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Yves Tumor

Tumor, Yves

    Yves Tumor’s highly anticipated follow-up to ‘Heaven To A Tortured Mind’.

    Upcoming global headline tour and festival dates, beginning with Coachella Festival.

    Produced by Noah Goldstein (Frank Ocean / Rosalía / FKA Twigs / Rihanna / My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy).


    01. God Is A Circle
    02. Lovely Sewer
    03. Meteora Blues
    04. Interlude
    05. Parody
    06. Heaven Surrounds Us Like A Hood
    07. Operator
    08. In Spite Of War
    09. Echolalia
    10. Fear Evil Like Fire
    11. Purified By The Fire
    12. Ebony Eye 


    Draft 7.30 - 2023 Reissue

      This, Autechre's seventh LP, probably won't see legions of new fans flocking their way, but is another essential installment for everyone who's followed their progress so far. Far more accessible than "Confield", this LP is sometimes subtle and atmospheric, while at other times rhythmically complex and abstract.


      A1 Xylin Room
      A3 6IE.CR
      B1 TAPR
      C1 Theme Of Sudden Roundabout
      C2 VL AL 5
      C3 P.:NTIL
      D1 V-PROC
      D2 Reniform Puls


      Confield - 2023 Reissue

        The innovative elctronic duo's sixth LP for Warp. Strong selection of tracks that prove they can still out-Autechre their legions of imitators.


        A1 VI Scose Poise
        A2 Cfern
        B1 Pen Expers
        B2 Sim Gishel
        C1 Parhelic Triangle
        C2 Bine
        C3 Eidetic Casein
        D1 Uviol
        D2 Lentic Catachresis

        Various Artists

        Artificial Intelligence - 2022 Reissue

          Avaialble on vinyl  for the first time in 30 years, Artificial Intelligence includes rare early tracks by Aphex Twin (as The Dice Man), Autechre, Richie Hawtin (as UP!), B12 (as Musicology) and Alex Paterson (The Orb), the latter featuring co-production from Jimmy Cauty (The KLF).

          First release in Warp’s 1992 - 1994 Artificial Intelligence series that consisted of Artificial Intelligence, Surfing On Sine Waves by Polygon Window, Bytes by Black Dog Productions, Electro-Soma by B12, Dimension Intrusion by F.U.S.E., Ginger by Speedy J, Incunabula by Autechre, and Artificial Intelligence II.

          Original gatefold sleeve reconstructed by The Designers Republic. Album re-cut by Beau Thomas at Ten Eight Seven Mastering on classic black wax.


          A1. The Dice Man - Polygon Window
          A2. Musicology - Telefone 529
          A3. Autechre - Crystal
          A4. I.A.O - The Clan
          A5. Speedy J - De-Orbit
          B1. Musicology - Premonition
          B2. UP! - Spiritual High
          B3. Autechre - The Egg
          B4. Dr Alex Paterson - Loving You Live 


          Feorm Falorx

            On the cusp of their 30th year with British indie Warp Records, Plaid return with a joyous new studio album, Feorm Falorx. From their playful early releases in the late 80's until now, they have explored diverse musical styles and embraced new methods of synthesis whilst maintaining a musical thread that spins back through the early Hip Hop scene of their youth and beyond to the sounds of the late 60s and 70s that inspired it.

            Plaid have toured extensively and collaborated widely over the years, writing for and performing with sonic researchers, percussion groups, solo artists and orchestras, most recently for the BBC Concert Orchestra. They have written for computer games and scored several feature films, one of which, Tekkon Kinkreet, was awarded the Japan Academy Prize for Animation of the Year.

            This eleventh studio album finds our duo, Ed Handley and Andy Turner, recreating a recent performance at the Feorm Festival, an intergalactic festival held on the planet Falorx. In order to survive the Falorxian atmosphere they were converted into light so the traditional recording devices they'd taken on 'The Campbell' were not functional. Fortunately, having consulted Earth's Space Agency, it was deemed safe to recreate the performance back in their London studio. Extensive testing of the resulting recordings have established a level of thought contamination deemed, “perfectly acceptable.” 

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Barry says: Warp stalwarts Plaid return for a stunning selection of fractured breakbeats and swimming electronic wooze, from 90's influenced braindance heft to skittering airy ambient.

            TRACK LISTING

            CD Tracklist

            1. Perspex
            2. Modenet
            3. Wondergan
            4. C.A.
            5. Cwtchr
            6. Nightcrawler Feat. Mason Bee
            7. Bowl
            8. Return To Return
            9. Tomason
            10. Wide I’s

            Vinyl Tracklist

            A1. Perspex
            A2. Modenet
            A3. Wondergan
            A4. C.A.
            A5. Cwtchr

            B1. Nightcrawler Feat. Mason Bee
            B2. Bowl
            B3. Return To Return
            B4. Tomason
            B5. Wide I’s

            Maximo Park

            Our Earthly Pleasures (15th Anniversary Edition)

              15th anniversary colour vinyl repress of Maximo Park’s second album, originally released by Warp in April 2007. 

              TRACK LISTING

              A1. Girls Who Play Guitars
              A2. Our Velocity
              A3. Books From Boxes
              A4. Russian Literature
              A5. Karaoke Plays
              A6. Your Urge
              B1. The Unshockable
              B2. By The Monument
              B3. Nosebleed
              B4. A Fortnight’s Time
              B5. Sandblasted And Set Free
              B6. Parisian Skies

              Nightmares On Wax

              Shout Out! To Freedom… (Live At Pikes Ibiza)

              As Warp’s longest serving signing, Nightmares on Wax has been consistently at the forefront of contemporary music, creating a unique blend of electronica, jazz, hip-hop, dub, funk, soul and techno.

              Although 9 albums in, he may have only just truly stepped into his own groove. Lockdown forced a change of pace and offered some time for meaningful reflection and introspection. Evelyn already had the wheels in motion for making a collaborative album with a variety of guests but now he took this personal element and asked them to run with it. As a result, he formed creative bonds with new and upcoming talent that slotted in nicely with both the history and evolution of N.O.W. The likes of Shabaka Hutchings, Haile Supreme, Mara TK, Sabrina Mahfouz. Greentea Peng, OSHUN and Pip Millett all feature.

              In as hip and as grandiose a setting as Pikes, Evelyn relaxes into his groove immediately, with "Imagineering" shimmering off a selection of strings, delicate percussion and instantly moving piano licks. "Creator SOS" ups the pace and introduces Haile Supreme's dreamy & soulful vocals. If you've ever been to the Balearic institution you should have an idea by now, two tracks in, of how magical an event this must have been. Thankfully, plenty of that energy transfers onto the wax, so you can relive all the glitz, glamour, poolside cocktails and hedonistic spirit that's makes Pikes a go-to destination for the more tasteful side of the island's clientele. The first Nightmares On Wax live album (I think!) and it's a real beauty to behold. 

              TRACK LISTING

              A1. Imagineering
              A2. Creator SOS
              A3. 3D Warrior
              A4. Miami 80
              B1. Wonder
              B2. Own Me
              B3. Up To Us

              'I like contrast between my albums,' says Stephen Wilkinson aka Bibio. 'When I finish an album, I crave doing something different for the next one.'

              No more so is this made apparent with Wilkinson hitting a major milestone, releasing his 10th studio album. Over those ten albums he has gracefully glided between electronica, ambient, folk, pop, indie, funk, soul and just about any other sonic avenue he’s decided to turn down. After 2019’s "Ribbons", an album he describes as organic and woody sounding with a psych folk vibe, for "BIB10" he decided early on that he wanted to use more synths, drum machines, and electric guitars. 'I wanted this album to sound more polished and slick, but not software perfect. My influences for studio production mostly come from the 60s, 70s, and 80s where the craft was very different - getting a more polished sound, without ironing the humanity out of it, was part of the ethos.'

              The result is an album heavy in grooves, be them looping guitar licks that lock into hypnotic swirls, buoyant funk beats, silky disco, texture-heavy soul explorations or that uniquely distinct tone that sounds like nobody other than Bibio. The tone here is rich, deep, resonant and conjures up a radiating warmth throughout.

              This is apparent on tracks such as the opening "Off Goes the Light" and first single, in which Wilkinson’s prominent vocals merge beautifully with the interlocking guitar melodies and immersive synth soundscapes. Even though, on the surface, this album at times feels like one of Wilkinson’s most outwardly electronic-sounding efforts, its roots are planted firmly to the guitar. 'I became more obsessed than ever with guitars in the last few years, particularly vintage guitars,

              This underlying ethos has never been clearer than on his 10th album, a record that captures the essence of Bibio’s journey to date, with clear sonic characteristics and styles present and linkable to the past, while still exploring fresh ground and looking to the horizon. It’s a celebration record in many senses. A statement we'd definitely agree with - an artist that's united our staff and customers over a near 20 year period. 

              TRACK LISTING

              A1. Off Goes The Light
              A2. Potion
              A3. Sharratt
              A4. Rain And Shine
              A5. S.O.L. Feat. Olivier St Louis
              B1. Cinnamon Cinematic
              B2. Even More Excuses
              B3. A Sanctimonious Song
              B4. Lost Somewhere
              B5. Phonograph
              B6. Fools Feat. Olivier St Louis



                A unique collection put together by Clark of new tracks, unreleased music and sought after fan rarities.

                Mastered from the original tapes.

                C2 is a previously unheard improvisation with Broadcast.

                TRACK LISTING

                A1. Frau Wav (Brief Fling)
                A2. Re-scar Kiln
                A3. Urgent Jell Hack
                B1. Dead Shark Eyes
                B2. Boiler The Wick
                B3. Dusk Raid
                C1. Roller The Wick
                C2. Herr Bar (Improv)
                C3. Observe Harvest
                D1. Sparrow Arc Tall
                D2. Dusk Swells
                D3. Autumn Linn 


                Body Riddle - 2022 Remastered Edition

                  Now regarded as something of a classic in the Clark catalogue, it has been cited by producers including Arca, Rustie and Hudson Mohawke as being an influential record. Writing for The Quietus back in 2014, Ed Gillett commented: “It's no hyperbole to say that Clark's 2006 LP Body Riddle is one of electronic music's unheralded masterpieces, its layers of heat-warped melodies, flickering textures and muscular drumming (played by Clark himself) creating a beautiful and unstable mixture of violence and wistfulness. Its production is immaculate, almost inhumanly so, swaddling the listener in midrange before pummelling them viciously, shifting seamlessly between organic instruments and impossible, vertiginous sound design.”

                  Recorded during a period the producer was living in the Midlands city of Birmingham in the UK, shortly before leaving for Berlin, Clark recalls the genesis of the album: “I can remember that period as getting really into krautrock and spending the day drumming on pillows along to Can records for six hours a day, when I think of that record that’s what I think of.”

                  Striking up a friendship with local band (and Warp labelmates) Broadcast was also a key factor: “They lived about ten minutes from me and I borrowed James Cargill’s drum kit and some mics of his, and all of the drums on that album are his old drum kit. There were some jams that me and James had, there’s one at the end of ‘Roulette Thrift Run’ which is basically just him on guitar and me plundering away on some drums, and I just pitched it up. Broadcast weren’t really in my circle of friends at the time but going to their place was sort of like a holiday from my normal social life, and I just loved it. Both Trish and James were both so full of wisdom, but I wasn’t really in with their scene of people at all, I’d just go there on my own and listen to records and have cups of tea.”

                  Broadcast also feature on an improvised version of ‘Herr Barr’ that was only previously available as a download on the Clark website. It has been compiled alongside other sought after rarities and unreleased material that related to Body Riddle on the new 05-10 collection. Clark explains a bit more about the tracks on it:

                  “It is that thing of collecting things that would otherwise be lost to the internet and wanting to put a shell around it. It’s important to do because I really love some of that material. I suppose what I love is some of those processes, there’s a modular jam called ‘Boiler The Wick’ that I just had all my gear setup and was recording like five modular tracks a day. I still miss that time because my studio is very different today and I’m slightly sick of modular because everyone’s got modular and everyone’s doing it, but this was like ten years ago and I can’t really say it’s connected to Body Riddle exactly, but it feels like a companion piece of sorts. For example that ‘Boiler The Wick’ track has a very similar energy to ‘Re-Scar Kiln’ and it feels like it could be from the same world.

                  The Throttle Furniture EP was 2005, and some of those tracks could have gone on Body Riddle but they would have took it in a more clubby direction, so it felt good to put a fence around them and just use those for live shows. Around the time of the Body Riddle live shows I was playing those tracks out a lot in various forms. So tracks like ‘Urgent Jel Hack’ were written before Body Riddle was finished, that was me getting into Valve and Dillinja and loving that stuff as well.

                  The more beatless, reflective pieces that are included connect to my recent album on Deutsche Grammophon, and also other ambient pieces I’ve done for Warp, they’ve been peppered throughout my back catalogue. ‘Sparrow Arc Tall’ is like a cousin of ’Springtime Epigram’ or ‘Dew On The Mouth’, it’s that vibe of something captured on 4-track and rendered in a session. So they all feel connected to that family of pieces, and it’s nice giving people ten more tracks after however many years.”

                  In conclusion, looking back on Body Riddle with 16 years of hindsight, Clark reflects: “I feel really good about it, it’s interesting hearing it again. It seems to be an album that meant a lot to some people and be a significant record, but for me it is just another album of mine.

                  It is a bit of a blueprint for how things have gone with my music since then, because it’s just so dynamic and all over the place and messy, but intentional, and the mess feels deliberate and the accidents feel illuminating and exciting, and that’s a spirit that I think I always want to capture in music. You know when you hear music that is less than the sum of its parts, and it should work because everything’s tidy and in its place but something doesn’t work? I think I always aspire to make music that’s more than the sum of its parts, that shouldn’t really work but it does, and that’s such a magical quality. I don’t know whether the record has that or not, but the album is certainly the result of trying to be like that, all of these diverse styles sitting alongside each other but the overall album makes it coherent.

                  I’ve always tried to write albums rather than tracks for streaming services. I’m always going to be an album artist whether the form’s alive or only loved by a hundred people on the planet, for me it’s still the ultimate form of expression. An album’s a perfect length of time, it’s like a short story, you can do it in a sitting and it’s not too much. With an album you can just go for a walk and have it in your headphones, and Body Riddle is that classic ‘go for a walk and listen to an album in one go’ kind of record. It’s not trying to be a club record, it’s pure listening music.”

                  TRACK LISTING

                  A1. Herr Bar
                  A2. Frau Wav
                  A3. Springtime Epigram
                  B1. Herzog
                  B2. Ted
                  B3. Roulette Thrift Run
                  C1. Vengeance Drools
                  C2. Dew On The Mouth
                  C3. Matthew Unburdened
                  D1. Night Knuckles
                  D2. The Autumnal Crush


                  Body Double

                    Double CD featuring a remastered edition of Clark's 2006 album Body Riddle alongside the companion LP 05-10.

                    Mastered from the original tapes.

                    Includes previously unheard improvisation with Broadcast (Disc 2 track 8).

