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Full Earth

Cloud Sculptors

    Full Earth is the latest psychedelic wunderkind from the far north featuring members of Kanaan and Motorpsycho. Cloud Sculptors is a lengthy instrumental work that combines Ingvald Vassbø's signature drumming, which is both brutally heavy and technically immaculate, with interlocking organs and chugging guitars.

    This new quintet, based in Oslo, Norway, is centered around drummer and composer Ingvald Vassbø - best known as the rhythm section of Kanaan and, as of recently, Motorpsycho. Joining Vassbø are the two other members of Kanaan, Ask Vatn Strøm and Simen Wie, as well as two new colleagues.

    With a deep connection to minimalist music, especially that of Terry Riley’s organ works, and heavy stoner rock such as Sleep, High on Fire and Elder, Full Earth centers on fuzzed out riffs, sonic experimentalism and noise music.

    Full Earth creates entrancing organ and synth-laden soundscapes anchored by tight rhythmic grooves. As arpeggiated keys pass and interlock with one another, a compelling and hypnotic picture reveals itself to the listener gradually.

    Cloud Sculptors features six songs, four of which are long-form, fuzz-heavy and sludgy numbers with interesting and unpredictable keyboard elements. The remaining two are shorter organ compositions inspired by James Ferraro, Onehotrix Point Nevers and Györgi Ligeti’s genius contributions to musical history.

    In short: Full Earth promises to be a refreshing and truly innovative voice in the heavy rock underground and their debut is not to be missed. First pressing is available on clear vinyl!


    Phanerothyme - 2024 Repress

      After years out of press, Motorpsycho's 2001 masterpiece is back in stock on vinyl! Originally released in 2001, Phanerothyme was a brave sidestep in the band's career. By embracing 60's psychedelic pop sensibilities and turning down their heavier, grungier tendencies, Motorpsycho displays another of their seemingly endless facets. After many years out of press, Stickman Records is proud to finally offer an updated version of this LP!



        Weite is a new band featuring Nicholas DiSalvo (Elder, delving) and Michael Risberg (Elder) alongside colleagues Ingwer Boysen and Ben Lubin. Assemblage is their first record, an effortlessly eclectic album of lightly psychedelic instrumental music. Winter 2022: Hamburg/Berlin, Germany. Out-of-work musicians litter the streets, tumbling about like so many discarded face masks and empty beer bottles. Amongst this backdrop of boredom and monotony, guitarist/bassist Ingwer Boysen conceived the idea of wrangling some likeminded friends and writing and recording a record within a short period of time. Being a live member of Nick DiSalvo's new band delving together with guitarist Michael Risberg, the two were obvious choices as a certain musical chemistry between the three was already evident. The group recruited Berlin-based English guitarist Lubin to round out the quartet and proceeded to bunker in for a week of intense songwriting in the basement of an old brewery. Sharing their diverse musical interests and swapping instruments frequently, a body of songs was quickly created that channeled a collective love for 60's and 70's psychedelic music, krautrock, jazz and listening to one motorik beat for 20 minutes straight. The troupe set off to record in a short session at Big Snuff Studio with frequent collaborator Richard Behrens and within a few days Assemblage was born. Recording live, Behrens captured the essence of the session, at times mellow and times intense, with the five together then embellishing the raw recordings with a hearty dollop of experimental overdubs. Assemblage is an expression of total creative freedom from four artists exploring music outside the sphere of the projects for which they are known. It is also the beginning of what looks to be a fruitful collaboration reaching into the future, with the first live dates for the band already planned this year. Available on 180gr. black vinyl including download code and on CD

        On Papir’s aptly-titled 7th outing, the band dials back their fuzz pedals and returns to the heavily atmospheric soundscapes that define much of their recent work. Many aspects of Papir’s music seem to have much in common with the sea - be it a willful association by the Copenhagen-based trio or not. Their output moves in waves, sometimes fierce and blustery, sometimes gentle and calming, but always performed with unforced, organic talent. Over the course of their 7 full-length albums, the band sways between psychedelic guitar meltdowns and long atmospheric passages with grace and ease. 7, with its blurred aquatic cover artwork is of course no exception to this rule, and the album is comprised of four long songs that return to calming waters after 2021’s heavier Jams. Album side A is made up entirely of one 20-minute composition that flows seamlessly from the band’s signature melodic kraut-inspired rock into an ebb and flow of gorgeous ambient soundscapes. Guitarist Nicklas Sørensen’s shows a remarkable versatility, conjuring up a variety of sounds with his guitar that seem hardly possible with one instrument. When drummer Christoffer Brøchmann Christensen and bassist Christian Becher Clausen rejoin on side B, three further blissed-out tracks carry the listener away into their own world. If ambient post-krautrock isn’t yet a genre title, Papir should certainly be credited with its invention.


