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Angels And Daemons At Play - Reissue

    Long overdue repress of this seminal release from the evergreen Motorpsycho, this is one of their landmark 90s albums. 

    This was their 6th album release from 1997. Far reaching modern psychedelic rock / pop / noise from the masters!!

    This album saw them melding their heavy post-grunge noise prog sound to a more Sonic Youth inspired avant pop sheen to great effect. Songs likes Sideway Spiral / Walking on Water were bombastic pop tunes amongst some of the most proficient and exhilarating instrumentation of the bands career to date.. A highly recommended album!!!


    2xColoured LP Info: Double 180 gram repress on gold vinyl.


    Spires Burn / Release

      Bridging the gap between the band’s stoner-doom beginnings and their proggier leanings of recent years, this two-track EP finally gets its own dedicated European pressing via Stickman Records. When Elder’s second full-length record Dead Roots Stirring came out in 2011, it easily surpassed their debut and made waves in the stoner rock community. By the time their follow-up Lore was released four years later, the band startled listeners expecting another stoner epic: the band had incorporated elements of progressive, psychedelic, post- and psych-rock into their widening musical pallet. If it felt like a big step, that’s only because many had failed to notice the band’s transition showcased on the 2012 EP Spires Burn/Release - which has until now never seen release outside the US.

      Though only two songs long, as per usual Elder fill out the grooves with long-runners that travel a ways from their starting points. “Spires Burn”, the A-side, follows sludgy Maryland-doom style riffage into classic twin guitar interplay and psych-rock breakdowns. “Release” is the perfect counterpoint to the darker A-side, with uplifting, melodic leads and unexpected swerves. The first notions of a more progressive song structure and bolder songwriting shine through on both songs, which still remain heavy enough to appeal to fans of the band’s earlier work. Spires Burn/Release is not just a footnote but an excellent standalone record in the band’s trajectory.


      Coloured LP Info: 180 gram purple vinyl.



        On their 6th LP, Papir blend the lush atmosphere perfected on their previous album ‘V’ with the guitar-driven sound of their early output. The result is a concise, yet compelling record of unique, blissful psychkrautrock.Papir, a trio from Copenhagen, might be the ultimate expression of the Danish creative soul: distinctively modern, deceptively minimalistic, and stylish yet understated. A band of virtuoso musicians who move between psychedelic rock, jazz and krautrock seamlessly with the ability to hypnotize audiences, Papir could easily be the showboats of the scene.

        However, since the appearance of their self-titled record in 2010, Papir have continued to follow their own road map, creating music with little interest in playing to the masses or catering to a specific genre. While the band’s output over the past ten years has varied from epic psychedelic guitar meltdowns à la Earthless to sweeping, reverb-drenched soundscapes, a core of dense rhythm and melody always holds it all together. On VI, Papir show a mastery of all their faces, combining the guitar heroics of their first few records with the more lush sound of last year’s V. In a mere 4 songs, Papir once again refresh tired ears with their unmistakable approach to rock music, leaving the listener blissed rather than bludgeoned.


        Coloured LP Info: Transparent vinyl.

        Coloured LP includes MP3 Download Code.



          From the first bars of the opener “Glow Out Of Time”, Orango pull no punches and let you know exactly what Evergreens is all about: grit, groove and melody. Or is it? Taking a sideways step from the album’s predecessor The Mules of Nana, Evergreens eschews some of the polish, opting for a more stripped-down, harder-rocking sound, filled out by the band’s signature vocal harmonies. It also shows Orango at their most adventurous, as evinced by the album’s title track and closer, the 16-minute epic “Evergreen”. This track alone is worth the admission price; flutes, organ, adventure-inspiring bass runs that could be approved by Iron Maiden, melancholy and contemplation giving way to ecstasy.

          You thought you knew Orango?Orango’s confident brew of good ol’ southern rock, west coast style vocal harmonies and an amazing live energy, has been fine tuned with every album, peaking with the recording of their new album, Evergreens. The music was recorded purely out of internal inspiration; playing for the love of music in itself, and not compromising on their true affection for the genre´s influencers.


          Coloured LP Info: Green vinyl in gatefold sleeve.



            Fresh on the heels of the band’s latest spectacular psych rock masterpiece, Stickman Records is happy to present a reissue of the long out-of-print second album by Weedpecker. Weedpecker formed in Warsaw, Poland in the early 2000s as a stoner rock band with serious melodic tendencies. Much in the same vein as now-labelmates Elder, the band has gradually traded riffs for atmosphere and progressive song structures, stepping further away from others’ footsteps with each release. On II, their aptly-titled second full-length, the band broadened their sound on all levels, and as a result dropped jaws across the stoner rock community in 2015.

            Weedpecker makes huge riffs that are majestic and beautiful, suspending them in oceans of reverb and psychedelic atmosphere. II takes less influence from the lighter side of psych rock than the record that followed it, opting instead for a grunge-tinged approach to their stoner epics. Brother guitarists Piotr and Bartek Dobry play off each other with an ease perhaps expected from family - offering twin guitar leads and chunky stoner grooves that melt into hazy, ethereal atmosphere in the next moment. On top of it all, sublime vocal harmonies complete the picture of a superb rock album that is both heavy and beautiful.


            Papir (Reissue)

              Before releasing a string of albums on the El Paraiso label and hitting upon their trademark sound of soft, warm and even jazz-tinged psychedelic rock, Papir released their first and perhaps most experimental record to the world in a limited pressing of only 250 copies. Even in their early days, the Copenhagen trio Christoffer Brøchmann Christensen, Nicklas Sørensen and Christian Becher Clausen were virtuosos in their art of hypnotizing rock, and their debut record is a testament to the group’s early devotion to krautrock. Incorporating haunting, industrial sounds, keyboards and otherworldly guitar sounds into their tapestry of sound, Papir gives a glimpse into the band’s early days where a certain weird joy in experimentation was palatable.

              Hints of the blissful psychedelia the band is now known for shine through in intervals, only to collide against beeps and loops, submerging and emerging while unexpected sounds assail the listener. Papir is a beautiful and highly unique record in the band’s catalog that will be appreciated by the band’s current fans as well as krautrock enthusiasts. Papir’s first studio album is a powerful statement that established the band immediately as one of the most creative psychedelic forces in the European scene. Stickman Records is reissuing the record for the first time on vinyl since 2010.


              Coloured LP Info: 180 gram neon yellow vinyl including download code.



                Don’t let the name fool you: Weedpecker are not just “another stoner
                rock band”. On III, the four-piece group from Warsaw conjure
                dreamy psychedelic soundscapes and melodic fuzzed out riffs into a
                blissful, swirling haze.

                FORMAT INFORMATION

                Ltd LP Info: Coloured vinyl.

                Ltd LP includes MP3 Download Code.

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