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The word legendary gets bandied around with increasing frequency, but in house music circles that aren't many more worthy of that particular epithet than Larry Heard. The man's forays onto vinyl are ever more occasional since his well-documented withdrawals from the scene, so when an Alleviated 12" comes along it's a big deal in our book. "You Rock Me" conveys all the classic Heard sounds with its gentle tempo, careful textures and understated, old school vocals from Mr Chris. "The Sun Can't Compare" is instantly different, drawing on Mr Fingers acid for a faster and wholly electronic backing with those ageless drum sounds. Originally released back in October 2006, this 12" is one of the most requested records we've had in eons.

Larry Heard's classic, emo-house (new genre alert, coined specifically for Larry and possibly either of the Howards...) anthem, "Missing You" gets a high quality repress complete with instrumental and alternate mixes. If you're not familiar with the original then this is some seriously beautiful, emotionally charged music. A magestic piano sequence repeats over and over while winding sax lines and atmospheric sound beds conjure up a real hazy, laidback vibe. The vocal delivery (by Larry himself) is spot on too, done in that gospel-inspired, Chicago style. It's basically just one of those perfect, timeless songs with originals being highly sought after. The 'Jazz Cafe' version has a more indoor quality than the spacious original, paying more attention to deep, driving vocal parts and quite moody string and piano sections. A live grand piano solo makes this alternative mix stand strong and definitely have its uses alongside the original. As a parting note I'd like to say this would make brilliant breakup music! If there are any broken hearts out there... Don't sleep on this baby.

Piccadilly customers, house music inclined Mancunians, the whole of Chicago (surely?!) and WHP attendees will have known about this for some time now - but that hasn't quelled any anticipation or excitement - yes you heard right - THE FIRST MR. FINGERS ALBUM IN TWENTY FIVE YEARS!!!!

Take a breath...

Famous as one of the most important heads in dance music around the world, Larry has enjoyed a successful career as a producer, remixer, collaborator, vocalist and DJ spanning 35 years. Out on his own Alleviated Records, "Cerebral Hemispheres" features 14 new pieces of music that allows the listener to fully immerse themselves and dig deep into Larry's musical world. Often regarded as one of the brightest stars to shine on deep house music, Larry's alter-ego Mr. Fingers has rarely put a note wrong across an illustrious and expansive career. Lucky for us, the fingered one has decided not to change the formula tooo drastically, so it's full of rich, textured piano, delicately played congas, dreamy xylophone licks and swinging house beats. There's a touch of Latin flavour, a stupendously rich and varied palette plus an advanced musical structure, owing itself to proper 'songs' than repetitive beats n trax that litter the modern day house scene. Larry's gone and brought home the bacon pop pickers, showing every mutha f***a how it's done in 2018. An imperative release. Every home needs one! 


Matt says: Possibly the most antipated 'dance' album from the last...five years..? Anyway, ignore the hype just listen to the music and make up your own mind. Is there anyone that crafts house music like ol' Larry H. I doubt it. Impeccable - he's still on top!

Patrick says: Larry Heard follows up that spectacular 12" with his first album of new material in years. Ranging from the deep and soulful to the totally alien, this is top tackle from the real OG. Get your orders in, because this triple vinyl will fly...

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