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The Brand New Heavies

Never Stop... The Best Of

    2023 marks 35 years since the first single by The Brand New Heavies and here we have twenty-one seminal tracks from Acid Jazz royalty, The Brand New Heavies, who transcended London’s local funk scene to become to enjoy global success across with hits such as ‘Sometimes’, ‘You Are The Universe’, ‘Dream on Dreamer’, ‘Midnight at The Oasis’ and more.

    This new compilation brings together all the singles from the band’s time with London Records, featuring 15 Top 40, 5 Top 20, and 1 Top 10 UK hits.

    All formats feature new liner notes from producer and long-time fan Mark Ronson. 


    1. Never Stop
    2. Dream Come True
    3. Got To Give
    4. Don’t Let It Go To Your Head
    5. Stay This Way
    6. Dream On Dreamer
    7. Back To Love
    8. Midnight At The Oasis
    9. Spend Some Time
    10. Close To You
    11. Sometimes
    12. You Are The Universe
    13. You’ve Got A Friend
    14. Shelter
    15. Saturday Nite
    16. Apparently Nothing
    17. People Get Ready
    18. Bonafied Funk
    19. Brother Sister
    20. Mind Trips
    21. You Can Do It

    CD 2
    1. Stay This Way (Bob Sinclar Remix)
    2. Dream Come True (Heavies Mix)
    3. Never Stop (Heavies Mix)
    4. Back To Love (GP Club Mix)
    5. Midnight At The Oasis (Roger S Underground Network Mix)
    6. Spend Some Time (Brothers In Rhythm Club Mix)
    7. Close To You (Masters At Work Remix)
    8. Sometimes (Monsieur D’s Underground Behaviour Mix)
    9. You Are The Universe (Tuff Jam’s 2 In 1 Remix)
    10. Saturday Nite (Full Intention Club Mix)

    The Durutti Column

    Time Was GIGANTIC... When We Were Kids - 2023 Reissue

      Celebrating 25 years since the release of the seminal 1998 album by The Durutti Column for the first time on double heavyweight vinyl. Re-mastered with 5 bonus tracks: It’s Your Life, Babe (Bonus Track) Kiss of Def (Bonus Track) In the City (Bonus Track) New Order Tribute (Bonus Track) Drinking Song (version) (Bonus Track)

      ‘Time Was GIGANTIC…’ was the final Factory Records release for The Durutti Column and the last release for the label before it closed. The edition features extensive liner notes by Factory Records and band expert James Nice. The original artwork has been revisited by the original designers 8VO (Mark Holt and Hamish Muir) 


      1. Organ Donor
      2. Pigeon
      3. I B Yours
      4. Twenty Trees
      5. Abuse
      6. Drinking Song
      7. Sing To Me
      8. My Last Kiss
      9. For Rachel
      10. Highfield Choir
      11. Epilogue
      12. It’s Your Life, Babe (Bonus Track)
      13. Kiss Of Def (Bonus Track)
      14. In The City (Bonus Track)
      15. New Order Tribute (Bonus Track)
      16. Drinking Song (version) (Bonus Track)

      Echo & The Bunnymen

      Peel Session 1997 (RSD23 EDITION)

         Echo & The Bunnymen's classic 1997 John Peel session available for the first time on vinyl, featuring 2 songs from 1997's 'Evergreen' plus the Bunnymen classics "Villiers Terrace" and "Altamont". Black vinyl, no download code. 


        A1. Don't Let It Get You Down
        A2. Villiers Terrace
        B1. Altamont
        B2. Rescue

        The Mike Flowers Pops

        Wonderwall (RSD23 EDITION)


          For the first time on 12", The Mike Flowers Popsí easy-listening smash "Wonderwall" is joined by covers of classic songs by BjOrk, The Doors and Prince. Black Vinyl, no download code.


          A1. Wonderwall
          A2. Light My Fire
          B1. Venus As A Boy
          B2. 1999

          Happy Mondays

          Balearic Beats (RSD23 EDITION)


            Four of Happy Monday's best dance reworks on one vinyl, with classic remixes from Paul Oakenfold, Terry Farley, Pete Lorimer and more. Classic 90s packaging with sticker in promo bag. Black vinyl, no download code. 

