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Hit + Run Presents Road Kill Vol 1

    Debut of the "Hit + Run Presents Road Kill" compilation series. Volume 1 includes 29 exclusive and unreleased tracks by the Los Angeles underground and beyond, available on a limited-edition digipak CD. We're talking beat builders, wonky-hoppers, hip hopers, down-beaters, electronica lovers and just, in the case of the Gaslamp Killer, bonkers mentalists.

    Previously only available digitally and on CD, the compilation features some of LA’s best and brightest, along with a whole host of artists from around the world - including J Rocc, the Gaslamp Killer, Ras G, Daedelus, Knxwledge, Mndsgn, Jeremiah Jae, Kutmah and many more - all contributing tracks unavailable anywhere else.


    1. The Gaslamp Killer - Bullet Shells In My Sneakers
    2. Mono/Poly - Crew
    3. Shash’U - Akira
    4. Matthewdavid - Funky Yelling
    5. Jeremiah Jae (feat. Isreal And Oliver The 2nd) - ShamWow
    6. Mestizo - Love Me Hard
    7. Mndsgn - Golf Shirt
    8. Computer Jay - The Opposing Turf
    9. N8No Face (feat. Zackey Force Funk) - Fame
    10. The Gaslamp Killer - Road Kill Interlude
    11. Ras G - Coto Loco
    12. Daedelus - If I Fail
    13. J.Rocc - Red Wing
    14. Knxwledge - Need Wun
    15. Seven Davis Jr. - Samurai
    16. Sweatson Klank - Little Time To Fly
    17. Kutmah + Tehbis - Griots
    18. Mr. Feeds - Ride To The Moon
    19. Bei Ru - Bekaa Valley Hash
    20. Zackey Force Funk - Birdz
    21. Kevin D. Mize - Better Late Than
    22. Thavius Beck – Noble Roble
    23. Alter - Calle Primera
    24. Eras - Bangoria
    25. Bobby Evans - Le Witt
    26. Subtitle - 555 + 333
    27. Biff Chitlins - Dulce
    28. Adventure Time - Kick It
    29. Zackey Force Funk (feat. Reggie Blount) - Where Buffalo Roam.

    Various Artists

    Strum & Thrum: The American Jangle Underground 1983-1987

      "Strum & Thrum: The American Jangle Underground 1983-1987 is the first volume of Captured Tracks’ new venture into compilations – Excavations. Dedicated to compiling forgotten music from the 1970s – 1990s that has a connection to Captured Tracks’ sound and aesthetic, this series will bridge the past to our current roster and showcase the kinds of sounds that inspire us. As an American label, we’ve often wondered why British, Aussie, and Kiwi indie rock from the ‘80s has had the most infuence on modern acts and the collector’s market. Outside of bands like R.E.M., the Rain Parade, the Dream Syndicate, and a few others, most of these bands received little attention from national or international press outlets and markets. The acts on this compilation have a true DiY spirit that lead many of these bands to self-record and self-release within tiny local scenes in small cities and college towns across America.

      Strum & Thrum aims to shed light on this forgotten era of jangly, melodic rock music that emerged from the ashes of post punk and helped kick start the indie rock boom of the early ‘90s that continues to this day. Indeed, many artists featured on Strum & Thrum went on to be part of this boom – Archer Prewitt from the Sea & Cake, Jon Ginoli from Pansy Division, Ric Menck from Velvet Crush, Brent Rademaker from Beachwood Sparks, Barbara Manning, and more went on to be in well known bands in the ‘90s. Spread across two LPs, Strum & Thrum includes an 80+ page booklet with an extensive oral history of the ‘80s indie scene, an introduction by Captured Tracks label head Mike Sniper, and tons of archival images and ephemera. Long live the jangle underground!"


      Disc 1:
      1. The Reverbs - Trusted Woods
      2. Start - Where I Want To Be
      3. Cyclones - I’m In Heaven
      4. Windbreakers - All That Stuff
      5. Primitons - All My Friends
      6. Bangtails - Patron Of The Arts
      7. The Love In - Late As Usual
      8. Sex Clark Five - She Collides With Me
      9. Three Hits - 5 O’Clock
      10. Crippled Pilgrims - Black And White (Alternate)
      11. Vandykes - Breakin My Heart
      12. Salem 66 - Seven Steps Down
      13. The Outnumbered - I Feel So Sorry Now
      14. The Darrows - Is It You

      Disc 2:
      15. Riff Doctors - Say Goodbye
      16. The Ferrets - She Was Unkind
      17. 28th Day - Pages Turn (Alternate)
      18. Great Plains - When Do You Say Hello?
      19. Downy Mildew - Purple Parlor
      20. The Strand - You And Me
      21. The White Sisters - Misery, Me, & You
      22. Absolute Grey - Remorse
      23. One Plus Two - Promise
      24. The Springfields - Sunflower
      25. Holiday - Change
      26. Pop Art - The Meeting
      27. The Reactions - Tomorrow’s Time Today
      28. A New Personality - Essential Things

      Various Artists

      No Photos On The Dancefloor! - Berlin Techno 2007-Today : Volume Two

        'No Photos on the Dance Floor! Berlin Techno 1992–Today', compiled by Heiko Hoffmann, follows a hugely successful photography and video art exhibition by the same name that was co-curated by Hoffmann and shown at C/O Berlin in late 2019. The exhibition included works by photographers and visual artists such as Wolfgang Tillmans, Romual Karmakar, Sven Marquardt and Camille Blake, that dealt with Berlin’s club culture since the fall of the wall. It was followed in 2020 by a book of the same name which collected together the most striking imagery from the exhibition alongside interviews and personal essays.

        'No Photos on the Dance Floor!' is the first compilation to trace the history of techno made in Berlin over the last three decades, with a selection of classics and hidden gems that have helped shape Berlin’s sound from the early 90s until now. The title refers to a particularity of the Berlin club scene: photography is banned in almost all the important clubs to allow partying together in a space where you can lose yourself to the music and feel free and safe at the same time.

        After the Berlin Wall fell in 1989, abandoned spaces and buildings were waiting to be filled with new life in the form of clubs, bars, galleries, workshops, and studios. Berlin became the epicenter of a new nightlife culture that soon resonated around the world. Berlin’s techno scene was heavily influenced by the pioneering sounds of Detroit techno created by African-American producers such as Juan Atkins, Kevin Saunderson and Underground Resistance.

        Their records were imported to the Berlin DJ scene by the record store Hardwax, based on the ground floor of a building on Reichenberger Straße in Kreuzberg, from December 1989 onward. The original temples of DJ culture in New York amd Chicago, as well as the emerging rave culture developing in London and Manchester via Ibiza, would also go on to shape Berlin’s nightlife. Party series like Tekknozid and clubs such as Ufo, Tresor, and Planet can retrospectively be interpreted as the big bang of the first shared culture between Germany's East and West, having paved the way for what is still the last and biggest expression of European youth culture.
        Part 1 of the vinyl edition focuses on the period between 1992 and 2006, with early 90s tracks by Thomas Fehlmann and Moritz von Oswald’s 3MB project (who teamed up with Detroit’s Juan Atkins on compilation opener 'The 4th Quarter'), Berlin techno pioneer DJ Tanith and Mijk van Dijk’s short-lived project 9-10-Boy, von Oswald’s and Ernestus’ influential Maurizio alias, and Alec Empire, who would later go on to start influential noise/industrial band Atari Teenage Riot. Further key tracks from the first half of the aughts come from Mo Loschelder and Klaus Kotai’s Elektro Music Department label, Sleeparchive and Ableton Live-developer Robert Henke aka Monolake.

        Part 2 is drawn from tracks made between 2007 and today, starting at a point when the city became the center for a new creative community of international artists, DJs and producers who often favoured the minimalist aesthetic & musical styles of clubs such as Berghain, Bar25 and Watergate and stayed for the ease of living. Beginning with a remix by Plastikman aka Richie Hawtin of his Minus label signee Heartthrob, the two 12"s also feature contributions from Ben Klock, Avalon Emerson and Modeselektor.

        The record was compiled by Heiko Hoffmann, former editor of Groove magazine and co-curator and co-editor of the 'No Photos on the Dance Floor!' exhibition and accompanying book. The double-vinyl release also features full-format photography by George Nebieridze and Wolfgang Tillmans.


        A1. Heartthrob - Baby Kate (Plastikman Remix)
        A2. Ellen Allien - Go (Marcel Dettmann Remix)
        B1. Klockworks – Sean
        B2. Wax - Untitled (Wax No 30003 B)
        C1. Ancient Methods – Else
        C2. Dasha Rush - Outer Space
        C3. Avalon Emerson - The Frontier
        D1. Barker - Cascade Effect
        D2. Modeselektor - Kalif Storch
        D3. FJAAK - Breathe

        The Sofrito crew return with four more tropical bangers to heat up the dancefloor! For the label's fifth outing they join forces with Joining forces with the talented Tropical Treats outfit from Sweden, who you'll remember from the ace "Afrikan Rhythms" 12″ on GAMM in 2009. The "Tropical Soundclash EP" covers raw Afro-funk, heavy cumbia, Caribbean disco and hot carnival rhythms, perfect for your Tropical Discotheque! On side A "Rift Valley Groove" is a wicked piece of Afro-funk, while "Cumbia Colombiana" features a heavy percussive rhythm and blasting horns. Side B opens with the speedy carnival drumming and call-and-response vocal of "Ca Ca Yé" - perfect for a mood change on the dancefloor - with "Tabou For The People" bringing up the rear in Afro-disco style, all played live.


        A Side:
        Rift Valley Groove (Tropical Treats Edit)
        Cumbia Colombiana (Tropical Treats Edit)

        B Side:
        Ca Ca Yé (Frankie Francis Edit)
        Tabou For The People (Sofrito Edit Feat. L. Barrabas)

        Various Artists

        MM DISCOS 01

          MM Discos originally emerges from the passion of two friends who share the same fondness for records made just of vinyl, after years spent hunting, collecting and spinning them. This is driven by the intention of bringing to light the work of talented newcomer artists.

          MM Discos is born with no musical prejudices whatsoever but undoubtedly influenced by a certain mix of genres in which one can identify, among others, Disco, Synth-Pop and Italo.

          Our first track is a groovy Edit, produced back-to-back by notorious Akirahawks, Capo di Tutti I capi of the Berlin scene and House Mannequin's frontman, and Enzino, responsible of his own editions at Encino's Rec. and one of the most significant representatives of the Balearic sound around the world.

          The second cut is brought to you by the enigmatic MSMCI, who has masterfully deployed all his skills to put together a killer House track drizzled with soft-spoken vocals that carries the listener to an evocative world of Daiquiris, palm trees and girls in bikini.

          On the B-side, Marvin & Guy coming hard after a series of successes on Hivern Discs and Young Adults, combining Synth-pop and Italo crystalising in a Nordic 80's-influenced Edit ready to rock the dance floor.

          And last but not least the ultimate Edit produced by Just John. The ineffable producer from JohnWaynes, well known for his works for Mule Music, Endless Flight and Let's Play House, delivers an inspired self-righteous hymn for Italo Disco ready to become and instant cult classic.


          A1. Enzino's Vs Akirahawks - House Fever
          A2. MSMCI - Superstition Ain't The Mix
          B1. Marvin & Guy - PJB
          B2. Unknown Artist - Xaipao (Just John Transit Remix)

          Emotions Electric with the first Various EP for the label. Strong quality selection of deep soulful Detroit influenced techno tracks from some of the finest underground producers, artwork hand painted by Abdul Haqq / Third Earth. Highly recommended!


          A1. Reedale Rise - Larial
          A2. Zuleta - Where
          B1. Derek Carr - Outer Rim Project
          B2. John Shima - Programmed Reality

          Various Artists

          The Men In The Glass Booth: Part 1

            In May 1976 a record was released that would have an unforeseen and lasting impact on the music industry “Ten Percent” by Double Exposure was an early release on the New York independent label Salsoul Records. America was in the grip of a disco explosion with new clubs opening on a weekly basis; Salsoul saw what was happening and swiftly created a sound for their label, heavily influenced by the music then coming out of Philadelphia, aimed directly at New York’s dance-floors. Records like “Salsoul Hustle,” “Tangerine” and “You’re Just The Right Size” by The Salsoul Orchestra borrowed heavily from the beautifully orchestrated Philadelphia International records but added a more percussive, bass heavy depth that New York’s DJs loved. So what was so special about this particular single then? Double Exposure was, after all, just another band, “Ten Percent” just another song; one of many “disco” records released that week. First of all Salsoul became the first record label to make a twelve inch single available to Joe Public - the exotic format was previously only available to DJs as promotional items or bought under the counter at certain record stores. Not only that though, the extended version was created by Walter Gibbons, a DJ at New York’s Galaxy 21 who’d built his reputation making exclusive versions of tracks to play in his sets.

            In 1976 it was unheard of for a DJ to set foot in a recording studio, being seen as little more than living jukeboxes by the serious music industry. Recording studios were strictly the domain of recording artists and producers so Walter found himself in a unique position, gaining access to a world no DJ had been granted before.

            Or so we thought...
            The Men In The Glass Booth tells the full story. Featuring ground breaking re-edits and remixes by some of the Disco era's most influential DJs including Walter Gibbons, Bobby DJ Guttadaro, Tom Savarese, Jellybean Benitez, Tee Scott and John Luongo, this opulent release also includes a 40 page book which features exclusive photos and insights from some of the story's key figures.

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Patrick says: BBE answer the prayers of all us non-millionaire disco fans, taking us on a journey through the alternative 12" history via this exhaustive collection of acetates and DJ edits. Mega!

            Italo-Disco, (at times abbreviated as Italo) is a music genre which originated in Italy and was mainly produced from the late 1970s to the late 1980s. The origin strongly tied to marketing efforts of the ZYX record label, which began licensing and marketing the music outside Italy in 1982. The genre faded in the early 1990s. Italo disco evolved from the then-current dance music (including hi-NRG) and developed into a diverse genre. The genre employs drum machines, synthesizers, occasionally vocoders and usually sung in English. This compilation contains some of the long lost tracks of the genre restored for the first time on CD. Vivien Vee "Remember" and Capricorn "I Need Love," are early work by Italian pioneer Claudio Simonetti (Goblin). All tracks digitally remastered along with its booklet, the original artwork and the original recording and extended versions.

            TRACK LISTING

            1. Mr Flagio - Take A Chance
            2. My Mine - Hypnotic Tango
            3. Clio - Faces
            4. Charlie - Spacer Woman
            5. Capricorn - I Need Love
            6. Wet - That’s The Game
            7. Doctor’s Cat - Feel The Drive
            8. Wish Key - Orient Express
            9. P Lion - Happy Children
            10. Vivien Vee - Remember

            Gentrified Underground presents an interdisciplinary project tackling the sonic fiction & afrofuturism of Drexciya.
            2x12", Cover by Abdul Qadim Haqq, 56 Page Bubble Chamber booklet included!

            2x12", Cover by Abdul Qadim Haqq, 56 Page Bubble Chamber booklet included!

            Gentrified Underground presents an interdisciplinary project tackling the sonic fiction & afrofuturism of Drexciya.

            Thought as an extension to the Bubble Chamber exhibition happening at Mikro & UP STATE Zürich, GU releases a 2x12 vinyl compilation and a booklet with contributions by Abdul Qadim Haqq, Charlie Mills, chukwumaa, Dominiqueh White, Gentrified Underground, Maïté Chéniere and tracks by Xor Gate (Gerald Donald), Shawescape Renegade, DJ Dijital, Plant43, The Exaltics, Kuldaboli, Iko, Tom Ware, Luz1e and Sansibar.

            The goal of this compilation is to showcase the reach and influence which Drexciya had on generations of electronic music producers while linking them together with compositorial predecessors from the early 80s. The musical timeline of the compilation starts from 1982 and reaches its contemporary end in 2019.

            The 56 pages booklet contains unseen and unreleased Drexciyan drafts by Abdul Qadim Haqq, an interview between him and GU, contemporary art contributions by chukwumaa, Dominiqueh White and Maïté Chéniere and an academic essay by Charlie Mills.

            "More than twenty years after their first release, the sonic fictions produced by Drexciya, the Detroit based electronic duo founded by James Stinson and Gerald Donald at the start of the 1990s, continues to enthral contemporary cultural practitioners. By reimagining the Transatlantic Slave Trade as a fiction of enforced mutation, the Drexciya mythos opened, and continues to open, a speculative space for the reimagining of the posthuman condition, and for questions of becoming, origin and mutation in relation to capitalism, finance and futurity." - Kodwo Eshun

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Barry says: A ridiculously exciting and comprehensive look at the influence Drexciya has had on electronic music since their inception in the mid 90's through to the present day. Includes gorgeous looking booklet and all sorts of exciting archival gems. An essential piece for any electronic fans.

            TRACK LISTING

            A1. Xor Gate - Hyperbola
            A2. Shawescape Renegade - Soldiers Of Electro
            A3. DJ Dijital - I Am Morpheus
            B1. Plant43 - Evapotranspiration
            B2. The Exaltics - Don´t Ask Me Why
            B3. Kuldaboli- Draumur Inní Heilann þinn
            C1. Iko - Approach On Tokyo
            C2. Tom Ware - Take Time To Hurry
            C3. Kuldaboli - Beygluð Sál
            D1. Luz1e – Transvision
            D2. Sansibar - Cyberdine Systems

            **Import item!! {DETROIT}

            - Strictly pre-orders only!

            - Limited copies!

            TRACK LISTING

            A1. Marcellus Pittman - Everybody Party
            A2. Javontte - Late Night Love
            A3. Rick Wilhite And Delano Smith Ft Jon Dixon - Neo Solaris
            B1. Rick Wilhite And Delano Smith - 11 Minutes Of Funk
            B2. Jon Dixon - Belle Isle Bounce
            C1. Norm Talley - Dreaming In Detroit
            C2. Gerald Mitchell AKA Soul Saver - KAORI
            D1. Kenny Dixon Jnr - I'm Goin Black
            D2. Delano Smith - Hot Lovely Relations
            E1. Omar S. - VAT 69 (Godson Mix)
            F1. Rick Wilhite And Delano Smith - Pipe Putta 

            Various Artists

            SEX - We Are Not In The Least Afraid Of Ruins

              The second installment of gems and nuggets straight from the infamous jukebox at Malcolm and Vivienne's King's Road SEX boutique.

              Compiled again by Marco Pirroni (Adam and The Ants, Siouxsie and the Banshees) another collection of carefully curated tracks that were played on rotation at 430 kings road Chelsea, throughout 1974-1976.

              Years in the making, this follow up to Marco’s 2004 “SEX: Too Fast To Live Too Young To Die” continues to complete the jukebox playlist with tracks contributed from those friends who frequented the shop - Jordan Mooney (RIP), Paul Cook, Steve Jones and Sam Bully amongst others – remembering those all-important songs that soundtracked the shop and left lasting impressions on them over 47 years ago.

              Another wild ride and a kaleidoscope of jukebox bangers from The Animals to Max Bigraves, Nico to Burundi Black, these tracks undoubtedly played a heavy influence on SEX’s customer’s young ears many who would go on and change the musical world forever - Sex Pistols, The Clash, Chrissie Hynde, Siouxsie Sioux to name just a few.

              Artwork supplied by Personality Crisis with unpublished photographs from Jane England, a student at the time but already understood the cultural significance and beauty of both the shop and Jordan Mooney who the compilation is dedicated to.


              “This is the second album of music from the jukebox at 430 Kings road Chelsea, this place was the center of my world from 1973 to early 1977 when I had to grow-up and move on. The tracks have nothing much to do with each other but in my mind, they all go together: Winifred Atwill and the Animals, Mott the Hoople and Max Bygraves have for the last 40 years become forever interlinked. Malcolm, Vivienne, Jordan, Steve Jones and Paul Cook (who would both put their favourite songs on the jukebox) all have a hand in it. In the internet age I still know almost nothing about these artists and I’ve never bothered to look them up. Sex: Vol 1 and 2 are to be played in the old-fashioned way. That is, you put them and listen all the way through (jukeboxes don’t have remotes). Hopefully, it will give a flavour of the time, when none of us who hung around in The scene later to be known as punk had the slightest clue what we were doing or why we we’re doing it. I could probably hazard a guess but it really doesn’t matter. Its nostalgia for a bygone age with a soundtrack from an even more bygone age. But I loved it all then and I love it now.

              Marco Pirroni, 2022

              “Just imagine being in this mystical clothes shop at any time during 1974-1976 and being part of what I saw as a place of creative ideas, like the cafés you’d have found in Russia or Prague where great philosophers used to churn over ideas and punch holes in the norm. Dark luxurious rubber clad walls with slogans that may be old but were still pertinent to US. At the end of this tunnel of decadence and the risqué was that jukebox. Filled with music to inspire and encourage you to dig deeper.”

              Jordan Mooney

              “Memories of a jukebox. The first thing we did when going into the shop was head to the jukebox and fire up some music. It was great listening to all those 50’s/60’s tracks and it was a bit of an education music wise. Blasting out great Rock’n’Roll, Garage / Rebel Rock, it had to be the coolest jukebox in London at the time and we’d spend hours hanging around, digging the scene and looking cool. As time went by we’d add our own 45’s into the mix but the jukebox choice had Malcolm's stamp all over it with a selection of outsider, freaky misfits.”

              Paul Cook

              TRACK LISTING

              Vinyl Tracklisting

              SIDE A
              1. The Animals - We've Gotta Get Out Of This Place
              2. Chris Farlowe - Out Of Time
              3. Dave Berry - Don't Gimme No Lip Child
              4. Peanuts Wilson - Cast Iron Arm
              5. The Cougars - Saturday Nite At The Duck-Pond

              SIDE B
              6. Dave & Ansell Collins - Double Barrel
              7. Burundi Steïphenson Black - Burundi Black
              8. John Leyton - Johnny Remember Me
              9. The Dakotas - Cruel Sea
              10. The Legendary Stardust Cowboy- Paralyzed
              11. Fats Domino - Sick & Tired

              SIDE C
              12. Winifred Atwell - Hawaiian Cha Cha
              13. Max Bygraves - You Need Hands
              14. Lloyd Price - Where Were You On Our Wedding Day
              15. The Ethiopians - Train To Skaville
              16. Dave & Ansell Collins - Monkey Spanner

              SIDE D
              17. Billy Fury - Wonderous Place
              18. Nico - I'm Not Sayin'
              19. The Leaves - Funny Little World
              20. The Animals - I Can’t Believe It
              21. Ron Moody - You Got To Pick A Pocket Or Two
              22. Dave Berry - The Crying Game
              23. Mott The Hoople - The Golden Age Of Rock 'n' Roll

              1. The Animals - We've Gotta Get Out Of This Place
              2. Chris Farlowe – Out Of Time
              3. Dave Berry - Don't Gimme No Lip Child
              4. Peanuts Wilson - Cast Iron Arm
              5. The Cougars - Saturday Nite At The Duck-Pond
              6. Dave & Ansel Collin – Double Barrel
              7. Burundi Steïphenson Black - Burundi Black
              8. John Leyton - Johnny Remember Me
              9. The Dakotas - The Cruel Sea
              10. The Legendary Stardust Cowboy - Paralyzed
              11. Fats Domino - Sick & Tired
              12. Winifred Atwell - Hawaiian Cha Cha
              13. Max Bygraves - You Need Hands
              14. Lloyd Price - Where Were You On Our Wedding Day
              15. The Ethiopians - Train To Skaville
              16. Dave & Ansel Collins - Monkey Spanner
              17. Billy Fury - Wonderous Place
              18. Nico – I'm Not Sayin'
              19. The Leaves - Funny Little World
              20. The Animals - I Can't Believe It
              21. Ron Moody - You Got To Pick A Pocket Or Two
              22. Dave Berry - The Crying Game
              23. Mott The Hoople - The Golden Age Of Rock 'n' Roll

              Various Artists

              Garage Psychédélique (The Best Of Garage Psych And Pzyk Rock 1965-2019)

                Two-Piers, the label that brought you ‘Pop Psychédélique (The Best of French Psychedelic Pop 1964-2019)’ bring you the second instalment in the series ‘Garage Psychédélique (The Best of Garage Psych and Pzyk Rock 1965-2019)’. A thrill a minute dive into the crazy awesome world of Garage Psychedelic Rock.

                From the Psych sound explosion onto the Underground club scene in the US and UK in the mid 1960s, its discovery by a wider audience via the exceptional Nuggets and Pebbles compilation series in the 1970-1980s. Through its mainstream revival with the Garage sound of the late 1990- early 2000s, to the current crop of exceptional bands flying the Garage Psych flag today, ‘Garage Psychédélique’ takes you on a journey and gives you a little taste of some of the finest music from the scene and the bands that blazed a trail for others to follow…..Sit back and enjoy the ride!

                From the opening bars of The Sonics ‘Have love Will Travel’ through the Psych workout that is Count Five’s ‘Psychotic Reaction’ to the joys of 60s Beat Psych groups from the US such as The Paragons, The Preachers, The Strangeloves, The Squires, and the eccentric stylings of The Monks. The album careers along at a blistering pace of Garage Psych brilliance, jammed packed full of Underground floor fillers a plenty.

                US legendary underground acts such as The Electric Prunes, The Chocolate Watch Band and MC5 all deliver classic tracks for the cause, and singer-songwriter Harry Nilsson even makes a foray into the psych rock sound with ‘Jump into the Fire’.

                In recent years such bands as Thee Oh Sees, Moon Duo and Allah-Las from the US have taken the Garage Psych influence and 60s sound and made it their own. A whole crop of bands such as White Hills, Gnod and Goat from the scene have evolved the music into a heavier ‘Pyzk Rock’ feel with a darker and heavier vibe, but crucially still with the joyous undertones that the scene brings to its devotees.

                The Garage Psych sound has influenced groups from around the globe with bands like Liverpool’s The Stairs ‘Weed Bus’, Scotland’s finest The Poets with ‘That’s the Way It’s Gotta Be’, The Bogeymen, a largely undiscovered 90s Psych Hammond band from France with ‘Electrocution’. Hailing from Sweden Goat bring us ‘Gathering of Ancient Tribes’ and The Hives their dancefloor anthem ‘Main Offender’. From Perth, Australia Pond’s Psych leanings on ‘Fantastic Explosion of Time’ are clear to see. Finally, Kevin Parker’s band Tame Impala were very influenced by the whole garage psych sound in their early band incarnation, as perfectly showcased here on the epic wig out that is ‘Half Full Glass of Wine’ that closes the album.

                This isn’t meant to be a ‘crate diggers’ album or a compilation of ‘obscure hard to find tracks’ to out-do your mates. It is quite simply a celebration of the Garage Psychédélique scene and a chance to revel in its brilliance and dance around your kitchen. If it means you go down a rabbit warren of discovery to unearth more gems and brilliant bands from the Garage Psych scene then job done! 

                TRACK LISTING

                2LP Vinyl Tracklist:
                A1) The Sonics - Have Love Will Travel
                A2) Count Five - Psychotic Reaction
                A3) The Paragons - Abba
                A4) Kim Fowley - The Trip
                A5) The Preachers - Who Do You Love **
                A6) The Strangeloves - Night Time
                A7) The Monks - Oh, How To Do Now
                A8) The Bogeymen - Electrocution
                B1) Harry Nilsson - Jump Into The Fire (Single Version)
                B2) The Eyes - When The Night Falls
                B3) 13th Floor Elevators - Reverberation (Doubt)
                B4) The Poets - That’s The Way It’s Gotta Be
                B5) The Squires - Going All The Way
                B6) The Electric Prunes - I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night)
                B7) The Chocolate Watch Band - I’m Not Like Everybody Else
                B8) MC5 - Gotta Keep Movin’
                C1) The Stairs - Weed Bus
                C2) The Hives - Main Offender
                C3) Pond - Fantastic Explosion Of Time
                C4) Novella - Somethings Must Change
                C5) Thee Oh Sees - Web
                C6) Allah-Las - Catamaran
                D1) Moon Duo - Eye 2 Eye
                D2) White Hills, Gnod - Run-a-Round **
                D3) Goat - Gathering Of Ancient Tribes
                D4) Tame Impala - Half Full Glass Of Wine
                (** Exclusive To Vinyl)

                CD Tracklist:
                1) The Sonics - Have Love Will Travel
                2) Count Five - Psychotic Reaction
                3) The Paragons - Abba
                4) Kim Fowler - The Trip
                5) The Strangeloves - Night Time
                6) The Monks - Oh, How We Do Now
                7) The Bogeymen - Electrocution
                8) Harry Nilsson - Jump Into The Fire (Single Version)
                9) The Eyes - When The Night Falls
                10) 13th Floor Elevators - Reverberation (Doubt)
                11) The Poets - That’s The Way It’s Gotta Be
                12) The Squires - Going All The Way
                13) The Electric Prunes - I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night)
                14) The Chocolate Watch Band - I’m Not Like Everybody Else
                15) MC5 - Gotta Keep Movin’
                16) The Stairs - Weed Bus
                17) The Hives - Main Offender
                18) Pond - Fantastic Explosion Of Time
                19) Novella - Somethings Must Change
                20) Thee Oh Sees - Web
                21) Allah-Las - Catamaran
                22) Moon Duo - Eye 2 Eye
                23) Goat - Gathering Of Ancient Tribes
                24) Tame Impala - Half Full Glass Of Wine

                Various Artists

                Blue Note Re:imagined II

                  Legendary labels Decca Records and Blue Note have joined forces for Blue Note Re:imagined; a brand-new collection of classic Blue Note tracks, reworked and newly recorded by a selection of the UK scene’s most exciting young talents.

