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Three tracks that were included as bonus tracks on the Gherkin Jerks compilation CD from a few years ago are now up for their release on vinyl. All originate from the same Gherkin sessions as Mr. Heard's two outstanding late 80's EP's but were never released as such. The moniker showed a different side to his sonic pallet, and would innovate the acid sound to great FX, influencing a great many of artists in the decades that followed. “Psychotic Fantasy” eventually made its way to the “Dance 2000 Pt. 2” album, while the original full take of “Ecstasy” and “Reznaytor” never saw the light of the day. Now for the first time on wax and still sounding as futuristic as ever!


Matt says: House artists don't come much more revered than Larry Heard and his Gherkin Jerks alias, responsible for a very modest but highly coveted set of releases at the end of the 80s. To think "Reznayor" and "Ecstasy" have, essentially, remained on the studio floor for the last 30 years is astonishing. "Psychotic Fantasy" also sees a much needed vinyl repress.


1. Psychotic Fantasy
2. Reznaytor
3. Ecstasy (original Full Take)

Alongside an absolutely crucial reissue of Moodymann's remix of "Another Night", Larry Heard's Alleviated Records come through with a brand new release courtesy of Piccolo JT & Rio Love.

Piccolo Jt gets things underway with "1969", a beautifully airy deep house stroller with a spoken word sample reminiscing about early black music parties and delicate conga patterns a la the Alleviated standard. "Juke Joints Liquor Houses" follows suit with equally sumptuous, open air deep house vibrations narrated by another commentary on black music and society from back in the day.

Rio Love takes over the reins on side B, "My Country" pairing mechanized electronics and a stripped back rhythm to a politically charged speech on power struggles and economic / race divisions in society. Finally, "I'm Not Tough But Im Tired" sees a weighty house throb decorated with melodica and gentle piano chords for a moment of deep house, plasma pool bliss - the likes of which is almost synonymous with Larry Heard's Alleviated imprint.

These two new signings ensure Alleviated is still at the top of the deep house pyramid after over 30 years! Don't sleep... 


Matt says: Amazing new vibes from Larry Heard's Alleviated camp. Piccolo JT delivering pure deepness, up there with some of the best on the label. The spoken word snippets really elevate it - a feast for the mind and body. Can't get enough of this...


Piccolo Jt - 1969
Piccolo Jt - Juke Joints Liqour Houses
Rio Love - My Country
Rio Love - Im Not Tough But Im Tired

Larry Heard

Another Night - Inc. KDJ Re-Edit

Re-issue of two limited release tracks from Larry Heard's "Love Arrival" album sessions. Great edit by J.A.N. (aka Moodymann / KDJ) and the last missing piece from the sessions: "Time Machine", a bass driven soulfull stomper that'll transport you to an early 90's dancefloor...

Originally released as a one-sided 12" on Track Mode. These have been out of press since around 2001, and are excellent examples of the dizzy heights achived by both producers. An stunning and essential record for any deep house heads. 


Matt says: Been a while since we've had this in the shop (so long infact that some of our younger customers might not be aware of it). The golden pairing of Larry Heard and Moodymann... say no more!


1. Another Night - KDJ Edit
2. Time Machine

Re-issue of this essential Larry Heard album from the early 2000's. Presented in a DJ friendly, triple vinyl package and adding some of the favorites from CD release like "Deja Vu" and "Missing you (Jazz Cafe Mix)" to the vinyl package. There's a bonus track too - "Luminous Energy" from the same sessions but previously unreleased. 

For newcomers: prepare to be swept away on a bliss cloud of deep house pleasure. A dazzling array of instrumentation (and Larry's own vocals), creating a rich and luxureous sound thats fathoms apart from the souless, dial-a-preset version of bastardized EDM-house that, ironically, became the go-to for much of the American public. We were always a bit more discerning over here, which is why this album became such a cult-collected classic - often fetching up to £100 2nd hand. Every house lover needs a copy of this in their collection - don't miss out this time round! 


01 Praise
02 Riverside Drive
03 Deja Vu
04 Dew Drops
05 Another Night
06 When I Think Of You
07 To Try
08 Loves Arrival Dub
09 Missing You (jazz Cafe Mix)
10 Havana
11 Until The Last Goodbye
12 Direct Drive
13 Luminous Energy

Super exciting to get some unreleased, archive Larry Heard tracks via his long running imprint Alleviated. His name is synonymous with quality deep house productions, possessing a musicality and elegance that's miles ahead of many modern producers. 

Cushion soft deepness, with warm basses, weaving melodies, fluttering conga lines and crisp top end characterize much of the producer's catalogue. These four tracks are no exception, effortlessly rolling off the studio desk rich in texture and human touch. There's two remixes which are pulled off with charm and sympathy to Larry's original vibe. All in all a killer package for deep house heads around the world!  


Matt says: Never before heard magic from the deep house demigod, making you wonder what else he's got locked away in the closet.


1. The Time Is Now (Old School Mix)
2. Premonition Of Lost Love (Jordan Kevin's Zanzibar Dub)
3. Andromeda One
4. Mystery Of Love (DJ Mel's Regentryfication)

Chicago house royalty Mr. Fingers returns on his own Alleviated Records imprint with a brand new album!!! Larry Heard continues on the path he's set with "Cerebral Hemispheres" in 2018, encasing his luxurious deep house workouts with influences from jazz, gospel and ambient.

The delicate percussion lines that have become synonymous with the producer, especially on his "Electric Blue" series have reach a higher level of clarity and propulsion; effortlessly ushering you through fluffy crowds and dreamy horizons. Lead lines and chord progressions to melt hearts flow through the ten tracks like emotive butter; there's few that engage machines in such a spiritual and communicative way as Mr. Fingers.

Vast, expansive arrangements, perfectly plotted through this imaginary soundscape; the LP takes you on a deep, vivid journey rich with exotic nuances as Larry explores Eastern scales and far-away timbres. There's even some moments of Balearic island bliss; lolloping waves and drifting vocals adding to an air of coastal decadence.

In short, a beautifully realized, sophisticated and picturesque long player from one of house music's longest serving and charismatic players. Highly recommended! 


Matt says: Another stunning album from the Chicago house godfather. Maturing nicely, this might be his most musical and diverse offering yet. Containing plenty of 'proper' songs - with writting vocal parts, musings into downtempo and Balearic are fully realized showing the vast breadth of musicality contained within this singular producer. Languid and relaxed, it's a noticeable divergence from the urgency and energy of the dancefloor and will make superb living room listening.


Around The Sun
Touch The Sky
Coastline Paradox
Electrostatic Levitation
Somethings Going On
Like The Dawn

Mr. White

You Rock Me / The Sun Can't Compare

The word legendary gets bandied around with increasing frequency, but in house music circles that aren't many more worthy of that particular epithet than Larry Heard. The man's forays onto vinyl are ever more occasional since his well-documented withdrawals from the scene, so when an Alleviated 12" comes along it's a big deal in our book. "You Rock Me" conveys all the classic Heard sounds with its gentle tempo, careful textures and understated, old school vocals from Mr Chris. "The Sun Can't Compare" is instantly different, drawing on Mr Fingers acid for a faster and wholly electronic backing with those ageless drum sounds. Originally released back in October 2006, this 12" is one of the most requested records we've had in eons - back again for 2024 they don't get much more timeless than this.


A. You Rock Me
B. The Sun Can't Compare

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