            TRACK LISTING

            A1. WFL (Think About The Future Mix) (Paul Oakenfold)
            A2. Bob's Yer Uncle (Paul Oakenfold Remix)
            B1. Kinky Afro (Euromix) (Pete Lorimer)
            B2. Rave On (Club Mix) (Paul Oakenfold & Terry Farley)


            Optical Delusion

              Legendary electronic music duo Orbital return in Spring 2023 with new album Optical Delusion, the Hartnoll brothers first studio album since 2018’s Monster’s Exist. Recorded in Orbital’s Brighton studio, Optical Delusion includes contributions from Sleaford Mods, Penelope Isles, Anna B Savage, The Little Pest, Dina Ipavic, Coppe, and perhaps most surprisingly, The Medieval Baebes.

              For the first single Orbital have joined forces with Sleaford Mods on their fabulous, furious new single “Dirty Rat” Featuring a searing vocal from Jason Williamson over kinetic, driving beats, “Dirty Rat” is Orbital at their most vital, still utterly relevant and pushing forward over 30 years since they broke through with their landmark single “Chime”. Think KLF or Underworld 'Born Slippy’ - ‘Dirty Rat’ is a primal scream which crosses genres and generations.

              STAFF COMMENTS

              Martin says: Having been a driving force of Electronic music since the 90's, it's always exciting to hear a new LP from rave auteurs Orbital. 'Optical Delusion' sees the duo joined by a host of collaborators (inc. Jason Williams of Sleaford Mods) and ends up being a development of their established sound, but renewed with a fierce political vigour and hearty resolve.

              TRACK LISTING

              Ringa Ringa (The Old Pandemic Folk Song) (feat. The Mediaeval Baebes)
              Day One (feat. Dina Ipavic)
              Are You Alive? (feat. Penelope Isles)
              You Are The Frequency (feat. The Little Pest)
              The New Abnormal
              Home (feat. Anna B Savage)
              Dirty Rat – With Sleaford Mods
              Requiem For The Pre Apocalypse
              What A Surprise (feat. The Little Pest)
              Moon Princess (feat. Coppe)

              Echo & The Bunnymen

              Evergreen - 2022 Reissue

                Originally released in 1997, Evergreen marked a critical and commercial renaissance for the band after more than half a decade’s hiatus; an album that rightfully returned them to the Top 10 that sported three UK hits including the seminal ‘Nothing Lasts Forever’.

                When Echo & The Bunnymen imploded at the end of the 1980s, the decade lost one of its greatest bands in the messiest of circumstances. Until then, theirs had been a magical rise: since 1979 they’d outgrown the Liverpool punk scene, outshone their alternative pop rivals of the mid-80s, and looked set to step into the big league. But by the end of the decade the magic that had kept them together was slowly unthreading. The die was cast in 1988 when Ian McCulloch quit after a tour of Japan. It should have marked the end for the band, but the remaining Bunnymen decided to persevere and seek a replacement. Unthinkable tragedy struck in 1989 when drummer Pete de Freitas was killed in a motorbike accident.

                The finality – as it then seemed – of the Bunnymen was all the worse for the nagging sense that they hadn’t so much faded away as burned out before their time.

                After a half-decade wilderness years of side projects and solo outings, in January 1997 Will Sergeant, Les Pattinson and Ian McCulloch decided to come back together in a recording studio for the first time in ten years. The reborn Bunnymen entered Doghouse studios in Henley-on-Thames in Oxfordshire, as fate would have it at the same time as Oasis, then gliding on a post-Knebworth high as the biggest band in Britain. In a pivotal generational passing of the baton, the two legends of their eras merged on the killer ace nestling up McCulloch’s sleeve, ‘Nothing Lasts Forever’, featuring a 24-year-old Liam Gallagher on backing “yeah, yeah, yeah!”s and tambourine shakes.

                Any doubts among fans that the Bunnymen might have been making a terrible mistake by regrouping were obliterated by the song’s first chorus, crashing the UK Top Ten at number 8 in June 1997, the first taster of the album, the highest new entry in the band’s career and equalling their best ever chart position for ‘The Cutter’.

                The self-produced sessions at Doghouse were further embellished with strings, horns and vocal arrangements at the more imperious sounding Abbey Road and the resultant album achieved the almost impossible; commercial, conceptual and critical acclaim on a par with their past achievements. NME called it “impossibly good. The first comeback in history not to be dogged by a nauseous sense of distress, the first one to actually sound important”, the Melody Maker declared “the new songs are as good as the old songs, and probably better than almost anything you’ll hear this year”.