                  Blue Note Re:imagined returns this year with a new 16-track compilation featuring fresh takes on music from the illustrious Blue Note vaults recorded by a heavyweight line-up of the UK jazz, soul and R&B scene’s most hotly-tipped rising stars. Arriving off the back of the widespread international success of the first volume, which topped jazz charts around the globe, Blue Note Re:imagined II once again infuses the spirit of the new UK jazz generation into the legendary label’s iconic catalogue, balancing the genre’s tradition with its future and reflecting the melting pot of talent and diversity within the current scene.

                  “For more than eight decades the artists of Blue Note Records have continually pushed the envelope of contemporary music, and Blue Note Re:imagined II once again honours that legacy by letting the UK’s most creative young artists reinvent the treasures of the Blue Note catalogue through their own lens.” – Blue Note President, Don Was.

                  TRACK LISTING

                  1. Yazz Ahmed - It (Chick Correa)
                  2. Conor Albert - You Make Me Feel So Good (Bobbi Humphrey)
                  3. Parthenope - Don’t Know Why (Norah Jones)
                  4. Swindle - Miss Kane (Donald Byrd)
                  5. Nubiyan Twist - Through The Noise (Chant No.2) (Donald Byrd)
                  6. Ego Ella May - Morning Side Of Love (Chico Hamilton)
                  7. Oscar Jerome - Green With Envy (Grant Green)
                  8. Daniel Casimir Ft. Rita Moran - Lost (Wayne Shorter)
                  9. Theon Cross - Epistrophy (Thelonious Monk)
                  10. Maya Delilah - Harvest Moon (Cassandra Wilson)
                  11. Kay Young - Feel Like Making Love (Marlena Shaw)
                  12. Venna & Marco - Where Are We Going (Donald Byrd)
                  13. Reuben James - Infant Eyes (Wayne Shorter)
                  14. Binker Golding - Fort Worth (Joe Lovano)
                  15. Cherise - Sunrise (Norah Jones)
                  16. Franc Moody - Cristo Redentor (Donald Byrd)

                  Various Artists

                  End Of The Road Presents: Between The Music

                    Each year, in the weeks that follow End of the Road, the festival’s founder, Simon Taffe, receives a flurry of emails. There are notes of thanks, of course, and the tying up of festival business, but in amongst them he will find numerous messages asking urgent questions such as: “What was that song playing two songs before Mac DeMarco came on?” It was in answer to these persistent queries that End of the Road decided to launch the first of what will be an ongoing compilation series: Between the Music.

                    “A compilation based on all the tracks that I play in between bands on all the different stages. It’s not really necessarily bands that play End of the Road, it’s more like my whole record collection.”

                    Taffe has distinct memories of going to festivals that hadn’t given much thought to the music playing between performers; the repetition of it, the sudden jolt of it. When End of the Road first began, he was determined that his festival would not make the same oversight.

                    Before the first ever End Of The Road, Simon sat up all night with a friend, burning songs to CDs, considering every stage and every track in detail. He has continued this approach ever since, always finishing his playlists at the eleventh hour, always spurred on by the thought of what song will you have as the first song opening the main stage.

                    “I still get really excited to make a compilation, even though it’s a lot bloody harder these days because everyone’s heard everything on Spotify,” he says. “But I love sharing music with people and love introducing them to songs.”

                    To listen to Between the Music is something akin to spending a short while in Taffe’s company, or perhaps a long weekend at his festival. There is the sheer exuberant love for music, the sense of discovery, the delight in the unexpected rhythmic turn. Above anything, there is the feeling that Between the Music is a compilation series that could just play on forever.

                    TRACK LISTING

                    A1 Lifes To Short - The Lafayette
                    A2 Drip Drop - Dion
                    A3 Observeatory Crest - Beefheart
                    A4 Fallin Rain - Link Wray
                    A5 I Got A Name - Jim Croce
                    A6 Hey I Know You – Monzos
                    A7 Anchin Kifu Ayinkash - Hailu Megia Dahlak Band
                    A8 Im So Depressed - Abner Jay

                    B1 Have You Been Good To Yourself - Johnie Frieson
                    B2 Khala My Freind - Amanaz
                    B3 Looking For A Home - Al Kooper And Shuggie Ottis
                    B4 She Turns My Radio On - Jim Ford
                    B5 Any Other Way - Jackie Shane
                    B6 Any Day Now - Chuck Jackson

                    C1 Cripple Creek - Alexandra Skip Spence
                    C2 Sweet Memories - Micky Newbury
                    C3 Blue Vein - Lael Neale
                    C4 Mothers Last Words To Her Son -Washington Phillips
                    C5 I Stole The Right To Live - Michael Hurley
                    C6 Cold Bitter Tears - Ted Hawkins
                    C7 Child Of God - Josphine Foster

                    D1 Lucky Strikes And Liquid Gold - Jeff Cowell
                    D2 Clay Pigeons - Blaze Foley
                    D3 You Got Me - Crow Johnson
                    D4 Glücklich. Traurig. Seltsam - Die Wellttaumforscher
                    D5 Jesus Give Me Water - The Soul Stirrers
                    D6 Lazy Bones - Paul Robeson
                    D7 Please Stay - The Cryin Shames

                    Various Artists

                    Too Slow To Disco Vol. 4

                      After smooth detours into Soul covers, French Neo-Disco, modern Sunset Disco and Brazilian AOR, in 2022 DJ Supermarkt’s Too Slow to Disco series makes a joyous return to its original Westcoast AOR/Yacht roots. Celebrating the 10th TSTD compilation. Who would have thought….

                      The Berlin curator releases a killer 4th edition of the original compilation art form, “Too Slow to Disco”, featuring forgotten and overseen gems from the mid 70s to the early 80s from a global world of smooth, brilliant lost and overproduced tracks from Finland via London and L.A. to Trinidad and beyond.

                      The great ‘un-vanisher’ of lost lazy classics, DJ Supermarkt once again unearthed some incredible music that labels, publishers (in many cases also those, who actually own the rights to those tracks…) and streaming services have often long overlooked. You’re welcome, world! 

                      TRACK LISTING

                      1. The Dukes – Mystery Girl
                      2. Prime Time Band - Fall In Love In Outer Space
                      3. Kenny Nolan – You’Re So Beautiful Tonight
                      4. Peter Skellern – Now That I Need You
                      5. Marc Jordan – Generalities
                      6. Severin Browne – Stay
                      7. The Faragher Brothers – Stay The Night
                      8. Alan Price – Groovy Times
                      9. James Felix – Open Up
                      10. Hirth Martinez – Altogether Alone
                      11. Max Leake – Tell Me The Reasons Why
                      12. Stpehen Encinas – Music In Me
                      13. Eric Andersen - Can'T Get You Out Of My Life
                      14. Jimmie Spheeris – Beautiful News
                      15. Jeannine Otis & Heikki Sarmanto – Magic Song
                      16. Pleasure – Nothin’ To It 

                      Various Artists

                      Music For The Stars (Celestial Music 1960-1979)

                        Music For The Stars is a collection of songs that may lend themselves to the end of the night in headphones, for me it’s an Ode to Horsenden Hill in West London, where we used to gather of an evening with the compilation tapes we had made introducing each other to new songs which we found; songs some of which would remain with us forever, we would sit there till late overlooking the West End’s City Lights but could lay back and watch the stars.

                        From the Two-Piers label that brought you the acclaimed ‘Pop Psychédeliqué (The Best of French Pop 1964-2019) comes new compilation ‘Music for the Stars (Celestial Music 1960-1979), a collection of laid back, late night songs perfect for lying back, losing yourself in the moment and just staring at the stars. Includes tracks from legends such as Willie Nelson, Lonnie Liston Smith, and Nina Simone, the English folk sound of Bill Fay and Kevin Ayres, the tortured genius of Tim Buckley, from the 60’s West Coast scene The Electric Prunes, to the sonic sounds of Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band, and the soulful beauty of Shuggie Otis.

                        From the beginning of the evening with Alexander “Skip” Spence, until later that night when Willie Nelson may end a tape and it’s time to walk home - sit back and lose yourselves in Music for The Stars.

                        TRACK LISTING

                        A1. Alexander 'Skip' Spence - Broken Heart
                        A2. Fred Neil - I've Got A Secret (Didn't We Shake Sugaree)
                        A3. John Fahey - Jesus Is A Dying Bedmaker
                        A4. Bert Jansch - Poison

                        B1. Roedelius - Balsam
                        B2. Shuggie Otis - Jennie Lee
                        B3. Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band - Observatory Crest
                        B4. Kevin Ayres - May I?
                        B5. The Electric Prunes - Holy Are You

                        C1. Eden Ahbez - Edens Island
                        C2. Nina Simone - Come Ye
                        C3. Damon - The Night
                        C4. Lonnie Liston Smith & The Cosmic Echoes - Sais (Egypt)

                        D1. Kathy Smith – It’s Taking So Long
                        D2. Tim Buckley - Buzzin' Fly
                        D3. Bill Fay - I Hear You Calling
                        D4. Gene Clark - With Tomorrow
                        D5.Willie Nelson - Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain

                        Various Artists

                        Pay It All Back Volume 8

                          On-U Sound is proud to present the latest volume in the much-loved and collectable series of On-U Sound label samplers, packed with exclusives, alternate mixes and previews of upcoming releases. Includes unreleased tracks from Lee “Scratch” Perry, Tackhead, African Head Charge, Mark Stewart, Creation Rebel, Andy Fairley and more.

                          The release of the new compilation also coincides with a very special concert taking place at the Forum in London, originally scheduled for 2020 but delayed because of the pandemic. Celebrating 40 years of the On-U Sound label, it brings together musicians and artists from at least four different continents for a unique evening with Horace Andy, Tackhead, African Head Charge, Creation Rebel and most of the other musicians featured on the album.

                          Label boss Adrian Sherwood comments: “As usual with the Pay It All Back series, the intention is to promote our upcoming releases and productions. Also on offer are previously unreleased gems, versions of tracks exclusive to this release and more from artists that we’re keen to promote. Sadly in the last year we have lost so many music giants from amongst us, including Lee “Scratch” Perry, George Oban and John Sharpe. Lee Perry laughed at death. It was to him just a part of life and another beginning...I trust Lee. I’m very proud of this album, it goes out to all On-U Crew, our missing and irreplaceable friends.”

                          STAFF COMMENTS

                          Matt says: One of the longest serving UK dubwise labels and one of its most visionary and creative. Adrian Sherwood's maverick imprint return for volume 8 of its sporadic, long running, highly collectable compilation series. Crucial!

                          TRACK LISTING

                          LP Tracklisting
                          A1. MAD 45 You’ll Own Nothing
                          A2. Lee “Scratch” Perry Ft. LSK Many Names Of God
                          A3. Tackhead Ft. LSK Rulers And Foolers
                          A4. Rita Morar Meri Awaaz Suno (Hear My Voice)
                          A5. African Head Charge Asalatua
                          A6. Horace Andy Watch Over Them
                          B1. Mark Stewart Storm Crow
                          B2. Creation Rebel Stonebridge Warrior
                          B3. Jeb Loy Nichols What Does A Man Do All Day?
                          B4. Denise Sherwood This Road
                          B5. Sherwood & Pinch Ft. Daddy Freddy, Ghetto Priest And Jen Jen We No Normal (Anger Management)
                          B6. Andy Fairley Your Best Tune

                          Bonus Tracks Accessible Via DL Card:

                          Tackhead Ft. MAD 45 - I Don’t Wanna Work A Fake Job
                          Sherwood & Pinch - Excessive Drinking
                          Ital Horns - Metropolis
                          LSK - Money Masters
                          Andy Fairley - Deranged Man

                          Please Note That The Rita Morar And Mark Stewart Tracks Are Vinyl Only, Are Not Currently Available Digitally, And Therefore Are Not Accessible Via The Download Card. 

                          CD Tracklisting
                          01. MAD 45 - You’ll Own Nothing
                          02. Lee “Scratch” Perry Ft. LSK - Many Names Of God
                          03. Tackhead Ft. LSK - Rulers & Foolers
                          04. Rita Morar - Meri Awaaz Suno (Hear My Voice)
                          05. African Head Charge - Asalatua
                          06. Horace Andy - Watch Over Them
                          07. Mark Stewart - Storm Crow
                          08. Creation Rebel - Stonebridge Warrior
                          09. Jeb Loy Nichols - What Does A Man Do All Day?
                          10. Denise Sherwood - This Road
                          11. Sherwood & Pinch Ft. Daddy Freddy, Ghetto Priest And Jen Jen - We No Normal (Anger Management)
                          12. Andy Fairley - Your Best Tune
                          13. Lesson 7 & Scott Crow Ft. Doug Wimbish - Andthe (Arise) Adrian Sherwood Remix
                          14. Hebden’s HiFi - Segue 8
                          15. Tackhead Ft. MAD 45 - I Don’t Wanna Work A Fake Job
                          16. Sherwood & Pinch - Excessive Drinking
                          17. Ital Horns - Metropolis
                          18. LSK - Money Masters
                          19. Andy Fairley - Deranged Man

                          For their first VA outing Razor-N-Tape have assembled the big guns for an all-exclusive comp. This vinyl sampler features 4 standout tracks from the compilation, and boasts an all-original tracklist by a roster of luminaries from the RNT family - past, present, and future.

                          It’s party time on the A side, with Dimitri from Paris & DJ Rocca teaming up for Days of A Better Paradise, a stomping, piano-driven, classic house belter. Saucy Lady takes us straight to the disco with Passport to My Love, a soulful, vocal boogie-funk journey into the cosmos.

                          The B Side features two lower-tempo house jams by RNT artists Misiu & Clive From Accounts. Love Me Do turns a classic melody into a spooky late night anthem, while It’s Not That I Don’t Care brings jazz riffs & bouncy baselines to the downtempo slow-burner.

                          TRACK LISTING

                          A1.  Dimitri From Paris & DJ Rocca - Days Of A Better Paradise
                          A2.  Saucy Lady - Passport To My Love
                          B1.  Misiu - Love Me Do
                          B2.  Clive From Accounts - It’s Not That I Don’t Care

                          At the beginning of the ‘90s a new music wave was emerging in Italy. Inspired by an innate sense of freedom and experimentation and fuelled by the turmoil of the club scene and record shops, a generation of Italian DJs and producers envision the sound of the future.

                          Going further into connecting Two Generations, distant yet neighbouring: the one that blazed the trail in the early nineties and the one that continues to follow it today. A new volume animated by the same spirit and attitude as the first one: not a nostalgic or commemorative operation, but a propulsive thrust for a possible evolution.

                          In continuity with the first part of the project, ‘Ciao Italia. Underground Generations - Volume 2’ surfs between the past, present and future, delving further into the origins of an era whose sounds and atmospheres remain an endless source of inspiration today. Artists who were often forced to use multiple aliases, a story that still sounds incredibly current and that has had the merit of breaking that stereotype of xenophilia of which our country is an undying victim. Much more than just a "scene" it can be described as a mental state, a lifestyle, marked by unifying electronic pulsations, exotic and dreamy, ecstatic and liberating.

                          The collection, of which a second double volume is expected before the end of the year, cherry picks another selection of seminal producers of that all-Italian golden age. Alongside this, it includes productions from some of the new ‘Underground Generation’, ideally inspired by the iconic sound of that time, but at the same time kaleidoscopic and ultra-contemporary. Evidence of an avant-garde that is bright and alive not only in memories, but even now more than ever, in the tracks produced by the likes of Baia Club (Whodamanny, Walter Del Vecchio and Dario Bassolino), Cosmo, Donato Dozzy & Rumi, Lorenzo Morresi and many more.

                          Once again, while the record slides under the needle, the hope is to be able to capture that magnetic atmosphere and regain possession of it for a few moments, clinging to the indomitable charm of the ‘underground’ grooves. Yesterday, today and tomorrow.

                          TRACK LISTING

                          A1.  E.v.o.e ‘I Don’t Wanna Give Up Your Love’ (Leopardo Boom Boom Mix)
                          A2.  Exotica ‘Fluteride’ (5th Floor Mix)
                          A3.  Beat Foundation ‘More’
                          A4.  Marco Erroi & Luigi Cordella ‘Fututo Fluido’
                          B1.  Donato Dozzy & Rumi ‘Flusso’
                          B2.  World Famous Martinez Orchestra ‘Rushlight’
                          B3.  Edward’s World ‘Fluting With My Mc’
                          B4.  T.R.A. ‘Tribal Groove’
                          C1.  Baia Club ‘Shine On’ (Tides On The Bay Mix)
                          C2.  Riviera Traxx ‘Parfume 1’
                          C3.  TC 1992 ‘Funky Guitar’ (Sure Shot Groove Mix)
                          C4.  Joe Montana ‘Nimbus’ (Tulbat Mix)
                          D1.  Anjuna Feat. Cirillo ‘Anjuna’s Dream’ (Magia Version)
                          D2.  Leo Rosi ‘XTC (Walkin’ On Milky Way Blvd)
                          D3.  Cosmo ‘LaLaLaa’
                          D4.  Vienna ‘Tell Me’ (Innerspace Mix)

                          Various Artists

                          Under The Bridge

                            A compilation of new songs. An essential purchase for all fans of Sarah Records.

                            The bands on this compilation were all on Sarah Records, or have key members whose bands were on that label. There are some names you’ll recognise: The Orchids, The Wake, Even As We Speak, where line-ups have remained relatively unchanged. And there are newer groups: Jetstream Pony (ex-Aberdeen), The Catenary Wires (ex-Heavenly), Soundwire (ex-The Sweetest Ache), where different shapes have evolved.

                            Time has moved on, but the music is as wonderful and as idealistic as ever. All the tracks on Under The Bridge are pop gems. Some are punk rock, some are indiepop, others are dreamy swirls of fuzz. Some are gentle and some are some are full of rage, but all of them are defiantly sensitive, literate and independent. (Some things haven’t changed.) The bands on this compilation are flattered, maybe, that people spend serious money bidding for their old 7” singles. But they are a lot more excited about the music they are creating today.

                            All the tracks on Under The Bridge are new, and most of them are previously unreleased.

                            When Amelia Fletcher and Rob Pursey started Skep Wax Records in 2021 they were heavily influenced by the labels they’d worked with in the past: K, Elefant, Fortuna Pop, WIAIWYA. But Sarah Records was the one they admired most: it was ethical, totally independent, and better organised than most majors. When they looked around, they discovered that so many of the bands they once shared a label with were still making fantastic music. Under The Bridge is a celebration of that.

                            CDs and LPs will include a 16-page colour booklet.

                            TRACK LISTING

                            Tracklist (With A Guide To Previous Incarnations)
                            GROUP/Song Title MEMBERS WERE PREVIOUSLY IN -
                            1. THE LUXEMBOURG SIGNAL - Travel Through Midnight  - Aberdeen
                            2. EVEN AS WE SPEAK Begins - Goodbye
                            3. LEAF MOSAIC - Bullet Train - The Sugargliders
                            4. THE ORCHIDS - I Don’t Mean To Stare
                            5. TUFTHUNTER - Monsieur Jadis - Heavenly
                            6. USELESS USERS - Wish You Well - Secret Shine, Action Painting!
                            7. ST CHRISTOPHER - Stornaway
                            8. SECRET SHINE - Lost In The Middle
                            9. BOYRACER - Larkin
                            10. JETSTREAM PONY - Strood McD F.C. - Aberdeen
                            11. SOUNDWIRE - Another Sun - The Sweetest Ache
                            12. SEPIASOUND - Arcadian - Blueboy
                            13. THE CATENARY WIRES - Wall Of Sound - Heavenly
                            14. THE WAKE - Stockport

                            Various Artists

                            Speedy Wunderground - Vol. 5

                              It’s safe to say a lot has happened since the release of the last Speedy Wunderground compilation in 2019. The revered label headed up by producer Dan Carey alongside Alexis Smith and Pierre Hall has had numerous professional accolades, personal triumphs and evolved vastly in the last few years at a staggering pace. To note a few of these - Awards: (‘Best Small Label’ at the AIM awards and ‘UK Producer of The Year’ at the Music Producer Guild Awards for Carey). Critical acclaim for Carey across a range of successful releases (Wet Leg, Kae Tempest, Fontaines D.C. to start with) and huge acclaim for the label itself, with The Quietus effusing: ‘The label has become genuinely prestigious. It is not ridiculous to wonder whether one day it will be looked back upon with the same reverence as labels like Factory, Sarah, Zoo or Creation receive today.’ High praise indeed.

                              As well as the world changing, so has Speedy – it’s constant evolvement a reaction to whatever opportunities arise for it – including their in-lockdown ‘Quarantine Series’ a collection of what began as online experiments as a result of Carey’s studio being closed due to the pandemic and led to over twenty collaborations with artists such as Georgia, RoRo, youngblackmale, Kae Tempest – all commandeered under Carey’s ‘Savage Gary’ alias forming almost a parallel strand of the label, more electronic and hip-hop focussed due to the lack of studio access, with the results no less thrilling.

                              Then there’s the fact that aside from its legendary single-series – Speedy is now a proper fully-fledged label – having released EP’s and albums from Squid, Tiña, The Lounge Society, Honeyglaze and Stephen Fretwell (Fretwell being their first Top 40) with lots more on the horizon.

                              For a label that started out with a strict set of rules – it is now, in some strands of its structure, moving outside of its original parameters to continue to put out some of the freshest and most exciting new music in the country. ‘It’s all happening very organically’ says Carey, ‘it feels natural. As always, it is leading us. Not the other way around.’

                              ‘It’s weird’ expands Hall – ‘even though we’ve been going for 10 years’ (they started in 2013), ‘people still constantly refer to us a new label. Which hopefully is testament to the quality and feel of the music we put out’.
                              Which bring us back to why we are here. The fifth seminal collection of those now very collectable 7” series tracks. First of all – the name. The previous four going under the Year 1/2/3/4 guise – this is ‘Vol. 5’. ‘Well, we had to really’ says Hall – ‘due to boring stuff like vinyl manufacturing and COVID – we fell way behind. It felt strange putting something out and calling it Year 5 – when it’s our 10th anniversary as a label next year. If felt like we were doing ourselves a discredit.’ The two sides of the compilation itself also reflect that passage of time brought along by external factors. With Side A being all the tracks recorded before lockdown, and Side B - all those recorded quite quickly after. ‘Yeah, it’s weird how it happened like that’ says Hall, ‘but it definitely wasn’t intentional. It’s funny how things work out sometimes though. It definitely gives it extra relevance.’

                              And what a collection it is – probably one their most diverse and eclectic compilations to date. There’s the strut-stomp funk of (the now defunct) Lazarus Kane’s ‘Narcissus’; the psych-haze swirl of Pynch’s ‘Disco Lights’. PVA bring the party with their Patti Smith meets Factory Floor incendiary debut single ‘Divine Intervention’; and The Lounge Society turn things up with their political call-to-arms ‘Generation Game’ (their much-anticipated debut long-player due for release on the label later in the year).

                              Elsewhere Polish superstar Brodka and Carey’s in-house band Scottibrains distill chaos with ecstasy on ‘Wrong Party’ and moa moa provide a sweetly saccharine respite – layering sunshine pop over reverb-drenched vocals in ‘Coltan Candy’.

                              Finishing things off is the enigmatic Joyeria – with his devastatingly effective deadpan vocals jostling with a krautrock beat and detuned guitars on ‘Here Comes Trouble’ – while it’s left for London’s deep tan to bring their taut, seductive post-punk to the closing ceremony as only they can on the outlandishly titled ‘tamu’s yiffing refuge.’

                              And what more can be said apart from that? This is a label and producer at the peak of their powers, it’s having a genuine cultural impact and is playing a big part in forming the present and future landscape of UK music as we know it, that much is obvious. As they approach their 10th year all you need to do is look back at some of the names that been involved already - many at the earliest stages of their careers: Squid, Black Country, New Road, Loyle Carner, black midi, Kae Tempest, Sinead O’Brien, Natasha Khan, Steve Mason, Jane Weaver… the list goes on.

                              Is there anything left for them to achieve? ‘We like the idea of being important to people’ says Hall. ‘To inspire them like those other labels were and are important to us. Carry on the baton. We want to be the next Heavenly, the next Rough Trade, the next Warp. And I think we can. Otherwise - what’s been the point? We just need people to give us a chance. And first and foremost – let the music do the talking.’

                              Speedy Wunderground are Dan Carey, Alexis Smith and Pierre Hall. 

                              TRACK LISTING

                              Lazarus Kane – Narcissus
                              Pynch – Disco Lights
                              PVA – Divine Intervention
                              The Lounge Society – Generation Game
                              Brodka & Scottibrains – Wrong Party
                              Moa Moa – Coltan Candy
                              Joyeria – Here Comes Trouble
                              Deep Tan – Tamu’s Yiffing Refuge

                              Various Artists

                              Adrian Sherwood Presents: Dub No Frontiers

                                Dub No Frontiers is inspired by and features female vocalists that Adrian Sherwood and the On-U Sound label knew from the UK or had met while travelling around the world. Many of the singers said they felt the dub and reggae arena was a bit of a male preserve and a little intimidating even, so Sherwood decided to invite artistes to perform a song of their choice, all in non-English on his rhythm tracks. Vocalists include Likkle Mai (singing in Japanese), Rita Morar (Hindi), Kerieva (Romani), Neyssatou (Arabic) & Yehaiyahan (Chinese).

                                The album is dedicated to the memory of both Ariane ‘Ari Up’ Forster and Lincoln Valentine ‘Style’ Scott with whom the project started.

                                Peter Harris’s cover painting of Afeni Shakur Davis sets the visual tone of the record and both the LP and CD come with a 12-page booklet featuring more of his paintings of inspiring women from the world of literature, politics, law, civil rights and medicine, such as Claudia Jones, Flo Kennedy, Barbara Jordan, Claudette Colvin and Mary Seacole.

                                TRACK LISTING

                                1. Yehaiyahan — Love Hurts [3:11]
                                2. Likkle Mai — Haste Makes Waste [4:12]
                                3. Rita Morar — Meri Awaaz Suno (Hear My Voice) [3:15]
                                4. In Temi Oyedele — I Dupe (Thanks Giving) [4:21]
                                5. Neyssatou — War [4:15]
                                6. Maria Wenda — Okama Werek Halok [3:42]
                                7. Kerieva — Chavale [3:52]
                                8. JaGodDa — Krysztalowy Aniol (Crystal Angel) [3:57]
                                9. Saba Tewelde — Semarulay Daqey [2:36]
                                10. Nadya Ostroff DR.NO — Little Cosmonaut [4:31]

                                Hot on the heels of their ‘Sampled Funk’ selection, the folks at Wagram apply the same approach to soul, lounge and easy listening, raiding the crates for those smooth grooves, gospel scorchers and tearjerkers that generations of producer have flipped for high quality hip hop and house. Perfect for wax nerds, sample spotters and bar DJs, this collection features jamz from Ray Charles, Timmy Thomas, Dusty Springfield and Etta James.

                                TRACK LISTING

                                A1. Charles Aznavour - Parce Que Tu Crois
                                A2. Joe Simon - Before The Night Is Over
                                A3. Ray Charles - I Got A Woman
                                A4. Timmy Thomas - Why Can't We Live Together
                                A5. Vera Hall - Trouble So Hard
                                B1. Bob & Earl - Harlem Shuffle
                                B2. Syl Johnson - I Hate I Walked Away
                                B3. Dusty Springfield - Son Of A Preacher Man
                                B4. The Persuasions - Good Times
                                B5. Johnny Mathis - Come To Me
                                B6. Millie Jackson - All The Way Lover
                                C1. Etta James - Something's Got A Hold Of Me
                                C2. C.B. & The Ten Others With Axes - Rosie
                                C3. Bobby Bland - (If Loving You Is Wrong) I Don't Want To Be Right - Album Version
                                C4. Bobby Caldwell - Open Your Eyes
                                C5. Boom Clap Bachelors - Tiden Flyver
                                C6. Galt MacDermot - Coffee Cold
                                D1. Gene Chandler - Duke Of Earl
                                D2. Marva Whitney - It's My Thing (You Can't Tell Me Who To Sock It To) [Album Version]
                                D3. Joe Simon - Walking Down Lonely Street
                                D4. Lowrell - Mellow Mellow (Right On)

                                Those reliable chaps at Wagram drop another essential bit of wax for the nerds, bar jocks and sample spotters here - putting together a flawless collection of funk killers (both classic and otherwise), which have become better known in their sampled form. Take a quick peek at the tracklist and you'll find nothing but gold from the likes of Eddie Johns, Ike Turner, Gwen McCrae and Bob James, all of which come approved by a who's who of contemporary hip hop and dance music. 

