:22
        B Side
        1. So Cold The Night 6:48
        2. You Are My World 8:01
        3. Lover Man 3:52
        4. Don't Slip Away 2:58
        C Side
        1. Heavens Above 3:59
        2. Forbidden Love 4:57
        3. Breadline Britain 2:31
        4. Sanctified 2:35
        D Side
        1. Never No More 3:01
        2. Sentimental Journey 3:34
        3. When The Walls Come Tumbling Down 4:22
        4. Judgement Day 5:10


        Disc 1:
        01 Don't Leave Me This Way 06:26 
        02 La Dolarosa 02:43
        03 Disenchanted 06:14 
        04 Reprise 05:22
        05 So Cold The Night 06:48 
        06 You Are My World 08:04
        07 Lover Man 03:52
        08 Don't Slip Away 02:58
        09 Heavens Above 03:59
        10 Forbidden Love 04:57
        11 Don't Leave Me This Way (Gotham City Mix Part Two) 11:30
        12 Disenchanted (Dance) 08:42
        13 So Cold The Night (Remix)   08:34

        Disc 2:
        01 So Cold The Night (Janice Long 13th October 1985) 03:43 
        02 Don't Slip Away (Janice Long 13th October 1985) 02:30 
        03 America (Janice Long 13th October 1985) 04:15 
        04 Forbidden Love (Janice Long 13th October 1985) 02:47
        05 La Dolorosa (Janice Long 13th October 1985) 02:34 
        06 You Are My World (12” Version) 09:52 
        07 Don´t Leave Me This Way (Ruff Mix) 08:27 
        08 Heavens Above (Ruff Mix) 03:19 
        09 Summertime 03:17
        10 Lover Man (Alternative Mix) 04:04
        11 Forbidden Love (Alternative Mix) 04:59
        12 Breadline Britain 02:32 
        13 Never No More 03:01
        14 Sentimental Journey 03:43
        15 When The Walls Come Tumbling Down 04:22
        16 Judgement Day 05:15
        17 Don't Leave Me This Way (7th Heaven Club Mix) 08:22

        To celebrate twenty years since the release of Sugababes’ iconic debut album “One Touch”, the band release a special anniversary edition of the album including rarities, demos and new remixes.

        Made up of Keisha Buchanan, Mutya Buena and Siobhán Donaghy, the Sugababes represented a fiercely independent and creative UK scene at the turn of the millennium. Different from much of what was out at the time, “One Touch” crossed over from the purely pop world and became an oddball curveball across clubland and it’s after hours scenes with its clubber-friendly, downbeat hooks, flurries into UKG and hip-hip informed production. One Dave Walker who used to work here was a big proponent of the Sugababes when he and Huw Morgan (of Electriks fame) used to do a night at Harter Street Lounge here in Manchester. It's a bona fide classic of UK pop music which recalls a proud time for the industry. 

        Download card includes 35 (!!!) extra tracks including new remixes by MNEK, Metronomy, Blood Orange and Majestic. Featuring the hit singles ‘Overload’, ‘Run For Cover’ and ‘Same Old Story'.

        Remastered and expanded editions including unheard demos, rarities and classic/new remixes.


        Vinyl Tracklist:
        Side A:
        One Foot In
        Same Old Story
        Let It Go Look At Me
        Soul Sound

        Side B:
        One Touch
        Lush Life
        Real Thing
        New Year
        Run For Cover

        CD1 One Touch: Remastered                          
        1. Overload                    
        2. One Foot In                                          
        3. Same Old Story                                    
        4. Just Let It Go                                    
        5. Look At Me                                        
        6. Soul Sound                                      
        7. One Touch
        8. Lush Life
        9. Real Thing                                  
        10. New Year                                        
        11. Promises
        12. Run For Cover                                    
        +  Bonus Tracks
        13. Don’t Wanna Wait                                  
        14. Sugababes On The Run                            
        15. Forever                      
        16. Little Lady Love [Original Mix]                
        17. Sometimes                  
        18. This Is What You Need [Demo]                  
        19. Girls' Nite Out [Demo]

        CD2  Remixes And Alternative Versions                     
        1. Always Be The One [Demo]                            
        2. Run For Cover [MNEK Remix]      
        3. Overload [Majestic Remix]                    
        4. Same Old Story [Blood Orange Remix]
        5. Overload [Metronomy Vs Tatyana Remix]                  
        6. Just Let It Go [2001 Version]                              
        7. Look At Me [Alternative Mix]                              
        8. Real Thing [Original Mix]                        
        9. Soul Sound [Alternative Version]                  
        10. One Touch [C.R.E.A.M. Remix]                    
        11. New Year [Non Christmas Version] [a.k.a. 2001 Edit]         
        12. Promises [Acoustic Mix]
        13. Little Lady Love [About 2 Remix]                
        14. Overload [Ed Case Remix]                          
        15. Run For Cover [G4orce All Things Nice Dub]        
        16. Real Thing [2-Step Radio Mix]

        Happy Mondays

        ...Yes Please!

          ‘...Yes Please!’ was the last Happy Mondays album on Factory Records. It was produced by Talking Heads’ Tina Weymouth and Chris Frantz and reached number 14 in the UK chart. Artwork lovingly replicated by original Manchester designers Central Station Design. Features the singles “Stinkin´ Thinkin”, “Sunshine & Love” and “Angel”.


          Andy says: "Yes Please" signaled the chaotic end of the Happy Mondays but it's still really interesting with it's tasty Talking Heads production and "Stinking Thinking" is one of the best things they ever did.


          Stinkin Thinkin 
          Monkey In The Family 
          Sunshine & Love 
          Cut 'Em Loose Bruce 
          Theme From Netto 
          Love Child 
          Total Ringo 
          Cowboy Dave

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