                    TRACK LISTING

                    Disc 1 - Body Riddle
                    01 Herr Bar
                    02 Frau Wav
                    03 Springtime Epigram
                    04 Herzog
                    05 Ted
                    06 Roulette Thrift Run
                    07 Vengeance Drools
                    08 Dew On The Mouth
                    09 Matthew Unburdened
                    10 Night Knuckles
                    11 The Autumnal Crush

                    Disc 2 - 05-10
                    01 Frau Wav (Brief Fling)
                    02 Re-Scar Kiln
                    03 Urgent Jell Hack
                    04 Dead Shark Eyes
                    05 Boiler The Wick
                    06 Dusk Raid
                    07 Roller The Wick
                    08 Herr Barr (Improv)
                    09 Observe Harvest
                    10 Sparrow Arc Tall
                    11 Dusk Swells
                    12 Autumn Linn

                    Hudson Mohawke

                    Cry Sugar

                      Hudson Mohawke’s third album, ‘Cry Sugar’, deepens his practice of producing motivational music for club goers - uplifting the debauchery and inspiring many through his own brand of anthemic maximalism.

                      Trading in his lineage in dark UK back alleys filled with Glaswegian antipathy for studio sessions with blazed Pavarotti-inspired tenors and drunk string quartets, Mohawke has dialled in an ongoing fascination with melding high and low culture. Afterall, he is indeed the architect for the high peaks of high-definition trap production that became embellished in the 2010s - a style that has been appropriated in everything from beer can-littered college parties to Arby’s commercials.

                      American decadence, then, becomes a stage forhis music to thrive - where the DJ booth becomes a composer’s podium for him to conduct the tense drama between debauchery and apocalypse, the ‘mise-en-scene’ of club culture in 2022.

                      STAFF COMMENTS

                      Matt says: Technicoloured, wide-screen bass and synth luminary Hudson Mohawke returns with more of his 5D, extra-fidelity sonic explosions. Taking cues off everything from opera to trap, there's few that push the envelope in such grandiose ways.

                      TRACK LISTING

                      A1. Ingle Nook
                      A2. Intentions
                      A3. Expo
                      A4. Behold
                      A5. Bicstan
                      A6. Stump
                      B1. Dance Forever
                      B2. Bow
                      B3. Is It Supposed
                      B4. Lonely Days
                      C1. Redeem
                      C2. Rain Shadow
                      C3. KPIPE
                      C4. 3 Sheets To The Wind
                      C5. Some Buzz
                      D1. Tincture
                      D2. Nork 69
                      D3. Come A Little Closer
                      D4. Ingle Nook Slumber



                        South Londoner Wu-Lu’s stunning new album contains post-genre war dubs that speak directly to these richly troubled times.

                        The twelve simmering tracks from the producer, multi-instrumentalist and vocalist are made of depth-charged post-punk, thrashed-up skate-park screamo, and the gauzy hip hop that Knwxledge might make if he’d got lost round the back of The Windmill on Brixton Hill.

                        It’s laced with revvy, ethereal guitars that warp and loom like electric pylons, concrete walls of bass that power out of drill-influenced, triplet-laced drums and piano melodies that pull you through. It teleports between Factory Records in the darkest 1980s and classic albums from DJ Shadow or early ‘90s Slipknot. LOGGERHEAD pulls from the past and reshapes it for now.

                        STAFF COMMENTS

                        Barry says: Loggerhead is a gigantic, sprawling suite of fiery anthems and fragmented instrumental heft, its hip-hop influence is strong but lurches between dark instrumental weirdness and avant rock a-la Anticon Records, it's a wonderfully dynamic and wildly inventive behemoth.

                        TRACK LISTING

                        A1. Take Stage
                        A2. Night Pill Feat. Asha
                        A3. Facts Feat. AmoN
                        A4. Scrambled Tricks
                        A5. South Feat. Lex Amor
                        A6. Calo Paste Feat. Léa Sen
                        B1. Slightly
                        B2. Blame
                        B3. Ten
                        B4. Road Trip
                        B5. Times
                        B6. Broken Homes

                        !!! (Chk Chk Chk)

                        Let It Be Blue

                          The band’s ninth record, Let it Be Blue, takes that feeling of constant, radical transformation to new, untapped zones. It’s a record of sparse dance music. The kind of stuff you want to put on loud, let loose, go to the bar to get a drink only to abandon your plans because the song that just came on was too good not to dance to. Let it Be Blue is a computer record, but it doesn’t feel like it. Featuring production from Patrick Ford, Let it Be Blue is the product of file sharing, trading stems, song particles, little ideas on their way to being fully realized dance tracks. It was conceived during the past two years, with dreams of future dancefloors very much on the brain. The resulting 11 songs are some of the band’s most production focused offerings to date. They’re crystalline, full of sub-bass and drums. It evokes visions of clubs where a concoction of Dembow and acid house play at volumes so loud your ears hurt and you forget what day of the week it is. In other words, it’s a !!! album. It makes you freak out a little bit.

                          STAFF COMMENTS

                          Barry says: The distance-working scenario here has clearly helped !!! hone their sound down into perfectly produced micro-segments of rhythm and melody, with their ninth album being easily their most clearly-defined and beautifully realised dancefloor statement. It's bold and full of swagger, as they always are but this feels like the work of a band determined to only get better, and to keep pushing things forards while retaining the sound that made them so distinctive in the first place.

                          TRACK LISTING

                          A1. Normal People
                          A2. A Little Bit (More)
                          A3. Storm Around The World (feat. Maria Uzor)
                          A4. Un Puente (feat. Angelica Garcia)
                          A5. Here's What I Need To Know
                          A6. Panama Canal (feat. Meah Pace)
                          B1. Man On The Moon (feat. Meah Pace)
                          B2. Let It Be Blue
                          B3. It's Grey, It's Grey (It's Grey)
                          B4. Crazy Talk
                          B5. This Is Pop 2


                          Microtronics - Volumes 1 & 2

                            As well as a wonderful collection of the sessions Cargill and Keenan played at Maida Vale from 1996 to 2003, there are two seperate outings only previously available from Broadcast on tour. The brilliant Microtonics sees the duo lurch from avant off-kilter electronic pop to drastic skittering bunker techno, via flickering folktronca. There are pieces here that are clear influences on bands that have come since, and is yet another piece of the puzzle in the notoriously prolific output of one of the greatest electronic outfits around. A constantly confounding and suprprisingly cohesive selection, considering the gap between the two halves of the cut. 

                            STAFF COMMENTS

                            Barry says: A beautiful reissue here, perfectly collecting together two EP's only available from Broadcast's 2003 and 2005 tours. Wonderfully off-piste and quintessentially Broadcast. Sounding and looking wonderful too, what more could you want?

                            TRACK LISTING

                            01 Microtronics 01
                            02 Microtronics 02
                            03 Microtronics 03
                            04 Microtronics 04
                            05 Microtronics 05
                            06 Microtronics 06
                            07 Microtronics 07
                            08 Microtronics 08
                            09 Microtronics 09
                            10 Microtronics 10
                            11 Microtronics 11
                            12 Microtronics 12
                            13 Microtronics 13
                            14 Microtronics 14
                            15 Microtronics 15
                            16 Microtronics 16
                            17 Microtronics 17
                            18 Microtronics 18
                            19 Microtronics 19
                            20 Microtronics 20
                            21 Microtronics 21


                            Mother Is The Milky Way

                              Another wonderful tour-only oddity from Broadcast, issued finally on LP and CD. This one is from 2009 and sees the duo at their most experimental, resulting in some of their msot arresting moments, fractured wisps of melody wrought out of clattering breakbeats and woozy psychedelic swirls both distorted and monolithic. There is little argument from anyone that they were a talented pair, and though this takes a little getting used to, it's even more evidence that their innovative way of doing things resulted in the most sublime of results. Shadowy and percussive, deeply psychedelic and wonderfully weird. 

                              STAFF COMMENTS

                              Barry says: I love broadcast, and I love the way they write music. It's never what you expect but it's ALWAYS worth listening to. This one from their 2009 tour is no different, and as a listening experience is both cathartic and richly rewarding. A weird and wonderful journey.

                              TRACK LISTING

                              01 Creation Day The Travel Flute Way
                              02 In Here The World Begins
                              03 Elegant Elephant
                              04 Through The Gates Of Yesterday
                              05 Milling Around The Village
                              06 The Aphid Sleeps
                              07 Growing Backwards
                              08 I'm Just A Person In This Roomy Verse
                              09 Never Trust A Rusty Bolt
                              10 Innocence In Orbit
                              11 Mother's Milk Means Music [At Home In The Universe]


                              Maida Vale Sessions

                                Broadcast shaped the modern electronica scene with their clever and effective juxtaposition of library and psychedleic sounds of the 60's with a modern edge, culminating in one of the most distinctive and emulated sounds of my musical experience. Keenan and Cargill have written some of the most effecting pieces of music of the last couple decades and this brand new collection sees a full-scale issue of the various shows they've played at Maida Vale over the years. This much needed rarity comes on both double vinyl and CD and is a perfect track of their development, and a wonderful document of their skills as live performers. 


                                STAFF COMMENTS

                                Barry says: An essential document of the famously wonderful Broadcast live experience, with a selection of their best tracks committed to tape. One part of a trio of exciting Broadcast rarities, and long overdue!

                                TRACK LISTING

                                John Peel - 6th October 1996
                                1. The Note [Message From Home]
                                2. Untitled [City In Progress]
                                3. Forget Every Time
                                4. World Backwards

                                Evening Session - 1st March 1997
                                1. Come On Let’s Go
                                2. Look Outside
                                3. The Book Lovers
                                4. Lights Out

                                John Peel - 9th February 2000
                                1. Long Was The Year
                                2. Echo’s Answer
                                3. Where Youth And Laughter Go

                                John Peel - 19th August 2003
                                1. Pendulum
                                2. Colour Me In
                                3. Minim
                                4. Sixty Forty


                                LP5 - 2021 Reissue

                                  Second repress from Rochadale's finest electronica exponents this week. Alongside the amazingly innovative "Chiastic Slide", "LP5" is probably one of their most loved albums. Undeniably hi-tech, it plots a sonic path through alien soundscapes, future industry and showcases their clattering, plinkity-plonk drum programing to devastating effect. They toy with time stretch and tempo throughout; resulting in an experience which leaves the listener feeling quite elastic. Elsewhere they draw static and electromagnetic energy from their impressive array of gear; smothering the whole album in a crackly, charged patina which would fast become their trademark. Ending with the painfully sublime, "Drane2", this is emotion-riddled electronic music dreamt up by techno angels in North Face's.

                                  Limited repress - don't sleep!

                                  TRACK LISTING

                                  1 Acroyear2
                                  2 777
                                  3 Rae
                                  4 Melve
                                  5 Vose In
                                  6 Fold4,Wrap5
                                  7 Under BOAC
                                  8 Corc
                                  9 Caliper Remote
                                  10 Arch Carrier
                                  11 Drane2


                                  Chiastic Slide - 2021 Reissue

                                  Autechre are probably the best thing to have ever come out of Rochdale; them and Lisa Stansfield. The duo of Rob Brown and Sean Booth have forged a sound and a legacy that would inspire a whole generation. They took electronica deep into the club and back again - one of those acts that sit as well amongst the lazers as it does the coffee table. Singular, innovative and altogether worshipped by their fans.

                                  "Chiastic Slide" is one of the greatest electronic LP's of all time. Released in 1997 it left heads spinning with its still timeless production, uncanny ability to manipulate beats and deep emotive synthesis which would surely inspire BOC's "Music Has The Right To Children The Following Year". Now reissued alongside their other groundbreaking LP - "LP5". 

                                  TRACK LISTING

                                  1 Cipater
                                  2 Rettic AC
                                  3 Tewe
                                  4 Cichli
                                  5 Hub
                                  6 Calbruc
                                  7 Recury
                                  8 Pule
                                  9 Nuane

                                  Nightmares On Wax

                                  Shout Out! To Freedom....

                                  "Shout Out! To Freedom" sees the pivotal talent that is George Evelyn venture into new, exciting and dare-I-say-it, sophisticated realms on his new album. Featuring collaborations with Shabaka Hutchings, Greentea Peng, Haile Supreme, Mara TK, Sabrina Mahfouz & Pip Millett, it's perhaps the legendary producer's 'free-est' album to date; the inforced lockdown allowing the 30 years served dance veteran a break from endless touring and a chance to move further away from the dancefloor than previously felt comfortable. It moves through quasi-spiritual jazz, new amalgamations of lover's rock and soundsystem soul before morphing back through blunted beats, hallucinatory downbeat and UK rap. Peppered with pollical leaning vocal snips and a languid sprawl which reflects the laid back nature of the Leeds-bred artists’ permanent residence: Ibiza.

                                  Its reckless abandonment of any stylistic cliches or formula is where its greatness lies. File alongside other uncatagorizable modern epics such as Avalanches' "We Will Always Love You" and Prefab Sprout's "I Trawl The Megahertz", Quiet Village's "Silent Movie" and Dean Blunt's "Black Metal 1 & 2" - impossible to pin-down to genre tags and soundbites, a delight to revel in from beginning to end and a truly transportive listen. It's also deliciously UK-centric, taking influence from everything that makes music one of our island's proudest exports. 

                                  TRACK LISTING

                                  Tracklist CD :

                                  1 Shout Out! (Intro)
                                  2 Imagineering
                                  3 Creator SOS
                                  4 3D Warrior
                                  5 Miami 80
                                  6 GTP Call
                                  7 Wikid Satellites
                                  8 Breathe In
                                  9 To Freedom (Interlude)
                                  10 Wonder
                                  11 Own Me
                                  12 Widyabad
                                  13 Isolated
                                  14 Trillion
                                  15 Up To Us

                                  Tracklist LP’s :

                                  1 Shout Out! (Intro)
                                  2 Imagineering
                                  3 Creator SOS
                                  4 3D Warrior

                                  1 Miami 80
                                  2 GTP Call
                                  3 Wikid Satellites
                                  4 Breathe In

                                  1 To Freedom (Interlude)
                                  2 Wonder
                                  3 Own Me
                                  4 Widyabad

                                  1 Isolated
                                  2 Trillion
                                  3 Up To Us

                                  Yves Tumor

                                  The Asymptotical World EP

                                  Ground-breaking artist Yves Tumor continues to unlock the perception of reality with a psychedelically bent off-kilter rock offering, "The Asymptotical World EP" out now on WARP. The boundary smashing 6 song EP is the next era from the pop auteur and first release from Yves Tumor following the critically acclaimed 2020 album "Heaven To a Tortured Mind". Yves Tumor continues to manipulate the genre terrain by challenging mainstream music constraints further and shifting the boundaries of contemporary art and culture in a boundlessly visceral and authentic sonic signature.

                                  The "Asymptotical World EP" (co-produced and engineered by longstanding collaborator Yves Rothman) includes the massive single, “Jackie”, also co-written/produced by Chris Greatti (Yungblud, Poppy). The single arrived with the radical electrifying DeepFake visualizer directed and produced by Actual Objects. “Jackie” is a punctuated tale of connection in a fever dream realm featuring emotive guitars over an upbeat drum pattern, evoking the volatile magnetism between lovers that has garnered millions of streams across platforms and has received a multitude of praise. 

