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Mykki Blanco

Broken Hearts & Beauty Sleep

    First official release in nearly five years from the rapper, poet, and trailblazer Mykki Blanco, since their debut full-length Mykki.

    This 9-track body of work also marks their debut release as part of a recently signed deal with Transgressive Records in London (supported by [PIAS] worldwide).

    Features special guests Blood Orange (Dev Hynes), Big Freedia, Kari Faux + more Produced by FaltyDL

    Includes the 6Music A-listed single ‘Free Ride’, co-produced by FaltyDL and Hudson Mohawke

    The music of this new mini-album introduces a more nuanced and genre-spanning set of work, suggesting the reflective wisdom of one who has experience and maturity on their side. Ushering in a fresh era for the artist, the songs take life and love into account, but also personal stakes that are higher than they've ever been


    1. Trust A Little Bit (God Colony Version)
    2. Free Ride
    3. Summer Fling (feat. Kari Faux)
    4. It’s Not My Choice (feat. Blood Orange)
    5. Fuck Your Choices
    6. Love Me (feat. Jamila Woods And Jay Cue)
    7. Want From Me (feat. Bruno Ribeiro)
    8. Patriarchy Ain’t The End Of Me
    9. That’s Folks (feat. Big Freedia)

    Marika Hackman


      Marika Hackman returns with ‘Covers’, a darkly beautiful, self-produced new album which showcases a more vulnerable side. During the extended lockdown period of the last few months, Marika felt that creating a covers record was a way of exploring new sound ideas and expressing herself without having the pressure of the blank page. She recorded and produced Covers between home and her parents’ house, then got David Wrench to mix it.


      You Never Wash Up After Yourself
      Phantom Limb
      Playground Love
      Jupiter 4
      Pink Light
      Between The Bars
      Temporary Loan
      In Undertow
      All Night

      Beverly Glenn-Copeland

      Keyboard Fantasies - 2021 Reissue

        35th anniversary reissue of legendary Canadian/American singer, composer and transgender activist Beverly Glenn-Copeland’s beloved seminal work.

        An ahead-of-it’s-time synth exploration which somehow combines the essence of new-age minimalism, early Detroit techno and the warmth of traditional songwriting.

        His third album, Keyboard Fantasies was originally self-released on cassette in 1986. Initially over-looked by mainstream media, it caught the ear of a Japanese collector who contacted the artist in 2015 and asked for copies to sell. These sold out instantly and led to more copies being distributed… and multiple offers from record labels.

        Features stunning alternative cover artwork + liner notes by Robyn.

        Only the second time the album has been repressed (and previous repress was very limited), LP edition is housed in a gatefold sleeve with spot gloss to the cover, with printed inner sleeve, 180g black vinyl + download code.

        First time the album has been available on CD. This format is a digi-sleeve with spot gloss to the cover + 8-page booklet.


        1. Ever New
        2. Winter Astral
        3. Let Us Dance
        4. Slow Dance
        5. Old Melody
        6. Sunset Village

        The Antlers

        Green To Gold

          Highly anticipated record from New York's beloved act The Antlers, their first new music in seven music Perhaps what distinguishes Green to Gold from the rest of The Antlers’ canon is its arrival at a kind of quiet normalcy after a number of rather anxious records. Conceived and written almost entirely in the morning hours, Green to Gold is the easily their most luminous record to date. Following 2014’s Familiars, it looked unsure as to whether there would even be another Antlers album, after the onset of singer and primary songwriter Peter Silberman’s auditory problems.

          Affecting his left ear, it was a condition that left him struggling to cope with commonplace noises. He was subsequently diagnosed with lesions on one of his vocal cords, requiring surgery for their removal and vocal therapy to retrain his voice to sing. Following a relocation to upstate New York and the 10th anniversary tour of 2009's 'Hospice', Silberman was rejuvenated and rediscovered the impulse to create new Antlers music. Of Silberman’s unique vocals, The Guardian wrote “His multi-octave voice is as intense as Jeff Buckley’s or Anohni’s, but it’s vulnerable without being precious or cloying” The first LP pressing is on ltd edition gold vinyl (represses will revert to black vinyl) September 2021 tour TBA, including two shows at EartH, London plus shows in Manchester and Edinburgh


          1. Strawflower
          2. Wheels Roll Home
          3. Solstice
          4. Stubborn Man
          5. Just One Sec
          6. It Is What It Is
          7. Volunteer
          8. Green To Gold
          9. Porchlight
          10. Equinox

          ‘Fongola (Instrumentals)’ puts the incredible musicality of KOKOKO! on full, uncompromising show. Their impeccably assembled beats and hyper-distinctive blend of organic and electronic pulsing grooves made their recent breakout one of the alternative world’s most gripping of recent times, with an uncompromising and entrancing live show to match. Formed in Kinshasa, DRC, KOKOKO! comprises of local musicians, artists, dancers and inventors alongside producer Débruit.


          Azo Toke
          Buka Dans
          Zala Mayele

          Arlo Parks

          Collapsed In Sunbeams

            Highly anticipated debut from 2020 breakthrough artist, London-based musician and poet Arlo Parks Speaking about her LP, Arlo says "My album is a series of vignettes and intimate portraits surrounding my adolescence and the people that shaped it. It is rooted in storytelling and nostalgia - I want it to feel both universal and hyper specific." 

            STAFF COMMENTS

            says: As a debut album, Collapsed In Sunbeams is about as perfect as you're going to get. The breadth of talent and refined groove present throughout is astounding, and perfectly measured. A beautifully soulful and comfortingly modern endeavour.

            TRACK LISTING

            1. Collapsed In Sunbeams
            2. Hurt
            3. Too Good
            4. Hope
            5. Caroline
            6. Black Dog
            7. Green Eyes
            8. Just Go
            9. For Violet
            10. Eugene
            11. Bluish
            12. Portra 400

            Beverly Glenn-Copeland

            Live At Le Guess Who?


              Full length live recording from Le Guess Who? Festival 2018 in Utrecht, released physically for the first time here.

              Containing unreleased songs and unique versions of his catalogue, this is a special record from an important artist only just starting to receive the recognition he deserves.

              After a hiatus of live performance that lasted decades, you can hear the joy on tape of an artist realising how much his music has connected with a new generation in real time, supported by an intergenerational band.

              Pressed on 180g crystal clear vinyl, includes download code.

              Moonchild Sanelly


                LIMITED TO ONE PER PERSON.

                First physical release of this EP, set to position Moonchild Sanelly as one of the year's greatest breakout artists, with her electrifying music and unique style ready to take on a global audience.

                The EP features empowering anthem "Thunda Thighs," which arrived alongside clips of the song's TikTok challenge, as well as singles "Where De Dee Kat", and "Bashiri". Nüdes is packed with Moonchild's quintessential infectious energy and sure to keep you dancing for the entire EP.

                Pressed on 180g moon blue vinyl, includes download code.



                  Lupin is the sound of an arrival. Across eight tracks of subverted, expansive pop, Jake Luppen’s solo debut is all sharp edges, a fractured self-portrait pieced together through left-of-center, pop maximalism.

                  Although Luppen rose to prominence as a vocalist and guitarist in St. Paul’s beloved indie outfit Hippo Campus, the songs on Lupin feel like meeting him for the first time. He puts it succinctly: “With this record I wanted to get to the point, and say how things were, as opposed to dancing around them.”

                  Written mainly in breaks during a sprawl of 112 shows for Hippo Campus’ Bambi from 2018-2019, Lupin was an unexpected path to confidence. It also offered an escape from the grind of endless touring and a way for Luppen to process major and stressful life events directly through songwriting.