                                TRACK LISTING

                                A1. Eddie Johns - More Spell On You
                                A2. Incredible Bongo Band - Apache
                                A3. Ike Turner & The Kings Of Rhythm - Funky Mule
                                A4. Skull Snaps - It's A New Day
                                A5. George & Gwen McCrae - The Rub
                                B1. Instant Funk - I Got My Mind Made Up (You Can Get It Girl) [7” Version]
                                B2. Cymande - The Message
                                B3. Bob James - Take Me To The Mardi Gras
                                B4. Imagination - Just An Illusion
                                B5. Gwen McCrae - All This Love I'm Givin'
                                C1. Freeez - I.O.U
                                C2. The Whispers - And The Beat Goes On (Single Edit)
                                C3. Carol Williams - Love Is You
                                C4. Carrie Lucas - Dance With You
                                D1. George Kranz - Din Daa Daa (U.S. Mix Version)
                                D2. Jimmy Spicer - Money (Dollar Bill Y’all)
                                D3. Taana Gardner - Heartbeat (2012 – Remaster)

                                Various Artists

                                Brown Acid: The Fourteenth Trip

                                  The Legends’ “Fever Games” is a 1969 fever dream of heavy psych on par with Blue Cheer at their heaviest, featuring an incredible intro with whammy-bar gymnastics through an Echoplex. This Harrisburg, PA power trio, featuring Dan Hartman (Edgar Winter Group, et al) and his brother Dave, also name-checks Jimi Hendrix Experience in the midst of the song’s most blatant Hendrix rip. Perhaps that’s how Fever Games work? Whatever the case may be, this stunning rocker is the B-side to “High Towers,” the band’s second single out of four released over 5 years.

                                  Next up, another banging track driven by wild sound effects. In this case, Mijal & White serve up some Moog run rampant on their lone 45 from 1973, “I’ve Been You.” Runaway oscillators and modular synths spurt and sputter over some Tommy James & The Shondells bubblegum garage psych. The duo was a Detroit recording engineer (Mike Mijal) and a local musician (Mike White) tinkering with new technology with magical results. Could this heavy lysergic pop gem have inspired Meco’s “Star Wars Galactic Funk” just a handful of years later?

                                  Liquid Blue bring us back to the era’s strong meat ’n’ potatoes blues-rock with this 1969 Texas Rocker “Henry Can’t Drive.” Sure, Henry can’t, but this blazing track sure can drive. This 1969 single on the Texas Revolution label is the band’s only release, with this A-side being penned by brothers Hal and Ted Hawley, also of Lone Star State psychedelic rock unknowns Glory. The dueling guitar solos and the way the band erratically shifts gears makes this one as valuable as liquid gold.

                                  Hailing from Olivet, Michigan, the San Franciso Trolley Co.’s name may be misleading, but their ripping rager “Signs” has all the answers you seek. Their extremely rare 1970 A-side, backed with “Rainbow Heaven” is a blitzkrieg workout of frantic drums and a wailing guitar lead that spits fire and brimstone. Not exactly the Flower Power love-in one might expect given the name, but thankfully these youngsters sound like a hard rocking 13th Floor Elevators meets the MC5.

                                  Blue Creed was never a real band. That is, the West Virginia group never performed publicly. The band was the brainchild of coal miner & songwriter Bill Rexroad who paid all of the pickup musicians and financed all of the recordings himself. “Need a Friend” indeed. Rexroad sought an original sound by putting guitar speakers in oil drums (an illustration of which became the logo of his label Mo/Go records) and perhaps never having showed off that kind of showmanship on stage doomed Blue Creed to obscurity.
                                  Transfer’s velvet smooth groove has an almost proto-punk feel like a mashup of the Velvet Underground and The Flamin’ Groovies. But the lyrics referencing tokin’ reefer and the twanging surf lead situate them closer to their heavy rock brethren. This very rare 1974 self- released 45 is this lone archive of the band’s existence, who, we assume just kept right on playin’ it cool into oblivion.

                                  The cowbell lead-in announces that you’re in for a good time before Appletree’s “You’re Not The Only Girl (I’m Out To Get)” even begins. And when it all kicks in, this Grand Funk adjacent headbanger features silky guitar leads, sweet high vocal harmonies and stomping drums to drive the point home. Apppletree was led by songwriter Gary Apple, who also penned the single’s curiously titled A-side “The Ballad of Pencil.” The date of the band’s sole release is believed to be 1971, but where Appletree took root remains unknown.

                                  Cox’s Army deploy the grungy rocker “I’m Tired” which sounds like if Jimi Hendrix fronted Mudhoney. Yes, please! Though they hailed from Aurora, IL, it sounds like there’s definitely some Pacific Northwest in their blood. Particularly in the gritty production, which hints at The Sonics’ “bustin’ outta lo-fi” style, and the bluesy shuffle rhythm that’s thwacked out on what sounds like a cardboard box. “I’m Tired” b/ w “She’s a Fool” is their only known release.

                                  Not much is known about the enigmatic Columbus, OH musician known as Raven, whose “Back to Ohio Blues” closes this edition. Upon completing his damaged-biker Back to Ohio Blues 5-song album in 1975, he gave away most of the few hundred copies that were pressed and vanished from public eye. The mantra-like droning riff of this 8-minute jam is a “Black To Comm” style epic, driven by Raven’s hostile, no-bullshit diatribe until it all busts open for an insane 2-minute long drum solo soaked in odd effects that sounds like it was copped from a Melvins album. It ends with a droning acoustic guitar coda, in which Raven repeatedly wails, yells and yelps, “lets go make some more love.” It’s easy to understand why this album has been a cult bootleg favorite until its 2021 reissue on our own Permanent Records.

                                  About the Brown Acid series:
                                  Some of the best thrills of the Internet music revolution is the ability to find extremely rare music with great ease. But even with such vast archives to draw from, quite a lot of great songs have gone undiscovered for nearly half a century -- particularly in genres that lacked hifalutin arty pretense. Previously, only the most extremely dedicated and passionate record collectors had the stamina and prowess to hunt down long forgotten wonders in dusty record bins -- often hoarding them in private collections, or selling at ridiculous collector's prices. Legendary compilations like Nuggets, Pebbles, ad nauseum, have exhausted the mines of early garage rock and proto-punk, keeping alive a large cross-section of underground ephemera. However, few have delved into and expertly archived the wealth of proto-metal, pre-stoner rock tracks collected on Brown Acid.

                                  Lance Barresi, owner of L.A.-based Permanent Records and Permanent Records Roadhouse has shown incredible persistence in tracking down a stellar collection of rare singles from the 60s and 70s for the growing compilation series. Partnered with Daniel Hall of RidingEasy Records, the two have assembled a selection of songs that's hard to believe have remained unheard for so long.

                                  "I essentially go through hell and high water just to find these records," Barresi says. "Once I find a record worthy of tracking, I begin the (sometimes) extremely arduous process of contacting the band members and encouraging them to take part. Daniel and I agree that licensing all the tracks we're using for Brown Acid is best for everyone involved," rather than simply bootlegging the tracks. When all of the bands and labels haven't existed for 30-40 years or more, tracking down the creators gives all of these tunes a real second chance at success.

                                  "There's a long list of songs that we'd love to include," Barresi says. "But we just can't track the bands down. I like the idea that Brown Acid is getting so much attention, so people might reach out to us.” 

                                  TRACK LISTING

                                  01. The Legends “Fever Games”
                                  02. Mijal & White “I’ve Been You”
                                  03. Liquid Blue “Henry Can’t Drive”
                                  04. San Francisco Trolley Co. “Signs”
                                  05. Blue Creed “Need A Friend”
                                  06. Transfer “Play It Cool”
                                  07. Appletree “You’re Not The Only Girl (I’m Out To Get)”
                                  08. Cox’s Army “I’m Tired”
                                  09. Raven “Raven Mad Jam”

                                  Various Artists

                                  Earl's Closet: The Lost Archive Of Earl McGrath 1970-1980

                                    Earl McGrath was the ultimate ’70s jet setter, an art collector and comic bon vivant who stumbled into the record business between legendary parties in New York and LA and discovered Daryl Hall and John Oates and then Jim Carroll. Atlantic founder Ahmet Ertegun gave Earl his own label, Clean Records, in 1970; Mick Jagger hired him to run Rolling Stones Records in 1977.

                                    Friend to Joan Didion, Andy Warhol, and a galaxy of luminaries, Earl was an inveterate tastemaker. Actor Harrison Ford, who before Star Wars fame was Earl’s handyman and pot dealer, called him “the last of a breed, one of the last great gentlemen and bohemians.”

                                    After Earl died in 2016, journalist Joe Hagan, author of the critically-acclaimed Sticky Fingers, the biography of Rolling Stone founder Jann Wenner, discovered a trove of rare and unheard tapes in Earl’s apartment in New York—literally inside his closet. “I asked for a step ladder and the first box I pulled off the shelf was a master tape of Some Girls, the Stones album,” says Hagan.

                                    Now Light in the Attic Records proudly presents Earl’s Closet, a double album of the treasures discovered inside, including unheard music by Daryl Hall and John Oates, David Johansen, Terry Allen, Delbert McClinton, Warhol “Superstar” Ultra Violet, Detroit sax legend Norma Jean Bell, Jim Carroll and an eclectic cast of undiscovered artists who once vied for fame and glory—folk, rock, country, funk and R&B gems that virtually no one has heard in decades. Whether it’s the almost-famous power pop of Shadow from Detroit, or the Delfonics-style soul of the Blood Brothers Six, Earl’s Closet retraces the dreams of artists who once sent demos to Earl McGrath. Longtime Light in the Attic-affiliated reissue producer Pat Thomas assisted Hagan in tracking down the artists and finalizing the paperwork.

                                    At once an archival mixtape, a secret history and a journey into the heart of an era, Earl’s Closet features a deep booklet of documents, images and ephemera from Earl’s archive, expansive liner notes by Joe Hagan, who tracked down and interviewed the artists, and astonishing photographs by Earl’s late wife, the Italian countess Camilla Pecci-Blunt McGrath.

                                    TRACK LISTING

                                    Two More Bottles Of Wine – Delbert & Glen
                                    Baby Come Closer – Daryl Hall And John Oates
                                    Gonna California – Terry Allen
                                    Only Yourself To Lose - Kazoo Singers
                                    Christopher – Michael Mccarty
                                    Dixie Darling – Jim Hurt
                                    California – Mark Rodney
                                    Killer - Country (fondiler & Snow)
                                    Dry In The Sun – Daryl Hall And John Oates
                                    Oh La La - Shadow
                                    Cocaine Cowboy – Terry Allen
                                    How Do You Do (children Of The Most High) – Ultra Violet
                                    Invisible Lady – Johnny Angel (johnny Angelino)
                                    I See My Days Go By - Shadow
                                    Where Have All The Flowers Gone? – Blood Brothers Six
                                    Salt Showers – Len And Betsy Greene
                                    Holy Commotion – Paul Potash
                                    Sail Away - Jabor
                                    Funky But Chic – David Johansen
                                    Just Look-ah What You'll Be Missing – Norma Jean Bell
                                    Tension – The Jim Carroll Band
                                    Waiting For Me – Little Whisper And The Rumors

                                    Various Artists

                                    Soul Greatest Hits €

                                      Two LPs. 25 tracks from the legendary voices of soul music including Aretha Franklin, Sam Cooke, Ray Charles, Screamin' Jay Hawkins, Marvin Gaye & The Vandellas, James Brown, Little Willie John, Ben E. King, Al Green and more

                                      TRACK LISTING

                                      A1. Gwen McCrae - 90% Of Me Is You
                                      A2. Gil Scott-Heron -Lady Day And John Coltrane
                                      A3. Al Jarreau - Ain't No Sunshine
                                      A4. Darondo - Didn't I
                                      A5. Barry White - Ghetto Letto
                                      B1. Nina Simone - Work Song
                                      B2. Ray Charles - Unchain My Heart
                                      B3. Otis Redding - These Arms Of Mine
                                      B4. Curtis Mayfield & The Impressions - Gypsy Woman
                                      B5. Diana Ross & The Supremes - Let Me Go The Right Way
                                      B6. Sam Cooke - (What A) Wonderful World
                                      B7. Dionne Warwick - Don't Make Me Over
                                      B8. Ben E. King - Stand By Me
                                      C1. James Brown & The Famous Flames - Please, Please, Please
                                      C2. Aretha Franklin - Try A Little Tenderness
                                      C3. George McCrae - Rock Your Baby
                                      C4. Ella Fitzgerald - Georgia On My Mind
                                      C5. Ike & Tina Turner - A Fool In Love
                                      C6. Marvin Gaye & The Vandellas - Stubborn Kind Of Fellow
                                      C7. Etta James -I Just Want To Make Love To You
                                      D1. Aaron Neville - Hercules
                                      D2. Terry Callier - Running Around (Fug City Mix)
                                      D3. Aloe Blacc & King Most - With My Friends
                                      D4. Cookin' On 3 Burners Feat. Kylie Auldist - This Girl
                                      D5. Nostalgia 77 Feat. Alice Russell - Seven Nation Army

                                      Various Artists

                                      French Touch Vol. 2 €

                                        Rediscover the anthems of the French Electronic Scene in a double vinyl featureing Bob Sinclar, Mr. Oizo, DJ Gregory, St Germain, Guts, Soha, Laurent Garnier, Stereo Action Unlimited, Kid Loco, Vitalic, Superfunk, Thylacine, Gotan Project and Agoria.

                                        TRACK LISTING

                                        1. Guts - Man Funk
                                        2. Cassius - I <3 U So
                                        3. Stardust - Music Sounds Beter With You
                                        4. Justice - Genesis
                                        5. Breakbot Feat. Irfane - Baby I'm Yours
                                        6. Myd - The Sun
                                        7. Fkj & Masego - Tadow
                                        8. Surkin - Radio Fireworks
                                        9. Thylacine - Piany Pianino
                                        10. Wax Tailor - Que Sera
                                        11. Martin Solveig - Heart Of Africa
                                        12. Laurent Garnier - Crispy Bacon
                                        13. Mr. Oizo - Flat Beat
                                        14. St Germain - Alabama Blues (Todd Edwards Vocal Radio Edit Mix)
                                        15. Vitalic - Poison Lips
                                        16. Etienne De Crecy - Tempovision ( Radio Edit)
                                        17. Superdiscount - Smile (Vocal Mix)
                                        18. Sébastien Tellier - La Ritournelle
                                        19. Agoria - Up All Night (Radio Edit)
                                        20. Cheek - Venus (Sunshine People) [DJ Gregory Remix]
                                        21. Soha - Ëvë
                                        22. Joris Delacroix - Air France
                                        23. Alan Braxe & Fred Falke - Intro
                                        24. Kid Loco - She's My Lover
                                        25. Superfunk - The Young MC
                                        26. Stereo Action Unlimited - Lovelight
                                        27. Gotan Project – Diferente
                                        28. Bob Sinclar - Save Our Soul
                                        29. Dj Gregory - Block Party

                                        Various Artists

                                        Studio One Rockers - 2022 Reissue

                                          Soul Jazz do it again with this awesome Studio One compilation that follows Jamaican music from ska, via rocksteady, reggae, deejay and dub to early dancehall. Featured here are many of the classic tracks from Studio One. From Dawn Penn's legendary "No, No, No" to classics such as Horace Andy's "Skylarking" and Marcia Griffith's "Feel Like Jumping". The Coxsone Soundsystem in the early 60s was one of the three main soundsystems operating in Jamaica alongside his competitors, Prince Buster and Duke Reid. The Studio One catalogue is possibly the largest in Jamaican music and this release is the first in a series of Studio One compilations on Soul Jazz Records. This album comes with an in depth interview with Mr C.S. Dodd, about how he set up and ran his record label in the 1960s and 1970s. Absolutely essential.

                                          TRACK LISTING

                                          1. Sound Dimension - Real Rock
                                          2. Marcia Griffiths - Feel Like Jumping
                                          3. Freddy Mcgregor - Bobby Babylon
                                          4. Horace Andy - Skylarking
                                          5. Lennie Hibbert - Village Soul
                                          6. Brentford All-Stars - Greedy G
                                          7. Johnny Osbourne - Truth And Rights
                                          8. Ernest Ranglin - Surfin
                                          9. Michigan & Smiley - Eye Of Danger
                                          10. Dawn Penn - No, No, No
                                          11. The Skatalites - Phoenix City
                                          12. Prince Jazzbo - Crabwalking
                                          13. Jackie Mittoo - Hot Milk
                                          14. Lone Ranger - Badder Dan Dem
                                          15. Cedric Brooks - Ethiopia

                                          Various Artists

                                          Back To Mine: Groove Armada - 2022 Reissue

                                            Groove Armada’s iconic Back To Mine compilation from the Millennium gets a long-awaited re-issue 22 years after its original release. As Groove Armada celebrate 25 years of touring with their final ever world live tour, which includes nine huge dates across the UK, it’s a chance to relive Groove Armada’s eclectic and expert curation.

                                            The album, which was one of the biggest ever selling editions of the Back To Mine Series, will be available on double heavyweight vinyl for the first timers well as a limited collectors edition in Pumpkin orange. This release marks the first of many reissues of iconic Back To Mine titles.

                                            The Groove Armada special edition package features 12 tracks featured on the seminal album in one of the best loved compilation series’. Despite the length in time since its original release, the album remains timeless with an inspired selection ranging from A Tribe Called Quest, Barry White, Tears For Fears to the compilers themselves.

                                            For nearly two decades, Groove Armada have been established as one of the planet's best loved and biggest selling dance acts. As comfortable on the big stages as they are in sweat soaked basements, the boys cross genres and styles with ease. This translates perfectly into their addition of Back To Mine which boldly, yet effortlessly traverses a multitude of sounds that you wouldn’t imagine could be the perfect match. Collectively, the album is colorfully funky, soulful, and incredibly smooth. 

                                            TRACK LISTING

                                            A1. A Tribe Called Quest - Description Of A Fool (Groove Armada's Acoustic Mix)
                                            A2. Barry White - Playing Your Game, Baby
                                            A3. Tony D - Piano Grand
                                            B1. Sidewinder - Stanway's Revenge
                                            B2. BBG - Snappiness (Sweet Instrumental)
                                            B3. Ray Mang - Number One
                                            C1. Dayton - The Sound Of Music
                                            C2. Groove Armada - Your Song (Tim 'Love' Lee Mix)
                                            C3. Mica Paris - I Should’ve Known Better
                                            D1. Schmoov! - Destination
                                            D2. Chaser - Tall Stories (Pooley’s Lars From Mars Mix)
                                            D3. Tears For Fears - Pharaohs

                                            Various Artists

                                            Midnight Massiera: The B-Music Of Jean Pierre-Massiera - 2022 Reissue

                                              Eighteen sacred psychedelic suppositories from the laboratory of mad scientist and scalpel-happy pop mutilator Jean-Pierre Massiera. Includes the rarest and most sought after fuzz funk, spooked surf and interplanetary prog from ‘The French Joe Meek’ and all his schizoid splitpersonalities and freakish friends - The Maledictus Sound, Chico Magnetic Band, Visitors, Human Egg, The Pirhana Sound and Jesus himself.

                                              Let Finders Keepers introduce you to some old friends of theirs - Charlie Mike Sierra, Jean-Pierre Areisam, JPM and Co. Erik, The Horrific Child, Jesus, Les Maledictus Sound, Human Egg... This might sound like they’re flicking through the imaginary LP racks in the record shop from ‘A Clockwork Orange’ or perhaps congratulating the runners up in a Halloween fancy dress competition but for the previously uninitiated you have just been ordained into the congregation of the many split personalities of one Mr. Jean-Pierre Bernard Massiera. Bow down to the nine-headed monster as he mutates and shape-shifts back through time to his humble beginnings in a Buenos Aires province ravaging and pillaging the music of the European people for his own twisted benediction along the way.

                                              This might, as intended, sound a little bit dramatic but if there is one single ingredient that gives the eccentric Jean-Pierre Massiera his distinct flavour it’s a large dollop of drama. Add sprinklings of schizophrenia, shock, myth and macabre and you are on the way to a Bmovie broth with an acquired taste that has, like all the best cheese, taken over thirty years to mature to perfection. Like all the best monsters, his split personality is the key to his infamy and the secret of his blood sucking success.

                                              This is why Jean-Pierre Massiera is (un)commonly known for two key periods in his career which, like a worm, can be split down the middle to thrive and flourish independently. To cut a long story short, Massiera is, above all, a lover and purveyor of musique fantastique, and is willing and able to hijack whichever stylistic vehicle that passes him buy in order to do feed his lust. In the earlier part of his career he honed his sordid craft amongst psychedelic circles in Nice and Quebec. From late 1972 onwards he moved to Antibes and started a disco revolution and became an in demand cosmic record producer. For years, prog rock obsessives and disco aficionados have wondered if there was two unrelated freak merchants called Jean-Pierre Massiera but, in this rare instance, exploito-maniacs from both sides of the cosmic coin are united by the work of this singular, single-handed monstrous music manufactory.

                                              Remastered and available once again on deluxe black vinyl since the initial Finders Keepers limited edition 2009 pressing.

                                              TRACK LISTING

                                              Visitors - Visitors
                                              S.E.M. Studios - Ivresse Des Profondeurs
                                              Jesus - L’Electrocute
                                              Les Chats - Bizarre
                                              The Starlights - Mao Mao
                                              Basile - Itubo Del Anno
                                              Chico Magnetic Band - Pop Or Not
                                              Les Maledictus Sound - Kriminal Theme
                                              Jesus - Songe Mortuaire
                                              Basile - Engins Bizarres
                                              Human Egg - Onomatopaeia
                                              Les Monegasques - Psychose
                                              Chris Gallbert - Sing Sing
                                              Hermans Rockets - Space Woman
                                              Piranhas - La Turbie Pirhanienne
                                              Human Egg - Egg
                                              Les Maledictus Sound - Inside My Brain
                                              After Life - (Le Secret De) La Vieille Dame

                                              Various Artists

                                              Nu Funk - The Finest Funky Tracks From The New Generation

                                                From Kaytranada to The Souljazz Orchestra or The Bamboos go deep into one of the best sélection of Nu Funk.

                                                TRACK LISTING

                                                A1. Kaytranada - Breackdance Lesson N.1
                                                A2. The Souljazz Orchestra - House Of Cards
                                                A3. The Bamboos Feat. Fallon Williams - My Baby's Cheating (I Sure Got The Feeling)
                                                A4. Marschmellows - Soulpower (Jazzanova Reworked - Extended Version)
                                                A5. The Quantic Soul Orchestra - Hold It Down
                                                B1. Cookin' On 3 Burners - Keb's Bucket
                                                B2. Alice Russell - A Fly In The Hand
                                                B3. Nubiyan Twist Feat. Soweto Kinch - Buckle Up
                                                B4. Joel Culpepper - Remember
                                                B5. Llorca Feat. Stefan Frank - All We Ever Have Is Now

                                                Various Artists

                                                Nu Jazz - The Finest Jazzy Tracks From The New Generation

                                                  From St Germain to Boogalox or Mighty Bop go deep into the best selection of Nu Jazz. 

                                                  TRACK LISTING

                                                  A1. St. Germain - My Mamma Said
                                                  A2. Boogalox - Chez Les Yé-Yé
                                                  A3. Mighty Bop Feat. Duncan Roy - Too Deep
                                                  A4. Nekta - No Need To Rumble
                                                  A5. Mr. Scruff - Get A Move On!
                                                  B1. Ayo - Beautiful
                                                  B2. Herbert - Suddenly
                                                  B3. Reminiscence Quartet - Inspiration
                                                  B4. The Quantic Soul Orchestra - Feeling Good (Feat. Alice Russell)
                                                  B5. Waldeck - Make My Day

                                                  Various Artists

                                                  Nu Soul - The Finest Soul Tracks From The New Generation

                                                    From Tom Misch to Cookin' On 3 Burners or Leisure go deep into the best selection of Nu Soul.

                                                    TRACK LISTING

                                                    A1. Cookin' On 3 Burners Feat. Kylie Auldist - This Girl
                                                    A2. Leisure - Slipping Away
                                                    A3. (Re:jazz) Feat. Alice Russell - Gabrielle
                                                    A4. Beady Belle Feat. India Arie - Self-Fulfilling
                                                    A5. Da Break - Give Your Love
                                                    B1. Tom Misch Feat. De La Soul - It Runs Through Me
                                                    B2. Terry Callier & Paul Weller - Brother To Brother
                                                    B3. Dublex Inc. Feat. Sandhy Sandoro - Shine
                                                    B4. Normanton Street - Take A Walk With Me
                                                    B5. Aloe Blacc & King Most - With My Friends

                                                    Various Artists

                                                    Old School Hip Hop

                                                      Discover the gems of the old school hip hop with this double vinyl, focusing on the US scene, including great songs from Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five, Fab 5 Freddy, West Street Mob, De La Soul and many more.

                                                      TRACK LISTING

                                                      1. Funky 4+1 - That's The Joint (Remix)
                                                      2. Spoonie Gee - Spoonin' Rap
                                                      3. Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five - The Message
                                                      4. Double Trouble - Stoop Rap
                                                      5. Jimmy Spicer - Money (Dollar Bill Y'All)
                                                      6. King Tim III - Charley Says! (Roller Boogie Baby)
                                                      7. Super-Wolf - Super-Wolf Can Do It
                                                      8. Grandmaster Caz - South Bronx Subway Rap
                                                      9. Kev Luckhurst - Wild Style Lesson
                                                      10. Young MC - Bust A Move
                                                      11. Fab 5 Freddy - Down By Law
                                                      12. West Street Mob - Break Dance - Electric Boogie
                                                      13. The Pharcyde - Passin' Me By
                                                      14. Fantastic Freaks - Fantastic Freaks At The Dixie
                                                      15. De La Soul - Shopping Bags (She Got From You)
                                                      16. Tone-Loc - Wild Thing
                                                      17. RZA - Grits
                                                      18. Masters At Work Feat. Screetchy Dan - Give It To Me
                                                      19. Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz Feat. Ying Yang Twins - Get Low

                                                      Various Artists

                                                      Old School Reggae

                                                        The Old School Collection is back with a new volume, dedicated to Reggae. Discover the germs of Reggae on a double vinyl with Bob Marley, Max Romeo, Freddie McGregor, Gregory Isaacs, Horace Andy, Lee "Scratch" Perry & The Upsetters, Alton Ellis, Sly & Robbie and Black Uhuru.

                                                        TRACK LISTING

                                                        A1. Bob Marley - Sun Is Shining
                                                        A2. John Holt & Dennis Brown - Wildfire
                                                        A3. Johnny Clarke - Declaration Of Rights
                                                        A4. Max Romeo - Material Man
                                                        A5. Barrington Levy - Warm And Sunny Day
                                                        A6. Freddie McGregor - Big Ship Sailing
                                                        B1. Gregory Isaacs - Babylon Too Rough
                                                        B2. Dennis Brown - Africa
                                                        B3. Don Carlos - Rivers Of Babylon
                                                        B4. Fred Locks - Vision Of Redemption
                                                        B5. The Congos - La La Bam-Bam
                                                        B6. Horace Andy -Ain't No Sunshine
                                                        B7. Lee "Scratch" Perry & The Upsetters - Soul Fire
                                                        C1. Alton Ellis - I'm Still In Love
                                                        C2. Prince Lincoln Thompson - They Know Nat Jah
                                                        C3. The Heptones - Take Me Darling
                                                        C4. Beres Hammond - Rock Away
                                                        C5. Marcia Griffiths - Come See About Me
                                                        C6. Bob Marley - African Herbsman
                                                        D1. Sly & Robbie - We Are Africa
                                                        D2. Leroy Smart - Ballistic Affair
                                                        D3. Errol Dunkley - OK Fred
                                                        D4. Bob Andy - Teachers
                                                        D5. Black Uhuru – Sinsemilla
                                                        D6. Clint Eastwood - Love Story

                                                        Various Artists

                                                        Brown Acid: The Thirteenth Trip

                                                          The forthcoming latest edition of the popular compilation series featuring long-lost vintage 60s-70s proto-metal and stoner rock singles, Brown Acid: The Thirteenth Trip will be available on Halloween 2021. Check out the first single "Run Run", released in 1970 by Montreal hard rockers Max is available to hear & share via Metal Injection HERE. (And, direct YouTube and Bandcamp)

                                                          The Brown Acid series is curated by L.A. label RidingEasy Records and retailer/label Permanent Records. 

                                                          About The Thirteenth Trip:
                                                          Max, from Montreal, QC — originally known as Dawn, before Tony Orlando & Dawn forced a name change — kick things off with “Run Run” from their lone 1970 single. It’s a hard-hitting rocker with scale climbing crunching guitars and powerful Bonham-esque drumming. Sadly, the band didn’t last long due to poor management and various other factors, so this is the only surviving document according to guitarist Gerry Markman. And what a document it is, paired with the A-side “The Flying Dutchman.”

                                                          You might remember Ralph Williams and the Wright Brothers from their track “Never Again” on Brown Acid: The Tenth Trip. Here they make their return to the series with the A-side of their 1972 Hour Glass Records 45, which sounds like Blue Cheer mangling Roy Orbison’s “Pretty Woman” (that’s right, several years before Van Halen actually did so.) Alas, Ralph and these Wright Brothers soon disappeared from terrestrial airspace.

