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Hit + Run Presents Road Kill Vol 1

    Debut of the "Hit + Run Presents Road Kill" compilation series. Volume 1 includes 29 exclusive and unreleased tracks by the Los Angeles underground and beyond, available on a limited-edition digipak CD. We're talking beat builders, wonky-hoppers, hip hopers, down-beaters, electronica lovers and just, in the case of the Gaslamp Killer, bonkers mentalists.

    Previously only available digitally and on CD, the compilation features some of LA’s best and brightest, along with a whole host of artists from around the world - including J Rocc, the Gaslamp Killer, Ras G, Daedelus, Knxwledge, Mndsgn, Jeremiah Jae, Kutmah and many more - all contributing tracks unavailable anywhere else.


    1. The Gaslamp Killer - Bullet Shells In My Sneakers
    2. Mono/Poly - Crew
    3. Shash’U - Akira
    4. Matthewdavid - Funky Yelling
    5. Jeremiah Jae (feat. Isreal And Oliver The 2nd) - ShamWow
    6. Mestizo - Love Me Hard
    7. Mndsgn - Golf Shirt
    8. Computer Jay - The Opposing Turf
    9. N8No Face (feat. Zackey Force Funk) - Fame
    10. The Gaslamp Killer - Road Kill Interlude
    11. Ras G - Coto Loco
    12. Daedelus - If I Fail
    13. J.Rocc - Red Wing
    14. Knxwledge - Need Wun
    15. Seven Davis Jr. - Samurai
    16. Sweatson Klank - Little Time To Fly
    17. Kutmah + Tehbis - Griots
    18. Mr. Feeds - Ride To The Moon
    19. Bei Ru - Bekaa Valley Hash
    20. Zackey Force Funk - Birdz
    21. Kevin D. Mize - Better Late Than
    22. Thavius Beck – Noble Roble
    23. Alter - Calle Primera
    24. Eras - Bangoria
    25. Bobby Evans - Le Witt
    26. Subtitle - 555 + 333
    27. Biff Chitlins - Dulce
    28. Adventure Time - Kick It
    29. Zackey Force Funk (feat. Reggie Blount) - Where Buffalo Roam.

    Various Artists

    Strum & Thrum: The American Jangle Underground 1983-1987

      "Strum & Thrum: The American Jangle Underground 1983-1987 is the first volume of Captured Tracks’ new venture into compilations – Excavations. Dedicated to compiling forgotten music from the 1970s – 1990s that has a connection to Captured Tracks’ sound and aesthetic, this series will bridge the past to our current roster and showcase the kinds of sounds that inspire us. As an American label, we’ve often wondered why British, Aussie, and Kiwi indie rock from the ‘80s has had the most infuence on modern acts and the collector’s market. Outside of bands like R.E.M., the Rain Parade, the Dream Syndicate, and a few others, most of these bands received little attention from national or international press outlets and markets. The acts on this compilation have a true DiY spirit that lead many of these bands to self-record and self-release within tiny local scenes in small cities and college towns across America.

      Strum & Thrum aims to shed light on this forgotten era of jangly, melodic rock music that emerged from the ashes of post punk and helped kick start the indie rock boom of the early ‘90s that continues to this day. Indeed, many artists featured on Strum & Thrum went on to be part of this boom – Archer Prewitt from the Sea & Cake, Jon Ginoli from Pansy Division, Ric Menck from Velvet Crush, Brent Rademaker from Beachwood Sparks, Barbara Manning, and more went on to be in well known bands in the ‘90s. Spread across two LPs, Strum & Thrum includes an 80+ page booklet with an extensive oral history of the ‘80s indie scene, an introduction by Captured Tracks label head Mike Sniper, and tons of archival images and ephemera. Long live the jangle underground!"


      Disc 1:
      1. The Reverbs - Trusted Woods
      2. Start - Where I Want To Be
      3. Cyclones - I’m In Heaven
      4. Windbreakers - All That Stuff
      5. Primitons - All My Friends
      6. Bangtails - Patron Of The Arts
      7. The Love In - Late As Usual
      8. Sex Clark Five - She Collides With Me
      9. Three Hits - 5 O’Clock
      10. Crippled Pilgrims - Black And White (Alternate)
      11. Vandykes - Breakin My Heart
      12. Salem 66 - Seven Steps Down
      13. The Outnumbered - I Feel So Sorry Now
      14. The Darrows - Is It You

      Disc 2:
      15. Riff Doctors - Say Goodbye
      16. The Ferrets - She Was Unkind
      17. 28th Day - Pages Turn (Alternate)
      18. Great Plains - When Do You Say Hello?
      19. Downy Mildew - Purple Parlor
      20. The Strand - You And Me
      21. The White Sisters - Misery, Me, & You
      22. Absolute Grey - Remorse
      23. One Plus Two - Promise
      24. The Springfields - Sunflower
      25. Holiday - Change
      26. Pop Art - The Meeting
      27. The Reactions - Tomorrow’s Time Today
      28. A New Personality - Essential Things

      Barely a year old and already well-established, Shall Not Fade's bassier sublabel Time Is Now dishes up a plate of deliciously fresh forward beats, from slick R&B vocal pieces to tracks which pack a punch. The six-track compilation features familiar faces from previous releases, with some featuring artists new to the label.

      Freddie Baker, releasing under the moniker Bakey, got his first ever label release on Time Is Now last year and has been non-stop since, recently copping a spot on the Rinse FM Garage Hour. His offering for Allstars Vol.2 is a weighty stepper built on a growling bassline. "Dismantle" knocks you off your feet, luckily the second track (a collab between Interplanetary Criminal and Hypho) lays low in the intro before hitting you with a deep, wobbling drop, chopped up vocals skipping across the staccato rhythm. While relative newcomer Interplanetary Criminal (Zachary Bruce) has specialised in pretty upbeat garage, Hypho (Louis Richardson) has been experimenting on the bassier side of club music for nearly a decade, and his dubstep influence shines through in the depth of "Talbot Road". DJ Crisps - Julio Soewandi - closes out the A-side with a comparably bouncy "Ready Salted", dropping a warped bassline for added flavour. Soewandi is joined by South London singer-slash-producer Ell Murphy on "Arms Around", Murphy providing soulful vocals on a slightly dubbed out instrumental - Murphy, one half of UKG duo NITEWORK, lends a proper garage classic vibe to this one.

      Joining them on the B-side is London-based Mark Ramsey (AKA Yosh), just a month after the release of his debut EP on Time Is Now. "Over and Out" uses adventurous sound design to build a cheeky roller. Topping off the star-studded comp is Copenhagen's own Main Phase. Adam Schierbeck uses this alias to put out high-octane breakbeat garage and homages to the 90s rave - "Special Occasion" twists and contorts, its monumental bass and MC samples an ode to soundsystem culture.


      A1. Bakey - Dismantle
      A2. Interplanetary Criminal & Hypho - Talbot Road
      A3. DJ Crisps - Ready Salted
      B1. Yosh - Over And Out
      B2. DJ Crisps Feat. Ell Murphy - Arms Around
      B3. Main Phase - Special Occasion

      Finally Vol 10 , is here !!!

      Along with the Usuals Dawl and The He-Men, we bring you two new artists plus a new collaboration of previous artists.

      First Track comes from the one and only Dawl, The TDO co head honcho comes at cha with a techy, bleepy, detroity atmospheric stomper, This man is unstoppable with releases all the over place on so many labels, showing another side to his many musical talents, no breaks or electro but good solid techno bleeps , cracking first track.

      Next we have Escape Earth, this is the collaboration of bufo bufo and corporeal face. A duo to look out for. This is a real breakbeat stomper with great little samples and a killer bass line. taking it real dark and strong, get any floor moving, lovely melodic strings and pads really move this track, Love the pads in the breakdown of this really kicks.

      Track 3 welcomes new edition to the TDO family Kiddmisha, all the way from Kiev in the Ukraine. He has had many releases on latels such as Batti Batti , Fox Trax , Noneside and houseonwax. He also DJ’s all over the Ukraine. He brings us a quality little groove of a track, a great tool, that will keep any floor moving, kicks off with a lovely little break beat , then boom, in comes the bass, a real booty shaker, that will appeal to many different genres.

      We now have the B side , First track is from the Other head honcho of TDO Sween in his guise as The He-Men alongside good friend Danny Beck.

      This is a great dance floor workout track, kicking off with an electro break , with the usual stabs of FX that the He-Men love so much, them comes the big bass hook, a real electro feel, accompanied with the bleeps and explosions and vocal, this is a great atmospheric, floorfiller .

      Finally we a very exciting new edition to the TDO family . 22 year old Marino from Nantes in France. He is the co founder of Hyperfrequence records and party collective and also linked wit the 44tours record shop,label and parties. this man is a real talent for the future.

      His track is full on high energy Rave, starting with a killer break and time stretched vocal, he’s a real record digger and this shows in his track, As it kicks in massively with a real driving bass line and alarm bleep going throughout the track and that great familiar time stretched vocal, Breaks into some lovely deep strings before kicking back in with that driving pulsating bass line, a real great edition to TDO and Vol 10


      A1. Dawl - Into Andromeda
      A2. Escape Earth - Impact Event
      A3. Kiddmisha - Retrodance
      B1. The He-Men - Evolution 1
      B2. Marino - Rave Alarm

      Various Artists

      15 Years Of Hudd Traxx - Now & Then Part 2

        Celebrating a determined and ambitious 15 year tenure as Yorkshire’s chief
        bastion of deep house music, Hudd Trax enlist a who’s who from their gilded
        halls to contribute tunes for a special anniversary release. Split across two vinyl parts and an expansive digital release, it’s a pretty prestigious occasion featuring dance music legends Nightmares On Wax & Jovonn, long term label stalwarts Iron Curtis & JT Donaldson, and of course a track from label head Eddie Leader himself. Adding to the already weighty credentials are Agnès (releasing his first material since 2013), Berlin-via-Italy production duo Black Loops and, representing a new generation of signings for the label, Columbian producers DFRA and No Different.

        15 years on and we’re still drunk with excitement! Our roster’s expanded
        and sounds have evolved but that hedonistic house spirit is still our teacher!
        Here’s to another fifteen years, thanks to everyone who’s supported us along the way!


        Mark Hawkins - Chasing Paper
        Iron Curtis - Kerri On (Chandelier Dub)
        Agnès - Embryonic Connections
        Iron Curtis - Kerri On (Chandelier Dub)

        Various Artists

        15 Years Of Hudd Traxx - Now & Then Part 1

          Celebrating a determined and ambitious 15 year tenure as Yorkshire’s chief
          bastion of deep house music, Hudd Trax enlist a who’s who from their gilded
          halls to contribute tunes for a special anniversary release. Split across two vinyl parts and an expansive digital release, it’s a pretty prestigious occasion featuring dance music legends Nightmares On Wax & Jovonn, long term label stalwarts Iron Curtis & JT Donaldson, and of course a track from label head Eddie Leader himself. Adding to the already weighty credentials are Agnès (releasing his first material since 2013), Berlin-via-Italy production duo Black Loops and, representing a new generation of signings for the label, Columbian producers DFRA and No Different.

          15 years on and we’re still drunk with excitement! Our roster’s expanded
          and sounds have evolved but that hedonistic house spirit is still our teacher!
          Here’s to another fifteen years, thanks to everyone who’s supported us along the way!


          Black Loops - Forster Funk
          Nightmares On Wax - Authorpe Road
          Jovonn - The Avenue Brooklyn Bounce
          Eddie Leader - Fade Away

          Sandy Grooves Vol.1 is the debut compilation release from Boogie Bodega, a newly formed label based in Bali set up by Mexican Disco wizard Sould Out. Comprising of some of the most sought-after producers within the Disco & Edits scene of the last years, Sandy Grooves vol.1 tickles all the Disco senses with something for everyone. From laid back Balearic inspired incarnation to a more uptempo dance floor heaters, this comp focuses on the full spectrum of the Disco & Funk arena.

          Opening things up, “Easy Way To Groove'' could not have a better title for the music to match, it's a definite “does what it says on the tin” kind of vibe. Hotmood works his magic once again with this bass led stomper, tidy guitar licks and cinematic string section that’s sure to get butts off seats and wiggling

          Stepping up next, New York’s Razor N Tape boss JKriv fires off with his atmospheric builder “Sunshine”; a slice of filtered, loopy Disco House goodness with progressive percussive elements.

          On the B side, Disco Deviance Pete Herbert & Dicky Trisco compliment the more downtempo offering of this selection with a dubbed-out guitar laden trance inducing gem that is sure to spin a few heads. Following that, Igor Gonya’s “Habibidisco” holds its place as a romantic vocal Disco funk journey through Arabia with plenty of energy - another one for the dancefloor crew.

          Finally, “Keep You Burning” by Clean Is Good is a mid-tempo swinger that’s sure to heat up the listeners ears. Sleek, smooth vocals, classic disco beat and undeniable funky guitar - I dare you not to groove to this one!


          A1. Hotmood - Easy Way To Groove
          A2. Jkriv - Sunshine
          B1. Pete Herbert & Dicky Trisco - Summertime Dub
          B2. Igor Gonya - Habibidisco
          B3. Clean Is Good - Keep You Burning

          Various Artists

          Rare Wiri 100th Feat. DJ Rocca, Eric Duncan, Mushrooms Project, Rayko

          After 12 years in the game, Spanish nu-disco stable have reached the 100-release milestone, and they're celebrating with this vinyl sampler of the digital compilation. Includes 4 cuts by Dj Rocca, Eric Duncan, Mushrooms Project, and Rayko, putting the emphasis on heavily electronic grooves with a dark and leftfield twist.


          A1. DJ Rocca - Mausy
          A2. Eric Duncan - Suan Wu
          B1. Mushrooms Project - A Wicked Draw
          B2. Rayko - Space Trip

          The Sofrito crew return with four more tropical bangers to heat up the dancefloor! For the label's fifth outing they join forces with Joining forces with the talented Tropical Treats outfit from Sweden, who you'll remember from the ace "Afrikan Rhythms" 12″ on GAMM in 2009. The "Tropical Soundclash EP" covers raw Afro-funk, heavy cumbia, Caribbean disco and hot carnival rhythms, perfect for your Tropical Discotheque! On side A "Rift Valley Groove" is a wicked piece of Afro-funk, while "Cumbia Colombiana" features a heavy percussive rhythm and blasting horns. Side B opens with the speedy carnival drumming and call-and-response vocal of "Ca Ca Yé" - perfect for a mood change on the dancefloor - with "Tabou For The People" bringing up the rear in Afro-disco style, all played live.


          A Side:
          Rift Valley Groove (Tropical Treats Edit)
          Cumbia Colombiana (Tropical Treats Edit)

          B Side:
          Ca Ca Yé (Frankie Francis Edit)
          Tabou For The People (Sofrito Edit Feat. L. Barrabas)

          Various Artists

          MM DISCOS 01

            MM Discos originally emerges from the passion of two friends who share the same fondness for records made just of vinyl, after years spent hunting, collecting and spinning them. This is driven by the intention of bringing to light the work of talented newcomer artists.

            MM Discos is born with no musical prejudices whatsoever but undoubtedly influenced by a certain mix of genres in which one can identify, among others, Disco, Synth-Pop and Italo.

            Our first track is a groovy Edit, produced back-to-back by notorious Akirahawks, Capo di Tutti I capi of the Berlin scene and House Mannequin's frontman, and Enzino, responsible of his own editions at Encino's Rec. and one of the most significant representatives of the Balearic sound around the world.

            The second cut is brought to you by the enigmatic MSMCI, who has masterfully deployed all his skills to put together a killer House track drizzled with soft-spoken vocals that carries the listener to an evocative world of Daiquiris, palm trees and girls in bikini.

            On the B-side, Marvin & Guy coming hard after a series of successes on Hivern Discs and Young Adults, combining Synth-pop and Italo crystalising in a Nordic 80's-influenced Edit ready to rock the dance floor.

            And last but not least the ultimate Edit produced by Just John. The ineffable producer from JohnWaynes, well known for his works for Mule Music, Endless Flight and Let's Play House, delivers an inspired self-righteous hymn for Italo Disco ready to become and instant cult classic.

            TRACK LISTING

            A1. Enzino's Vs Akirahawks - House Fever
            A2. MSMCI - Superstition Ain't The Mix
            B1. Marvin & Guy - PJB
            B2. Unknown Artist - Xaipao (Just John Transit Remix)

            Emotions Electric with the first Various EP for the label. Strong quality selection of deep soulful Detroit influenced techno tracks from some of the finest underground producers, artwork hand painted by Abdul Haqq / Third Earth. Highly recommended!

            TRACK LISTING

            A1. Reedale Rise - Larial
            A2. Zuleta - Where
            B1. Derek Carr - Outer Rim Project
            B2. John Shima - Programmed Reality

            Various Artists

            The Men In The Glass Booth: Part 1

              In May 1976 a record was released that would have an unforeseen and lasting impact on the music industry “Ten Percent” by Double Exposure was an early release on the New York independent label Salsoul Records. America was in the grip of a disco explosion with new clubs opening on a weekly basis; Salsoul saw what was happening and swiftly created a sound for their label, heavily influenced by the music then coming out of Philadelphia, aimed directly at New York’s dance-floors. Records like “Salsoul Hustle,” “Tangerine” and “You’re Just The Right Size” by The Salsoul Orchestra borrowed heavily from the beautifully orchestrated Philadelphia International records but added a more percussive, bass heavy depth that New York’s DJs loved. So what was so special about this particular single then? Double Exposure was, after all, just another band, “Ten Percent” just another song; one of many “disco” records released that week. First of all Salsoul became the first record label to make a twelve inch single available to Joe Public - the exotic format was previously only available to DJs as promotional items or bought under the counter at certain record stores. Not only that though, the extended version was created by Walter Gibbons, a DJ at New York’s Galaxy 21 who’d built his reputation making exclusive versions of tracks to play in his sets.

              In 1976 it was unheard of for a DJ to set foot in a recording studio, being seen as little more than living jukeboxes by the serious music industry. Recording studios were strictly the domain of recording artists and producers so Walter found himself in a unique position, gaining access to a world no DJ had been granted before.

              Or so we thought...
              The Men In The Glass Booth tells the full story. Featuring ground breaking re-edits and remixes by some of the Disco era's most influential DJs including Walter Gibbons, Bobby DJ Guttadaro, Tom Savarese, Jellybean Benitez, Tee Scott and John Luongo, this opulent release also includes a 40 page book which features exclusive photos and insights from some of the story's key figures.

              STAFF COMMENTS

              says: BBE answer the prayers of all us non-millionaire disco fans, taking us on a journey through the alternative 12" history via this exhaustive collection of acetates and DJ edits. Mega!

              Italo-Disco, (at times abbreviated as Italo) is a music genre which originated in Italy and was mainly produced from the late 1970s to the late 1980s. The origin strongly tied to marketing efforts of the ZYX record label, which began licensing and marketing the music outside Italy in 1982. The genre faded in the early 1990s. Italo disco evolved from the then-current dance music (including hi-NRG) and developed into a diverse genre. The genre employs drum machines, synthesizers, occasionally vocoders and usually sung in English. This compilation contains some of the long lost tracks of the genre restored for the first time on CD. Vivien Vee "Remember" and Capricorn "I Need Love," are early work by Italian pioneer Claudio Simonetti (Goblin). All tracks digitally remastered along with its booklet, the original artwork and the original recording and extended versions.

              TRACK LISTING

              1. Mr Flagio - Take A Chance
              2. My Mine - Hypnotic Tango
              3. Clio - Faces
              4. Charlie - Spacer Woman
              5. Capricorn - I Need Love
              6. Wet - That’s The Game
              7. Doctor’s Cat - Feel The Drive
              8. Wish Key - Orient Express
              9. P Lion - Happy Children
              10. Vivien Vee - Remember

              Gentrified Underground presents an interdisciplinary project tackling the sonic fiction & afrofuturism of Drexciya.
              2x12", Cover by Abdul Qadim Haqq, 56 Page Bubble Chamber booklet included!

              2x12", Cover by Abdul Qadim Haqq, 56 Page Bubble Chamber booklet included!

              Gentrified Underground presents an interdisciplinary project tackling the sonic fiction & afrofuturism of Drexciya.

              Thought as an extension to the Bubble Chamber exhibition happening at Mikro & UP STATE Zürich, GU releases a 2x12 vinyl compilation and a booklet with contributions by Abdul Qadim Haqq, Charlie Mills, chukwumaa, Dominiqueh White, Gentrified Underground, Maïté Chéniere and tracks by Xor Gate (Gerald Donald), Shawescape Renegade, DJ Dijital, Plant43, The Exaltics, Kuldaboli, Iko, Tom Ware, Luz1e and Sansibar.

              The goal of this compilation is to showcase the reach and influence which Drexciya had on generations of electronic music producers while linking them together with compositorial predecessors from the early 80s. The musical timeline of the compilation starts from 1982 and reaches its contemporary end in 2019.

              The 56 pages booklet contains unseen and unreleased Drexciyan drafts by Abdul Qadim Haqq, an interview between him and GU, contemporary art contributions by chukwumaa, Dominiqueh White and Maïté Chéniere and an academic essay by Charlie Mills.

              "More than twenty years after their first release, the sonic fictions produced by Drexciya, the Detroit based electronic duo founded by James Stinson and Gerald Donald at the start of the 1990s, continues to enthral contemporary cultural practitioners. By reimagining the Transatlantic Slave Trade as a fiction of enforced mutation, the Drexciya mythos opened, and continues to open, a speculative space for the reimagining of the posthuman condition, and for questions of becoming, origin and mutation in relation to capitalism, finance and futurity." - Kodwo Eshun

              STAFF COMMENTS

              says: A ridiculously exciting and comprehensive look at the influence Drexciya has had on electronic music since their inception in the mid 90's through to the present day. Includes gorgeous looking booklet and all sorts of exciting archival gems. An essential piece for any electronic fans.

              TRACK LISTING

              A1. Xor Gate - Hyperbola
              A2. Shawescape Renegade - Soldiers Of Electro
              A3. DJ Dijital - I Am Morpheus
              B1. Plant43 - Evapotranspiration
              B2. The Exaltics - Don´t Ask Me Why
              B3. Kuldaboli- Draumur Inní Heilann þinn
              C1. Iko - Approach On Tokyo
              C2. Tom Ware - Take Time To Hurry
              C3. Kuldaboli - Beygluð Sál
              D1. Luz1e – Transvision
              D2. Sansibar - Cyberdine Systems

              **Import item!! {DETROIT}

              - Strictly pre-orders only!

              - Limited copies!

              TRACK LISTING

              A1. Marcellus Pittman - Everybody Party
              A2. Javontte - Late Night Love
              A3. Rick Wilhite And Delano Smith Ft Jon Dixon - Neo Solaris
              B1. Rick Wilhite And Delano Smith - 11 Minutes Of Funk
              B2. Jon Dixon - Belle Isle Bounce
              C1. Norm Talley - Dreaming In Detroit
              C2. Gerald Mitchell AKA Soul Saver - KAORI
              D1. Kenny Dixon Jnr - I'm Goin Black
              D2. Delano Smith - Hot Lovely Relations
              E1. Omar S. - VAT 69 (Godson Mix)
              F1. Rick Wilhite And Delano Smith - Pipe Putta 

              Various Artists

              Pop Psychédélique (The Best Of French Psychedelic Pop 1964-2019)

                French Pop - music so effortlessly cool and hip you can’t help but fall in love, Psychedelia - fuzzy dance floor music to lose yourself too. Put the two together and you have an intoxicating mix that is so lush and so perfect, and a sound that has helped soundtrack recent hit TV series such as The Queens Gambit, Killing Eve and The Serpent.

                ‘Pop Psychedelique’ (released on Two-Piers) brings together the early pioneers and superstars of the French Pop sound - Serge Gainsbourg, Brigitte Bardot, with the darlings of the 60’ scene - Frances Gall, Gillian Hills, Jacqueline Taieb.

                Add in the more recent French Psych sounds of L’Epee and The Liminanas (both tracks used in Killing Eve), the haunting sound of Fabienne DelSol, the 60s Parisien cool of Anna Karina, the Freak Beat Psychedelic Rock of Les 5 Gentlemen, the dance floor joy of Charlotte Leslie’s Franco cover of The Capitols soul classic, the eccentric ear worm of ‘Les Cornichons’ by Nino Ferrer, and the sheer Moog pop brilliance of ‘E.V.A’ by Jean Jacques-Perrey.

                Finish off with Stereolab’s take on French pop on ‘Cybele’s Reverie', Air, one of the most influential electronic bands of 2000s, go synth psych pop on ‘Don’t Be Light’ and Pierre Henry’s epic Big-Beat anthem ‘Psyche Rock’ rounds things off perfectly - Pop Psychedelique - pure joy!

                TRACK LISTING

                A1 Contact - Brigitte Bardot
                A2 Tut Tut Tut Tut - Gillian Hills
                A3 Laisse Tomber Les Filles - France Gall
                A4 7AM - Jacqueline Taieb
                A5 I’m Gonna Haunt You - Fabienne DelSol
                A6 Si Tu Reviens Chez Moi - Les 5 Gentlemen
                B1 Roller Girl - Comedie Musicale ‘Anna’ - Anna Karina
                B2 Migas 2000 - The Liminanas
                B3 Dreams - L’Epee
                B4 Les Cornichons - Nino Ferrer
                B5 Harley Davidson - Brigitte Bardot
                B6 Poupee De Cire Poupée De Son - France Gall
                C1 Une Filles C’est Fait Pour Faire L’amour - Charlotte Leslie
                C2 La Fille A La Moto - Dani
                C3 Tu Fais Partie Du Passe - Zouzou
                C4 Requiem Pour Un C… - BOF “Le Pacha” - Serge Gainsbourg
                C5 E.V.A - Jean-Jacques Perrey
                D1 Cybele’s Reverie - Stereolab
                D2 Don’t Be Light - Air
                D3 Psyche Rock (Malpaso Mix By Fatboy Slim) - Pierre Henry 

                Various Artists

                Somewhere Between: Mutant Pop, Electronic Minimalism & Shadow Sounds Of Japan 1980-1988

                  Somewhere Between: Mutant Pop, Electronic Minimalism & Shadow Sounds of Japan 1980–1988 hovers vibe–wise between two distinct poles within Light In The Attic’s acclaimed Japan Archival Series—Kankyō Ongaku: Japanese Ambient, Environmental & New Age Music 1980–1990 and Pacific Breeze: Japanese City Pop, AOR & Boogie 1976–1986. All three albums showcase recordings produced during Japan’s soaring bubble economy of the 1980s, an era in which aesthetic visions and consumerism merged. Music echoed the nation’s prosperity and with financial abundance came the luxury to dream.

                  Sonically, Somewhere Between mines the midpoint between Kankyō Ongaku’s sparkling atmospherics and Pacific Breeze’s metropolitan boogie. The compilation encompasses ambient pop, underground electronics, liminal minimalism and shadow sounds—all descriptors emphasizing the hazy nature of the nebula. Out–of–focus rhythms wear ethereal accoutrements, ballads are shrouded in static, and angular drums snake skyward on transcendent tones. From the Avant–minimalism of Mkwaju Ensemble and Yoshio Ojima, to the leftfield techno-pop of Mishio Ogawa and Noriko Miyamoto (featuring members of YMO), and highlights from the groundbreaking Osaka underground label Vanity Records, these are blurry constellations defying collective categorization.

                  These tracks also exist in a space of transition when the major label grip on the Japanese recording market began to give way to the escalation of independents. Thanks to the idyllic economic climate and innovations in domestically–manufactured music gear, creators on the edges were empowered to focus on satisfying their artistic visions in the open headspace of home studios. While labels like Warner Music and Nippon Columbia explored new sounds through traditional channels, it was possible for Vanity, Balcony and other indie labels, not to mention self–released artists like Ojima and Naoki Asai, to publish their work via affordable media such as cassettes, 7" vinyl, and flexi–discs.

                  Expertly curated by Yosuke Kitazawa and Mark “Frosty” McNeill (dublab), Somewhere Between is a collection of music, much of it released for the first time outside Japan, that is bound more by energetic vibration than shared history, genre or scene. They are the sounds of transition and searching—a celebration of the freedom found in floating.