                  Inspired as much by Charli XCX’s Pop 2 as it is Tears for Fears, ‘80s new wave, and Prince, the genre-bending record holds true to a desire to make ‘80s music filtered through modern technology. Featuring synth and programming contributions from Jim-E Stack and Buddy Ross, Lupin weaves together fragmented drum loops, swooning falsetto, tangles of synths, and sharp guitar-lines, the final product is an off-kilter pop-sheen, one Luppen said was guided more by intuition and feeling than anything else.

                  Working alongside producer BJ Burton (Bon Iver, Charli XCX, Banks), the two spent intensive sessions collecting material, coalescing as many layers felt true to serve the songs

                  TRACK LISTING

                  1. Harbor
                  2. Vampire
                  3. Murderer
                  4. KO-Kid
                  5. Lazy
                  6. May
                  7. Gloomy
                  8. NZ

                  Songhoy Blues


                    Sons of Mali. Groundbreaking Artists. Refugees. Virtuosos. Survivors. Rock Stars. Unforgettable and undeniable, Songhot Blues represent the future of African rock n’ roll and today they release their third album, "Optimisme", out on Transgressive.

                    Arguably one of the most successful and exciting bands to emerge from Africa in recent years, they open this set with "Badala", Songhoy for “We Don’t Give a Fuck”. Talking about the track, Aliou from the band said:

                    When you go out to clubs in Soho, London or New York, you hear hard rock music that can make people move. We wanted to make a rock club crowd get involved with Songhoy Blues. It’s about Songhoy Blues reaching even further than before. We want to see people jumping on a Songhoy Blues track, like they were at a concert. Matt Sweeney said something important the day before we went into the studio. He said ‘We need to make a real Songhoy Blues album. Songhoy Blues stage energy is crazy. Why don’t you put that energy straight in the song?’ That’s what we did.

                    This 11-song, multilingual album marks a real musical breakthrough. Musically harder, steeped in deep traditions of classic Malian music and desert blues and fused with an urgent and super-charged sound of now, the album was produced by Matt Sweeney of beloved indie rockers Chavez, who’s worked with a host of celebrated artists including Johnny Cash, Run the Jewels, El-P, Cat Power and Will Oldham, and recorded & mixed by Daniel Schlett (The War on Drugs, Modest Mouse, Ghostface Killah) in Brooklyn, NY.

                    TRACK LISTING

                    1. Badala
                    2. Assadja
                    3. Fey Fey
                    4. Gabi
                    5. Barre
                    6. Pour Toi
                    7. Bon Bon
                    8. Worry
                    9. Korfo
                    10. Dournia
                    11. Kouma

                    Beverly Glenn-Copeland

                    Transmissions: The Music Of Beverly Glenn-Copeland

                      Throughout a fifty year recording career, legendary singer, composer and transgender activist Beverly Glenn-Copeland's music has defied categorisation and genre, its only consistency being the extraordinary fusion of vision, technology, spirituality and place.

                      Now in his mid-70’s, Glenn-Copeland was born into a musical family and studied the classical piano repertoire from ‘cradlehood,’ listening to his father playing the piano four to five hours a day. He moved from his home-town of Philadelphia to study classical music at McGill University, Montreal in 1961 (focussing on the European song repertoire) before he suddenly felt called to write music that would weave influences from the myriad musical cultures he had come to love.

                      Newly signed to Transgressive, this career spanning collection of songs includes three previously unreleased tracks; ‘River Dreams’, written last year and released with the album announcement, the live versions of ‘Deep River’+ ‘Colour Of Anyhow’, in addition to studio tracks from his acclaimed masterpiece Keyboard Fantasies + more.

                      TRACK LISTING

                      LP & 7" Tracklisting

                      A1. La Vita
                      A2. Ever New
                      A3. Colour Of Anyhow (CBC Q Live Version)
                      A4. Deep River (Live At Le Guess Who?)
                      B1. Don't Despair
                      B2. Durocher
                      B3. River Dreams
                      B4. This Side Of Grace
                      B5. Sunset Village

                      A1. In The Image
                      B2. Montreal Main (The Buddha In The Palm)

                      CD Tracklisting
                      1. La Vita
                      2. Ever New
                      3. Colour Of Anyhow (CBC Q Live Version)
                      4. Deep River (Live At Le Guess Who?)
                      5. Don't Despair
                      6. Durocher
                      7. River Dreams
                      8. This Side Of Grace
                      9. Sunset Village
                      10. In The Image
                      11. A Little Talk
                      12. Montreal Main (The Buddha In The Palm)
                      13. Erzili



                        Michelle are a musical collective hailing from New York City.

                        Weaving in and out of R&B, 80’s synth pop, jazz and indie, Michelle is refreshingly predominated by queer and POC members, showcasing a transformative era in pop music.

                        Written and recorded in a bedroom over the span of two weeks, their debut album “Heatwave” captures a compilation of sentimental moments – snapshots of youth in a New York summer, all immediately recognizable to those who’ve lived them (and those that have wished to).

                        TRACK LISTING

                        SIDE A
                        1. GET OFF UR PHONE (MICHELLE, Isa Reyes)*
                        2. AWAY
                        3. STUCK ON U
                        4. THE BOTTOM
                        5. SUMMER

                        SIDE B
                        6. IDEAL
                        7. LOVE UR NAME
                        8. MANGO
                        9. KIP
                        10. 2.25


                        Boniface - Bonus Disc Edition

                          The self-titled debut from Canadian solo artist Boniface is a catalogue of their most formative coming-of-age experiences, each moment captured in diary-like detail and set against a magnificently sprawling backdrop. Throughout the album, the musician/producer otherwise known as Micah Visser reflects on falling in love and facing heartbreak whilst struggling with identity, never failing to find an ineffable beauty within all the pain. The result is a body of work both bracingly honest and powerfully exhilarating—an emotional journey that Visser encapsulates as “taking little detours and exploring the times when everything feels perfect.”

                          Growing up in Winnipeg, Visser wrote the songs for the album at home throughout their late teens and early twenties, after shifts at the local coffee shop and lost nights in the city. This intimacy has been preserved on Boniface, with the songs largely recorded in the room they were written, with Visser’s brother Joey and longtime collaborator Micheal Dunn also on hand. The trio eventually travelled to London to finish up work with producer/engineer Neil Comber (Charli XCX, M.I.A., Glass Animals) who helped bring Boniface’s lavish arrangements to full and dazzling life.

                          While the catharsis documented on Boniface is undeniably raw, Visser points to a certain touchstone behind the making of their full-length debut: a mission of gently encouraging others to embrace total vulnerability. “There’s so much negativity in the world, and it’s easy to get caught in that cycle of being closed off and negative too—and then projecting that onto other people, and just continuing the cycle,” says Visser. “I’ve found that in my personal life, pushing myself to be more open helps other people to open up as well, so then it becomes a cycle of positivity instead. And I know that it’s really scary to do that, but hopefully opening up in my music will help people to feel safe. I’d love for people to hear these songs and feel inspired, like they can do anything they want with their lives.”

                          The bonus CD features the non-album single and live favourite "Phantom Limbs" and all of the b-sides to date, at times reflecting a more intimate portrait of this most special album. Also included is their stripped down cover of Chromatics "The Page" and the single mixes for "Keeping Up" and new single "Oh My God"

                          STAFF COMMENTS

                          says: Boniface excels in the sort of lush synth textures and perfectly produced electroacoustic juxtaposition I really enjoy, from more upbeat 'hands in the air' moments to grooving, road trip momentum. This self-titled LP is a great debut full-length outing, and an exciting sign of things to come.