                                  STAFF COMMENTS

                                  Patrick says: Barry and I were only discussing the challenging genius of Yves Tumor the other day, and now we're in possession of an EP of brand new material. The shapeshifting, genre shredding artist is in chart conquering rock mode here, serving superbly psychedelic, surprisingly catchy indie. Highest recommendations all round I think!

                                  TRACK LISTING

                                  Crushed Velvet
                                  Secrecy Is Incredibly Important To The Both Of Them
                                  Tuck Feat. NAKED
                                  ...And Loyalty Is A Nuisance Child

                                  Three years in the making, Netflix’s “Yasuke” is a six-episode anime series created by Bronx-bred and Japan-based television animation creator, producer, and director LeSean Thomas (Cannon Busters, Children of Ether, The Boondocks) and starring actor / executive producer LaKeith Stanfield (Atlanta, Sorry To Bother You) as the voice of the title character. Yasuke tells the story of a samurai warrior of African descent in a fantastical alternate universe version of feudal Japan full of magic, mechs, and of course, swordplay.

                                  A dream project for the producer, Flying Lotus consulted on the story, working alongside renowned anime creators Studio MAPPA as an executive producer on the project. The skillset of the GRAMMY AWARD winning producer is on complete display on the album, hybridizing synth melodies, bass lines and machine generated drum patterns while exploring new sonic territory -- traditional Japanese percussion instruments like the taiko and hyōshigi and west African percussion — a nod to the Afro-Japanese, feudal yet futuristic world Yasuke inhabits.

                                  'You haven't really heard an anime score do a "Blade Runner" thing,’ he says, ‘I was like, let me try and get into the headspace of that, but also there were several things that were part of the recipe for me. I thought about when Dilla would sample [Isao] Tomita and people like Vangelis, and how he had a [signature] sound when he did that sort of thing.’. 

                                  STAFF COMMENTS

                                  Barry says: There's no way this isn't going to be massive. It sounds like quintessential Fly-Lo, with some of the more experimental elements tempered into a more evocative, hypnotic whole. Brilliantly effective as a soundtrack, and just as listenable on it's own. Wonderfully inventive and beautifully produced.

                                  TRACK LISTING

                                  LP Tracklisting
                                  A1. War At The Door
                                  A2. Black Gold (feat. Thundercat)
                                  A3. Your Lord
                                  A4. Shoreline Sus
                                  A5. Hiding In The Shadows (feat. Niki Randa)
                                  A6. Crust
                                  A7. Fighting Without Honor
                                  A8. Pain And Blood
                                  A9. War Lords
                                  A10. Sachi
                                  A11. Your Screams
                                  A12. Using What You Got
                                  B1. African Samurai (feat. Denzel Curry)
                                  B2. Where’s The Girl?
                                  B3. Kurosaka Strikes!
                                  B4. This Cursed Life
                                  B5. RoBomb
                                  B6. Taiko Time // Sacrifice
                                  B7. Your Day Off
                                  B8. Your Armour
                                  B9. Enchanted
                                  B10. Mind Flight
                                  B11. Survivors
                                  B12. Your Head // We Won
                                  B13. The Eyes Of Vengeance
                                  B14. Between Memories (feat. Niki Randa)

                                  CD Tracklisting
                                  1. War At The Door
                                  2. Black Gold (feat. Thundercat)
                                  3. Your Lord
                                  4. Shoreline Sus
                                  5. Hiding In The Shadows (feat. Niki Randa)
                                  6. Crust
                                  7. Fighting Without Honor
                                  8. Pain And Blood
                                  9. War Lords
                                  10. Sachi
                                  11. Your Screams
                                  12. Using What You Got
                                  13. African Samurai (feat. Denzel Curry)
                                  14. Where’s The Girl?
                                  15. Kurosaka Strikes!
                                  16. This Cursed Life
                                  17. RoBomb
                                  18. Taiko Time // Sacrifice
                                  19. Your Day Off
                                  20. Your Armour
                                  21. Enchanted
                                  22. Mind Flight
                                  23. Survivors
                                  24. Your Head // We Won
                                  25. The Eyes Of Vengeance
                                  26. Between Memories (feat. Niki Randa)

                                  Grizzly Bear

                                  Yellow House (15th Anniversary Re-issue)

                                    Grizzly Bear celebrate the 15th anniversary of their iconic second album (and first recorded as a full band) Yellow House. The new edition of the album is a re-cut repress and will be available on 3rd September 2021 in three formats - Clear 2LP (exclusive to official store, Bleep and independent retailers), classic Black 2LP, and an exclusive color 2LP via Vinyl Me Please.

                                    TRACK LISTING

                                    A1. Easier
                                    A2. Lullabye
                                    A3. Knife
                                    B1. Central And Remote
                                    B2. Little Brother
                                    C1. Plans
                                    C2. Marla
                                    C3. On A Neck, On A Spit
                                    D1. Reprise
                                    D2. Colorado

                                    Nala Sinephro

                                    Space 1.8

                                      ‘Space 1.8’ is Nala Sinephro’s debut album; each contributing piece is part of a connected, collaborative and deeply personal body of music.

                                      Performed and recorded at Pink Bird Recordings in Wanstead and in the comfort of Sinephro’s bedroom, tracks one through eight allow experimentation to breathe and borrow from jazz, electronic and folk influences.

                                      On the LP, Sinephro invites a host of talented musicians to enjoy its confines, providing a quiet place to dissolve the edges of London from the senses.

                                      ‘Space 1.8’ is a record for healing, which could not have arrived at a more needed time.

                                      TRACK LISTING

                                      Space 1
                                      Space 2
                                      Space 3
                                      Space 4
                                      Space 5
                                      Space 6
                                      Space 7
                                      Space 8


                                      Vidiconia (RSD21 EDITION)



                                        Brand new EP from Bibio featuring four beautiful haunting ambient pieces, reminiscent of his acclaimed Phantom Brickworks album.


                                        (Ch-Vox) Redux - 2021 Reissue

                                        Seefeel’s third studio album was recorded for Richard D James and Grant Wilson-Claridge’s Rephlex label, as as a return favour for two remixes Aphex Twin (a huge fan of the group) did in their Too Pure period. This is the first time it has been available on vinyl since 1996 and adds an extra LP of bonus material, mastered from original DAT transfers by Stefan Betke aka Pole. Comes housed in a new gatefold sleeve by the Designers Republic.

                                        “Mark Clifford and his mates have moved through labels like Astralwerks and Warp before landing at the front door of the Richard James label Rephlex, and along the way they have scattered some wonderful pearls. For (CH-VOX), it's an especially lush match of aesthetics -- sort of a condensed version of the Aphex Twin landmark record, Selected Ambient Works II. Picking up at the tail end of Seefeel's last album, Succour, we once again hear "Utreat," a dark meditation of phrases that makes Darren Seymour's bass sound like an electric piano, or is it Clifford's electric piano that sounds like a bass? Sarah Peacock's dreamy vocals hover almost out of earshot, and possibly her guitar is plugged in somewhere, too.

                                        It's difficult to say with many of their songs what instrument we're hearing, since treatments and effects play such a major role in production. The song "E-HIX2" breathes like a cluster of bleak skyscrapers with an extremely ambient take on feedback, and the title cut, "CH-VOX," is stark, patient, and ominous -- an abandoned submarine frozen in ice. "Hive" (with wonderful vocal loop effects) has Clifford revisiting his somewhat limited palette of percussion -- a piece that teeters between beauty and agitation, and an unfortunate weak spot for the album. The album closes with "Net," which is nothing short of masterpiece -- a journey, a drive through wet streets at midnight, and a finale so captivating you'll want to hear it twice -- somewhat postponing the disappointment that the album is only 33 minutes long.” 

                                        TRACK LISTING

                                        A1. Utreat (Complete)
                                        A2. E-hix²
                                        A3. Ch-vox C1. E-hix 5

                                        B1. Hive
                                        B2. Ashdecon
                                        B3. Net D1. Avatar

                                        C2. E-hix 4
                                        C3. Evio

                                        D2. E-hix 3
                                        D3. Ashime 

                                        Hudson Mohawke

                                        Hudson's Heeters Vol. 1

                                        Back in 2008/2009 I was working behind the bar at Font, DJing three times a week (have records will travel) and living near the yellow bricks in Hulme. Then, as now, I was digging disco and Balearic records, but a good friend used to stop by on the way back from Hit n Run every monday. The gal hipped me to Hudmo via that mega twist on Tweet's "Oops" and the insane 8bit brilliance of 'ZOo00OOm' and ever since I've had maximum respect for the Scottish DJ and producer. Way ahead of my curve were WARP, who heard his 2006 digital release "Hudson's Heeters Vol. 1" and quickly wrangled him into their roster. International superstardom followed, but there was never a vinyl version of this set. Dive in for a full frontal assault of baffling breakbeats, technicolour fx abuse, scratches, samples and supercharged boom bap. 

                                        TRACK LISTING

                                        A1 Intro
                                        A2 You Got Money
                                        A3 Star Of A Story
                                        A4 Free Mo
                                        A5 Apple Cores
                                        A6 Oversized Pencil Break
                                        A7 No One Could Ever
                                        B1 Polkadot Blues
                                        B2 The Harvest
                                        B3 Are You Feeling Hot
                                        B4 Moogli
                                        B5 Waldo’s Gift
                                        B6 Bottle Caps
                                        B7 Overnight


                                        Civic Jams

                                          Darkstar announce their fourth album ‘Civic Jams’ for release on Warp.

                                          On their most personal record to date, Darkstar counterbalance observations of their home with those of the community surrounding it. ‘Civic Jams’ is a photonegative of a dance record shaped by a dialogue between shoegaze atmospherics and UK bass music’s ‘hardcore continuum’. Darkstar find themselves at once looking homeward and venturing further into their own psychic hinterland with each record.

                                          They’ve covered a lot of ground from the introspective expanse of their debut ‘North’ [2010], to utopian visions of society in ‘News From Nowhere’ [2013] and the unique dynamics of a pre-Brexit northern England on ‘Foam Island’ [2015]. On their latest offering, home is within reach.

                                          Inspired by the intervening years, Darkstar (aka Aiden Whalley and James Young) show how the personal can be political and reveal more of themselves than they’ve ever done before. Imagine emotional realism built from spectral rave echoes, anchored in timeless songs of love and loss in the digital now and you’ve got it. Patterns of isolation are increasingly easy to fall into, especially when public spaces where people play, socialise, dance and protest are closed. ‘Civic Jams’ is about reminiscing over loss, whilst moving forward with those we love. It offers an abstract look at life’s nuances and the search to find something to hold on to and enjoy.

                                          TRACK LISTING

                                          A1. Forest
                                          A2. Jam
                                          A3. 1001
                                          A4. 30 Feat. Laura Groves
                                          A5. Wolf
                                          B1. Loon
                                          B2. Tuesday
                                          B3. Text
                                          B4. Blurred

                                          Mount Kimbie

                                          WXAXRXP Session

                                            Volume.... seven I think we're up to know in this thorough and expansive Warp 'TX' series - made up of sessions old and new from a plethora of Warp's flagship acts.

                                            Another newer addition to the ranks, Mount Kimbe records a brand new session for the label comprised of four tracks: "You Look Certain", "Delta", "Marilyn" featuring Micachi and "Made To Stray".

                                            A far cry from Dominic Maker and Kai Campos's dubstep-indebted beginnings, "You Look Certain" and "Delta" contain technicoloured, spiraling, almost psychedelic leads - buzzsaw synths, purring organs and motorik drums propelling the tracks forward at a rate of knots.

                                            "Marilyn", one of the duo's biggest tracks, is re-done achieving new levels of intimacy through a slightly stripped back and live sounding arrangement. Finally "Made To Stray" from 2013's "Cold Spring Fault Less Youth" closes off the EP with one of their more introspective, yet vastly gigantium pieces. 

                                            STAFF COMMENTS

                                            Martin says: Some of my favourite Mount Kimbe tunes all reproduced on this vital Warp session. These alternative takes are just as good as the originals making this set an imperative release for fans of this unique act.

                                            TRACK LISTING

                                            01. You Look Certain (I’m Not So Sure) (feat. Andrea Balency)
                                            02. Delta
                                            03. Marilyn (feat. Micachu)
                                            04. Made To Stray

                                            Kelly Moran

                                            WXAXRXP Session

                                              Kelly Moran, one of the more recent and avant garde of Warp's signings eschews the dancefloor in favour of something more freeform and dare-I-say-it, thought-provoking on this new session.

                                              Recorded specifically for Warp's 'TX' series, the five tracks here show off the composer's multi-instrumental and classically trained ear perfectly. "In Parallel" and "Helic 2" are both transmitted acoustically, and demonstrate advanced skill on both harp and piano compositions.

                                              "Interlude 1" opens side B with a tranquil moment of eastern mystery, before "Love Birds" opens up a bouquet of staccato wind chimes. Enchanted and completely ethereal, it's like your stood in a magical mood garden full of Elven-sorcery and sprite-like figures.

                                              "Radian" concludes, a heart wrenchingly powerful solo piano missive with suspended organ drones as underlay.

                                              A breathtaking piece of modern classical mixed with atmospheric electronica and a standout piece from the series. Recommended. 

                                              STAFF COMMENTS

                                              Matt says: A really strong session from Kelly who shuns convention and delivers an arresting piece of modern classical greatness. If like me you know little of this artist, this is an excellent insight!

                                              TRACK LISTING

                                              A1. In Parallel (acoustic)
                                              A2. Helix 2 (TransAcoustic)
                                              B1. Interlude 1
                                              B2. Love Birds (acoustic)
                                              B3. Radian (TransAcoustic)

                                              !!! (Chk Chk Chk)


                                                "Wallop", the band’s eighth LP, is another stellar addition to the wildly impressive catalog they’ve built over the course of nearly two decades and stands as a testament to their hardworking approach and ceaseless desire to push things further. Recorded over the past year in lead singer Nic Offer’s Brooklyn apartment, the band picks up where 2017’s "Shake The Shudder" left off, further exploring the fringes of dance music with a focused edge and a care-free spirit.

                                                "Wallop" sees friends from across the spectrum appearing on a number of tracks, including Liars frontman Angus Andrew, Maria Uzor of British dance aesthetes Sink Ya Teeth, and Glasser's synth-pop wizard Cameron Mesirow, who all join Offer and !!! co-vocalist Meah Pace on this barn-burning party of a record. With an array of producers lending a hand - including Cole M.G.N. (Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti, Julia Holter), Graham Walsh (Holy Fuck), and longtime collaborator Patrick Ford - "Wallop" was eventually stitched together to reflect the colorful, body-moving tapestry that its end result represents.

                                                STAFF COMMENTS

                                                Barry says: It's not a party until !!! show up, and they've arrived just in time to soundtrack this new release week. Surprising twists and turns abound (exactly as you'd expect), lots of day-glo melodies and huge effervescent melodies bolstered with huge 80's 'verb. Textbook !!!.