                  TRACK LISTING

                  Noriko Miyamoto - Arrows & Eyes
                  Mishio Ogawa - Hikari No Ito Kin No Ito
                  Yoshio Ojima - Days Man
                  Mkwaju Ensemble - Tira-Rin
                  R.N.A-ORGANISM - WEIMAR 22
                  Naoki Asai - Yakan Hikou
                  Takami Hasegawa - Koneko To Watashi
                  Mammy - Mizu No Naka No Himitsu
                  Dip In The Pool - Hasu No Enishi
                  Wha Ha Ha - Akatere
                  D-Day - Sweet Sultan
                  Perfect Mother - Dark Disco-Da·Da·Da·Da·Run
                  Neo Museum - Area
                  Sonoko - Wedding With God (À Nijinski)

                  Various Artists

                  Electric Jesus (Music From And Inspired By The Motion Picture)

                    During the mid-1980s heavy metal music was under attack on multiple fronts. Tipper Gore's Parents Music Resource Center (PMRC) was fighting metal in the halls of congress, while Christian evangelists like Bob Larson waged war on the music from the pulpit. Their messaging was effective, convincing some parents that metal music would turn their children into sex-crazed, suicidal satanists. Metal records were forbidden in households across the United States, creating space for the rise of a new market within the music industry. It was in the midst of this culture war that Christian metal emerged in American popular culture.

                    The Los Angeles-based band Stryper became the face of Christian metal when their 1986 album To Hell with the Devil went platinum, earning the band Grammy nominations, and regular rotation on MTV. Stryper's unprecedented success inspired a generation of young Christian metalheads. Electric Jesus tells the story of one of those groups, a fictional teenage Christian metal band called 316. Set in 1986, the film offers an affectionate look at '80s Christian youth culture as it documents 316's journey from playing bible camp talent shows and church lock-ins, to performing at Christian music festivals and hardcore metal nightclubs. Any decent fictional rock biopic requires a convincing soundtrack, and Electric Jesus' director Chris White found the perfect collaborator in Daniel Smith. Smith is a prolific figure in indie rock, having worked under the Danielson moniker (and its variations- Danielson Famile, Brother Danielson) over the past two decades. Smith is known for his highly unique vocal style, which is characterized by the frequent use of a screeching falsetto. Serendipitously, this sound overlaps perfectly with the screaming falsetto vocals of hair metal. Smith also brings a nuanced sensitivity to the film's source material. His father is a prominent Christian music songwriter, and Smith's own work carries a deeply spiritual perspective. Smith's experience brings a credible authenticity to the project. While the lyrics were handled by director Chris White, Smith composed, or co-composed all of 316's original music and the results are spot-on. While composing for Electric Jesus, Smith immersed himself in the hair metal music of his youth, binge-listening to a steady rotation of bands like Ratt, Twisted Sister, and Motley Crew.

                    In addition to the music of 316, the Electric Jesus soundtrack features new material from Smith's Danielson projects featuring four new proper Danielson songs (including the fantastic sunshine pop of Danielson's Beach Boys-influenced "You Can Fly"), plus a track from Steve Taylor & the Danielson Foil, and instrumental score by Smith's "Familyre Friends". The soundtrack also contains music Smith composed for 316's black metal rivals Satan's Clutch, and Bloody Mass. But it's the music of 316 that forms the centerpiece of this 21 track release. All of 316's songs are expertly voiced by actor Wyatt Lenhart, who is also the onscreen frontman of 316. The chemistry of this ensemble is best experienced on the album's lead single, 316's hilariously bombastic "Commando For Christ" one of the most brilliant send-ups of metal music since This Is Spinal Tap. The magic of what Smith and his crew have done here is to create a set of music that speaks to all of these responses. They clearly understand the inherent absurdities of hair metal, while also conveying a sincere affinity for the style.

                    TRACK LISTING

                    1 316 - Commando For Christ
                    2 Danielson - You Can Fly
                    3 Familyre Friends - Vacation Bible Bop
                    4 Bloody Mass – Love
                    5 Danielson - Passing Through The Wall Of Flame
                    6 316 – Barabbas
                    7 Danielson - Heavenly Metal
                    8 Familyre Friends - Do The Barabbas!
                    9 Soul Exhumation - Beat You Off
                    10 Familyre Friends - Arcade Reigns
                    11 316 - Love Comes Down
                    12 316 - Girl (I Love Jesus Too)
                    13 Sarah Wember & 316 - This World Is Not My Home
                    14 Familyre Friends - Have You Ever Had A Girlfriend?
                    15 Satan's Clutch - All Hail Hell
                    16 Joy Explosion - We Just
                    17 Steve Taylor & The Danielson Foil - Ecstatic Delight
                    18 Danielson - Come And Save Me
                    19 316 - Makes Me Wanna Sing
                    20 Familyre Friends - We All Went Commando
                    21 Fleming & John - Don't Toss Us Away

                    Various Artists

                    Bills & Aches & Blues (40 Years Of 4AD)

                      In 2020, 4AD turned 40. Never one to be on time for a party, the label is commemorating that landmark this year with the release of Bills & Aches & Blues.

                      The compilation features 18 of its current artists covering a song of their choosing from 4AD’s past: a creative experiment rooted in the spirit of collaboration and a snapshot of 4AD, 41 years after its inception.

                      Bills & Aches & Blues will be released on double LP and double CD on 23rd July. The first 12 months’ profits from Bills & Aches & Blues will be donated to The Harmony Project, a Los Angeles-based after-school programme for children from communities and schools that lack equitable access to studying the arts or music.

                      Bills & Aches & Blues’ 18 recordings contain fascinating connections between artist and track. The earliest song chosen (by U.S. Girls) is The Birthday Party’s ‘Junkyard’, from 1981; the most recent are the two Grimes covers (‘Genesis’ and ‘Oblivion’, respectively by Spencer. and Dry Cleaning) from 2012. Suitably, for the one band that bridges 4AD past and present, The Breeders are all over Bills And Aches And Blues. They’re covered three times – ‘Cannonball’ by Tune-Yards, ‘Mountain Battles’ by Bradford Cox of Deerhunter and ‘Off You’ by Big Thief, whilst The Breeders cover ‘The Dirt Eaters’ by their ‘90s contemporaries His Name Is Alive.

                      Landmark songs such as ‘Cannonball’, ‘Song To The Siren’ and Pixies’ ‘Where is My Mind?’, will feel comfortable to casual fans, however by contrast, much joy can be found in the album’s surprise choices, such as Air Miami’s ‘Seabird’ and the Lush B-side ‘Sunbathing’, covered respectively by new signings Maria Somerville and Jenny Hval.

                      Bills & Aches & Blues is named, arguably (as Elizabeth Fraser never published the lyrics) after the opening line of Cocteau Twins ‘Cherry-Coloured Funk’. Perhaps too unique and uncoverable in their own right, their legendary take on Tim Buckley’s ‘Song To The Siren’, under the name This Mortal Coil (along with Buckley’s pre-Starsailor acoustic version) informs SOHN’s cover.

                      Some tracks unearth hitherto hidden shared DNA, such as Future Islands’ and Colourbox’s ‘The Moon Is Blue’; other tracks are more akin to reinvention. Aldous Harding distils the melodic essence of Deerhunter’s ‘Revival’ and recasts it in her own uncanny image. U.S. Girls’ future-disco ‘Junkyard’ and Bing & Ruth’s neo-classical instrumental ‘Gigantic’ are even more radical interpretations. Leading off the album, Tkay Maidza brings both her Art Rap and R&B game, but also an unexpected ‘80s synth pop template, to Pixies’ ‘Where Is My Mind?’, a perfect title for these chaotic times.

                      TRACK LISTING

                      Side 1:
                      01 Tkay Maidza Where Is My Mind? (Pixies)
                      02 U.S. Girls Junkyard (The Birthday Party)
                      03 Aldous Harding Revival (Deerhunter)
                      04 The Breeders Dirt Eaters (His Name Is Alive)
                      05 Maria Somerville Seabird (Air Miami)

                      Side 2:
                      06 Tune-Yards Cannonball (The Breeders)
                      07 Spencer. Genesis (Grimes)
                      08 Helado Negro Futurism (Deerhunter)
                      09 Efterklang Postal (Piano Magic)
                      10 Bing And Ruth Gigantic (Pixies)

                      Side 3:
                      11 Future Islands The Moon Is Blue (Colourbox)
                      12 Jenny Hval Sunbathing (Lush)
                      13 Dry Cleaning Oblivion (Grimes)
                      14 Bradford Cox Mountain Battles (Breeders)

                      Side 4:
                      15 SOHN Song To The Siren (Tim Buckley)
                      16 Becky And The Birds The Wolves Act I And II (Bon Iver)
                      17 Ex:Re Misery Is A Butterfly (Blonde Redhead)
                      18 Big Thief Off You (The Breeders)

                      Various Artists

                      Too Slow To Disco Presents Yacht Soul - The Cover Versions

                        TSTD returns with another trip into the musical past of the sundrenched Westcoast: This time DJ Supermarkt unearthed 16 Soul & Funk versions of original Westcoast/AOR/Yachtpop gems. You can find tracks originally performed by Fleetwood Mac, The Doobie Brothers, Hall & Oates, Steely Dan, Wings covered by big Soul & Funk legends like Aretha Franklin, Chaka Khan, Quincy Jones, Brothers Johnson and more. Most of the tracks have been recorded in the late 70s/early 80s, but failed to become big hits and fell under the radar. Like Chaka Khan doing a seriously funky version of Fleetwood Mac’s „Everywhere“ (from an unreleased album recording), next to obscure reworks like Leslie Smith’s version of „Nothin’ You Can Do About It“ by the overlooked Airplay (Jay Graydon and David Foster). There are especially surprising versions here, like Millie Jackson’s gospel-like rendering of „This Is It“ by Kenny Loggins/Michael McDonald, or Billy Paul’s „Black Power“-influenced version of Paul McCartney/Wings’ „Let Em In“ and the rare cover of The Beach Boys’ „God Only Knows“ by Betty Everett. Overall another TSTD collection of smooth, sunny, extremely soulful and funky tracks, that needed to be dug-out to be heard again. This is Bottled Sunshine!

                        TRACK LISTING

                        A1. The Main Ingredient – Summer Breeze (Seals & Croft)
                        A2. Dee Dee Bridgewater – He’S Gone (Hall & Oates)
                        A3. Tavares – I Hope You’Ll Be Very Unhappy Without Me (Bill Labounty)
                        A4. Betty Everett – God Only Knows (Beach Boys)
                        B1. The Ebonys – A Love Of Your Own (Ned Doheny)
                        B2. Pointer Sisters – Dirty Work (Steely Dan)
                        B3. Leslie Smith – Nothin’ You Can Do About It (Airplay)
                        B4. The Brothers Johnson – In The Way (Jeff Porcaro/Toto)
                        C1. Greg Phillinganes – Lazy Nina (Donald Fagen)
                        C2. Peabo Bryson – Minute By Minute (Doobie Brothers)
                        C3. Chaka Khan – Everywhere (Fleetwood Mac)
                        C4. Aretha Franklin – What A Fool Believes (Doobie Brothers)
                        D1. Billy Paul – Let ‘Em In (Wings)
                        D2. Side Effect – Georgy Porgy (Toto)
                        D3. Quincy Jones – Takin’ It To The Streets (Doobie Brothers)
                        D4. Millie Jackson – This Is It (Kenny Loggins & Michael Mcdonald)

                        Various Artists

                        Fabric Presents Overmono

                          Following on from the success of their recent Everything You Need and Pieces of 8 / Echo Rush EPs, Ed and Tom Russel curate a mix for 'fabric presents' that takes in dubstep, dnb, techno and the experimental end of electronica. Spoken word features from Benjamin Zephaniah, Foremost Poets and the poetic lyrics of For Those I Love’s ‘I Have A Love’ make this a bold, upbeat, emotionally-moving, post-lockdown dancefloor comp. Inclusions of Orca’s classic ‘Intellect’ plus Artwork’s iconic white label ‘The Soul’ show the level of influence the brothers have in the scene. The eight full length tracks picked for double vinyl with download card include the unreleased ‘Fourth Dimensional’ by Blawan, their own compilation-exclusive ‘If U Ever’ and fresh tracks from LCY and Powder.

                          TRACK LISTING

                          1 Overmono - So U Kno
                          2 Artwork - The Soul
                          3 Foremost Poets - MoonRaker
                          3 Milanese - Billy Hologram
                          4 Antonio - Hyperfunk
                          5 Overmono - If U Ever
                          6 DJ Zank - Pegassans
                          7 Surgeon & James Ruskin - Sound Pressure Part 3
                          8 Holy Ghost - 4AM At The Crying Cactus
                          9 L.B. Dub Corp - I Have A Dream Ft. Benjamin Zephaniah
                          10 Plastikman - Fuk [Plus 8 Records]
                          11 For Those I Love - I Have A Love (Overmono Remix)
                          12 DJ Misjah - Victim
                          13 Powder - Lost Of Light
                          14 Overmono - BMW Track
                          15 LCY - Shhh
                          16 Vex'd - Pop Pop
                          17 Robert Fleck - Bromine
                          18 Anz - Morphing Into Brighter
                          19 Actress - Caves Of Paradise
                          20 Remarc - Thunderclap (Dubplate Mix)
                          21 Equiknoxx - A Rabbit Spoke To Me When I Woke Up
                          22 Ed Rush & Optical - Bacteria
                          23 Orca - Intellect
                          24 Smith & Mighty - Film Score
                          25 Blawan - Fourth Dimensional
                          26 Roy Of The Ravers - Erolfa
                          27 Sockethead - When I Close My Eyes I See Paint
                          28 1995 Epilepsy - Get 2 Kno



                          A1 L.B. Dub Corp - I Have A Dream Ft. Benjamin Zephaniah
                          A2 1995 Epilepsy - Get 2 Kno
                          B1 Blawan - Fourth Dimensional
                          B2 Sockethead - When I Close My Eyes I See Paint
                          C1 Overmono - If U Ever
                          C2 LCY - Shhh
                          D1 Orca - Intellect
                          D2 DJ Misjah – Victim

                          Various Artists

                          Glitterbox - Where Love Lives Volume 2 - Simon Dunmore & Seamus Haji

                            The official soundtrack compilation release from Glitterbox and Defected Records first foree into Documnetary films : Where Love Lives. The film is a story of music’s enduring power to manifest diverse and inclusive community, and the power of that community to accept and embrace, to liberate, even to save lives. It’s a story of acceptance and creative expression – empowered, enabled and soundtracked by club music. Through extensive exclusive interviews with titans of nightlife culture, Where Love Lives contributors Billy Porter, Honey Dijon, Kathy Sledge, Kiddy Smile, Lucy Fizz, John ‘Jellybean’ Benitez, Kae Burke (House Of Yes), Fiorious and many more explore how those driven to the margins of society are welcomed unconditionally to the centre of the dancefloor.

                            TRACK LISTING

                            A1. The Shapeshifters Featuring Billy Porter ‘Finally Ready’ (Dimitri From Paris TSOP - The Sound Of Paris – Remix)
                            A2. Antenna! ‘Rhombus’ (Extended Mix)
                            B1. Mike Dunn ‘Strut Cho Phunky Stuff (Sho' Nuff)’ (Mike Dunn Extended Black Glitter MixX)
                            B2. Quentin Harris & Jason Walker ‘Stronger’ (Extended Mix)
                            C1. D.C. LaRue ‘Hot Jungle Drums And Voo Doo Rhythm’ (Dr Packer Dub
                            C2. Smith & Mudd Featuring Quinn Lamont Luke ‘The Distance’ (Ron Basejam Remix)
                            D1. The Vision Featuring Andreya Triana ‘Mountains’ (Joey Negro Live And Direct Extended Mix)
                            D2. Horse Meat Disco Featuring Fi McCluskey ‘Love If You Need It’
                            E1. William & The Young Five ‘You Turn Me On’ (JKriv Rework)
                            E2. Melvo Baptiste Featuring Phebe Edwards ‘Bad Company’ (Extended Mix)
                            F1. The Phenomenal Handclap Band ‘Judge Not’ (Ray Mang Disco Mix)
                            F2. Powerdance ‘Power Dance’ (Mousse T.’s Disco Shizzle Extended Mix)

                            Various Artists

                            Glitterbox - Where Love Lives Volume 1 - Simon Dunmore & Seamus Haji

                              The official soundtrack compilation release from Glitterbox and Defected Records first foree into Documnetary films : Where Love Lives. The film is a story of music’s enduring power to manifest diverse and inclusive community, and the power of that community to accept and embrace, to liberate, even to save lives. It’s a story of acceptance and creative expression – empowered, enabled and soundtracked by club music. Through extensive exclusive interviews with titans of nightlife culture, Where Love Lives contributors Billy Porter, Honey Dijon, Kathy Sledge, Kiddy Smile, Lucy Fizz, John ‘Jellybean’ Benitez, Kae Burke (House Of Yes), Fiorious and many more explore how those driven to the margins of society are welcomed unconditionally to the centre of the dancefloor.

                              Part one of this special edition three LP pack includes future classics from The Vision, DC La Rue, Powerdance, Quentin Harris and more.

                              TRACK LISTING

                              A1. Dimitri From Paris X Fiorious ‘Music Saved My Life’ (The Extended Discomix)
                              A2. Mike Dunn ‘If I Can’t Get Down’ (Luke Solomon’s Extended Clubland Remix)
                              B1. The Juan Maclean ‘A Simple Design’ (Purple Disco Machine Remix)
                              B2. Mighty Mouse ‘The Spirit’ (Extended Mix)
                              C1. Horse Meat Disco & Kathy Sledge ‘Falling Deep In Love’ (Joey Negro 12” Disco Blend)
                              C2. Eli Escobar & Nomi Ruiz ‘Dance 4 Love ‘99’ (Club Mix)
                              D1. Shakedown ‘At Night’ (Shakedown’s Galactic Boogie)
                              D2. Seamus Haji Featuring Kathy Brown ‘A Better Place’ (Extended Mix)
                              E1. The Shapeshifters Featuring Kimberly Davis ‘Life Is A Dancefloor’ (Club Mix)
                              E2. Aeroplane Featuring Tawatha Agee ‘Love On Hold’ (Dr Packer Extended Remix)
                              F1. Debbie Jacobs ‘Don’t You Want My Love’ (Full Intention Extended Disco Mix)
                              F2. Hifi Sean Featuring Paris Grey ‘Lost Without U’ (Horse Meat Disco Extended Remix)

                              Various Artists

                              Right On Time - Trojan Rock Steady

                                Right On Time - Trojan Rock Steady is the 2nd part of the exclusive Music On Vinyl’s Trojan compilation series, which celebrates the best works from the legendary reggae label Trojan Records. It was compiled by Laurence Cane-Honeysett, who also wrote the linernotes. Some of Trojan’s finest are featured on this compilation; as there are The Gladiators, The Melodians, The Gladiators, Ken Boothe a.o. 750 individually numbered copies on orange vinyl. The package also includes an exclusive Trojan / Music On Vinyl coaster

                                Various Artists

                                Tougher Than Tough - Trojan Rude Boy Sounds

                                  Tougher Than Tough – Trojan Rude Boy Sounds is an exclusive release from Music On Vinyl’s Trojan compilation series, which celebrates the best works from the legendary reggae label Trojan Records. It was compiled by Laurence Cane-Honeysett, who also wrote the linernotes. Some of the artists featured on this compilation include Stranger Cole, The Pioneers and Alton Ellis. 750 individually numbered copies on orange vinyl. The package also includes exclusive Trojan Records and Music On Vinyl coaster.

                                  Various Artists

                                  The Problem Of Leisure: A Celebration Of Andy Gill And Gang Of Four

                                    The Problem of Leisure: A Celebration of Andy Gill and Gang of Four is a double album of tracks written by Andy Gill and Gang of Four, all newly reinterpreted and recorded by artists whose own unique contributions to music were enriched by listening to Gang of Four.

                                    The album features songs from across Gang of Four’s 40-plus year career, each individually chosen by the artists who covered them.

                                    Andy Gill originally conceived of the album to mark the 40th anniversary of the release of Entertainment! in 2019.

                                    His widow, Catherine Mayer, explains that this plan had already changed by the time of Andy’s death in 2020, after some artists chose tracks from different albums and periods.

                                    “Andy was massively excited about this project,” Mayer says. “It wasn’t of course conceived as a tribute album, but it’s comforting to me that he lived to see artists he hugely admired enthusiastically agreeing to participate, signalling that the admiration was mutual.”

                                    The album artwork has been created by English artist Damien Hirst, a long-time friend of Andy’s.

                                    TRACK LISTING

                                    Idles - Damaged Goods
                                    Tom Morello & Serj Tankian - Natural’s Not In It
                                    Helmet - In The Ditch
                                    3D X Gang Of Four Feat. Nova Twins - Where The Nightingale Sings
                                    Hotei - To Hell With Poverty
                                    Gary Numan - Love Like Anthrax
                                    Gail Ann Dorsey - We Live As We Dream Alone
                                    Herbert Grönemeyer Feat. Alex Silva - I Love A Man In A Uniform
                                    LoneLady - Not Great Men
                                    JJ Sterry - 5.45
                                    La Roux - Damaged Goods
                                    Everything Everything - Natural’s Not In It
                                    Dado Villa-Lobos - Return The Gift
                                    The Dandy Warhols - What We All Want
                                    Warpaint - Paralysed
                                    Flea & John Frusciante - Not Great Men
                                    The Sounds - I Love A Man In Uniform
                                    Hardcore Raver In Tears - Last Mile
                                    Killing Joke X Gang Of Four - Forever Starts Now (Killing Joke Dub)
                                    Sekar Melati - Not Great Men (live Version)

                                    Various Artists

                                    Strong Love : Songs Of Gay Liberation 1972 - 81

                                      Originally released on CD in 2012, Chapter’s landmark compilation of 70s gay musical pioneers gets a vinyl release for the first time ever – and on pink vinyl to boot! Strong Love explores the first wave of openly gay songwriting that emerged after New York's Stonewall Riots kickstarted the modern gay rights movement in 1969. It took just a few years for the defiant chanting and interlocked arms of early 70s pride marches to reverberate onto record, and Strong Love begins with one of the earliest known recordings of openly gay songwriting, 1972's A Gay Song by London hippie collective Everyone Involved.

                                      Across 15 tracks, the compilation takes in disarmingly personal folk, uplifting soul, outsider country and dark synth-rock. Eccentric one man band Chris Robison played with the New York Dolls and Elephant's Memory, while LA glam seducer Smokey saw members of the Stooges and Quiet Riot pass through his backing band. Steven Grossman was covered by Twiggy and Scrumbly & Martin are justifiably infamous for their work with San Francisco drag hippies the Cockettes. The songs on Strong Love illustrate the vision, talent and raw courage that drove 1970s songwriters to sacrifice popular careers for the sake of honesty and self-expression. Compiled by Chapter Music's Guy Blackman, with an evocative introduction from drummer Richard Dworkin (who played with Blackberri and Buena Vista and is one of the few to have witnessed many Strong Love artists first hand), the album is a powerful tribute to pioneering artists whose music has been neglected for too long

                                      TRACK LISTING

                                      Side A:
                                      1. Everyone Involved - A Gay Song
                                      2. Charlie Murphy - Gay Spirit Cocksucking Tears
                                      3. Blackberri - It’s Okay
                                      4. Smokey - Strong Love My Life
                                      5. Robert Campbell - Dreamboy
                                      6. Mike Cohen - Evil & Lusty

                                      Side B:
                                      7. Lavender Country – Cryin’ These
                                      8. Chris Robison - Big Strong Man In
                                      9. Steven Grossman – Out
                                      10. Tom Robinson - Good To Be Gay
                                      11. Buena Vista - Hot Magazine
                                      12. International Gay Society – Stand Up For Your Rights
                                      13. Scrumbly & Martin - Hots For A Hustler.
                                      14. Paul Wagner - The One. Digital Only (via Download Card)
                                      15 Conan - Tell OI’ Anita 

                                      Various Artists

                                      Reggae, Roots & Culture Vol 1

                                        If some of these titles look familiar, it’s because they’re among the most majestic roots and culture songs ever recorded, and by singers whose credentials are beyond question. All tracks feature the original artists and even the actual seventies’ vocal in some cases, but the rhythms have been recreated with today’s sound-systems in mind and are heard at their very best when roaring out of giant speaker boxes, greeted by a forest of raised hands and with a deejay at the mic.

                                        Producers Mafia & Fluxy include reggae legends Bunny “Striker” Lee and Fat Man among their mentors, and their mastery both in the studio and on stage is unrivalled outside of Jamaica. The way these two brothers play dub will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up whilst the messages in songs like Every Tongue Shall Tell, Declaration Of Rights, No Peace and Fittest Of The Fittest are relevant as ever but then the music on this album isn’t dated, and is reggae, roots and culture for the ages.

                                        TRACK LISTING

                                        1. Horace Andy – Every Tongue Shall Tell
                                        2. Horace Andy – Every Tongue Shall Tell DUB
                                        3. Linval Thompson – Long, Long Dreadlocks
                                        4. Linval Thompson – Long, Long Dreadlocks DUB
                                        5. Johnny Clarke – Blood Dunza
                                        6. Johnny Clarke – Blood Dunza DUB
                                        7. Barry Brown – Fittest Of The Fittest
                                        8. Barry Brown – Fittest Of The Fittest DUB
                                        9. Johnny Clarke – Declaration Of Rights (Steppas Remix)
                                        10. Johnny Clarke – Declaration Of Rights (Steppas Remix) DUB
                                        11. Gregory Isaaccs – Motherless Children (Dubplate Mix)
                                        12. Gregory Isaaccs – Motherless Children (Dubplate Mix) DUB
                                        13. Max Romeo – No Peace (Steppas Remix)
                                        14. Max Romeo – No Peace (Steppas Remix) DUB
                                        15. Litte Roy – Falling Angels (Dubplate Mix)
                                        16. Litte Roy – Falling Angels (Dubplate Mix) DUB

                                        Various Artists

                                        Oz Echoes: DIY Cassettes And Archives 1980-1989

                                          Oz Echoes peels away another layer of Australia’s ‘80s DIY hive mind. The Oz Waves successor exposes a deeper circuit of micro-run cassettes, community radio archives and irrationally abandoned studio sessions, as Steele Bonus sequences a 10-track compendium of drone pop, psyche-electronics and agitated tape cut-ups.

                                          From the Sydney cassette network, The Horse He's Sick returns with an industrial car crash, alongside Wrong Kind of Stone Age’s pagan cacophony and primal riddims. M Squared dynamo Patrick Gibson appears in both Height/Dismay and Mr Knott, his respective studio-as-an-instrument collaborations with Dru Jones (Scattered Order) and ex-Slugfucker Gordon Renouf - the former’s worn out apparition hails from an instantly deleted 1981 7”, while Mr Knott entrust one of the compilation’s five previously unreleased tracks.

                                          Matt Mawson represents Brisbane music media-printed matter collective ZIP, as Adelaide’s Three D Radio grants access to their vaults of live-to-air recordings and aspiring demo submissions, rescuing the slap-happy punk-funk of The Frenzied Bricks and Jandy Rainbow’s prodigious beginnings in Les Trois Etrangers and Aeroplane Footsteps. Synchronously in Melbourne, Ash Wednesday (Karen Marks, The Metronomes) leads Modern Jazz’ improvised proto-techno and EBM pioneers Shanghai Au Go-Go home record their sardonic synth-wave.

                                          A cherry-picked cast of unusual suspects, Oz Echoes’ unfamed artist and non-band narratives are detailed by track-by-track liner notes with rarely published archival visions and artwork from Video Synth, prompting further rabbit hole ventures into this golden era of creative risk-taking and instant action.

                                          TRACK LISTING

                                          1. Height/Dismay - Mother’s Footsteps
                                          2. The Frenzied Bricks - Vicious Circle
                                          3. Modern Jazz - Zoom Dub
                                          4. Mr Knott - Poor Galileo (He Has Gone Mad)
                                          5. Aeroplane Footsteps - Arabia
                                          6. Shanghai Au Go-Go - I Cried All Winter
                                          7. Matt Mawson - Open The Goddam Door
                                          8. The Horse He's Sick - Terminal Rebound
                                          9. Wrong Kind Of Stone Age - Ravi Dubbi
                                          10. Les Trois Etrangers – Luna

                                          Various Artists

                                          Asian Disco

                                            Following the incredible (and successful!) compilation Taiwan Disco, the master minds behind Aberrant Records present us with this delicious record.

                                            Subtitled "Disco Divas, Funky Queens and Psych Ladies from Asia from the 70s to the early 90s" you don´t have to take a wild guess to figure out what you´ll find here, a treasure trove filled with exotic jewels from Thailand, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia and South Korea, from Asian Funk to Psych tinged awesomeness, Disco madness and much more. Dig it!

                                            TRACK LISTING

                                            SIDE ONE
                                            1. Chailai & Sawanee /

                                            If you don't yet know, Flexi is a record store and music label based in Italy and run by Simone and Lorenzo.