                          TRACK LISTING

                          Waking Up In Suburbia
                          I Will Not Return As A Tourist
                          Keeping Up
                          Dear Megan
                          Oh My God
                          Your List
                          Wake Me Back Up
                          It’s A Joke
                          Stay Home
                          Making Peace With Suburbia

                          Bonus CD:
                          Phantom Limbs
                          Again & Again
                          For Love (demo)
                          The Page
                          Keeping Up (Single Version)
                          Oh My God (Single Version)


                          Everything That Makes You Happy

                            Everything That Makes You Happy was recorded at Manchester’s Eve Studios, and was produced by Catherine Marks (Foals, St Vincent, Wolf Alice). It is an incredible collection of uplifting songs, born from the darkest time. The release of Everything That Makes You Happy has been shaped by Gregory’s battles with mental health, which he discussed earlier this year in an open letter to fans. He again speaks directly to fans to announce the album: “Everything That Makes You Happy. I couldn’t be prouder for you all to hear this album: an optimistic response to a difficult time. It made sense with the record’s impending release to touch base with you again and explain what’s been happening in our world.”

                            TRACK LISTING

                            Catatonic Skinbag
                            Back This Year
                            The Song’s Never Gonna Be The Same
                            Skin Scream
                            Fucking Up My Friends
                            All Your Vanity
                            Never Stop Stirring
                            Quiet In Your Heart
                            Alone In Love
                            Everything That Makes You Happy

                            Julien Chang


                              Julien Chang is a 19-year-old singer, composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist from Baltimore, Maryland. Julien studied classical and jazz throughout high school but decided to start making his own music after exploring other genres and principles. Having taken a job at his local grocery store at 17, he began building a studio in his parents basement, adding new elements with each paycheck.

                              The result is album ‘Jules’, released via Transgressive Records (Flume, SOPHIE, Let’s Eat Grandma).

                              STAFF COMMENTS

                              says: A stunning debut from on of the future's bright lights in whatever this beautiful but impossible-to-categorise maelstrom of woozy pop melodies and warm synthy grooves is. Brilliantly dynamic, varied but cohesive, 'Jules' is an absolute triumph and veers between perfectly realised genres with ease.

                              TRACK LISTING

                              Deep Green
                              Of The Past
                              Two Voices
                              Moving Parts
                              Candy Cane Rainbow
                              Memory Loss
                              Somerville (Demo)
                              Butterflies From Monaco
                              A Day Or Two



                                KOKOKO! are a group formed in Kinshasa, DRC - comprising local musicians, artists, dancers and inventors alongside producer Débruit. The band introduced themselves with the video ‘We are KOKOKO!’ which highlighted the explosive new alternative scene in Kinshasa and was covered by TIME Magazine, i-D and more. The film was also featured at TEDGlobal. This was followed with EPs Tokoliana, Tongos’a - and Liboso, their debut for Transgressive (Foals, Flume, Sophie, Songhoy Blues) and single Malembe.

                                STAFF COMMENTS

                                says: Treading a fine line between dance music and the more acoustic percussive nature of afrobeat, Kokoko! are just as comfortable being played at home or to a packed dancefloor in a basement somewhere. A masterclass in electronic fusion.

                                TRACK LISTING

                                1. Likolo
                                2. Azo Toke
                                3. Buka Dansa
                                4. Identité
                                5. Malembe
                                6. L.O.V.E.
                                7. Tongos'a
                                8. Zala Mayele
                                9. Singa
                                10. Kitoko
                                11. Tokoliana

                                Mutual Benefit

                                Just Another Diamond Day

                                  Mutual Benefit covers Vashti Bunyan's classic album

                                  S T A R G A Z E

                                  Instruments (A Track By Track Re-Composition Of Fugazi's 'In On The Killtaker')

                                    A Track By Track Re-Composition of Fugazi's 'In On The Killtaker' by this respected orchestral collective, best known for their soundtracks and numerous collaborations.

                                    The second full-length album from Julia Jacklin, Crushing embodies every possible meaning of its title word. It’s an album formed from sheer intensity of feeling, an in-the-moment narrative of heartbreak and infatuation. And with her storytelling centered on bodies and crossed boundaries and smothering closeness, Crushing reveals how our physical experience of the world shapes and sometimes distorts our inner lives. The follow-up to her critically acclaimed 2016 debut Don’t Let the Kids Win, Crushing finds Jacklin continually acknowledging what’s expected of her, then gracefully rejecting those expectations. As a result, the album invites self-examination and a possible shift in the listener’s way of getting around the world—an effect that has everything to do with Jacklin’s openness about her own experience.

                                    Discussing the record, Jacklin offered the following;

                                    I really like this album, I worked hard on it and I really like listening to it. That's not usually how I feel after making something. I've finally come to accept that right now for me, making records is about capturing a time; who I am at that time, what I need to say in the best way I can say it, with minimal studio frills to cover it up. So I'm really happy to announce this one and ready for whatever things get thrown my way because of it. The cover was hard to figure out, seemed like I couldn't think of what kind of image would represent the music in the right way. Hard deadlines always make me more creative surprisingly. I was on tour in the states with my best bud Nick Mckk who takes a lot of my photos, he took my first album cover. We pulled off the highway in Pennsylvania and found a town called Krumsville. There was an antique store with a very friendly owner who let us run free inside. I got the jumper made the day before in NYC, same day I decided on the album name. I think it works.

                                    Produced by Burke Reid (Courtney Barnett, Liam Finn) and recorded at The Grove Studios, Crushing sets Jacklin’s understated defiance against a raw yet luminous sonic backdrop. “In all the songs, you can hear every sound from every instrument; you can hear my throat and hear me breathing,” she says. “It was really important to me that you can hear everything for the whole record, without any studio tricks getting in the way.”

                                    On the album-opening lead single “Body” - released last month - Jacklin proves the power of that approach, turning out a mesmerizing vocal performance even as she slips into the slightest murmur. A starkly composed portrait of a breakup, the song bears an often-bracing intimacy, a sense that you’re right in the room with Jacklin as she lays her heart out. And as “Body” wanders and drifts, Jacklin establishes Crushing as an album that exists entirely on its own time, a work that’s willfully unhurried.

                                    And whilst a moving and complex listen, Crushing unfolds with an ease that echoes Jacklin’s newfound self-reliance as an artist. “With the first album I was so nervous and didn’t quite see myself as a musician yet, but after touring for two years, I’ve come to feel like I deserve to be in that space,” she says. Throughout Crushing, that sense of confidence manifests in one of the most essential elements of the album: the captivating strength of Jacklin’s lyrics. Not only proof of her ingenuity and artistic generosity, Jacklin’s uncompromising specificity and infinitely unpredictable turns of phrase ultimately spring from a certain self-possession in the songwriting process.

                                    STAFF COMMENTS

                                    says: It's no surprise that 'Crushing' shares a producer with the most recent Courtney Barnett opus, with it's infectious hooks and Jacklin's singular vocal talent shining through in a rich, sumptuous sea of satisfyingly crunchy guitar and thick percussion. All of this merely highlights Jacklin's unmistakable ear for melody and perfectly constructed melodic indie-rock. This is an absolute winner, and an undoubtable career high.

                                    TRACK LISTING

                                    1. Body
                                    2. Head Alone
                                    3. Pressure To Party
                                    4. Don’t Know How To Keep Loving You
                                    5. When The Family Flies In
                                    6. Convention
                                    7. Good Guy
                                    8. You Were Right
                                    9. Turn Me Down
                                    10. Comfort

                                    Hippo Campus


                                      When Hippo Campus formed in 2013, their intentions were pure and simple."We were in high school and the main idea was, 'Let's start a band and make our friends dance,'" Zach Sutton from the band recalls. "There was no real context to what we were doing - it was just total creative joy."

                                      But over the past five years, that context has shifted dramatically. The world around them warped into something bleak and unsteady, and reckoning with mental health issues became more and more crucial. On their sophomore album Bambi, the St. Paul, Minnesota-bred band navigate that upheaval with deliberate self-reflection. The result is a selection of songs that drift into much darker terrain, but unfold with a frenetic yet fragile beauty that makes even the most painful moments feel glorious.

