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Viktor Vaughn

Vaudeville Villain - 2023 Reissue

    Back in 2003, during an incredible period of growth and reinvention for legendary artist MF DOOM, he introduced us to one of his numer- ous alter egos, Viktor Vaughn. As the story goes, Viktor Vaughn was an interdimensional time-traveling MC from an alternate realm where Hip-Hop was banned. He’d been exploring time and space looking for new dimensions to sharpen him to 90s era NYC, where he found himself stranded due to a mechanical mishap with his time machine. He began hitting open mics and small venues, battling other MCs and picking up a few side-hustles in order to raise enough funds to repair his time machine and get back to his travels.

    Vaudeville Villain is a concept album like no other, where MF DOOM re-envisions himself as a younger, hungrier, more brazen persona, in order to explore subjects new and old from a different point of view. Of course, developing a second self from a more technologically advanced universe, he wanted to take a new approach to the produc- tion too. Viktor Vaughn fittingly raps over next-school beats that move freely in spaces between Electronica and Hip Hop, all courtesy of Sound-Ink producers King Honey, Heat Sensor and Max Bill, with the exception of one track produced by RJD2. Featuring all original lyrics by DOOM, with a few notable guest appearances from M. Sayyid (Anti-Pop Consortium), Lord Sear, Apani B Fly MC, Louis Logic, and more, Vaudeville Villain is one of the more uniquely creative entries in the MF DOOM universe.


    01 - Overture
    02 - Vaudeville Villain
    03 - Lickupon
    04 - The Drop
    05 - Lactose And Lecithin
    06 - A Dead Mouse
    07 - RaeDawn
    08 - Let Me Watch Feat. Apani B. As Nikki
    09 - Open Mic Nite, Pt. 1 Feat. Brother Sambuca, Lord Sear, Louis Logic, Rodan As Dr. Moreau.
    10 - Saliva
    11 - Modern Day Mugging
    12 - Open Mic Nite, Pt. 2 Feat. AJ Ready Wright, Creature, Lord Sear
    13 - Never Dead Feat. M. Sayyid As Curtis Strifer
    14 - Popsnot
    15 - Mr. Clean
    16 - G.M.C.
    17 - Change The Beat


    So Many Other Realities Exist Simultaneously

      The new album from hip-hop duo Atmosphere, So Many Other Realities Exist Simultaneously, opens with veteran rapper Slug and seasoned producer Ant taking a gentler approach. A departure from the brute intros of earlier works, the lead-off track “Okay” sounds focused on comforting and reassuring the listener, as if informed by fatherhood and implicit duty. With Slug rapping over one of the most twinkling productions Ant has released, the song lays the groundwork for an album-length exercise in fumbling consciousness without setting a precedent for how they intend to navigate it. Yet, as gently as the album begins, there’s an unmistakable sense of unease from the onset that continues to evolve throughout the project, as Slug and Ant weave the listener through indistinct themes of insomnia and woe.

      From the subtle panic at the heart of songs like “Dotted Lines,” to the overt anxiety of songs like “In My Head,” the tension seems to cede and swell, but just as the tears begin to well, they seem to find resolve again through songs like “Still Life,” whose hopeful outlook undercuts the tensity of the album. Meanwhile, the rhythms on So Many Other Realities are some of the most inventive of Ant’s career. The playful percussion on “In My Head” acts as a nice counterweight to the roiling writing, while the drum patterns on “Holding My Breath” and “Bigger Pictures” allow Slug to play with his
      flow to emphasize the anxiety driving the record.

      Where previous records in this most recent act of Atmosphere’s career have been focused on emphasizing the parts of life that carry the most meaning—family, brotherhood, purpose—So Many Other Realities is an almost unnerving excavation of paranoia that can be grafted onto the general malaise of a pandemic weary society full of civil unrest. The
      tension of these songs is palpable, but the album’s mere presence is a testament to the hope that has to underpin even the most stressed out songs. Regardless of when the curtains might close, the music goes on.


      01 : Okay
      02 : Eventide (feat. Shepard Albertson)
      03 : Sterling
      04 : Dotted Lines
      05 : In My Head
      06 : Crop Circles
      07 : Portrait
      08 : It Happened Last Morning
      09 : Thanxiety
      10 : September Fools’ Day (feat. Kim Manning)
      11 : Talk Talk (feat. Bat Flower)
      12 : Watercolors
      13 : Holding My Breath
      14 : Still Life (feat. Murkage Dave)
      15 : After Tears (feat. Sa-Roc)
      16 : Positive Space
      17 : Bigger Pictures
      18 : Truth & Nail
      19 : Sculpting With Fire
      20 : Alright (Okay Reprise) 

      MF Doom

      Operation Doomsday - 2023 Reissue

        Underneath his mysterious metal mask, MF DOOM hides the cachet underground legends are made of. After his first group KMD’s sophomore album Black Bastards was shelved by Elektra in 1994, and his blood brother Subroc — one half of the sibling rap duo — passed away, surviving frontman Zev Love X slowly mutated into the supervillain MC known as MF DOOM, and the rap world is better for it.