                                            Over the years, Flexi have gained both the respect and recognition of the music scene, earned by almost forty years of experience in the world of music and with the support of many DJs, artists and fans

                                            Finally Flexi Cuts returns with a brand new release pressed on a “raw transparent" vinyl called “Velvet Series” no 2 – six quality tracks from six superb artists for an electronic journey that makes you fly over “velvet”.

                                            Selection of the works wasn't easy; the tracks were chosen tryin' to maintain a high quality level, such as the oldest (v. series part 1) which have been so appreciated out there.

                                            The A side opening is by Bologna-based Brine, with “YR Body” that provides a Juno-ish bassline with a catchy vocal and a jazzy mood.

                                            Then we have “Benerice" from Daughters and Sons (aka the master Luca Fronza) who throws us into a beautiful Detroit-inspired analog jam.

                                            This side ends with our very own Sicily man Manuold with fresh Italo-House vibes absolutely made for the dance floor.

                                            On the B side, welcome back the veterans Tengrams (formerly the Piatto brothers from N.O.I.A Records) with the outstanding "Rapid Eye Movement"… travelling across retro-future influences and 808 patterns… under a dystopian-sci-fi movie theme.

                                            B2 track is by the Calma duo who plays with a few elements to build a neverending techno climax...did you recognise the sample?

                                            The last track is a sort of relaxing downtempo sunset closure complete with bells, from the California producer Gloved Hands, a name that speaks for itself.

                                            TRACK LISTING

                                            A1. Brine - Yr Body
                                            A2. Daughters & Sons - Benerice (feat. Miss Daisy)
                                            A3. Manuold - Acid Puff
                                            B1. Tengrams - Rapid Eye Movement
                                            B2. Calma - Dreaming Pad
                                            B3. Gloved Hands Rice Cracker

                                            Various Artists

                                            Soul Jazz Records Presents - Fire Over Babylon: Dread, Peace And Conscious Sounds At Studio One

                                              Soul Jazz Records’ new Studio One collection ‘Fire Over Babylon: Dread, Peace and Conscious Sounds at Studio One’ features a stellar selection of 70s roots music - classic and rare tracks recorded at Clement Dodd’s musical empire at 13 Brentford Road in the 1970s.

                                              Rastafarian-inspired Roots music was an ever-important aspect of Studio One’s output from the start of the 1970s onwards and this album features many of the groundbreaking groups and artists that established the sound of Jamaica during this decade and beyond.

                                              Featured here are seminal artists such as Freddie McGregor, The Wailing Souls, The Gladiators, Horace Andy, Devon Russell, Cedric Brooks, Count Ossie and Judah Eskender Tafari alongside a host of lesser-known rare cuts made at Studio One from artists such as The Prospectors, Viceroys and Pablove Black.

                                              Studio One and founder Clement Dodd’s connection with Rastafarianism dates back to the early 1960s, with Dodd accompanying members of the Skatalites up to the hills of Kingston to listen to the music of the Rastafarian Count Ossie and his drummers. The album sleevenotes discuss how Clement Dodd’s musical links, as well as his role in heading the most important record label in Reggae, are in many ways linked to the beliefs of Rastafarianism.

                                              TRACK LISTING

                                              Freddie McGregor - I Am A Revolutionist
                                              The Silvertones - Burning In My Soul
                                              Wailing Souls - Without You
                                              Devon Russell - Jah Jah Fire
                                              Trevor Clarke - Sufferation
                                              The Gladiators - Sonia
                                              Judah Eskender Tafari - Always Trying
                                              The Viceroys - Ya Ho
                                              Im And Count Ossie - Give Me Back Me Language And Me Culture
                                              The Gladiators - Serious Thing
                                              The Prospectors - Glory For I
                                              Wailing Souls - Things And Time
                                              Pablove Black - Inner Peace
                                              The Gladiators - Peace
                                              Horace Andy - Mr. Jolly Man
                                              Wailing Souls - Rock But Don’t Fall
                                              Albert Griffiths And The Gladiators - Righteous Man
                                              So Many Problems - The Viceroys

                                              Various Artists

                                              Jazz Men - Iconic Anthems By The Kings Of Jazz

                                                TRACK LISTING

                                                A1. Fred Astaire - Cheek To Cheek
                                                A2. Louis Armstrong & His Orchestra - When You're Smiling
                                                A3. Nat "King" Cole - My Baby Just Cares For Me
                                                A4. Vic Damone - Let's Fall In Love
                                                A5. Tony Bennett - I'm A Fool To Want You
                                                A6. Gene Kelly - Singin' In The Rain
                                                A7. Chet Baker - I Fall In Love Too Easily
                                                B1. Frank Sinatra - I've Got You Under My Skin
                                                B2. Perry Como - Papa Loves Mambo
                                                B3. Sammy Davis Jr. - Something's Gotta Give
                                                B4. Frankie Laine - I Can't Give You Anything But Love, Baby
                                                B5. Johnny Mathis - Wonderful! Wonderful!
                                                B6. Cab Calloway - Minnie The Moocher (Theme Song)
                                                B7. Bing Crosby - Autumn Leaves
                                                C1. Dean Martin - Sway (Quien Sera)
                                                C2. Harry Belafonte - Day O (The Banana Boat Song)
                                                C3. Bob McFadden & Dor - The Beat Generation
                                                C4. Paul Anka - Put Your Head On My Shoulder
                                                C5. Bobby Darin - Beyond The Sea
                                                C6. João Gilberto - Chega De Saudade
                                                C7. Mark Murphy - Firefly
                                                C8. Oscar Brown Jr - Dat Dere
                                                D1. Louis Prima, Sam Butera, Gia Malone & The Witnesses - Shadrack
                                                D2. Mel Tormé - Comin' Home Baby
                                                D3. Andy Williams - Moon River
                                                D4. Leon Thomas - Song For My Father
                                                D5. Brook Benton - Love Me Or Leave Me
                                                D6. Bobby Cole - A Perfect Day

                                                Various Artists

                                                Jazz Women - Timeless Classics From The Queens Of Jazz

                                                  TRACK LISTING

                                                  A1. Sarah Vaughan - Summertime
                                                  A2. Billie Holiday - God Bless The Child
                                                  A3. Betty Carter - I Could Write A Book
                                                  A4. Julie London - Cry Me A River
                                                  A5. Chris Connor - Lullaby Of Birdland
                                                  A6. Peggy Lee - Black Coffee
                                                  A7. Lena Horne - Stormy Weather
                                                  A8. Nancy Wilson - I Wish You Love
                                                  B1. Anita O'Day - Sing, Sing, Sing
                                                  B2. Shirley Bassey - I've Got You Under My Skin
                                                  B3. Dinah Washington - What A Difference A Day Makes
                                                  B4. Etta James - At Last
                                                  B5. Ella Fitzgerald - My Funny Valentine
                                                  B6. Della Reese - Whatever Lola Wants
                                                  B7. Rosemary Clooney & Pérez Prado - Sway (Quien Sera)
                                                  C1. Doris Day - Keep Smilin', Keep Laughin', Be Happy
                                                  C2. Nina Simone - My Baby Just Cares For Me
                                                  C3. Carmen Mcrae & The Dave Brubeck Quartet - Take Five
                                                  C4. Aretha Franklin - Try A Little Tenderness
                                                  C5. Shirley Horn - And I Love Him
                                                  C6. Diana Krall - Straighten Up And Fly Right
                                                  C7. Cassandra Wilson - Fragile
                                                  D1. Terez Montcalm - Sweet Dreams
                                                  D2. Melody Gardot - Baby I'm A Fool
                                                  D3. Youn Sun Nah - My Favorite Things
                                                  D4. Stacey Kent - Quiet Nights Of Quiet Stars (Live)
                                                  D5. Madeleine Peyroux - He's Got Me Goin'

                                                  Various Artists

                                                  Funk Women - Groovy Anthems By The Queens Of Funk

                                                    TRACK LISTING

                                                    A1. Gloria Lucas - One Sweet Song
                                                    A2. Lyn Collins - Think (About It)
                                                    A3. Minnie Riperton - Adventures In Paradise
                                                    A4. Ruby Delicious - Rock Steady
                                                    A5. Brenda George - What You See Is What You're Gonna Get
                                                    A6. Jackie Dee - Love You Wholeheartedly
                                                    A7. Gwen McCrae - All This Love That I'm Givin'
                                                    B1. Marva Whitney - What Do I Have To Do To Prove My Love To You [Single Version]
                                                    B2. Ruth Davis - I Need Money
                                                    B3. Millie Jackson - Do What Makes The World Go Round
                                                    B4. Gladys Knight & The Pips - Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin) [Album Version]
                                                    B5. Spanky Wilson & The Quantic Soul Orchestra - Don't Joke With A Hungry Man
                                                    B6. Ann Peebles - Slipped, Tripped & Fell In Love
                                                    C1. Betty Wright - Clean Up Woman
                                                    C2. Little Rose Little - Family Tree
                                                    C3. The Quantic Soul Orchestra - Hold It Down
                                                    C4. Jackson Sisters - I Believe In Miracles
                                                    C5. Rose Royce - Car Wash [Single Version]
                                                    C6. Taana Gardner - Heartbeat (2012 – Remaster)
                                                    D1. Melba Moore - Mind Up Tonight
                                                    D2. Sisters Love - Gimme Your Love
                                                    D3. Diana Ross - Upside Down
                                                    D4. Donna Summer - Hot Stuff (Single Edit)
                                                    D5. Carrie Lucas - Dance With You (Single Edit)

                                                    Various Artists

                                                    The Best Of Philadelphia International Records

                                                      50th anniversary of the legendary Philadelphia International Records label founded in 1971 by innovative & prolific songwriters/producers Kenneth Gamble & Leon Huff. This superb compilation showcases the sophisticated Philly Soul sound associated with the label also known as “The Sound of Philadelphia". Featuring the legendary roster of music stars who helped bring these chart topping disco, R&B, soul and funk sounds to life The O’Jays Patti LaBelle, Harold Melvin & the Blue-Notes, Billy Paul, Teddy Pendergrass, Lou Rawls, McFadden Whitehead, The Three Degrees, Phyllis Hyman, The Intruders & the ultimate “house band” MFSB. 

                                                      TRACK LISTING

                                                      Back Stabbers – The O’jays
                                                      The Love I Lost (part 1) – Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes
                                                      Me And Mrs. Jones – Billy Paul
                                                      When Will I See You Again – The Three Degrees
                                                      You’ll Never Find Another Love Like Mine – Lou Rawls
                                                      T.s.o.p. (the Sound Of Philadelphia) – Mfsb (featuring The Three Degrees)
                                                      Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now – Mcfadden & Whitehead
                                                      If You Don’t Know Me By Now – Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes
                                                      I’ll Always Love My Momma – The Intruders
                                                      Love Train – The O’jays
                                                      Close The Door – Teddy Pendergrass
                                                      If Only You Knew – Patti Labelle

                                                      Various Artists

                                                      After Dark 3

                                                        Every seven years, we release an After Dark label sampler, the long awaited third edition is finally here. Produced by Johnny Jewel, ‘After Dark 3’ features label mainstays Desire, Chromatics, Farah & introduces fresh blood from around the globe. A glimpse beyond the curtain, into what the new year sounds like for Italians Do It Better. In the tradition of our spaced out cinema disco, we present After Dark 3...The wallpaper of your dreams & the stardust of the future.

                                                        TRACK LISTING

                                                        1. Desire - Boy
                                                        2. Orion - Higher
                                                        3. Johnny Jewel - Surgery (Feat. Glüme)
                                                        4. Double Mixte - Chambre 48 (Feat. Desire)
                                                        5. Farah - Boyz R Bad
                                                        6. Chromatics - TOY (ATRIP Remix)
                                                        7. Love Object - Holodnoe Solnce
                                                        8. Joon - Cruel Summer
                                                        9. Glüme - Don't @ Me
                                                        10. MOTHERMARY - Resurrection
                                                        11. Orion - Space Girl
                                                        12. Guy Gerber - Cameo
                                                        13. Causeway - We Were Never Lost
                                                        14. Club Intl - Crush
                                                        15. Double Mixte - Tirage En Croix
                                                        16. Joon - Worse Things Than Feeling Lonely
                                                        17. Pink Gloves - Fading Stars (Johnny Jewel Remix)
                                                        18. Chromatics - Endless Sleep

                                                        As we continue our ever long winded hiatus from the dancefloor, we are happy to welcome a new group of producers to the label in the form of 00:AM’s fourth various artists compilation. Certainly not the only way we expected to come together this year, but we’re grateful to be able to cultivate another 12” to share with the world.

                                                        Across the A Side, we are joined by three artists who we’ve had the pleasure of hosting and playing with in Montreal over the past couple years. Alfredo92 of the Axces crew in Copenhagen presents ‘Tente Hjul’ which gets the remix treatment from Mr. ACTION SHADOW himself, Fett Burger. The result in something distinctly mechanical but not without a human pulse and a tear jerking conclusion. Fantastic Man then puts his own psychedelic twist on the hardcore continuum, taking the beautiful palette of his recent LP on Mule Musiq to the brink of insanity with ‘On Tha Run’.

                                                        On the B side we find two new friends to 00:AM. We have a mandatory “minimum of 1 ESB tune gets played a night” policy round these parts, and so its truly a pleasure to release his ‘Sequential Dub’. Nothing less than a future classic, it’s dubby and understated, but a little quicker than you think. And finally, its a pleasure to introduce 2wo2imes, who delivers ‘Immune’ a deep and driving excursion into the wormhole.

                                                        It’s a weird world, we miss you all, but we’ll keep doing what we know best, releasing and enjoying the music that moves us - no matter the time or place. 

                                                        TRACK LISTING

                                                        A1. Alfredo92 - Tente Hjul (DJ Fett Birger S XB3711 F3 Remix)
                                                        A2. Fantastic Man - On Tha Run
                                                        B1. ESB - Sequential Dub
                                                        B2. 2wo2imes - Immune

                                                        GHETTO TRAXX is back again.

                                                        Sorry for the delay, but working life has hit us harder than we thought.

                                                        Finally GTR02 - 'Return of the Sexmachine' is getting really close.

                                                        Same as the debut a year ago, it is packed with a variety of sounds from friends of the ghetto.

                                                        This time featuring 4 Tracks by Skuum, Toni Moralez, DJ Frankie and Mchy i Porosty. Prepare for machine sex (and love) and get ready again for maximum rave bangerz which will get you back to the toilet.

                                                        To all our friends from the ghetto: If you wanna know, how to earn 10k€ monthly without leaving your homestudio, join our telegram channel:



                                                        Mastered by Manmade Mastering in Berlin and pressed on 12“ 140g black vinyl.

                                                        Comes with printed 3mm hardcover, a little surprise and digital download codes! Coverart as always by the great Mchy i porosty.

                                                        TRACK LISTING

                                                        A1. Skuum - 68 Hate Gang (FT A.K.-S.W.I.F.T.)
                                                        A2. Toni Moralez - Can Ya Really Feel It
                                                        B1. DJ Frankie - Back To Aquabreaks
                                                        B2. Mchy I Porosty - Low Dogs

                                                        Featuring 8 different artists from Mexico to Lithuania, Peru, Portugal, Florida, UK and Belgium, ‘Maloca Vol. 1’ outlines the worldly focus of Le Motel’s new label. Opening the compilation is esteemed Peruvian duo Dengue Dengue Dengue followed by Lithuania's DJ JM who has previously released on the likes of Nervous Horizon and Goon Club Allstars, Miami artist and NAAFI affiliate Nick León and Lisbon’s DJ N.K. On the second half of the compilation, there are contributions from the label founder himself, Mexico’s Omaar, UK’s Coen and mysterious artist Tsongo. Maloca Records has put out three vinyl releases to date from Oakland’s Farsight, Beijing’s Howie Lee and Le Motel. The label is quickly building a reputation for releasing brilliant forward-thinking club records whilst capturing specific international sounds.

                                                        TRACK LISTING

                                                        01. Dengue Dengue Dengue - Minerals
                                                        02. DJ JM - Skirts
                                                        03. Nick León - Creation Story
                                                        04. DJ N.K. - Quebra Ossos
                                                        05. Le Motel - Durban
                                                        06. Coen - Stomp
                                                        07. Omaar - Denumbawon (The Number One)
                                                        08. Tsongo - Fantasy Girl

                                                        Various Artists

                                                        Greg Belson's Divine Funk

                                                          Following on from the success of ‘Greg Belson’s Divine Disco’ series Greg Belson and Cultures of Soul team up again to explore the world of Gospel Funk. Belson is one of the world's leading collectors and DJs of gospel music. You hold in your hands a collection of some of the rarest Gospel funk records from Belson’s amazing collection featuring everything from the laid back breakbeat laced “I Don’t Want to Be Alone" by Allen Gauff Jr to the high octane and socially-on-point take of the Gospel classic ‘This Little Light Of Mine’ by the Gospel Ambassadors to drum break funk of the Wearyland Singers ‘If You See Me Doing Wrong” to the sublime soulfulness of Zella Jackson’s “Days Are Just Like People." Without a doubt though, all of the artists included in this compilation, believed in themselves, the message, and the direction of the Gospel Funk intensity you hear within these grooves. Gettin’ on the Good Foot for God? Listen and decide for yourselves!

                                                          TRACK LISTING

                                                          A1. The Chariettes Gospel Singers - Nobody But Jesus
                                                          A2. Allen Gauff Jr - I Don't Want To Be Alone
                                                          A3. The Christian Harmonizers - Troubles Of The World
                                                          A4. The Wearyland Singers - If You See Me Doing Wrong
                                                          A5. Gospel Travelers - Jesus Is Watching You
                                                          A6. Pearl Farano And The High Lites Of Joy - Who's Your Boss
                                                          B1. Gospel Ambassadors - This Little Light Of Mine
                                                          B2. Vocal Aires - Save A Seat For Me
                                                          B3. Birmingham Travelers - Call Me Answer (feat. Henry Burton)
                                                          B4. Zella Jackson - Days Are Just Like People
                                                          B5. The Original Christian Harmonizers - Blackman Keep Doing Your Thing
                                                          B6. Preacherman Isadore Womack - I’ve Got Power In My Mind 

                                                          Various Artists

                                                          Sasha - LUZoSCURA

                                                            Sasha introduces LUZoSCURA, a new compilation that has evolved from the thriving eponymous playlist. Featuring a diverse package of original works from a host of fresh talent, as well as established artists and Sasha himself, it traverses electronica, ambient, breaks and techno.

                                                            Meaning light and dark, LUZoSCURA began on Spotify as a stash of tracks sent to Sasha which didn’t meet the pace of his club sets nor suit his venerated label LNOE, LUZoSCURA came into its own through 2020 as Sasha gravitated toward more mellowed sounds while being off the road, and clubbers diverted their ears to home listening. Gaining a renewed source of energy in connecting with more gifted, budding producers and seeing the project blossom, the idea for the compilation came off the back of doing a live stream solely featuring tracks from the playlist. Meticulously compiled to flow like a DJ mix for home listening, Sasha kicks it off with the buoyant, breaks-influenced ‘Corner Shop’, the first of his three tracks on the compilation. MJ Cole is among the established artists to feature with blissed out track ‘Maestro’, while The Micronaut, a multi-instrumentalist whose back catalogue was a favourite of Sasha’s through lockdown, offers an immersive trip in ‘Koelsa’. Lau.ra, lead singer from British experimental rock band Ultraísta, evokes a sense of spiritedness in ‘I’ll Wait’ before we hear again from Sasha with another breaks-loaded trip in ‘HNDI’ and a collaboration with British producer Franky Wah. Closing the odyssey with a stirring, expansive soundscape is synth duo Felsmann + Tiley.

                                                            TRACK LISTING

                                                            1. Sasha - Corner Shop
                                                            2. DJ P - Power
                                                            3. BAILE - Gone
                                                            4. Trypheme - Music For An Imaginary Fashion Publicity
                                                            5. Just Her & Nolan. Keisha Mair - Breathe You
                                                            6. Sasha & Franky Wah - I’ll Never Change
                                                            7. Dark Sky - Reserve Parachute
                                                            8. MJ Cole - Maestro
                                                            9. Lau.ra - I’ll Wait
                                                            10. QRTR - Forest Sprint
                                                            11. Enui - Us
                                                            12. The Micronaut - Koelsa
                                                            13. Jody Barr Feat. Felicia Douglass - Accidental Lovers
                                                            14. Because Of Art - Essence
                                                            15. Polymod - Cycles
                                                            16. Rival Consoles - Not Really
                                                            17. Cortese - Circles
                                                            18. Nocow - Atent
                                                            19. Sasha - HNDI
                                                            20. Alex Banks - Resurgence
                                                            21. Felsmann + Tiley - Yin/Yang

                                                            A1. Felsmann + Tiley - Yin/Yang
                                                            A2. Rival Consoles - Not Really
                                                            A3. QRTR - Forest Sprint
                                                            A4. BAILE - Gone
                                                            B1. Trypheme - Music For An Imaginary Fashion Publicity
                                                            B2. Dark Sky - Reserve Parachute
                                                            B3. DJ P - Power
                                                            B4. The Micronaut - Koelsa
                                                            C1. Enui - Us
                                                            C2. MJ Cole - Maestro
                                                            C3. Lau.ra - I’ll Wait
                                                            C4. Just Her & Nolan. Keisha Mair - Breathe You
                                                            D1. Jody Barr Feat. Felicia Douglass - Accidental Lovers
                                                            D2. Cortese - Circles
                                                            D3. Sasha - HNDI
                                                            E1. Sasha & Franky Wah - I’ll Never Change
                                                            E2. Polymod - Cycles
                                                            E3. Nocow - Atent
                                                            F1. Because Of Art - Essence
                                                            F2. Alex Banks - Resurgence

                                                            Various Artists

                                                            Soul Men - Groovy Anthems By The Kings Of Soul

                                                              TRACK LISTING

                                                              A1. James Brown & The Famous Flames - Please, Please, Please
                                                              A2. Little Willie John - Fever
                                                              A3. Barrett Strong - Money (That's What I Want)
                                                              A4. Ben E. King - Stand By Me
                                                              A5. Sam Cooke - (What A) Wonderful World
                                                              A6. Ray Charles - Unchain My Heart
                                                              A7. Solomon Burke - Cry To Me
                                                              A8. James Ray - I've Got My Mind Set On You (Parts 1 & 2)
                                                              B1. Otis Redding - These Arms Of Mine
                                                              B2. Marvin Gaye & The Vandellas - Stubborn Kind Of Fellow
                                                              B3. Stevie Wonder - Hallelujah (I Love Her So)
                                                              B4. Gene Chandler - Duke Of Earl
                                                              B5. The Isley Brothers - Right Now
                                                              B6. Bob & Earl - Harlem Shuffle
                                                              B7. Timmy Thomas - Why Can’t We Live Together
                                                              C1. Gil Scott-Heron - Lady Day And John Coltrane
                                                              C2. Aaron Neville - Hercules
                                                              C3. Darondo - Didn't I
                                                              C4. Lonnie Liston Smith & The Cosmic Echoes - Expansions
                                                              C5. Joe Simon - Drowning In The Sea Of Love
                                                              D1. Al Jarreau - Ain't No Sunshine
                                                              D2. Barry White - Ghetto Letto
                                                              D3. Curtis Mayfield - You Mean Everything To Me
                                                              D4. Syl Johnson - They Can't See Your Good Side
                                                              D5. Terry Callier - Running Around (Fug City Mix)

                                                              Various Artists

                                                              DJ Kicks - Jayda G

                                                                For Jayda G, joy is a state of mind. Whether she transmits it through her upbeat productions or magnetic energy at the decks, the Canadian-born DJ and producer, real name Jayda Guy, is a beacon of empathy on the dancefloor.

                                                                It’s no surprise, then, that Jayda G’s DJ-Kicks mix, releasing on 14 May, captures the buoyant spirit of the music that has influenced her most. “DJ-Kicks has been a personal goal of mine for a really long time. I've been a fan for decades now. I remember there was one mix by Chromeo and it had some French disco on it that always stood out in my mind,” she remembers. Clocking in at just over an hour, Guy’s mix takes you on a journey that moves through loved classics and new bubblers.

                                                                The mix contains Jayda's Brand new single "All I Need", the follow up to Grammy Nominated breakthrough single "Both Of Us", a slinky house tune co-produced with James Ford that fizzes with shimmering energy. A rallying cry for kinship and understanding, Guy’s insouciant vocals insist “all I need is you to hear me”, gliding across the perfectly swung house beat. “Because the mix was made during the pandemic, I thought, ‘What music makes me happy?’ I want people to feel like they know me. I wanted it to be approachable, still honouring the disco and soul music that I love. I hope that translates in some shape or form.”

                                                                TRACK LISTING

                                                                CD (mixed)
                                                                ** = Exclusive

                                                                1. Light Of The World - London Town
                                                                2. Aged In Harmony - You're A Melody
                                                                3. Glass Beams - Taurus
                                                                4. KOKOROKO - Uman
                                                                5. Atmosfear - Invasion
                                                                6. Universal Togetherness Band - More Than Enough
                                                                7. Royale - I Want Your Body
                                                                8. Don Blackman - Just Can't Stay Away
                                                                9. Gerry Read - 90’s Prostitution Racket
                                                                10. Naomi Daniel - Stars (Dos Cult Mix)
                                                                11. LNS - Bitumen **
                                                                12. DJ BORING - Gardenia **
                                                                13. Jennifer Loveless - In 10,000 Places **
                                                                14. HAAi - Good Ol'Fashioned Rugs
                                                                15. Jayda G - All I Need **
                                                                16. Fred Again.. - Diana (You Don't Even Know) **
                                                                17. House Of Jazz - Hold Your Head Up
                                                                18. 250 Lbs. Of Blue - Rejoice! (People C'mon) (Spen's New Vocal Mix)
                                                                19. FIT Siegel Feat. L'Renee - Tonite (Detroit Mix)
                                                                20. DJ Koze Feat. Ada - Homesick (feat. Ada)
                                                                21. Benny Sings - Summerlude

                                                                LP (unmixed + Mix DL)
                                                                ** = Exclusive

                                                                A1. Jayda G - All I Need **
                                                                A2. Fred Again.. - Diana (You Don’t Even Know) **
                                                                B1. LNS - Bitumen **
                                                                B2. Jennifer Loveless - In 10,000 Places **
                                                                B3. HAAi - Good Ol'Fashioned Rugs
                                                                C1. DJ BORING - Gardenia **
                                                                C2. House Of Jazz - Hold Your Head Up
                                                                D1. Glass Beams - Taurus
                                                                D2. Royale - I Want Your Body
                                                                D3. Benny Sings – Summerlude

                                                                Various Artists

                                                                Wizzzz! French Psychorama Vol. 4 1966-1974

                                                                  Stars, lesser names on the French pop scene and unknown artists rub shoulders on this tangy new compilation. Take off on a sonic journey through the starry night of the late sixties.

                                                                  TRACK LISTING

                                                                  1. Doukkali - Je Suis Jaloux
                                                                  2. François Berheim - Tom
                                                                  3. Michel Handson - Le Bric A Brac
                                                                  4. Matty Kemer - Boeing
                                                                  5. Gilles Du Janeyrand - Filles 2000
                                                                  6. Alain Ricar - I Like Sex
                                                                  7. Paul Dupret - Je T'aime Trop
                                                                  8. Richard Hertel - Patatras Hola
                                                                  9. Michel Didier - Comme Un Arc En Ciel
                                                                  10. Liberatore - Vedette Internationale
                                                                  11. Alain Serco - Kiki
                                                                  12. Gérard Gray - Le Poisson Vert
                                                                  13. François Faray - Le Grand Méchant Loup
                                                                  14. Patrice Lamy - Laisse Moi Medire Que Je T'aime PART1
                                                                  15. K.R. Nagati - Sidi Bou
                                                                  16. Les Missiles - La (nouvelle) Guerre De 100 Ans 

                                                                  Various Artists

                                                                  Soul Jazz Records Presents Cold Wave #1

                                                                    Soul Jazz Records’ new ‘Cold Wave’ is a collection of current electronic artists who have all been shaped by the early European cold wave artists of the late 70s and early 80s.

                                                                    This is the first release of Soul Jazz Records’ new Cold Wave overview and a second volume will follow.

                                                                    These first artists created new electronic musical landscapes as well as pursuing a stubborn DIY aesthetic, often releasing material on cassette and pioneering use of lo-fi technology, primitive drum machines and home recording techniques. As part of this continued evolution today many of the artists featured here also self-release their own material, run labels, publish fanzines, or are part of wider musical collectives.

                                                                    Aside from the first electronic, no wave and post-punk artists cited as influences – Suicide, Patrick Cowley, The Normal, Martin Hannett, Laurie Anderson, Public Image – this new generation of artists also show an exquisitely open source of electronic and disparate influences, everything from Underground Resistance to Purcell, from Scientist to new beat and more besides.