                                      Not only driven by exacting introspection, Bambi was also shaped by cultural shifts, including the #MeToo Movement. "That really made us take a look at how toxic masculinity has influenced the way we see ourselves and the world overall," says Jake Luppen. "In the past we might have been apprehensive about being super-vulnerable, but now we're more aware of how important it is to come forward about dealing with depression or anxiety. Because if more men are able to do that, they might be less likely to express those feelings as anger or violence."

                                      Partly recorded at Steve Albini's Electrical Audio in Chicago, Bambi finds Hippo Campus working again with producer BJ Burton (Bon Iver, Low, Francis and the Lights), who handled production on their 2017 full-length debut Landmark. And in sculpting Bambi's distinctly inventive arrangements, Hippo Campus significantly expanded their use of drum machines and synth.

                                      Throughout Bambi, Hippo Campus match their relentless self-examination with a joyfully adventurous sonic approach, ultimately transforming the emotional experience of the problems they're exploring. One of the band's greatest hopes for Bambi is that the album might help others in dealing with their own pain. "I've always considered the responsibility of art to be representing your specific experience," says Sutton. "We're saying, 'This is what I'm doing now, this what I'm living like.' It's about sharing what you're going through, so maybe someone else will feel less lonely."

                                      And as Nathan Stocker points out, Bambi may find a particular connection with those feeling shaken up by the chaos of current times. "The only thing I'm sure about with this album is how unsure it is," he says. "I want people to feel as confused as we are about everything, because confusion can be an interesting thing. When you don't totally understand what's going on, you never stop thinking and questioning and trying to figure things out for yourself. I think a lot of good can come from that."

                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                      says: Despite the oft-serious lyrical matter, Hippo Campus manage to craft a uniquely serene but groove-laiden mix of psychedelic rock, funk and good old-fashioned indie without breaking step. A brilliantly crafted and thoroughly enjoyable listen.

                                      TRACK LISTING

                                      1.  Mistakes
                                      2.  Anxious
                                      3.  Doubt
                                      4.  Bambi
                                      5.  Why Even Try
                                      6.  Think It Over
                                      7.  Bubbles
                                      8.  Honestly
                                      9.  Golden
                                      10.  Passenger

                                      Mutual Benefit, the songwriting outlet for multi-instrumentalist and producer Jordan Lee,announces a new album Thunder Follows The Light via Transgressive Records.

                                      Following his last outing, 2016’s acclaimed Skip A Sinking Stone, Lee marks his return with a patient and prismatic collection of songs accrued over the past two years.

                                      Lee — who grew up in Ohio and is currently based in New York — has crafted pop experiments for almost a decade, blending orchestral instrumentation and ambient electronic sounds. His new album features an array of friends and many returning collaborators.

                                      He has also confirmed an all-too-rare solo UK show - playing London’s The Lexington this week (May 24th).

                                      Commenting on New History, one of the two first tracks to be taken from the album, which features vocals from Johanne Swanson (of Yohuna), he says:

                                      “I think people in power benefit greatly from a general lack of historic memory in the US. I’ve been wondering if the first step to imagining a more just world is to study our history better, not just the linear revisionist one that is oft-repeated but all the unsung champions of equal rights as well as the acts of unthinkable cruelty that humans are also capable of.”

                                      New History is the album’s truest folk song, with twangy harmonica and slide guitar. Its inspiration came to him while spending time in the economically depressed area of Ohio where his parents grew up.

                                      The other song shared today, Storm Cellar Heart, is an ode to taking shelter and the fraught impulse to hide from the loudness of the outside world. It’s more of a long question than an answer: “Is it storms that help make the heart grow?”

                                      Says Lee: “Writing this provided a reminder that while moments of recharging are important, I didn’t want to get too entrenched in escapism instead of the messiness of living.”

                                      It was whilst sitting through a huge storm in rural New England that Jordan found himself becoming transfixed by the time in between the lightning and thunder – “The silence thick with inevitability”, he notes, before continuing that, “While I was writing the record, everywhere I looked, I saw massive societal strain on both people and the environment, and began to wonder if this is the lightning before some thunderous change. If we are living in that in-between time.”

                                      TRACK LISTING

                                      1 Written In Lightning
                                      2 New History
                                      3 Storm Cellar Heart
                                      4 Shedding Skin
                                      5 Come To Pass
                                      6 Waves, Breaking
                                      7 No Dominion
                                      8 Mountain's Shadow
                                      9 Nightingale
                                      10 Thunder Follows

                                      Phantastic Ferniture

                                      Phantastic Ferniture

                                        Phantastic Ferniture, the project of Julia Jacklin, Elizabeth Hughes, Ryan K Brennan and Tom Stephens, announce their debut self-titled album to be released on Transgressive.

                                        The mission is obvious: Don’t overthink it. These artists' shared want to shake the shackles of their meticulously crafted solo work to experience a second, giddy adolescence is evident in the garage-pop perfection introduced today.

                                        “I’d gone straight into folk music,” says Jacklin, “so every experience I’d had on stage was playing sad music with a guitar in my hand. I thought, I would love to know what it’s like to make people feel good and dance.”

                                        Phantastic Ferniture’s spiritual home may be the garage but they were born in a bar, specifically the hallowed basement of Frankie’s Pizza in Sydney.

                                        One late night in 2014, on Jacklin’s birthday, a group hug manifested amid the pinball machines, with all ten participants vowing to form a band. “Only four of us remembered the next day,” notes Hughes.

                                        United by fern puns and a love of leisurewear, the band met up whenever schedules would allow, writing songs and playing smatterings of dates to an increasingly devoted audience. Eventually it was decreed that this was no side project and an LP should follow.

                                        The result is one of the most enjoyable albums of 2018. “It feels really good,” Jacklin says with satisfaction. “It’s like having an alter ego.”

                                        TRACK LISTING

                                        1. Uncomfortable Teenager
                                        2. Bad Timing
                                        3. Fuckin 'N’ Rollin
                                        4. Gap Year
                                        5. Take It Off
                                        6. Parks
                                        7. I Need It
                                        8. Dark Corner Dance Floor
                                        9. Mummy Y Pappa

                                        Let’s Eat Grandma return with their newest edition, ‘I’m All Ears’ which an even greater revelation than Rosa Walton and Jenny Hollingworth’s globally acclaimed debut, I, Gemini. The second act from the British teenage vocalists, multi-instrumentalists and songwriters, is the most startling, infectious, innovative and thrilling record you’ll hear this year. It is alive with furious pop, unapologetic grandeur, intimate ballads; with loops, Logic, outrageous 80s drum solos, as well as production from David Wrench (The XX/Frank Ocean/Caribou), Sophie (famed for her own material and work with Madonna, Charli XCX and Vince Staples) and Faris Badwan (The Horrors). Their sound has developed a stronger electronic tone while remaining their upbeat young vocals throughout. It’s an album that cements Let’s Eat Grandma as one of the most creative and exciting bands in the world right now.

                                        STAFF COMMENTS

                                        says: Let's eat Grandma enlist the help of some pretty stellar electronc talents on this album to boyster their already incredible breadth of talents. Grooving demi-soul, swinging synthpop and dancey percussive drive. A stunning collection, and a perfect starting point for anyone uninitiated with one of the most interesting bands around today. Ace.

                                        TRACK LISTING

                                        1 Whitewater
                                        2 Hot Pink
                                        3 It's Not Just Me
                                        4 Falling Into Me
                                        5 Snakes & Ladders
                                        6 Missed Call (1)
                                        7 I Will Be Waiting
                                        8 The Cat's Pyjamas
                                        9 Cool & Collected
                                        10 Ava
                                        11 Donnie Darko

                                        Cosmo Sheldrake

                                        The Much Much How How And I

                                          Cosmo Sheldrake, the prodigiously talented and profoundly unique 27-year-old singer, songwriter, composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist from London, announces details of his debut album ‘The Much Much How How And I’, out on Transgressive Records.