                                                          “Feelin’ Dead” is extremely heavy blues from this also extremely rare 1974 single by Detroit, MI’s Master Danse, which was only released as a promo 45. Think Led Zeppelin’s “Since I’ve Been Loving You” and you’re on the right track. A little dose of Hendrix acid blues and a heartfelt groove, and you’ll wonder why this single never even made it to official release. The unavoidable tell in the lyric, “help me get this damn thing out of my arm” hints at the post-Vietnam heroin epidemic as a potential clue why we never heard more from Master Danse.

                                                          Folks, Gary Del Vecchio is “Buzzin’” hard on this one, and from what sounds like an in-studio party of yelps and chatter at the start of the song, it seems that the whole band was in on the festivities. The funky blues riff, reminiscent of Led Zeppelin’s “Heartbreaker” and rollicking rhythmic changes certainly keep the buzz a rollin’.The recording is technically credited as Gary Del Vecchio with Max, though not the same band as the one that kicks off this Trip.

                                                          John Kitko’s 1973 heavy psychedelic rager “Indecision” is the only recording known to exist by the mysterious artist. The Twin Record Productions release features a different artist, Tom Poff on the B-side, which is truly a shame, considering the smoldering ashes Kitko leaves of the turntable by song’s end. It starts out more like a late 60s Acid Rock jam before leaping into a blazing double-time gallop, whipped into a frenzy by wailing, neck-pickup guitar squeals and Kitko’s barely audible howls.

                                                          Tampa, FL’s Bacchus made their Brown Acid debut way back on the very first Trip with “Carry My Load.” This 1972 B-side, “Hope” is a huge sounding swinging rocker replete with roadhouse piano bolstering the chunky riffs and confident vocals. After relocating to Southern California a few years later, the band morphed into Fortress, an 80s melodic metal act whose Hands In The Till album of Pomp Rock on Atlantic Records still draws chatter today.

                                                          Orchid’s “Go Big Red” is perhaps the most garage-y sounding offering here, with loose rhythms and straightforward stop-and-start riffing. Nonetheless, the stomping energy and fried-amp guitar tone make this one a charming skull thwack. The band’s 1973 single on American records, backed with a cover of Johnny Russell and Voni Morrison’s “Act Naturally” (popularized by Buck Owens and the Buckaroos) is their only release, so the world never did see this Orchid fully blossom.

                                                          By the title alone of Dry Ice’s “Don’t Munkey with the Funky Skunky” you know you’re in for a good time. The 1974 barnstormer seems aimed to the novelty tunes crowd, with its kooky lyrics and silly-voiced spoken catchphrase break, “peeyew, you’ll be sorry if you do.” But, the Ohio band’s maniacal drumming, crunching guitars and, of course, drug euphemistic lyrics make it a shoo-in for the Brown Acid series of erudite rock’n’roll.

                                                          Good Humore’s swaggering 1976 rocker “Detroit” is a slick and smooth paen to the Motor City. It most likely doesn’t predate “Detroit Rock City” by Kiss, also released in 1976, and it has more rock’n’roll swing, but it could fit comfortably alongside the era’s arena anthems. Not much else is known about the one-off release on P.V. Records, but songwriter Mike Moats is noted to also have been a recording engineer in later years and this well produced track sounds like a labor of love. 

                                                          Various Artists

                                                          Silberland Vol. 1 - The Psychedelic Side Of Kosmische Musik 1972-1986

                                                            Fellow humans, Bureau B invite you on an expedition to Silberland, a singular span of spacetime created by Germany’s sonic futurists of the seventies and eighties. Embracing the early electronics and tape experiments of the sixties’ avant-garde, these artists aimed to boldly go, eschewing small steps for giant leaps into a nebulous and novel sound.

                                                            Their music depicted the dynamism, energy and movement of the era - celebrating modern technology as both the medium and the message. Brimming with fractal sequences and shimmering textures, gaze fixed firmly beyond the limits of possible,there were aesthetic echoes of the visual arts of the early twentieth century. But where the Italian futurists’ rejection of the past paved the way for fascism, the kosmische generation emerged from the revolutionary student movement of ’67 and ’68, opposing any lingering political ties to Nazism and occupying the cultural vacuum which endured long after the post-war era. Encompassing both better known and more obscure artists, this collection is a trip into the psychedelic and cerebral strain of this amorphous genre, pairing the pulsating and propulsive with moments of cosmic calm.

                                                            Opener “Strahlsund” by Die Partei serves as the national anthem for this no-place, its utopian melodies and stately rhythmevoking an optimism which is swiftly skewed by the chrome tones and snapping percussion of Ralf Trostel’s “Two Face”. The delirious drive of Michael Bundt’s “Full Steam Ahead” embraces the uncanny as jarring bursts of laughter drown out a serpentine topline before the fever breaks into the cold sweat of Moebius’ “Etwas”, a sweet synth sonata decorated with detuned keys. “Scharfer Schnitt (No1)” is the first suggestion of Silberland’s full scope, the Populäre Mechanik A-side fusing postpunk and dubby funk and perfectly paving the way for the ritualistic stomp of Roedelius’ trance-dancing “Regenmacher”. Splitting the difference between Berlin and Düsseldorf schools, Tyndall give us the typically glittering "Großstadtgefühl”, which smoothly segues into the synth scree of Conrad Schnitzler’s beatless and balletic “Bis Die Blaue Blume Blüht”. The zero gravity drift continues with a contribution from Cologne’s Phantom Band, who achieve an effortless groove without the faintest hint of a bassline, while Bernd Kistenmacher takes us to the midpoint with the deep space repetition and Teutonic tessellations of “Quitting Time”. The return journey begins with the beauty and sadness of Heiko Maile’s “Nachtspaziergang” then sidesteps into a punkish pair from Moebius & Plank and Faust, the former fusing tape snippets, desk fx and grunting electronics into a narcotic stagger, while the latter employ breakbeat and distortion on a churning outtake from their Wümme period. If this bristling brace toyed with the terrestrial, Riechmann takes an aerial view of Earth via “Weltweit” and Asmus Tietchens strays way too close to the sun with a playful take on Venusian exotica. Things take a turn for the psychedelic via the Arabesque piano of Cluster’s transformative “Avanti” and Günter Schickert’s strung out and smouldering “Wanderer”, before the roving sequences of You’s “Live Line” fire up the hyperdrive for a foray into warp speed. Cutting the thrusters almost entirely, the synthesist himself Harald Grosskopf takes the controls for re-entry, gliding through the upper atmosphere on the heartfelt waveforms of “Emphasis”, cushioning the craft into Eno, Moebius and Roedelius’ hypnagogic “Base & Apex”.

                                                            TRACK LISTING

                                                            1. Die Partei – Strahlsund
                                                            2. Rolf Trostel – Two Faces (bureau B Edit)
                                                            3. Michael Bundt – Full Steam Ahead (bureau B Edit)
                                                            4. Moebius – Etwas (bureau B Edit)
                                                            5. Populäre Mechanik – Scharfer Schnitt No. 1
                                                            6. Roedelius – Regenmacher (bureau B Edit)
                                                            7. Tyndall – Großstadtgefühl
                                                            8. Conrad Schnitzler – Bis Die Blaue Blume Blüht (bureau B Edit)
                                                            9. Phantom Band – Pulsar
                                                            10. Bernd Kistenmacher – Quitting Time (bureau B Edit)
                                                            11. Heiko Maile – Nachtspaziergang (Tape 40)
                                                            12. Moebius & Plank – News
                                                            13. Faust – Vorsatz
                                                            14. Riechmann – Weltweit (bureau B Edit)
                                                            15. Asmus Tietchens – Trümmerköpfe
                                                            16. Cluster – Avanti (bureau B Edit)
                                                            17. Günter Schickert – Wanderer (bureau B Edit)
                                                            18. You – Live Line (bureau B Edit)
                                                            19. Harald Grosskopf – Emphasis
                                                            20. Eno Moebius Roedelius – Base & Apex

                                                            Various Artists

                                                            Brazilian Beats Brooklyn - 2022 Reissue

                                                              Compiled by Sean Marquand and Greg Caz, 2 DJs well-known for their epic parties at Williamsburg’s legendary Black Betty club, that sadly closed in 2009.

                                                              The duo played a deep variety of strictly vintage samba, samba-rock, Tropicalia, and Brazilian funk under the banner of ‘Brazilian Beats Brooklyn’.Sean is known as half of Embassy Sound Productions. He took his team to Brazil to help resurrect Black Rio legends Uniao Black for a new release. Greg has DJ'd at some of the hottest Brazilian parties around the globe and presents a monthly radio show ‘Warm Wave’ on Soho Radio NYC.Featuring Noriel Vilela’s singular “16 Toneladas,” a sublime cover of the Tennessee Ernie Ford smash “16 Tons” with a spare samba groove and unbelievable baritone vocals and hot jams from Tim Maia, Erasmo Carlos, Joao Bosco, Toni Tornado.

                                                              Included in this compilation of original 60's and 70's Brazilian gems are some of Greg and Sean's favourite tracks that have been flling dancefoors for years.

                                                              Long-awaited repress of a classic Mr Bongo compilation.
                                                              A selection of the fnest Brazilian music (via Brooklyn).
                                                              Featuring Rita Lee, Erasmo Carlos, Robson Jorge & Lincoln Olivetti, Toni Tornado and many more.

                                                              STAFF COMMENTS

                                                              Martin says: Some of the hottest Brazilian jams here from Sean Marquand and Greg Caz, with both originals and recent productions featuring in the lineup. A veritable Smörgåsbord of hip-unlocking grooves.

                                                              TRACK LISTING

                                                              Nonato Y Su Conjunto - Cafua
                                                              Os Novos Crioulos - Mar Afunda
                                                              Jose Roberto - Crioula Multicolorida
                                                              Rita Lee & Tutti Frutti - Agora E Moda
                                                              Trio Esperanca - Nao Aguento Voce
                                                              Noriel Vilela - 16 Toneladas
                                                              Chocolate Da Bahia - Ele Guenta
                                                              Tim Maia - E Necessario
                                                              Joao Bosco - Cobra Criada
                                                              Som Tres - Tanga
                                                              Os Incriveis - Uma Rosa Pra Dita
                                                              Robson Jorge & Lincoln Olivetti -aleluia
                                                              Erasmo Carlos - Jeep
                                                              Chalo Eduardo - Beija-flor Suite
                                                              Ely Camargo -taieiras
                                                              Silvio Cesar - A Festa
                                                              Edson Frederico - Tava Mas Nao Tava
                                                              Helio Matheus - Mais Kriola
                                                              Toni Tornado - O Jornaleiro
                                                              Miguel De Deus - Black Soul Brother
                                                              Ana Rosely - Skim Dum Dum Dum
                                                              Quarteto Uai - Marcas

                                                              Various Artists

                                                              La Torre Ibiza - Volumen Cuatro

                                                                Mark Barrott and Pete Gooding present the fourth volume in their series of stellar collections, showcasing the sunset sounds spun at Ibiza`s Hostal La Torre. Sets, sequences, of music designed to celebrate the passing of another day and welcome the pleasures of night, as the Sun makes way for Sister Moon.

                                                                On this occasion, the ceremony starts with a gift from the Golden Girls - a side project of Phil Hartnoll, of Orbital fame. In its original form Kinetic was a prime piece of pumping early `90s trance, here, however, it`s been remixed by David Morley into something far more in line with Belgian rave label R&S` ambient off-shoot, Apollo. Practically beatless, but boasting a big, undulating, bottom-end, it now resembles something from Tangerine Dream`s back catalogue. A slightly kosmische, serene wall of sonically shining sound. The room-shaking riffs are reduced to echoes, while pitter-pattering percussion races. When the familiar hook finally surfaces, it`s accompanied by spirit-stirring, symphonic strings - inducing fierce flashbacks to quality highs, and newly expanded minds and horizons. Man, I can remember the wonder, before it all went pear-shaped.

                                                                Next up are NO ZU, a sadly seemingly defunct 8-membered musical monster from Melbourne, Australia, who were absolutely amazing live. Banging out a percussive concoction that they called Heat Beat, their funk was / is most definitely post-punk - channelling `80s no wave New York, the Mudd Club, and in particular the band, Liquid Liquid. Slapping basses, car horns, electronic keys, buttons, cowbells, and anything else that came to hand and seemed to fit, while lifting beats and piano parts from Chicago house. The party-starting call and response repartee of Ui Yia UIa finds them shouting out their star signs of criss-crossing compatibility over a muscular slo-mo stomp. Daphne Camf Rest In Peace.

                                                                Bassekou Kouyate is a Malian maestro on the 6-stringed ngoni. A goat-skin covered “hunters harp”, that via slave traders evolved into the North American banjo. With his group, named after this traditional griot instrument, and Zoumana Tereta on lead vocals, he delivers a dizzying display of dexterity on Bala. Generating a super mellow, spiritual groove, his playing countered by equal virtuosity on balafon and bolon. The voices switching between the sweet and the raw, and the song showering you in savannah sunshine, no matter where you happen to be hanging.

                                                                American trio, Rare Silk, share their jazz vocal take on Stanley Turrentine`s Storm, where wildlife whistles and chirrups surround soft Synclavier sighs. Slick, smooth, imagine Manhattan Transfer meets Wally Badarou. A marimba doing the mambo, the reeds winding like wafts of smoke carried on warm Caribbean winds. The rhythm of a gently lapping tide.

                                                                The Synergetic Voice Orchestra was a one-off, one-time only outfit led by keyboardist / composer, Yumiko Morioka. A follow-up to her highly respected solo piano work, Resonance, the album, MIOS, was a far more ambitious affair, that brought together a collective of 6 musicians and 3 vocalists. The results moving away from new age and modern classical toward pop. The track, Zebra, is a Jon Hassell-esque fusion heat haze / fog. Riding a slowly rumbling thunder-thumbed bass-line. A snake-charming woodwind cutting through the synthetic shimmer, weaving its seductive spell.

                                                                Family Doggo first appeared as the b-side of Paul Woolford aka Special Request`s balls-out 2020 drum and bass single, Spectral Frequency. “Doggo” in comparison is an oasis of calm, albeit packing some serious sub-woofer worrying boom. Stripped back, speaker-rattling, electro-edged introspection, emotive and euphoric without recourse to arms-in-the-air tropes, it`s bleep`s more sensitive, more thoughtful sibling. The awakening of the morning after the night before`s rush.

                                                                Margaret Wakeley`s magical Hard To Leave The Island was initially rediscovered and dusted down by the people that power the respected DJ / artist agency, Warm - who took it from Margaret`s 1976 LP, Better Days, and pressed it on a limited 45. A slice of superior soft / yacht rock, it's a cool cocktail-hour summer holiday serenade. A sophisticated arrangement of brass, jazzy keys, and acoustic strum, topped off by a smart sax solo.

                                                                Equatorial Sunrise was / is one of the standouts contained on Pauline Anna Strom`s sadly posthumous album, Angel Tears In Sunlight. Describing herself as a Trans Millennium Consort, the San Francisco-based synth pioneer attempted to blur, blend, past, present, and future, with her novel new age music. The song in question sees wind-chimes, marimba, and talking drum conversing in counterpoint - conjuring the Cafe del Mar classic, Richard Wahnfried`s Grandmas Clockwork. Its calming, time-melting timbres creating a comforting analog bubblebath. Aching with synthesized ethereal emissions, while pinpoints of sound echo into infinity, like signals from distant stars.

                                                                The Vendetta Suite is the pseudonym of Gary Irwin, the former in-house engineer at David Holmes` Belfast-based Exploding Inevitable Studio - a hive of musical activity where Timmy Stewart was also a frequent visitor. The 3 amigos mentioned were all stalwarts of the city`s early `90s house and techno scene. Some 30 years later Timmy remixed Gary`s track, Warehouse Rock, into a highly strung - think Malcolm McLaren`s Deep In Vogue - soundclash of reggae and rave. A four-to-the-floor mediation subjected to devastating washes of delay, where bionic bass, Mikey Dread samples and dub sound-effects are softened by bucolic birdsong.

                                                                Mark Barrott’s Travelling Music (La Torre Reprise) - an exclusive version of the titular track from his recent E.P. - is all tumbling tones - playful sequences and programmed patterns “blowing” busily, like colourful streamers caught on a tropical breeze. Like the compilation`s opening number, its another ambient, beatless, trance-dancer - suffused with sustained swells and chords that feel like sunrise itself.

                                                                Composer / pianist Lola Perrin`s Cloud Sky Fade is an unadorned, unadulterated - save a little reverb - rippling river of cascading classical keys. Her piano rolling, reaching crescendos like crashing surf. Licensed from Lola’s 2006 CD, Fragile Light, its worthy of comparison with Keith Jarrett`s ECM output, and Wim Mertens` beloved The Belly Of An Architect score.

                                                                If you look on Wikipedia, you’ll see that Suzanne Ciani has the affectionate moniker of “Diva of the Diode” - reflecting her huge importance in the history of electronic music. While studying at Berkley University in the `70s Suzanne became firm friends with Don Buchla, and subsequently spearheaded the use of his then ground-breaking modular synthesizer. Moving to New York, where she camped out on Philip Glass` studio floor, Suzanne set up her own company employing Don`s marvelous machine to produce advertising jingles. The success of this business eventually led to Suzanne becoming Hollywood’s first female soundtrack composer. In the `80s, Suzanne then started releasing new age records, one of which, 1986`s The Velocity Of Love, was a favourite of DJ Phil Mison, who made it a Cafe del Mar sunset staple. The beautiful Eighth Wave surely should have been the blissed-out musical backdrop to some `80s art house love scene - summoning as it does silhouettes of cinematic protagonists passionately disrobing though a Vaseline-smeared lens. Their hot clinches politely cutting to close-ups of isolated, moonlit beaches, and untamable, tempestuous tides.

                                                                JIM is Jim Baron, Crazy P`s Ron Basejam, but in folky, singer / songwriter mode. Coming on like Crosby, Stills & Nash, he covers the Ian Astbury / Billy Duffy penned Phoenix in an ultra-laidback fashion. Turning the gothic rock into a Laurel Canyon-esque lullaby. Singing of love in terms of fire, and flames of desire, backed by acrobatic acoustic picking and sweeping orchestral strings.

                                                                You could be forgiven for thinking that Antipodean audio auteur, Geoffrey O`Connor, is some forgotten 80s idol - so authentic is his soothing, swooning, romantic synth pop. Her Name On Every Tongue, however, dates from 2014, and can be located on Geoff`s sophomore solo long-player, Fan Fiction. The track`s vocoder harmonies proving perfect for a sing along on a top-down, Californian coastal drive.

                                                                These righteous solar-worshiping rituals draw to a close with John Foxx & Robin Guthrie's exceptional Estrellita - a highlight from the pair's 2009 album, Mirrorball - where the former Ultravox! and Cocteau Twins founders collaborate on a sublime shot of shoegaze. Generating a glacial glide of layer upon layer of treated guitar. Grounded by womb-like bass vibrations, while Foxx`s choirboy croon soars. Lending the song a prayer / hymn-like air. It`s as close as rock comes to something sacred. — Dr. Rob (Ban Ban Ton Ton).

                                                                TRACK LISTING

                                                                A1. Golden Girls - Kinetic (David Morley Remix)
                                                                A2. NO ZU - Ui Yia UIa
                                                                A3. Bassekou Kouyate & Ngoni Ba Feat. Zoumana Tereta - Bala
                                                                B1. Rare Silk - Storm
                                                                B2. Synergetic Voice Orchestra - Zebra
                                                                B3. Special Request - Family Doggo
                                                                B4. Margaret Wakeley - Hard To Leave The Island
                                                                C1. Pauline Anna Strom - Equatorial Sunrise
                                                                C2. The Vendetta Suite - Warehouse Rock (Timmy Stewart's Six Minutes To Sunrise Mix)
                                                                C3. Mark Barrott - Travelling Music (La Torre Reprise)
                                                                D1. Lola Perrin - Cloud Sky Fade
                                                                D2. Suzanne Ciani - The Eighth Wave
                                                                D3. JIM - Phoenix
                                                                D4. Geoffrey O'Connor - Her Name On Every Tongue
                                                                D5. John Foxx & Robin Guthrie - Estrellita

                                                                Various Artists

                                                                Valley Of The Sun: Field Guide To Inner Harmony

                                                                  Both a marketing firm and metaphysical mission, Valley of the Sun synthesized style and spirituality to produce an extensive catalog that at once defines and defies new age music. Founder Dick Sutphen worked with tireless devotion to spread a message he believed could change the world for the better. This 18-track overview of VOTS’ fertile 1977-1990 period includes music from Upper Astral, Robert Slap & Steve Powell, David Naegele, David Storrs, Steven Cooper, and Gloria Thomas, a 24- page booklet with extensive liner notes, J-card scans, and a hint of Sedona sand. Subliminal hypnosis likely.

                                                                  TRACK LISTING

                                                                  Side A
                                                                  01 - Upper Astral - Upper Astral Suite
                                                                  02 - David Naegele - Temple In The Forest [Edit]
                                                                  03 - Slap & Powell - Sex Drive [Edit]
                                                                  04 - David Storrs - Channel For The Light (Part II) [Edit]
                                                                  05 - Steven Cooper - Key West Afternoon VI
                                                                  06 - Robert Slap - Boynton Canyon
                                                                  Side B
                                                                  01 - Upper Astral - Celestial Whispers II
                                                                  02 - Steven Cooper - Crystal Garden I
                                                                  03 - Robert Slap - UFO
                                                                  Side C
                                                                  01 - Robert Slap - Search For Utopia II
                                                                  02 - Gloria Thomas - I AM
                                                                  03 - Robert Slap - Sands Of Time
                                                                  04 - Celestial Odysseys - Daystar
                                                                  Side D
                                                                  01 - Steven Cooper - Key West Afternoon V
                                                                  02 - David Storrs - Aerobic Exercise Music (Driving Beat II)
                                                                  03 - Robert Martin - Great Peace (Guitar)
                                                                  04 - David Storrs - Sedona Sunrise
                                                                  05 - Robert Slap - East Of West VIII 

                                                                  Various Artists

                                                                  Mambo - Classics By The Mambo Genius

                                                                    The Vintage Sounnds Collection is back with a new volume. This time, let's get some Mambo in your ears! Remastered titles of the finest classics of the genre including Perez Prado, Tito Rivera and Tito Puente.

                                                                    TRACK LISTING

                                                                    A1. Pérez Prado - Mambo N. 5
                                                                    A2. Machito - Holiday Mambo
                                                                    A3. Celia Cruz Con Sonora Matancera - Taco Taco
                                                                    A4. Bebo Valdés - Mambo Cantabile
                                                                    A5. Orestes López - Mambo
                                                                    A6. Perry Como - Papa Loves Mambo
                                                                    A7. Arsenio Rodríguez - Mambo En La Cueva
                                                                    A8. Tito Puente - Babarabatiri
                                                                    B1. Benny Moré - Bonito Y Sabroso
                                                                    B2. Cachao - El Manisero
                                                                    B3. Yma Sumac - Gopher Mambo
                                                                    B4. Noro Morales - Mississippi Mambo
                                                                    B5. Anselmo Sacasas - El Salón Del Rey Del Mambo
                                                                    B6. Tito Rivera - Indecidida
                                                                    B7. José Curbelo - El Rey Del Mambo
                                                                    B8. Tito Rodríguez - Mambo Manila

                                                                    Limited edition. Gatefold.

                                                                    Sitting atop a bean curd shop on grungy Geylang Road in Singapore, a room filled with vintage gear serves as the home and studio of Kribo Records, the home-grown independent label founded by the enigmatic musician and producer known simply as Maggot. This is where his madcap studio wizardry conjures up the muggy, sweaty, funky and groovy tunes that soundtrack his world within the melting pot culture of his homeland.

                                                                    This is the Sound of Lecak, a regional stamp on the global retro funk and soul movement, inspired by the indigenous word that can mean moist, wet, muddy or even naughty. Filtered through his love of global soul and rhythms of the ‘60s and ‘70s, Maggot and his collaborators offer up a vibe that’s equal parts Thai Luk Thung / Molam, African Afrobeat, 70’s U.S. funk, disco, psych, soul, and U.K. pop. This collection of Kribo Records singles provides a peek into Maggot’s singular musical attitude, and provides a window into the unique cultural landscape of the Nusantara archipelago.

                                                                    TRACK LISTING

                                                                    Sitar Funk Group - Prem Durga
                                                                    The Kribo Brothers - Yokoso
                                                                    Rebana Funk Brothers - Zapin Lucah
                                                                    Golden Mile Band - Thai Whiskey
                                                                    Wah Wah Thai - Maak
                                                                    Hail Atan, Rebana Funk Brothers - Inang Bo Tinang
                                                                    Anak Anak Abu - Korkap Mestap
                                                                    Golden Mile Band - Ogy Mat Daud
                                                                    Geylang Electric Phin Band - Hek Sib Gau
                                                                    Hong Chungao Street Band - Luna
                                                                    The Ugly Voices - Parkiu
                                                                    Budak Bawah Blok - Teksi Dreba
                                                                    The Ugly Voices - Mak Janda
                                                                    The Ugly Voices - Senandung Dua Alam
                                                                    Eri - Oh Rumah
                                                                    Golden Mile Band - Morning Sex
                                                                    Budak Bawah Blok - Pusing Pusing Balek Balek Sama
                                                                    Golden Mile Band - Dingdong
                                                                    Maggot - The Great Wall Of Aria
                                                                    Aaliya - Penghujung Dunia

                                                                    Various Artists

                                                                    Dave Lee - Produced With Love II

                                                                      The follow up to his 2017 album, Produced With Love II is a collection of brand new songs from one of the UK’s most longstanding, respected and fiercely independent artists. In a flash-in-the-pan industry like music, Dave Lee’s career is notable for both its longevity and consistency. As a record producer and remixer, DJ and curator, he’s now clocked up well over 30 years and, if such things existed, would be nailed on for a carriage clock for long service to add to the numerous hits and landmarks he’s enjoyed over a storied career.

                                                                      His latest album, Produced With Love II, continues the work he started with 2017’s superb collection. Incorporating aspects of house, soul and disco and crafted with the attention to detail you’d expect from someone of Lee’s heritage and calibre, Produced With Love II comprises 12 brand new songs and will arrive in June 2022.

                                                                      The writing process has always remained the same and Dave has always preferred to work face-to-face with artists whenever possible – albeit with a few enforced remote sessions due to the pandemic. Released as the lead single from the album in April, Starlight sees Lee team up with Omar: a former principal percussionist of the Kent Youth Orchestra and later a graduate of the Guildhall School Of Music who was awarded an MBE in 2012 for services to music. Starlight is a gorgeous, mid-tempo dance record, with Omar’s silky vocals backed up with rich production: soaring live strings, groove-laden clav and synth over a chugging bassline creating a heady, inviting atmosphere.

                                                                      It’s an almost viscerally life-affirming record: a theme that continues throughout the entire album. Take a track like ‘If You Ever Need Somebody feat. Tiffany T’zelle', or ‘Taste My Love' with vocals from the aforementioned Billy Valentine. These songs would stand toe-to-toe with any soul standard from the 70s or 80s: to have production this rich and bold in 2022 isn’t far short of miraculous. And that’s what you get throughout Produced With Love II – an attention to detail and level of creative collaboration rarely seen. It’s why a Dave Lee album is a rare thing. These things take time, but when they do come along, it’s something worth treasuring

                                                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                                                      Matt says: Modern supremo Dave Lee refuses to retire from his console; rolling out another jam packed and unmissable selection of disco, boogie, soul and house - all new productions and featuring a wealth of talent old and new. Don't need to tell you how collectable this series is do I?!