                                                TRACK LISTING

                                                A1. Let It Change U
                                                A2. Couldn't Have Known
                                                A3. Off The Grid/In The Grid
                                                B1. Serbia Drums
                                                B2. My Fault
                                                B3. Slow Motion/Slo Mo
                                                C1. $50 Million
                                                C2. Domino
                                                C3. Rhythm Of The Gravity
                                                D1. UR Paranoid
                                                D2. This Is The Door/This Is The Dub

                                                01. Let It Change U
                                                02. Couldn't Have Known
                                                03. Off The Grid
                                                04. In The Grid
                                                05. Serbia Drums
                                                06. My Fault
                                                07. Slow Motion
                                                08. Slo Mo
                                                09. $50 Million
                                                10. Domino
                                                11. Rhythm Of The Gravity
                                                12. UR Paranoid
                                                13. This Is The Door
                                                14. This Is The Dub

                                                Nearly 5 years after the last Flying Lotus album, the Grammy-nominated You’re Dead!, and Flying Lotus’ stock has never been higher. The interim years have seen him collaborating with Kendrick Lamar on the classic "To Pimp a Butterfly", directing and writing the Sundance-premiered Kuso movie, and producing much of Thundercat’s "Drunk".

                                                Flamagra encompasses hip-hop, funk, soul, jazz, global dance music, tribal poly-rhythms, IDM, the L.A. Beat scene, but it soars above a specific vortex whose coordinates can’t be accurately charted. Other than to say that it is a Flying Lotus record, perhaps the definitive one.

                                                Flamagra features (in order of appearance): Anderson .Paak, George Clinton, Little Dragon, Tierra Whack, Denzel Curry, David Lynch, Shabazz Palaces, Thundercat, Toro y Moi, Solange and more.

                                                STAFF COMMENTS

                                                Patrick says: Blurring genre boundaries as ever, Steven Ellison AKA Flying Lotus fucks with jazz, hip-hop, RnB, juke, soul and soft rock on his sixth LP. This time he keeps the interludes short and so so sweet, and invites the likes of Solange, Anderson .Paak, George Clinton and Thundercat to guest on his strongest songs to date. Sublime, beautiful and brilliant.

                                                TRACK LISTING

                                                1. Heroes
                                                2. Post Requisite
                                                3. Heroes In A Half Shell
                                                4. More Feat. Anderson .Paak
                                                5. Capillaries
                                                6. Burning Down The House Feat. George Clinton
                                                7. Spontaneous Feat. Little Dragon
                                                8. Takashi
                                                9. Pilgrim Side Eye
                                                10. All Spies
                                                11. Yellow Belly Feat. Tierra Whack
                                                12. Black Balloons Reprise Feat. Denzel Curry
                                                13. Fire Is Coming Feat. David Lynch
                                                14. Inside Your Home
                                                15. Actually Virtual Feat. Shabazz Palaces
                                                16. Andromeda
                                                17. Remind U
                                                18. Say Something
                                                19. Debbie Is Depressed
                                                20. Find Your Own Way Home
                                                21. The Climb Feat. Thundercat
                                                22. Pygmy
                                                23. 9 Carrots Feat. Toro Y Moi
                                                24. FF4
                                                25. Land Of Honey Feat. Solange
                                                26. Thank U Malcolm
                                                27. Hot Oct.

                                                Yves Tumor

                                                Safe In The Hands Of Love

                                                  Following on from 2016's superb 'Serpent Music' on label extraordinaire, PAN, Yves Tumor follows up by moving to Warp for the brilliant new LP, 'Safe In The Hands Of Love'. 

                                                  From the throbbing sidechained electronics and fragmented vocal accentuations of 'Economy Of Freedom' it becomes clear that we're in for something pretty special. Equally obtuse and euphoric, fragments of sound are smeared liberally across a detritus-riddled backdrop of throbbing bass and static crackling before lurching into a beautiful and eerie redux. 

                                                  This sort of dystopian noise is riddled throughout, but liberally freckled with moments of cohesive and frankly mindlblowing songwriting. 'Noid' for example, is based upon a clattering percussive loop and driving bass (Mr. Tumor really loves that bass synth), but encompasses aspects of hip-hop and soul to boot, vocals rhythmically bobbing in and out of the stereo field, lending a momentous urgency to proceedings before the swooning yang to the former's yin, employing similar vocal phrasing but swapping about the clattering instrumental maelstrom for a sleazy, warped lounge turn. 

                                                  There are moments of divine clarity scattered throughout the whole LP, balancing the sometimes overwhelming cascade of noise and malaise, but it's these moments that make the comparitive unease so satisying, lending moments of calm to an otherwise claustrophobic affair. Perfeclty balanced spine-tingling melodies are teased out of the decay, fittingly warped and then put to work alongside the dystopian foreground. As ever, a stunningly written and perfectly balanced juxtaposition of chaos and peace. 

                                                  STAFF COMMENTS

                                                  Barry says: Yves Tumor smashes it out of the park once again for this shuddering, post-apocalyptic suite of scattered melodies, broken rhythms and oppressive atmospheres, punctuated with moments of deserved beauty and blessed resolution. Killer.

                                                  TRACK LISTING

                                                  1. Faith In Nothing Except In Salvation
                                                  2. Economy Of Freedom
                                                  3. Honesty
                                                  4. Noid
                                                  5. Licking An Orchid Ft. James K
                                                  6. Lifetime
                                                  7. Hope In Suffering (Escaping Oblivion & Overcoming Powerlessness ) Ft. Oxhy, Puce Mary
                                                  8. Recognizing The Enemy
                                                  9. All The Love We Have Now
                                                  10. Let The Lioness In You Flow Freely

                                                  Gaika presents his debut album, "Basic Volume" after captivating listeners with a blistering pair of acclaimed, self-released mixtapes "Machine" and "Security" and the Warp-released EPs "Spaghetto" and "The Spectacular Empire". The 15 track collection is co-produced by Gaika, with additional production from similarly forward thinking contemporaries, including SOPHIE, Dutch E Germ, Dre Skull and DADRAS, Aart as well as previous collaborators including Jam City, Nick Leon and Frank Ocean’s "Blonde" and "Endless" collaborator Buddy Ross. Speaking about the album, Gaika says, “Basic Volume" is collection of alchemical parables for all the Immigrants who wander the earth in search of themselves”

                                                  TRACK LISTING

                                                  Basic Volume
                                                  Hackers & Jackers
                                                  Seven Churches For St.
                                                  Born Thieves
                                                  36 Oaths
                                                  Black Empire (Killmonger
                                                  Clouds, Chemists And
                                                  The Angel Gabriel
                                                  Immigrant Sons (Pesos
                                                  And Gas)
                                                  Close To The Root
                                                  Crown & Key
                                                  Warlord Shoes
                                                  Spectacular Anthem

                                                  What's left to be said about Richard James? One of the most spectacular and critically lauded producers in the world, a divisive musician and Delphic artist, nearing his thirtieth year in 'the biz' and his sound continues to innovate, experiment and enthrall. The David Bowie of electronic music - for some there is simply no parallel and every last artifact is to be feverishly collected and treasured.

                                                  A new EP that somehow extended and builds on his idiosyncratic and highly flamboyant style, the first duo of tracks, "T69 Collapse" and "1st 44" are at once playful and majestic. The first exploring the typically smiley-Cornish-acid-tekno genre with aplomb while the second implores deep subs and his galloping drum sequences to create a wobbly and cerebral track that plunges effortlessly into modern 'half-time' business, merging the best bits of techno, glitch, footwork and IDM in a truly Aphex flavoured broth.

                                                  Flip the disc and "MT1 T29r2" explores the darker and deranged sides of his persona - utilizing the Kork's MS-20 filter to maximum devastation while more peppery, skitting drum flurries explode out of the recesses of the mix. Finally, "Abundance10edit[2 R8's, FZ20m & A 909]" (phew!) sees James showing off with his world beating drum programming. Can anyone sequence beats better than AFX? No way hosay - as this final tracks sends us tumbling, flailing and spiraling into the speaker stacks like no-one else can. Still the king of electronic music? Youbetcha! Another essential addition from this acid overlord. 

                                                  STAFF COMMENTS

                                                  Matt says: Every time there's a new Aphex release I'm convinced I've grown out of him and won't like it. Time and time again I've proved wrong as this producer par excellence continues to be ten steps ahead of the pack.

                                                  TRACK LISTING

                                                  Vinyl Tracklist:
                                                  A1. T69 Collapse
                                                  A2. 1st 44
                                                  B1. MT1 T29r2
                                                  B2. Abundance10edit[2 R8's, FZ20m & A 909]

                                                  CD Tracklist:
                                                  01. T69 Collapse
                                                  02. 1st 44
                                                  03. MT1 T29r2
                                                  04. Abundance10edit[2 R8's, FZ20m & A 909]
                                                  05. Pthex

                                                  Mount Kimbie

                                                  Love What Survives - Remixes Part 2

                                                    The second Mount Kimbie remix package and Warp have enlisted another celebrity selection of producers to work with tracks from "Love What Survives".

                                                    The second 12” features two takes on album opener "Four Years and One Day". The first is a slow burning techno throbber from Marcel Dettmann, complete with concentric kick patterns and that Blade Runner growl and metallic flux that he's made his trademark over many years, hundreds of productions and literally days and nights behind turntables. Climaxing in a catastrophic explosion of iron girders and phosphorous explosions it pairs perfectly the visceral punk attitude of Mount Kimbie with the relentless anarco-techno ethos of the Berlin techno scene.

                                                    German house maverick Gerd Janson is enjoying an extended period in the spotlight at the moment, and rightly so, effortlessly conjuring an accomplished remix of "Four Years..." with a driving, fashionably close to EBM kinda sound that'll still work in the purist of house sets. Beautifully decorated with a tantalizing 303 line and angelic pad sequences and arranged with maximum elevation in mind, this is one track you're bound to be hearing on the big stages this Summer.

                                                    Finally, if you needed any more convincing, "T.A.M.E.D" gets drawn out into a mid-session techno romp by another German legend: Ellen Alien. Taking up the entirety of side B this is perfectly for those looong warehouse sessions when you need to give the lightning engineer summat to do while you enjoy watching the dancefloor slowly catch fire. Just the right side of proggy (read: druggy) and with mind melting, time shift vox flowing in the recesses of the mix, this is an impressive display of a producer with complete control of large, uninhibited crowds. Once the dancefloor hive mind gets locked onto this one anything's possible. 

                                                    STAFF COMMENTS

                                                    Matt says: Stupendously strong remix package this folks, one of the best I've seen for some time. Often high budget / max hype remix campaigns seriously disappoint but not this one; across both twelves there's been some really killer moments. Fully approved!

                                                    TRACK LISTING

                                                    A1. Four Years And One Day (Marcel Dettmann Remix)
                                                    A2. Four Years And One Day (Gerd Janson Remix)
                                                    B1. T.A.M.E.D (Ellen Allien U.F.O RMX)

                                                    Five years after the release of Kwes' debut LP, he’s back with "Songs For Midi". Following collaborations with Bobby Womack, NAO, Solange, and Loyle Carner (not to mention mxing label mate Kelela’s debut album "Take Me Apart") the EP sees the producer return to making music solely for himself - free from the shackles of collaboration and producing free-form compositions full of experimentation but more importantly - FUN. Yes, you can almost hear the artist thoroughly enjoying himself through the course of the album, which pairs natural strings against synthesized sawtooths, digtal delays against meandering pianos and the odd flurry of randomized percussion. "Songs for Midi", even though mature in its sound, maintains that consequential childlike element upon which Kwes has built his repertoire. An ode to his two year old niece Midi; it’s an opus about childhood discoveries and the excitement a child feels in the ordinary and mundanity of everyday life, an uplifting comment on the effervescence of youth. Midi also designed the cover with a little help from Uncle Kwes. Perhaps the youngest ever designer in Warp’s near three decade history! Each track on the EP builds upon sounds including the gentle tick tock on "Blox/Connor" to the flourishing extensive synthlines and crescendos on "Midori" which call to mind the fragility of Arthur Russell’s "World of Echo".

                                                    TRACK LISTING

                                                    A1. Midori
                                                    A2. Trike
                                                    A3. Ungry/Milk
                                                    B1. 99flake
                                                    B2. Hometime
                                                    B3. Blox/Connor

                                                    Iconic Warp mainstay Nightmares on Wax can now announce his long-anticipated return with new album Shape The Future. The marriage of soul, hip-hop, dub and timeless club sounds that N.O.W. has been mutating and perfecting for years finds perhaps its most fluid form yet on Shape The Future. Energized by globetrotting runs of studio sessions and DJ sets, this latest salvo is a masterpiece of contemporary and classic genre-blending that solidifies Nightmares On Wax’s place as an inspirational electronic music figurehead. This includes the shamanistic vocals of recent single Back To Nature, and in particular the the arresting voices of Mozez alongside Kanye West and Flume collaborator Allan Kingdom, as featured on brand new cut Citizen Kane. Nightmares on Wax is one of the most influential artists of a generation, his music has inspired many musicians and producers across the globe over his quarter decade career. As Warp’s longest serving active artist, he has broadened the sound of the label and paved the way for artists such as Flying Lotus, Hudson Mohawke and Mount Kimbie.

                                                    TRACK LISTING

                                                    01. Back To Nature Feat Kuauhtli Vasquez & Wixarika Tribe
                                                    02. Tell My Vision Feat Andrew Ashong
                                                    03. Shape The Future
                                                    04. On It Maestro
                                                    05. Tomorrow Feat LSK
                                                    06. Typical Feat Jordan Rakei
                                                    07. Tenor Fly
                                                    08. Citizen Kane Feat Mozez
                                                    09. Deep Shadows Feat Sadie Walker
                                                    10. Gotta Smile
                                                    11. The Other Ship

                                                    Oneohtrix Point Never

                                                    Good Time - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

                                                    Oneohtrix Point Never returns with his new album Good Time Original Motion Picture Soundtrack out August 11 on Warp Records. Rapturously received by Cannes’ film critics, Good Time is directed by Josh and Benny Safdie and stars Robert Pattinson (in a widely regarded career best performance) and Jennifer Jason Leigh. The hypnotic crime thriller follows Pattinson’s Connie in a twisted odyssey through the New York underworld in a desperate attempt to get his brother out of jail ( watch trailer ).

                                                    Oneohtrix Point Never received the prestigious Cannes Soundtrack Award at this year’s 70th anniversary edition of the festival for his visceral original score for Good Time . The artist was in competition with the likes of Jonny Greenwood, Jed Kurzel and Ibrahim Maalouf and took home the celebrated prize. Previous winners include Cliff Martinez for The Neon Demon (2016), Lim Giong for The Assassin (2015) and Howard Shore for Map to the Stars (2014).

                                                    An original song by Oneohtrix Point Never composed for the closing theme of the film, “The Pure and the Damned” features a guest vocal and lyrics written by Iggy Pop. Iggy’s voice is rich with uncomparable weight and wisdom on this stunning closer.

                                                    Daniel Lopatin aka Oneohtrix Point Never and the Safdie brothers became close collaborators through a shared love of cult genre movies and music, and their level of collaboration here has a rare depth of symbiosis of picture and score. Mundane events become dramatic, montages become mini operas.