                                                                    Most of the featured artists are based in Europe and include Krikor, Dissemblance and VQOA from France, De Ambassade from the Netherlands, Moisture from Sweden, Kreidler from Germany, Céline Gillian and Carcass Identity from Belgium. One exception is FIT Siegel out of Detroit, connecting the electronic pathways of Europe to the Motor City.

                                                                    All of the bands featured here make distinctive contemporary music out of the 80s roots of the first cold wave movement.

                                                                    This first edition of ‘Cold Wave’ comes in two vinyl editions – a one-off pressing orange coloured vinyl edition and a black vinyl edition. Both come as heavyweight double vinyl housed in bespoke individual inner sleeves and the first pressing of this album comes with its own free pullout fanzine on the groups featured. The CD edition comes with artist booklet / fanzine and slipcase. All editions are printed in special dayglo colour finish.

                                                                    TRACK LISTING

                                                                    1. Dissemblance – Capture
                                                                    2. Carcass Identity – Reflexion Ocean
                                                                    3. FIT Siegel – Wayne County Stomp
                                                                    4. De Ambassade – Standhouden
                                                                    5. Wang Inc. – Approdo
                                                                    6. Krikor Kouchian – Niños Matadores
                                                                    7. Céline Gillain – Fight Or Flight
                                                                    8. Kreidler – Kannibal
                                                                    9. Moisture – Gammut
                                                                    10. Violent Quand On Aime – Of Course I’m A Liar

                                                                    Various Artists

                                                                    Future Disco Dance Club

                                                                      The award winning compilation series Future Disco returns with it’s 14th instalment ‘Dance Club’, an embodiment and celebration of dancing, unity and togetherness, packed with key artists such as Dimitri From Paris, Dr Packer, Gerd Janson, Aeroplane & more.

                                                                      Following a year of club closures and festival cancellations, 2020 was a year unlike any other. And our separation from the club environment was a reminder of its inherent beauty, empowering nature and community of dancers. ‘Dance Club’ is a symbol of this embodiment, that draws people to one common purpose - to dance.

                                                                      Following the series’ 10th anniversary, the release of 2020’s highly regarded ‘Visions of Love’ album garnered widespread support and the aptly named successor ‘Dance Club’ follows suit. Also scheduled to take the concept to spaces across the globe as we get back to dancing together again in your own Future Disco Dance Club.

                                                                      And of course, the eighteen carefully curated tracks by label owner and curator Sean Brosnan featured on the album are some of the finest selections of disco, and club ready DJ tools to soundtrack the summer of 2021 and beyond. The album also features a raft of exclusives, edits and unreleased tracks from Theo Kottis, New World, Antenna, and The Showfa.

                                                                      Sean comments on the concept:

                                                                      ‘The dance club is a concept that focuses on the most important aspect of dance music - the dancing itself. This album is a celebration album, which sounds strange in such difficult times, but it’s a celebration of dancing and how we have so badly missed this expression. How we are ging to dance again in the future and it’s going to be better and bigger than ever.’

                                                                      Opening proceedings, Dimitri from Paris is an obvious choice and Yusek’s remix of ‘Can’t Get Enough’ is a holding hands together moment that pours sunlight over you in rejoice.

                                                                      Ron Basejam’s rework of label signee Black Hawks of Panama sets the tone, with an upright funk selection that bellows its bass with adorn. And a regular to the series, COEO drives through a melodic transition to early 90’s rave, with embracing power-chords that reverberate the kick drum.

                                                                      Drawing out the excursion, Hot Creations aficionado Jansons, takes on remix duties for Tommy Farrow’s 2020 belter ‘Let’s Just’, which saw widespread success, reaching BBC Radio 1 playlisting and nearing 1m streams. This main room powerhouse of a record is fittingly escorted by Catz n Dogs and Gerd Janson’s epically euphoric ‘Modern Romance’.

                                                                      TRACK LISTING

                                                                      CD1: Mixed:
                                                                      1. Dimitri From Paris & Aeroplane Featuring Leela - Can’t Get Enough (Yuksek Remix)
                                                                      2. Titeknots – On My Mind
                                                                      3. Black Hawks Of Panama Feat. Bisi - Feel For You (Ron Basejam Remix)
                                                                      4. Theo Kottis - Seventies (Theo’s Future Disco Edit) [Exclusive]
                                                                      5. Chevals - All I Wanna Do Is Love You
                                                                      6. New World - Glances (Future Disco Vocal Edit) [Exclusive]
                                                                      7. COEO - I Can Never Be Yours
                                                                      8. Antenna - L’atellier [Exclusive]
                                                                      9. Jex Opolis - Listen To The Band
                                                                      10. Kahwe - All Day
                                                                      11. Hustlers Convention - Final (Dr Packer Remix)
                                                                      12. Gerd Janson & Jacques Renault - Never Saw Never
                                                                      13. The Showfa - Joy (Future Disco’s More Joy Edit) [Exclusive]
                                                                      14. Mix & Fairbanks - Red Light Runner
                                                                      15. Tommy Farrow - Let’s Just (Jansons Remix)
                                                                      16. Catz N Dogz & Gerd Janson - Modern Romance (Original Mix)
                                                                      17. Emil Rottmayer - L.E.V.E.L
                                                                      18. Ekkah - Wendy’s Yard (Gilligan Moss Remix)

                                                                      CD2 : Unmixed :
                                                                      1. Dimitri From Paris & Aeroplane Featuring Leela - Can’t Get Enough (Yuksek Remix)
                                                                      2. Titeknots – On My Mind
                                                                      3. Black Hawks Of Panama Feat. Bisi - Feel For You (Ron Basejam Remix)
                                                                      4. Theo Kottis - Seventies (Theo’s Future Disco Edit)
                                                                      5. New World - Glances (Future Disco Vocal Edit)
                                                                      6. COEO - I Can Never Be Yours
                                                                      7. Antenna - L’atellier
                                                                      8. Kahwe - All Day
                                                                      9. Hustlers Convention - Final (Dr Packer Remix)
                                                                      10. Gerd Janson & Jacques Renault - Never Saw Never
                                                                      11. Mix & Fairbanks - Red Light Runner
                                                                      12. Tommy Farrow - Let’s Just (Jansons Remix)
                                                                      13. Catz N Dogz & Gerd Janson - Modern Romance (Original Mix)
                                                                      14. Ekkah - Wendy’s Yard (Gilligan Moss Remix)

                                                                      A1. Dimitri From Paris & Aeroplane Featuring Leela - Can’t Get Enough (Yuksek Remix)
                                                                      A2. Titeknots – On My Mind
                                                                      A3. Black Hawks Of Panama Feat. Bisi - Feel For You (Ron Basejam Remix)
                                                                      A4. Theo Kottis - Seventies (Theo’s Future Disco Edit)
                                                                      B1. Chevals - All I Wanna Do Is Love You
                                                                      B2. New World - Glances (Future Disco Vocal Edit)
                                                                      B3. COEO - I Can Never Be Yours
                                                                      B4. Jex Opolis - Listen To The Band
                                                                      C1. Kahwe - All Day
                                                                      C2. Hustlers Convention - Final (Dr Packer Remix)
                                                                      C3. Gerd Janson & Jacques Renault - Never Saw Never
                                                                      C4. The Showfa - Joy (Future Disco’s More Joy Edit)
                                                                      D1. Tommy Farrow - Let’s Just (Jansons Remix)
                                                                      D2. Catz N Dogz & Gerd Janson - Modern Romance (Original Mix)
                                                                      D3. Emil Rottmayer - L.E.V.E.L
                                                                      D4. Ekkah - Wendy’s Yard (Gilligan Moss Remix)

                                                                      Various Artists

                                                                      Wanted - Jazz Vol. 1

                                                                        The always affordable Wanted series returns this week with another set of beautifully presented, expertly selected comps covering a variety of genres. Tackling jazz was always going to be tricky so the folks at Wagram serve us a survey in two parts. Volume 1 treats us to luxurious grooves, mournful ballads and dreamy difters from the likes of Art Blakey, Charles Mingus, Dizzy Gillespie and Letta Mbulu. 

                                                                        TRACK LISTING

                                                                        A1. Art Blakey Big Band Feat. John Coltrane - Pristine (Take 2)
                                                                        A2. Fred Johnson - A Child Runs Free
                                                                        A3. George Benson - Along Comes Mary
                                                                        A4. Charles Mingus - Boogie Stop Shuffle
                                                                        A5. Gordon Beck - The Hustler
                                                                        A6. Lorez Alexandria - Send In The Clowns
                                                                        B1. Dizzy Gillespie - Chega Dee Saudade (No More Blues) (Take 2)
                                                                        B2. Letta Mbulu - What'S Wrong With Groovin'
                                                                        B3. Joe Williams With Thad Jones & The Mel Lewis Orchestra - Get Out Of My Life Woman
                                                                        B4. Oscar Brown Jr. - Work Song
                                                                        B5. Grant Green - The Final Comedown
                                                                        B6. Jeremy Steig - Howling For Judy

                                                                        Various Artists

                                                                        Wanted - Afrobeat

                                                                          Wagram kick off their 'Wanted' series with a tour through some of the lesser thumbed dancefloor relases from Africa's rich musical heritage. Alongside some of the more obscure (but just as killer) moments from legends Pat Thomas, Mulatu Astatke and Ebo Taylor, we're treated to the driving disco of Livy Ekemezie, heads down funk of Roger Damawuzan & Les As Du Bénin and the hypnotic, hip-shaking flute of Max Cilla. Wonderfully pressed and beautifully presented in collaboration with acclaimed British photographer Chris Steel-Perkins, this is an excellent addition to any well rounded collection.

                                                                          TRACK LISTING

                                                                          A1. Roger Damawuzan & Les As Du Bénin - Wait For Me
                                                                          A2. Pat Thomas - Yamona
                                                                          A3. Wallias Band - Muziqawi Silt (Instrumental)
                                                                          A4. Girma Bèyènè - Ené Nègn Bay Manèsh
                                                                          A5. Mulatu Astatke - Yègellé Tezeta
                                                                          B1. Ebo Taylor & Uhuru Yenzu - Love And Death
                                                                          B2. Peter King - African Dialects
                                                                          B3. Livy Ekemezie - Delectation
                                                                          B4. Max Cilla - La Flûte Des Mornes

                                                                          In 2006, the musical landscape was very different; there was no streaming, “shazam" was a word used by magicians, and "all-access” was not granted to the general public. Social media, as we know it, was in its infancy and today’s constant digital feed of interruptions, notifications, refreshes and “likes” didn't yet exist. Those with a thirst for the overlooked regions of the record store had to quench themselves in the climes of the online world's music blogs, and while that digital community was surely expanding, NYC’s was something different. Not a blog but a daily unfolding mix — no opinions, reviews, or backstories were coupled with the music, no full albums or submissions from the outside — it was a mysterious watering hole in the burgeoning digital desert where rogue tracks from Wally Badarou rubbed shoulders with those of Holger Czukay, the drama of Sylvester juxtaposed with the quirkiness of Hosono, and countless other coveted artists’ unearthed gems melted in one pot, a digital space where $1 thrift store scores could easily breathe the same dusty air as cosmic holy grails, oddball psychedelics and proto-electronica b-sides comfortably cohabited with $300 private-press folk rarities. With 1 track per day, Andrew “Lovefingers” Hogge created a truly democratic and educated selection of music for our aural pleasure, and labelled them ‘Fingertracks' (numbered 001-999).

                                                                          This was before most things we now take for granted were common on our dancefloors, radio shows or live streams. Those ubiquitous Euro Pop dubs, unclassics that aficionados play at the wrong speed, or private gems that have since been reissued to the moon and back? They very probably popped up on our collective radars via the medium of first. Rightfully so, what started as a well-kept secret, became a go-to resource and mark of quality among enthusiasts, diggers, DJs, musicians and producers around the globe — the genre-bending mentality in turn re-coined the term “selector” — and inspired a generation the world over to delve further into record shelves, undoubtably contributing hugely to the wondrous, multi-faceted and open-minded musical language we now all speak fluently. While it remained niche, at its peak, had upwards of 100K music freaks turning up daily, and ignited a global musical dialogue between people that were yet to be connected by today’s social technology. The site received countless letters of appreciation from rural kids with no access to record stores, acclaimed DJs, film directors, fashion houses, forgotten artists who were thrilled to feature among unexpected peers, soldiers who diligently tuned-in direct from their call of duty, even heroes of sample-scavenging culture like Coldcut who applauded, “…it just goes to show, when you think you’ve heard it all, you can always dig deeper.” The community around Lovefingers’ site was a call-to-action, gathering analogous minds and inviting them all to the same party, and on New Years Day 2010, after 999 Fingertracks and a plethora of (now classic) mixes, the site made a final post stating, “That's all folks!” The collective energy pivoted into the ESP Institute, a record label and art platform to champion new artists who emerged from this foundational community and as a catalyst to push the musical dialogue forward. Now, as the ESP Institute approaches its 10-year anniversary, we revisit the significant role played in shaping where we are today.

                                                                          'Fingertracks Vol : 1' is a snapshot of aural delights that were on offer to those of the leftfield persuasion, all who discovered the site and tuned-in for their daily shot of sonics proper — a lovingly selected handful of records that re-introduce the story of Andrew’s most influential and essential music resource. The track list is classic Lovefingers, an insight into the free-flowing nature of the daily Fingertracks, context-free but connected through creative threads and energies — lo-fi loner jams brush up alongside sleazed-out Italo powerhouses, Greek new age obscurities tussle against overlooked Hawkwind-related cuts — nuggets that may be more known to the heads now, but whose initial excavation can be accredited to Lovefingers’ site, and are essential to its story nonetheless. Rumor has it that this is merely the first volume in a series, so as it turns out, and gladly so, “That’s not all folks!”

                                                                          STAFF COMMENTS

                                                                          says: As far as I'm concerned, Fingertracks was the most influential blog..and it didn't have a single bit of journalistic content - just an endless supply of outrageous tunes from all times and genres. Total rarities, DJ favourites and daily discoveries for every head on the planet. In the years since, each of the tracks on this FIRST VOLUME (YES!) has become an algorithm classic, but you've never had them all in one place, from the man who first helped us discover them. This isn't a collector's item or exercise in nostalgia, this is one of the best sonic selections you'll have the pleasure to own.

                                                                          TRACK LISTING

                                                                          A1. Lovefingers - Intro
                                                                          A2. The Chequers - Theme One
                                                                          A3. Lifetones - Good Side
                                                                          A4. Rick Cuevas - The Birds
                                                                          A5. Data - Data Plata
                                                                          A6. Hotlegs - Today
                                                                          B1. Jo Squillo Eletrix - Avventurieri (Dance Mix)
                                                                          B2. Captain Mustard - Quiet Move
                                                                          B3. D.E. - Full Moon (Lovefingers Edit)
                                                                          C1. Nuno Canavarro - Blu Terra
                                                                          C2. Electronic System - Skylab
                                                                          D1. Eddie Callahan - Santa Cruz Mountains
                                                                          D2. Dave Brock - Spirits
                                                                          D3. Florian Poser - Winds

                                                                          In celebration of the fifth anniversary of his Mercury Rising residency at Pikes Ibiza and loving memory of the legendary Tony Pike, Harvey has put together a second collection of music inspired by and that represents the party. Never Mind the Balearics Here’s DJ Harveys Mercury Rising volume II.
                                                                          Blending the classic and the cutting edge like the superstar he is, Harvey switches from the chugging Balearic house of Music For Dreams signings Rheinzand to an instrumental of Mandy Smith's primo pop pick "I Just Can't Wait". Elsewhere we get recent and decent jams from Mildlife, Das Komplex, Nu Guinea, Mildlife and Hugh Mane as well as disco delight "Dance, Dance, Dance" by Marta Acuna, boogie bomb "It's You I Love" by Pamela Nivens and Mr Marvin's Italo-house anthem "Entity".

                                                                          STAFF COMMENTS

                                                                          says: Balearic badboy, surf idol and all round pin up DJ Harvey hits us with a second selection of Mercury Rising bangers, assembled in loving memory of the late great Tony Pikes. Finding an equal balance between recent winners and all time classics, Harvey does disco, house, street soul and jazz funk in his distinctive Balearic style.

                                                                          TRACK LISTING

                                                                          A1. Rheinzand - Mr Mercury
                                                                          A2. Mandy Smith - I Just Can't Wait (Instrumental)
                                                                          A3. Marta Acuna - Dance, Dance, Dance (Disco Version)
                                                                          B1. System Olympia - Close To My Nebula
                                                                          B2. Mildlife - Magnificent Moon
                                                                          B3. Das Komplex - Slap
                                                                          C1. Nu Guinea - Je Vulesse
                                                                          C2. Forgotten Corner & Khidja - Tatooine Moons (Original Mix)
                                                                          C3. Pamela Nivens - It's You I Love (Instrumental Mix)
                                                                          D1. Hugh Mane - Real Sucker For Your Love
                                                                          D2. Switchdance - Arabian Ride
                                                                          D3. Mr Marvin - Entity (Jazzy Mix)

                                                                          Various Artists

                                                                          Wanted - Afro Groove

                                                                            Wagram turn their attention to the hip-swivelling world of Afro-disco and Afro-Funk, putting together a sizzling set of pan African sounds covering a whole host of dance styles from all over the continent. Deeper diggers may recognise some of these gems from individual reissues over the last few years, but this is the only time you'll find them all in one place.

                                                                            TRACK LISTING

                                                                            1. Marumo - Khomo Tsaka Deile Kae?
                                                                            2. Dele Sosimi - E Go Betta
                                                                            3. Zimba - Baleka
                                                                            4. Manu Dibango - Motapo
                                                                            5. Afriquoi Feat. Kudaushe Matimba - Kudaushe
                                                                            6. Joni Haastrup - Wake Up Your Mind
                                                                            7. Pat Thomas & Kwashibu Area Band - Gyae Su
                                                                            8. Gyedu-Blay Ambolley - Simigwa-Do
                                                                            9. Penny Penny - Shaka Bundu
                                                                            10. Om' Alec Khaoli & Umoja - Take Me Higher

                                                                            Various Artists

                                                                            Brown Acid: The Twelfth Trip

                                                                              That’s right, we’ve reached a toker’s dozen editions of brilliant long-lost, rare, and unreleased hard rock, heavy psych, and proto-metal tracks from the 60s-70s. Clearly this has become a bonafide archaeological movement as each new installment leads us to more exciting new discoveries. Like we’ve done throughout this series, all of these tracks were painstakingly licensed legitimately and the artists were paid. Make yourself comfortable and prepare for yet another deep, deep dive into the treasure trove of dank, subterranean, wild-eyed and hairy rock ’n’ roll.

                                                                              The Waters start this Trip off right with swampy fuzz- and phaser-soaked dueling guitars oozing from the grooves of their 1969 single “Mother Samwell.” The Louisville, KY trio somehow failed to make much of a splash however, only issuing two 45s, one in ’68 and this rocker the following year, before eventually evaporating in ’72. The bassist went on to play in Hank Williams Jr.’s band for a couple of decades, so the band’s fortunes weren’t entirely sunken.

                                                                              Hamilton, Ontario launched the Village S.T.O.P.’s freak-out heavy psych marauding, but it was after frequent trips to NYC that the Canadian band really learned to let their freak flag fly. Sometimes the band played with their faces painted black & white, other times draped in fluorescent ink & blacklight, with strobe lights and the whole nine yards of theatrics… occasionally even adding a few extra inches of male nudity. Musically, their 1969 track “Vibration” is a bopping number nodding to Frank Zappa, Hendrix and some really brown acid doses.

                                                                              White Lightning’s blazing double-kick drum, sizzling melodic riffs and Jim Dandy howls on “1930” is a power metal rocker from 1969 that perfectly epitomizes the raison d’être of this series. The Minneapolis, MN band formed by guitarist Tom “Zippy” Caplan after he left garage psych heroes The Litter, later shortened its name to Lightning. The group only issued one proper album before disbanding in 1971. However, with the late 1990’s reissues and revival of The Litter, Lightning’s bevy of unreleased recordings also surfaced as a self-titled LP and Strikes Twice 1986-1969 CD compilation.

                                                                              The blues runs deep in the veins of “Woman (Don’t You Go)” by Bay Area rockers Shane. The biracial group may have borrowed its heavy syncopated groove and lead singer/organist aesthetic from locals Sly & The Family Stone, but their troglodyte fuzz riffs and beastly drums owe just as much to blazing proto-metal hellfire. Sadly, they only released this 1968 single before these men decided to go.

                                                                              Ace Song Service probably thought they were pretty clever with their risqué acronym name, but it’s their B-side “Persuasion” that really kicks A.S.S. Rollicking, relentless drums, walking bass, staggering guitars and shimmering Hammond organ shake the foundations while crooning blue-eyed soul vocals remind you that this is still the late-60s. The Dallas, TX band only issued this lone (star) 2-song single before crawling back up from whence they came.

                                                                              Opus Est’s strange 1974 headbanger “Bed” has a bit of “Hocus Pocus” by Focus style mania — and we mean that in the best lunacy inducing way. However, it’s the Belgian trio’s heavy panting and squealing vocals in the amorous breakdown that nods to a particular whole lotta nub that gives this song its, um, thrust. After just two singles, Opus Est came and went.

                                                                              The Mopptops’ heavy riff of “Our Lives” starts of sounding like Greg Ginn’s frantic guitar work on Black Flag’s Nervous Breakdown, before wah-wah and high harmony vocals turn it into more of a Blues Magoos-meets-Iron Butterfly tune. This Hawaiian Islands based quartet took its inspiration more from the British Invasion than local traditions and were quite popular for their gritty long-hair R&B but remained isolated from the world at large. They did however release a handful of 45s between 1965 and the early 70s. This 1968 banger on Fantastic Records is, well, fantastic.

                                                                              Youngstown, OH artists Artist weren’t too creative with their band name, instead saving that energy to create meaty midwestern rock’n’roll like “Every Lady Does It.” Harmonized guitar leads and driving cowbell power their hook-filled lone 1977 single. Not much is known about the obscure band, other than singer/guitarist Al Tkach later fronted something he called Reality Rock.

                                                                              Rural hard rock bar band Stagefright hailed from Carthage, MO and their 1980 album D-Day is a highly collectible selection of landlocked rippers. Album opener “Comin’ Home” is a barnstorming romp led by vocalist/drummer Jim Mills who somehow smoothly sings while simultaneously playing wild Keith Moon style drum rolls.

                                                                              Dickens “Sho’ Need Love” / “Don’t Talk About My Music” 45 is one of those record collector’s Holy Grail type of releases. The 1971 single only exists as a demo, printed as a white label promo pressing for Scepter Records. Dickens were, essentially, a mockery of the era’s hard rock shenanigans, comprised of NRBQ’s road crew and some band members all playing instruments they didn’t know how to play. This recording happened essentially by accident when studio time became available after Gomer Pyle actor and balladeer Jim Nabors cancelled a session. The group quickly cut a few songs, which an enthusiastic A&R man had pressed up, before the label president nixed it and fired the VP for allowing such nonsense. It’s believed that only about 50 copies survived. It’s a shame, since this Flipper-before-Flipper dirge-metal freakout was way ahead of its time.

                                                                              That’s that for this edition of Brown Acid, but the hits keep on a-bubblin’ up from the primordial rock’n’roll sludge. So, stay tuned for more as we continue to find wilder and weirder treasures from the underground comedown. 

                                                                              Big Crown Records is proud to present Dear Sunny... a compilation of Sunny & The Sunliners covers by Big Crown artists. Since the first time we heard "Should I Take You Home" by Sunny & The Sunliners, we have been avid fans. That record, which we were introduced to on MF Classy Chris' now legendary mixtape, The Time Is Right, set a lot of things in motion. It started of course with tracking down copies and collecting all of Sunny's records for our personal collections.

                                                                              That quickly turned into the desire to reissue some of his vast catalog on our label for the rest of the world to hear. We got in touch with Sunny and his son David and brought the idea to them. After getting to know each other well enough Dave said, "You have been calling us non-stop for more than three years, you MUST mean what you are saying" and with that, we signed a deal to do a reissue project on Big Crown. We then flew out to San Antonio again, this time with a scanner and a videographer. We sat down with Sunny to interview him, went through his vast collection of photos, and talked about his life and career. Sunny was even kind enough to let us film him performing acoustic versions of a few songs.

                                                                              We used all of that material for our 2017 compilation, Mr Brown Eyed Soul. That release is our highlight reel of Sunny's Soul tunes. We also made his rarest records readily available to collectors at a price that wouldn't empty their pockets. The concept for Dear Sunn came to us right after we signed the deal. We wanted our artists to cover his music as a tribute to him. Three years later we released the digital album on Sept 4th to coincide with Sunny's 77th birthday. The response has been nothing but love and now we are ready to press this up on vinyl with the addition of Liam Bailey's scorching cover of "Give Me Time". Everyone here stepped up to fill very big shoes doing these covers. Bobby Oroza teamed up with Cold Diamond & Mink and made a smashing version of "Should I Take You Home". The Shacks took on the anthemic "Smile Now, Cry Later" while Holy Hive covers "If I Could See You Now" building off the uptempo dance floor energy of the original. Paul & The Tall Trees bring a crooning vibe to "Rain Makes Me Blue" and Brainstory turned "Runaway" into a haunting ballad reminiscent of early Lee Hazelwood productions.

                                                                              Some of these turn out to be covers of covers. Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band takes on the funk collector's holy grail from Sunny, his cover of War's "Get Down" while 79.5 take Sunny's version of "My Dream" and change the vibe from a floating love song to theme music for the brokenhearted. Mr. Lee Fields does "The One Who's Hurting Is You" and the latest addition to the Big Crown Roster, Lizette and Quevin, do a rendition of the song that brought Sunny to Dick Clark's American Bandstand in 1963 and catapulted him to fame; his cover of Little Willie John's "Talk To Me". So as the letter begins, "Dear Sunny.." we hope that you enjoy this homage Sir. Thank you for all the music you have given all of us, it has been a pleasure to work with you and to get a chance to know you and your family. We hope everyone enjoys this homage to the living legend, San Antonio's finest, Mr. Brown Eyed Soul, Sunny Ozuna as much as we do

                                                                              TRACK LISTING

                                                                              SIDE A

                                                                              1. Smile Now, Cry Later - The Shacks
                                                                              2. Should I Take You Home - Bobby Oroza
                                                                              3. My Dream - 79.5
                                                                              4. If I Could See You Now - Holy Hive
                                                                              5. Get Down - Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band.

                                                                              SIDE B

                                                                              1. Give Me Time - Liam Bailey
                                                                              2. The One Who’s Hurting Is You - Lee Fields & The Expressions
                                                                              3. Talk To Me - Lizette & Quevin
                                                                              4. Rain Makes Me Blue - Paul & The Tall Trees
                                                                              5. Runaway – Brainstory

                                                                              Doug Willis returns with a club banger in the form of “The Mighty Douglas”. A euphoric ride in the sky with live gospel organ-led instrumentation, whilst vocals are provided by Taka Boom (Chak Chak Chaka Khans Lil sis). Hallelujah! We then have Mr Basejam delivering one of his groovy chugging mid-tempo mixes of this forthcoming ZR release by Mr Wrightangle. Live strings, syncopated clav and overly loud organismic dog howls are the order of the day here.

                                                                              On the flip we have the prolific Atjazz who turns his hand on that classic Jakatta track ‘American Dream’. He reconstructs it elements with great precision as he lays out swinging drums & sparkling percussion to back up a seriously groove led bassline and slick synth work. The legendary US soul funk act of “Come Go With Me” fame release a brand new song in the shape of optimistic gospel tinged “Work It Out”. Dave Lee works his magic on the mix to tease in some of their classic old sound into the instrumentation.

                                                                              TRACK LISTING

                                                                              A1. Doug Willis - The Mighty Douglas (Doug's Godbizniss Mix)
                                                                              A2. Roland Wrightangle Feat. Darcus - In Your Blood (Ron Basejam Mix)
                                                                              B1. Jakatta - American Dream - (Atjazz Remix)
                                                                              B2. Pockets - Work It Out (Dave Lee Rework)

                                                                              Various Artists

                                                                              Wanted - Blaxploitation - From Diggers To Music Lovers

                                                                                A new week and a new ‘Wanted’ from the Wagram fam, this time focusing on that groove heavy strain of soul which soundtracked the Blaxploitation flicks of the 70s. An absolute vibe of from start to finish.