                                                                      TRACK LISTING


                                                                      Disc 1:
                                                                      1. Raw Essence Feat Lifford “Do It Again”
                                                                      2 .Mistura Feat Tiffany T’zelle “If You Ever Need Somebody”
                                                                      3. Dave & Omar “Starlight”
                                                                      4. Dave & Maurissa “Look At The Stars”
                                                                      5. Dave Lee Feat Billy Valentine “Taste My Love”
                                                                      6. Mistura Feat Jemini “Want Me Back”
                                                                      7. The Sunburst Band “Magnificent Mango”
                                                                      8. Foreal People Feat Xan Blacq “Raise A Blaze”
                                                                      9. The Sunburst Band Feat Angela Johnson “Face The Love”
                                                                      10. Dave Lee Feat Billy Valentine “Power Of The Mind” (Power Trip Mix)
                                                                      11. Jayenne Feat. Gina Carey – “Love Walked In The Room”
                                                                      12. The Sunburst Band “Let’s Do It In Style”

                                                                      Disc 2:
                                                                      1. Leroy Burgess – “One Plus One” (Dave Lee Extended Mix)
                                                                      2. Kokomo – “Use Your Imagination” (Dave Lee Re Imagined Mix)
                                                                      3. Harold Melvin And The Bluenotes “Don’t Leave Me This Way” (Dave Lee Philly World Mix)
                                                                      4. Str4ta “After The Rain” (Dave Lee Alternative II Mix)
                                                                      5. Destiny II “Play 2 Win” (Dave Lee Destination Boogie Mix)
                                                                      6. Sunburst Band Feat Wayne Hernandez “Listen Love” (Dave Lee Jazz Funk Renaissance Mix)
                                                                      7. Prospect Park “Shake It Up Tonight” (Dave Lee Disco Re Shake)
                                                                      8. The Vison Feat Andreya Triana “Mountains” (Dave Lee Live And Direct Extended Mix)
                                                                      9. Roland Wrightangle Feat Darcus “In Your Blood” (Dave Lee Funk In Your Blood Mix)
                                                                      10. Ja’Shay “Shout Hallelujah” (Dave Lee Redemption Mix)


                                                                      Disc 1:
                                                                      A1. Dave & Omar – Starlight
                                                                      A2. Jayenne Feat. Gina Carey - Love Walked In The Room
                                                                      B1. Foreal People Feat. Xan Blacq - Raise A Blaze.
                                                                      B2. Mistura Feat. Jemini - Want Me Back

                                                                      Disc 2:
                                                                      C1 Dave Lee Feat. Billy Valentine - Taste My Love
                                                                      C2 Mistura Feat. Tiffany T'Zelle - If You Ever Need Somebody
                                                                      C3 The Sunburst Band Feat. Angela Johnson - Face The Love.
                                                                      D1 Raw Essence Feat. Lifford - Do It Again
                                                                      D2 Dave Lee Feat. Billy Valentine - Power Of The Mind (Power Trip Mix)
                                                                      D3 The Sunburst Band - Let's Do It In Style

                                                                      Bonus 12”:
                                                                      E1 Harold Melvin & The Bluenotes - Don't Leave Me This Way (Dave Lee Philly World Mix)
                                                                      F1 Kokomo - Use Your Imagination (Dave Lee Re-Imagined Mix)

                                                                      A family affair since the early days, WOLF Music have been shining a light on the scenes and sounds the duo are ingrained in. Staying true to form and rolling deep for WOLFEP065, the spotlight turns to a selection of familiar faces and new recruits for a four track VA EP that’s strictly for the groovers.

                                                                      WOLF OG, man like Medlar kicks it off in signature style with 'Bandit', a heads-down, techno-tinged trip. Machine music with the soul of south London. Next, professor of the dark arts, Manuel Darquart, conjures up the aptly named 'Euphoria' a deep, ‘90s leaning house excursion, synth wizardry and all, that works just as well as a sunset cruiser, as it does an end of the night closer.

                                                                      On the flip, two long time listeners, first time callers, with a double dose of debuts on the label. Jon Sable takes the B1 with 'Infinite Care', offering up that trademark strong and Sable, In Dust We Trust flavour. Deep, emotive, intricate house with a nod to the worlds of Bruk and Chicago house melded together with that NZ feel.

                                                                      Closing it out, debut number two comes in the form of rising star moon who lays down a beatsy, broken earworm ‘Handmade’ featuring some dreamy bars from Tamu.

                                                                      Full crew, through and through – this one hits different!

                                                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                                                      Millie says: Some delicious beats, WOLF presents Friends & Family, strictly house and compiled to highlight the best tunes for this summer heat.

                                                                      TRACK LISTING

                                                                      A1. Medlar - Bandit
                                                                      A2. Manuel Darquart - Euphoria
                                                                      B1. Jon Sable - Infinite Care
                                                                      B2. Moon Feat. Tamu - Handmade

                                                                      Various Artists

                                                                      Go Ahead Punk... Make My Day (RSD22 EDITION)

                                                                        THIS IS A RECORD STORE DAY 2022 EXCLUSIVE, LIMITED TO ONE PER PERSON.

                                                                        Any 90s punk fan will surely remember coveting a copy of Go Ahead Punk... Make My Day - a classic sampler CD from Nitro Records.

                                                                        Originally released in 1996, the album delivered early cuts from some of the biggest names in West Coast punk, including AFI, the Offspring, and the Vandals.

                                                                        Available for the very first time on vinyl, Go Ahead Punk... Make My Day features ten high-energy tracks from AFI, Guttermouth, Jughead's Revenge, The Vandals, and The Offspring, including the latter bandís cover of Hey Joe long-sought-after fan favorite, which was previously exclusive to this compilation.

                                                                        Pressed on orange splatter vinyl. 

                                                                        TRACK LISTING

                                                                        Side A:
                                                                        1. Guttermouth - God's Kingdom
                                                                        2. The Vandals - Marry Me
                                                                        3. AFI - He Who Laughs Last
                                                                        4. Jughead's Revenge - Tearing Down The World
                                                                        5. The Offspring - Hey Joe;
                                                                        Side B:
                                                                        1. The Vandals - Let The Bad Times Roll
                                                                        2. Jughead's Revenge - People's Pal
                                                                        3. Guttermouth - Derek
                                                                        4. AFI - Wake Up Call
                                                                        5. The Offspring - Beheaded

                                                                        Various Artists

                                                                        Super Hits Of The 70s

                                                                          Ten incredible albums culled from the deepest, weirdest co-op of record enthusiasts ever gathered under one banner. We’ve spared no expense packaging these, pairing the idea of the Art of Compilation with living and breathing art, creating little fortune cookies baked in a factory of forgotten dreams. Video games, pyramids, trading cards, matchbooks, mazes, lottery tickets, film canisters, yearbooks, and various other exercises in design absurdity.

                                                                          The ninth installment in Numero’s Cabinet of Curiosities is 100% chart smashes. Culled from the depths of the private press, Super Hits gathers 12 magical adaptations from the Me Decade’s introspective songbook. Pop this oversized 8-Track into your Fleetwood Weltron and enjoy a motley crew of lounge singers, wedding bands, synth enthusiasts, trailer park dreamers, accountants, gym teachers, and more as they bring their own unique energy to classics by Steely Dan, War, Boz Scaggs, Neil Diamond, John Denver, Smokey Robinson, The Carpenters, Redbone, The Box Tops, Fleetwood Mac, and more. Tape warble not included.

                                                                          TRACK LISTING

                                                                          A1 Cash And Carry - Low Down
                                                                          A2 Richard Powell - The Cisco Kid
                                                                          A3 Family Tree - Come And Get Your Love
                                                                          A4 Deep Heat - Do It Again
                                                                          A5 Mark & Suzann Farmer - Dreams
                                                                          A6 Joeven - I Am I Said
                                                                          B1 Summer Madness - Leaving On A Jet Plane
                                                                          B2 Lenny Roybal - By The Time I Get To Phoenix
                                                                          B3 Ginny Reilly - I Second That Emotion
                                                                          B4 Alejandro Bravo - Superstar
                                                                          B5 Joan Brooks - The Letter
                                                                          B6 Babalade Olamina - Pure Imagination

                                                                          Various Artists

                                                                          Reggae, Roots & Culture Vol. 2

                                                                            Just like Global Beats’ first installment of their Reggae, Roots & Culture series, Vol. 2 is a showcase album with each vocal track followed by matching dubs, some of which are exclusive to this collection.

                                                                            All were produced by UK reggae duo Mafia & Fluxy - two brothers who’ve often been compared to Sly & Robbie, and have played on countless Jamaican and European hits over the years. Such high praise for this ace rhythm section is well deserved, as anyone listening to this album can tell you.

                                                                            Each of these essential tracks has been chosen with DJs in mind, and are guaranteed to excite roots crowds, who’ll thrill to hear top drawer artists revisit some of their classic hits over powerful rhythms that follow the original blueprint, yet sound fresh and new. Mafia & Fluxy’s musical gifts stem from the love and respect they have for reggae music’s proud heritage, and that’s why the legends assembled here - most of whom they also backed on stage - were always happy to work with them and Gregory Isaacs, the Cool Ruler, in particular.

                                                                            Johnny Osbourne’s Truth And Rights and this dubplate mix of Horace Andy’s Skylarking were initially hits for Studio One, whilst it was early Mafia & Fluxy mentor Bunny Lee who first took Barry Brown, Linval Thompson and Johnny Clarke into the studio for their tracks. The latter’s None Shall Escape The Judgment is accompanied here by a previously unreleased horns mix; Dennis Brown’s Want More is a rare steppers’ version and Max Romeo’s Reverend isn’t the album cut, but another unmissable dubplate mix, making Reggae, Roots & Culture Vol. 2 an indispensable addition to any selector’s record box.

                                                                            TRACK LISTING

                                                                            Side 1
                                                                            1. Johnny Osbourne - Truth & Rights
                                                                            2. Dub Of Rights
                                                                            3. Gregory Isaacs - Wah Dee
                                                                            4. Wah Dub
                                                                            5. Dennis Brown - Want More (Steppas Mix)

                                                                            Side 2
                                                                            6. Want More (Dub Steppas Mix)
                                                                            7. Johnny Clarke - None Shall Escape The Judgement
                                                                            8. Dub Shall Escape (Horns Mix)

                                                                            Side 3
                                                                            9. Barry Brown - Step It Up
                                                                            10. Dub It Up
                                                                            11. Max Romeo - Reverend (Dubplate Mix)
                                                                            12. Reverend Dub (Dubplate Mix)

                                                                            Side 4
                                                                            13. Linval Thompson - Jah Is The Conqueror

                                                                            14. Dub The Conqueror
                                                                            15. Horace Andy - Skylarking (Dubplate Mix)
                                                                            16. Skylarking Dub (Dubplate Mix)

                                                                            Various Artists

                                                                            Funk All Stars - Classics By The Funk Masters

                                                                              All the Funk masters reunited on vinyl, from the godfather James Brown or the great Isaac Hayes to Gwen McCrae and Shalamar. Whether you're just starting your funk collection or looking for a good summary of some of the greatest pieces to date, Wagram once again have you covered. Their compilations have proven to be a great hit in the shop thus far, and i'm sure they will continue to be. 

                                                                              TRACK LISTING

                                                                              A1. James Brown - Funky Men
                                                                              A2. Patrice Rushen - Forget Me Nots
                                                                              A3. Isaac Hayes - Theme From Shaft
                                                                              A4. Bobby Byrd - Back From The Dead
                                                                              A5. The Fatback Band - (Are You Ready) Do The Bus Stop
                                                                              A6. Shalamar - A Night To Remember
                                                                              B1. Manu Dibango - Soul Makossa
                                                                              B2. T-Connection - Do What You Wanna Do
                                                                              B3. Aaron Neville - Hercules
                                                                              B4. George McCrae - I Get Lifted
                                                                              B5. Gwen McCrae - All This Love That I'm Givin'
                                                                              B6. Imagination - Just An Illusion

                                                                              Various Artists

                                                                              The Afrosound Of Colombia - 2022 Reissue

                                                                                An amazing journey to the exciting music of Colombia and its unique melting pot of indigenous, African, and European music. Over two and a half hours of funky, hot Afro-influenced tracks from the 60s and 70s golden period of the seminal Discos Fuentes label in Colombia. This release deals with the unique sounds produced as a result of the inventive mixing of pop and roots that took place in the urban confines of the Discos Fuentes studios in Bogota.

                                                                                ATA Records is pleased to announce the release of Early Works Vol.2: Music From The Archives, a compilation of tracks recorded in the fledgling days of the label paired with some rediscovered treasures from more recent years. While the majority of the album is previously unreleased material several tracks have appeared on different formats.

                                                                                This is a rare chance for listeners to experience the birth of the ATA's enduring concept and recording techniques from the comfort of their own home.

                                                                                In 2020 label founder and musician Neil Innes decided to destroy the studio he had spent 14-years building, destroy it and rebuild it from the ground up.

                                                                                Once the studio began to take shape again and Innes was finally able to take a breath he began rooting through the label's archives, pulling out reels that had been propping up tables, holding open doors and generally lurking in nooks and crannies for years.

                                                                                His trip down memory uncovered a wealth of dusty musical treasures and also got him thinking about tracks from newer artists, nuggets to compliment the archive gold.

                                                                                Along with the first airings of tracks by The Harmony Society, The Disarrays this 11track comp includes appearances by studio favourites: The Magnificent Tape Band, The Sorcerers, The Mandatory Eight, Ivan Von Engleberger's Asteroid and long time collaborator Chris Dawkins (recording under Earl Dawkins).Also on the comp is Joe Tatton's Bang Bang Boogaloo, previously only released on 7 inch and greatly desired by record diggers everywhere.

                                                                                TRACK LISTING

                                                                                1. The Harmony Society - Bus Stop Boogie
                                                                                2. The Joe Tatton Trio - Bang Bang Boogaloo
                                                                                3. Ivan Von Engelberger's Asteroid - Lunartics
                                                                                4. The Lewis Express - Secret Universe (feat. Earl Dawkins)
                                                                                5. The Magnificent Tape Band - Heading Towards Catastrophe (Instrumental)
                                                                                6. The Disarrays - Help Me
                                                                                7. The Mandatory Eight - The Hardest Day
                                                                                8. The Sorcerers - In Pursuit Of Shai Hulud
                                                                                9. The Magnificent Tape Band - When I Saw You (Instrumental)
                                                                                10. The Disarrays - Anaesthise Me

                                                                                Various Artists

                                                                                Sampled Reggae

                                                                                  A double vinyl compilation of the most frequently sampled reggae classics, ranging from cuts from the Legendary Lee Perry & The Upsetters to the classic sunsine sounds of Bob Marley to more modern lovers / reggae classics like Chaka Demus & Pliers and Beenie Man. A wide and varied selection of some of the greatest reggae classics to date.

                                                                                  TRACK LISTING

                                                                                  A1. Lee "Scratch" Perry & The Upsetters - Soul Fire
                                                                                  A2. Sister Nancy - Bam Bam
                                                                                  A3. Gregory Isaacs - Babylon Too Rough
                                                                                  A4. Wayne Smith - Under Me Sleng Teng
                                                                                  A5. Sheila Hylton - The Bed's Too Big Without You
                                                                                  A6. Black Uhuru - Happiness
                                                                                  B1. The Wailers - I Shot The Sheriff (Instrumental)
                                                                                  B2. John Holt - I Will
                                                                                  B3. The Mighty Diamonds - I Need A Roof
                                                                                  B4. Chaka Demus & Pliers - Murder She Wrote
                                                                                  B5. Ini Kamoze - Jump For Jah
                                                                                  C1. Bob Marley - Sun Is Shining
                                                                                  C2. The Melodians - Rivers Of Babylon
                                                                                  C3. Billy Boyo - One Spliff A Day
                                                                                  C4. Black Uhuru - General Penitentiary
                                                                                  C5. Sly & Robbie And Taxi Gang - Santa Barbara
                                                                                  D1. John Holt - I've Got To Get Away
                                                                                  D2. Sizzla - Solid As A Rock
                                                                                  D3. Beenie Man - Tear Off Mi Garment
                                                                                  D4. The Mighty Diamonds - Pass The Kutchie
                                                                                  D5. Ini Kamoze - World A Music

                                                                                  Various Artists

                                                                                  Soul Jazz Records Presents Studio One Classics (RSD22 EDITION)

                                                                                    THIS IS A RECORD STORE DAY 2022 EXCLUSIVE, LIMITED TO ONE PER PERSON.

                                                                                    Soul Jazz Records new 20th anniversary one-off limited-edition heavyweight special-edition purple coloured double vinyl pressing + download code and striking Wailers alternative gatefold sleeve only available for Record Store Day 2022.

                                                                                    Various Artists

                                                                                    Greensleeves Ganja Anthems (RSD22 EDITION)

                                                                                      THIS IS A RECORD STORE DAY 2022 EXCLUSIVE, LIMITED TO ONE PER PERSON.

                                                                                      A vintage crop of ten Herbalist anthems that put the green in Greensleeves for an exclusive RSD LP edition of the previous CD only 'Hi-Grade Ganja Anthems' - all pressed on herb green vinyl of course. 'Hi Grade Ganja Anthems' - Solomon Grave approved - blaze it up!

                                                                                      Various Artists

                                                                                      Soul Jazz Records Presents 100% Dynamite (RSD22 EDITION)

                                                                                        THIS IS A RECORD STORE DAY 2022 EXCLUSIVE, LIMITED TO ONE PER PERSON.

                                                                                        This is a new one-off limited-edition special edition yellow coloured vinyl pressing of Soul Jazz Records seminal reggae meets funk and soul collection. 100% Dynamite is the cornerstone of Soul Jazz Records releases and launched their long-running series of highly-regarded reggae albums. This album is the fully expanded version and comes with download code.

                                                                                        This new coloured vinyl expanded edition is exclusively for Record Store Day 2022. Since the album's original release, 100% Dynamite has become a cornerstone of funky reggae music. Eighteen killer tracks that show the influence that American Jazz, Funk and Soul music had on Jamaican Reggae. The album was Soul Jazz Records first foray into the mighty vaults of Studio One and many of the tracks featured come from the legendary label. 100% Dynamite features come serious and heavyweight Jamaican funk by Jackie Mittoo, The Upsetters and Toots & The Maytals, alongside the cream of Jamaican jazz musicians such as Tommy McCook, Cedric Brooks and Lennie Hibbert.

                                                                                        "100% Dynamite is among the finest compilations ever assembled" The Quietus.

                                                                                        Two years after the well-received compilation "Nebula," Himalaya Collective (probably the largest team of beatmakers in Poland) returns with another release. This time the Himalayan section of 24 producers (and some exceptional guests from outside the collective) will take us on a journey into the skies. On "Latawce" (which means "Kites" in English), we will hear 24 tracks with one goal in mind - to allow a maximum two-minute flight. The premiere (not accidentally) will take place on the 1st day of summer.

                                                                                        The sound of each Kite has been colored thanks to the excellent mastering done by Eprom. The album's vinyl version was made in two options and with two different covers. @Eloprzemi is responsible for the design of the classic version, and the cover of the limited surprise vinyl was designed by Gbur. The limited edition is hand-numbered (111 copies), and the surprise is worth emphasizing the different colors of each vinyl! Crazy Action! Great album! The perfect soundtrack for the summer holidays 2022!

                                                                                        Various Artists

                                                                                        Welcome To Paradise (Italian Dream House 89-93) - Vol. 2

                                                                                          Young Marco mines deep into the hazy euphoria of Italy's early ninties underground for this expansive retrospective of the dream house scene.
                                                                                          At the tail end of the 1980s, a new take on deep house began to emerge from Italian studios. 'Dream house' drew inspiration from key U.S deep house records of the period – the spacey melodiousness of Larry Heard's productions, and the rich jazziness of tracks originating in New Jersey in particular – but sounded distinctly different. Its' 'head-in-the-clouds' feel – all rich chords, tactile basslines, fluid piano lines and starry electronics – made 'dream house' a uniquely Italian proposition.

                                                                                          First and foremost, the style echoed the wavy, glassy-eyed positivity of the period more than any other. While music in the UK and the low countries was getting faster and heavier, Italy's 'dream house' producers continued to create music shot through with warmth and colourful musicality until 1993. While few 'dream house' records were made after then, its' sounds and loose aesthetic influenced subsequent styles such as trance and progressive house.

                                                                                          During its' peak, dream house – or, as it was tagged by leading Italian label DFC, 'ambient house' (echoing the similarly minded work of UK pioneers such as The Orb and The KLF) – could be heard blaring from club sound systems across Europe. The style's popularity was fuelled, in part at least, by the runaway international success of "Sueno Latino".

                                                                                          Welcome To Paradise gathers together some of the finest examples of the style for the first time since the turn of the 90s. It includes a smattering of scene anthems – Key Tronics Ensemble's peerless "Calypso of House", Morenas's "Sonnambulism", the ambient mix of Last Rhythm's Italo-house classic "Last Rhythm" – alongside a swathe of hard-to-find, in-demand and forgotten gems.

                                                                                          There are cuts from key players in the movement – the likes of Don Pablos Animals, Sasha (later to find fame with a strong of bouncy, piano-heavy Italo-house cuts), and Dreamatic – plus a string of lesser-known names whose contribution to the evolution of the sound should not be overlooked. Young Marco has also found space for Leo Anibaldi's "Elements", a rare deep house outing from a producer who later helped define the sound of Roman techno.

                                                                                          Over the course of two double-vinyl compilations (and one extended digital download package), Welcome To Paradiso celebrates one of the most evocative and imaginative musical styles of electronic music's golden era. Kick off your shoes, turn your gaze skywards, and immerse yourself in the music.

                                                                                          STAFF COMMENTS

                                                                                          Matt says: Fully certified as essential for any deep house collector. To bag these high watermarks of the genre on 12" would cost you a small fortune. Safe Trip save us the job and basically gift us a flawless selection of the best Italian dream house obtainable. Volume 2 of the series is especially tasty. Don't sleep!

                                                                                          TRACK LISTING

                                                                                          A1. Z 99 - Welcome To Paradise (Nightfly Version)
                                                                                          A2. Extreme - Trasparenza
                                                                                          A3. Transitive Elements - Octivation
                                                                                          B1. 707 Boyz - Emotions
                                                                                          B2. Morenas - Somnambulism
                                                                                          B3. Now Now Now - Problem (Abyss Version)
                                                                                          C1. Q-Base - Il Sole (The Sun) (Deep Mix)
                                                                                          C2. Sasha - A Key To Heaven For A Heavenly Trance
                                                                                          D1. The Sky - Dreams (club Version)
                                                                                          D2. Leo Anibaldi - Elements
                                                                                          D3. Jacy - Dance To The House

                                                                                          Various Artists

                                                                                          Channel 1: Seance For The Gods

                                                                                          The Light Sounds Dark saga continues! The crew explore more DIY electronics, new age electric shamanism and the cultish sampledelica usually reserved for the Finders Keepers label.

                                                                                          There's (unconfirmed) rumors online that much of the recent LSD output has been composed of original material alongside their unfathomably vast cosmic-excavation of strange and exotic music. There's certainly a new direction appearing from the sherm haze - synthesizer driven, reveling in lost atmospherics and appealing to occult fanatics throughout the various dimensions of existence. We love it.

                                                                                          STAFF COMMENTS

                                                                                          Matt says: Occultist electronic wizardry! Let Light Sounds Dark be your sprit guide. Sonic Datura from the cauldrons and caves ready to be glazed across your semi-permeable membranes - very big in Pendle right now!

                                                                                          Various Artists

                                                                                          Borga Revolution! Ghanaian Music In The Digital Age, 1983 - 1992 (Volume 1)

                                                                                            Kalita are proud to unveil the first ever compilation focussing on the phenomenon of ‘Burger Highlife’, a crossover of West African melodies with synthesizers, disco and boogie that took over Ghanaian airwaves during the 1980’s and beyond. Highlighting key recordings from genre-defining artists including Thomas Frempong and George Darko, as well as more obscure sought-after tracks by elusive bands such as Aban and Uncle Joe’s Afri-Beat, Kalita come to the rescue of audiophiles, DJs and music-lovers alike with ‘Borga Revolution!’ Spread over a double-LP housed in a gatefold sleeve. Accompanied by a 16-page booklet featuring extensive interview-based liner notes on each artist and never-before-seen archival photos.

                                                                                            The 1970s had witnessed an increased Western airtime and physical presence in Ghana introducing funk, soul and disco sounds to the region. By the turn of the decade the country was also enduring economic turmoil, with rising poverty, military dictatorships and long periods of enforced curfews (amongst other factors) making it impossible for artists to survive.

                                                                                            As a result, many Ghanaian musicians with a broader outlook began to pursue their careers in the West, moving to both Europe and America in search of stardom. It was here that Ghanaian musicians developed a digitised version of highlife music which fully embraced Western contemporary music styles and newly introduced technology such as the Yamaha DX7 synthesizer and various drum machines.

                                                                                            It is in this context in which the evolution of Ghanaian dance music and the emergence of ‘Burger Highlife’ was born. With ‘Borga Revolution!’ Kalita endeavour to tell this story, with prominent and lesser-known musicians’ accounts and documentary evidence providing a comprehensive understanding of this shift to the digital age.

                                                                                            TRACK LISTING

                                                                                            A1. Uncle Joe’s Afri-Beat - Eshe Wo Kon Ho
                                                                                            A2. Thomas Frempong - Mada Meho So
                                                                                            A3. Native Spirit - Odo San Bra Fie
                                                                                            B1. George Darko - Medo Menuanom (12” Version)
                                                                                            B2. Wilson Boateng - Mabre Agu
                                                                                            B3. Paa Jude - Odo Refre Wo
                                                                                            C1. Aban - Efie Nnye
                                                                                            C2. Wilson Boateng - Asew Watchman
                                                                                            C3. Uncle Joe’s Afri-Beat - Mr. D.J.
                                                                                            D1. George Darko - Obi Abayewa
                                                                                            D2. Dr. K. Gyasi’s Noble Kings - Damfo Agoo/David Akofo/Obegyaa Nowa/Okwantuni Moboro (Medley)

                                                                                            Various Artists

                                                                                            Gibble Gobble - Exotic Blues & Rhythm Vol. 5

                                                                                              Subtitled "Blues & Rhythm, Popcorn, Exotica & Tittyshakers" this is the reissue of the fifth release in the Exotic Blues & Rhythm series.

                                                                                              Released ages ago in an edition of 500 copies it sold out in next to no time and is a sought after collector’s item by now. We now reissue this title as a limited editon of 700 copies - all on CLEAR vinyl.

                                                                                              Guaranteed to go fast!

                                                                                              Over the past six years, Dimensions has firmly marked its place as a leading name in the underground, with its festival, International Series, DJ Directory and Dimensions Soundsystem. Now, Dimensions is ready to extend its influence with the start of its label imprint - Dimensions Recordings which launches this July with an eclectic 12-track compilation featuring Byron The Aquarius, Mim Suleiman, Mike Dehnert, Marcos Cabral, Obsolete Music Technology and more. Available from 14th July 2017 across three separately available 12" EPs and a digital compilation the debut reflects the flavours and variety of what's in store. The compilation ties together twelve tracks across the three discs with very different personalities from soul and house through to techno and electro. With contributions from Dimensions friends old and new, breakouts and long-established names, it's a solid-gold offering from the Dimensions Recordings team headed up by Andy Lemay and David Martin.

                                                                                              Part 1 calls upon artists from different corners of the globe who share the similarity of undeniable soul and expression in their music. The EP has an earthy, worldly feel to it. From the Swahili sung harmonies on Mim Suleiman's 'Pole Pole', to the afro influences of Swiss collective Alma Negra's 'Onga', both tracks work raw percussion with just enough swing that either would sit comfortably within late-night UK dance floors or on the sun-kissed beaches of Pula. Then there's the jazz-tinted glow of Istanbul's Kerem Akdag whose 'Getdownsoclose' deep roller makes use of lush pads and rushing snares. Closing is Maryland's James Tillman, who's soulful vocals on 'Wander' sit gracefully over transcendental keys and compellingly loose drumming, rounding off Part 1 with a cleanse of the soul.

                                                                                              Part 2 turns the heat up with more dance floor leaning contributions from four American artists, each delivering something very different but equally powerful. Marcos Cabral's 'Prochainement' is a driving, dubbed out melter with stomping kicks and big-room claps under fuzzy synths, whilst Byron The Aquarius drops his signature dose of funk into 'Full Moon'. One of the standout breakthrough artists of last year, the Atlanta producer has been part of the Dimensions team for some time. Queen of Beatdown, Lady Blacktronika steps up with a timeless, tripped-out house classic for her contribution 'Can We Still Be Friends?', her vocal oozing melancholy. Rounding up is DJ Aakmael with 'Transit'; a raw, flexing cut that we've come to expect via his massively impressive output and his own superb imprint, Unxpozd.

                                                                                              Dimensions Recordings explores its darker side on Part three with intergalactic oddities and twisted techno constructions, the release is definitely one for the late hours. 'Crosstalk' from gear heads London Modular Alliance opens; a squelching, electro, hardware excursion demonstrating a small snippet of what's to come from the talented trio. Next, French artist, Upwellings steps up to demonstrate his purist approach as he unites elements of dub and techno to create the beautifully spacey 'Soft Shadows'. The third offering comes courtesy of Chicago's Steven Tang in his Obsolete Music Technology guise. 'Comb Freq,' a devastatingly powerful mix of acidic, bleeping dance floor energy! To finish the winning release is Fachwerk label boss and prolific techno artist, Mike Dehnert; who presents raw but melodic track in 'Tokio,'which maintains his minimal and stripped back aesthetic beautifully.

                                                                                              STAFF COMMENTS

                                                                                              Matt says: Much hyped debut release from the taste-making and scene-defining festival. A beacon of modern electronic dance music that thankfully treads its own path and looks for innovation and evolution rather than relying on the successes of past formulas.

                                                                                              TRACK LISTING

                                                                                              1. Mim Suleiman - Pole Pole
                                                                                              2. Alma Negra - Onga
                                                                                              3. Kerem Akdag - Getdownsoclose
                                                                                              4. James Tillman - Wander

                                                                                              Various Artists

                                                                                              Those Shocking Shaking Days - Indonesia Hard, Psychedelic, Progressive Rock And Funk 1970-1978 - 2022 Repress

                                                                                                Now-Again deliver the first ever compilation to assess the incredible psychedelic rock, funk and progressive scene of 1970s Jakarta!