                Former manager (and later KLF pop maverick Bill Drummond) spoke of their return at the time: “Within the soul of Echo & The Bunnymen there was a pure aspiration that transcended all those would-be dragged up memories. It’s as if The Bunnymen were going for some ultimate and indefinable glory.”

                Ten years since they last graced the Top Ten Album Chart, Evergreen returned them there in July 1997. The Bunnymen had proved themselves not only deserving of a second wind but effortlessly welcomed by the musical landscape of the late-90s. Arriving in the season of Oasis’s Be Here Now and The Verve’s Urban Hymns, Evergreen was both of and beyond its time.

                At the time, McCulloch proudly spoke of the album as the best he’d believed they’d ever made. Through the sepia lens of hindsight, today he understates its value as containing “at least three great songs, which is three more than most bands have in their entire catalogue.” By name, the ballads ‘Nothing Lasts Forever’, ‘Forgiven’ and ‘Just A Touch Away’. Beyond McCulloch’s holy trinity, Evergreen was just as notable for its snake-charming title track and the similarly serpentine ‘Empire State Halo’, both, like the best Bunnymen songs of yore, reaching our ears somewhere from Norris Green via Marrakesh. Elsewhere the Mersey shuffle of singles ‘Don’t Let it Get You Down’ and ‘I Want To Be There (When You Come)’ sees the brighter side of the band, as open and as relevant as their contemporaries past and present.

                “Someone asked me the other day why I reunited the Bunnymen,” McCulloch commented that summer. “Well, I haven’t. I’ve re-ignited the Bunnymen. Having said that, they never stopped glowing somewhere in my heart.”

                That glow made music, Evergreen still blinds.

                TRACK LISTING

                A1 Don’t Let It Get You Down
                A2 In My Time
                A3 I Want To Be There (When You Come)
                A4 Evergreen
                A5 I’ll Fly Tonight
                A6 Nothing Lasts Forever 3:55
                B1 Baseball Bill
                B2 Altamont
                B3 Just A Touch Away
                B4 Empire State Halo
                B5 Too Young To Kneel
                B6 Forgiven

                01 Don’t Let It Get You Down
                02 In My Time
                03 I Want To Be There (When You Come)
                04 Evergreen
                05 I’ll Fly Tonight
                06 Nothing Lasts Forever
                07 Baseball Bill
                08 Altamont
                09 Just A Touch Away
                10 Empire State Halo
                11 Too Young To Kneel
                12 Forgiven
                13 Watchtower
                14 Polly
                15 Hurracaine
                16 Colour Me In
                17 Antelope
                18 Jonny
                01 I Want To Be There (When You Come)
                (Live At The Improv Theatre, 1999)
                02 Rescue (Live At The Improv Theatre, 1999)
                03 Lips Like Sugar (Live At The Improv Theatre, 1999)
                04 Bedbugs And Ballyhoo (Live At The Improv Theatre, 1999)
                05 Nothing Lasts Forever (Radio One Jo Whiley Session, 1997)
                06 The Killing Moon (Radio One Jo Whiley Session, 1997)
                07 Baseball Bill (Live At The Kilburn National, 1997)+
                08 Just A Touch Away (Live At The Kilburn National, 1997)+
                09 I’ll Fly Tonight (Live At The Kilburn National, 1997)+
                10 Altamont (Live At The Kilburn National, 1997)+
                11 Lips Like Sugar (Whyt Radio Acoustic Version, 1997)
                12 I Want To Be There (When You Come) (Whyt Radio Acoustic Version, 1997)
                13 The Killing Moon (Whyt Radio Acoustic Version, 1997)
                14 Forgiven (GLR Robert Elms Acoustic Session, 1997)
                15 Nothing Lasts Forever (Radio One Live Lounge Session, 1999)+
                +Previously Unreleased

                The Communards

                Communards - 35th Anniversary Edition

                  The Communards are releasing a 35 year anniversary edition of their debut album ‘Communards' featuring their huge hit single ‘Don’t Leave Me This Way’. Upon the album’s original release in 1986 ‘Don’t leave Me This Way’ had a four-week run at number one, the album itself reached a chart peak of number seven, going on to spend a total of 45 weeks in the UK Albums Chart.