                                                                                TRACK LISTING

                                                                                A1. Incredible Bongo Band - Bongolia
                                                                                A2. Doris Duke - Woman Of The Ghetto
                                                                                A3. All The People Feat. Robert Moore - Cramp Your Style
                                                                                A4. Don Julian - Lay It On Your Head
                                                                                A5. Turner Brothers - Sweetest Thing In The World
                                                                                A6. Joe Simon Feat. The Mainstreeters - Theme From Cleopatra Jones
                                                                                B1. Lafayette Afro Rock Band - Darkest Light
                                                                                B2. Eugene Blacknell - Gettin' Down
                                                                                B3. The Sylvers - We Can Make It If We Try
                                                                                B4. The Pharaohs - Love And Happiness
                                                                                B5. Jerry Butler & Jerry Peters - Speak The Truth To The People - Frankie's Theme
                                                                                B6. George & Gwen McCrae - Mechanical Body

                                                                                Four years after releasing 'Exotic Jazz Impressions From Hungary', Budabeats Records proudly presents another exciting selection of some long forgotten and rare pieces of Hungarian popular music.

                                                                                This time their focus is on the non-existing soul scene of 70's Hungary, which, however produced a handful of gems that could have been released anywhere in the world and had not disappointed any soul head of the era. Zsuzsa Cserhati was one of the many tragic figures of Hungarian pop history: a celebrated singer who could never use all her potential because of some shady characters of the monopolistic music industry obstructing her carrier. Her two cuts featured on this 10" are the most interesting ones she ever recorded. 'Puha Sohajok' is a sensual but tight soul tune, no other title could describe it better than 'Soft Sighs'. The producers of her second track on here, 'Ne Nezz a Napba' probably had a thing for 'Les Fleur' by Charles Stepney and Minnie Riperton but hey, who could blame them? 'Harangzugas' is the sole side Aniko Baliko ever recorded but what a song it is! Mellow mid-tempo soul with a slight disco feeling, unmistakably cool. Kati Bontovics has been a renowned singer in Hungary since the early 70's known mostly for her jazz tinged works, both on her own and with many different acts. 'Holnap Megallnak az Orak’ is a groovy orchestral soul tune which we would be right to call a paraphrase of one of the most well-known standards of the genre. Originally all four songs were released on very limited domestic 7" singles only now all of them being obscure and sought after even in Hungary.
                                                                                This is your chance to get them on a strictly limited (300 hand-numbered copies worldwide) 10" single including a one-page colour book insert so you can pimp up your copy individually.

                                                                                TRACK LISTING

                                                                                A1. Cserhati Zsuzsa - Puha Sohajok
                                                                                A2. Baliko Aniko - Harangzugas
                                                                                B1. Cserhati Zsuzsa - Ne Nezz A Napba
                                                                                B2. Bontovics Kati - Holnap Megallnak Az Orak

                                                                                Up next on Open Space is the first installment in a new series of records entitled "Open Space Club Tools" - as the name suggests, you’ll find a variety of tools handmade by our favorite producer-DJ’s. Sticky drum beats and tricky rhythms for the nearly-extinct club deejay.

                                                                                OSCT01 features Benedek, and John Jones as Calvin representing the LA-MIA connection, Lachlan McGeehan aka‘Liluzu from Australia, and of course our Miami boy Goiz; once as himself on the A-side, and again on the B-side under his newest percussion-focused alias Glue Boy. A mixed bag of hammers, nails, screwdrivers and more… All greased up and ready for whatever the club world may bring your way. 

                                                                                STAFF COMMENTS

                                                                                says: Wacky, odd-ball, barnstorming house music that works as hard as a mountain goat. Proper tackle for low-lit, low-ceiling basement parties.

                                                                                TRACK LISTING

                                                                                A1. Goiz - Word Problems
                                                                                A2. Benedek - Donkey Konga
                                                                                B1. Liluzu - Better Posture
                                                                                B2. Calvin - 86’em
                                                                                B3. Glue Boy - Snakes With Human Traits

                                                                                Various Artists

                                                                                American Patchwork

                                                                                  2xLP set of performances documented by Alan Lomax during his final American field recording project, newly remastered and all previously unreleased on vinyl!

                                                                                  This set brings together the standout recordings Lomax made in his attempt to document the last vestiges of the “local surround” in Mississippi, Appalachia, and Louisiana. Intimate performances by R.L. Burnside, Tommy Jarrell, Boyd Rivers, Napoleon Strickland and many more form a rich tapestry of distinctly American musical traditions.

                                                                                  Double 12” 160g black vinyl LP with color tip-on gatefold jacket printed by Stoughton. Includes 8 page, oversize color insert with liner notes by Nathan Salsburg of the Alan Lomax Archive. Cover art by Joe Light.

                                                                                  From 1978 to 1983, Alan Lomax and a video-crew travelled through the American South and Southwest, documenting its traditional music — miners, moonshiners, and Primitive Baptists in Kentucky; flat-footers, string bands, and Piedmont blues in North Carolina; Cajun cowboys, fiddlers, and zydeco stompers in French-speaking Louisiana; and fife-and- drum ensembles, gospel quartets, former railroad track-liners, levee-camp muleskinners, and players on the pre-war blues circuit in Mississippi.

                                                                                  This footage ultimately totaled some 350 hours and was edited into Lomax’s “American Patchwork” series, which aired on American public television in 1991. But given the strictures of the form, hundreds of discrete performances and compelling scenes were left unseen and unheard.

                                                                                  TRACK LISTING

                                                                                  Side A: 1. R.L. Burnside - See My Jumper 2. Janette And Joe Carter - Will You Miss Me When I’m Gone? 3. Sheila Kay Adams - Little Margaret / Banjo Instrumental / Dinah 4. Joe Savage - Peace In The Valley 5. Holly Springs Sacred Harp Singers - David’s Lamentation

                                                                                  Side B: 1. Clyde Maxwell And Group - You Got To Cross That River Jordan 2. Vaughn Eller - Fly Around My Blue Eyed Gal 3. Dennis McGee - Two Step De Eunice 4. Dink Roberts - Fox Chase 5. Laethe Eller - Way Up In The New Bright World 6. Boyd & Ruth May Rivers - Somebody Touched Me7. Wiregrass Sacred Harp Singers - Give Me Just A Little More Time

                                                                                  Side C: 1. Lois Short - Little Birdie 2. Dellie Chandler Norton - Early, Early In The Spring 3. Tommy Jarrell - Reuben 4. Canray Fontenot - Bonsoir Moreau 5. Ray Hicks - Reuben 6. Belton Sutherland - Blues #2 7. Nimrod Worlman - Mother Jones’ Will

                                                                                  Side D: 1. Napoleon Strickland & The Como Drum Corps - My Babe 2. Lawreence “Black” Ardoin And Band - Why You Wanna Make Me Cry 3. Moving Star Hall Singers - I’m Going To Trust In The Lord 4. Napoleon Strickland - Jesus Stop By Here 5. Boyd & Ruth May Rivers - Fire Shed In My Bones

                                                                                  The third installment of Numero’s ode to lowrider souldies, Rust Side Story compiles highly sought after sweet soul singles from the Buck Eye State. Prepare for a low and slow ride from Youngstown to Dayton, Cleveland to Columbus, Toledo to Cincinnati, all soundtracked with silky falsettos and dreamy harmonies

                                                                                  TRACK LISTING

                                                                                  A1. La'Fez - This Is The Way I Am
                                                                                  A2. Ice-Cold-Love - Sheer Magic
                                                                                  A3. Young Mods - Gloria
                                                                                  A4. Harvey & The Phenomenals - What Can I Do (To Prove My Love Is Real)
                                                                                  A5. Bobby Wade - Can't You Hear Me Calling
                                                                                  A6. Soul Superbs - Just Ask Me
                                                                                  B1. Now - Lovin You Is Easy
                                                                                  B2. The Nombres - Just Call Me
                                                                                  B3. Iron Knowledge - Oh Love
                                                                                  B4. Foreign Blue Renaisance - Oh, Yes I Do
                                                                                  B5. The Donations - I'm Gonna Treat You Good
                                                                                  B6. Unknown Boddie Recording Artist - I Do Love You

                                                                                  DEEWEE, the label from Grammy-nominated artists David & Stephen Dewaele AKA Soulwax/2manydjs, release "Foundations", their 50th release and first compilation album coming out on May 7th. 27 tracks including 3 brand new exclusive works* are beautifully presented across triple LP and 2CD physical editions, along with digital format. All are united by a breadth of imagination, a love of hands-on artistry, and of course by the sonic craftsmanship of the Dewaele brothers themselves.

                                                                                  Foundations is more than just a compilation of tracks from the DEEWEE label. It’s a beautiful object in its own right. As with all DEEWEE releases, Parisian art directors, Ill-Studio have created a gorgeous artefact that collectors will love. It’s also a wonderful audio experience, with new music complimenting and elevating the catalogue material, and the sequencing of the 27 tracks done with as much love as any artist album or DJ set. It’s an expression of the values of a musical family with the brothers at its heart and featuring their creative input throughout. Everything on the album has come through the DEEWEE Studios in Ghent, Belgium which was built to bring together their friends from around the world. In many ways, Foundations represents a new phase in the label’s existence, one that is aided by a new joint venture with UK and FR label Because Music.

                                                                                  TRACK LISTING

                                                                                  Double CD
                                                                                  CD 1
                                                                                  01. Charlotte Adigéry - Bear With Me (And L'll Stand Bare Before You)
                                                                                  02. Laima - Disco Pregnancy (Tonal+ Rhythmical)
                                                                                  03. Each Other - Burn It Down
                                                                                  04. Bolis Pupul - Moon Theme
                                                                                  05. James Righton - Release Party
                                                                                  06. Die Verboten - Aquarius
                                                                                  07. Soulwax - Heaven Scent Feat. Chloe Sevigny
                                                                                  08. Ems Synthi 100 - Movement 6
                                                                                  09. Soulwax - Conditions Of A Shared Belief
                                                                                  10. Soulwax - Close To Paradise
                                                                                  11. Asa Moto - Kifesh
                                                                                  12. Laila - The Other Me (Deeweedub)
                                                                                  13. Asa Moto - Wanowan Efem
                                                                                  CD 2
                                                                                  01. Charlotte Adigéry - Paténipat
                                                                                  02. Klanken - Drie
                                                                                  03. Phillipi - 9000
                                                                                  04. Movulango - Leave
                                                                                  05. Laima - Home
                                                                                  06. Emmanuelle - Italove
                                                                                  07. Sworn Virgins -Take Your Lady
                                                                                  08. Phillipi & Rodrigo - Paciencia
                                                                                  09. Extra Credit- Drive Me
                                                                                  10. Bous Pupul - Wéi?
                                                                                  11. Soulwax - Essential Eleven
                                                                                  12. Sworn Virgins - Fifty Dollar Bills
                                                                                  13. Phillipi & Rodrigo - Retrogrado
                                                                                  14. Future Sound Of Antwerp - Tom Cruise, Scientologist

                                                                                  Triple Vinyl Edition
                                                                                  A1. Charlotte Adigéry - Bear With Me (And L'll Stand Bare Before You)
                                                                                  A2. Laima - Disco Pregnancy (Tonal+ Rhythmical)
                                                                                  A3. Each Other - Burn It Down
                                                                                  A4. Bolis Pupul - Moon Theme
                                                                                  A5. James Righton - Release Party
                                                                                  B1. Die Verboten - Aquarius
                                                                                  B2. Soulwax - Heaven Scent Feat. Chloe Sevigny
                                                                                  B3. Ems Synthi 100 - Movement 6
                                                                                  B4. Soulwax - Conditions Of A Shared Belief
                                                                                  C1. Soulwax - Close To Paradise
                                                                                  C2. Asa Moto - Kifesh
                                                                                  C3. Laila - The Other Me (Deeweedub)
                                                                                  C4. Asa Moto - Wanowan Efem
                                                                                  D1. Charlotte Adigéry - Paténipat
                                                                                  D2. Klanken - Drie
                                                                                  D3. Phillipi - 9000
                                                                                  D4. Movulango - Leave
                                                                                  D5. Laima - Home
                                                                                  E1. Emmanuelle - Italove
                                                                                  E2. Sworn Virgins -Take Your Lady
                                                                                  E3. Phillipi & Rodrigo - Paciencia
                                                                                  E4. Extra Credit- Drive Me
                                                                                  F1. Bous Pupul - Wéi?
                                                                                  F2. Soulwax - Essential Eleven
                                                                                  F3. Sworn Virgins - Fifty Dollar Bills
                                                                                  F4. Phillipi & Rodrigo - Retrogrado
                                                                                  F5. Future Sound Of Antwerp - Tom Cruise, Scientologist

                                                                                  Various Artists

                                                                                  LNOE Vinyl Archives Vol. 1

                                                                                    Sasha launches his new, limited run ‘LNOE Vinyl Archives’ series on his Last Night On Earth imprint, with ‘Vol.1’ dropping on September 13th. The release features gems like the definitive Hunter/Game ‘Canyons’, Sasha & La Fleur’s massively popular collaboration ‘Förbindelse’, Fur Coat’s recent ‘Babel’ and a new track ‘Maresme’ (Da Silva Mix), from Jon DaSilva and Jozef K. This is the only time these tracks will be available on vinyl, a must-have for record collectors and LNOE label fans alike. ‘Maresme’ drops

                                                                                    digitally later in the year, so this will be the first chance for fans to snap it up months ahead of official release. This new series celebrates pivotal cuts from the label’s history, as well as fresh upcoming tracks.

                                                                                    TRACK LISTING

                                                                                    A1 - Sasha & La Fleur – Förbindelse
                                                                                    A2 - Fur Coat – Babel
                                                                                    B1 - Hunter/Game – Canyons
                                                                                    B2 - Jon Da Silva & Jozef K – Maresme (Da Silva Mix)

                                                                                    Various Artists

                                                                                    Sampled Jazz

                                                                                      Hot on the heels of their ‘Sampled Funk’ selection, the folks at Wagram apply the same approach to soul, lounge and easy listening, raiding the crates for those smooth grooves, gospel scorchers and tearjerkers that generations of producer have flipped for high quality hip hop and house. Perfect for wax nerds, sample spotters and bar DJs, this collection features jamz from Ray Charles, Timmy Thomas, Dusty Springfield and Etta James.

                                                                                      TRACK LISTING

                                                                                      A1. Clifford Brown & Max Roach Quintet - Yesterdays
                                                                                      A2. Bob James - Sign Of The Times
                                                                                      A3. Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass - The Lonely Bull (El Solo Toro)
                                                                                      A4. Doris Day - Que Sera, Sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be)
                                                                                      A5. Nina Simone - Rags And Old Iron
                                                                                      A6. Billie Holiday - God Bless The Child
                                                                                      A7. Ella Fitzgerald With Paul Weston & His Orchestra - Russian Lullaby
                                                                                      B1. Cookin' On 3 Burners Feat. Kylie Auldist - This Girl
                                                                                      B2. Little Willie John - I'm Shakin'
                                                                                      B3. Dinah Washington With Quincy Jones & His Orchestra - Is You Is Or Is You Ain't My Baby
                                                                                      B4. Harry Belfonte - Jump In The Line
                                                                                      B5. Frank Sinatra - High Hopes
                                                                                      B6. Chris Connor - Time Out For Tears
                                                                                      B7. Thelonious Monk - Black And Tan Fantasy
                                                                                      C1. Ella Fitzgerald - All Through The Night
                                                                                      C2. Johnny Mathis - Someone
                                                                                      C3. Cal Tjader - Walk On By
                                                                                      C4. Gil Scott-Heron - Home Is Where The Hatred Is
                                                                                      C5. Mongo Santamaria - Watermelon Man
                                                                                      C6. Peggy Lee - I'ts A Good Day
                                                                                      C7. Ferrante & Teicher - Theme From Exodus
                                                                                      D1. Quincy Jones - Soul Bossa Nova
                                                                                      D2. Ahmad Jamal - Angel Eyes (Live At The Alhambra)
                                                                                      D3. Charlie Parker & Miles Davis - A Night In Tunisia
                                                                                      D4. Les Brown Feat. Doris Day - You Won'T Be Satisfied (Until You Break My Heart)
                                                                                      D5. Cab Calloway - The Hi-De-Ho Man (That's Me)
                                                                                      D6. Glenn Miller - Doin' The Jive
                                                                                      D7. Louis Armstrong & His Hot Seven - Weary Blues

                                                                                      We started First Word Records in late 2003. The core team is based in London, but our roster is comprised of artists from all over the globe. As we look ahead to our 20th anniversary, and hit our 200th release, this EP is a collaborative effort from some of our current artists.

                                                                                      As a label, we've often championed musicians that create sounds that fall within the cracks of more defined-genres. Our aim has always been to highlight unique talent where we find it, and ultimately find things we deem worthy of inclusion in the great mixtape of life! Quite often the links may not seem apparent, but we feel blessed to have been able to slowly build a family of artists that not only have great respect for each other, but will quite often collaborate together without any prompts from us. This collection of music is a series of examples of that. 'A Family Affair'.

                                                                                      For this vinyl EP, there is a heavy dancefloor vibe, with four tracks that nestle within the realms of broken beat.

                                                                                      Following her debut EP 'Light It Again' for us in late 2020, Allysha Joy's track 'Better' is re-visited by the don Kaidi Tatham, who reworks the track in his own inimitable way; starting on a half-tempo neo-soul vein, before switching to his trademark fusion of bruk, boogie and jazz mid-way.

                                                                                      After a lengthy absence we're delighted to welcome back Quiet Dawn and Sarah Williams White, with a collaborative piece between the two entitled 'One By One'. You can expect longer projects from them both later in the year, but here's a little vibe to wet your whistle. This, the 'Bruk It' version doing exactly what it says on the tin.

                                                                                      On the flipside, we have a delicious rub of Takuya Kuroda's 'Fade' featuring the vocals of Corey King and taken from Takuya's highly-acclaimed LP 'Fly Moon Die Soon'. The remix work on this one courtesy of a killer combo in their own rights, KEARL aka Earl Jeffers (Darkhouse Family) and K15 (Profusion).

                                                                                      Speaking of K15, this EP closes out with his interpretation of Teotima's 'But I Can't' originally from their 2019 album 'Weightless'. Taking elements of the original vocal from Ellie Rose Rusbridge, K15 transforms this one into a dreamy boogie-tinged groove - previously supported by Mary Anne Hobbs and the like.

                                                                                      Two of these tracks have never been available on vinyl before, whilst the other two are brand new tracks being released for the first time on any format.

                                                                                      TRACK LISTING

                                                                                      1. Allysha Joy - Better (Kaidi Tatham Remix)
                                                                                      2. Quiet Dawn & Sarah Williams White - One By One (Bruk It Version)
                                                                                      3. Takuya Kuroda - Fade (KEARL Remix)
                                                                                      4. Teotima - But I Can't (K15 Remix)

                                                                                      Those reliable chaps at Wagram drop another essential bit of wax for the nerds, bar jocks and sample spotters here - putting together a flawless collection of funk killers (both classic and otherwise), which have become better known in their sampled form. Take a quick peek at the tracklist and you'll find nothing but gold from the likes of Eddie Johns, Ike Turner, Gwen McCrae and Bob James, all of which come approved by a who's who of contemporary hip hop and dance music. 

                                                                                      TRACK LISTING

                                                                                      A1. Eddie Johns - More Spell On You
                                                                                      A2. Incredible Bongo Band - Apache
                                                                                      A3. Ike Turner & The Kings Of Rhythm - Funky Mule
                                                                                      A4. Skull Snaps - It's A New Day
                                                                                      A5. George & Gwen McCrae - The Rub
                                                                                      B1. Instant Funk - I Got My Mind Made Up (You Can Get It Girl) [7” Version]
                                                                                      B2. Cymande - The Message
                                                                                      B3. Bob James - Take Me To The Mardi Gras
                                                                                      B4. Imagination - Just An Illusion
                                                                                      B5. Gwen McCrae - All This Love I'm Givin'
                                                                                      C1. Freeez - I.O.U
                                                                                      C2. The Whispers - And The Beat Goes On (Single Edit)
                                                                                      C3. Carol Williams - Love Is You
                                                                                      C4. Carrie Lucas - Dance With You
                                                                                      D1. George Kranz - Din Daa Daa (U.S. Mix Version)
                                                                                      D2. Jimmy Spicer - Money (Dollar Bill Y’all)
                                                                                      D3. Taana Gardner - Heartbeat (2012 – Remaster)

                                                                                      Various Artists

                                                                                      Sampled Groove

                                                                                        Over the years, artists have continuously inspired one another through the art of sampling. The SAMPLED vinyl collection is an invitation to (re) discover the most iconic sampled artists and original tracks in music history such as Charles Aznavour, Ray Charles, Dusty Springfield or Gwen McCrae. Launched in 2018 with 2 volumes dedicated to Funk and Soul, the collection is back this year introducing a new opus: “Sampled Groove” featuring Disco, Funk & Soul tracks sampled by Mobb Deep, Cypress Hill, Mary J. Blige, Will Smith and many more.

                                                                                        TRACK LISTING

                                                                                        A1. Inner Life Feat. Jocelyn Brown - Ain't No Mountain High Enough
                                                                                        A2. All The People Feat. Robert Moore - Cramp Your Style
                                                                                        A3. Creative Source - Who Is He And What Is He To You?
                                                                                        A4. Blowfly - Outro
                                                                                        B1. Loleatta Holloway - Love Sensation (Original 7” Version)
                                                                                        B2. First Choice - Dr. Love
                                                                                        B3. Bob James - Tappan Zee
                                                                                        B4. Ohio Players - Ecstasy
                                                                                        B5. Elias Rahbani - Dance Of Maria
                                                                                        C1. Betty Wright - Clean Up Woman
                                                                                        C2. Detroit Emeralds - You're Getting A Little Too Smart
                                                                                        C3. Bob James - Nautilus
                                                                                        C4. The Sylvers - Cry Of A Dreamer
                                                                                        C5. Black Ivory - I Keep Asking You Questions
                                                                                        C6. Patrice Rushen - Forget Me Nots
                                                                                        D1. Lafayette Afro Rock Band - Darkest Light
                                                                                        D2. Joe Simon - Drowning In The Sea Of Love
                                                                                        D3. George & Gwen Mccrae - Mechanical Body
                                                                                        D4. Uncle Louie - I Like Funky Music
                                                                                        D5. The Fatback Band - (Are You Ready) Do The Bus Stop
                                                                                        D6. The Quantic Soul Orchestra - Pushin' On (Feat. Alice Russell)

                                                                                        There are few who can breathe new life into old Polish songs as well as the Warsaw duo Holiday 80. Their new versions of forgotten P-pop hits are always incredibly danceable, featuring great production quality. This self titled EP sees the pair taking full control on all four tracks, marking the start of a new series of samplers, which will fully showcase the production artistry of individual Polish producers.
                                                                                        The release opens with "Byles, Jestes, Bedziesz Moj" ("You were, you are, you will be mine") - an electro funk interpretation of Krystyna Pronko's 1987 song which is beefed up with some straight forward drums and lots of new effects.
                                                                                        The next track on the same side, the Holiday 80's version of Tubylcy Betonu track "Ye Ye Ye" will prove to you that the Poles felt the Manchester groove no less than the crazies from Happy Mondays.
                                                                                        Yet the real gem in this set is the B-side opener "Zaopiekuj sie mna", a synth-wave, dark-italo style take on the 1985 hit track by Rezerwat that was on top of Polish favourite lists of the era. The release closes with an edit of "Centrum Wynalazkow", one of the best examples of Polish new wave electronic music of the late 1980s. The forgotten recording by Formacja Niezywych Schabuff has been cut with the skill of a samurai master, coming to take your club by storm.

                                                                                        TRACK LISTING

                                                                                        A1. Krystyna Pronko - Byles, Jestes, Bedziesz Moj (Holiday 80 Rework)
                                                                                        A2. Tubylcy Betonu - Ye Ye Ye (Holiday 80 Edit)
                                                                                        B1. Rezerwat - Zaopiekuj Sie Mna (Holiday 80 Rework)
                                                                                        B2. Formacja Niezywych Schabuff - Centrum Wynalazkow (Holiday 80 Edit)

                                                                                        Various Artists

                                                                                        Soul Jazz Records Presents Studio One Roots - 20th Anniversary Edition

                                                                                          This is the new 20th Anniversary edition of one of Soul Jazz Records’ classic Studio One releases, now available as a special one-off blue double vinyl pressing.

                                                                                          ‘Studio One Roots’ set the standard for Soul Jazz Records’ long-standing series of Studio One collections and features many of the classic artists from Clement ‘Sir Coxsone’ Dodd’s mighty roster of reggae. This album includes Freddie McGregor, Willie Williams, Cornell Campbell, Alton Ellis and Devon Russell alongside some of the defining crack session men groups of Jamaican reggae history, including The Sound Dimension, Brentford All-Stars, The Skatalites, New Establishment and more. As ever the album is filled with a mixture of seminal cuts and superrarities from the vast vaults of 13 Brentford Road.

                                                                                          Stand-out tracks include Alton Ellis’ ‘Blackish White’, a surreal and powerful Afro-centric dream, Count Ossie Nyabinghi and Rastafarian drummers’ genre-defying interpretation of Booker T and The MGs ‘Meditation’, Willie Williams’ awe-inspiring versioning of the Skatalites seminal Rastafari anthem ‘Addis Ababa’ and many, many more.

                                                                                          This album has been fully digitally remastered, analogue cut and packaged complete with original sleevenotes by Lloyd Bradley (author of When Reggae Was King), compiled by Mark Ainley (Hones Jons), high-quality Soul Jazz mastering, fantastic images of Count Ossie and the Mystic Revelation of Rastafari on the cover and a rare image of Clement Dodd and musicians inside the studio at Studio One on the full colour inner sleeves.

                                                                                          “The music of this compilation is of a rare, rare beauty and is essential to anyone's reggae collection” - All Music

                                                                                          TRACK LISTING

                                                                                          The Cyclones With Count Ossie - Meditation
                                                                                          Cornell Campbell With The Brentford Rockers - Natty Don’t Go
                                                                                          Freddie McGregor With The Sound Dimension - Africa Here I Come
                                                                                          Bunnie & Skitter - Lumumbo
                                                                                          Willie Williams With The All Stars - Addis Ababa
                                                                                          L Crosdale With Drum Bago & The Rebel Group - Set Me Free
                                                                                          Leroy Wallace With The New Establishment - Far Beyond
                                                                                          Lennie Hibbert - More Creation
                                                                                          Alton Ellis With The Sound Dimension - Blackish White
                                                                                          Winston Jarrett With The Sound Dimension - Fear Not
                                                                                          Devon ‘Soul’ Russell - Drum Song
                                                                                          The Gaylads - Africa
                                                                                          Black Brothers With The New Establishment - School Children
                                                                                          Linton Cooper With The Brentford Disco Set - You’ll Get Your Pay
                                                                                          Sound Dimension - Congo Rock
                                                                                          Zoot Simms - African Challenge

                                                                                          Various Artists

                                                                                          Atomic Blonde

                                                                                            Mondo in partnership with Backlot Records is proud to present the amazing soundtrack to Atomic Blonde. Set during the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, this mix-tape album incorporates the best music of the 80's as well as elements of Tyler Bates' terrific original score. Original artwork by classic pulp novel artist Ron Lesser.

                                                                                            TRACK LISTING

                                                                                            Side A
                                                                                            01. Cat People (Putting Out Fire) – David Bowie
                                                                                            02. Major Tom (Völlig Losgelöst) – Peter Schilling
                                                                                            03. Blue Monday – HEALTH
                                                                                            04. C*cks*cker – Tyler Bates
                                                                                            Side B
                                                                                            05. 99 Luftballons – Nena
                                                                                            06. Father Figure – George Michael
                                                                                            07. Der Kommissar – After The Fire
                                                                                            08. Cities In Dust – Siouxsie And The Banshees
                                                                                            Side C
                                                                                            09. The Politics Of Dancing – Re-Flex
                                                                                            10. Stigmata – Marilyn Manson & Tyler Bates
                                                                                            11. Demonstration – Tyler Bates
                                                                                            Side D
                                                                                            12. I Ran (So Far Away) – A Flock Of Seagulls
                                                                                            13. 99 Luftballons – Kaleida
                                                                                            14. Voices Carry – ‘Til Tuesday
                                                                                            15. London Calling – The Clash
                                                                                            16. Finding The UHF Device – Tyler Bates

                                                                                            Various Artists

                                                                                            The Original Sound Of Burkina Faso

                                                                                              ‘The Original Sound of Burkina Faso’ follows the hugely successful ‘The Original Sound of Mali’ compilation, also released on Mr Bongo. Here we have a collection of songs that pay tribute to a truly golden age of music; touching on folk, funk, blues, highlife, disco, psyche, latin, rock and soul.