                                                                                                Whilst some collectors fiend for the incredibly rare LPs from the likes of Sharkmove and their later incarnation Giant Step, very little is known about Indonesian rock music - until now. Now-Again Records has teamed up with local musicians and experts to provide a fascinating in-depth look at the flourishing of progressive psychedelic music in early 1970s Indonesia, where fiercely independent musicians criticised the military dictatorship, raised awareness of drug abuse and much more - all to the glorious sound of the fuzz guitar and some of the most ambitious arrangements you’ll ever hear.

                                                                                                Over the past six years, Dimensions has firmly marked its place as a leading name in the underground, with its festival, International Series, DJ Directory and Dimensions Soundsystem. Now, Dimensions is ready to extend its influence with the start of its label imprint - Dimensions Recordings which launches this July with an eclectic 12-track compilation featuring Byron The Aquarius, Mim Suleiman, Mike Dehnert, Marcos Cabral, Obsolete Music Technology and more. Available from 14th July 2017 across three separately available 12" EPs and a digital compilation the debut reflects the flavours and variety of what's in store. The compilation ties together twelve tracks across the three discs with very different personalities from soul and house through to techno and electro. With contributions from Dimensions friends old and new, breakouts and long-established names, it's a solid-gold offering from the Dimensions Recordings team headed up by Andy Lemay and David Martin.

                                                                                                Part 1 calls upon artists from different corners of the globe who share the similarity of undeniable soul and expression in their music. The EP has an earthy, worldly feel to it. From the Swahili sung harmonies on Mim Suleiman's 'Pole Pole', to the afro influences of Swiss collective Alma Negra's 'Onga', both tracks work raw percussion with just enough swing that either would sit comfortably within late-night UK dance floors or on the sun-kissed beaches of Pula. Then there's the jazz-tinted glow of Istanbul's Kerem Akdag whose 'Getdownsoclose' deep roller makes use of lush pads and rushing snares. Closing is Maryland's James Tillman, who's soulful vocals on 'Wander' sit gracefully over transcendental keys and compellingly loose drumming, rounding off Part 1 with a cleanse of the soul.

                                                                                                Part 2 turns the heat up with more dance floor leaning contributions from four American artists, each delivering something very different but equally powerful. Marcos Cabral's 'Prochainement' is a driving, dubbed out melter with stomping kicks and big-room claps under fuzzy synths, whilst Byron The Aquarius drops his signature dose of funk into 'Full Moon'. One of the standout breakthrough artists of last year, the Atlanta producer has been part of the Dimensions team for some time. Queen of Beatdown, Lady Blacktronika steps up with a timeless, tripped-out house classic for her contribution 'Can We Still Be Friends?', her vocal oozing melancholy. Rounding up is DJ Aakmael with 'Transit'; a raw, flexing cut that we've come to expect via his massively impressive output and his own superb imprint, Unxpozd.

                                                                                                Dimensions Recordings explores its darker side on Part three with intergalactic oddities and twisted techno constructions, the release is definitely one for the late hours. 'Crosstalk' from gear heads London Modular Alliance opens; a squelching, electro, hardware excursion demonstrating a small snippet of what's to come from the talented trio. Next, French artist, Upwellings steps up to demonstrate his purist approach as he unites elements of dub and techno to create the beautifully spacey 'Soft Shadows'. The third offering comes courtesy of Chicago's Steven Tang in his Obsolete Music Technology guise. 'Comb Freq,' a devastatingly powerful mix of acidic, bleeping dance floor energy! To finish the winning release is Fachwerk label boss and prolific techno artist, Mike Dehnert; who presents raw but melodic track in 'Tokio,'which maintains his minimal and stripped back aesthetic beautifully.

                                                                                                STAFF COMMENTS

                                                                                                Matt says: Part 2 sees the series exploring more nocturnal moods - reflecting the shimmering patina of the festival's late night movements and the perfect marriage of high tech production and soulful intentions.

                                                                                                TRACK LISTING

                                                                                                1. Marcos Cabral - Prochainement
                                                                                                2. Byron The Aquarius - Full Moon (feat. MDMA)
                                                                                                3. Lady Blacktronika - Can We Still Be Friends
                                                                                                4. DJ Aakmael - Transit

                                                                                                A collaboration between Rainbow Disco Club and Rush Hour, esteemed digger, DJ and compiler Antal presents a new compilation of house, disco, new wave, Caribbean, rare groove and quirky leftfield dance bombs only he could discover!

                                                                                                The main man behind Amsterdam record shop and label Rush Hour, all 11 tracks are selected by Antal in a 2 x 12-inch + bonus 7-inch format. From local Dutch newcomers to '80s Japanese cult music, rare grooves to danceable house music, and rare Caribbean soul, this compilation is a portrait of this highly regarded music enthusiast Antal Heitlager’s enormous collection and 30-year DJ career, a work of art that can be enjoyed by all music fans! Now globally recognized as an influential taste maker, with a vast string of highly acclaimed festival performances cementing his credentials (and ensuring his online immortality).

                                                                                                Larry Heard and Dam Funk rub shoulders with 80s Japanese boogie, Zouk, freestyle and, for the exclusive bonus 7” edition modal jazz from local Amsterdam heroes: Han Litz Group. Throughout the compilation we’re left bewildered by the obscurity and listenability of Antal’s selections!

                                                                                                A total of 11 tracks from all types of genres and generations, a true masterpiece and representation of Rainbow Disco Club’s vision “Beyond Space And Time”. Bringing you the all love from Amsterdam!

                                                                                                STAFF COMMENTS

                                                                                                Matt says: Rush Hour main man, esteemed digger and now universally adored festival headliner - Antal - compiles an ace selection of global dance sounds, the likes of which you're unlikely to uncover yourself. He keeps it highly danceable and engrossing throughout, no chin scratching lo-fi obscurities thrown in as filler - it's all killer!

                                                                                                TRACK LISTING

                                                                                                Tlale Makhene Feat. ZiyawaKaZitha - Emabhunswini
                                                                                                Benny Salvador - Cardboard Box
                                                                                                Trio Zero - Twilight
                                                                                                Dam-Funk - O.B.E.
                                                                                                Shohjo-Tai & Red Bus St Project - Electric City
                                                                                                Ishida-Express I - China Romance
                                                                                                Dianne Mower - The Secret Sign
                                                                                                Jocelyn Mocka - Doudou (BNF Edit)
                                                                                                Bonus 7'' - Han Litz Group - Preludia
                                                                                                Bonus 7'' - Los Calxunxos Tuyos - Niaga (Radio Edit)
                                                                                                Bonus 7'' - Kamma - Snow In April

                                                                                                There's no let up from the Wagram camp this week, who hook us up with no less than four killer comps. Keeping things decidedly binary, they've taken a battle of the sexes approach, furnishing us with 'Funk Women', 'Jazz Men', 'Jazz Women' and 'Soul Men'.

                                                                                                There's a whole lotta heat to be found on this fresh set of femme-funk classics, featuring jams from the likes of Lyn Collins, Minnie Ripperton, Gwen McCrae and many, many more!

                                                                                                TRACK LISTING

                                                                                                A1. Gloria Lucas - One Sweet Song
                                                                                                A2. Lyn Collins - Think (About It)
                                                                                                A3. Minnie Riperton - Adventures In Paradise
                                                                                                A4. Ruby Delicious - Rock Steady
                                                                                                A5. Brenda George - What You See Is What You're Gonna Get
                                                                                                A6. Jackie Dee - Love You Wholeheartedly
                                                                                                A7. Gwen McCrae - All This Love That I'm Givin'
                                                                                                B1. Marva Whitney - What Do I Have To Do To Prove My Love To You [Single Version]
                                                                                                B2. Ruth Davis - I Need Money
                                                                                                B3. Millie Jackson - Do What Makes The World Go Round
                                                                                                B4. Gladys Knight & The Pips - Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin) [Album Version]
                                                                                                B5. Spanky Wilson & The Quantic Soul Orchestra - Don't Joke With A Hungry Man
                                                                                                B6. Ann Peebles - Slipped, Tripped & Fell In Love
                                                                                                C1. Betty Wright - Clean Up Woman
                                                                                                C2. Little Rose Little - Family Tree
                                                                                                C3. The Quantic Soul Orchestra - Hold It Down
                                                                                                C4. Jackson Sisters - I Believe In Miracles
                                                                                                C5. Rose Royce - Car Wash [Single Version]
                                                                                                C6. Taana Gardner - Heartbeat (2012 – Remaster)
                                                                                                D1. Melba Moore - Mind Up Tonight
                                                                                                D2. Sisters Love - Gimme Your Love
                                                                                                D3. Diana Ross - Upside Down
                                                                                                D4. Donna Summer - Hot Stuff (Single Edit)
                                                                                                D5. Carrie Lucas - Dance With You (Single Edit)

                                                                                                Various Artists

                                                                                                Wild Style

                                                                                                  Wild Style remains the most seminal soundtrack in hip-hop history, a snapshot of the scene as it evolved from the streets to the recording studio. But it's not just a vital document, it's also a damn good listen. The line-up is a who's who of those who stood out from hip- hop's nascent block party days. The Double Trouble pairing of Rodney Cee and KK Rockwell, The Chief Rocker himself, Busy Bee, the mighty line-ups of both The Cold Crush Brothers and The Fantastic Freaks. The music captures the free-form, roaming nature of the film – it's rough at the edges, it's occasionally amateurish, but it's completely, utterly glorious. The original Animal tracklisting, of which this is a reissue, is full of recurring sounds and motifs, all of them co-produced by Chris Stein and Fab Five Freddy, stepping away from breakbeats to produce a sound that reminds you of them, while being totally unique. The epic drums are courtesy of Lenny 'Ferrari' Ferraro, a Vietnam vet and punk drummer whose career spanned stints backing Aretha Franklin and Lou Reed. Over time, those sounds – the Charlie Chase and Grand Wizard Theodore scratches, the indelible lyrics - have become hip- hop touchstones, endlessly sampled and referenced, the bedrock of so much music to follow. That's because the soundtrack perfectly encapsulated the essence of the film, the scene and hiphop's emergence from The Bronx to the attention of the wider world. Presented in this reissue with the original artwork, it remains the blueprint.

                                                                                                  TRACK LISTING

                                                                                                  A1. Wild Style Theme
                                                                                                  A2. MC Battle
                                                                                                  A3. Basketball Throwdown
                                                                                                  A4. Fantastic Freaks At The Dixie
                                                                                                  A5. Military Cut (Scratch Mix)
                                                                                                  A6. Cold Crush Bros At The Dixie
                                                                                                  B1. Stoop Rap
                                                                                                  B2. Double Trouble At The Amphitheatre
                                                                                                  B3. Wild Style Subway Rap
                                                                                                  B4. The Chief Rocker Busy Bee, DJ AJ At The Amphitheatre
                                                                                                  B5. Gangbusters (Scratch Mix)
                                                                                                  B6. Rammellzee & Shock Dell At The Amphitheatre

                                                                                                  Musica Macondo unearths eight contemporary Afro Brazilian tracks on compilation “Brasil Novo”, disseminating the rich and percussive heritage of black Brazil and Samba De Coco. Selected by DJs Tahira (Sao Paulo) and Tim Garcia (London), the diversity and positivity of Brazil shines, featuring elements of samba, candomble, batuques, jazz, folk and beyond, designed with the esoteric dancefloor in mind. DJs and co-curators Tahira (Sao Paulo) and Tim Garcia (London) dig deep into the troves, avoiding mainstream Brazilian popular music cliches, and also giving a sense of what fuels their dancefloors and radio sets. The selection also includes tracks by Grupo Bongar, Renata Rosa and women's Afro Bloco, Ilú Obá De Min.

                                                                                                  DJ Tahira is a massive Brazilian music fan and has been on a research journey for a number of years, dedicated to the preservation and archiving of music made or influenced by black and indigenous Brazilians. Based out of Sao Paulo he has a particular interest in the history of Samba de Coco, a folkloric musical form that was very popular in, (and probably originated from), the north east of Brazil, by slaves and indigenous people from working class backgrounds who came together, making a rhythmical mesh of sounds dating back hundreds of years and allowing them to carve a unique cultural identity. Ignored or disregarded as inferior by Brazil's predominantly white faced recording industry, there are few existing original recordings of this music from the twentieth century, relying instead on oral tradition and carnivals like those in Recife or Pernambuco. In recent times there has been a flux of contemporary proponents who mix Samba de Coco with other contemporary Brazilian musical forms. “Brasil Novo” features both the roots, and more divergent fusions.

                                                                                                  Perhaps the best example of the Samba De Coco of old is from Dona Celia Coquista. She was a singer from Pernambuco who released only one album “Nasci Com Dois Dentes” despite being an enormously important proponent of Samba De Coco for many years. The track “O Bar” features a plethora of local and native percussion instruments and a call and answer harmony of uplifting choir, a cacophony of positivity.

                                                                                                  Other contemporary artists featured, who mix Samba De Coco in their repertoire whilst reinventing Brazilian folkloric music, are Renata Rosa and Grupo Bongar. Grupo Bongar, well known in Brazil and internationally, combines all manner of Brazilian folk, axé and samba and also runs a centre for percussion aimed at galvanising musicians from disadvantaged backgrounds.

                                                                                                  Another all female act on the Brasil Novo line up are Afro Bloco group Ilú Obá De Min, who have been part of Sao Paulo carnival for many years. Perhaps the outlier of the album, and one that borrows a sound from that Herbie Hancock electronic jazz era of the ‘80s are the now defunct Toró Instrumental, whose song “Dunas” is a live version, full of Brazilian percussion, disco-tinged, previously unreleased and is a sure-fire party starter.

                                                                                                  STAFF COMMENTS

                                                                                                  Matt says: Intriguing and highly enjoyable compilation of 'working class' music from Brazil. A brilliant introduction to Samba De Coco and a must for cumbia lovers and fans of traditional Portuguese street music.

                                                                                                  TRACK LISTING

                                                                                                  Side 1
                                                                                                  1. Cae - Bim-Bim-Bim (3:16)
                                                                                                  2. Dona Celia Coquista - O Bar (2:42)
                                                                                                  3. Toro Instrumental - Dunas (7:29)
                                                                                                  4. Renata Rosa - Laranjeira (3:41)
                                                                                                  Side 2
                                                                                                  1. Alabe Ketujazz - Opanije Xaxara (5:45)
                                                                                                  2. Grupo Bongar - Vento Corredor (4:24)
                                                                                                  3. Xaxado Novo - Pifanada (2:47)
                                                                                                  4. Ilu Oba De Min - Iansa (1:27)

                                                                                                  Various Artists

                                                                                                  Music From Saharan WhatsApp

                                                                                                    In 2020, Sahel Sounds hosted a project called Music from Saharan WhatsApp. This series consisted of ephemeral digital EPs, documenting live performances by some of the most exciting acts in the Sahel playing music, including Nigerién techno, wedding rock, Woodabe guitar, WZN, traditional music, Mandingue music, and more.

                                                                                                    Responding to an open call from our network of artists, musicians recorded a handful of tracks on their cellphone and sent them over the popular mobile app WhatsApp. Each session was hosted for a month on Bandcamp and sold on a sliding scale, with all profits wired directly to the musicians. After a month, the EP would disappear, replaced by another one.

                                                                                                    Now, some of the label's favorite tracks from this series are collected for the first time outside of Bandcamp as the Music from Saharan WhatsApp compilation LP. This LP features tracks by established Sahel Sounds artists such as Etran de L'Aïr, Hama, Alkibar Jr, Amaria Hamadaler (of Les Filles de Illighadad), and artists new to the label like Bounaly and Andal Sukabe.

                                                                                                    TRACK LISTING

                                                                                                    01. Etran De L'Air - Tarha Ebouse Dighe Mane
                                                                                                    02. Oumou Diabate And Kara Show - Wara
                                                                                                    03. Jeich Ould Badu - Elyn
                                                                                                    04. Alkibar Jr - Adouna
                                                                                                    05. Amaria Hamadalher - Tarhanine
                                                                                                    06. Luka Productions And Kandiafa - Ne Be Massa Wofo
                                                                                                    07. Andal Sukabe - Hey Malale
                                                                                                    08. Hama - Alhoria
                                                                                                    09. Veyrouz Mint Seymali - Saghmi Yessri
                                                                                                    10. Bounaly - Takamba
                                                                                                    11. Oyiwane - Fatima

                                                                                                    How does one make a Balearic Breakfast?

                                                                                                    You need to obviously start with one part blissful sunshine, rising over one part white sand, set to the sound of the sea looping back and forth. But what else - that perfect, idyllic backdrop aside - sums up that most important time of the day, specifically when spent right in the heart of the most glorious archipelago in the western hemisphere?

                                                                                                    Luckily, DJ, broadcaster and producer Colleen ‘Cosmo’ Murphy has perfected the recipe.

                                                                                                    Colleen has been mixing together Balearic Breakfast shows on Worldwide FM for the last few years after starting in earnest during the first pandemic lockdown. Her shows offer a remedy to the pressures of the outside world; each is curated with the admirable aim of trying to “create a musical atmosphere for escape”, be it from bad weather or bad vibes.

                                                                                                    Inspired by formative experiences at The Loft in NYC and on the terrace at Space, Colleen’s Balearic Breakfasts are endlessly eclectic and always inspiring, pulling together - in her words - a “hodge-podge of chill out, spiritual jazz, deep soul, percussive house, quirky disco, indie-dance and what may ‘traditionally’ be called ‘balearic’ (whatever that may be).” Basically, the kind of music you want to hear as the sun breaks over the horizon.

                                                                                                    For her first Balearic Breakfast album (lovingly compiled for the ever-visionary Heavenly Recordings), Colleen has put together a set of songs that allow the listener to drift with her between myriad genres and join the unseen dots between them. The journey takes in shooting star ambient sounds, deep soulful hypno-house, ecstatic Neu-esque locked grooves, etherial sea-shore jazz and Southern Hemisphere starlight disco, with tracks by artists such as Friendly Fires, Mildlife, Linkwood and Lady Blackbird (a track praised by Elton John, who called it “a groove that blows my mind”) and producers such as Andrew Weatherall (under his Asphodells alias), Ashley Beedle, Coyote, the late, great Phil Asher and Cosmo herself.

                                                                                                    Flowing together, the tracks perfectly create that musical atmosphere for escape - a recipe for daydreaming yourself into a Balearic Breakfast state of mind. Tune in and leave the everyday behind. The sun’s rising overhead and the waves are at your feet, whatever time of day it is wherever you might be in the world.

                                                                                                    STAFF COMMENTS

                                                                                                    Barry says: A wonderfully presented (look at those sleeve colours!!) walk through golden sands and beach bars, margarita in hand from the ever-trusty Heavenly. Though there are moments of tradional Balearicism, but really the breadth of this compilation spans all adjacent genres and a few beyond, while retaining the focus on 'Chill'. It's a lovely selection and a lovely package.

                                                                                                    TRACK LISTING

                                                                                                    1 Joan Bibiloni - Sa Fosca
                                                                                                    2 Cantoma - The Mountain (Coyote Remix)
                                                                                                    3 Fragile - We've Got Tonight, Boy
                                                                                                    1 Linkwood Family - Miles Away
                                                                                                    2 P'taah - The Cosmic Laws (Phil Asher Restless Soul Vocal)
                                                                                                    1 Mildlife - Vapour (Cosmodelica Remix)
                                                                                                    2 Friendly Fires And The Asphodells – Velo
                                                                                                    3 Lady Blackbird - Beware The Stranger (Ashley Beedle's 'North Street West' Vocal Remix)
                                                                                                    1 Morenas - Hazme Sonar (Ambient Remix By Peter Vriends)
                                                                                                    2 Caoilfhionn Rose - Paths
                                                                                                    3 Mike Salta And Marty Mortale - Henry's Spacewalk

                                                                                                    Various Artists

                                                                                                    Mr Bongo Record Club Vol. 5

                                                                                                      Curating these compilations, where Mr Bongo share their latest musical discoveries and old favourites from the global stage, is always a labour of love. This selection is less dancefloor driven than their previous volumes, as fewer opportunities for live events drove them to explore other paths and styles in the musical spectrum. But, whether you're DJing for a kitchen or a club, there is still a generous serving of spicy dancefloor magic.

                                                                                                      For Volume 5, Mr Bongo looked to a broad church - from Brazil to Cuba, Ghana, Jamaica, Japan, Mauritania, South Africa, Sweden, Trinidad and Tobago, the UK, and the US. They pulled songs from the 70s up to the present day and feature a stellar cast of artists. There's an exclusive track from Sven Wunder which was recorded solely for this compilation. There's also a track from Admin which was released as a private press 7" at the start of 2021 and one they felt was far too good to only be available for the lucky few. You'll also discover one of their most treasured Gyedu Blay Ambolley productions, a full-force African disco colossus!

                                                                                                      TRACK LISTING

                                                                                                      1. John Barry-Moore - Abertura De "Os Inocentes”
                                                                                                      2. Willy Chirino - Sing A Song (Canten Mi Canción)
                                                                                                      3. Malouma – Nebine
                                                                                                      4. Yasuaki Shimizu - Karachi
                                                                                                      5. Mariah - Shinzo No Tobira
                                                                                                      6. Mave & Dave - You Are Delicious
                                                                                                      7. Mark Capanni - I Believe In Miracles
                                                                                                      8. Admin - Step Into Light
                                                                                                      9. Phillip Malela – Tiba Kamo
                                                                                                      10. Gyedu Blay Ambolley - Let's Be Happy (Disco Mix)
                                                                                                      11. Tyrone Evans - Rise Up (Discomix)
                                                                                                      12. Stimela – I Hate Telling A Lie
                                                                                                      13. Eamon - Ready For War
                                                                                                      14. Sven Wunder – Mosaic
                                                                                                      15. Hiroshi Suzuki – Romance
                                                                                                      16. Tetê Da Bahia – Duplo Sentido
                                                                                                      17. Malouma – Yarab

                                                                                                      Various Artists

                                                                                                      Do What You Want Forever: 10 Years Of Local Action

                                                                                                        Following a sold-out 10th anniversary party at London’s Corsica Studios, award-winning record label Local Action will release Do What You Want Forever, a 15 track compilation collecting its greatest hits from the last decade.

                                                                                                        Founded by Tom Lea, Local Action started off as a 12”-focused dance label, releasing acclaimed singles and EPs from T. Williams, Throwing Snow, DJ Q and more. The label’s third release, T. Williams’ ‘Heartbeat’ (and its Mosca remix) was an instant classic and still retains its anthem status in the UK underground a decade on.

                                                                                                        As the label developed into a more professional operation, it expanded its remit to larger projects - including groundbreaking albums such as Dawn Richard’s all-conquering Redemption, and ubiquitous dance records like Finn’s ‘Sometimes The Going Gets a Little Tough’ and DJ Q’s ‘Brandy & Coke’. In 2017, Local Action launched 2 B REAL: a Manchester-based sibling label headed up by Finn, which has housed records by the likes of Anz, Clemency, Martyn Bootyspoon, Iceboy Violet and LOFT (aka aya).

                                                                                                        In 2022, Local Action stands as one of the most respected imprints in underground dance music. Recent projects like India Jordan’s ‘For You’, E.M.M.A.’s Indigo Dream, DJ Q’s ‘All That I Could’ and UNIIQU3’s Heartbeats were celebrated across the board in 2020 and 2021’s best-of-year charts, while the label’s roster picked up three awards at DJ Mag’s 2020 Best of British awards, for Best Breakthrough Producer (India Jordan), Best Breakthrough DJ (Anz) and Best Breakthrough Label (2 B REAL).

                                                                                                        Following the release of Do What You Want Forever, Local Action will embark on a series of club showcases and festival stages across the UK and Europe, in London, Leeds, Barcelona, Paris and at Lewes' Brainchild Festival (full dates below).

                                                                                                        Local Action will release Do What You Want Forever on May 10 on digital download and limited CD with pull-out photo book inlay.

                                                                                                        TRACK LISTING

                                                                                                        01. T. Williams Feat. Terri Walker - Heartbeat (Mosca Remix)
                                                                                                        02. Finn - Sometimes The Going Gets A Little Tough
                                                                                                        03. India Jordan - For You
                                                                                                        04. Dawn Richard - Not Above That
                                                                                                        05. DJ Q - All That I Could
                                                                                                        06. UNIIQU3 - Microdosing
                                                                                                        07. Martyn Bootyspoon - Lickety Split
                                                                                                        08. E.M.M.A. - Into Indigo
                                                                                                        09. DJ Jayhood - Hands On Ya Hips
                                                                                                        10. Slackk - Blue Sleet
                                                                                                        11. LOFT - Wish It Would Rain (Massive Vibe Moment)
                                                                                                        12. 96 Back - 9 To Find 6
                                                                                                        13. Finn - Do What You Want Forever
                                                                                                        14. Yamaneko - Adrift
                                                                                                        15. DJ Q - Brandy & Coke (CD-only Bonus Track)

                                                                                                        Efficient Space continues to expose Australia's esoteric musical history with "Oz Waves" - a collection of 80s DIY recordings, compiled by odd wave anthropologist Steele Bonus. Definitive proof that inhabitants of the Down Underground were links in a global network of creative kooks, "Oz Waves" connects those who utilized mobile recording rigs and small press releases to create and disseminate misfit synth-punk, tape loop experiments and inner city pop. Through overseas mail order exchanges, anonymous groups like Zerox Dreamflesh could find place on Belgian compilations, while Chris and Cosey lullabied their son to sleep with Irena Xero and her interdisciplinary art collective Zip.

                                                                                                        Bonus selects 10 survivors from the fertile period (1982-1989), most of which were only issued on cassette in tiny editions of 5 to 100 copies. M Squared affiliates Prod join the extraterrestrial Software Seduction, He Dark Age's minimal wave neglect and the irreverent cut ups of The Horse He's Sick and MK Ultra & the Assassins of Light. The remaining tracks have been sourced from musicians' private archives and are being officially released on Oz Waves for the first time - Andy Rantzen's industrial dub Itch-E & Scratch-E precursor, the buoyant vocal-drone of Ironing Music and Moral Fibro, Sydney's short lived answer to Weekend and Marine Girls. With detailed track by track notes, lines are drawn to Severed Heads, Scattered Order and other antipodean post-punk royalty.

                                                                                                        As a DJ, Steele Bonus has gained notoriety via the exquisite selections that form his ongoing mix series Odd Waves. Sydney-born, Amsterdam-based, his graphic design has not only been responsible for sleeves on Efficient Space, but also trusted Amsterdam connoisseurs Music From Memory and Young Marco's Safe Trip.

                                                                                                        STAFF COMMENTS

                                                                                                        Matt says: Worth the entrance fee for some of the inspired band names alone - this is a really strong collection of Australian minimal wave and DIY electro-punk.

                                                                                                        TRACK LISTING

                                                                                                        A1. Irena Xero - Lady On The Train
                                                                                                        A2. Andy Rantzen - Will I Dream?
                                                                                                        A3. Prod - Knife On Top
                                                                                                        A4. Software Seduction - New Collision
                                                                                                        A5. Ironing Music - Don't Wish It Away
                                                                                                        B1. He Dark Age - Holding Out For Eden
                                                                                                        B2. The Horse He's Sick - Larynx
                                                                                                        B3. MK Ultra & The Assassins Of Light - Jesus Krist Klap Rap (Orthodox Mix)
                                                                                                        B4. Moral Fibro - Take A Walk In The Sun
                                                                                                        B5. Zerox Dreamflesh - Squids Can Fly

                                                                                                        Volume 10 in the cult collected warehouse music series - Tone Dropout.

                                                                                                        Along with the usual suspects Dawl and The He-Men, two new artists plus a new collaboration of previous artists are introduced. First track comes from the one and only Dawl, The TDO co head honcho comes at cha with a techy, bleepy, Detroity stomper; no breaks or any of that nonsense just expertly programed bleeps and buzzes.

                                                                                                        Next we have Escape Earth, the collaboration of Bufo Bufo and Corporeal Face. "Impact Earth" utilizes dub-siren squirls and fuzzy breakbeats to create a voluptuous & retrotastic rave-b-boy crossover.

                                                                                                        Kiddmisha, all the way from Kiev in the Ukraine. brings us a quality and functional track that straddles electro and acid house perfectly; low slung enough with nice flecks of synthesis and sfx to keep our head space wandering. Mega deep session club track.

                                                                                                        The He-Men contribute a typically naughty and acidic electro track; with lashings of 303 fastened to a snappy vintage drum box coerced to work over time for this mutant dance party!

                                                                                                        Finally we have 22 year old Marino from Nantes in France. He is the co founder of Hyperfrequence records and party collective and also linked with the 44tours record shop, label and parties. This man is a real talent for the future and "Rave Alarm" is full on high energy assault, starting with a killer break and time stretched vocal, it verges into hardcore territory whilst nodding to production tropes more akin to the birth of jungle and DnB. When that bass sweep hits you square in the chops, there's no turning back!

                                                                                                        Mega stuff from the titans of modern warehouse music! Limited copies, no repress - move quick! 

                                                                                                        STAFF COMMENTS

                                                                                                        Matt says: Cult label Tone Dropout continue to provide us with all our warehouse music needs with volume 10 of their sell-out series. New artists are introduced, old stalwarts are re-decorated - there's plenty to jack to!