                                                    With the soundtrack to Good Time, Oneohtrix Point Never has created a genuine listening experience rivalling the very best of his landmark studio albums. It also holds some of his most striking and complete individual moments; in addition to “The Pure and the Damned” “Leaving The Park” takes the classic arpeggio-laced crime scores of the 1970s and lends it the unique Oneohtrix Point Never stranger-beauty. Throughout the soundtrack, diegetic audio is interspersed and mutated in a natural foundation of Garden of Delete meets Rifts -era Oneohtrix Point Never sound palettes.

                                                    STAFF COMMENTS

                                                    Barry says: Never one to shy away from an off-piste melodic moment or two, the great Daniel Lopatin returns to his Oneohtrix guise for a beguiling foray into ambient soundtrackery, liberally smeared with his unmistakable echoing synth business. This might be even better than that time he live-tweeted commentary on Billy Corgan's 24-hour synth jam. Superb stuff as ever from Lopatin.

                                                    TRACK LISTING

                                                    01 Good Time
                                                    02 Bail Bonds
                                                    03 6th Floor
                                                    04 Hospital Escape / Access-A-Ride
                                                    05 Ray Wakes Up
                                                    06 Entry To White Castle
                                                    07 Flashback
                                                    08 Adventurers
                                                    09 Romance Apocalypse
                                                    10 The Acid Hits
                                                    11 Leaving The Park
                                                    12 Connie
                                                    13 The Pure And The Damned Featuring Iggy Pop

                                                    Recorded at the band’s home studio in Brooklyn, produced by longtime collaborator Patrick Ford at Taaffe Palace, and mixed by dance luminaries Phil Moffa, Joakim and Matt Wiggins, the album features a cast of changing singers from Lea Lea, Meah Pace, Nicole Fayu, Cameron Mesirow and Molly Schnick.

                                                    The album title is a fancy way of saying “shake it off and dance your cares away.” !!!’s post punk roots mean the band will always be pushing forward to new sounds but their tastes remain grounded in some form of funk and increasingly in various electronic dance styles. The idea for the new album was born from jamming in Barcelona, and spending months afterwards cutting those recordings into loops to form new songs. Back at home in Brooklyn, lead singer Nic Offer poured over his roommate’s disco breaks. To push their boundaries, the band implemented the policy of more liberal sampling techniques as well as using whatever keyboard was available with the attitude of “there's no such thing as a bad synth," using sounds they wouldn't ordinarily use. This also includes having multi-instrumentalist Rafael Cohen’s daughter featured on their song “What R U Up 2day” and the use of horn on “R Rated Pictures.” Thematically, "Shake The Shudder" reflects a band that has been together for twenty years. In the band’s early days, they had the typical punk attitude, pointing fingers at everything that’s going wrong in the world to cover up for their own inner turmoil. Now the band, older and wiser, are more comfortable with being more vulnerable, looking inwards instead of reacting outwards. To them you do this through friends, music, dancing, lovers… for "Shake The Shudder", the sound of protest can be a march or it can be a sick groove paired with some short shorts.

                                                    STAFF COMMENTS

                                                    Patrick says: Everyone's favourite punk-funk party monsters !!! return with more groove based fun on Warp, celebrating 20 years of off kilter disco riffery with an expansive and expressive set of bassy booty shakers. This time round the ensemble invite breakbeat and footwork into their polyamorous play-pen, ready to wreck romper suits the world over.

                                                    TRACK LISTING

                                                    1. The One 2
                                                    2. DITBR (Interlude)
                                                    3. Dancing Is The Best Revenge
                                                    4. NRGQ
                                                    5. Throw Yourself In The River
                                                    6. What R U Up 2Day?
                                                    7. Five Companies
                                                    8. Throttle Service
                                                    9. Imaginary Interviews
                                                    10. Our Love (U Can Get)
                                                    11.Things Get Hard
                                                    12. R Rated Pictures


                                                    Death Peak

                                                      Clark's "Death Peak" drops on Warp, a concept the esteemed producer has been working towards since August 2016. Contrasting jagged and smooth textures, working on ancient rhythms beamed from the future and intertwining euphoric melodies and visceral rhythms of warehouse rave with new vocal and choral elements; Clark sets out a distopic and environmentally degraded world, where space station groans meet ghosts of cyborgs and radioactive new life forms. The record deftly weaves together the various threads of his extensive work exposing the tension in Clark’s musical vocabulary. Grandiose and chamber like in its sound, this could well soundtrack church rituals on new planet systems, and is as vast as it is impressive.

                                                      Artwork by Alma Haser, a continuation of her work for Clark that began with the cover for his eponymous 2014 album.

                                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                                      Barry says: Clark has long been a love/hate relationship for me, I've been disappointed at points with what I now believe I just didn't understand, but THIS is another matter. Full of the same sort of spine-tingling seismic shifts that made 'Growls Garden' such a standout track, Death Peak is an absolute stormer. Future leftfield genius this, classic Clark.



                                                        Showcasing a mastery of ambient atmospheres and industrial heft rarely associated with Autechres later works, 1994's 'Amber' was a formative and bracing outing, full of glitchy hooks and dusty pads.

                                                        After the woozy swells and sweeps of opener 'Foil' comes a scintillating foray into glitchy rhytm and clean-cut bass throbs on 'Montreal'. Driving rhythms and punchy kicks punctuate meandering synth lines and weighty bass stabs. Juxtaposed with follower 'Silverside', this could easily soundtrack a journey into space with a possibly catastrophic (possibly near-catastrophic) outcome, full of fearful apprehension, visceral and inbued with emotion.

                                                        The theme of subject and resolution (or dissolution) is not uncommon throughout Amber. The incredible punchy star-gazing beauty of 'Slip' is followed up with the sparse and fractured hypnotic techno of the aptly named 'Glitch', just to bring you back to earth with a bang. Echoic stabs and glassine shards of melody ricochet around, underpinned by resonant squeals and a distinctly unsociable percussive workout.

                                                        'Nine' sees glistening keyboard and sub-bass swarm together into a chorused and stunning declaration of undying kinship (let no man ever part them), before being callously stalked by the by the minimalist gloom of 'Further'.

                                                        Amber is an epic outing full of dark and light, each dip or peak more profound and tranformative than the last, and each transition impeccably realised and further accentuated with Brown & Booth's stoically clinical production talent. Essential. 

                                                        STAFF COMMENTS

                                                        Barry says: Probably my favourite Autechre outing of the lot this. Periodic moments of exaltation intersected with industrial throbs and forceful technoid mutations. A bracing listen, and one for listening to in full and uninterrupted.

                                                        Danny Brown

                                                        Atrocity Exhibition

                                                          "Atrocity Exhibition" is an album of Danny Brown’s typically vigorous rap, paired with challenging production inspired by the work of Talking Heads and Joy Division. It sounds like nothing else from the past or present. Brown began work on "Atrocity Exhibition" in the summer of 2014, linking up with producer and frequent collaborator Paul White on the bulk of the album’s cuts. Other contributions come from producers like Evian Christ, Petite Noir (who also lends vocals to the world weary clang of ‘Rolling Stone’), Black Milk and the Alchemist, who lays down the beats for the masterful "Really Doe". Joined by Kendrick, Ab-Soul and Earl Sweatshirt, Brown goes wild over a killer rhythm track, resulting in the LP's stand out moment. 

                                                          TRACK LISTING

                                                          Downward Spiral
                                                          Tell Me What I Don’t Know
                                                          Rolling Stone (featuring Petite Noir)
                                                          Really Doe (featuring Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Soul & Earl Sweatshirt)
                                                          Ain’t It Funny
                                                          White Lines
                                                          Dance In The Water
                                                          From The Ground (featuring Kelela)
                                                          When It Rain
                                                          Get Hi (featuring B-Real)
                                                          Hell For It

                                                          ‘Under The Sun’, Mark Pritchard’s first solo album in five years, is designed to be listened to in one sitting; the unique atmosphere of the album has led from Pritchard’s exploration of the timeless production and mixing techniques of the 1960s and 70s.

                                                          Having previously produced - both collaboratively and as an individual - under various pseudonyms (Global Communication, Africa Hitech, Harmonic 313, Harmonic 33, to name a few), he has now begun to release all music under his own name.

                                                          The record draws influences from ambient, psych and folk and, with help from vocalists such as Thom Yorke, Linda Perhacs, Bibio and Beans (ex- Antipop Consortium), creates a sort of sonic utopian landscape, complemented completely by the artwork of Jonathan Zawada.

                                                          For fans of Atoms For Peace, Brian Eno, Fennesz, Jane Weaver, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Jon Hassell.

                                                          STAFF COMMENTS

                                                          Barry says: Pritchard releases his dazzling new album for Warp Records. Featuring serene electronic trills and sweeping ambience, mixed with acoustic guitar pieces and the vocal talents of a perfect selection of guest artists, this is a varied and engrossing selection of electro-acoustic masterstrokes.

                                                          TRACK LISTING

                                                          Give It Your Choir (Feat Bibio)
                                                          Beautiful People (Feat Thom Yorke)
                                                          Where Do They Go, The Butterflies
                                                          Sad Alron
                                                          You Wash My Soul (Feat Linda Perhacs)
                                                          Cycles Of 9
                                                          Hi Red
                                                          The Blinds Cage (Feat Beans)
                                                          Dawn Of The North
                                                          Rebel Angels
                                                          Under The Sun

                                                          Mark Pritchard / Bibio / Clark

                                                          A Badman Sound / Heath Town / Inf Inf Inf Inf

                                                            THIS IS A RECORD STORE DAY 2016 EXCLUSIVE, LIMITED TO ONE PER PERSON.

                                                            Record Store Day rave 12” from Warp mainstays Mark Pritchard, Bibio and Clark.

                                                            Mark Pritchard kicks off the 12 with throwback jungle anthem ‘A Badman Sound’; the classic Amen break gets laced with rave stabs and intermittent dub sirens.

                                                            ‘Heath Town’ is the opposite of what you’d expect from Bibio. In particular, the second half takes stylistic cues from ‘A Badman Sound’ and features the popular, euphoric James Brown-produced ‘Yeah Woo’ sample.

                                                            Clark winds down with ‘Inf Inf Inf Inf’, a more ambient sound that brings in broken beats and is reminiscent of early Aphex Twin.

                                                            2016 is an exciting year for all three artists:

                                                            In May, Mark Pritchard is releasing his first album under his own name.

                                                            In April, Bibio releases his fifth album on Warp, A Mineral Love.

                                                            And after releasing his most successful album yet in late 2014, Clark returns with ‘The Last Panthers’ record, inspired by his score of the Sky Arts drama series of the same name.

                                                            For fans of: Aphex Twin, Autechre, Special Request, Om Unit

                                                            Vinyl 12" in 3mm spine sleeve with centre holes (in Warp house bag).

                                                            Limited to 500 copies.

                                                            TRACK LISTING

                                                            Mark Pritchard – A Badman Sound
                                                            Bibio – Heath Town
                                                            Clark – Inf Inf Inf Inf


                                                            Gloss Drop

                                                              New York six-legged rhythmic juggernaut Battles are one of the most exciting and respected alternative bands of recent years and they return with their second album ‘Gloss Drop’.

                                                              The album ranges from lead track ‘Ice Cream’, a “grunty, squelchy, jubilant freakout” according to the NME, and Radio 1’s The Hottest Record In The World - a calypso tinged rhythmic juggernaut powering through the airwaves of Radio 1, XFM and 6Music, through to denser, more industrial tracks (‘My Machines’, featuring Gary Numan, is a prime example) – at times playful, at times hard-edged, but always unmistakably Battles.

                                                              Outgoing member Tyondai Braxton’s vocals have made way for a host of guest vocalists, ranging from Numan to Kazu from Blonde Redhead and Eye from Boredoms.

                                                              TRACK LISTING

                                                              Ice Cream (ft Matias Aguayo)
                                                              Wall Street
                                                              My Machines (ft Gary Numan)
                                                              Dominican Fade
                                                              Sweetie & Shag (ft Kazu Makino)
                                                              Rolls Bayce
                                                              White Electric
                                                              Sundome (ft EYE)



                                                                Following on from Warp's release of Battles "EP C/B" EP collection comes the New York quartet's debut album proper. Featuring members of Don Caballero and Helmet, the band create a sound that combines avant-rock, jazz and electronica, reminiscent of the abandonment of their NY no wave predecessors. Utilising prog-style time changes, the treated vocals of Tyondai Braxton, almost tribal drumming and synth distortion, the music teeters on the edge before being reined back in at the last moment. Battles are gods, superheroes sent to save us from musical mediocrity and "Mirrored" is a colossal masterpiece begging to join your record collection.

                                                                STAFF COMMENTS

                                                                Barry says: Arguably Battles' finest moment, Mirrors returns for a hugely awaited reissue on Warp records. Pitch-shifted vocals, syncopated drums, clangy guitar and obtuse time-signatures combine to create a surprisingly cohesive whole. Experimental but melodic, quirky and intricate. Art-rock meets math-rock (arth-rock?). Fantastic.

                                                                TRACK LISTING

                                                                Race : In
                                                                Bad Trails
                                                                Snare Hangar
                                                                Race : Out

                                                                Lafawndah’s first release on Warp takes influences from wide-ranging genres such as zouk, kizoma, salsa, cumbia, dubstep and grime, creating an exciting sampler of what’s to come next from this defiant and inspired artist.

                                                                “Out of this world music… the perfect expression of our globalised culture” - The Guardian · Lafawndah is somewhat of a global citizen, having lived in Paris, Tehran, New York and Mexico City and coming from an Egyptian / Iranian / English heritage.

                                                                Listening to her music, a fusion of regional subgenres from different corners of the world, she has evidently a certain porosity when it comes to digesting sound, taking snippets of different influences as souvenirs to use in her own work. · The songs on ‘Tan’ are at the same time relaxed and playful, bold and confrontational. The combination between strong narrative, clarity of expression and seamless transmutation is reminiscent of early Björk, Missy Elliott and Grace Jones.

                                                                Co-produced by L-Vis 1990 and ADR. Executively produced by Lafawndah.

                                                                For fans of Kelela, Leila, Muslimgauze, Mira Calix.

                                                                TRACK LISTING

                                                                Town Crier

                                                                !!! return with “As If”, the band’s sixth studio album. 

                                                                Combining punk abandon and tightly-coiled dance music has always been bonded into the band’s DNA. It’s this core that has seen them outlive the mid-2000s indie-dance / punk-disco tag and has allowed them to consistently grow lyrically and sonically from album to album. “As If” is their most consummate collection of songs yet.

                                                                Soulful female vocals layer “Freedom! ’15", a self-described disco odyssey, with the band stretching out their live roots. The R&B tinted house track “Sick Ass Moon” follows in the footsteps of “All U Writers”, their April Record Store Day release, bouncing along with a thumping kick to carry the album’s opening. 

                                                                "Each album we've made has gotten closer and closer to our live set and this, we're proud to say, is the closest we've come yet. We were heavily influenced by current dance music - Nina Kraviz, Moodymann, Paranoid London, Rrose and Delroy Edwards were frequently referenced - and philosophically by the early 90's house records we love on labels like Trax and Dancemania and by artists like Romanthony and Green Velvet. Those records sound great because they're fairly raw attempts to use the technology of the time to ape the New York and Philly disco records that those producers loved. We figured, if those old house records sound like they do because the artists manipulated disco samples with MPC's, why couldn't we just sample ourselves and manipulate the tracks with Ableton Live? The more raw it came out the better it felt, not only because that's what excited us about those old records, but because it felt felt more punk, which always feels good." - !!!