        The 1999 release of Operation: Doomsday marked MF DOOM’s official debut, reintroducing a mysterious figure who would soon become one of underground rap’s greatest voices. Within its 19 tracks, Operation: Doomsday reveals the confluence of DOOM’s tragic past, personal interests and daring creativity. His clever rhymes and remarkable schemes stood out against the landscape, and every sound he touched — from cartoon theme songs, to ‘80s soul, to rap classics and more — got reinterpreted into something brand new and surreal.

        Decades later, MF DOOM is still celebrated for all facets of his work and influence. In the face of tragedy, DOOM re-infiltrated the rap game on his own terms, and crafted an instant cult classic. Operation: Doomsday stands as a testament to the power of betting on yourself against all odds. 


        01 : The Time We Faced DOOM (Skit)
        02 : Doomsday Feat. Pebbles The Invisible Girl
        03 : Rhymes Like Dimes Feat. DJ Cucumber Slice
        04 : The Finest Feat. Tommy Gunn
        05 : Back In The Days (Skit)
        06 : Go With The Flow
        07 : Tick, Tick... Feat. MF Grimm
        08 : Red And Gold Feat. King Ghidra
        09 : The Hands Of DOOM (Skit)
        10 : Who Do You Think I Am? Feat. X-Ray, Rodan, Megalon, K.D., King Ghidra & Kong
        11 : DOOM, Are You Awake? (Skit)
        12 : Hey!
        13 : Operation: Greenbacks Feat. Megalon
        14 : The Mic Feat. Pebbles The Invisible Girl
        15 : The Mystery Of DOOM (Skit)
        16: Dead Bent
        17 : Gas Drawls
        18 : ? Feat. Kurious
        19 : Hero V.s. Villain (Epilogue) Feat. E. Mason

        Aesop Rock

        Bazooka Tooth - 2023 Reissue

          Originally released in 2003, Bazooka Tooth was the fourth studio album by Aesop Rock. His first full-length recording following the lauded Labor Days album, Bazooka Tooth debuted at #112 on Billboard’s Top 200 chart and #44 on their Hip-Hop and R&B charts. On Bazooka Tooth, Aesop’s dizzying delivery and oscillating growl paired well with the produc- tion, delivering more apocalyptic angst and future-funk flavor than its predecessors. Buried within these sawtooth grooves, listeners have discovered a plethora of Aesop’s keen observations on the state of the industry, the state of the world and the state of humanity.


          01 : Bazooka Tooth
          02 : N.Y. Electric / Hunter Interlude
          03 : Easy
          04 : No Jumper Cables
          05 : Limelighters / Flunkadelic Interlude (feat. Camp Lo) 06 : Super Fluke
          07 : Cook It Up (feat. Party Fun Action Committee)
          08 : Freeze / Honeycomb Interlude
          09 : We’re Famous (feat. El-P)
          10 : Babies With Guns
          11 : The Greatest Pac-Man Victory In History
          12 : Frijoles
          13 : 11:35 / Ketamine U.S.A. Interlude (feat. Mr. Lif)
          14 : Kill The Messenger
          15 : Mars Attacks 

          Aesop Rock

          None Shall Pass - 2023 Reissue

            Originally released in 2007, None Shall Pass was the fifth studio album by Aesop Rock. Created over a two year period following the release of his Fast Cars, Danger, Fire & Knives EP, the album would prove to be Aesop’s final release on the now defunct Def Jux label. The critically acclaimed album debuted at #50 on Billboard’s Top 200 chart and #35 on their Hip-Hop and R&B charts, and includes the title track “None Shall Pass” which has proven to be one of Aesop’s most popular songs to date. None Shall Pass documents the vast amounts of personal change Aesop had been experiencing at this time while still deftly depicting scenes and stories relative to all ages of life.