                                                                                              Burkina Faso may be one of the least well-known parts of West Africa but it has a deep history and musical pedigree. A few years before President Thomas Sankara changed his country’s name from Upper Volta to its current one, a new sound emerged to soundtrack a cultural revolution.

                                                                                              Featuring music by Abdoulaye Cissé, Amadou Balaké, Pierre Sandwidi & Super Volta, Tidiani Coulibaly & Dafra Star, Bozambo, Youssouf Diarra and more. Available as deluxe 2-LP gatefold vinyl, CD and digital. Including a booklet with extensive liner notes and photography. Compiled by David ‘Mr Bongo’ Buttle and Florent Mazzoleni.

                                                                                              TRACK LISTING

                                                                                              A1. Abdoulaye Cisse- Jeunesse Wilila.
                                                                                              A2. Abdoulaye Cisse - Tieba Lou Tounouna
                                                                                              A3. Bozambo - Kombisse
                                                                                              B1. Amadou Balake - Whisky Et Coca-Cola
                                                                                              B2. John Oumar Nabolle_ - M’ba Lale
                                                                                              B3. Pierre Sandwidi - Boy Cuisinier
                                                                                              B4. Tidiani Coulibaly & Dafra Star - Sie Koumgolo
                                                                                              C1. Amadou Balake - Super Bar Konon Mousso
                                                                                              C2. Mangue Konde Et Les 5 Consuls - Pop Konde
                                                                                              C3. Youssouf Diarra (dit El Grand Ballake) - Djanfa Magni
                                                                                              D1. Amadou Balake - Wayisjelequeyele
                                                                                              D2. Amadou Balake - Aminata Du The
                                                                                              D3. Abdoulaye Cisse & Super Volta - A Son Magni

                                                                                              Orange Tree Edits enlist the expertise of four deep digger extraordinaires for an excursion into the edit undergrowth. Stomping their own path through the jungle from full frontal Italo to a tribal chugfest, closing out with a slice of sultry French synth pop, Melbourne’s Hysteric, London duo Good Block and Parisian favourite Maybe Tonight take you on an island tour of the good times.

                                                                                              As usual Hysteric can be relied upon to deliver bassline pump and dancefloor emotion and the exquisite Italo of "Forza" tugs at your heartstrings while you cut up a rug. Next up there's a one-two combo from London's Good Block, who were last seen effin smashin it with a remix for Heels & Souls. Low tempo and loaded with bass weight, the oddball acid funk of "Mondo" is basically never gonna leave my record bag, while "Vuudu" freaks its way through chanted vocals, hand percussion and plenty of exotica idents, ripe for deployment in the mid day sun or cold of the witching hour. It falls to Maybe Tonight to close out the set, lending a louche and seductive flavour with a gloriously Gallic refix of "Pacifique". 

                                                                                              STAFF COMMENTS

                                                                                              says: The Orange Tree Edits fall well within the BUY ON SIGHT category, and this 8th volume is my favourite of the impeccable series. Bathing in Balearic and Italo favourites (my favourites!) this EP brings brilliance on every track, but I think it's Good Block's "Mondo" which wins the gold for me.

                                                                                              TRACK LISTING

                                                                                              A1. Hysteric - Forza
                                                                                              A2. Good Block - Mondo
                                                                                              B1. Good Block - Vuudu
                                                                                              B2. OTE - Pacifique (Maybe Tonight Refix)

                                                                                              Various Artists

                                                                                              Strange World / Purple Desire

                                                                                              File Under: Deep Downtempo / Cosmic Throb / Sensitive Soft Rock

                                                                                              It’s a strange world we’re living in and these addictive cuts mirror it well.
                                                                                              Dancing all night in cheerful melancholy with two strictly limited edits.

                                                                                              The A-side renders gothic synth pop at cruising tempo, spinning a web of tape delay as your mind unravels. A bassline throbs, pistons hiss and a paranoia takes hold of an icy vocal. Lose yourself in the otherwhere.

                                                                                              We step into a pristine wilderness on the B-side, stately pads gliding over a supple rhythm section while tender chimes tug at your heartstrings. Emotion abounds on an instrumental which never was. Big boys do cry, and this dove’s weeping over broken wings…

                                                                                              101 was gone within 2 weeks. Just sayin’ ...

                                                                                              STAFF COMMENTS

                                                                                              says: WDC101 was a staple on the shop player and I'm sure its successor will be a firm favourite of ours too. If side A is your perfect start to the night (I'm thinking slowly wobbling on to the (imaginative) dance floor...), side B is the perfect ending. Top marks again!

                                                                                              TRACK LISTING

                                                                                              A. Strange World 7:04 / 86 BPM
                                                                                              B. Purple Desire 4:52 / 86 BPM

                                                                                              The follow up to renowned French DJ/producer/digger Guts (of Beach Diggin’ fame) 2019 album of the same name! The finest selection of his favourite tracks from his DJ sets, those tried and tested dancefloor bombs he reaches for time and time again.

                                                                                              Covering obscure Latin, soul, Afrobeat, zouk and house, with a helping hand from Dam Swindle, with two of their remixes included.

                                                                                              “Any DJ set tells you, unconsciously or not, about its author. Through the record choices and the way they are organized, one can feel the DJ’s state of mind...In this selection, you’ll find 7” vinyl records available to everyone sitting proudly next to some rarities found online and acquired through nerve-raking auctions battles. There are indeed exclusive remixes along with titles that until now were only available in their digital formats. Now for the first time they are available here in vinyl format.” - GUTS

                                                                                              TRACK LISTING

                                                                                              The Dutch Benglos - Shabi-Bi-Di-Do
                                                                                              Pat Thomas & Kwashibu Area Band - Yamona (Dam Swindle Remix)
                                                                                              Pupkulies & Rebecca - Saude
                                                                                              La Gran Banda Calena - Que Quieres Que Haga
                                                                                              Martina Camargo - Me Robaste El Sueno
                                                                                              Mackjoss - Mounadji
                                                                                              Voilaaa - Limy -A Feat. David Walters, Lass & Pat Kalla
                                                                                              Jobby Valente - Mi Moin Mi Ou
                                                                                              Luis Dias - Liborio
                                                                                              Bande Gamboa - P Di Bissilon-Dam Swindle
                                                                                              Ngalah Oreyo - Aye / Alcione - Nzambi-Muadiakime
                                                                                              Ismael & Sixu Tour - Utammada
                                                                                              Pat Kalla - Canette (BOSQ Remix)
                                                                                              Aurelio- Nando
                                                                                              Chucho Pinto - Cumbia De Sal Y Azucar

                                                                                              Aaaaaahh YEAHHH! I'm always stoked when a Duca Biano lands in my lap, and the 9th release on the label (5th in 12" form) feels extra right! Boasting an A-list cast of Franz 'Slow Motion' Scala, Italo hero Hysteric, crate-digging beat-making madman Cherrystones and lesser known, but equally ace Beatfoot and DJ Dollpin. 

                                                                                              It falls to Franz to start the party, setting phasers to stun with a mid tempo burner full of synth power, snapping snares and a spoken female vocal full of mystery and drama. Turn your eye shadow up to about 85% opacity and glide into your favourite Sci Fi club scene. It's another absolute essential from Australia's reigning Italo champ Hysteric on the A2, who turns out a playful synthpop stomper called "Pleides". Digi-marimbas, fanfares and a golden groove bathes in Yello, before some jazzy guitar lends a little extra texture to the chorus. 

                                                                                              At this point, I think the garies Matt and I took earlier must be kicking in, coz "Osdorp Discoteca" has me sweating and slamming my body round the shop like I'm lost in a warehouse somewhere outside Stoke in 1991. Proggy and powerful, this is a total acid smash. Speaking of acid, Cherrystones has absolutely soaked the B2 in LSD, transforming whatever the OG is into a fever dream of backmasked vocals, odd dancehall riddims, psych and synthery. 

                                                                                              TRACK LISTING

                                                                                              A1. Franz Scala - Sweet Carillon
                                                                                              A2. Hysteric - Pleides
                                                                                              B1. Beatfoot & DJ Dollpin - Osdorp Discoteca
                                                                                              B2. Cherrystones - Gom Reg Raga

                                                                                              Returning for Volume 4 of the sought-after series, Glitterbox Jams is back with another red-hot delivery of dancefloor gems, ready to become a record box essential for all discerning disco DJs. The A-Side features two remixes of an early noughties dancefloor gem, as two esteemed disco editors Moplen and Dr Packer both take on ‘Love Will Be Our Guide’ from Mark Picchiotti presents Jersey Street. On the flip come two productions from Italian-Belgian producer Vito de Luca, donning his Aeroplane alias for a disco-infused remix of Marco Faraone & Greeko’s hip-house pumper ‘Armaghetton’, before swapping over to his Flush pseudonym to deliver the playful Balearic joy of ‘Come Back Baby’.

                                                                                              TRACK LISTING

                                                                                              A1. Mark Picchiotti Presents Jersey Street - Love Will Be Our Guide (Moplen Extended Remix)
                                                                                              A2. Mark Picchiotti Presents Jersey Street - Love Will Be Our Guide (Dr Packer Remix)
                                                                                              AA1. Marco Faraone & Greeko - Armaghetton (Aeroplane Extended Remix)
                                                                                              AA2. Flush - Come Back Baby

                                                                                              Various Artists


                                                                                                16 electronic, atmospheric, global & groovy delights from the Josef Weinberger Theme Music library compiled by Alan Gubby (Revbjelde, The Delaware Road).

                                                                                                In 2015 I picked up around sixty JW Theme Music LPs in a local record store. They looked rather sad unloved in their generic, beige & brown covers but closer inspection revealed several established composer names & intriguing equipment listed on the sleeves such as the Fairlight CMI, Mini Moog, Yamaha CS80, DX7, ARP Axxe, Prophet 5 & Roland CompuRhythm. Some of the albums appeared to be reissues of older & sought-after Programme Music & Impress LPs, so with my interest piqued, I bought the lot.

                                                                                                Undercurrents is a selection of moods & styles from those LPs, recorded for the JW libraries between the late 1960’s and mid-1980s. There are shimmering synth arpeggios by Tim Cross (Mike Oldfield, Hall & Oates, The Adverts), fretless ambient grooves by bassist & producer Mo Foster (Scott Walker, Dusty Springfield), dusk till dawn meditations by classical Indian composer Naresh Sohal, fuzzy orchestral funk by German library don Peter Thomas, strutting electronic rock by keyboardist Derek Austin (Frank Sinatra, Peggy Lee, David Shire) saccharine soul and an Eno homage by library supergroup Midas Touch, a bold as brass porno-Moog theme by Pete Smith (used in 1970’s skin flick Highway Hookers) plus film-noir suspense & percussive jams by avant-garde UK jazzer Bob Downes.

                                                                                                Various Artists

                                                                                                Mono No Aware

                                                                                                  “Mono No Aware” is the first compilation to be released on PAN (2017), collating unreleased ambient tracks from both new and existing PAN artists.

                                                                                                  Featuring Jeff Witscher, Helm, TCF, Yves Tumor, M.E.S.H., Pan Daijing, HVAD, Kareem Lotfy, ADR, Mya Gomez, Sky H1, James K, Oli XL, Bill Kouligas, Flora Yin-Wong, Malibu, and AYYA, the compilation moves through more traditional notions of what is called ’ambient’, to incorporat- ing wider variations that fall under the term.

                                                                                                  “Mono no aware”, ‘the pathos of things’, also translates as “an empathy toward things”, or “a sensitivity to ephemera”. A term for the awareness of impermanence, or the transience of things. A meditation on mortality and life’s transience, ephemerality heightens the appreciation of beauty and sensitivity to their passing. In investigating the passing of time, the boundaries between memory and hallucination become blurred; between fiction and reality. The movement of time transforms into an eternal pres- ent.

                                                                                                  *The album is mastered and cut by Rashad Becker at D&M, featuring photography by Molly Matalon. Now first the first time on clear vinyl, the 2020 pressing of this classic PAN title features updated design by N MRE 08.*

                                                                                                  TRACK LISTING

                                                                                                  SIDE A:
                                                                                                  1. Kareem Lofty - Fr3sh
                                                                                                  2. Malibu - Held
                                                                                                  3. Yves Tumor - Limerence
                                                                                                  4. Helm - Eliminator

                                                                                                  SIDE B:
                                                                                                  5. ADR - Open Invitation
                                                                                                  6. AYYA - Second Mistake
                                                                                                  7. Flora Yin-Wong - Lugere
                                                                                                  8. Mya Gomez - Justforu

                                                                                                  SIDE C:
                                                                                                  9. Bill Kouligas - VXOMEG
                                                                                                  10. Jeff Witscher - Ok, American Medium
                                                                                                  11. TCF - C6 81 56 28 09 34 31 D2...
                                                                                                  12. James K - Stretch Deep (feat. Eve Essex)

                                                                                                  SIDE D:
                                                                                                  13. Sky H1 - Huit
                                                                                                  14. M.E.S.H. - Exasthrus (Pane)

                                                                                                  15. Oli XL - Heretic
                                                                                                  16. HVAD & Pan Daijing - Zhao Hua 

                                                                                                  It was in Benin City, in the heart of Nigeria, that a new hybrid of intoxicating highlife music known as Edo Funk was born. It first emerged in the late 1970s when a group of musicians began to experiment with different ways of integrating elements from their native Edo culture and fusing them with new sound effects coming from West Africa´s night-clubs. Unlike the rather polished 1980´s Nigerian disco productions coming out of the international metropolis of Lagos Edo Funk was raw and reduced to its bare minimum. Someone was needed to channel this energy into a distinctive sound and Sir Victor Uwaifo appeared like a mad professor with his Joromi studio. Uwaifo took the skeletal structure of Edo music and relentless began fusing them with synthesizers, electric guitars and 80´s effect racks which resulted in some of the most outstanding Edo recordings ever made. An explosive spiced up brew with an odd psychedelic note known as Edo Funk.

                                                                                                  That's the sound you'll be discovering in the first volume of the Edo Funk Explosion series which focusses on the genre's greatest originators; Osayomore Joseph, Akaba Man, and Sir Victor Uwaifo: Osayomore Joseph was one of the first musicians to bring the sound of the flute into the horn-dominated world of highlife, and his skills as a performer made him a fixture on the Lagos scene. When he returned to settle in Benin City in the mid-1970s - at the invitation of the royal family - he devoted himself to the modernisation and electrification of Edo music, using funk and Afro-beat as the building blocks for songs that weren't afraid to call out government corruption or confront the dark legacy of Nigeria's colonial past. Akaba Man was the philosopher king of Edo funk. Less overtly political than Osayomore Joseph and less psychedelic than Victor Uwaifo, he found the perfect medium for his message in the trance-like grooves of Edo funk. With pulsating rhythms awash in cosmic synth-fields and lyrics that express a deep personal vision, he found great success at the dawn of the 1980s as one of Benin City's most persuasive ambassadors of funky highlife. Victor Uwaifo was already a star in Nigeria when he built the legendary Joromi studios in his hometown of Benin City in 1978. Using his unique guitar style as the mediating force between West-African highlife and the traditional rhythms and melodies of Edo music, he had scored several hits in the early seventies, but once he had his own sixteen-track facility he was able to pursue his obsession with the synesthetic possibilities of pure sound, adding squelchy synths, swirling organs and studio effects to hypnotic basslines and raw grooves.

                                                                                                  Between his own records and his production for other musicians, he quickly established himself as the godfather of Edo funk. What unites these diverse musicians is their ability to strip funk down to its primal essence and use it as the foundation for their own excursions inward to the heart of Edo culture and outward to the furthest limits of sonic alchemy. The twelve tracks on Edo Funk Explosion Volume 1 pulse with raw inspiration, mixing highlife horns, driving rhythms, day-glo keyboards and tripped-out guitars into a funk experience unlike any other.

                                                                                                  TRACK LISTING

                                                                                                  1. Africa Is My Root - Osayomore Joseph And The Creative Seven
                                                                                                  2. Ta Gha Hunsimwen - Akaba Man & The Nigie Rokets
                                                                                                  3. Popular Side - Akaba Man And The African Pride
                                                                                                  4. Iranm Iran - Sir Victor Uwaifo And His Titibitis
                                                                                                  5. Sakpaide No.2 - Sir Victor Uwaifo And His Titibitis
                                                                                                  6. Ta Ghi Rare - Akaba Man & The Nigie Rokets
                                                                                                  7. My Name Is Money - Osayomore Joseph
                                                                                                  8. Ogbov Omwan - Akaba Man & The Nigie Rokets
                                                                                                  9. Aibalegbe - Sir Victor Uwaifo And His Titibitis
                                                                                                  10. Who No Man - Osayomore Joseph And The Ulele Power Sound
                                                                                                  11. Obviemama - Sir Victor Uwaifo And His Titibitis
                                                                                                  12. Ororo No De Fade - Osayomore Joseph And The Ulele Power Sound

                                                                                                  Various Artists

                                                                                                  Glitterbox - Where Love Lives - Simon Dunmore & Seamus Haji

                                                                                                    The official soundtrack compilation release from Glitterbox and Defected Records first foree into Documnetary films : Where Love Lives. The film is a story of music’s enduring power to manifest diverse and inclusive community, and the power of that community to accept and embrace, to liberate, even to save lives. It’s a story of acceptance and creative expression – empowered, enabled and soundtracked by club music. Through extensive exclusive interviews with titans of nightlife culture, Where Love Lives contributors

                                                                                                    Billy Porter, Honey Dijon, Kathy Sledge, Kiddy Smile, Lucy Fizz, John ‘Jellybean’ Benitez, Kae Burke (House Of Yes), Fiorious and many more explore how those driven to the margins of society are welcomed unconditionally to the centre of the dancefloor.

                                                                                                    Featuring the likes of Roisin Murphy, Horse Meat Disco, The Shapeshifters, DC La Rue, The Vision and more, this compilation, expertly mixed by Simon Dunmore and Seamus Haji includes all of the music featured in the film alongside classic and fresh cuts from the Glitterbox label.

                                                                                                    TRACK LISTING

                                                                                                    CD1 - Seamus Haji

                                                                                                    1. Smith & Mudd Featuring Quinn Lamont Luke ‘The Distance’ (Ron Basejam Remix)
                                                                                                    2. Crazy P ‘Eruption’
                                                                                                    3. Lovebirds Featuring Holly Backler ‘Give Me A Sign’
                                                                                                    4. The Phenomenal Handclap Band ‘Judge Not’ (Ray Mang Disco Mix)
                                                                                                    5. Luke Solomon Featuring Queen Rose & Amy Douglas ‘Light You Up’ (Accapella)
                                                                                                    6. Róisín Murphy ‘Murphy's Law’ (Extended Mix)
                                                                                                    7. Sure Thing ‘Holding You Tight’ (Extended DJ Mix)
                                                                                                    8. Sunset City ‘Feels So Right’ (Art Of Tones '1982' Extended Remix)
                                                                                                    9. Bobby D'Ambrosio Featuring Lasala ‘Runaway Love’ (Dr Packer Extended Remix)
                                                                                                    10. Horse Meat Disco & Kathy Sledge ‘Jump Into The Light’ (Extended 12” Mix)
                                                                                                    11. Melvo Baptiste Featuring Phebe Edwards ‘Bad Company’ (Extended Mix)
                                                                                                    12. Birdee Featuring Angela Johnson ‘Something About You’ (Extended Mix)
                                                                                                    13. William & The Young Five ‘You Turn Me On’ (JKriv Rework)
                                                                                                    14. Bongoloverz Featuring An-Tonic ‘Power Of Music’ (Accapella)
                                                                                                    15. Aeroplane Featuring Tawatha Agee ‘Love On Hold’ (Dr Packer Extended Remix)
                                                                                                    16. Eli Escobar & Nomi Ruiz ‘Dance 4 Love ‘99’ (Club Mix)
                                                                                                    17. Chasing Kurt ‘From The Inside’ (Henrik Schwarz Deep Version)
                                                                                                    18. Audiowhores & Roland Clark ‘I'm Inspired’ (Spoken Accapella)
                                                                                                    19. The Juan Maclean ‘A Simple Design’ (Purple Disco Machine Remix)
                                                                                                    20. The Vision Featuring Dames Brown ‘Down’ (Extended Mix)
                                                                                                    21. Horse Meat Disco Featuring Amy Douglas ‘Let’s Go Dancing’ (Dimitri From Paris Remix)
                                                                                                    22. Seamus Haji Featuring Kathy Brown ‘A Better Place’ (Extended Mix)

                                                                                                    CD2 - Simon Dunmore

                                                                                                    1. Freeform Five & Carolyn Harding ‘Strength’ (JKriv Extended Remix)
                                                                                                    2. Horse Meat Disco Featuring Fi McCluskey ‘Love If You Need It’
                                                                                                    3. Hifi Sean Featuring Paris Grey ‘Lost Without U’ (Horse Meat Disco Extended Remix)
                                                                                                    4. Nico Saav ‘Steam’ (Dicky Trisco Remix)
                                                                                                    Escobar Featuring Nomi Ruiz ‘Can't Stop Dancing’ (Accapella)
                                                                                                    Kings Of Tomorrow ‘Let Me Tell You Something’ (Sandy Rivera & C. Castel’s Accapella)
                                                                                                    5. Powerdance ‘Power Dance’ (Mousse T.’s Disco Shizzle Extended Mix)
                                                                                                    6. The Vision Featuring Andreya Triana ‘Mountains’ (Joey Negro Live And Direct Extended Mix)
                                                                                                    7. D.C. LaRue ‘Cathedrals’ (Jamie 3:26 Ballroom Version)
                                                                                                    8. Donald’s House ‘Piano Parfait’
                                                                                                    9. Mike Dunn Presents The MD X-Spress ‘Git Cho House On (Children)’ (Accapella)
                                                                                                    10. Antenna! ‘Rhombus’ (Extended Mix)
                                                                                                    12. Ralphi Rosario With Linda Clifford ‘Wanna Give It Up’ (Dr Packer’s Légo’s Dub Accapella)
                                                                                                    13. Fallout ‘The Morning After’ (Purple Disco Machine Re-Work)
                                                                                                    14. Billie ‘Nobody’s Business’ (Extended Radio)
                                                                                                    15. Mike Dunn ‘If I Can’t Get Down’ (Luke Solomon’s Extended Clubland Remix)
                                                                                                    16. Mike Dunn ‘Strut Cho Phunky Stuff (Sho' Nuff)’ (Mike Dunn Extended Black Glitter MixX)
                                                                                                    17. The Shapeshifters Featuring Kimberly Davis ‘Life Is A Dancefloor’ (Club Mix)
                                                                                                    18. D.C. LaRue ‘Hot Jungle Drums And Voo Doo Rhythm’ (Dr Packer Dub)
                                                                                                    19. Dimitri From Paris X Fiorious ‘Music Saved My Life’ (The Extended Discomix)
                                                                                                    20. Casbah 73 ‘Love Saves The Day’ (Extended Mix)

                                                                                                    CD3 - Simon Dunmore

                                                                                                    1. Horse Meat Disco & Kathy Sledge ‘Falling Deep In Love’ (Joey Negro 12” Disco Blend)
                                                                                                    2. The Shapeshifters Featuring Billy Porter ‘Finally Ready’ (Dimitri From Paris TSOP - The Sound Of Paris - Remix, Pts I & II)
                                                                                                    3. Mike Dunn ‘Natural High’ (Mike Dunn Extended Black Glitter MixX)
                                                                                                    4. Dam Swindle ‘Hey Mister’ (Extended Mix)
                                                                                                    5. Debbie Jacobs ‘Don’t You Want My Love’ (Full Intention Extended Disco Mix)
                                                                                                    6. DJ John ‘Julius’ Knight ‘Find A Friend’ (Dr Packer Extended Remix)
                                                                                                    7. Luke Solomon Featuring Amy Douglas & Queen Rose ‘Love. Hope. Happiness’ (Accapella)
                                                                                                    8. Fiorious ‘I’m Not Defeated’ (Catz ‘n Dogz Extended Pride Mix)
                                                                                                    9. Junior Jack Presents Glory Featuring Jocelyn Brown ‘Hold Me Up’ (Riva Starr Tangerine Funk Extended Vocal Mix)
                                                                                                    10. Quentin Harris & Jason Walker ‘Stronger’ (Extended Mix)
                                                                                                    11. Romain & Danny Krivit Featuring Linda Clifford ‘Philly Groove’ (Joey Negro’s Philly Jump Extended Mix)
                                                                                                    12. Soul Creation ‘Maestros Of House’ (Accapella)
                                                                                                    13. Dirty Channels ‘Catch Me’ (Extended Mix)
                                                                                                    14. Lupe Featuring Josh Caffe ‘Give Me Body’
                                                                                                    15. Hifi Sean Featuring Celeda ‘The Music’ (Extended)
                                                                                                    16. Catz ‘n Dogz ‘Force’ (Accapella)
                                                                                                    17. Mighty Mouse ‘The Spirit’ (Extended Mix)
                                                                                                    18. Gershon Jackson Presents Reset Preset ‘Hands Together’ (House Of Omni Hands Together Extended Club Mix)
                                                                                                    19. Shakedown ‘At Night’ (Shakedown’s Galactic Boogie) 

                                                                                                    When Nkrumah Jah Thomas’ hit #1 on the Jamaican charts in 1976 with his debut single ‘Midnight Rock’ on Alvin Ranglin’s GG label it gave the new DJ a theme song and an entry into the world of music. Within 3 years he had launched his own label Midnight Rock and alongside more music under his own name he produced a series of classics by the likes of Tristan Palmer, Anthony Johnson, Early B and many more.

                                                                                                    In 1997 he signed a deal with Acid Jazz’s Roots label and since then, through on-going collaborations, his career as a producer has been anthologised and developed, including the release of a series of archive King Tubby and Scientist mixes, the use of his masters to be sampled by Nas (on “The Don”), Protoje and others, and re-issues of his classic albums. To celebrate 40 year of Midnight Rock, last year Thomas went back into his tape archive to unearth another 10 tracks, either with original vocals or guest names brought in.

                                                                                                    Behind original rhythms recorded at Channel 1, Tuff Gong and others, featuring the Roots Radics and The Midnight Rock Band and mixed in places like King Jammy’s and Tubby’s we are given a line-up of stellar talent. We have Lynval Thomson with the plaintive ‘I Can Be Your Man’, and forthright Super Cat on ‘Me Glad She Gone’ and first rare Luciano on ‘Good Thing Goin’ On. They are joined by Courtney Melody, Pinchers and Joesy Wales, Daville and more. Keeping the circle whole Thomas appears on two tracks including the future classic ‘Sounds A Go Dead Tonight’ with Junior Vibes.

                                                                                                    TRACK LISTING

                                                                                                    1. I Can Be Your Man - Linval Thompson
                                                                                                    2. Good Thing Goin’ On - Luciano
                                                                                                    3. Hey Sexy Lady - Courtney Melody
                                                                                                    4. I Love To Smoke - Gryphan
                                                                                                    5. Sounds A Go Dead Tonight - Jah Thomas & Junior Vibes
                                                                                                    6. All A The Gal Them - Pinchers & Jose Wale
                                                                                                    7. Me Glad She Gone-  Super Cat
                                                                                                    8. Drunk And Stage - Jah Thomas
                                                                                                    9. Since I Laid Eyes On You - Daville
                                                                                                    10. Love Songs Are Back Again (Adopted Song) - Tony Curtis, Ghost & Mitch

                                                                                                    Young yet nervingly, already seminal UK acid house label Super Rhythm Trax, celebrates its wonderful roster of artists with an absolutely slamming bumper double pack. Cut loud for DJ use, and featuring 10 tracks of their exclusive warehouse music, this is a perfect snapshot of this pioneering and cult-adored imprint. It features artwork from Giacomo Run Bufarini, a prolific street artist whose work appears around the globe.

                                                                                                    For newcomers to the label: expect a healthy dose of 303s, 808s and 909s; pilled-up hooks, blissed-out atmospheres and a shed of attitude. These bad boys snarl, bang and grind; there's no time for deep house dreaminess on this excursion.

                                                                                                    In super limited supply and flying out quicker than pharoahs at Pomona - move quick if you want in on these exclusive, high grade, nightclub workouts.

                                                                                                    STAFF COMMENTS

                                                                                                    says: Highly anticipated, blink-and-you'll miss it comp from one of the leading lights of the UK acid scene. Hardcore warehouse business from start to finish. All hitter no shitter!