                  TRACK LISTING


                  A Side
                  1. Don't Leave Me This Way 6:26
                  2. La Dolarosa 2:43
                  3. Disenchanted 6:14
                  4. Reprise 5:22
                  B Side
                  1. So Cold The Night 6:48
                  2. You Are My World 8:01
                  3. Lover Man 3:52
                  4. Don't Slip Away 2:58
                  C Side
                  1. Heavens Above 3:59
                  2. Forbidden Love 4:57
                  3. Breadline Britain 2:31
                  4. Sanctified 2:35
                  D Side
                  1. Never No More 3:01
                  2. Sentimental Journey 3:34
                  3. When The Walls Come Tumbling Down 4:22
                  4. Judgement Day 5:10


                  Disc 1:
                  01 Don't Leave Me This Way 06:26 
                  02 La Dolarosa 02:43
                  03 Disenchanted 06:14 
                  04 Reprise 05:22
                  05 So Cold The Night 06:48 
                  06 You Are My World 08:04
                  07 Lover Man 03:52
                  08 Don't Slip Away 02:58
                  09 Heavens Above 03:59
                  10 Forbidden Love 04:57
                  11 Don't Leave Me This Way (Gotham City Mix Part Two) 11:30
                  12 Disenchanted (Dance) 08:42
                  13 So Cold The Night (Remix)   08:34

                  Disc 2:
                  01 So Cold The Night (Janice Long 13th October 1985) 03:43 
                  02 Don't Slip Away (Janice Long 13th October 1985) 02:30 
                  03 America (Janice Long 13th October 1985) 04:15 
                  04 Forbidden Love (Janice Long 13th October 1985) 02:47
                  05 La Dolorosa (Janice Long 13th October 1985) 02:34 
                  06 You Are My World (12” Version) 09:52 
                  07 Don´t Leave Me This Way (Ruff Mix) 08:27 
                  08 Heavens Above (Ruff Mix) 03:19 
                  09 Summertime 03:17
                  10 Lover Man (Alternative Mix) 04:04
                  11 Forbidden Love (Alternative Mix) 04:59
                  12 Breadline Britain 02:32 
                  13 Never No More 03:01
                  14 Sentimental Journey 03:43
                  15 When The Walls Come Tumbling Down 04:22
                  16 Judgement Day 05:15
                  17 Don't Leave Me This Way (7th Heaven Club Mix) 08:22

                  To celebrate twenty years since the release of Sugababes’ iconic debut album “One Touch”, the band release a special anniversary edition of the album including rarities, demos and new remixes.

                  Made up of Keisha Buchanan, Mutya Buena and Siobhán Donaghy, the Sugababes represented a fiercely independent and creative UK scene at the turn of the millennium. Different from much of what was out at the time, “One Touch” crossed over from the purely pop world and became an oddball curveball across clubland and it’s after hours scenes with its clubber-friendly, downbeat hooks, flurries into UKG and hip-hip informed production. One Dave Walker who used to work here was a big proponent of the Sugababes when he and Huw Morgan (of Electriks fame) used to do a night at Harter Street Lounge here in Manchester. It's a bona fide classic of UK pop music which recalls a proud time for the industry. 

                  Download card includes 35 (!!!) extra tracks including new remixes by MNEK, Metronomy, Blood Orange and Majestic. Featuring the hit singles ‘Overload’, ‘Run For Cover’ and ‘Same Old Story'.

                  Remastered and expanded editions including unheard demos, rarities and classic/new remixes.

                  TRACK LISTING

                  Vinyl Tracklist:
                  Side A:
                  One Foot In
                  Same Old Story
                  Let It Go Look At Me
                  Soul Sound

                  Side B:
                  One Touch
                  Lush Life
                  Real Thing
                  New Year
                  Run For Cover

                  CD1 One Touch: Remastered                          
                  1. Overload                    
                  2. One Foot In                                          
                  3. Same Old Story                                    
                  4. Just Let It Go                                    
                  5. Look At Me                                        
                  6. Soul Sound                                      
                  7. One Touch
                  8. Lush Life
                  9. Real Thing                                  
                  10. New Year                                        
                  11. Promises
                  12. Run For Cover                                    
                  +  Bonus Tracks
                  13. Don’t Wanna Wait                                  
                  14. Sugababes On The Run                            
                  15. Forever                      
                  16. Little Lady Love [Original Mix]                
                  17. Sometimes                  
                  18. This Is What You Need [Demo]                  
                  19. Girls' Nite Out [Demo]