            TRACK LISTING

            01 : Keep Off The Lawn
            02 : None Shall Pass
            03 : Catacomb Kids
            04 : Bring Back Pluto
            05 : Fumes
            06 : Getaway Car (feat. Breeze Brewin & Cage)
            07 : 39 Thieves
            08 : The Harbor Is Yours
            09 : Citronella
            10 : Gun For The Whole Family (feat. El-P)
            11 : Five Fingers
            13 : Dark Heart News (feat. Rob Sonic)
            14 : Coffee (feat. John Darnielle Of The Mountain Goats) 

            Aesop and Blockhead have never done a full album together, until now. “Garbology” came together over the course of the pandemic during stagnent periods for both – a dry creative period with neither really having any focus – so Blockhead started sending Aesop some beats for him to write over; with no real expectation, direction or end goal in sight, their creative juices began to flow naturally once more…

            “Garbology” encapsulates much of the claustrophobic tension of of current times, capturing a snapshot of Aesop and Blockhead expressing a means of entertaining themselves the midst of a major global crisis.

            Blockhead’s thick, atmospheric street beats compliment Aesop’s unique, quick-fire flow perfectly. Almost instantly transporting you under railway bridges, to underground subway stations, crumbling corner shops and abandoned waste grounds. If you’ve obsessed over the gritty cinematography of Detroit, Baltimore, Gary and other forgotten industrialized areas of the US (the label is based in Minneapolis); then this dark, isolated and wrought piece is the perfect soundtrack. Lyrically it’s poignant and tight, Aesop’s storytelling able to evoke thoughts, feelings and memories that the listener may not have experienced first hand but can completely sympathize with through the duo’s honest and authentic presentation. Possibly my favourite release from Aesop Rock and a brilliant showcase of Blockhead’s beats – which are unlike any other available in the market! 10 outta 10 all around – top of the class for these two.

            TRACK LISTING

            1. The Only Picture
            2. Jazz Hands
            3. Wolf Piss
            4. Legerdemain
            5. Difficult
            6. All The Smartest People
            7. Oh Fudge
            8. More Cycles
            9. Flamingo Pink
            10. All Day Breakfast(feat. Homeboy Sandman)
            11. Fizz
            12. That Is Not A Wizard
            13. The Sea
            14. Abandoned Malls

            The explosion of indie Hip Hop labels in the early 90s resulted in an ongoing snowball effect that started to shift the narrative around an artist’s need to sign to a major label. Coincidentally, quality home recording equipment was also becoming more easily accessible and, with the rising popularity of CD-R technology, this allowed artists to write, record, and manufacture their own albums right at home.

            Appleseed was a highly celebrated and influential release from that era, cementing Aesop Rock as a new face whose talent could not be denied. The album explores creative concepts with inventive writing and stripped-down yet melodic and melancholic production. Six out of the eight songs were produced by Aesop Rock, with Omega One producing “Sick Friend” and longtime collaborator Blockhead handling “1000 Deaths”, and the project’s sole guest lyricist was Doseone.

            The DIY process was followed in every aspect, as Aesop himself recalls, “I did the Appleseed hand style while working at Tepper Galleries in NYC. The cover was made at Kinko’s. The first Appleseed CD’s were CD-R’s I duped at home and sold from my backpack at an MF DOOM show at Brownies, which was right below my apartment at the time. I continued to sell hand to hand in NY, while Blockhead started fielding some mail orders from a young internet. People would send us cash or a check, and he’d cut the covers out and mail them off.“

            The two of them were able to move a couple thousand CDs that way before turning their attention to newer projects, particularly Float in Aesop’s case. As a result, Appleseed went out of print for many years before resurfacing as a merch item on tour. However, in all that time it was only available on CD, directly from Aesop. Finally, 21 years after its debut, Appleseed officially returns, now available on all digital platforms, as well as on vinyl for the first time!

            TRACK LISTING

            1) Appleseed Intro
            2) Dryspell
            3) Same Space (The Tugboat Complex, Part 2)
            4) Sick Friend
            5) Hold The Cup
            6) 1,000 Deaths
            7) Blue In The Face
            8) Odessa Feat. Doseone

            MF Doom


              In 1998 Zev Love X of the seminal rap group KMD re-emerged as a masked super villain known as MF DOOM. The following Year he release the ground breaking independent classic Operation: Doomsday. Doom only added to the mystery by creating multiple aliases (King Geedorah, Viktor Vaughn, etc.) and taking a no holds barred approach to his musical career. With collaborative side projects with Madlib (Madvillain) and most recently DANGERDOOM with Danger Mouse, MM..FOOD marks the super villain's long awaited follow up to Operation: Doomsday.

              TRACK LISTING

              1. Beef Rap
              2. Hoe Cakes
              3. Potholderz (feat. Count Bass D)
              4. One Beer
              5. Deep Fried Frenz
              6. Poo-Putt Platter
              7. Fillet-O-Rapper
              8. Gumbo
              9. Fig Leaf Bi-Carbonate
              10. Kon Karne
              11. Guinnesses (feat. 4Ize & Angelika)
              12. Kon Queso
              13. Rapp Snitch Knishes
              14. Vomitspit
              15. Kookies

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