                                                                                                    TRACK LISTING

                                                                                                    A1. DMX Krew - Duke Beat
                                                                                                    A2. Luke’s Anger - Blind Test
                                                                                                    A3. Fear-E - Drunken Attic Conversion
                                                                                                    B1. Jerome Hill - Plumphouse Groove
                                                                                                    B2. Matt Whitehead - Mystery Of Mysteries
                                                                                                    C1. DJ Raf - Espresso
                                                                                                    C2. Cursor Miner - Back To Front Pants
                                                                                                    C3. Mike Ash - Clone Cheek
                                                                                                    D1. Dance System - Break It Down
                                                                                                    D2. Jared Wilson - Srtraxx 2

                                                                                                    Various Artists

                                                                                                    The Reverb Conspiracy: Volume 7

                                                                                                      Fuzz Club Records are back with the seventh volume of their annual Reverb Conspiracy compilation. Likened to the 'Nuggets' compilations that document the kaleidoscopic sounds of the 60s, the Reverb Conspiracy series provides a snapshot of the contemporary international psych scene in all its multifaceted glory. Concerned with all things fuzz, reverb and drone, you'll find underground artists and familiar names. Vice once described the Reverb Conspiracy as "a catalyst for the European Psych Nouveau movement... sparking more creative chemistry than a night of speed dating at Andy Warhol's" but, as of volume six, Fuzz Club have now gone fully international.

                                                                                                      Like its predecessor, Volume 7 is a worldwide affair and all the better for it. From Australia, there's the hypnotic psych-surf of Chesta Hadron and driving krautrock jams courtesy of Mt. Mountain. Elsewhere, Mexico brings us a ten-minute motorik work-out from Sei Still and murky, reverb-soaked shoegaze from Lorelle Meets The Obsolete. Turning back to Europe, there is a whole heap of far-out sounds. France offers us electronic post-punk drones (Veik), gothic psych (Servo) and experimental electronica/Krautrock (Ashinoa). Representing Italy, there’s Kill Your Boyfriend’s psychedelic noise-rock and bludgeoning walls-of-sound from Rev Rev Rev. There's a piece of primal industrial psych via Germany's Flying Moon In Space and Austria’s Hypnotic Floor deliver a thrashing fuzz freak-out. Championing the UK, where Fuzz Club themselves are based, you'll find Autotelia's sprawling, minimalist soundscapes and dark, noisy post-punk from Mirna Way (who are based in London but originally hail from Poland.)

                                                                                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                                                                                      says: Fuzz Club's Reverb Conspiracy series has become somewhat of a legendary compilation in the past few years, and you only need to look at the lineup on this to confirm that it has some of the most respected names in the burgeoning underground psych scene. Woozy psychedelia, chugging riffs and acidic groove make this yet another essential addition to the collection.

                                                                                                      TRACK LISTING

                                                                                                      1) Chesta Hedron - Pulse
                                                                                                      2) Mt Mountain - Tassels
                                                                                                      3) Sei Still - Tacticas De Guerrilla Urbana
                                                                                                      4) Flying Moon In Space - Ardor
                                                                                                      5) Kill Your Boyfriend - Agave
                                                                                                      6) Veik - Difficult Machinery
                                                                                                      7) Lorelle Meets The Obsolete - La Maga
                                                                                                      8) Ashinoa - Koalibi
                                                                                                      9) Autotelia - Floating Island Of The Gods
                                                                                                      10) Hypnotic Floor - Beinwärts
                                                                                                      11) Mirna Ray - Poziome Tornado
                                                                                                      12) Servo - Yajña
                                                                                                      13) Rev Rev Rev - Clutching The Blade

                                                                                                      Various Artists

                                                                                                      Late Night Tales: Jordan Rakei

                                                                                                        “I wanted to try and showcase as many people as I knew on this mix. My idea of Late Night Tales was to distil a series of relaxing moments; the whole conceptual sonic of relaxation. So, I was trying to think of all the collaborators and friends that I knew, who’d recorded stuff with this horizontal vibe. Plus, I was also trying to help my friends' stuff get into the world. I know the story of Khruangbin blowing up after appearing on the series (in fact, I think that's how I discovered them). So, the main idea was to create a certain atmosphere, but also to help some of my favourite collaborators and bud- dies to give their songs a little push out into the world. Hope you like it” Jordan Rakei.

                                                                                                        Late Night Tales celebrate their 20th anniversary with the release of multi-instru- mentalist, vocalist and producer Jordan Rakei’s majestic compilation. The 28-year-old modern soul icon effortlessly stamps his own jazz and hip-hop driven sound all over this gorgeous array of handpicked tracks. A beautifully layered blend that is mirrored in the music he’s made, it comes as no surprise that such a supremely gifted songwriter should deliver a mix that is all about the song.

                                                                                                        Rakei, born in New Zealand, but raised in Australia, moved to the UK in 2015; he released his debut album, Cloak, with Oz label Soul Has No Tempo, but his two subsequent LPs, Wallflower and Origin, came out on Ninja Tune, the former #2 in Album Of The Year for Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide poll, while Origin was nominated for Best Album at the AIM Awards. Jordan had this to say on his upcoming mix:

                                                                                                        As Jordan says, there’s so much more to the song selection on Late Night Tales’ latest outing than a random collection of artists. Many have some sort of personal connection, so just as Bonobo provided a platform for the breakout of Khruangbin on a previous LNT, this may have the same effect for Rakei’s friends. After a soothing opener from Fink, good friend and big influence Alfa Mist (part of the Are We Live collective) delivers ‘Mulago.’ “I want to champion their sound and show the world how good he is, and I thought it’d be fitting to start the mix with family,” says Jordan.

                                                                                                        Next up is Charlotte Day Wilson with ‘Mountains,’ followed by ‘Count A Heart’ from Moreton, an exclusive collaboration with Jordan, who grew up on the same street in Brisbane, Australia. “She was the first artist I ever collaborated with, and one of the first artists to be involved in my career,” he explains. Elsewhere we hear Scottish producer and multi-instrumentalist C Duncan’s haunting ‘He Came from the Sun,’ Barcelona collective Oso Leone deliver a dreamy ‘Virtual U’ and Bill Lauren’s ‘Singularity,’ which evokes a striking sense of time and place.

                                                                                                        Snowpoet’s ethereal ‘Evitenity’ is a “long mediative narrative over a beautiful soundscape,” which at times seems chaotic, nicely juxtaposed with undeniable beauty, and Maro’s kooky songwriting shines on ‘Always And Forever.’ Long-time buddy Armon-Jones contributes ‘Idiom,’ and Jordan’s exclusive cover version is a two-for-one, Radiohead’s ‘Codex’ merging with ‘Lover, You Should’ve Come Home’ by Jeff Buckley and another exclusive, original com- position by Jordan, ‘Imagination.’ The latter works as a piece with the spoken (Spanish) word voiced by movie director Alejandro González Iñárritu (Babel, Birdman, and The Reve- nant,) who is a big fan of Jordan’s. “He messaged me when I went to L.A and asked to come to my show. I was in such shock and we hung out after. I thought it would be nice to get him to do this in his native tongue, because I don’t think that’s been done yet on the series.” It certainly is a family affair. Not the blood is thicker than water kind, but certainly musical kindred spirits.

                                                                                                        STAFF COMMENTS

                                                                                                        says: There are very few labels as influential in the compilation game as Late Night Tales, and this newest outing from Jordan Rakei is one of the best yet. Flitting between downbeat jazz business and more ambient pieces, this collection is perfect for popping on and zoning out to. Brilliantly paced and superbly selected, this is a fascinating insight into Rakei's influences, and most of all, a great listen.

                                                                                                        TRACK LISTING

                                                                                                        Mixed CD Version
                                                                                                        Incl. Unmixed Tracks Via Download As MP3 / FLAC/ WAV
                                                                                                        1. Fink - Covering Your Tracks
                                                                                                        2. Alfa Mist – Mulago
                                                                                                        3. Charlotte Day Wilson – Mountains
                                                                                                        4. Moreton Feat. Jordan Rakei – Count A Heart (Exclusive Track)
                                                                                                        5. Puma Blue – Untitled 2
                                                                                                        6. Connan Mockasin – Momo’s
                                                                                                        7. C Duncan - He Came From The Sun
                                                                                                        8. Oso Leone – Virtual U
                                                                                                        9. Joe Armon-Jones - Idiom Ft. Oscar Jerome
                                                                                                        10. Snowpoet – Eviternity
                                                                                                        11. MARO – Forever & Always
                                                                                                        12 Homay Schmitz – Speak Up
                                                                                                        13. Bill Laurance - Singularity
                                                                                                        14 Jordan Rakei - Lover, You Should've Come Over (Exclusive Jeff Buckley Cover Version)
                                                                                                        15 Jordan Rakei – Codex (Exclusive Radiohead Cover Version)
                                                                                                        16. Cubicolor - Counterpart
                                                                                                        17. Jordan Rakei – Imagination (Exclusive New Track)
                                                                                                        18. Alejandro González Iñárritu - Imagination (Exclusive Spoken Word Piece)

                                                                                                        Unmixed Vinyl Version
                                                                                                        (includes Mixed And Unmixed Tracks As Download As MP3 / FLAC / WAV)
                                                                                                        A1. Fink - Covering Your Tracks
                                                                                                        A2. Alfa Mist - Mulago
                                                                                                        A3. Charlotte Day Wilson - Mountains
                                                                                                        A4. Moreton Feat Jordan Rakei - Count A Heart (Exclusive Track)
                                                                                                        B1. Puma Blue - Untitled 2
                                                                                                        B2. Connan Mockasin - Momo's
                                                                                                        B3. C Duncan - He Came From The Sun
                                                                                                        B4. Oso Leone - Virtual U
                                                                                                        B5. Joe Armon-Jones & Maxwell Owin - Idiom Ft Oscar Jerome
                                                                                                        C1. Snowpoet - Everternity
                                                                                                        C2. Maro - Forever & Always
                                                                                                        C3. Homay Schmitz - Speak Up
                                                                                                        C4. Bill Laurence - Singularity
                                                                                                        D1. Jordan Rakei - Lover, You Should've Come Over (Exclusive Jeff Buckley Cover Version)
                                                                                                        D2. Cubicolour - Counterpart
                                                                                                        D3. Jordan Rakei - Imagination(Exclusive New Track)
                                                                                                        D4. Alejandro González Iñárritu - Imagination (Exclusive Spoken Word Piece)

                                                                                                        Various Artists


                                                                                                          A loving tribute to Wilco from the November issue of Uncut magazine, this collection comprises 19 Wilco covers recorded by notable artists such as Courtney Barnett, Kurt Vile, Sharon Van Etten, Low, Cate Le Bon and Parquet Courts, including one previously released version of “Jesus, Etc.” by Norah Jones’ band Puss N Boots and one recently unearthed (but never released) cover of “Casino Queen” by Billy F Gibbons of ZZ Top fame.

                                                                                                          Originally released on vinyl in September 2020 for Record Store Day.

                                                                                                          Various Artists

                                                                                                          Too Slow To Disco NEO Presents Glamour Hammer - Includes Is It True (Yuksek Remix)

                                                                                                          The original version seems to be everybody’s favorite track from the album already, reason enough for DJ Supermarkt to organize a Yuksek Remix that takes the original in irresistible, bouncy Modern-Disco territory.

                                                                                                          Glamour Hammer is the nom de plum of Swedish-based producer, songwriter and vocalist Adam Jonsson. In the comfort of his home studio, Glamour Hammer swings back and forth between creating dance-oriented disco house and jazz-infused dream pop with a sense of escapism and tongue-in-cheek attitude while always aspiring for a sense of timelessness and analogue feel. Drawing inspiration from a multitude of genres the most influential are 1970s-80s funk, disco, boogie, classic rock, Latin rhythms and Afropop.

                                                                                                          TRACK LISTING

                                                                                                          A1. Moods - Vulf’s Back Pocket Regroove
                                                                                                          A2. Glamour Hammer – Is It True (Yuksek Remix) 
                                                                                                          B1. Diskobeistet – Baner Vei (Extended Dub)

                                                                                                          Various Artists

                                                                                                          Movements In The Key Of Cygnus / The Lux Naturae

                                                                                                            New LSD which sees the intrepid cartel sourcing more far-out sine tones, electronic library music and experimental tape experiments. Tracklisting to no-doubt follow on discogs, at which point you probably won't be able to buy it..

                                                                                                            Buy now or cry later!!

                                                                                                            Limited quants... 

                                                                                                            Various Artists

                                                                                                            Sound Sampler Vol. 1

                                                                                                            Hot hot HOT new disco-tech cut-up business from everyone's favourite sound manipulator, Soundhack / Soundstream aka Frank Timm . Also backed by another of his (presumed) alter ego's, TSOS. Soundstream kicks things off with "Just Around" - a grooving, sunshine disco cut but chopped'n'skewed in his ever-so distinctive style and overlayed with a big jacking drum beat. Soundhack is up next, always more aggressive and fierce with his chops, "Vintage" is one of those classic stop / start Sound Hack moments which doesn't really make much sense to your parents (or your none drug-taking older brother either for that matter) but will completely devastate sound systems with its crazy relentleless sound snippets mangled into a tough 4/4 beat. TSOS's "Over And Over" is next and uses a classic piece of Chicago house riffage and plays with the various layers throughout the track. Cutting the drums, adding smashing percussion elements and generally making the track sizzle and burn like a well rolled joint. Recently featured on Prosumer's Parorama Bar Vol. 3 mix CD. Very nice indeed. For utilitirian DJs out in the field, TSOS also provides us with "Over Beats" - just the drum track from "Over And Over" to use how you see fit.

                                                                                                            STAFF COMMENTS

                                                                                                            says: Back in stock and sounding feistier than a caged hyena; Sound Sampler Vol. 1 is almost folkloric for dancefloor veterans. Repressed at hi-def for the next gen of nocturnal warriors to joist with! Imperative!

                                                                                                            TRACK LISTING

                                                                                                            Soundstream - Just Around
                                                                                                            Soundhack - Vintage

                                                                                                            TSOS - Over And Over
                                                                                                            TSOS - Over Beats

                                                                                                            The 17th edition of the strictly vinyl only Attack The Dancefloor Series is here, and this time it's all about exclusive remix tackle.

                                                                                                            First up we got the Freerange boss in to remix the classic Sunburst Band track ‘He Is’. The mighty Jimpster has turned in a rich and sublime mix that truly deserves to be called Deep House. Warm Rhodes licks twinkle over deep kicks dubbed out guitars and hazy echoes. The whole track is drenched in Jimpster's deft touch as a producer and we think this is one of his best remixes. A Heavenly rework you might say.

                                                                                                            Next up is a long lost remix from Andrés of ‘I Recoginise’ by Joey Negro. Never before released this was unearthed deep within a hard drive in the ZR vaults, now seeing the light of day it deserves. Andrés does what you would expect of him delivering a bass heavy MPC driven rework, utilising the synth lines and vocoder to great effect.

                                                                                                            Fresh off a run of hot remixes for Glitterbox is Razor n Tape’s JKriv who turns the disco arpeggios up to 11 with his soaring remix of Prospect Park’s ’The Kinda Love’ complete with live strings and percussion.

                                                                                                            Last but not least, The Visions’s dreamy piano led remix of the classic 'My Vision' by Jakatta featuring none other than Seal on lead vocals.

                                                                                                            TRACK LISTING

                                                                                                            A1. The Sunburst Band - He Is (Jimpster Remix)
                                                                                                            A2. Joey Negro - I Recognise (feat Sacha Williamson - Andres Remix)
                                                                                                            B1. Prospect Park - The Kinda Love (Jkriv Original Vibe Remix)
                                                                                                            B2. Jakatta - My Vision (feat Seal - The Vision Remix)

                                                                                                            Various Artists

                                                                                                            Bruton Brutoff - The Ambient, Electronic And Pastoral Side Of The The Bruton Library Catalogue

                                                                                                              Rare musical magic from the Bruton library catalogue – ambient, spacey, pastoral and electronic. Music by John Cameron, Alan Hawkshaw, Francis Monkman, Brian Bennett and more – all total masters of the scene. All very cool. All very now. All will sell very fast.

                                                                                                              Over the last three decades Jonny Trunk has collected and written about library music. But he’s never had a great deal of luck with the Bruton catalogue. By this he means that he’s never stumbled across a massive stash, or lucked-out buying a huge run for practically nothing –that’s the kind of thing that used to happen in the 1990s and the early noughties if you were out there looking hard for library music. But he did manage to get about 25 in one hit about 20 years ago when the BBC shut down their “TV Training Department” near Lime Grove and also when a box of Brutons ended up being dumped at a hospital radio, and they didn’t want the records, so Jonny got a call.

                                                                                                              There are lots of Bruton albums in existence – over 330 LPs in the vinyl catalogue, issued between 1978 and 1985. That’s a lot of music to wade through if you are looking for sublime modern day sounds. For many years now the “trophies” from the Bruton catalogue have been the beat or action driven LPs – the two Drama Montage albums (BRJ2 and BRJ8) have always been the big hitters, and others such as High Adventure (BRK2) too.

                                                                                                              But Jonny has always found himself drawn to the lime green LPs, the pastoral, peaceful albums (The BRDs), which were full of the kind of gentle, lovely music that would turn up in Take Hart as Tony was painting a woodpecker or a badger or an Autumn tree. The other Brutons he likes are the orange ones (The BRIs) simply because they are full of experimental futuristic electronics and would remind him of 1980s ITV backgrounds. This LP series includes Brian Bennett’s cosmic classic Fantasia (BRI 10). Jonny has been knows to refer to this style of library music as “Krypton Factor library”, because it’s exactly what that strange but successful 1980s TV quiz show sounded like.

                                                                                                              In recent years as interest in library music has expanded, we’ve watched
                                                                                                              the price of a handful of Brutons really going through the roof - not the just the action and drama ones, but the more esoteric and experimental LPs too – like the BRDs and the BRIs. Jonny gets the vibe that people finally want to hear this other more interesting and experimental side of the Bruton catalogue. So what better time than now to put together a compilation of such sublime period sounds.

                                                                                                              Not only does this album bring together a set of fabulous cues that would cost the average man in the street a month’s wages (if the originals were all wanted and if you could even track them all down), but it also chops out the need to listen to other tracks on library albums that are nowhere near as good.

                                                                                                              The cues here all date from between 1978 and 1984. They come from the BRD, BRI, BRH, BRJ, BRM, BRR and BRs catalogues.

                                                                                                              The composers are all legends within the genre, and here, were doing what great library composers do best – fulfilling a brief and utilising modern studio equipment to both commercial and beguiling effect. 

                                                                                                              TRACK LISTING

                                                                                                              SIDE ONE
                                                                                                              Vibes - BRS 6 – Frank Ricotti 1981
                                                                                                              Utopia Revisited - BRJ 18 – Johnny Scott 1980
                                                                                                              Trek - BRM 9 – John Cameron 1981
                                                                                                              Tropic 2 - BRM 9 – John Cameron 1981
                                                                                                              Reflections - BRM 2 – Frank Reidy / Eric Allen 1978
                                                                                                              Stargazing - BRI 2 – Francis Monkman 1978

                                                                                                              SIDE TWO
                                                                                                              Drifting - BRI 3 – John Cameron 1978
                                                                                                              Dissolves - BRI 3 – Les Hurdle / Frank Ricotti 1978
                                                                                                              Floatation - BRI 9 – John Cameron 1980
                                                                                                              One Language - BRR 18 – Orlando Kimber / John Keliehor 1984
                                                                                                              Saturn Rings - BRI 6 – Alan Hawkshaw 1979
                                                                                                              Billowing Sails - BRD 20 – Steve Gray 1982
                                                                                                              The Swan - BRD 19 – Brian Bennett 1982

                                                                                                              Album Mastered By Jon Brooks.

                                                                                                              Various Artists

                                                                                                              20 Years Of Dischord

                                                                                                                Superb box set from Dischord Records, originally due for release to mark their 20th anniversary in 2000, it ended up taking a little while longer to get together! CDs one and two feature 50 tracks, one from each band on the label. The third CD contains 21 unreleased tracks from the likes of Minor Threat, Fugazi, Teen Idles, Scream, Govt. Issue. Also includes an interview from 1981 with various DC band members and an enhanced section with live footage of The Teen Idles, Untouchables, SOA, Faith, Void and Deadline. There's also a great 134-page booklet, with an overview of the label written by Henry Rollins and loads of rare band pics. An absolutely superb, must-have box set from this legendary and massively influential label.

                                                                                                                TRACK LISTING

                                                                                                                1.1 The Teen Idles- Get Up And Go 1.2 The Untouchables- Nic Fit 1.3 State Of Alert- Public Defender 1.4 Minor Threat- Screaming At A Wall 1.5 Void- Dehumanized 1.6 Youth Brigade- Barbed Wire 1.7 Government Issue- Rock & Roll Bullshit 1.8 Scream- Fight / American Justice 1.9 Iron Cross- Live For Now 1.10 Red C- Pressure's On 1.11 Deadline- Stolen Youth 1.12 Artificial Peace- Suburban Wasteland 1.13 Faith- Subject To Change 1.14 Skewbald- Sorry / Change For The Same 1.15 Marginal Man- Missing Rungs 1.16 Gray Matter- Oscar's Eye 1.17 Rites Of Spring- Drink Deep 1.18 Beefeater- Just Things 1.19 The Snakes- Snake Rap 1.20 Dag Nasty- Circles 1.21 Embrace- Money 1.22 Soulside- Punch The Geek 1.23 Egg Hunt- We All Fall Down 1.24 One Last Wish- This Time 1.25 Fire Party- Cake 1.26 Ignition- Rebuilding 1.27 Three- Domino Days 1.28 Shudder To Think- Red House 1.29 Happy Go Licky- Twist And Shout

                                                                                                                2.1 Fugazi- Blueprint 2.2 Lungfish- Friend To Friend In Endtime 2.3 Fidelity Jones- Destructor 2.4 The Nation Of Ulysses- Spectra Sonic Sound 2.5 Holy Rollers- Perfect Sleeper 2.6 Jawbox- Motorist 2.7 Severin- People Are Wrong 2.8 The High-Back Chairs- Summer 2.9 Autoclave- I'll Take You Down 2.10 Circus Lupus- Pop Man 2.11 Branch Manager- Mr. Weekend 2.12 Slant 6- What Kind Of Monster Are You? 2.13 Hoover- Cable 2.14 Trusty- Goodbye, Dr. Fate 2.15 Smart Went Crazy- A Good Day 2.16 The Crownhate Ruin- Piss Alley 2.17 The Warmers- Poked It With A Stick 2.18 The Make-Up- They Live By Night 2.19 Bluetip- Castanet 2.20 Faraquet- Cut Self Not 2.21 Q And Not U- Hooray For Humans Unreleased & Rare

                                                                                                                3.1The Teen Idles- Get Up And Go 3. 2The Teen Idles- Deadhead 3.3 The Untouchables- Stepping Stone 3.4 State Of Alert- Draw Blank 3.5 Minor Threat- Straight Edge (Live) 3.6 Minor Threat- Understand 3.7 Government Issue- Snubbing 3.8 Government Issue- Asshole With Ian 3.9 Minor Threat- Asshole Dub 3.10 Youth Brigade- I Object 3.11Rozzlyn Rangers- Rozzlyn Rangers 3.12 Void- Black, Jewish And Poor 3.13 Void- Authority (Takes 1 And 2) 3.14 Scream- Search For Employment 3.15 Deadline- No Revolution 3.16 Faith- No Choice 3.17 Marginal Man- Manipulator 3.18 Dag Nasty- All Ages Show (Rare) 3.19 Fugazi- The Word 3.20 Fugazi- Burning (Live) 3.21 Shudder To Think- Drop Dead Don't Blink 3.22 Circus Lupus- We Are The One (Rare) 3.23 Slant 6- Are You Human? 3.24 Ian MacKaye- Interview Enhanced Content Deadline- Outside The Law (Live) [video] . Faith- You're X'd (Live) [video] . State Of Alert- Draw Blank (Live) [video] The Teen Idles- [untitled] (Live) [video] . The Untouchables- If The Kids Are United (Live) [video]. Void- Who Are You (Live) [video]

                                                                                                                Various Artists

                                                                                                                Mathias Modica Presents Kraut Jazz Futurism Vol. 2

                                                                                                                  The Kraut Jazz Futurism compilation shows what's cookin’ in the new German Jazz scene. Young German bands and a few of the international musicians working in Berlin now. Fresh artists that combine Jazz, Krautrock, Afro, Hip Hop and Electronica in a new way. The first volume of the compilation came out last year and was described by The Wire as “... a re-drawn map of underground Berlin. Refreshingly new, eccentric, badassed and sometimes funny.” This 2nd part goes further. Similar to Gilles Peterson’s “We Out Here” compilation, where he shows mainly the new hip english Jazz artists, on Kraut Jazz Futurism, Kryptox records headhoncho Mathias „Kapote“ Modica puts together what’s hot in the new club jazz scene in Germany. And there is a lot cookin’ in Berlin right now. Kraut Jazz Futurism comes out on Kryptox. Sublabel of Gomma & Toy Tonics records.

                                                                                                                  TRACK LISTING

                                                                                                                  A1. Contrast Trio - In The Bottle
                                                                                                                  A2. Key Elements - Elemental
                                                                                                                  A3. CV Vision - 1 The U *
                                                                                                                  A4. Wanubalé - Hickups
                                                                                                                  B1. KUF - Only When I Sleep
                                                                                                                  B2. GTA Hofmann - Der Mogul (Kryptox Version) *
                                                                                                                  B3. Modha - Harzer Straße
                                                                                                                  B4. Triorität X Lukas Lehmann - Olk *
                                                                                                                  C1. Le Millipede - Compost Ghosts
                                                                                                                  C2. Ark Noir - Arkomplex
                                                                                                                  C3. Perilymph - She Fell
                                                                                                                  D1. Love-Songs - Kölner Straße *
                                                                                                                  D2. Kuhn Fu - The Flounder *
                                                                                                                  D3. Transport - Tanz Um Den Melkeimer
                                                                                                                  D4. Spiritczualic Enhancement Center - 360° Of Harmony *

                                                                                                                  Various Artists

                                                                                                                  Shake The Foundations - Militant Funk & The Post-Punk Dancefloor 1978-1984

                                                                                                                    In the wake of punk’s seismic and well recounted impact on the UK music scene, countless hitherto unavailable influences suddenly became available and de rigueur for the nation’s would-be pop stars. Enabled by a new kind of record shop that began to appear across the country in Rough Trade’s image, and encouraged by an absolute disregard for ‘the rules’, interested young people were quickly exposed to a broad spectrum of music from beyond the realm of three chord rock ‘n roll. Nowhere was the outcome more notable than on the dancefloors of the day.

                                                                                                                    ‘Shake The Foundations’ captures that after dark revolution, showcasing an era when disco, dub, electronica, funk and - whisper it - pop sensibilities - began to flood into the alternative, post-punk landscape. Running parallel with Ze Records and the no-wave movement in the US, clubs such as Marc Almond’s Digital Disco and legendary nights at The Garage in Nottingham, The State in Liverpool, the Blue Note in Derby and across London at nights like the Batcave became fast moving, democratic melting pots.

                                                                                                                    Across 3CDs, Bill Brewster selects highlights from his own extensive DJing career, each disc individually curated. As he himself puts it, “The important thing was not to impress James Brown, emulate the Fatback Band or wear Kraftwerk’s game-face. The point was to have a go. ‘Shake The Foundations’ is not a comprehensive look at post-punk, so much as a shakily hand-drawn map of a particular area. It’s what happened when the post-punk fallout collided with the dancefloor, and forty years later we’re still feeling its effects”.