                  CD2  Remixes And Alternative Versions                     
                  1. Always Be The One [Demo]                            
                  2. Run For Cover [MNEK Remix]      
                  3. Overload [Majestic Remix]                    
                  4. Same Old Story [Blood Orange Remix]
                  5. Overload [Metronomy Vs Tatyana Remix]                  
                  6. Just Let It Go [2001 Version]                              
                  7. Look At Me [Alternative Mix]                              
                  8. Real Thing [Original Mix]                        
                  9. Soul Sound [Alternative Version]                  
                  10. One Touch [C.R.E.A.M. Remix]                    
                  11. New Year [Non Christmas Version] [a.k.a. 2001 Edit]         
                  12. Promises [Acoustic Mix]
                  13. Little Lady Love [About 2 Remix]                
                  14. Overload [Ed Case Remix]                          
                  15. Run For Cover [G4orce All Things Nice Dub]        
                  16. Real Thing [2-Step Radio Mix]


                  Timeless (25 Year Anniversary Edition)

                  Goldie's critically acclaimed drum & bass opus from 1995, remastered and expanded with rareties and new remixes!

                  25 years old, this complex debut album founded a new chapter in the history of the electronic genre originally reaching no. 7 in the charts and has since been celebrated for its unique blend of sublime strings, beautiful atmospheres and sophisticated vocals. Inarguably an ambitious blueprint at the time; Goldie’s production fashioned the edgy rhythms and bass of jungle into a newly futuristic model, now globally admired as drum & bass.

                  Thsi special edition feature rarities and remixes unearthed from Goldie’s personal archive. Remastered with Goldie overseeing the process himself. 

                  TRACK LISTING

                  Disc 1

                  A Side:
                  1-1a Inner City Life
                  1-1b Pressure
                  1-1c Jah

                  B Side:
                  B1 Saint Angel
                  B2 State Of Mind
                  B3 This Is A Bad

                  Disc 2

                  C Side:
                  C1 Sea Of Tears
                  C2 Jah The Seventh Seal
                  D Side:
                  D1 A Sense Of Rage (Sensual V.I.P. Mix)
                  D2 Still Life
                  D3 Angel

                  Disc 3

                  E Side:
                  E1 Adrift
                  E2 Kemistry
                  E3 You & Me
                  F Side:
                  F1 Sensual
                  F2 Kemistry

                  Happy Mondays

                  Pills 'N' Thrills And Bellyaches

                    Happy Mondays formed in 1980 and were signed by Tony Wilson to Factory Records. While their first album 'Squirrel And G-Man' had been all ramshackle ramblings and jarring grooves, by their second album 'Bummed' they were already showing signs of what was to come on 'Pills and Thrills' with off kilter funky grooves carrying Sean's sneering nonsensicle lyrics. 

                    By 1990, 'Madchester' was in full swing, this was the time of the indie-dance crossover. Previously there had been a very distinct line drawn between these two genre's which was rarely (if ever) crossed, but rave culture and Ecstacy had erased such rigid barriers and with DJ Paul Oakenfold more dancefloor orientated production, the Mondays embraced this change and added loose (ok, yes, baggy) psychedelic grooves to their uncompromising lyrics and shady tales. This album (along with Primal Scream's 'Screamadelica') came to defined this indie-funk-psych-rave melding of genres and hedonistic scene perfectly. 

                    STAFF COMMENTS

                    Andy says: The Mondays first "pop" (but not really) LP was produced by superstar DJ Paul Oakenfold and featured their biggest hit, the superb "Kinky Afro". This was their time,and they didn't fail to deliver.

                    TRACK LISTING

                    Kinky Afro
                    God's Cop
                    Grandbag's Funeral
                    Loose Fit
                    Dennis And Lois
                    Bob's Yer Uncle
                    Step On

                    Happy Mondays

                    ...Yes Please!

                      ‘...Yes Please!’ was the last Happy Mondays album on Factory Records. It was produced by Talking Heads’ Tina Weymouth and Chris Frantz and reached number 14 in the UK chart. Artwork lovingly replicated by original Manchester designers Central Station Design. Features the singles “Stinkin´ Thinkin”, “Sunshine & Love” and “Angel”.

                      STAFF COMMENTS

                      Andy says: "Yes Please" signaled the chaotic end of the Happy Mondays but it's still really interesting with it's tasty Talking Heads production and "Stinking Thinking" is one of the best things they ever did.

                      TRACK LISTING

                      Stinkin Thinkin 
                      Monkey In The Family 
                      Sunshine & Love 
                      Cut 'Em Loose Bruce 
                      Theme From Netto 
                      Love Child 
                      Total Ringo 
                      Cowboy Dave

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