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Chicago house royalty Mr. Fingers returns on his own Alleviated Records imprint with a brand new album!!! Larry Heard continues on the path he's set with "Cerebral Hemispheres" in 2018, encasing his luxurious deep house workouts with influences from jazz, gospel and ambient.

The delicate percussion lines that have become synonymous with the producer, especially on his "Electric Blue" series have reach a higher level of clarity and propulsion; effortlessly ushering you through fluffy crowds and dreamy horizons. Lead lines and chord progressions to melt hearts flow through the ten tracks like emotive butter; there's few that engage machines in such a spiritual and communicative way as Mr. Fingers.

Vast, expansive arrangements, perfectly plotted through this imaginary soundscape; the LP takes you on a deep, vivid journey rich with exotic nuances as Larry explores Eastern scales and far-away timbres. There's even some moments of Balearic island bliss; lolloping waves and drifting vocals adding to an air of coastal decadence.

In short, a beautifully realized, sophisticated and picturesque long player from one of house music's longest serving and charismatic players. Highly recommended! 


Matt says: Another stunning album from the Chicago house godfather. Maturing nicely, this might be his most musical and diverse offering yet. Containing plenty of 'proper' songs - with writting vocal parts, musings into downtempo and Balearic are fully realized showing the vast breadth of musicality contained within this singular producer. Languid and relaxed, it's a noticeable divergence from the urgency and energy of the dancefloor and will make superb living room listening.


Around The Sun
Touch The Sky
Coastline Paradox
Electrostatic Levitation
Somethings Going On
Like The Dawn

Mr. Fingers

Cerebral Hemispheres

    Piccadilly customers, house music inclined Mancunians, the whole of Chicago (surely?!) and WHP attendees will have known about this for some time now - but that hasn't quelled any anticipation or excitement - yes you heard right - THE FIRST MR. FINGERS ALBUM IN TWENTY FIVE YEARS!!!!

    Take a breath...

    Famous as one of the most important heads in dance music around the world, Larry has enjoyed a successful career as a producer, remixer, collaborator, vocalist and DJ spanning 35 years. Out on his own Alleviated Records, "Cerebral Hemispheres" features 14 new pieces of music that allows the listener to fully immerse themselves and dig deep into Larry's musical world. Often regarded as one of the brightest stars to shine on deep house music, Larry's alter-ego Mr. Fingers has rarely put a note wrong across an illustrious and expansive career. Lucky for us, the fingered one has decided not to change the formula tooo drastically, so it's full of rich, textured piano, delicately played congas, dreamy xylophone licks and swinging house beats. There's a touch of Latin flavour, a stupendously rich and varied palette plus an advanced musical structure, owing itself to proper 'songs' than repetitive beats n trax that litter the modern day house scene. Larry's gone and brought home the bacon pop pickers, showing every mutha f***a how it's done in 2018. An imperative release. Every home needs one! 


    Patrick says: Larry Heard follows up that spectacular 12" with his first album of new material in years. Ranging from the deep and soulful to the totally alien, this is top tackle from the real OG.


    1. Full Moon
    2. City Streets
    3. Urbane Sunset
    4. Sands Of Aruba
    5. Tiger Lounge
    6. A Day In Portugal
    7. Sao Paolo
    8. Crying Over You
    9. Cerebral Hemispheres
    10. Electron
    11. Outer Acid
    12. Inner Acid
    13. Spy
    14. Stratusfly
    15. Nodyahead
    16. Qwazars Re-mix
    17. Aether
    18. Praise To The Vibes

    Larry Heard

    Sceneries Not Songs Volume 1

      I was probably playing Mario on the SNES and Bomberman on the Amiga when this masterpiece first landed on Black Market in '94. Sadly I missed out on arguably the finest LP from unquestionably THE greatest house producer ever! While not a complete departure from the thumping dance floor sound fans were used to, the combination of ambient compositions, tropical melodies, jazzy refrains and breezy percussion took critics by surprise on its original release, leading to some mixed reviews. Well, twenty years later and it’s undoubtedly a masterpiece, looming large over the current crop of house producers and their future primitive explorations. If you’re struggling to catch my drift, lend an ear to ‘Caribbean Coast’ and drift away with the likes of Ruf Dug, András and Young Marco.


      Patrick says: Out of press since the nineties, this masterpiece was slept on when it first came out, but has matured like fine wine, pointing the direction for subsequent generations of house producers. Tropical, jazzy and effortlessly musical, this is my favourite record from the legend.


      Dolphin Dream
      Tahiti Dusk
      Midnight Movement
      Summertime Breeze
      Winter Wind Chill
      Caribbean Coast
      One, Three, Five, Seven
      Question Of Time (bonus Track)

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