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Inner / Outer Acid - Aleksi Perala Remixes

Third and final part of the "Cerebral Hemispheres" set and its a solo affair by one Aleksi Parela. Now, you know if Larry's let just one producer infiltrate the whole record then this must be one to watch!

Born in Finland in 1976, Aleksi Perälä has been an independent producer and a electronic music composer for over 20 years, writting for Rephlex and its sub-label AP.

First remix, "Inneracid" sees the producer utilize an anthemic piano line plotted against sonar bleeps and rising synths. It's a highly electrified track that'll send ripples of excitement through aircraft hangers and main rooms alike.

His second remix uses a gurgling 303 line and at first glance recalls Ruf Dug's "Headband Dub" - a serene and highly melodic cut using buzzing leads and twinkling keys. Epic!


Sil says: Amazing, tots awesome remix work here on an already majestic track. Perala creates aural magic left and right. Both sides are just beautiful non-boring gentle techno.

Second record of remixes of tracks from Mr. Finger's "Cerebral Hemispheres" LP, released earlier this year.

New Jersey house music maverick and ex-dancer, Joey Anderson is the first to get down to it, adding his signature outer-worldly embellishments to "Electron" - alien swirls, suspended stabs and dark, winding melodies. It's amazing how concise and inventive JA's style is - both familiar and fresh with every new turn.

UK sub frequency scholar and Hyperdub main man Kode9 adds another footwork hybrid to his recent discography as a plethora of drum hits glide and stutter against a discordant beep and grown on his take of "Spy".

Rising star Upsammy is last to muscle in on the action. Deploying one of her atypical house frameworks to "Outer Acid". Cerebral, non-linear arrangements and an unusual palette of sounds are what characterize her productions and this one's no exception, transporting the track into the cosmos before cutting the space chord and letting it drift off into the void.

A wide range of artists remixing tracks from Mr. Fingers latest album "Cerebral Hemispheres". First of a three part remix EP series. For the first one duties go to Rodaidh McDonald and Larry Heard himself for fresh versions of "Praise to the Vibes" while Call Super and Duplex shine their light on "Crying Over You".

"Praise To The Vibes" enjoys some added embellishments - pranging woodblock delays, slightly vocodered vocal section and a rich canvas of instrumentation - resulting in, I'm afraid, this being THE definitive version of this tune (commiserations album owners - you ARE gonna have to invest in these extras...!).

Call Super prolongs his stay in the house music spotlight by deconstructing "Crying Over You" into glistening fractals and bubbly perc, as if the whole thing slowly dripping through a spectral filter. Woozy, heady and thoroughly intoxifying, it shows a fearless producer enjoying a lavish spell of confidence and assurance.

Larry gets back on track offering an extention to "Praise To The Vibes" before Duplex drops the second remix of "Crying Over You" - an emotive and steady cut that you'd perhaps catch Omar S or Ron Trent having loads of fun with in the mix. 


Matt says: My favourite of the three part "Cerebral Hemispheres" remix package based purely off the strength of the alt mix of "Priase To The Vibes". Call Super's take on "Crying Over You" ain't half bad either!

Piccadilly customers, house music inclined Mancunians, the whole of Chicago (surely?!) and WHP attendees will have known about this for some time now - but that hasn't quelled any anticipation or excitement - yes you heard right - THE FIRST MR. FINGERS ALBUM IN TWENTY FIVE YEARS!!!!

Take a breath...

Famous as one of the most important heads in dance music around the world, Larry has enjoyed a successful career as a producer, remixer, collaborator, vocalist and DJ spanning 35 years. Out on his own Alleviated Records, "Cerebral Hemispheres" features 14 new pieces of music that allows the listener to fully immerse themselves and dig deep into Larry's musical world. Often regarded as one of the brightest stars to shine on deep house music, Larry's alter-ego Mr. Fingers has rarely put a note wrong across an illustrious and expansive career. Lucky for us, the fingered one has decided not to change the formula tooo drastically, so it's full of rich, textured piano, delicately played congas, dreamy xylophone licks and swinging house beats. There's a touch of Latin flavour, a stupendously rich and varied palette plus an advanced musical structure, owing itself to proper 'songs' than repetitive beats n trax that litter the modern day house scene. Larry's gone and brought home the bacon pop pickers, showing every mutha f***a how it's done in 2018. An imperative release. Every home needs one! 


Patrick says: Larry Heard follows up that spectacular 12" with his first album of new material in years. Ranging from the deep and soulful to the totally alien, this is top tackle from the real OG.

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