                                                                TRACK LISTING

                                                                01. All U Writers
                                                                02. Sick Ass Moon
                                                                03. Every Little Bit Counts
                                                                04. Freedom! '15
                                                                05. Ooo
                                                                06. All The Way
                                                                07. Til The Money Runs Out
                                                                08. Bam City
                                                                09. Funk (I Got This)
                                                                10. Lucy Mongoosey
                                                                11. I Feel So Free (Citation Needed)


                                                                Foam Island - Bonus Disc Edition

                                                                  ‘Foam Island’, the third studio album from Darkstar, is a beautiful contemporary electronic pop album that deals with powerful themes of ambition and hope against the odds in the 21st Century.

                                                                  Since their early dancefloor 12”s on Hyperdub from 2008 and through two vocal-led albums in 2010 and 2013, Darkstar have been an influential force in the UK’s electronic scene.

                                                                  During trips to visit family in Northern England, founder members Aiden Whalley and James Young noticed a change in the area’s social atmosphere. This climate began to increasingly influence the duo’s writing sessions and they began a three month project of documenting this by talking to local young people in nearby Huddersfield. The lyrics and the sound palette for ‘Foam Island’ were shaped by the people and emotions they encountered and their recordings of interviewees’ speech have been compellingly woven into the tracks.

                                                                  For fans of Jon Hopkins, Zomby, Four Tet, Mount Kimbie, Roisín Murphy, Actress, Floating Points.


                                                                  La Di Da Di

                                                                    ‘La Di Da Di’ is a bold opus of post rock and virtuosic instrumentals, cementing Battles firmly amongst the most influential alternative bands of the 21st century.

                                                                    On their third album the rhythmic core of Battles is as full as ever. Opener ‘The Yabba’ is a gradual unravelling of math rock motifs that eventually explodes into the glitchladen ‘Dot Net’.

                                                                    The atypical ‘breather’ moment that comes with ‘Cacio e Pepe’ is an exploration in harmony anchored by Battles’ characteristic repetition, whilst tracks like ‘FF Bada’ and ‘Summer Simmer’ are examples of the thick textural richness that can be found throughout the album. ‘La Di Da Di’ humbly parades the many weapons of Battles’ musicianship for which they are so well revered.


                                                                    The Noise Made By People

                                                                    Vinyl re-press of debut album from Broadcast, originally released on Warp in 2000.

                                                                    "After being mired in the studio for nearly three years, Broadcast returned with their first proper full-length album, The Noise Made by People, a collection of more shimmering, weightless pop that is nostalgic for yesterday's visions of the future but remains on the cutting edge of contemporary music. Where their early singles (collected on 1997's Work and Non-Work) painted small, quaint portraits of their retro-futurism, The Noise Made by People delivers their sound in widescreen, filmic grandeur. Richly layered yet airy pieces like the album bookends, "Long Was the Year" and "Dead the Long Year," seamlessly blend symphonic, electronic, and pop elements into smoky, evocative epics, while synth-based interludes such as "Minus One" and "The Tower of Our Tuning" present Broadcast's more detached, scientific side. Likewise, Trish Keenan's air-conditioned vocals sometime suggest a robotized Sandie Shaw or Cilla Black, but her humanity peeks out on "Come on Let's Go" and "Papercuts." "Echo's Answer" and "Until Then" are two of the other highlights from the album, which despite all of its chilly unearthliness, is a noise made by (very talented) people." - All Music.

                                                                    TRACK LISTING

                                                                    A1 Long Was The Year
                                                                    A2 Unchanging Window
                                                                    A3 Minus One
                                                                    A4 Come On Let's Go
                                                                    A5 Echo's Answer
                                                                    A6 Tower Of Our Tuning
                                                                    B1 Papercuts
                                                                    B2 You Can Fall
                                                                    B3 Look Outside
                                                                    B4 Until Then
                                                                    B5 City In Progress
                                                                    B6 Dead The Long Year


                                                                    HaHa Sound

                                                                    Indietronica, post-rock, avant? Whatever, this is clever and moving stuff from this arty Birmingham 3 piece. There's krautrock, psychedelia, clanging minimalism but it wouldn't matter a jot if it wasn't for singer Trish Keenan's beautiful voice. Weirdly empty yet endearingly childlike, too, she floats over and amongst the occasionally languid, often chaotic music. It's like a dream: a late 60's and Tomorrow's World 70's vision of an electronic future that never seems to arrive. Out of time, out of place. What could be better?

                                                                    Vinyl re-press of the second album by Broadcast, originally released in 2003.

                                                                    TRACK LISTING

                                                                    A1 Colour Me In
                                                                    A2 Pendulum
                                                                    A3 Before We Begin
                                                                    A4 Valerie
                                                                    A5 Man Is Not A Bird
                                                                    A6 The Little Bell
                                                                    A7 Distorsion
                                                                    B1 Minim
                                                                    B2 Lunch Hour Pops
                                                                    B3 Black Umbrellas
                                                                    B4 Ominous Cloud
                                                                    B5 Oh How I Miss You
                                                                    B6 Winter Now
                                                                    B7 Hawk


                                                                    Tender Buttons

                                                                      Vinyl re-press of the third album by Broadcast, originally released in 2005.

                                                                      Blending their trademark influences of 60s pop, film soundtracks and psychedelia and avant noises, "Tender Buttons" stands out from their previous work in terms of its stripped back simplicity and emotional boldness.

                                                                      TRACK LISTING

                                                                      A1 I Found The F
                                                                      A2 Black Cat
                                                                      A3 Tender Buttons
                                                                      A4 America's Boy
                                                                      A5 Tears In The Typing Pool
                                                                      A6 Bit 35
                                                                      A7 Subject To The Ladder
                                                                      B1 Corporeal
                                                                      B2 Arc Of A Journey
                                                                      B3 Michael A Grammar
                                                                      B4 Minus 3
                                                                      B5 Goodbye Girls
                                                                      B6 You And Me In Time
                                                                      B7 I Found The End


                                                                      Work And Non Work

                                                                      Vinyl re-press of the 1997 album from Broadcast.

                                                                      This was their first album on Warp, a handy compilation of three singles released on various different lables; 'Accidentals' on Wurlitzer Jukebox, and 'Living Room' and 'The Book Lovers' EP on the Duophonic label.

                                                                      These early tracks showcased the early rumblings of their evocative blend of 60s pop, film soundtracks, psychedelia and avant noises.

                                                                      TRACK LISTING

                                                                      A1 Accidentals
                                                                      A2 The Book Lovers
                                                                      A3 Message From Home
                                                                      A4 Phantom
                                                                      A5 We've Got Time
                                                                      B1 Living Room
                                                                      B2 According To No Plan
                                                                      B3 The World Backwards
                                                                      B4 Lights Out

                                                                      Nightmares On Wax

                                                                      Car Boot Soul

                                                                      George Evelyn AKA DJ EASE took four years to follow up "Smokers Delight", but it was worth the wait as he came up with another seductive LP full of downbeat delights and dreamy instrumental hip hop gems, which, as the title suggests, is a sample-heavy session for sofa-surfing. Includes the Ibiza sunset classic ‘Les Nuits’.

                                                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                                                      Martin says: Possibly the crowning moment of George Evelyn's career, an easy glide through a stoned soul summer and one of the defining records of it's genre. A lot of wax was scratched in the making of this, but the bass, drums, guitar, vocals and keyboards are all live to wrap yourself in. There to turn any frown upside down.

                                                                      TRACK LISTING

                                                                      Les Nuits
                                                                      Ethnic Majority
                                                                      Argha Noah
                                                                      Fire In The Middle

                                                                      Flying Lotus

                                                                      You're Dead!

                                                                        Flying Lotus returns with ‘You’re Dead!’. At once reflective, restless, heart wrenching and joyous, this is a melodic ode to those who have died young, suddenly and unexpectedly, while also existing as a comfort to those mourning the loss of a loved one. ‘You’re Dead!’ serves as an exploration, a eulogy and a portal between the parallel domains of life and afterlife.

                                                                        ‘You’re Dead!’ features another set of genre-blending tracks from Fly'Lo, with fluid movement between hip hop, jazz-funk and electronica, often combining all three elements densely woven together. Across the album bassist Thundercat lays down some furious fingerwork, while the drum programming gives free jazz a run for its money. Elsewhere things get deep and spiritual, with the influence of his late aunt Alice Coltrane shining through. Flying Lotus provides vocals and rapping as alter ego Captain Murphy, and he's also joined by some to notch guest MCs (Snoop Dogg, longtime FlyLo muse Niki Randa and Kendrick Lamar - whose easy shift between spitting rhymes and a sung delivery works perfectly with the music). Other collaborations on ‘You’re Dead!’ include original jazz-funk pioneer Herbie Hancock and Dirty Projectors' Angel Deradoorian.

                                                                        “Flying Lotus has become a standard-bearer for 21st century beat construction by looking forward and backward simultaneously and making music that feels like an exploration” - Pitchfork

                                                                        After announcing his return with a suitably outlandish PR blitzkreig involving a cryptic Deep Web post, a giant blimp over London and a clandestine listening event at Warp HQ, Richard David James returns with his first Aphex Twin album since 2001's "Drukqs". As is befitting of Cornwall's most willfully perverse musical genius, though expectations are sky high, no one has any idea what to expect from "Syro". Blissful ambience? Demented drum & bass? Uncompromising acid? Glitch-fuelled IDM? Funky mollusc? Well, this LP is a complex blend of all those things (except funky mollusc) held in perfect balance by the outrageous musicality and production wizardry of Aphex Twin. Album opener "Minipops 67" offers us a gentle reacquaintance as Aphex balances beefy breakbeats with glistening melodies, sensual sine waves and the skewed and vocodered vocals which return throughout the LP. "XMAS_EVET10" and "Produk 29" follow on in a similar vein, balancing melodic fragility with the slouching funk percussion and wriggling basslines. This tranquility doesn't last for long though, with James ratcheting up the tempo and the pressure through "4 Bit 9d Api+e+6", "CIRCLONT6A" and "Syro U473t8+e" delivering the kind of skitterish and acidic machine funk he unleashed on the best of the 'Analord' series. Lurking mischievously amongst thatt mid-album bunch is the deranged breaks of "180db_", a straight up floor mover indebted to "Funky Drummer" and "Energy Flash" equally. After a brief moment of calm via the restrained beauty of "Fz Pseudotimestretch+e+3" we get thrown right back in the deep end as Aphex drops more batshit breaks on "CIRCLONT14" before indulging in some brain scrambling junglism on "PAPAT4" and "S950tx16wasr10". So far so diverse, but what about the bliss and beauty of "SAW" I hear you ask? Well, RDJ saves the best for last, closing the LP out in sublime fashion with soothing piano of the Eno-meets-Satie "Asiatsana".

                                                                        All things considered Aphex has delivered an album overflowing with an abundance of melody, tone and texture which combines the finest moments of "SAW", "Surfing On Sine Waves", "Analords" and "I Care Because You Do". It's been a long time, but the master is back.

                                                                        TRACK LISTING

                                                                        1. Minipops 67 [120.2][source Field Mix]
                                                                        2. XMAS_EVET10 [120][thanaton3 Mix]
                                                                        3. Produk 29 [101]
                                                                        4. 4 Bit 9d Api+e+6 [126.26]
                                                                        5. 180db_ [130]
                                                                        6. CIRCLONT6A [141.98][syrobonkus Mix]
                                                                        7. Fz Pseudotimestretch+e+3 [138.85]
                                                                        8. CIRCLONT14 [152.97][shrymoming Mix]
                                                                        9. Syro U473t8+e [141.98][piezoluminescence Mix]
                                                                        10. PAPAT4 [155][pineal Mix]
                                                                        11. S950tx16wasr10 [163.97][earth Portal Mix]
                                                                        12. Aisatsana [102]

                                                                        Simon Pyke

                                                                        Universal Everything & You - Picture Disc Edition

                                                                        Warp Records are pleased to announce the release of ‘Universal Everything & You’, a 20 minute piece by Simon Pyke (Freeform), built upon the soundtrack to the exhibition Universal Everything & You, which has been running at the Science Museum, London.

                                                                        Designed by Matt Pyke of Universal Everything, the release consists of a deluxe one sided, screen-printed heavyweight 180g vinyl pressing featuring one of four randomly available prints depicting images taken from the exhibition.

                                                                        Simon Pyke is a Brighton based musician and sound artist. He’s previously released music through Warp and Skam records and toured extensively with electronic musicians including Autechre. Pyke has worked on a range of commercial projects including rebrands for SkyTv, MTV, and S4C Wales, and audio for the launch of the 2012 Olympics logo and MTV music video awards.

                                                                        Universal Everything are a UK based digital art and design collective who work with a global network of designers, artists, musicians, producers and programmers. Past artworks have been exhibited at MOMA New York, V&A London, Central Academy Of Fine Arts Beijing, Garage Centre for Contemporary Culture Moscow, and La Gaite Lyrique Paris.

                                                                        Warp have a long relationship with Simon and Matt Pyke, having first released Simon’s music as Freeform 17 years ago (‘Prowl’). Through designing this sleeve, Matt was introduced to Warp and subsequently The Designers Republic, for whom he went on to work. During this time, and since launching Universal Everything, he has designed many Warp record sleeves, plus the and original websites.

                                                                        Limited to 100 copies, exclusively available to independent retailers.

                                                                        Following the success of his mixtape, Jae is now set to release his ‘Dirty Collections’ 7”s, a series of three 7” singles, each customized with Jae’s own sketches / drawings.

                                                                        Imagine the crate-digging of Madlib merged with the crash experimentalism of Aphex, the dream-telling feel of a Flying Lotus record, and the quirky and haunting imagery of vintage David Lynch. That, all bound with a sense of universal truth a la Sun Ra and Lil’ Wayne’s stream-of-consciousness abandon” - Resident Advisor

                                                                        In 2007 Jeremiah Jae was noticed by producer Samiyam, who passed on his ‘Lunch Special Part 1’ to Flying Lotus. Not long after, Jae was flown to LA to work with FLyLo and was signed to Brainfeeder where he released his 1st EP and album.

                                                                        This year, Jeremiah Jae signed to Warp and released his ‘Bad Jokes’ mixtape, which sent waves over the online music community from tastemakers like Pitchfork to the hip hop savants at SBTV and rapidly climbed the ‘dat piff’ chart in 24 hours.

                                                                        Mentor Flying Lotus (aka Captain Murphy) has included his track ‘Evil Grin’, which was produced by Jeremiah Jae, on the biggest ever game release, ‘Grand Theft Auto 5’ (on the Fly Lo FM channel).

                                                                        TRACK LISTING

                                                                        Bright Works Ft Israel & E Snow
                                                                        Nu Bad Man Ft Tre
                                                                        Outer Onto Other

                                                                        ‘Shields Expanded’ is a two disc CD set and 18 track digital album which features the original ‘Shields’ record along with the eight additional B-Sides.