                                                                                                                    TRACK LISTING

                                                                                                                    Disc 1
                                                                                                                    1. GUESS WHO? – A Certain Ratio
                                                                                                                    2. COUP - 23 Skidoo
                                                                                                                    3. 100 EVIL SMOKESTACKING BABY – Haircut 100
                                                                                                                    4. THIS FEAR OF GODS – Simple Minds
                                                                                                                    5. LOVE 30 - The Stranglers
                                                                                                                    6. BORN EVERY MINUTE – The Passage
                                                                                                                    7. SARAVA - Blue Rondo A La Turk
                                                                                                                    8. SERBIAN VILLAGE – Medium Medium
                                                                                                                    9. PUSH OUT THE BOAT – The Higsons
                                                                                                                    10.POST WAR GLAMOUR GIRLS – John Cooper Clarke
                                                                                                                    11.SKIN DEEP – The Passions
                                                                                                                    12.INVADERS OF THE HEART (MIX ONE) –Jah Wobble
                                                                                                                    13.CAN YOU MOVE – Modern Romance
                                                                                                                    14.SLANG TEACHER – Wide Boy Awake
                                                                                                                    15.HYPNOTISED - C Cat Trance
                                                                                                                    16.STRETCH - Maximum Joy

                                                                                                                    Disc 2
                                                                                                                    1. LIONS - Tones On Tail
                                                                                                                    2. TRUST IS A MUST – Ian Dury
                                                                                                                    3. WHAT DANCE IS THIS? – Perfect Zebras
                                                                                                                    4. FAITH & HOPE & CHARITY – The Fun Boy Three
                                                                                                                    5. DREAM GAMES - Shock
                                                                                                                    6. RUSHA – Jesse Rae
                                                                                                                    7. DON’T - Thomas Leer
                                                                                                                    8. BIG MAN RESTLESS – Kissing The Pink
                                                                                                                    9. BLUE FOR YOU - Paul Haig
                                                                                                                    10.FREQUENCY 7 - Visage
                                                                                                                    11.BANG EM RIGHT - Six Sed Red
                                                                                                                    12.TINGLE - Quando Quango
                                                                                                                    13.CCCAN’T YOU SEE – Vicious Pink
                                                                                                                    14.MOVE ON – Fashiøn
                                                                                                                    15.SET FIGHTER - Wide Boy Awake

                                                                                                                    Disc 3
                                                                                                                    1. WHEN ARE WE? (NOW WE ARE) – Surface Mutants
                                                                                                                    2. WHY ARE WE IN LOVE – Furniture
                                                                                                                    3. ROB A BANK – The Pop Group
                                                                                                                    4. GET IT RIGHT – Animal Magic
                                                                                                                    5. BLACK LEATHER – Nightmares In Wax
                                                                                                                    6. OBEDIENCE - Normil Hawaiians
                                                                                                                    7. ASBESTOS LEAD ASBESTOS – The 012
                                                                                                                    8. KEEP BEAT – Vee VV
                                                                                                                    9. LIVING WILD – Mataya Clifford
                                                                                                                    10.SO MANY WAYS – Electric Chairs
                                                                                                                    11.DREAMS ARE BETTER – London Underground
                                                                                                                    12.ARTY-FACT – Group Therapy
                                                                                                                    13.WE ARE ALL ANIMALS – The Diagram Brothers
                                                                                                                    14.QUIT THE BODY – The Chicken Granny
                                                                                                                    15.BED BOUND SAGA – Machine Gunn Hogg And Co
                                                                                                                    16.HOGGS MIGHT FLY - Playgroup
                                                                                                                    17.SHAKE (THE FOUNDATIONS) – Glaxo Babies
                                                                                                                    18.DISCO PURGE – Family Fodder

                                                                                                                    Various Artists

                                                                                                                    Forge Your Own Chains

                                                                                                                      American gospel, paranoiac soul, loner folk, East-Nigerian fuzz, Thai rock, Iranian ballads and more... Deluxe gatefold jacket containing extensive and detailed liner notes and annotation by Egon, rare photos and other ephemera! This compilation introduces a new direction for Now-Again Records and its owner, Stones Throw Records GM, A&R and producer Egon. With the same detailed, no-stone-unturned approach he used for Deep Funk (The Funky 16 Corners, Cold Heat), he tackles beat-heavy global psychedelia with Forge Your Own Chains.

                                                                                                                      “Those of us birthed into record collecting by the Hip Hop midwife revered Jimi Hendrix as well as James Brown. We searched for albums by Mulatu Astatke and Power of Zeus with the same fervor,” Egon writes in his introduction to the comp. Forge Your Own Chains showcases music from all corners of the world: Colombia, Nigeria, Sweden, South Korea, Thailand and Iran. The focus – in keeping with Now-Again’s tradition – is on melody, driving rhythms and accessibility. Not one song is included on this compilation because it is from a “rare” album. Certainly, many of these songs do spring from albums that exchange hands for many thousands of dollars and many of these songs have never seen reissue. But these songs are all beautiful in their own right and work to form a coherent album. Psychedelic records, long the mainstay of older, grizzled collectors and seemingly quaint, are, in the hands of Egon and those of his generation, giving up new ghosts. And, with comps like Forge Your Own Chains, inspiring new investigations into our not so distant (and still very much alive) musical past. Deluxe gatefold jacket containing extensive and detailed liner notes and annotation by Egon, rare photos and other ephemera. Now-Again’s Foray Into Funky Psychedelia American gospel, paranoiac soul, loner folk, East-Nigerian fuzz, Thai rock, Iranian ballads and more…

                                                                                                                      TRACK LISTING

                                                                                                                      A1. Top Drawer – Song Of A Sinner
                                                                                                                      A2. Sensational Saints – How Great Thou Art
                                                                                                                      A3. 12. Ofege – It’s Not Easy
                                                                                                                      B1. East Of Underground – Smiling Faces Sometimes
                                                                                                                      B2. D. R. Hooker – Forge Your Own Chains
                                                                                                                      B3. Shin Jung Hyun & The Men Feat. Jang Hyun – Twilight
                                                                                                                      B4. Kourosh Yaghmaei – Hajm-E Khaali
                                                                                                                      C1. T. Zchiew & The Johnny – Let Your Ife Be Free
                                                                                                                      C2. The Strangers – Two To Make A Pair
                                                                                                                      C3. Damon – Don’t You Feel Me
                                                                                                                      C4. Ellison – Strawberry Rain
                                                                                                                      C5. Morly Grey – Who Can I Say You Are?
                                                                                                                      D1. Shadrack Chameleon – Don’t Let It Get You Down
                                                                                                                      D2. Ana Y Jaime – Nina Nana
                                                                                                                      D3. Baby Grandmothers – Somebody’s Calling My Name. 

                                                                                                                      Various Artists

                                                                                                                      Mr M's Northern Soul

                                                                                                                        The No.1 Oldies Room… The “nighters” at Wigan Casino initially ran from 2am-8am every Saturday night/Sunday morning. From midnight onwards, crowds would gather outside and spill over onto the road blocking the local traffic. As attendances grew the crowds became a problem, particularly to the local constabulary, and on the eve of the Casino’s 1st Anniversary – with a genuine threat of closure looming – a momentous decision was made. Gerry Marshall, the Casino’s owner, somewhat reluctantly decided to open the club’s adjoining cabaret lounge, known as “Mr M’s” (named after the man himself). That night Northern Soul history was made. It was the start of an era, the birth of the “club within a club” and, as it proved to be, a temple to fans of Northern Soul “oldies”. Eventually at 3am the black double doors – which separated Mr M’s from the upstairs balcony of the main ballroom – burst open, and a sea of soulies hit the dancefloor for the very first time to the banging sound of “Hey Sah-Lo-Ney” by Mickey Lee Lane, spun by DJ Alan Cain and featured here in all of its remastered glory (side 1, trk 1). Such was the incredible response to that first night in Mr M’s in 1974 that a petition did the rounds gaining over a thousand signatures demanding that it should continue every week! What had intended to be an emergency one-off event had unintentionally ended up being the longest, most popular “temporary” oldies venue EVER! M’s, as it was more affectionately known, soon became the No.1 oldies venue in the 70s. It was unashamedly “100%” oldies and “100mph” dance tunes!!! It was like an engine room churning out vinyl memories week in, week out and the atmosphere and sounds are captured here!

                                                                                                                        TRACK LISTING

                                                                                                                        SIDE 1
                                                                                                                        Mickey Lee Lane – Hey Sah-Lo-Ney
                                                                                                                        FIRST RECORD PLAYED IN MR M’s (by DJ Alan Cain)
                                                                                                                        The Human Beinz – Nobody But Me
                                                                                                                        Chubby Checker – You Just Don’t Know (What You Do To Me)
                                                                                                                        The Dalton Boys – I’ve Been Cheated
                                                                                                                        The Dells – Run For Cover
                                                                                                                        Jackie Trent – You Baby
                                                                                                                        Bobby Sheen – Dr Love
                                                                                                                        The Showmen – Our Love Will Grow

                                                                                                                        SIDE 2
                                                                                                                        Edwin Starr – Time
                                                                                                                        The First Choice – This Is The House (Where Love Died)
                                                                                                                        The Majestics – (I Love Her So Much) It Hurts Me
                                                                                                                        Earl Van Dyke And The Motown Brass – 6 By 6
                                                                                                                        Bobby Hebb – Love, Love, Love
                                                                                                                        Marlena Shaw – Let’s Wade In The Water
                                                                                                                        Marie Knight – You Lie So Well
                                                                                                                        Frankie Valli And The Four Seasons – The Night
                                                                                                                        LAST RECORD PLAYED IN MR M’s (by DJ Steve Whittle)

                                                                                                                        Various Artists

                                                                                                                        Back To Mine - Jungle

                                                                                                                          The iconic album series Back to Mine returns once again in 2019 with the first DJ mix compilation from world dominating indie-dance band Jungle, showcasing their personal tastes for the after-hours. The series was renowned for its eclectic selection and selectors which includes some of the biggest names in electronic and pop music, from the likes of Faithless to Pet Shop Boys, Groove Armada to New Order.

                                                                                                                          The collection includes an exclusive track from Jungle themselves and takes the listener on an eclectic musical journey. From 90s disco by Merle to more recent house tracks by Manuel Darquart and Drumtalk. Bristol DJ Admin provides the percussion heavy ‘Space Cadet’ and the irrepressible Mocky supplies good vibes on ‘How It Goes’. There’s sophisticated pop from The Marias and Sam Evian and there’s some spotlight for modern jazz with tracks by Kamaal Williams, Mansur Brown and BadBadNotGood featuring Kaytranada. There’s also room for some gospel influenced soul by The Flying Stars of Brooklyn NY, lo-fi dream pop from Paul Cherry before ending with the always impressive HNNY.

                                                                                                                          “When asked what genre of music we like or create we always answer explaining that we try not to hear music in genre but more in sonic and emotion, and if it feels good then it is good. By that merit, we have conjured a list of far-reaching tracks and brought them together to sit harmoniously on this Back to Mine mix. Put together mostly in the confines of our London based garden studio, where many a late night gathering has taken place, the mix makes its was through psych, Afro-beat, house and soul with some of our favourite tracks of the moment, Have fun and enjoy.” - Jungle

                                                                                                                          STAFF COMMENTS

                                                                                                                          says: Jungle’s compilation is a close replica of what I’d include on my own selection of favourite songs featuring BadBadNotGood, Kaytranada, Sly5thAve and Mansur Brown. A fantastic mixture of contemporary jazz spins into broad horizons from house, soul and Afro-beat, leaving no stone unturned when it comes to genre inclusivity. Jungle include their very own exclusive track “Come Back A Different Day” which is drenched in electronic beats with their signature sleek vocals.

                                                                                                                          TRACK LISTING

                                                                                                                          A1. Barbara Moore - Steam Heat
                                                                                                                          A2. Inflo - No Fear
                                                                                                                          A3. Merle - Fannie Likes 2 Dance
                                                                                                                          A4. Manuel Darquart - Birds Of Paradiso
                                                                                                                          B1. Drumtalk - Red Haze
                                                                                                                          B2. Admin - Space Cadet
                                                                                                                          B3. Mocky - How It Goes
                                                                                                                          B4. The Marías – Cariño
                                                                                                                          C1. Sly5thAve - Super Rich Kids
                                                                                                                          C2. Kamaal Williams - High Roller
                                                                                                                          C3. Sam Evian - Next To You
                                                                                                                          C4. BadBadNotGood Featuring Kaytranada - Lavender
                                                                                                                          C5. Jungle - Come Back A Different Day
                                                                                                                          D1. Mansur Brown - Shiroi
                                                                                                                          D2. The Flying Stars Of Brooklyn NY - Live On
                                                                                                                          D3. Sault - Masterpiece
                                                                                                                          D4. Paul Cherry - Like Yesterday
                                                                                                                          D5. HNNY - Sunday

                                                                                                                          CD Tracklist - CD1 Mixed & CD2 Unmixed
                                                                                                                          1. Barbara Moore - Steam Heat
                                                                                                                          2. Inflo - No Fear
                                                                                                                          3. Merle - Fannie Likes 2 Dance
                                                                                                                          4. Manuel Darquart - Birds Of Paradiso
                                                                                                                          5. Drumtalk - Red Haze
                                                                                                                          6. Admin - Space Cadet
                                                                                                                          7. Mocky - How It Goes
                                                                                                                          8. The Marías – Cariño
                                                                                                                          9. Sly5thAve - Super Rich Kids
                                                                                                                          10. Kamaal Williams - High Roller
                                                                                                                          11. Sam Evian - Next To You
                                                                                                                          12. BadBadNotGood Featuring Kaytranada - Lavender
                                                                                                                          13. Jungle - Come Back A Different Day
                                                                                                                          14. Mansur Brown - Shiroi
                                                                                                                          15. The Flying Stars Of Brooklyn NY - Live On
                                                                                                                          16. Sault - Masterpiece
                                                                                                                          17. Paul Cherry - Like Yesterday
                                                                                                                          18. HNNY - Sunday
                                                                                                                          *’Drumtalk - Red Haze’ Not Included On Unmixed CD*

                                                                                                                          Fabled as the city where dreams come to thrive or die, Johannesburg is forever pumping out the life-giving force of criss-crossing sonic tributaries. As this collection of specially recorded new music shows, every generation must discover for itself what perfecting the alchemy of that expression entails. Indaba Is - produced and managed by pianist Thandi Ntuli and The Brother Moves On bandleader Siyabonga Mthembu, tackles that inquiry with refreshing insight.

                                                                                                                          The act of gathering to record in a time of isolation becomes one of anchoring and care, creating an energy field and capturing a living culture of making music. It is one in which bands exist to birth musical concepts as opposed to being static monoliths. Mostly recorded at Dyertribe Studio in Centurion, outside of Johannesburg, Indaba Is propels a collective of South African bands into the precipice of a new frontier. Jazz becomes a departure point as opposed to a tether.

                                                                                                                          “The magic was in the choosing of artists who kind of straddle different genres, different ideas and sounds,” says Ntuli. “We put together musicians who are not in that kind of straight-ahead place, even though some may have been in the jazz tradition or jazz-influenced styles of music.” The collection features eight tracks, attributed to Bokani Dyer, Lwanda Gogwana, The Brother Moves On, Thandi Ntuli, The Wretched, Sibusile Xaba and Iphupho likaBiko. Think of the names as thresholds through which ideas cross into the populace as opposed to being signifiers of strict ownership. For one, there is no mistaking the almost spectral presence of both Ntuli and Mthembu in and around the music. “Between me and Thandi, we pick up on the producer duties for four of the tracks,” says Mthembu. “Some of the bands came with already preconceived ideas of what they wanted to do and needed just facilitation on getting it done.” Overall, the pair also provided enabling briefs which harnessed the collective energy of scenes often seen as operating centrifugally to Johannesburg’s all-consuming pull, or a little further down in its tiers of visibility. There are several examples where this approach yields astounding results.

                                                                                                                          Indigenous knowledge is perhaps at the root of it, and a reverence for its treasures is instant, but there is an overall sense that Indaba Is asks us to consider the heavy lifting that remains.

                                                                                                                          Johannesburg, a city without a landmark water source, built on excavating the energy of its living dead, has never sounded so world-weary, and yet so ready to emerge out of the hold. With its unity of purpose, Indaba Is represents the crucible, untenable to the touch yet warm to the soul.

                                                                                                                          TRACK LISTING

                                                                                                                          A1. Bokani Dyer - Ke Nako
                                                                                                                          A2. The Brother Moves On - Umthandazo Wamagenge
                                                                                                                          B1. Lwanda Gogwana - All Ok
                                                                                                                          B2. The Wretched - What Is History
                                                                                                                          C1. Sibusile Xaba With Naftali, Fakazile Nkosi, & AshK - Umdali
                                                                                                                          C2. The Ancestors - Prelude To Writing Together
                                                                                                                          D1. Thandi Ntuli - Dikeledi
                                                                                                                          D2. IPhupho L’ka Biko Ft Siyabonga Mthembu & Kinsmen - Abaphezulu

                                                                                                                          1. Bokani Dyer - Ke Nako
                                                                                                                          2. The Brother Moves On - Umthandazo Wamagenge
                                                                                                                          3. Lwanda Gogwana - All Ok
                                                                                                                          4. The Wretched - What Is History
                                                                                                                          5. Sibusile Xaba With Naftali, Fakazile Nkosi, & AshK - Umdali
                                                                                                                          6. The Ancestors - Prelude To Writing Together
                                                                                                                          7. Thandi Ntuli - Dikeledi
                                                                                                                          8. IPhupho L’ka Biko Ft Siyabonga Mthembu & Kinsmen - Abaphezulu

                                                                                                                          Happy 10th Birthday to our friends in Milan's record shop Serendeepity!

                                                                                                                          They're celebrating with series of four 12's and the first features San Proper, Tolouse Low Trax, Fabrizio Mammarella & Jay Glass Dubs!

                                                                                                                          This collection is entirely composed of previously unreleased music, exclusively produced for the occasion by many artists of great relevance in the worldwide music scene, who supported the store over the last ten years.

                                                                                                                          The artists who produced the music for this compilation are Egyptian Lover, Ellen Allien, Thomas Brinkmann, Neil Landstrumm, JD Twitch, Matias Aguayo, San Proper, Tolouse Low Trax, Jay Glass Dubs, Dj Marcelle, Jorge Velez, Tamburi Neri, Fabrizio Mammarella, Heith, Itinerant Dubs, Timeslip89, Kreggo and Intersezioni Ensemble.

                                                                                                                          Fingers crossed the four individual twelves will be released monthly. (good luck with that! – ed)

                                                                                                                          STAFF COMMENTS

                                                                                                                          says: My favourite San Proper, alongside Patrick's favourite TLT, Fabrizio and Jay Glass are well regarded amongst our leftfield dance lovers too. Bit of a momentous 12" this folks. Don't sleep!

                                                                                                                          TRACK LISTING

                                                                                                                          A1. San Proper - Beauty - Sign Seal Delivery
                                                                                                                          A2. Tolouse Low Trax - Paris Horse
                                                                                                                          B1. Fabrizio Mammarella - Rhythm Machine
                                                                                                                          B2. Jay Glass Dubs - Spawn

                                                                                                                          Various Artists

                                                                                                                          Soul Jazz Records Presents Rocksteady Got Soul

                                                                                                                            Soul Jazz Records’ new Studio One release ‘Rocksteady Got Soul’ is a collection of uplifting and superb rocksteady and soulful reggae from the late 1960s and early 1970s.

                                                                                                                            Studio One is the number one label in the history of reggae and the album features - as ever with Studio One - an impeccable and unbeatable line-up of reggae superstars, all soaring at the height of their creative powers. Alton Ellis, John Holt, The Heptones, Jackie Mittoo, The Ethiopians, Lee Perry and more.

                                                                                                                            The album is a mix of classic tunes and rhythms alongside rarities that were released in a dazzlingly complex web of Studio One labels and issues, deftly navigated with new sleeve notes from author and Studio One authority Rob Chapman, plus exclusive photography.

                                                                                                                            TRACK LISTING

                                                                                                                            Alton Ellis - It’s True
                                                                                                                            The Heptones - You Turned Away
                                                                                                                            The Gladiators - Mr Sweet
                                                                                                                            The Jail Breakers - Work It Up
                                                                                                                            Lee Perry & The Gaylads - Run Rudie Run
                                                                                                                            The Heptones - Young Generation
                                                                                                                            Jackie Mittoo - Good Feeling
                                                                                                                            C. Marshall - I Need Your Loving
                                                                                                                            Alton Ellis - I’ll Be Waiting
                                                                                                                            The Clarendonians - The Tables Gonna Turn
                                                                                                                            Ken Parker - When You’re Gone
                                                                                                                            Sound Dimension - Traveling Home
                                                                                                                            Errol Dunkley - Get Up Now
                                                                                                                            John Holt - My Heart Is Gone
                                                                                                                            Freedom Singers And Larry Marshall - Monkey Man
                                                                                                                            The Ethiopians - Let The Light Shine
                                                                                                                            Im And David - Money Maker
                                                                                                                            The Viceroys - Lose And Gain

                                                                                                                            Special Request continues his impeccable run of form with a typically fervent entry into the DJ-Kicks mix series. His adventurous 25 track mix takes in personal favourites, new school classics and of course a selection of his own brand new and exclusive edits, dubs and reworks next to some overlooked gems.

                                                                                                                            Leeds based Paul Woolford dares to go where few others do. He can do face-melting underground bangers, peak time piano anthems, ambient cinematics or chart climbing crossover hits. What unites his work as Special Request across labels like Houndstooth and R&S, though, is precision engineering, but never at the expense of real, raw emotion and visceral impact. He is an artist who very much pours his heart into everything he does, and has been on such a prolific run in recent years that it has been impossible to keep abreast of all his many projects. Even in this mix, he hints at yet more new sides and sounds.

                                                                                                                            As always with Special Request, this is an emotional, full spirited ride through the musical mind of one of the most accomplished artists of the day.

                                                                                                                            TRACK LISTING

                                                                                                                            1. Intergalactic Quartet - Shores Of Alpha **
                                                                                                                            2. Sun Ra & Solar Arkestra - Cluster Of Galaxies
                                                                                                                            3. Alicia Myers - Right Here Right Now (John Morales M+M Remix)
                                                                                                                            4. Harvey Sutherland - Priestess
                                                                                                                            5. Morgan Geist - Lullaby
                                                                                                                            6. Intergalactic Quartet - Delta Waves **
                                                                                                                            7. Special Request - KissFM NY87 Mastermix
                                                                                                                            8. Special Request - Vellichor **
                                                                                                                            9. AS ONE - We Are But Shadow
                                                                                                                            10. Virgo - R U Hot Enough?
                                                                                                                            11. Krystal Klear - Tun Valve
                                                                                                                            12. Speedy J - De-Orbit
                                                                                                                            13. LS1 Housing Authority - Ultraviolet **
                                                                                                                            14. AceMo - Sequence Of Life
                                                                                                                            15. Symbols & Instruments - Mood (Tropical Dream Revisited)
                                                                                                                            16. LS1 Housing Authority - Life Moves Fast **
                                                                                                                            17. µ-Ziq - Drocovums
                                                                                                                            18. Psyance - Gates Of Heaven
                                                                                                                            19. FC Kahuna - Hayling (Special Request Mix) **
                                                                                                                            20. µ-Ziq - Twangle Frent (Special Request Rework)
                                                                                                                            21. Galaxian - Glasgow To Detroit
                                                                                                                            22. Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse - Drowning In Her (Sonar’s Ghost VIP)
                                                                                                                            23. Special Request - Pull Up (Tim Reaper VIP)
                                                                                                                            24. Special Request - Elysian Fields **
                                                                                                                            25. 96 Back X Special Request - Petrichor **
                                                                                                                            ** = Exclusive

                                                                                                                            LP (Unmixed)
                                                                                                                            A1. Alicia Myers - Right Here Right Now (John Morales M+M Remix)
                                                                                                                            A2. Harvey Sutherland - Priestess
                                                                                                                            B1. LS1 Housing Authority - Ultraviolet **
                                                                                                                            B2. Virgo - R U Hot Enough?
                                                                                                                            B3. Speedy J - De-Orbit
                                                                                                                            C1. Symbols & Instruments - Mood (Tropical Dream Revisited)
                                                                                                                            C2. Psyance - Gates Of Heaven
                                                                                                                            C3. µ-Ziq - Twangle Frent (Special Request Rework)
                                                                                                                            D1. FC Kahuna - Hayling (Special Request Mix) **
                                                                                                                            D2. Special Request - Elysian Fields **
                                                                                                                            ** = Exclusive

                                                                                                                            Various Artists

                                                                                                                            Native North America (Vol. 1): Aboriginal Folk, Rock, And Country 1966-1985 - Repress

                                                                                                                              Largely unheard, criminally undocumented, but at their core, utterly revolutionary, the recordings of the diverse North American Aboriginal community will finally take their rightful place in our collective history in the form of 'Native North America (Vol. 1): Aboriginal Folk, Rock, and Country 1966-1985'. An anthology of music that was once near-extinct and off-the-grid is now available for all to hear, in what is, without a doubt, Light In The Attic’s most ambitious and historically significant project in the label’s 12-year journey.

                                                                                                                              Native North America (Vol. 1) features music from the Indigenous peoples of Canada and the northern United States, recorded in the turbulent decades between 1966 to 1985. It represents the fusion of shifting global popular culture and a reawakening of Aboriginal spirituality and expression. The majority of this material has been widely unavailable for decades, hindered by lack of distribution or industry support and by limited mass media coverage, until now. You’ll hear Arctic garage rock from the Nunavik region of northern Quebec, melancholy Yup’ik folk from Alaska, and hushed country blues from the Wagmatcook First Nation reserve in Nova Scotia. You’ll hear echoes of Neil Young, Velvet Underground, Leonard Cohen, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Johnny Cash, and more among the songs, but injected with Native consciousness, storytelling, poetry, history, and ceremony.

                                                                                                                              The stories behind the music presented on Native North America (Vol. 1) range from standard rock-and-roll dreams to transcendental epiphanies. They have been collected with love and respect by Vancouver-based record archaeologist and curator Kevin “Sipreano” Howes in a 15-year quest to unearth the history that falls between the notes of this unique music. Tirelessly, Howes scoured obscure, remote areas for the original vinyl recordings and the artists who made them, going so far as to send messages in Inuktitut over community radio airwaves in hopes that these lost cultural heroes would resurface.

                                                                                                                              With cooperation and guidance from the artists, producers, family members, and behind the scenes players, Native North America (Vol. 1) sheds real light on the painful struggles and deep traditions of the greater Indigenous community and the significance of its music. The songs speak of joy and spirituality, but also tell of real tragedy and strife, like that of Algonquin/Mohawk artist Willy Mitchell, whose music career was sparked by a bullet to the head from the gun of a trigger-happy police officer, or those of Inuk singer-songwriter Willie Thrasher, who was robbed of his family and traditional Inuit culture by the residential school system.

                                                                                                                              Considering the financially motivated destruction of our environment, the conservative political landscape, and corporate bottom-line dominance, it’s bittersweet to report that the revolutionary songs featured on Native North America hold as much meaning today as when they were originally recorded. Dedicated to legendary Métis singer-songwriter and poet Willie Dunn, featured on the anthology but who sadly passed away during its making, Native North America (Vol. 1) is only the beginning. A companion set featuring a crucial selection of folk, rock, and country from the United States’ Lower 48 and Mexico is currently in production.

                                                                                                                              TRACK LISTING

                                                                                                                              1. Willie Dunn – I Pity The Country
                                                                                                                              2. John Angaiak – I'll Rock You To The Rhythm Of The Ocean
                                                                                                                              3. Sugluk – Fall Away
                                                                                                                              4. Sikumiut – Sikumiut
                                                                                                                              5. Willie Thrasher – Spirit Child
                                                                                                                              6. Willy Mitchell – Call Of The Moose
                                                                                                                              7. Lloyd Cheechoo – James Bay
                                                                                                                              8. Alexis Utatnaq – Maqaivvigivalauqtavut
                                                                                                                              9. Brian Davey – Dreams Of Ways
                                                                                                                              10. Morley Loon – N'Doheeno
                                                                                                                              11. Peter Frank – Little Feather
                                                                                                                              12. Ernest Monias – Tormented Soul
                                                                                                                              13. Eric Landry – Out Of The Blue
                                                                                                                              14. David Campbell – Sky-Man And The Moon
                                                                                                                              15. Willie Dunn – Son Of The Sun
                                                                                                                              16. Shingoose (poetry By Duke Redbird) – Silver River
                                                                                                                              17. Willy Mitchell And Desert River Band – Kill'n Your Mind
                                                                                                                              18. Philippe McKenzie – Mistashipu
                                                                                                                              19. Willie Thrasher – Old Man Carver
                                                                                                                              20. Lloyd Cheechoo – Winds Of Change
                                                                                                                              21. The Chieftones (Canada’s All Indian Band) – I Shouldn't Have Did What I Done
                                                                                                                              22. Sugluk – I Didn't Know
                                                                                                                              23. Lawrence Martin – I Got My Music
                                                                                                                              24. Gordon Dick – Siwash Rock
                                                                                                                              25. Willy Mitchell And Desert River Band – Birchbark Letter
                                                                                                                              26. William Tagoona – Anaanaga
                                                                                                                              27. Leland Bell – Messenger
                                                                                                                              28. Saddle Lake Drifting Cowboys – Modern Rock
                                                                                                                              29. Willie Thrasher – We Got To Take You Higher
                                                                                                                              30. Sikumiut – Utirumavunga
                                                                                                                              31. Sugluk – Ajuinnarasuarsunga
                                                                                                                              32. John Angaiak – Hey, Hey, Hey, Brother
                                                                                                                              33. Groupe Folklorique Montagnais – Tshekuan Mak Tshetutamak
                                                                                                                              34. Willie Dunn (featuring Jerry Saddleback) – Peruvian Dream

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