                                                                                                        TRACK LISTING

                                                                                                        A1. Dawl - Into Andromeda
                                                                                                        A2. Escape Earth - Impact Event
                                                                                                        A3. Kiddmisha - Retrodance
                                                                                                        B1. The He-Men - Evolution 1
                                                                                                        B2. Marino - Rave Alarm

                                                                                                        Various Artists

                                                                                                        Sharayet El Disco

                                                                                                          Most tracks have never been released on any other format and are making their vinyl debut with this set. A journey through the funky sound of 80s Egypt, Sharayet El Disco (which can be translated by "Disco Cassettes") features Simone, Ammar El Sherei and more obscure names from Cairo's cassette culture. The audio has been remastered for vinyl by David Hachour/Colorsound Studio in Paris and the LP features artwork by young Egyptian graphic designer Heba Tarek and a 2-page insert featuring artwork of the original cassettes plus insightful liner notes by Moataz Rageb. The set is a unique insight into the diversity of the Egyptian Disco sound, from the pulsating Disco of "Hezeny" by Hany Shenouda's Al Massrieen band to the boogie of Simone's "Merci," via Firkit El Asdekaa's tongue-in-cheek "Eklib el Sheriet" ("turn the cassette to the other side"), produced by legendary Egyptian musician Ammar El Sherei.

                                                                                                          TRACK LISTING

                                                                                                          1. Afaf Rady - Tany Tany
                                                                                                          2. Dr. Ezat Abou Ouf & El Four M - Genoun El Disco
                                                                                                          3. Simone - Merci
                                                                                                          4. FIrkIt El Ensan - Donia El Arkam
                                                                                                          5. Firkit El Asdekaa - Eklib El Sheriet
                                                                                                          6. Al Massrieen - Hezeny
                                                                                                          7. Eman El Bahr Darwish - Mahsobko Endes (El Arwam)
                                                                                                          8. Firkit Americana Show - Youm Wi Lilah
                                                                                                          9. Lebleba - Ana Alby Har Nar

                                                                                                          Starting 2022 right with the much-anticipated volume 2 in the Ordinary Dreams compilation series. This time Levelling up to a 12 track double disc physical release of end to end cuts from Planet Trip friends and family around the world.

                                                                                                          As always expect a deep sonic journey through dub, downtempo and reggae to the oddball, tribal and dream state mutations of house music. Contributions from an all star cast of heads including; Symptoms Of Love, Paula Tape, Jex Opolis, Mayurashka, Errortica, Good Block, Mogwaa, DJ Ray, Ivy Barkakti and more.

                                                                                                          TRACK LISTING

                                                                                                          Symptoms Of Love - Symptoms Of Dub
                                                                                                          Paula Tape - International Loki
                                                                                                          Phuk Hugh - Virtual Zoo
                                                                                                          Good Block - Flute Dub
                                                                                                          Jex Opolis - Ghost Voice
                                                                                                          Errortica - Trap
                                                                                                          Dj Ray - Cozy Stepper
                                                                                                          Mayurashka - Maco Jungle
                                                                                                          1too - In Your Dream
                                                                                                          Mogwaa - Once We Danced
                                                                                                          Eirwud Mudwasser - YCWI
                                                                                                          Ivy Barkakati - Energía Mutable

                                                                                                          Various Artists

                                                                                                          Too Slow To Disco - Volume 1 - 2022 Repress

                                                                                                            "SOFT ROCK, VANILLA FUNK, YACHT ROCK, there’s different names for the same thing. In the taste-conscious music world for years now people have laughed at the L.A.-sound from this era with its super-smooth, over-lavish, luxury-laden excesses. Yet this sound is everywhere these days, echoing down the years, influencing the likes of Midlake, Haim, Gonzales, John Grant, Ariel Pink, out to the more discofied sounds of Chromeo, Breakbot, and Todd Terje. And what was Daft Punk’s „Random Access

                                                                                                            Memories“, if not an album entirely dedicated to late 70s L.A.?Our friends at the label ‚How Do You Are’ unearthed some of the lesser-known but still beautiful mood music of this period, by people who were often still starting out, or would write their biggest hits years later, but who surfed the West Coast wave penning some total gems. With this first volume of TOO SLOW TO DISCO they want to share some of the great acts and songs that made the mid-late 70s California scene so awesome. Even though this is not officially a CITY SLANG release, we helped the guys who curated this gem. Because we love the stories behind the music and we love the chills these tunes send down our spine."

                                                                                                            TRACK LISTING

                                                                                                            A1. Ned Doheny – Get It Up For Love
                                                                                                            A2. Micky Denne And Ken Gold – Let's Put Our Love Back Together
                                                                                                            A3. Rupert Holmes – Deco Lady
                                                                                                            A4. White Horse – Over And Done With
                                                                                                            A5. Browning Bryant – Liverpool Fool

                                                                                                            B1. Nicolette Larson – Lotta Love
                                                                                                            B2. Alessi Brothers – Do You Feel It?
                                                                                                            B3. Photoglo – Steal Away
                                                                                                            B4. Brian Elliot – Room To Grow

                                                                                                            C1. Chicago – Saturday In The Park
                                                                                                            C2. Don Brown – Shut The Door
                                                                                                            C3. Matthew Larkin Cassell – Rendezvous
                                                                                                            C4. Pages – If I Saw You Again
                                                                                                            C5. The Doobie Brothers – Losin' End

                                                                                                            D1. Fleetwood Mac – Sugar Daddy
                                                                                                            D2. Robbie Dupree - Steal Away
                                                                                                            D3. David Batteau – Spaceship Earth
                                                                                                            D4. Tony Joe White – I've Got A Thing About You Baby
                                                                                                            D5. Jan Hammer Group – Don't You Know

                                                                                                            Various Artists

                                                                                                            Too Slow To Disco - Volume 2 - 2022 Repress

                                                                                                              It took us one year to finally come back with VOLUME 2 of TOO SLOW TO DISCO. This time we dug even deeper into the sundrenched, relaxed-funky, smooth and megalomaniac Westcoast-sound of the late 70s / early 80s: from Singer/Songwriter-Funk, Yacht-Pop, Blue Eyed Soul to AOR-Disco. Tracks somewhere between delusion of grandeur and a mountain of Soul. Again there are "Hall of Fame“ honored Megabands like Hall & Oates or Michael Nesmith (from The Monkees) placed next to a completely lost troubled genius like Jimmy Gray Hall, who only released three promo 7 inches in his short life, that we just rediscovered. The relevance of this sound for todays music is easy to hear: in the latest albums by Father John Misty, BC Camplight, Andrew Combs, Liam Hayes, Silk Rhodes, the complete soundtrack of „Guardians of the Galaxy“ and even in the cocky sound of Austrian youngstersʼ Bilderbuch. 

                                                                                                              TRACK LISTING

                                                                                                              A1. Daryl Hall & John Oates – Alone Too Long
                                                                                                              A2. Ben Sidran – Hey Hey Baby
                                                                                                              A3. Jimmy Gray Hall – Be That Way
                                                                                                              A4. Eric Kaz – Come With Me

                                                                                                              B1. LeBlanc & Carr – Stronger Love
                                                                                                              B2. Dave Raynor – Leave Me Alone Tonight
                                                                                                              B3. R & J Stone – Keep On Holding Me
                                                                                                              B4. Larsen-Feiten Band – Who'll Be The Fool Tonight

                                                                                                              C1. Byrne & Barnes – Never Gonna Stop Lovin' You
                                                                                                              C2. Paul Davis – Medicine Woman
                                                                                                              C3. Joe Vitale – Step On You
                                                                                                              C4. Niteflyte – If You Want It

                                                                                                              D1. Bruce Hibbard – Never Turnin' Back
                                                                                                              D2. Streetplayer – Shades Of Winter
                                                                                                              D3. Michael Omartian – Fat CityD4. Michael Nesmith – Capsule (Hello People Of A Hundred Years From Now)

                                                                                                              Super experimental project from our favourite maverick geniuses at Wah Wah Wino. Coming in hand-stamped, 'foot stomped' sleeve, "KWALK" is a 50+ minute collage of stitched together tape loops, library electronica, DIY experiments and smudged, after-hours narcotica. Landing somewhere between Dean Blunt, Tom Boogizm, Light Sounds Dark, Delia Derbyshire and Raymond Scott. Completely singular & immersive; there's an organic beauty lying in all its imperfections whilst the inspired vision by its curator takes the mind on a decidedly visionary journey through sounds and moods you didn’t quite know existed. 100% recommended.

                                                                                                              STAFF COMMENTS

                                                                                                              Barry says: Pretty weird this, but reminds me a lot of some of the early odd-folk electronic sounds that came from Alien8 / Kranky / CST in the early 00's. Lots of field recording adjacent saturation and staggered loop business. Really texturally interesting but undeniably rhythmic and hypnotic. Lovely.

                                                                                                              TRACK LISTING

                                                                                                              Track 1
                                                                                                              Track 3
                                                                                                              Track 2
                                                                                                              Track 5
                                                                                                              Track 4
                                                                                                              Track 6
                                                                                                              Track 7
                                                                                                              Track 8
                                                                                                              Track 9
                                                                                                              Track 10
                                                                                                              Track 11
                                                                                                              Track 12
                                                                                                              Track 15
                                                                                                              Track 16
                                                                                                              Track 17
                                                                                                              Track 18
                                                                                                              Track 19
                                                                                                              Track 20
                                                                                                              Track 21
                                                                                                              Track 22
                                                                                                              Track 23
                                                                                                              Track 24
                                                                                                              Track 25
                                                                                                              Track 26

                                                                                                              Various Artists

                                                                                                              Todo Muere SBXV

                                                                                                                Sacred Bones is an independent record label and publishing company based in Brooklyn, NY that started over 15 years ago in the basement of a record store and has gone on to become a critically respected label that is synonymous with forward-thinking music and culture and won the 2020 Libera Award for Label of the Year. With over 300 releases under our belt, we’ve had the distinct pleasure to work with legendary artists the likes of Mort Garson, Patti Smith, Trent Reznor, and the late Genesis P-Orridge, as well as fostered the respective music careers of film directors David Lynch, John Carpenter, and Jim Jarmusch.

                                                                                                                We’ve also released career-defining albums by newer artists like Zola Jesus, SPELLLING, Molchat Doma, Marissa Nadler, Amen Dunes, and Jenny Hval, all while retaining our cult underground through smaller curated releases from some of the best punk and experimental artists. Our fifteenth anniversary as a label will be honored with several events and an exciting vinyl repress collection but the crown jewel of this year’s celebration is the compilation Todo Muere that features beloved artists from our roster covering their favorite songs that we have released over the years.

                                                                                                                The compilation features innovative pairings, like punk stalwarts Institute covering art pop sensation SPELLLING, and matches made in heaven like Marissa Nadler’s gorgeously eerie cover of David Lynch’s already eerie song “Cold Wind Blowin.” Some songs are sister renditions with their own imaginative touch like Constant Smiles’ cover of Jenny Hval while others, like the Zola Jesus song performed by Thou, Mizmor and Emma Ruth Rundle take on entirely different genres. And while each song on the comp stands on its own as a testament to the many song writing and song performance talents housed on the Sacred Bones roster, the compilation as a whole was sequenced as a cohesive whole deserving prime placement on any record shelf.

                                                                                                                TRACK LISTING

                                                                                                                1. Boris - Funnel Of Love (SQURL) (4:37)
                                                                                                                2. Anika - Godstar (Psychic TV) (3:03)
                                                                                                                3. The Hunt - I Can’t Stand (Zola Jesus) (3:48)
                                                                                                                4. Constant Smiles - Spells (Jenny Hval) (4:56)
                                                                                                                5. Dean Hurley - Our Day Will Come (Mort Garson) (2:48)
                                                                                                                6. Domingae - Change (Anika) (5:16)
                                                                                                                7. Thou, Mizmor, And Emma Ruth Rundle - Night (Zola Jesus) (4:02)
                                                                                                                8. Hilary Woods - In Heaven (David Lynch) (3:55)
                                                                                                                9. Institute - Boys At School (SPELLLING) (5:37)
                                                                                                                10. Marissa Nadler - Cold Wind Blowin’ (David Lynch) (4:07)
                                                                                                                11. The Holydrug Couple - Coca-Cola Blues (Psychic Ills) (6:17) 

                                                                                                                Various Artists

                                                                                                                Tron (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) - 2022 Reissue

                                                                                                                  A reissue on black vinyl of the cult 1982 soundtrack to Tron by legendary electronic pioneer and composer Wendy Carlos (The Shining, Clockwork Orange). The music, which was the first collaboration between Carlos and her partner Annemarie Franklin, featured a mix of an analogue Moog synthesizer and GDS digital synthesizer, along with non-electronic pieces performed by the London Philharmonic Orchestra. Two additional musical tracks (“1990’s Theme” and “Only Solutions“) were provided by the American band Journey.

                                                                                                                  This is the first reissue of the black 18 track 1 LP vinyl. 2022 will mark the 40th anniversary of the Tron Franchise. The original film tells the story of computer engineer Kevin Flynn who finds out that an executive at his company, has been stealing his work. Flynn tries to hack into the system but instead is transported into the digital world of The Grid , where he has to battle Sark, and the imposing Master Control Program. Helped by Tron (a security program) and Yori , Flynn becomes a freedom fighter for the oppressed programs of the grid. The soundtrack perfectly captures the geometrically intense landscapes of cyberspace and the virtual gladiatorial computer game.

                                                                                                                  TRACK LISTING

                                                                                                                  Side A
                                                                                                                  Creation Of TRON (:46)
                                                                                                                  Only Solutions (Journey) (3:15)
                                                                                                                  We’ve Got Company (2:16)
                                                                                                                  Wormhole (2:27)
                                                                                                                  Ring Game And Escape (2:55)
                                                                                                                  Water Music And Tronaction (2:22)
                                                                                                                  TRON Scherzo (1:44)
                                                                                                                  Miracle And Magician (2:38)
                                                                                                                  Magic Landings (3:41)
                                                                                                                  Theme From TRON (1:32)
                                                                                                                  1990’s Theme (Journey) (2:25)
                                                                                                                  Side B
                                                                                                                  Love Theme (2:05)
                                                                                                                  Tower Music - Let Us Pray (3:45)
                                                                                                                  Light Sailer (2:34)
                                                                                                                  Sea Of Simulation (3:21)
                                                                                                                  A New TRON And The MCP (5:08)
                                                                                                                  Anthem (1:37)
                                                                                                                  Ending Titles (5:11)

                                                                                                                  Various Artists

                                                                                                                  Ebirac All-Stars

                                                                                                                    Far from the twin epicenters of New York and Miami, Carlos Ruiz and his Ebirac label were both feeling and generating the aftershocks of the mid-’70s salsa boom. Holed up in their own bustling Puerto Rican community center on Chicago’s west side, these third coast salseros plied their trade outside the hot lights, cutting their teeth in city parks, VFW halls, and Holiday Inn rec rooms. Nearly 50 records survive in the wake of orquestas La Justicia, La Solucion, and Tipica Leal ’79, the most impassioned, singular moments of which are compiled here.

                                                                                                                    TRACK LISTING

                                                                                                                    1. La Justicia - Guaguanco Coroco
                                                                                                                    2. Ebirac All-Stars Featuring La Calandria & Ramito - Plena Matrimonial-Contraversia
                                                                                                                    3. La Justicia - Las Frutas Del Pais
                                                                                                                    4. Tipica Leal ‘79 - Donde Estabas
                                                                                                                    5. Juventud Tipica ‘78 - Ano Nuevo Y Reyes
                                                                                                                    6. La Solucion - A Bailar Son Montuno
                                                                                                                    7. La Justicia - Alegre Hibarito
                                                                                                                    8. Under The Sun Orchestra - Under The Sun (Instrumental Theme)

                                                                                                                    Various Artists

                                                                                                                    Soul Jazz Records Presents Studio One Women Vol. 2

                                                                                                                      Soul Jazz Records follows up one of their most popular Studio One releases with a brand new selection of rare and classic releases by women in reggae. Featuring legendary artists such as Marcia Griffiths, Rita Marley and Hortense Ellis (with a guest appearance by her brother Alton), alongside a host of rarities from lesser-known names such as Nina Soul, Nana Mclean, Denise Darlington, Myrna Hague and also Doreen Schaeffer, a vocalist who was a founding member of The Skatalites.

                                                                                                                      There are notable covers, from Tyrone Davis’ soul classic ‘Can I Change My Mind’ to The Band’s 60s psychedelic classic ‘Turn Turn Turn’ in a rub-a-dub style. Doreen Schaeffer reversions Alton Ellis’s seminal ‘I’m Still In Love With You’, Nina Soul reversions the slack rocksteady anthem ‘Barb Wire’. A number of these tracks are almost impossible to find, and many have never been issued ever since their initial release.

                                                                                                                      The music on the album is of course 100% killer and features backing from all of the seminal groups at 13 Brentford Road, including The Skatalites, Sound Dimension, Soul Brothers and the Brentford All Stars, and ranges from ska, rocksteady, roots, lovers and more from the 60s, 70s and 80s. All produced by Clement ‘Sir Coxsone’ Dodd at Studio One Records, the number one sound in reggae music.

                                                                                                                      TRACK LISTING

                                                                                                                      Hortense Ellis - Can I Change My Mind
                                                                                                                      Marcia Griffiths- Melody Life
                                                                                                                      Myrna Hague - New World
                                                                                                                      Marcia Griffiths - Shimmering Star
                                                                                                                      Nora Dean - Heartaches
                                                                                                                      The Jay Tees - Buck Town Corner
                                                                                                                      Jennifer Lara - Turn Turn Turn
                                                                                                                      Doreen & Alton - I’m Still In Love
                                                                                                                      Doreen Schaeffer - Sugar Sugar
                                                                                                                      Denise Darlington - Feel So Good
                                                                                                                      Angela Prince - My Man Is Gone
                                                                                                                      Nana McLean - Till I Kissed You
                                                                                                                      Nina Soul - Barb Wire
                                                                                                                      Jackie And Doreen - Welcome You Back Home
                                                                                                                      Nina Soul - Sleeping Trees
                                                                                                                      Rita Marley - Friends And Lovers
                                                                                                                      Hortense Ellis - Secretly
                                                                                                                      Marcia Griffiths - You’re No Good

                                                                                                                      Various Artists

                                                                                                                      Flying Mojito Bros - Greatest Hits (1970-1983)

                                                                                                                        Cult DJs/producers Flying Mojito Bros have pressed a super-limited double compilation of their most celebrated releases to date plus an exclusive new track. Known as the go-to guys for reworking all things Classic Rock and Cosmic Country, their much-demanded party weapons have been sucker punching dancefloors for the past few years and it’s about goddamn time they were put together in this beautiful vinyl package. The release features 15 tracks, loosely mixed to offer a continuous listen in line with FMB’s famed mixtapes, but also allowing DJs to beatmix as they please. With only 500 units available worldwide, these will sell in a flash and become treasured artifacts.

                                                                                                                        Reworks include Steely Dan, The Doors, Neil Young, ZZ Top, CSNY, Santana and more like you've never heard them before.

                                                                                                                        While the re-edits masses repeatedly pick over the bones of soul, funk and disco, acid cowboys Flying Mojito Bros have created a name for themselves in looking uniquely to the vast, sun-baked, dust-caked libraries of Americana, Country and AOR for inspiration.

                                                                                                                        Cosmic American Disco? Americana House Music? Whatever you call it, the FMB sound gloriously evokes the first summer of love meeting the second – re-imagining the likes of ZZ Top DJing the Haçienda, the Orb at Woodstock, or, fuck our best boots, Kenny & Dolly raving at Fabric.

                                                                                                                        In addition to their current ‘Relatively Clean Ravers’ residency at The Social, FMB have found their DJ sets – always with a fat slab of unreleased new edits kept back for their own exclusive use – to be a hit among party people all over. Their music has turned party people loose in clubs, parties, poolside and late-night festival tents as far as Glastonbury, Bestival, Pikes Ibiza, Austin City Limits and beyond.

                                                                                                                        FMB have worked their hoodoo on official remixes of Katy J Pearson, Flamingods, Raf Rundell (2 Bears), Black Peaches, Jouis, 77:78, Scott Hirsch, James Matthew VII, Jeffrey Silverstein, Rudy Norman, Gloria Ann Taylor and more – released on prestigious independent labels such as Heavenly, Paper Recordings and Ubiquity.

                                                                                                                        The duo are no shrinking violets when it comes to visual art either: Whether DIY or through close artistic collaboration with the right brands, they’ve used their striking FMB brand to sell out many a limited run of cassette and merch drops, working with the likes of Vinyl Ranch, Ibiza Sonica, Patrón, Tito’s and Hikerdelic. What’s more, the trippy live visuals they’ve devised for their DJ sets elevates the music further still.

                                                                                                                        Flying Mojito Bros have seen over a million streams worldwide and are priming a mushrooming US fanbase for a long-postponed, much-demanded 2023 headline DJ tour taking them from Texas to California. And if that’s not enough, original productions are in the making too.

                                                                                                                        TRACK LISTING

                                                                                                                        01. Tonight’s The Night
                                                                                                                        02. Keep On
                                                                                                                        03. Nighttime In The Switching Yard
                                                                                                                        04. Union Man
                                                                                                                        05. Five Mile Hike
                                                                                                                        06. Ten Foot Pole
                                                                                                                        07. Riders On The Storm
                                                                                                                        08. Mudbone
                                                                                                                        09. Southbound Again
                                                                                                                        10. Carry On
                                                                                                                        11. Do It Again
                                                                                                                        12. Gold Dust Woman
                                                                                                                        13. Area Code 303
                                                                                                                        14. Arizone Desert
                                                                                                                        15. Swamp Rap ‘83

                                                                                                                        Disco Hamam are on hand with a massive helping of Turkish Delight here, packing enough brightly spiced brilliance to keep me chipper. Ozerbey handles the grill like a seasoned pro on the A-side, loosening us up with a thick keyboard groove, shuffling percussion and sweeping strings on the excellent 'Mihrimah'. Slow and sleazy, this dramatic cut walks the tightrope between disco and psych-funk before Ozer locks into a looping beatdown groove and works the filters to the bone. Tasty! Flip the Gözleme (Turkish pancake for the benefit of any Daily Mail readers), for a musical meze from Anatolian cosmic king FOC Edits. The intergalactic excitement begins with "Demdir Dem Bu Dem", a lively and loose sayko-delic disco winner which works the top end with frenzied keys and space sirens before dropping into a stunning snake hipped groove which makes me think of both the bam bam riddim and Bombers' "Shake". Hot on its heels comes "Neredesin", a dusty dancer boasting an Ofra Haza-style rhythm section, sultry, spoken vocals and some seriously wiggy bass/sax interplay. I'm gonna come back for seconds!

                                                                                                                        STAFF COMMENTS

                                                                                                                        Patrick says: Another killer cut up EP from the Hamam camp here as Ozerbey and Foc Edits tear through a little top-notch Turkish tackle. Ozer gets loopy on the A-side (think vintage Mark E at his local Kebab house), while Foc Edits brings us a pair of groove-oozing cosmic killers on the flip.

                                                                                                                        TRACK LISTING

                                                                                                                        Ozerbey - Mihrimah
                                                                                                                        FOC Edits - Demdir
                                                                                                                        FOC Edits - Neredesin

                                                                                                                        The first volume of Back To Mine was released back in 1999 by Nick Warren, designed to showcase a selection of tracks you’d find and be heard playing at the artist's home. Selectors have come in the form of New Order, Pet Shop Boys, Fatboy Slim, and Faithless who all dug deep to find their essential at-home listening. The latest compilers in the Back To Mine series are none-other than the renowned four-piece, Horse Meat Disco. The horsemen are known for their incredibly fun, deep-diving selections, and this shines through in their Back To Mine compilation in flamboyant style.

                                                                                                                        Over the course of 16 years of their nightclub tenure, they have become a global brand as pinnacle players of the queer party scene in London and beyond, holding down residencies in New York, Berlin, and Lisbon. Their flamboyant nature and incredibly fun, deep-diving selections have made them one of Disco’s most beloved acts. Across 15 eclectically brilliant tracks, Horse Meat Disco, which comprises Jim Stanton, James Hillard, Luke Howard, and Severino Panzetta expertly traverse through classic disco cuts, wonky dancefloor groovers, and silky smooth soul.

                                                                                                                        STAFF COMMENTS

                                                                                                                        Barry says: You always know you're in good hands with a 'Back To Mine' and this time sees London disco favourites Horse Meat Disco pull out an absolutely simmering collection of late night funk and disco classics, as well as a good few lesser heard gems. Superb.

                                                                                                                        TRACK LISTING

                                                                                                                        A1. Gwen McCrae - Move Me Baby (Danny Krivit Edit)
                                                                                                                        A2. Alien Alien Feat Igino - Perfidia (Severino Panzetta & Ray Mang Remix)
                                                                                                                        A3. Escape From New York - Fire In My Heart
                                                                                                                        B1. Margie Lomax - God’s Greatest Gift To Man Is A Woman
                                                                                                                        B2. Róisín Murphy - Ancora Ancora Ancora (Severino & Nico De Ceglia Remix)
                                                                                                                        B3. Marianne Faithfull - Sex With Strangers (feat. Beck)
                                                                                                                        B4. Lisa King - You've Got Magic
                                                                                                                        C1. William Stuckey - Just Around The Corner
                                                                                                                        C2. Larry Heard Presents Ona King - Premonition Of Lost Love (Extended Adult Mix)
                                                                                                                        C3. Kassav - Avèou Doudou
                                                                                                                        C4. Fajardo '76 - C'mon Baby, Do The Latin Hustle (Oye Mami Ven Y Baila El Latin Hustle)
                                                                                                                        D1. GAME - Gotta Take Your Love (Single Version)
                                                                                                                        D2. Horse Meat Disco & Kathy Sledge - Jump Into The Light (Wash House Dub)
                                                                                                                        D3. Horse Meat Disco Featuring Xavier Smith & ROY INC. - Self Control (Eagle Dub)
                                                                                                                        D4. The RAH Band - Messages From The Stars

                                                                                                                        Astonishing, five LP boxset from CircoLoco. Featuring heavy-hitting releases from visionaries of every era of CircoLoco’s 20-year party history, including Carl Craig, tINI, Kerri Chandler, Rampa, Sama' Abdulhadi, and other icons, the acclaimed debut compilation album from CircoLoco Records is presented in matte full color sleeves with box artwork designed by TOILETPAPER.

                                                                                                                        With support from DJ’s worldwide and accolades including back-to-back Essential New Tune awards from BBC Radio 1’s Pete Tong for Seth Troxler’s “Lumartes,” and DJ Tennis’ “Atlanta,” Monday Dreamin’ has already carved out a unique place in the world of dance music having been featured in the digital world of Los Santos in Rockstar Games’ blockbuster Grand Theft Auto Online: Los Santos Tuners which also featured Monday Dreamin’ artist Moodymann as a new character in the world.

                                                                                                                        Monday Dreamin’ is the first project from the pioneering partnership between global club culture icons CircoLoco and the creators of some of the world’s most popular and critically acclaimed video games, Rockstar Games, a partnership aimed at elevating and supporting dance music through the collective power of the two entertainment brands.

                                                                                                                        STAFF COMMENTS

                                                                                                                        Matt says: Jam-packed and deliciously varied, all inclusive boxset from one of clubland's most notorious mainstays. A wildly regarded & infamous brand, known for having it large right across the board; and right across the world. This boxset should fill the gap if you're not off to the party isles this Summer...

                                                                                                                        TRACK LISTING

                                                                                                                        A1. Lost Souls Of Saturn & TOKiMONSTA - Revision Of The Past
                                                                                                                        A2. Moodymann - Keep On Coming Feat. CD
                                                                                                                        B. Luciano - Mantra For Lizzie
                                                                                                                        C1. Jamie Jones - Laser Lass
                                                                                                                        C2. Carl Craig - Forever Free
                                                                                                                        D1. Deichkind - Autonom (Dixon Edit)
                                                                                                                        D2. Adam Beyer - Break It Up
                                                                                                                        D3. Tale Of Us - Nova Two
                                                                                                                        E1. DJ Tennis - Atlanta
                                                                                                                        E2. Mano Le Tough - As If To Say
                                                                                                                        F1. Kerri Chandler - You
                                                                                                                        F2. Butch - Raindrops Feat. Kemelion
                                                                                                                        G1. Damian Lazarus - The Future Feat. Robert Owens
                                                                                                                        G2. Sama' Abdulhadi - Reverie
                                                                                                                        H1. Seth Troxler - Lumartes
                                                                                                                        H2. Margaret Dygas - Wishing Well
                                                                                                                        I1. Rampa - The Church
                                                                                                                        I2. TINI - What If, Then What? Feat. Amiture
                                                                                                                        J1. Red Axes - Calib
                                                                                                                        J2. Bedouin - Up In Flames

                                                                                                                        Following the success of the first Planet Love compilation, Safe Trip has delved even deeper into the roots and formative years of trance music. The result is a vivid snapshot of heady, trance-inducing music released between 1990 and ’95.