                                                                        ‘Shields B-Sides’ features 5 never before heard tracks, three of which are demos recorded in Marfa, Texas before the band officially began track listing the album in New York and Cape Cod. The Marfa Demos include the hypnotizing new single ‘Will Call’s’ plus ‘Taken Down’ and ‘Everyone I Know’ as well as two beautifully constructed bonus tracks, ‘Smothering Green’ and ‘Listen and Wait’. The ‘B-Sides’ also includes three remarkable remixes of tracks from the original ‘Shields’ including the Nicholas Jaar remix of ‘Sleeping Ute’ (which was released as a limited edition 12’’ for Record Store Day earlier this year) the Liars Remix of ‘A Simple Answer’ and Lindstrom Remix of ‘Gun-Shy’.

                                                                        TRACK LISTING

                                                                        CD1 Tracklist
                                                                        01. Sleeping Ute
                                                                        02. Speak In Rounds
                                                                        03. Adelma
                                                                        04. Yet Again
                                                                        05. The Hunt
                                                                        06. A Simple Answer
                                                                        07. What’s Wrong
                                                                        08. Gun-Shy
                                                                        09. Half Gat
                                                                        10. Sun In Your Eyes

                                                                        CD2 Tracklist
                                                                        01. Smothering Green (Bonus Track)
                                                                        02. Taken Down (Marfa Demo)
                                                                        03. Listen And Wait (Bonus Track)
                                                                        04. Everyone I Know (Marfa Demo)
                                                                        05. Will Calls  (Marfa Demo)
                                                                        06. Sleeping Ute (Nicolas Jaar Remix)
                                                                        07. A Simple Answer (Liars Remix)
                                                                        08. Gun-Shy (Lindstrom Remix)

                                                                        Jackson And His Computerband


                                                                        "‘Glow’ is a game of musical obsessions and rageous pleasures. I've made it driven by feverish moments of revelation and sharing them with my friends” - Jackson Fourgeaud

                                                                        Eight years since the critical acclaim of his first album, Jackson And His Computer Band finally returns with a new masterpiece, ‘Glow’.

                                                                        Teaming up with amazing engineers like Phillipe Zdar and vocal collaborators like Planningtorock, the Parisian producer has expanded his sound to higher scopes, taking his sound into his own psychedelic universe. Heading in several different directions, 'Glow' takes in proto-pop ('GI Jane'), 60s songwriting ('Memory'), west coast disco ('Vista'), fierce electro bangers ('Arp £1', 'Pump') and even a homage to gabba ('Blood Lust').

                                                                        TRACK LISTING

                                                                        1. Blow
                                                                        2. Seal
                                                                        3. Dead Living Things
                                                                        4. GI Jane (Fill Me Up)
                                                                        5. Orgysteria
                                                                        6. Blood Bust
                                                                        7. Memory
                                                                        8. Arp #1
                                                                        9. Pump
                                                                        10. More
                                                                        11. Vista
                                                                        12. Billy

                                                                        Boards Of Canada, one of the most respected and influential electronic artists of recent times, return with their first album in eight years. What with pre-release puzzles, desert parties, mysterious videos, and limited Record Store Day offerings, the hype surrounding 'Tomorrow's Harvest' has been building to a fever pitch. You'll be pleased to know that the album holds up against this weight of expectation, delivering another seductively widescreen, sci-fi cinematic selection of electronica tracks that could only come from the studios of Sandison and Eoin.

                                                                        With accompanying sleeve / inner sleeve artwork featuring blurry images of secret American landscapes of atom bomb tests, peyote trips, religious sects and Area 51, the album opens with a short electronica piece that references the pair's fondness for the BBC Radiophonic workshop, or perhaps the incidental music from early 70s sci-fi films like The Andromeda Strain. Spidery arpeggiated synths and abstract choral washes lift tracks like 'Reach For The Dead' and 'White Cyclosa', which recall the horror movies of John Carpenter and Dario Argento. The woozy detuned analogue keyboards that became BOC's trademark arrive on the stumbling, stuttering 'Jacquard Causeway', while the beat-driven lushness of 'Cold Earth' could be seen as being a classic of the braindance era.

                                                                        This eerie and unsettling first half makes way for a more uplifting 'part 2', with tracks like 'Palace Posy' and especially 'Nothing Is Real' providing warm synths, while titles like 'New Seeds' suggest rebirth and hope in this lifeless landscape. Perhaps the soundtrack to a film that only exists on Boards Of Canada's minds, 'Tomorrow's Harvest' is an intense and rewarding listen.

                                                                        TRACK LISTING

                                                                        Reach For The Dead
                                                                        White Cyclosa
                                                                        Jacquard Causeway
                                                                        Cold Earth
                                                                        Transmisiones Ferox
                                                                        Sick Times
                                                                        Palace Posy
                                                                        Split Your Infinities
                                                                        Nothing Is Real
                                                                        New Seeds
                                                                        Come To Dust
                                                                        Semena Mertvykh

                                                                        Mount Kimbie

                                                                        Cold Spring Fault Less Youth

                                                                          The incredible second album from pioneering electronic duo Mount Kimbie, and their first for Warp. Follows 2010's 'Crooks and Lovers' with a broader, deeper sonic palette and a more live sound.

                                                                          The South London duo, comprised of Dom Maker and Kai Campos, have created a deeper and more complex album than their 2010 debut ‘Crooks And Lovers’, featuring vocals from both the band themselves and guest vocals from King Krule, alongside crisp beats and production, brooding melodies and electronic soundscapes. 'Cold Spring' places live instrumentation alongside the electronics, with organ and drums enriching the sonic mulch. What's more, there are vocals, too, enabling a step into a newly emotional approach.

                                                                          For fans of Burial, Gold Panda, SBTRKT, Thom Yorke, Bonobo, James Blake, Caribou, The xx, Kindness etc.


                                                                          Ultra Thizz / Dreamzz

                                                                            Ahead of Rustie’s debut album ‘Glass Swords’ Warp drop this special limited edition 12” featuring the hotly anticipated album track ‘Ultra Thizz’ and new , exclusive track ‘Dreamzz’ - which is only available via this release. The flipside of the vinyl is etched with the ‘Glass Swords’ and ‘Rustie’ logo.

                                                                            ‘Ultra Thizz’ is impossibly catchy, interlaced with speaker-shredding electro-funk basslines, unpredictable bursts of red-lined synth twists and the kind of chipmunks-on-speed vocals that put happy hardcore in the shade. Keeping up with the current 90s trend, Rustie drops 4/4 rave number 'Dreamzz' on the flip. Pushing the compressed, shiny technicolour synths and luminescent arpeggios to the limited, this is dance music for the loud-phone-on-the-bus generation.

                                                                            It’s not surprising that press and his peers have all praised his phenomenal debut, with the likes of Skream, Oneman, Joker, Jackmaster and Bibio all going nuts for it.

                                                                            "Over the course of many long van rides and post-coffee verbal riff sessions", guitarist Mario Andreoni explains, "'Thriller' didn't merely represent the selling of a lot of records, it became synonymous with an artist(s) and/or genre(s) artistic high-water mark. INXS' 'Kick' is the Australian 'Thriller'... Alanis's 'Jagged Little Pill' is the Canadian 'Thriller'... Wham's 'Make It Big' is the blow-dryer's 'Thriller'... every recording by the 13th Floor Elevators is the dosed-man's 'Thriller'... 'Sister Ray' by Velvet Underground is the 'Thriller' of musical fever dreams. One day at the studio, Nic (Offer, vocalist) drew 'THR!!!ER' on a napkin and I liked it... Then we made our own 'THR!!!ER'." - Nic Offer

                                                                            Famous for their high-energy live shows and relentless touring schedule, the band have really focused their efforts on crafting an album with tighter song structures. To help with this, the majority of the album was recorded with Jim Eno, the drummer in Spoon and one of the key forces behind the boards for the band. Like many people, Jim was a fan of !!!'s live show, but he felt that they too often tried to capture these performances in the studio. Instead of trying to chase this feeling, Jim encouraged them to create a different type of excitement by using weirder sounds, inventing new dynamics within each song and introducing unexpected changes. "They had this working flow that was a little rigid and I wanted to break them out of it," says Jim.

                                                                            With the members spread out across the country, writing new music wasn't the easiest of processes. Andreoni offers that "In the past we just put albums together any way that works. That usually meant a lot of jamming on loose ideas." For 'THR!!!ER', !!! went into the studio with everything written and a strong sense of each song's shape. "We've never tried to make the same record twice, we might have accidentally, but we've always tried to push on. For this one it felt like we definitely shoved off from the shore," says Offer.

                                                                            STAFF COMMENTS

                                                                            David says: Walking a similar path to LCD Soundsystem, !!! confuse people. Are they indie? Are they dance? Are they (shudder) indie dance? The answer, obviously, is when a record gets down, like 'Thr!!!er' gets down, who really gives a f##k?

                                                                            TRACK LISTING

                                                                            01. Even When The Water's Cold
                                                                            02. Get That Rhythm Right
                                                                            03. One Girl / One Boy
                                                                            04. Fine Fine Fine
                                                                            05. Slyd
                                                                            06. Californiyeah
                                                                            07. Except Death
                                                                            08. Careful
                                                                            09. Station (Meet Me At The)

                                                                            Aphex Twin

                                                                            Richard D James

                                                                              As ever Aphex's music is pulling in different directions on this 1996 CD, with tracks underpinned with glitchy chopped up beats and overlaid with lush, emotional synth work. Includes the single "Girl / Boy Song".

                                                                              Aphex Twin

                                                                              I Care Because You Do

                                                                                With recordings made between 1990 and 1995, "I Care Because You Do" brings together another fine collection of Cornish electronic experiments, including the single "Ventolin", and features a scary Richard D James distorted 'devil face' sleeve.

                                                                                TRACK LISTING

                                                                                Acrid Avid Jam Shred
                                                                                The Waxen Pith
                                                                                Wax The Nip
                                                                                Icct Hedral (Edit)
                                                                                Ventolin (Video Version)
                                                                                Come On You Slags!
                                                                                Start As You Mean To Go On
                                                                                Wet Tip Hen Ax
                                                                                Alberto Balsalm
                                                                                Cow Cud Is A Twin
                                                                                Next Heap With

                                                                                Flying Lotus

                                                                                Until The Quiet Comes

                                                                                  Flying Lotus finally releases 'Until The Quiet Comes', the long awaited follow-up to 2010's 'Cosmogramma' and his third album on Warp Records.

                                                                                  Composed, according to Flying Lotus, as “a collage of mystical states, dreams, sleep and lullabies”, 'Until the Quiet Comes' has the distinct feel of this nocturnal trip. From the twitching descent into a subconscious state and the out-of-focus time-ether of the journey that follows, the sound is an unhinged, yet elegant evolution of the melodic and rhythmic interplay that is woven into the DNA of Flying Lotus’ aural personae.

                                                                                  All this stylistic mingling and genre-melting has contributed significantly to shift music in a direction that makes intellectual leaps without forsaking the all-important heft of a bassline or unimpeded ‘swing’ of a drum beat - the same way so many masters of soul music have infused their songs for lovers and dancers with brilliant and heady subtext for decades. 'Until The Quiet Comes' follows this tradition while clearing a path distinctly its own, which is a mark of a classic.

                                                                                  The album sees longtime FlyLo muses Niki Randa and Laura Darlington return, as well as Thom Yorke, Thundercat and the inimitable queen of leftfield R&B herself, Erykah Badu, whose turn on the epic rumble of ‘See Thru To U’ is one of many highlights.

                                                                                  Grizzly Bear

                                                                                  Veckatimest - Heavyweight Vinyl Edition

                                                                                    Seemingly out of nowhere (ok, it’s their third album, but you know what I mean!) comes a record so unique and exhilarating that Fleet Foxes have already name checked it as ‘the greatest album of the noughties’. Well “Veckatimest” does have a folky feel and the band is big on 4-part harmonies and even choral arrangements, but that is only half of the story. There’s a jazzy , open-ended vibe, gorgeous strings, Disney-ish, Mercury Rev style flights of fancy, and a melancholy Beach Boys love of melody. The band is also big on percussion and meandering diversions, but the song itself never suffers, it just takes a while for the full beauty of this album to unfurl. Named after an uninhabited island off Cape Cod, there’s a real sense of magic and mystery to Grizzly Bear’s sound. You can tell they were all music students though; there’s nothing obvious here, it’s full of surprises. Lovingly sequenced to be listened to as a whole, as this drifts, grooves, ebbs and flows, you’ll know you’ve been taken on a luxurious ride. Simply stunning.

                                                                                    Wonder producer turned artist Kwes releases a concise mission statement of reconstructed, homemade and quintessentially English ‘Free Pop’.

                                                                                    24 year old Kwes has always been ahead of his game when it comes to music. He’s produced material for Speech Debelle and DELS, collaborated with Micachu, Ghostpoet, The Invisible and more on the ‘Kwesachu’ mixtape series, worked with The xx on early demos, and Damon Albarn on the DRC Music project.

                                                                                    ‘Bashful’, the lead track from this release, is a shuffle of disco, meticulously melodic and tinged with flashes of soul, R&B, lo-fi indie and house. 'Klee' is a euphoric, layered rush of wonkoid keyboard work. 'Honey' is the bare bones of a singer-songwriter ditty with a lo-res demo sound quality and hooks that will be stuck in your head for days... Lastly 'Lgoyh' combines a typewriter rhythm section, lush synthwave sparkle and another heartfelt vocal.

                                                                                    Kwes simply describes all this as ‘Free Pop'... “A philosophy of creating popular music that knows no boundaries, shuns no eccentricity and values inventiveness over any kind of rules that have gone before”.

                                                                                    STAFF COMMENTS

                                                                                    Philippa says: Kwes calls his music ‘free pop', I'd call it 'quirky, lo-fi pop'. Soul, R&B, lo-fi indie, synthwave and house are all component parts to his joyous sound.

                                                                                    TRACK LISTING

                                                                                    1. Klee
                                                                                    2. Bashful
                                                                                    3. Honey
                                                                                    4. Lgoyh


                                                                                    Dreams Come True

                                                                                      CANT is the solo project of composer Chris Taylor, better known as the bassist, vocalist and producer for Grizzly Bear. His first solo album, 'Dreams Come True' features Taylor collaborating with George Lewis Jr. (Twin Shadow). Twin Shadow's critically acclaimed record 'Forget' was recently released by Terrible Records (in the US) and was also produced by Taylor.

                                                                                      Soon after finishing work on 'Forget', Taylor and Lewis turned their attention to 'Dreams Come True'. The pair wrote and recorded most of the material in a week and a half in a bedroom connected to the former Allaire Studios, where Grizzly Bear's Veckatimest was recorded. Terrible Records was founded by Taylor in 2009 with Ethan Silverman to devote more time to working with emerging artists.

                                                                                      ‘Satin Panthers’ is a new five track, bass-heavy post modern R&B juggernaut from Glaswegian uber-producer Hudson Mohawke.