                                          ‘The Much Much How How And I’ was written under the influence of a diverse group of musicians - ranging from The Beatles and The Kinks to Moondog and Stravinsky - and shaped by Sheldrake’s study of anthropology at the University Of Sussex, his longstanding interest in ethnomusicology and a trip to Mardi Gras in New Orleans.


                                          Where Wildness Grows

                                            Gengahr present their highly-anticipated new album ‘Where Wildness Grows’, out on Transgressive Records.

                                            Having released their much acclaimed debut ‘A Dream Outside’ in June 2015, the band spent a soul-searching two years writing and recording its follow up, a process which saw them reject multiple recordings and eventually return to the drawing board, re-group and head back to the studio with a clarity and conviction to deliver an album which sees them taking a bold and ambitious artistic stride.

                                            The album was recorded in London during summer 2017 by acclaimed producer Neil Comber (Glass Animals, M.I.A, Songhoy Blues) and features guest vocals from Ellie Rowsell of Wolf Alice.

                                            STAFF COMMENTS

                                            says: Despite sounding like someone who's just been punched in the stomach whilst eating a burrito, Gengahr pull together an entirely melodic but ruthlessly dynamic suite of dreamlike panned melodies and the chugging undercurrent of a beautifully varied by undeniably solid backline. Brilliantly written and evocative dancefloor syndie (I just made that up, it's synthy indie, obviously).

                                            The Moonlandingz

                                            Interplanetary Class Classics: Deluxe Edition

                                            The Moonlandingz - the band born from a semi fictional concept album by Sheffield electronic analogue weirdos the Eccentronic Research Council and fronted by Fat White Familys legendary frontman, Lias Saoudi, release an extended deluxe version of the overwhelmingly critically acclaimed debut album ‘Interplanetary Class Classics’.

                                            The deluxe includes a single version of album closer ‘This Cities Undone’ featuring guest vocals from Yoko Ono and Human League’s Phil Oakey, alongside a Confidence Man remix, new cut ‘Dirty Red Rose’ from the band’s recent ‘Cities Undone’ EP and lots more previously unheard bonus material.

                                            Praise for ‘Interplanetary Class Classics’:

                                            “A rip-roaring busman’s holiday” - Q (****); “Top-drawer psycho-disco for malcontent and the disillusioned” - Mojo (****); “A grotesque yet groovy melting of minds” - Uncut (****); “Straddle the elusive line between the ridiculous and sublime” - Loud & Quiet (8/10); “Brilliant” - NME (4/5); “There will be more considered and crafted albums released this year, but few that are so much fun.” - The Guardian (4/5); “Their debut packs a far mightier punch than the output of almost any other contemporary group with whom they may share certain influences” - The Line of Best Fit (8/10)

                                            TRACK LISTING

                                            Sweet Saturn Mine
                                            Black Hanz
                                            The Strangle Of Anna
                                            Theme For Valhalla Dale
                                            The Rabies Are Back
                                            Neuf Du Pape
                                            Glory Hole
                                            Lufthansa Man
                                            This Cities Undone
                                            Theme From Valhalla Dale (Long Version)
                                            Sweet Saturn Mine (Johnny Rocket Vs Philip Oakey Version)
                                            Anti Vernacular Pipsqueak (EMS Synthi AKS Experiment 1)
                                            Drop It Fauntleroy
                                            Exorcise Your Mammary Eyes (Interlude)
                                            Dirty Red Rose
                                            Blow Football With J. Carpenter
                                            Lay Yer Head Down On The Road
                                            Dawson's Vinegar Nape (Interlude)
                                            Psych Ersatz
                                            The Irresistible Toad Chorus (EMS Synthi A Experiment #2)
                                            The Man In Me Lyfe Suite (Parts 1, 2 & 3)
                                            The Cement Garden (Interlude)
                                            Neuf Du Pape (The E.R.C Blue Nun De-Mix)
                                            Sweet Saturn Mine (Richard Norris Remix)
                                            Psych Ersatz (The E.R.C - Rasper Four Eyes De-Mix)
                                            This Cities Undone (Confidence Man Cool Party Remix)
                                            Sweet Saturn Mine (Sean Lennon De-Mix)
                                            The Strangle Of Anna (Demo)
                                            Glory Hole (Demo)

                                            The Moonlandingz

                                            This Cities Undone EP

                                              The Moonlandingz - the band born from a semi fictional concept album by Sheffield electronic analogue weirdos the Eccentronic Research Council and fronted by Fat White Family’s legendary frontman, Lias Saoudi - have shared the brand new ‘This Cities Undone EP’, ahead of their forthcoming and fast-selling UK headline tourdates.

                                              The extended player includes a single version of album closer ‘This Cities Undone’ featuring guest vocals from Yoko Ono and Human League’s Phil Oakey, alongside a Confidence Man remix and new cut ‘Dirty Red Rose’.

                                              “The Moonlandingz are one of the most important new British bands today” - Yoko Ono, speaking to Rolling Stone Magazine

                                              TRACK LISTING

                                              This Cities Undone (Single Version)
                                              Dirty Red Rose
                                              This Cities Undone (Confidence Man Cool Party Remix)

                                              The second album from Alvvays, Antisocialites, is set for release on Transgressive Records. Across ten tracks and thirty-three minutes, the Toronto-based group dive back into the deep end of reckless romance and altered dates.

                                              To write Antisocialites, Rankin traveled to Toronto Island, working in an abandoned schoolroom by day and sleeping a few feet from shore at night. “I carried a small PA on the ferry in a wheelbarrow,” she recalls. “Every morning I would listen to my favourite records on the beach, then I'd write melodies and record demos in the classroom.”

                                              TRACK LISTING

                                              1 In Undertow
                                              2 Dreams Tonite
                                              3 Plimsoll Punks
                                              4 Your Type
                                              5 Not My Baby
                                              6 Hey
                                              7 Lollipop (Ode To Jim)
                                              8 Already Gone
                                              9 Saved By A Waif
                                              10 Forget About Life


                                              That's Your Lot

                                                Recorded with Grammy-winning producer Jim Abbiss (Arctic Monkeys, Adele, Björk) ‘That’s Your Lot’ marks a certain milestone for the band - a sumptuous, thrilling and brave collection of songs written throughout their teenage years and now fully realised.

                                                Intensely personal, yet exploring the universal experiences of friendship, sadness, hope, love held and lost and all the confusions of youth - a body of work to help define a generation.

                                                TRACK LISTING

                                                Take Care
                                                Let’s Pray
                                                Orthodox Man
                                                My Bark Is Your Bite
                                                Lonely Side
                                                Let Me See What Happens Next
                                                Alice Come Home
                                                Ode To Joe
                                                I Will Be The World
                                                Prague ‘99
                                                Thats Your Lot

                                                The Moonlandingz

                                                Interplanetary Class Classics

                                                They began as a fictional band from a fictional town featured on the Eccentronic Research Council’s 2015 concept album Johnny Rocket, Narcissist And Music Machine… I’m Your Biggest Fan. Now The Moonlandingz have lurched, sticky and bleeding, into the real world and are releasing the first great album of 2017.

                                                Interplanetary Class Classics, released on Transgressive Records, is a feast of swirling juddering synths, wailing guitars, motorik stomp and extraordinary songwriting. The Moonlandingz have proven themselves to be one of the best live bands in the UK (“Magnificent, cosmic and batshit!” said The Quietus. “Feral antics and louche anarchy!” said The Guardian) and now they’ve produced an album of proper weird catchy glorious filthy pop.