                                                                                                                        Like its predecessor, Planet Love 2 does not deliver a straightforward chronological run-down of influential ‘proto-trance’ cuts and key early anthems. Instead, it casts its’ net far wider for inspiration, joining the dots between trance-inducing tracks in a disparate mixture of interconnected styles.

                                                                                                                        Before trance became rigidly defined in the late 1990s, the term was more loosely used as a descriptor, with the tag variously being attached to tracks that combined elements of techno, ambient, breakbeat, deep house, electronica, progressive house, acid, tribal and new beat. What unified these disparate musical strands was an emphasis on groove, melody, atmosphere and – more often than not – psychedelic intent.

                                                                                                                        You’ll find all this and more amongst the 12 colourful and emotive tracks from around the world that make up Planet Love 2. The hard-to-pigeonhole, early ‘90s New York rave scene is represented by the immersive ambient of Lazer Worshippers’ ‘Free Flight’, Revelation’s trippy gem ‘First Power (Domination Dub)’ and the delay-laden drums, held-note new wave chords and psychedelic electronics of ‘Time Warp’ by Moodswings.

                                                                                                                        The UK’s rarely discussed role in the development of early trance – often via tracks that touched on ambient techno and progressive house – is represented by the Obsession Project’s prototype melodic trance obscurity ‘Untitled Part 3’, the Arc’s fast-then-slow rework of The Moody Boyz ‘The Pygmy Song (Nocturnal Version)’ and ‘X O Surf’ from The Deep, a breakbeat-driven workout that defies easy categorization.

                                                                                                                        Naturally, the popularity of early trance in Europe is reflected in the track listing, too. Check the formative progressive trance of French producer Innertales’ ‘Odysee’, two tracks from Italy (T.E.W’s ‘Doubt Int’ and Alien Signal’s melodic ‘Deep Sky Delights’), and a trio of often overlooked cuts by German artists (early Svan Vath number ‘L’Esperanza’, the Jam El Mar co-produced ‘We Come in Piece (Desert Mix)’ by Dance 2 Trance, and ‘A Source’, the opening track from Tobias Beldermann’s first EP as Redeye.

                                                                                                                        Offering a deeper and more diverse definition of early trance than volume one and packed to the rafters with sought-after and overlooked gems, Planet Love 2 is a fitting follow-up to Safe Trip’s first collection of formative trance treats.

                                                                                                                        TRACK LISTING

                                                                                                                        Lazer Worshippers - Free Flight
                                                                                                                        Sven Väth - L'Esperanza (Single Edit)
                                                                                                                        Dance 2 Trance - We Came In Peace (Desert Mix)
                                                                                                                        Innertales - Odyssee
                                                                                                                        Alien Signal - Deep Sky Delights
                                                                                                                        Revelation - First Power (Domination Dub)
                                                                                                                        The Deep - X O Surf
                                                                                                                        The Moody Boyz - Pygmy Song (Nocturnal Version)
                                                                                                                        The Obsession Project - Untitled Part 3
                                                                                                                        Redeye - A Source
                                                                                                                        Moodswings - Time Warp
                                                                                                                        T.E.W. - Double Int

                                                                                                                        Favorite Recordings offshoot Stix Records is back with a full album of reggae cover versions of pop / funk / soul songs. This time round we get a selection of old favourites given a reggae-disco twist, along with four new and exclusive productions.

                                                                                                                        Many artists faithful to the stable of Favorite Recordings and its various sub-labels are invited for the occasion: The Dynamics, Blundetto, Grandmagneto, 7 Samurai, John Milk or Taggy Matcher. All came and brought their respective touch to this first compilation, with among other things some of the rarest titles from their Big Single Records’ years. Each of them delivers a great reggae-disco version of classic hits by some artists as diverse as Madonna, Herbie Hancock, Justin Timberlake, The Commodores, The O’Jays, Curtis Mayfield, Harry Nilsson or Sugarhill Gang.

                                                                                                                        TRACK LISTING

                                                                                                                        Side 1
                                                                                                                        1. Chameleon (Taggy Matcher Disco Mix) (4:46)
                                                                                                                        2. Money (7 Samurai Disco 12" Version) (5:05)
                                                                                                                        3. Music (The Dynamics Disco 7" Version) (4:45)
                                                                                                                        4. Brick House (Taggy Matcher Disco Mix) (4:14)
                                                                                                                        Side 2
                                                                                                                        1. Suit & Tie (John Milk Reggae Version) (4:29)
                                                                                                                        2. Everybody's Talkin (Blundetto & Grandmagneto Original 7" Version) (3:18)
                                                                                                                        3. Rapper's Delight (Taggy Matcher Dub Version) (3:36)
                                                                                                                        4. Move On Up (The Dynamics Original 7" Version) (4:55)
                                                                                                                        5. Saturday Night Fever (Grandmagneto Original 7" Version) (3:43)

                                                                                                                        Various Artists

                                                                                                                        Oop Boomp - Exotic Blues & Rhythm Vol 13

                                                                                                                          The Return of Blues & Rhythm, Popcorn, Exotica & Tittyshakers.

                                                                                                                          A brand new volume in the successfull Stag-O-Lee series titled Exotic Blues & Rhythm. Enjoy amazing and danceable tunes from the late 50s and early 60s - a handful of Popcorn dancefloor smashs, a few grinding Tittyshakers, awesome Rhythm & Blues - most of them with an exotic twist! 12 songs each on nice 10” vinyl.

                                                                                                                          Various Artists

                                                                                                                          Radio Cramps - 2022 Reissue

                                                                                                                            This release features the much talked about radio show of summer of 1984 that featured Lux Interior playing his favorites and obscure-sets 7" records while howling, buzzing and raving about them.

                                                                                                                            It includes such classic and influential stuff like The Frantics, Sparkles, Link Wray, Billy Strange, Mad Mike And The Maniacs, Vic Mizzy, One Way Streets, Swamp Rats... Deadly Ones, The Troggs and many more (up to a total of 28 tracks!)...

                                                                                                                            Absolutely entertaining and instructional especially by Lux' comments/noises between tracks.

                                                                                                                            More of Suburban Base's much needed repress campaign here as this crucial UK label revisits some of it's era-defining moments.

                                                                                                                            Shy FX's remix of Remarc's "In Da Hood", from 2005, is the quintessential jump-up bad boy. Farting B-line, rapid fire breaks and a stripped back, uncomplicated arrangement that occasionally blasts some ravaging amens into the mix as well; it cements that mid 00s, Digital Soundboy style with lashings of panache.

                                                                                                                            Dating back 10 years previous, is "Want You Now" remixed by DJ SS & E.Q.. Perfectly exemplifying the creative period between hardcore and jungle; the 4/4 energy jarring for attention amongst the rapid fire break beats and drum manipulation. This was the collective sound of the UK losings its shit across under motorway bridges, disused buildings and warehouse parties as the more glamorous side of dance music headed to the clubs.

                                                                                                                            On the flip drum and bass ambassadors Roni Size & Krust tear apart Boogie Times Tribe's "My Soul"; rolling out darkside breaks, tense soundscapes and drum patterns that sound like a a rickety old cart barely keeping on the rails on a lost Donkey Kong country level. Ridiculously ahead of its time when released in 1994, you can clearly see the evolution of what would becoming techstep or neurofunk in this track.

                                                                                                                            Finally. seeing things off with pure raggamuffin vibes is QBass featuring Skeng Gee and "Gun Connection" the M-Beat remix; with it holding an expansive history of collective dancefloor trigger fingers since its initial release in 1993.

                                                                                                                            Absolutely huge repress from Suburban Base!

                                                                                                                            STAFF COMMENTS

                                                                                                                            Matt says: Much needed repress of some of Suburban Base's most pivotal releases. Essential hardcore / jungle ruffage from one of the scene's leading stables.

                                                                                                                            TRACK LISTING

                                                                                                                            A1 Remarc - In Da Hood (Shy FX Remix)
                                                                                                                            A2 D'Cruze - Want You Now (DJ SS & E.Q. Remix)
                                                                                                                            B1 Boogie Times Tribe - My Soul (Roni Size & Krust Remix)
                                                                                                                            B2 QBass Featuring Skeng Gee - Gun Connection (M-Beat Remix)

                                                                                                                            Various Artists

                                                                                                                            Nice Swan Introduces Vol.1

                                                                                                                              Nice Swan Records announce the release of compilation LP ‘Nice Swan Introduces Vol.1’. 

                                                                                                                              Introducing a wave of new and exciting talent including the likes of Jelly Cleaver, Courting, Sprints, Hallan, Malady, Mandrake Handshake and Anorak Patch. 

                                                                                                                              The upcoming compilation solidifies Nice Swan’s growing status as one of the UK’s most reputable indie labels, with further signings and releases set to be announced in the coming weeks. 

                                                                                                                              Launched in 2016 by North West duo Pete Heywoode and Alex Edwards, Nice Swan’s initial aim to become a platform for discovering and nurturing new talent soon attracted widespread recognition, with the subsequent success of signees such as Sports Team, Pip Blom, FUR and Hotel Lux building momentum at an impressive rate. 

                                                                                                                              Instilled with a passion to push emerging artists on a monthly basis, ‘Vol.1’ marks the next stage of the cult indie label’s development. With several acts already becoming mainstays on the BBC Radio 1 / 6 Music airwaves and gaining extensive tastemaker approval, the compilation could not be arriving at a better time.

                                                                                                                              TRACK LISTING

                                                                                                                              1. Jelly Cleaver - Feeling Fine
                                                                                                                              2. Courting - David Byrnes Badside
                                                                                                                              3. Sprints - The Cheek
                                                                                                                              4. Hallan - Modern England
                                                                                                                              5. Malady - London, I Love You But You’re Bringing Me Down
                                                                                                                              6. Mandrake Handshake - Gonkulator
                                                                                                                              7. Anorak Patch - Irate
                                                                                                                              8. Jaws The Shark - Demon Dream
                                                                                                                              9. Opus Kink - Wild Bill
                                                                                                                              10. English Teacher - R&B

                                                                                                                              Various Artists

                                                                                                                              Luke Una Presents.... É Soul Cultura

                                                                                                                                With some of the best DJs and selectors there is a certain mysterious sound or underlying feeling which unites the music they play, regardless of genre, year or tempo. Luke Una is a master of telling a story through music and this compilation is a perfect example of his musical alchemy in action. Featuring tracks from Yusef Lateef, Airto Moreira, Crooked Man, Henri Texier and many more, it is a collection of new, old, rare and under-discovered music from around the world, all united by Luke under the banner of "E-Soul Cultura".

                                                                                                                                It's best described by Luke himself, who writes: "As the 5AM city sleeps and the strobe lights are slowly turned off, we gather on the wrong side of town in a transcendental journey alone together. We are the late night disenfranchised holding on in various after parties, flats, lofts, random kitchens and basements into the outer cosmos with É Soul Cultura. Music from exotic tear jerkers, Afro-spiritual jazz, cosmic Brazilian celestial grooves, machine street soul, dark horses, lost B-sides, £1 bargain-bin bombs, hidden gems, late night Italo dubbing, deep velvet N.Y.C garage, bass buggin sonic futurism, wrong speed 33BPM pitched up +8 new beat, majestic sunset strings, sweet vocals from heaven, no half steppin jazz dancing in outer-space and odd numbers. Yes… magical moments, together, holding on in witness protection suburban cul-de-sacs and Castle Court flats. Cosmic É high, 3000ft above the city getting evangelical to murky, wonky timeless beautiful music. This thing of ours dreaming of better days. Fail we may, sail we must, the sun will come up again." For anyone who has enjoyed his epic 5 hour shows on Worldwide FM, you know what to expect from the man who is Luke Una. Variety and quality all the way. 

                                                                                                                                STAFF COMMENTS

                                                                                                                                Barry says: One of Manchester's most well known DJ's and personalities brings his impeccable music taste and curation skills to stalwart label, Mr Bongo for a silky-smooth collection of crepuscular serenades, hazy dancefloor grooves and tropical bliss. A seamless, nuanced musical journey.

                                                                                                                                TRACK LISTING

                                                                                                                                1. Robson Jorge & Lincoln Olivetti – Eva
                                                                                                                                2. Chene Noir - Le Train
                                                                                                                                3. Metropolis - Every Time I See Him
                                                                                                                                4. The Brand New Heavies Featuring N'Dea Davenport – Stay This Way (The Lunar Dub)
                                                                                                                                5. Typesun - The P.L. (Extended Edit)
                                                                                                                                6. King Errisson - Space Queen
                                                                                                                                7. Yusef Lateef - Robot Man
                                                                                                                                8. Daniel Humair, Francois Jeanneau, Henri Texier - Le Cyclope
                                                                                                                                9. Airto Moreira - O Galho Da Roseira (The Branches Of The Rose Tree)
                                                                                                                                10. Francisco – Wache
                                                                                                                                11. Nar'Chiveol - Apocalypse Now Ho
                                                                                                                                12. On - Southern Freeez
                                                                                                                                13. Soylent Green - After All

                                                                                                                                Various Artists

                                                                                                                                Salutations (RSD22 EDITION)

                                                                                                                                  THIS IS A RECORD STORE DAY 2022 EXCLUSIVE, LIMITED TO ONE PER PERSON.

                                                                                                                                  An inaugural compilation of new music from RVNG Intl., Salutations observes and elevates the nature of meetings, greetings, group assemblies and exercises along the invisible plane created through correspondence. The question of how similar we are arises in the simple form of contact, and how we choose to embrace the potential of that moment and one another. Through correspondence, we connect, communicate, and form community. At first, correspondents with one another, and through the processes of collaboration and transmission, we correspond to parallel and intersecting collective cores. This eternal network, perhaps informed (consciously or subconsciously) by some celestial or spiritual force, becomes a portal to practice social responsibility and an access point to a wider, inclusive universe of information. In turn, the network becomes a human phenomenon, as well as a potent demonstration of art and collectivism. As the world hurts, heals, and evolves through change, having this network in place provides a vessel to and grow / glow beyond our corporeal state.

                                                                                                                                  Salutations features twelve pieces of new music from artists near and dear to RVNG's sphere, including Isik Kural, Satomimagae, vhvl, Visible Cloaks, Sign Libra, Dialect, Batu, Anna Homler, Diatom Deli, Emily A. Sprague, Rachika Nayar and Nina Keith, and Wayne Phoenix. The vinyl edition expands on the spirit of correspondence with poetry readings by Zoe Brezsny, Ivanna Baranova, Tessa Bolsover, Jessica Rae Elsaesser, and Luci· Hinojosa Gaxiola, assembled by Breszny and RVNG.

                                                                                                                                  Inspired in part by a collaboration with Adult Swim, the limited edition Record Store Day 2022 exclusive pressing on coke bottle clear vinyl also includes a printed insert and a high quality, multi-format digital download.

                                                                                                                                  Salutations features twelve pieces of new music from artists near and dear to the RVNG sphere, including Isik Kural, Satomimagae, vhvl, Visible Cloaks, Sign Libra, Dialect, Batu, Anna Homler, Diatom Deli, Emily A. Sprague, Rachika Nayar and Nina Keith, and Wayne Phoenix, interspersed with poetry readings by Zoe Brezsny, Ivanna Baranova, Tessa Bolsover, Jessica Rae Elsaesser, and Luci· Hinojosa Gaxiola.

                                                                                                                                  Limited edition Record Store Day exclusive pressing on coke bottle clear vinyl also includes a printed insert and a high quality, multi-format digital download.

                                                                                                                                  On behalf of Salutations, a portion of the proceeds from this release will benefit A.B.O. Comix, a collective of creators and activists who work to amplify the voices of LGBTQ prisoners through art, and link them with freeworld penpal

                                                                                                                                  Various Artists

                                                                                                                                  Soul Jazz Records Presents Punk 45: I'm A Mess! D-I-Y Or Die! Art, Trash & Neon - Punk 45s In The UK 1977-78 (RSD22 EDITION)

                                                                                                                                    THIS IS A RECORD STORE DAY 2022 EXCLUSIVE, LIMITED TO ONE PER PERSON.

                                                                                                                                    Soul Jazz Records are releasing PUNK 45: I'm A Mess, a new collection of punk and D-I-Y rare 45s from the UK, as a one-off pressing limited-edition double album with a bonus 45 exclusive for Record Store Day 2022.

                                                                                                                                    Various Artists

                                                                                                                                    The Wanderer - A Tribute To Jackie Leven (RSD22 EDITION)

                                                                                                                                      THIS IS A RECORD STORE DAY 2022 EXCLUSIVE, LIMITED TO ONE PER PERSON.

                                                                                                                                      Excluive vinyl version of the Sept 2021 released newly recorded tribute compilation to mar the 10th aniversary of the passing of the Scottish singer Jackie Leven.

                                                                                                                                      TRACK LISTING

                                                                                                                                      Empty In Soho Square (james Yorkston)
                                                                                                                                      Sick Harbour Lament (ralph Mctell & Graham Preskett)
                                                                                                                                      One Long Cold Morning (lou Dalgleish)
                                                                                                                                      The Garden (eliza Carthy With David Delarre)
                                                                                                                                      Edinburgh Winter Blues (ian Rankin With Dean Owens)
                                                                                                                                      The Working Man's Love Song (jeb Loy Nichols)
                                                                                                                                      A Little Voice In Space (boo Hewerdine)
                                                                                                                                      Honeymoon Hill (arksong)
                                                                                                                                      The Final Reel (michael Weston King)
                                                                                                                                      Universal Blue (deborah Greenwood)
                                                                                                                                      The Crazy Song (kathryn Williams)
                                                                                                                                      Main Travelled Roads (jinder)
                                                                                                                                      Standing In Another Man's Rain (andy White Feat. Stefan Hannigan)
                                                                                                                                      Elegy For Johnny Cash (dog House Roses)
                                                                                                                                      Paris Blues (henry Priestman)
                                                                                                                                      Farm Boy (johnny Dowd)
                                                                                                                                      The View From Shit Creek (mike Cosgrave)
                                                                                                                                      Classic Northern Diversions (tom Robinson)
                                                                                                                                      Just Like Jackie Leven (levi Henriksen & Babylon Badlands)
                                                                                                                                      More Than Human (the Membranes)
                                                                                                                                      Poortoun (rab Noakes)

                                                                                                                                      Various Artists

                                                                                                                                      Fabric Presents TSHA

                                                                                                                                        BBC Radio 1’s Breakthrough Artist Of The Year for 2021, TSHA’s DJ sets bring a bright future-faced energy, while also respecting vintage dancefloor sounds and a classic raver spirit.

                                                                                                                                        It’s a feeling she’s transported into creating her ‘fabric presents’ work that spans rave, ‘90s dance, house, techno, UKG, soul, grime, disco and bass music and includes her own exclusive ‘BOYZ’.

                                                                                                                                        It was the idea of acid house (see smiley artwork) and the idea of old skool rave culture plus the ethos around peace and love that inspired TSHA.

                                                                                                                                        Just as Bonobo gave her track ‘Sacred’ a platform on his fabric compilation so she introduces up-andcoming artists to her mix. They all echo the distinctly British club culture sound she wants to pay tribute to with this work.

                                                                                                                                        TRACK LISTING

                                                                                                                                        Soulful Behaviour - Get To Groove (Jazznotic Groove Mix - Ben Gomori's Bad Behaviour Edit) [Monologues Records]
                                                                                                                                        Stefan Seay Ft WILLYOUARENOT - Acid Kiss (MOOD Mix) [Cool Contest]
                                                                                                                                        Posthuman - You’re Mine (Mac & Ward Extended Remix) [Food Music]
                                                                                                                                        Conny - Song For Eva (Shan 3am Pump Mix) [Cold Tonic]
                                                                                                                                        Delicious Inc. - Eau De Chante’ (For Men) [Umm / Purple Music Inc.]
                                                                                                                                        Trax Unit - Get The Werk [Gyration Station]
                                                                                                                                        Jacques Greene - (Baby I Don’t Know) What You Want [Night Slugs]
                                                                                                                                        Granary 12 - Mancmania [Balkan Vinyl]
                                                                                                                                        Para - Naked [Para Beats]
                                                                                                                                        Jeran Portis - Unproven [fabric Records]
                                                                                                                                        UNCLE KNOWS - FLOCK [Wisdom Records]
                                                                                                                                        WK7 - The Higher (Hardcore PCK Mix) [Power House]
                                                                                                                                        Ryan Clover - Velvet Lace Dream State [fabric Records]
                                                                                                                                        Nowsm - Funny Lies (Edit) [Nowsm]
                                                                                                                                        Sally C - Downtown [Big Saldo's Chunkers]
                                                                                                                                        Nicolson - 1988 [fabric Records]
                                                                                                                                        TSHA - BOYZ [fabric Records]
                                                                                                                                        Gallegos- Sycophantic Maniac [Curving Track]
                                                                                                                                        Elkka - Harmonic Frequencies [Technicolour]
                                                                                                                                        Aspect - Norf [fabric Records]
                                                                                                                                        WTCHCRFT - Uhmm [Balkan Vinyl]
                                                                                                                                        Protect Ryan- Liam Features [HOMAGE Records]
                                                                                                                                        Undivulged - Moppie [Undivulged]
                                                                                                                                        Tom VR - Soared Straight Through Me (Kareem Ali Remix) [All My Thoughts]
                                                                                                                                        Mafro - Miss Me [Mafro]

                                                                                                                                        TSHA - BOYZ [fabric Records]
                                                                                                                                        Granary 12 - Mancmania [Balkan Vinyl]
                                                                                                                                        Stefan Seay Ft WILLYOUARENOT - Acid Kiss (MOOD Mix) [Cool Contest]
                                                                                                                                        Conny - Song For Eva (Shan 3AM Pump Mix) [Cold Tonic]
                                                                                                                                        Jeran Portis - Unproven [fabric Records]
                                                                                                                                        Ryan Clover - Velvet Lace [fabric Records]
                                                                                                                                        UNCLE KNOWS - FLOCK [Wisdom Records]
                                                                                                                                        Nicolson - 1988 [fabric Records]
                                                                                                                                        Jacques Greene - (Baby I Don’t Know) What You Want [Night Slugs]
                                                                                                                                        Gallegos - Sycophantic Manic [Curving Track]
                                                                                                                                        Aspect - Norf [fabric Records]
                                                                                                                                        Mafro - Miss Me [Mafro]

                                                                                                                                        Multi Culti seasonal balance series continues with Equinox II.

                                                                                                                                        The EP kicks off with a beautiful Balearic gem from Italian musician Umberto Vitiello paired up with the amazing Donato Dozzy. It’s a spellbinding journey, one sure to be cherished by Tuluminatti ‘ritual’ djs as well as authentic shamans around the world.

                                                                                                                                        Ofofo flies solo on the positively-ebullient ‘unlock the future,’ striking a rare note of lightness in its sublimely ethereal groove. Instant sunshine!

                                                                                                                                        Flip it over for the funky, badass bassy bounce of the mighty diegors, a name not heard enough since his glory days on early comeme. He’s back in top form and this one is an effortlessly cool slice of groove.

                                                                                                                                        Next up, Multi Culti wizard Nicola Cruz delivers a breaks mix of previous cult single Aima. It’s a wiggly modular fun-fest that showcases his endless evolutionary bloom as a super-producer.

                                                                                                                                        Finally, a brand new project from Brazil’s Philippi (of deewee and fatnotronic fame). Ubaruh is an anthem designed for Mexican nu-disco dancers. Pinche funky disco!

                                                                                                                                        STAFF COMMENTS

                                                                                                                                        Millie says: Multi Culti does it again with their second volume for the Equinox celebrations, a multitude of genres spanning from Shamanic-y cosmic disco, cool Balearic, bassy funk, house with a splash of wonky electronica. Pheeeew I *think* that covers it, basically something for everyone there.

                                                                                                                                        TRACK LISTING

                                                                                                                                        A1. Umberto Vitiello & Donato Dozzy – Peul (Dozzy Journey Remix)
                                                                                                                                        A2. Ofofo – Unlock The Future
                                                                                                                                        B1. Diegors – Lo Valledor
                                                                                                                                        B2. Nicola Cruz – Aima (Breaks Mix)
                                                                                                                                        B3. Ubaruh – Pinche Funky Disco

                                                                                                                                        Various Artists

                                                                                                                                        King Jammys Dancehall 1985-1989, Pt. 1

                                                                                                                                          The "Digital Revolution" occurred in the Jamaican music industry by a single rhythm called "Sleng Teng". The responsible person for the rhythm was King Jammy who was the owner and producer of the Jammys label. The label dominated the scene between 1985 and 1989, and released a vast number of material. Dub Store Records compiles the best of the 80's heavyweight Dancehall from the Jammys catalogue. The collection consists of "Disc One: Vocals & Deejays" and "Disc Two: Instrumental Dub Version". Each disc features popular songs and instrumental dub versions on the "Heavenless", "Love Punanny Bad" and "Far East" rhythms, among others. They also include rare collector's tunes like Anthony Johnson's 'Dancehall Vibes', and some of the tracks appear for the first time on CD format.

                                                                                                                                          TRACK LISTING

                                                                                                                                          1. Johnny Osbourne - In The Area (What A La La)
                                                                                                                                          2. Nitty Gritty - Good Morning Teacher
                                                                                                                                          3. Dennis Brown - The Exit
                                                                                                                                          4. Wayne Smith - My Lord My God
                                                                                                                                          5. Little Kirk - Don't Touch The Crack
                                                                                                                                          6. Wayne Smith - In Thing
                                                                                                                                          7. Wayne Smith - Icky All Over
                                                                                                                                          8. Tonto Irie - Life Story
                                                                                                                                          9. Chaka Demus - Original Kuff
                                                                                                                                          10. Chuck Turner - We Rule The Dancehall
                                                                                                                                          11. Robert Lee - Come Now
                                                                                                                                          12. Wayne Smith - E20
                                                                                                                                          13. Junior Murvin - Jack Slick
                                                                                                                                          14. Anthony Johnson - Dancehall Vibes
                                                                                                                                          15. Eccleton Jarrett - Rock Them One By One
                                                                                                                                          16. Robert Lee & Bunny General - Midnight Hour
                                                                                                                                          17. Red Dragon - Jam Down Posse
                                                                                                                                          18. Johnny Osbourne - We Gonna Rock It Tonight (Dub Plate Playing)
                                                                                                                                          19. Leslie Thunder - Ram Dance Man
                                                                                                                                          20. Robert Lee - Love Me Stylee
                                                                                                                                          21. King Jammys - In The Area (Version)
                                                                                                                                          22. King Jammys - The Exit (Version)
                                                                                                                                          23. King Jammys - Don't Touch The Crack (Version)
                                                                                                                                          24. King Jammys - In Thing (Version)
                                                                                                                                          25. King Jammys - Icky All Over (Version)
                                                                                                                                          26. King Jammys - We Rule The Dancehall (Version)
                                                                                                                                          27. King Jammys - Original Kuff (Version)
                                                                                                                                          28. King Jammys - Come Now (Version)
                                                                                                                                          29. King Jammys - E20 (Version)
                                                                                                                                          30. King Jammys - Jack Slick (Version)
                                                                                                                                          31. King Jammys - Rock Them One By One (Version)
                                                                                                                                          32. King Jammys - Midnight Hour (Version)
                                                                                                                                          33. King Jammys - Jam Down Posse (Version)
                                                                                                                                          34. King Jammys - We Gonna Rock It Tonight (Version)
                                                                                                                                          35. King Jammys - Love Me Stylee (Version)

                                                                                                                                          Various Artists

                                                                                                                                          Earthbeat (RSD22 EDITION)

                                                                                                                                            THIS IS A RECORD STORE DAY 2022 EXCLUSIVE, LIMITED TO ONE PER PERSON.

                                                                                                                                            30th Anniversary Edition of the iconic 1992 "Earthbeat" collection with much sought after tracks from the series of "Pulse" EPs and 12" singles by The Future Sound Of London under their many guises.

                                                                                                                                            This special limited to 1500 hand numbered edition comes in a gatefold sleeve with a unique centrefold featuring past artwork and images from the period of these classic, much sought after tracks and rare mixes. 

                                                                                                                                            TRACK LISTING

                                                                                                                                            Mental Cube “q” (original)
                                                                                                                                            Yage “quazi”
                                                                                                                                            Candese “you Took My Love” (earth Mix)
                                                                                                                                            Fsol “papua New Guinea” (dumb Child Of Q)
                                                                                                                                            Indo Tribe “owl”
                                                                                                                                            Semi Real “people Livin’ Today”
                                                                                                                                            Yage “theme From Hot Burst”
                                                                                                                                            Indo Tribe “shrink”
                                                                                                                                            Mental Cube “so This Is Love”
                                                                                                                                            Mental Cube “chile Of The Bass Generation”
                                                                                                                                            Smart Systems “tingler” (original)
                                                                                                                                            Yage “coda Coma”
                                                                                                                                            Indo Tribe “in The Mind Of A Child”
                                                                                                                                            Humanoid “stakker Humanoid” (coby ’94 Mix)
                                                                                                                                            Smart Systems “creator”
                                                                                                                                            Indo Tribe “bite The Bullet Baby”

                                                                                                                                            next 100

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                                                                                                                                            Yes, physical copies available July 1. Get your pre-orders in here 👇 @TheVintageCrop
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