        Lantern Of Gius

          Grotto’s third LP and Stickman debut is a summation of the band’s achievements in their brief but prolific history - a two-track odyssey across spaced- and stoned-out heavy rock landscapes. Within Europe, the Belgian heavy rock scene is sometimes unfairly overshadowed by its larger neighbors. However, at the latest with the founding of Desertfest Belgium in Antwerp, the heart of the European Union is rising as a focal point in the scene.

          Enter Grotto - a unique voice hailing from Flanders who met at the festival’s first edition in 2014. Beginning with a series of heavily improvised late-night jam sessions, they stumbled upon a sound that forged the heavier elements of rock with dreamy and melodic trips. Releasing two LPs in quick succession in 2016 and 2017, Grotto made strides to defining their own voice, incorporating elements of post rock, psychedelic rock and atmospheric soundscapes into a progressive song structure. Lantern of Gius is Grotto’s third LP and debut for Stickman Records.

          Comprised solely of two epic songs - one per side - it is a musical journey few other bands could recount solely in instrumental fashion. Guitarist Marvin Dinneweth’s iconic guitar work uses spacious, open guitar chords as opposed to chunky stoner riffs for the foundation of the music, allowing bassist Jeroen Moerman and drummer Arno Cottyn to carry the undercurrent of the musical stream. Moving between passages of introspective post rock and full-on distorted riffing, Lantern of Gius is the band’s most varied and mature effort yet that will resonate with listeners from all across the spectrum of rock music and beyond. 



            On their 6th LP, Papir blend the lush atmosphere perfected on their previous album ‘V’ with the guitar-driven sound of their early output. The result is a concise, yet compelling record of unique, blissful psychkrautrock.Papir, a trio from Copenhagen, might be the ultimate expression of the Danish creative soul: distinctively modern, deceptively minimalistic, and stylish yet understated. A band of virtuoso musicians who move between psychedelic rock, jazz and krautrock seamlessly with the ability to hypnotize audiences, Papir could easily be the showboats of the scene.

            However, since the appearance of their self-titled record in 2010, Papir have continued to follow their own road map, creating music with little interest in playing to the masses or catering to a specific genre. While the band’s output over the past ten years has varied from epic psychedelic guitar meltdowns à la Earthless to sweeping, reverb-drenched soundscapes, a core of dense rhythm and melody always holds it all together. On VI, Papir show a mastery of all their faces, combining the guitar heroics of their first few records with the more lush sound of last year’s V. In a mere 4 songs, Papir once again refresh tired ears with their unmistakable approach to rock music, leaving the listener blissed rather than bludgeoned.



              From the first bars of the opener “Glow Out Of Time”, Orango pull no punches and let you know exactly what Evergreens is all about: grit, groove and melody. Or is it? Taking a sideways step from the album’s predecessor The Mules of Nana, Evergreens eschews some of the polish, opting for a more stripped-down, harder-rocking sound, filled out by the band’s signature vocal harmonies. It also shows Orango at their most adventurous, as evinced by the album’s title track and closer, the 16-minute epic “Evergreen”. This track alone is worth the admission price; flutes, organ, adventure-inspiring bass runs that could be approved by Iron Maiden, melancholy and contemplation giving way to ecstasy.

              You thought you knew Orango?Orango’s confident brew of good ol’ southern rock, west coast style vocal harmonies and an amazing live energy, has been fine tuned with every album, peaking with the recording of their new album, Evergreens. The music was recorded purely out of internal inspiration; playing for the love of music in itself, and not compromising on their true affection for the genre´s influencers.

              TRACK LISTING

              1) Glow Out Of Time
              2) Loco
              3) Old Shores
              4) Hillside Man
              5) Blue Heart
              6) Sunny Bay
              7) Evergreen


              Brain Massage

                35007 co-founder and guitar player, Bertus Fridael, has now started a solo project called Mother-Unit. As the guitar player of 35007, Bertus was responsible for most of their typical guitar riffs and the heavy guitar sound that made 35007 famous. Their heavy wall of sound, long soundscapes and wild video shows were legendary. To keep the best tradition of instrumental rock music alive, he is now releasing a new album titled "Brain-Massage". The fingerprint he put on 35007 is also present on this new album. By learning how to play drums and keyboards after ending his 35007 voyage in 2003, he had total freedom to compose his music, to be sure that all the instruments fit the guitar riffs perfectly and to give the music an even more hypnotic and massive sound than that which was 35007’s trademark. Not only will these heavily hypnotic sounds lead you to another world, the more mellow parts will also guide you to another universe.

                This album will give you the total brain massage your mind and body was waiting for, it hurts a little but still feels great. While listening to these hypnotic sounds you will experience new dimensions in time and space, leading you to the question 'what do we actually know?'. Have a nice trip! For fans of 35007, Hawkwind, Amon Duul, etc

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