                                                The Moonlandingz is Eccentronic Research Council’s Adrian Flanagan and Dean Honer in cahoots with Fat White Family’s Lias Saoudi (aka frontman Johnny Rocket) and Saul Adamczewski. They recorded the album with Sean Lennon at his studio in upstate New York. Also on the record: Randy Jones the Cowboy from The Village People, Rebecca Taylor from Slow Club, drummer Ross Orton, bassist Mairead O’Connor, Phil Oakey and YOKO fucking ONO, who sings and yowls on epic closer This Cities Undone.

                                                STAFF COMMENTS

                                                says: From being featured on Eccentronic Research Council’s ‘Johnny Rocket, Narcissist & Music Machine... I’m Your Biggest Fan’ 2015 album as a fictional band from the fictional South Yorkshire district of Valhalla Dale, the Moonlandingz have now stepped out into the real world. Comprising of Eccentronic Research Council’s Adrian Flanagan and Dean Honer along with Fat White Family’s Lias Saoudi and Saul Adamczewski, the Moonlandingz have delivered a fantastic piece of wacked-out scuzzy electronic pop. With fizzing synths, pummelling free-style percussion, and filthy grooves these anarchic motorik stompers bring to mind a mix of Can, the Cramps’ horror-rock, and Iggy Pop from the year 3000. Recorded with Sean Lennon in upstate New York and featuring a whole hosts of unlikely guests; Randy Jones (the cowboy from the Village People), Phil Oakey and Yoko Ono amongst many others, ‘Interplanetary Class Classics’ is a surreal and wonderful trip to a sinister futuristic kosmische-dancefloor.

                                                TRACK LISTING

                                                1. Vessels
                                                2. Sweet Saturn Mine
                                                3. Black Hanz
                                                4. I.D.S.
                                                5. The Strangle Of Anna (feat Rebecca Taylor Of Slow Club)
                                                6. Theme From Valhalladale
                                                7. The Rabies Are Back
                                                8. Neuf De Pape
                                                9. Glory Hole (feat Randy Jones From Village People)
                                                10. Lufthanza Man
                                                11. The Cities Undone (feat Yoko Ono & Friends)

                                                Peter Silberman


                                                While Impermanence is Peter Silberman’s first solo album, it could easily be thought of as a continuation of the emotional-spiritual odyssey begun through his work in The Antlers over the past decade. It travels some of the thornier terrain of the trio’s previous albums Hospice, Burst Apart, and Familiars, while carrying the conversation further down the path.

                                                But much of what distinguishes Impermanence from its forebears can be attributed to an unexpected injury, which imposed upon the musician considerable time and space to ponder the finite.

                                                A few years back, Silberman developed a hearing impairment in his left ear that resulted in a temporarily total hearing loss, extraordinarily loud tinnitus, and an excruciating sensitivity to everyday noises. The condition required extensive rest and quiet, and in order to get that, he left his Brooklyn apartment for a more secluded setting in upstate New York.

                                                The six songs have an economy of expression, the spaces between the words as important as the words themselves. Like the infamous Miles Davis quote: “It's not the notes you play, it's the notes you don't play.”

                                                As the writing neared completion, Silberman linked up with his long-time friend and collaborator, Nicholas Principe of Port St. Willow. Over the course of a few winter months, Principe engineered the album in his upstate People Teeth studio, contributing production throughout. Together, they carved out a sacred sonic space, elongating the distance between notes, between chords, utilizing minimal arrangements to allow breathing room.

                                                But the album goes beyond experiments in ambience. It actually traces the stages of healing, as Silberman experienced them.

                                                “The sequence charts a circular course between distress and peace,” he explains. “The final track returns you to the mood of the first by a wormhole through a single breath, split in half across the last and first seconds of the album. It mimics the cyclical nature of facing unexpected obstacles.”

                                                “I hope Impermanence can provide comfort to people grappling with transition, while remaining honest about it. There’s no remedy for the unpredictable, and I want this record to reflect that, to offer an alternative way to think about changing circumstances.”

                                                TRACK LISTING

                                                1 Karuna
                                                2 New York
                                                3 Gone Beyond
                                                4 Maya
                                                5 Ahimsa
                                                6 Impermanence

                                                Minnesota-natives Hippo Campus release their highly anticipated debut album ‘landmark’ on Transgressive Records.

                                                Written and recorded over the past twelve months and produced by the fast rising BJ Burton (Bon Iver, Polica, Low), the record marks a true coming of age for the hotly tipped young band.

                                                Hippo Campus are to tour the UK in 2017, following a near non-stop run since the band’s first dates outside of their hometown back at SXSW 2015, including tours with the likes of Real Estate, Walk The Moon, Saint Motel and Modest Mouse as well as festival appearances at Reading and Leeds and Lollapalooza.

                                                TRACK LISTING

                                                Sun Veins
                                                Way It Goes
                                                Simple Season
                                                Western Kids

                                                The Orchestra Of Syrian Musicians & Guests

                                                Africa Express Presents...

                                                Following a series of acclaimed dates in the UK and Europe this summer, Africa Express today announces the release of a live album entitled Africa Express Presents….The Orchestra of Syrian Musicians & Guests, which will be released on 9th December 2016 by Transgressive Records.

                                                All profits will go to the 50 members of The Orchestra of Syrian Musicians.

                                                The recordings were made in June when The Orchestra of Syrian Musicians, featuring current and former members of the Syrian National Orchestra for Arabic Music, came together for the first time since the conflict in their country flared up five years ago. They were joined by artists from Britain, Syria, Algeria, Lebanon, Mali, Mauritania, Senegal, Turkey, Tunisia and the United States including Bashy, Bassekou Kouyaté, Bu Kolthoum, Damon Albarn, Eslam Jawaad, Faia Younan, Julia Holter, Malikah, Mounir Troudi, Noura Mint Seymali, Paul Weller, Rachid Taha and Seckou Keita.

                                                The joyous and uplifting album showcases Syrian and Arabic music, alongside unique interpretations of some well-known Western songs. It features tracks recorded live at Southbank Centre’s Royal Festival Hall - a show described in a 5 star review by the Evening Standard as “an epic paean to their lost homeland”- as well as songs from the storming opening slot on Glastonbury’s Pyramid Stage and the Holland Festival in Amsterdam, Istanbul Jazz Festival and Roskilde Festival in Denmark.

                                                "The album is very important to us. It was a very unique project, bringing together artists from all over the world to perform with the most brilliant musicians from Syria. It was a great honour. And this new album will give people another opportunity to get to know The Orchestra of Syrian Musicians for what we are - passionate, professional musicians and singers." - Raghad Haddad

                                                TRACK LISTING

                                                Wild Wood
                                                Yah Mahla El Fus’ha
                                                Out Of Time
                                                Rakeb 3al Hamra
                                                Feel You
                                                Al Ajaleh
                                                Old Damascus
                                                White Flag
                                                Ya Rayeh

                                                Julia Jacklin

                                                Don't Let The Kids Win

                                                Julia Jacklin releases her highly anticipated debut album, ‘Don’t Let The Kids Win’, on Transgressive Records.

                                                Hailing from the Australian Blue Mountains, Julia Jacklin’s music courses with the aching current of alt-country and indie-folk, augmented by her undeniable calling cards: her rich, distinctive voice and her playful, observational wit.

                                                STAFF COMMENTS

                                                says: Sadly sung vocals are placed delicately atop swooning country instrumentals and jazzy slide guitars, elsewhere stripped back to the bare bones of Jacklin's soulful voice over a softly picked acoustic guitar backdrop. Heartfelt and touching to the end, and a great sign of what's to come.