                                                                                      His musical skills have been requested by the likes of Tinie Tempah, Chris Brown, Just Blaze (producer for Jay-Z, Busta Rhymes, Usher, Notorious BIG, Kanye West, Eminem, Nicole Scherzinger, Lil’ Wayne, TI, The Game), Flying Lotus and Battles. As Just Blaze put it: “These are the chords I hear in dreams that I forget when I wake.” Hudson Mohawke is fast becoming the go-to man for some of R&B’s premier names, with Chris Brown also recently using a Hudson Mohawke track on his latest video online.

                                                                                      The EP opens with 'Octan', a simple combination of arpeggiated top end and layers of mega, stadium-friendly synth chords to blow your head right off. 'Thunder Bay' hits us with some ultra-chunky wonky-hop - again those big fat synth chords are at the front with an almost random selection of beats underneath. 'Cbat' sounds like the 'Nutcracker Suite' remade by rather drunk robots. And some crunk mice. On the flipside 'All Your Love' combines chunky piano lines with thumping beats and pitched-up soul vocals, while 'Thank You' closes the EP with more of those crunching breaks and epic sun-blushed synths a la Boards / Bibio - anthem alert!

                                                                                      The Hundred In The Hands

                                                                                      The Hundred In The Hands

                                                                                        The Hundred In The Hands are Brooklyn’s Eleanore Everdell and Jason Friedman, and this is their self-titled debut album. It's an emotionally charged long player, calling on everything from the elegant French pop of Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin to the 00s female pop of Au Revoir Simone, the late 70s electronics of Young Marble Giants to the late 80s Balearic blossoming of Andy Weatherall productions (One Dove spring to mind) and the punk-funk dance songs from NYC’s storied underground. With such an expansive set of infuences and soundscapes present, "The Hundred In The Hands" could fall into a fractured trap, but the the album comes together as a whole, with track after track of wonderfully uplifting music. Includes the singles "Pigeons" and "Dressed In Dresden". Sure to be one of our albums of the year!

                                                                                        Jamie Lidell


                                                                                          A breathtaking, multi-faceted alternative record from one of the UK’s best kept secrets, featuring an all-star cast of collaborators and conspirators. Vocal acrobat Jamie Lidell returns with "Compass", a fourteen track voyage through sound featuring the haunting teaser track "Compass" and the gutter-fuzz of first single "The Ring" - checking off spectral, ethereal atmospherics ("You See My Light"), furious howling-funk ("Coma Chameleon") and beat-box-infused soul ("Completely Exposed") on the way. He’s teamed up with an all-star cast – at the helm are Beck and Grizzly Bear’s Chris Taylor on production duties. They also play on the record, alongside Dan Rossen and Chris Bear (Grizzly Bear), Feist, Wilco’s Brian Lebarton, Nikka Costa, Gonzales and legendary drummer James Gadson (who has recorded with BB King, Herbie Hancock and Martha Reeves, amongst others).

                                                                                          Looking back, Flying Lotus’ full-length Warp debut, "Los Angeles" appears to be much more of a mission statement than a simple introduction – laying the foundation for a field on which an entire generation of artists would soon be playing. While that album was an introspective, moody travelogue through the Californian metropolis, it certainly hinted at his inclination to expand his sound beyond terrestrial means. As you may deduce from the title of his latest opus, he’s done just that. Not only has an entirely new range of sounds been unlocked by our intrepid astral traveler, but every genre touchstone associated with his name has been merged into a self-described 'space opera'. Seamless in execution and too wide in scope to properly describe, it's the authentic embodiment of his unique musical heritage. The spirit of his famed aunt, Alice Coltrane permeates the record, notably in the powerful collaborations with relative Ravi Coltrane, bass virtuoso Thundercat and the brilliant harp prodigy, Rebekah Raff.

                                                                                          Certainly these are further reaches into a musical space that Flying Lotus had hitherto been exploring, however other collaborators such as Erykah Badu and Outkast string arranger Miguel Atwood-Ferguson and guest vocalists Thom Yorke and a returning Laura Darlington (featured on "Los Angeles"’ epic closing track "Inifinitum") help deliver "Cosmogramma" to dizzying new heights. All this name-dropping, however, is not to detract from the genius of the wizard-like figure behind it all. The most powerful aspect of FlyLo’s output has always been its ability to communicate his boundless love and enthusiasm for music in all its forms and that is what is boldly on display here.

                                                                                          People speak about ‘important’ albums all the time, but rarely is it so apparent that person behind them is following their own, chosen path – Flying Lotus is one of those precious few artists. When one is presented with an invitation for space travel, it’s not something to pass up.

                                                                                          TRACK LISTING

                                                                                          01. Clock Catcher
                                                                                          02. Pickled!
                                                                                          03. Nose Art
                                                                                          04. Intro//A Cosmic Drama
                                                                                          05. Zodiac Shit
                                                                                          06. Computer Face//Pure Being
                                                                                          07. ..And The World Laughs With You Ft. Thom Yorke
                                                                                          08. Arkestry
                                                                                          09. Mmmhmm Ft.Thundercat
                                                                                          10. Do The Astral Plane
                                                                                          11. Satelllliiiiiteee
                                                                                          12. German Haircut
                                                                                          13. Recoiled
                                                                                          14. Dance Of The Pseudo Nymph
                                                                                          15. Drips//Auntie's Harp
                                                                                          16. Table Tennis Ft. Laura Darlington
                                                                                          17. Galaxy In Janaki

                                                                                          Seemingly out of nowhere (ok, it’s their third album, but you know what I mean!) comes a record so unique and exhilarating that Fleet Foxes have already name checked it as ‘the greatest album of the noughties’. Well “Veckatimest” does have a folky feel and the band is big on 4-part harmonies and even choral arrangements, but that is only half of the story. There’s a jazzy , open-ended vibe, gorgeous strings, Disney-ish, Mercury Rev style flights of fancy, and a melancholy Beach Boys love of melody. The band is also big on percussion and meandering diversions, but the song itself never suffers, it just takes a while for the full beauty of this album to unfurl. Named after an uninhabited island off Cape Cod, there’s a real sense of magic and mystery to Grizzly Bear’s sound. You can tell they were all music students though; there’s nothing obvious here, it’s full of surprises. Lovingly sequenced to be listened to as a whole, as this drifts, grooves, ebbs and flows, you’ll know you’ve been taken on a luxurious ride. Simply stunning.

                                                                                          TRACK LISTING

                                                                                          1. Southern Point
                                                                                          2. Two Weeks
                                                                                          3. All We Ask
                                                                                          4. Fine For Now
                                                                                          5. Cheerleader
                                                                                          6. Dory
                                                                                          7. Ready Able
                                                                                          8. About Face
                                                                                          9. Hold Still
                                                                                          10. While You Wait For Others
                                                                                          11. I Live With You
                                                                                          12. Foreground

                                                                                          With a career that started out in drum and bass on Moving Shadow, you might not expect Tim Exile to have made this album. It's a sprawling dark electro-pop / electronica masterpiece, drawing on baroque and industrial influences, as well as demonstrating his knack for great hooks and sonic experimentation. Like some kind of off the wall IDM Depeche Mode, "Listening Tree" has Exile collecting together all his past production ideas and sounds (D&B, electronica, glitch-laden beat-fests) and using them to create proper songs, with vocals and everything.

                                                                                          1. Don't Think We're One
                                                                                          2. Family Galaxy
                                                                                          3. Fortress
                                                                                          4. There's Nothing Left Of Me But Her And This
                                                                                          5. Pay Tomorrow
                                                                                          6. Bad Dust
                                                                                          7. Carouselle
                                                                                          8. When Every Day's A Number
                                                                                          9. Listening Tree
                                                                                          10. I Saw The Weak Hand Fall

                                                                                          Prefuse 73

                                                                                          Vocal Studies + Uprock Narratives

                                                                                            Prefuse 73's debut Warp long player, "Vocal Studies + Uprock Narratives"'s 16 tracks can be listened to as one 50-minute piece of experimental ambient hip-hop (hiptronica as we call it these days!). Atlanta-based producer Scott Herren uses a richly varied palette to create the album's warm, subtle sound collages. Sliced-and-diced rap and vocal performances play a key role on a number of these sonic constructions. "Blacklist", featuring MF Doom and Aesop Rock, is an exception. Herren doesn't mess with the MCs' raps and the relatively straight-up track nicely contrasts with the CD's hip hop abstractions. The producer does subtly manipulate the mellow vocals of Sam Prekop (Sea and Cake) on the lovely "Last Light".

                                                                                            Mira Calix

                                                                                            Eyes Set Against The Sun

                                                                                              Mira Calix, former record shop manager, DJ and boundary-blurring songwriter presents her third album. It's beautiful and delicate, hypnotic and uplifting - It's out-there, but it's in-here too. "Eyes Set Against The Sun" features a melee of sound including strings, piano, a glockenspiel, buzzing beats, ghostly voices and a children's choir multilayered with field recordings of birds, leaves, water and snow melting. There's even the sound of an old bamboo xylophone slowly crumbling apart. Such aural enjoyment invites the listener to conjure up personal visions of the landscapes and colour that inspired this magical album. Just as the pauses between and during the songs are elegantly arranged, like oxygen allowing the music to breath and come alive, so too are the three spaces, like three silent beats, used in the title of the record, "Eyes Set Against The Sun".


                                                                                              Music Is Rotted One Note

                                                                                                With sparkling Rhodes keyboard work, speed-fuelled jazz breaks and fluid basslines, Squarepusher's 1998 album pays homage to his jazz-rock roots. These sounds are woven into the fabric of IDM electronica album in true Warp style.

                                                                                                Prefuse 73

                                                                                                Surrounded By Silence

                                                                                                  A new album for 2005 from Prefuse 73 which sees the prolific producer move further onwards into uncharted sonic territories. Prefuse 73 is one-man production powerhouse Scott Herren and "Surrounded By Silence" represents 'the radio station of his mind', featuring a constellation of stars from hip hop and indie royalty he met while touring and producing during the last two years. They include GZA, El-P, Kazu (Blonde Redhead), Ghostface, Masta Killa, Aesop Rock, Beans, Tyondai Braxton and Broadcast. The resulting material makes for an amazingly diverse, totally unique and yet completely accessible body of work, all securely underpinned and melded together with Prefuse 73's visionary production.

                                                                                                  Aphex Twin

                                                                                                  Come To Daddy

                                                                                                    Originally out in 1997, these tracks showcase Richard D James at his scariest, most inventive and mellowest, delivering the possessed title track (which came accompanied by one of Chris Cunningham's more nightmarish videos), melodic "Flim", breaktronic "Come To Daddy" remix and jazz-breaks meets nursery rhymes "Bucephalus Bouncing Ball".

                                                                                                    TRACK LISTING

                                                                                                    12" Tracklisting:
                                                                                                    1 Come To Daddy (Pappy Mix) 4:21
                                                                                                    2 Flim 2:57
                                                                                                    3 Come To Daddy (Little Lord Faulteroy Mix) 3:50
                                                                                                    4 Bucephalus Bouncing Ball 5:43

                                                                                                    CD Tracklisting:
                                                                                                    1 Come To Daddy, Pappy Mix 4:22
                                                                                                    2 Flim 2:57
                                                                                                    3 Come To Daddy, Little Lord Faulteroy Mix 3:50
                                                                                                    4 Bucephalus Bouncing Ball 5:44
                                                                                                    5 To Cure A Weakling Child, Contour Regard 5:10
                                                                                                    6 Funny Little Man 3:58
                                                                                                    7 Come To Daddy, Mummy Mix 4:24
                                                                                                    8 IZ-US 2:57

                                                                                                    Nightmares On Wax

                                                                                                    Smokers Delight

                                                                                                      Reissue of the 1995 magnum opus - a defining statement of intent in the development of the Nightmares On Wax sound. Moving away from the bleeps and breaks of their first album, ‘Smokers Delight’ presents a post-club comedown journey which experiments with elements of jazz, dub, soul and hip hop.

                                                                                                      If you don't own a copy of this LP, you should get one right now because it's one of the best LPs of the 90s. Originally out in '95, it's a defining moment of the 'trip hop' genre and ranks alongside LPs by Portishead and Massive Attack from the same era. Pure schmokers downbeat sounds!

                                                                                                      TRACK LISTING

                                                                                                      Nights Introlude
                                                                                                      Pipes Honour
                                                                                                      Me + You
                                                                                                      Wait A Minute
                                                                                                      Praying For A Jeepbeat
                                                                                                      Groove St.
                                                                                                      Time (To Listen)
                                                                                                      (Man) Tha Journey
                                                                                                      Bless My Soul
                                                                                                      Cruise (Don’t Stop)
                                                                                                      Mission Venice
                                                                                                      What I’m Feelin (Good)
                                                                                                      Rise (Reprise)
                                                                                                      Gambia Via Vagatorbeach

                                                                                                      Boards Of Canada


                                                                                                      Four years on from the massive 'Music Has The Right To Children' Boards Of Canada arrived with triple album epic 'Geogaddi'. It features 23 three tracks of haunting, spooky, exquisite unique electronica. Instead of just repeating the formula of its predecessor, the Scottish duo pushed their sound in a darker direction. However, all of the qualities with which Boards of Canada are identified are still present. Their melodies ooze and whoosh, in an out, rarely repeating and rarely staying true to key or convention. Their timing is startling and impeccable, laying down the biggest of beats in the smallest of places. Syncopation and clipping are not as prominent on 'Geogaddi' as they were on 'Children' but their subtle and frequent presence is crucial to each song's character and presence. Their production is painstakingly attentive to each detail, and it pays off. Every kick of bass drum is perfectly symmetric, crisp, and full.

                                                                                                      TRACK LISTING

                                                                                                      A1. Ready Lets Go
                                                                                                      A2. Music Is Math
                                                                                                      A3. Beware The Friendly Stranger
                                                                                                      A4. Gyroscope
                                                                                                      A5. Dandelion
                                                                                                      B1. Sunshine Recorder
                                                                                                      B2. In The Annexe
                                                                                                      B3 Julie And Candy
                                                                                                      B4. The Smallest Weird Number
                                                                                                      C1. 1969
                                                                                                      C2. Energy Warning
                                                                                                      C3. The Beach At Redpoint
                                                                                                      C4. Opening The Mouth
                                                                                                      D1. Alpha And Omega
                                                                                                      D2 I Saw Drones
                                                                                                      D3. The Devil Is In The Details
                                                                                                      D4. A Is To B As B Is To C
                                                                                                      D5. Over The Horizon Radar
                                                                                                      E1. Dawn Chorus
                                                                                                      E2. Diving Station
                                                                                                      E3. You Could Feel The Sky
                                                                                                      E4. Corsair
                                                                                                      F. Magic Window

                                                                                                      Boards Of Canada

                                                                                                      In A Beautiful Place Out In The Country

                                                                                                      'In a Beautiful Place out in the Country' is another brilliant EP by Boards of Canada. Encompassing four tracks culled from the same recording sessions from which Boards of Canada would later produce 'Geogaddi', the EP tends to favor a darker, more pastoral, and even elegiac atmosphere than its predecessor 'Music Has the Right to Children'.

                                                                                                      TRACK LISTING

                                                                                                      A1. Kid For Today
                                                                                                      A2. Amo Bishop Roden
                                                                                                      B1. In A Beautiful Place Out In The Country
                                                                                                      B2. Zoetrope

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