                                                TRACK LISTING

                                                Pool Party
                                                Coming Of Age
                                                Small Talk
                                                L.A. Dream
                                                Sweet Step
                                                Same Airport
                                                Hay Plain
                                                Don’t Let The Kids Win

                                                Let's Eat Grandma

                                                I, Gemini

                                                  ‘I, Gemini’ is the debut album from Rosa Walton and Jenny Hollingworth, AKA Let’s Eat Grandma.

                                                  Best friends since the age of four, multi-instrumentalists Rosa and Jenny create imaginative and original music that crosses the worlds of experimental pop and progressive weirdness.

                                                  Recorded in the former nuclear bunker turned analogue paradise, Old School Studios in Norwich, under the watchful eye of Will Twynham (Hand Of Glory Records), ‘I, Gemini’ is released by Transgressive Records.



                                                    In 2012, with only one single (‘Sleepless’) and one remix (Hermitude’s ‘Hyperparadise’) to his name, a young beatmaker called Flume was given an afternoon slot at Splendour In The Grass. Flash forward four years and Flume is back - this time as a multi-platinum selling, ARIA award-winning, sought-after collaborator (Lorde, Disclosure, Chet Faker, Vince Staples) and internationally recognised producer.

                                                    A master of crafting complex, intelligent, original productions, 2016 sees Flume return to the spotlight with the muchanticipated ‘Skin’ album, via Transgressive Records.

                                                    ‘Skin’ features such global superstars as Beck, Vic Mensa and the UK’s own AlunaGeorge.

                                                    Lead track ‘Never Be Like You’ (featuring Kai) roared to the top of the Australian singles charts and has gone on to become a genuine global hit.

                                                    ‘Skip A Sinking Stone’, by Mutual Benefit (aka Jordan Lee), is released via Transgressive Records.

                                                    This new album is a two-part meditation on impermanence that also acts as a portrait of growing up. Mutual Benefit’s work has been praised as being vulnerable and warmhearted. This release has a similar sensibility, patiently built from carefully chosen lines illustrated by lush astral folk and intricately composed arrangements that manage to appear effortless.

                                                    “I kept coming back to how nice that was, throwing these stones against the water,” says Lee. “I thought it was a fitting metaphor for the endeavours I have in my life - sometimes they work out and sometimes they don’t. I think it’s a good exercise in accepting impermanence and failure and these things that are constant, and yet the activity of skipping stones is really relaxing and beautiful.” Each stone ultimately sinks but, as Lee sings on the album’s zenith, as the cycle ends and repeats again, all we can do is maintain the hope that it’s ‘Not For Nothing’.

                                                    TRACK LISTING

                                                    Skipping Stones
                                                    Closer Still
                                                    Lost Dreamers
                                                    Getting Gone
                                                    Not For Nothing
                                                    Slow March
                                                    Many Returns
                                                    City Sirens
                                                    Fire Escape
                                                    The Hereafter

                                                    S T A R G A Z E

                                                    Deerhoof Chamber Variations

                                                      Transgressive Records are proud to announce that Berlin’s instrumental collective s t a r g a z e have signed to the label, anointing their partnership with the stunning EP ‘Deerhoof Chamber Variations’.

                                                      ‘Deerhoof Chamber Variations’ is devised as a continuous piece of instrumental music, based on 9 1/2 songs which drummer and composer Greg Saunier originally wrote for his acclaimed band Deerhoof.

                                                      Different from most other band and orchestra / classical collaborations Greg himself arranged and recomposed the material for a classical chamber ensemble, using exactly the same notes as in the originals while rearranging the songs structurally, in a kind of miniaturizing and abstracting way.

                                                      s t a r g a z e adapted this new composition to their particular line-up and the musicians’ personal skills, as Greg Saunier produced the album in Berlin in the freezing winter days of December 2015. The intimacy is evident - favouring the dry sound of the Beatles and George Martin’s approach to recording classical ensembles, rather than the lush approach favoured today.

                                                      The 19 minute piece of music is the latest in a series of collaborations for s t a r g a z e, who have previously worked with Julia Holter, Owen Pallett, Nils Frahm and Matthew Herbert.

                                                      Hippo Campus

                                                      The Halocline EPs

                                                      Transgressive Records are proud to present ‘The Halocline Eps’, a combination of Hippo Campus’ first EP ‘Bashful Creatures’ and latest EP ‘South’.

                                                      It’s another exciting step for a brilliant young band that are quickly becoming darlings in the UK. Previous efforts ‘Suicide Saturday’ and ‘South’ have seen them named as Huw Stephens’ Single Of The Week and led to sessions for BBC Radio 1 and XFM, whilst The Guardian, NME, DIY and Q have all marked Hippo Campus out as a band to keep a serious eye on.

                                                      Hippo Campus are four Minnesotan boys making music that is infectious, joyful, and thematically soaked with the sense of cynicism accompanying the youthful search of self-meaning.

                                                      The band met in High School and are still yet to hit legal drinking age but following an explosive SXSW - which marked their first shows outside their native town - the four teenagers signed to legendary indie label Transgressive Records.

                                                      ‘Violet’, from the band’s new single, also marks something of a milestone in a year that has seen Hippo Campus evolve from playing packed shows in their hometown of Minnesota to touring both sides of the pond with the likes of Modest Mouse, Walk The Moon, Real Estate and My Morning Jacket.

                                                      Explosive performances at SXSW (the band ended the festival with a live appearance on US talk show Conan), The Great Escape and Reading & Leeds festivals have further set the band out as ones to watch for 2016.

                                                      TRACK LISTING

                                                      Sophie So
                                                      Little Grace
                                                      Suicide Saturday
                                                      Bashful Creatures
                                                      Close To Gold
                                                      Dollar Bill
                                                      The Haloclin

                                                      North London’s Gengahr are pleased to announce their debut album A Dream Outside with new single ‘Heroine’ - their most immediate track to date and another glimpse at what their debut is set to offer.

                                                      Picking up where 2014 left off, Gengahr marked out their intentions for 2015 with an opening slot on Alt-J’s European tour and the release of the gloriously spellbinding ‘She’s A Witch’, which received acclaim from the likes of The Sunday Times, Independent, DIY and NME whilst being added to playlists on 6Music (C-list), Radio 1 (INMWT), Amazing Radio (A-list) and XFM (evening list).

                                                      For fans of Circa Waves, Foals, Mystery Jets and Unknown Mortal Orchestra.

                                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                                      says: Fuzzy, friendly, exuberant psych-pop, crammed with top tunes. Definitely ones to watch! Includes the 6 Music favourite 'She's A Witch'.

                                                      TRACK LISTING

                                                      Dizzy Ghosts
                                                      She's A Witch
                                                      Bathed In Light
                                                      Where I Lie
                                                      Dark Star
                                                      Fill My Gums With Blood
                                                      Lonely As A Shark

                                                      Songhoy Blues

                                                      Music In Exile

                                                        Songhoy Blues release their debut Nick Zinner (Yeah Yeah Yeahs) produced album, ‘Music In Exile’, released on Transgressive Records.

                                                        All those old ‘world music’ prejudices have no place here. Songhoy Blues are four talented, hungry, sharp and outward-looking young men from a part of the world that has had more than its share and pain and conflict in recent years but has given far more than its share of music and joy to the world in return over the past four decades. That place may seem strange, alien and ‘exotic’ to some but deep down, Songhoy Blues are a familiar proposition: four young men, guitar, drums, bass and vocals, driving rhythms, big hearts and a story to tell.

                                                        For fans of Tinariwen, Fatoumata Diawara, Spoek Mathambo, Africa Express.

                                                        TRACK LISTING

                                                        Al Hassidi Terei
                                                        Desert Melodie
                                                        Sekou Oumarou
                                                        Al Tchere Bele
                                                        Petit Metier

                                                        Comprised of Molly Rankin (lead vocals / guitar), Kerri Maclellan (keys / vocals), Alec O’Hanley (guitar), Brian Murphy (bass) and Phil MacIsaac (drums), Alvvays take the template laid out by the likes of Scottish stalwarts Teenage Fanclub, The Vaselines and Belle & Sebastian and fuse it with a strong sense of self and a unique personality.

                                                        Each shimmering track on their debut full-length frames Rankin’s melancholic melodies and unwavering voice with meticulous arrangements and needlepoint guitars.

                                                        STAFF COMMENTS

                                                        says: Massive, jangle-pop heaven. Big songs, cool guitars. Love it!

                                                        Thumpers are comprised of long time friends Marcus Pepperell and John Hamson Jr. their colourful, exuberant alt-pop celebrates their innate musical kinship and draws upon their shared childhood memories.

                                                        Having released their jubilant debut single ‘Dancing’s Done’ through paradYse Records and Kissability earlier this year, the duo now announce their debut EP ‘Unkinder’ will be released as a limited 12” vinyl through Transgressive Records.

                                                        'Unkinder (A Tougher Love)' was recorded in their Warwickshire hometown where the London-based duo decamp to write and produce all of their music. The single features additional vocals ‪from Marcus’ sisters - true to the band’s tight knitted collaborative vision – alongside astral synths and
lush melodies to create their heady blend of modern pop.

                                                        The 4-track EP reveals a band bristling with ideas from the delicately epic ‘Marazion Bay’ and a Jack Savidge (Friendly Fires) remix of the title track to their spectacular cover of Bjork’s ‘Innocence’ featuring the alternative choir Gaggle.

                                                        TRACK LISTING

                                                        A1. Unkinder (A Tougher Love)
                                                        A2. Innocence [feat. Gaggle]
                                                        A3. Marazion Bay
                                                        B1. Unkinder [Jack Savidge Remix]

                                                        Transgressive Records are thrilled to announce the first re-release campaign in the label’s nine-year history, with two classic albums from one of the world’s most influential bands, Relationship of Command is currently one of those extreme rarities, making this a highly sought after release. Combining a lyrical complexity and sensitivity with the most visceral yet melodic music and drilling in the same vein as The Stooges (IggyPop even appears on Relationship of Command), At The Drive-In remind all of the power of revolution. Continuing in the tradition of the great American underground fuelled by the likes of Fugazi and Rites of Spring, this collection of musicians inspire the kind of devotion usually reserved for the Smiths.

                                                        TRACK LISTING

                                                        1. Arcarsenal
                                                        2. Pattern Against User
                                                        3. One Armed Scissor
                                                        4. Sleepwalk Capsules
                                                        5. Invalid Litter Dept.
                                                        6. Mannequin Republic
                                                        7. Enfilade
                                                        8. Rolodex Propaganda
                                                        9. Quarantined
                                                        10. Cosmonaut
                                                        11. Non-Zero Possibility
                                                        12. Catacombs

                                                        Theme Park

                                                        Two Hours

                                                        Theme Park are pleased to announce details of their forthcoming autumn release. The Two Hours EP opens with the original title track – a sonic electronic exploration into the heartfelt emotions of singer Miles Haughton which is fast becoming a clear live favorite which often brings their packed out shows to a euphoric climax.

                                                        The 10” EP will also feature three brilliant covers of Jessie Ware’s Wildest Moments, The National’s ‘Bloodbuz Ohio’ and Hot Chip’s ‘Ready For The Floor’. New remixes of Two Hours will also be available from Mad Decent’s hot new act Dawn Golden & Rosy Cross and Scandinavian band Museum of Belles Artes along with the earlier remixes from RAC and Populette.

                                                        TRACK LISTING

                                                        A1. Two Hours (single Mix)
                                                        A2. Wildest Moments
                                                        B1. Bloodbuz Ohio
                                                        B2. Ready For The Floor

                                                        Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson

                                                        Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson

                                                        Debut album from singer songwriter Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson. Produced by Chris Taylor (Grizzly Bear) with the help of Kyp Malone (TV on the Radio). In Kyp's own words 'Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson is my favourite songwriter right now... His songs are given flesh and blood in a way that most rock music now doesn't allow time for...'. Contains singles "Buriedfed" and "Woodfriend".

                                                        "The Spinning Top", Coxon's seventh studio LP to date, is also his finest yet whether the folky blues shuffle of "Sorrow's Army", menacing thrashes of "Dead Bees", or eight-minute daydream opus, and perhaps album centrepiece, "In The Morning". Comprising 15 original new songs, the album was produced by Stephen Street and featuring collaborators such as Danny Thompson and Robyn Hitchcock. Graham's most intimate and beguiling work to date, "The Spinning Top" ploughs depths, textures and lyrical furrows that few of his contemporaries are still able to muster, especially this far down the line. Conversely, this is the sound of a man rejuvenated and refocused, ready for yet another flourish in an-already compulsive and vital career.

                                                        When Jeremy Warmsley released his critically acclaimed debut album in 2006, he soon became the unofficial troubadour of the underground. Heralded in equal measure for his literary lyrical excursions, his sonic inventiveness and his captivating live performances he became an undoubted cult figure. Fast-forward to Autumn 2008 and Warmsley's second album "How We Became" is ready for release: rather than abandoning the qualities that made him stand out from the Brit indie pack, Warmsley has instead married them with finely crafted pop-songwriting and created a body of work that allows his cult status to infiltrate the consciousness of the mainstream, whilst maintaining his commitment to making music that challenges convention.

                                                        Ox Eagle Lion Man

                                                        The Lay Of The Land The Turn Of The Tide

                                                          Following from their sold out limited 7" debut on Transgressive and their buzz laden trip to SXSW, Ox... present their first widely available release. Formed by "Fred Les" of Les Incompetents fame, the band have already amassed a die-hard fan base.

                                                          Young Knives


                                                            Following on from their critically acclaimed debut album, "Voices Of Animals And Men", Young Knives release their hotly anticipated follow up. A muscular clatter of pulsing guitars, head-spinning percussive thuds and harmonic, brotherly vocals provide the backbone to a rich throng of giddy, excited ideas and ageless, wry lyrical themes.

                                                            Iron And Wine

                                                            Boy With A Coin

                                                              "Boy With A Coin", the first single to be taken from forthcoming album "The Shepherd's Dog", is darkly playful, tumbling under its cascading melody and backwards guitar textures. A worthy example of the highest standard of songwriting displayed on the rest of the album and marks a departure in style from Beam's previous work, without betraying his blissful Americana roots.

                                                              Jeremy Warmsley

                                                              The Art Of Fiction

                                                                Compiled from his long sold-out collectors-item EP's from the past twelve months, comes the debut album from Jeremy Warmsley – "The Art Of Fiction".


                                                                Oh Marie!

                                                                  Re-release of their long-deleted debut single.



                                                                    Produced by Gareth Jones (Interpol, Wire, The Futureheads, Nick Cave), the explosive dynamics of "Children" provide a further teaser of the sounds of the debut album that will follow in August.


                                                                    Bouncy Ball

                                                                      Ladyfuzz were fully formed in London in early 2005 when Austrian front woman Liz Neumayr was joined by guitarist Matt Lord and drummer Ben Esser. "Bouncy Ball" is a taste of what to expect from their forthcoming debut album "Kerfuffle".



                                                                        "Tendency" is the second release for Battle on Transgressive Records, following the single "Demons", which sold out its 1500-only limited pressing in half a day, and the first fruits from sessions for their 'Debut Album of the Year' contender, recorded with Gareth Jones (Wire, The Futureheads, Nick Cave, Interpol and Einsturzende Neubauten) who has seamlessly managed to accommodate the epic scope of Battle's songwriting with their edgy and experimental tendencies, creating a track that you feel you've known your whole life, yet feel compelled to listen to repeatedly.

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