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Hit + Run Presents Road Kill Vol 1

    Debut of the "Hit + Run Presents Road Kill" compilation series. Volume 1 includes 29 exclusive and unreleased tracks by the Los Angeles underground and beyond, available on a limited-edition digipak CD. We're talking beat builders, wonky-hoppers, hip hopers, down-beaters, electronica lovers and just, in the case of the Gaslamp Killer, bonkers mentalists.

    Previously only available digitally and on CD, the compilation features some of LA’s best and brightest, along with a whole host of artists from around the world - including J Rocc, the Gaslamp Killer, Ras G, Daedelus, Knxwledge, Mndsgn, Jeremiah Jae, Kutmah and many more - all contributing tracks unavailable anywhere else.


    1. The Gaslamp Killer - Bullet Shells In My Sneakers
    2. Mono/Poly - Crew
    3. Shash’U - Akira
    4. Matthewdavid - Funky Yelling
    5. Jeremiah Jae (feat. Isreal And Oliver The 2nd) - ShamWow
    6. Mestizo - Love Me Hard
    7. Mndsgn - Golf Shirt
    8. Computer Jay - The Opposing Turf
    9. N8No Face (feat. Zackey Force Funk) - Fame
    10. The Gaslamp Killer - Road Kill Interlude
    11. Ras G - Coto Loco
    12. Daedelus - If I Fail
    13. J.Rocc - Red Wing
    14. Knxwledge - Need Wun
    15. Seven Davis Jr. - Samurai
    16. Sweatson Klank - Little Time To Fly
    17. Kutmah + Tehbis - Griots
    18. Mr. Feeds - Ride To The Moon
    19. Bei Ru - Bekaa Valley Hash
    20. Zackey Force Funk - Birdz
    21. Kevin D. Mize - Better Late Than
    22. Thavius Beck – Noble Roble
    23. Alter - Calle Primera
    24. Eras - Bangoria
    25. Bobby Evans - Le Witt
    26. Subtitle - 555 + 333
    27. Biff Chitlins - Dulce
    28. Adventure Time - Kick It
    29. Zackey Force Funk (feat. Reggie Blount) - Where Buffalo Roam.

    Various Artists

    Strum & Thrum: The American Jangle Underground 1983-1987

      "Strum & Thrum: The American Jangle Underground 1983-1987 is the first volume of Captured Tracks’ new venture into compilations – Excavations. Dedicated to compiling forgotten music from the 1970s – 1990s that has a connection to Captured Tracks’ sound and aesthetic, this series will bridge the past to our current roster and showcase the kinds of sounds that inspire us. As an American label, we’ve often wondered why British, Aussie, and Kiwi indie rock from the ‘80s has had the most infuence on modern acts and the collector’s market. Outside of bands like R.E.M., the Rain Parade, the Dream Syndicate, and a few others, most of these bands received little attention from national or international press outlets and markets. The acts on this compilation have a true DiY spirit that lead many of these bands to self-record and self-release within tiny local scenes in small cities and college towns across America.

      Strum & Thrum aims to shed light on this forgotten era of jangly, melodic rock music that emerged from the ashes of post punk and helped kick start the indie rock boom of the early ‘90s that continues to this day. Indeed, many artists featured on Strum & Thrum went on to be part of this boom – Archer Prewitt from the Sea & Cake, Jon Ginoli from Pansy Division, Ric Menck from Velvet Crush, Brent Rademaker from Beachwood Sparks, Barbara Manning, and more went on to be in well known bands in the ‘90s. Spread across two LPs, Strum & Thrum includes an 80+ page booklet with an extensive oral history of the ‘80s indie scene, an introduction by Captured Tracks label head Mike Sniper, and tons of archival images and ephemera. Long live the jangle underground!"


      Disc 1:
      1. The Reverbs - Trusted Woods
      2. Start - Where I Want To Be
      3. Cyclones - I’m In Heaven
      4. Windbreakers - All That Stuff
      5. Primitons - All My Friends
      6. Bangtails - Patron Of The Arts
      7. The Love In - Late As Usual
      8. Sex Clark Five - She Collides With Me
      9. Three Hits - 5 O’Clock
      10. Crippled Pilgrims - Black And White (Alternate)
      11. Vandykes - Breakin My Heart
      12. Salem 66 - Seven Steps Down
      13. The Outnumbered - I Feel So Sorry Now
      14. The Darrows - Is It You

      Disc 2:
      15. Riff Doctors - Say Goodbye
      16. The Ferrets - She Was Unkind
      17. 28th Day - Pages Turn (Alternate)
      18. Great Plains - When Do You Say Hello?
      19. Downy Mildew - Purple Parlor
      20. The Strand - You And Me
      21. The White Sisters - Misery, Me, & You
      22. Absolute Grey - Remorse
      23. One Plus Two - Promise
      24. The Springfields - Sunflower
      25. Holiday - Change
      26. Pop Art - The Meeting
      27. The Reactions - Tomorrow’s Time Today
      28. A New Personality - Essential Things

      Emotional Response returns with a second volume of its All Trades compilation which is named after its own NTS show. It is just as vast both in terms of style but also the eras it spans with a mix of dub, new wave, slow motion electronics and plenty in between. Tolouse Low Trax kicks off with the filthy dirty and seriously heavy dub glitch of 'Ossia' to provide an early highlight before the likes of Al Wootton get percussive and tribal with 'Altai' and HLM38 channels some African Head Charge on another devastating dub cut. Later on, London's Good Block brings a little more light and sunshine with their lovely 'Strong Relax.'


      Mine says: I love a good compilation and Emotional Response deliver not one but two great ones in one go. This one's definitely more on the dubbier side so if that's your jam then don't snooze!


      Side 1
      1. Tolouse Low Trax - "Ossia Dub"
      2. T Woc - "Luminescence"
      3. Al Wootton - "Altai"

      Side 2
      1. Iro Aka - "Generations"
      2. HLM38 - "Mystery Train Riddim"
      3. Jamie Paton - "Lost Margins"

      Side 3
      1. Good Block - "Strong Relax"
      2. While My Sequencer Gently Bleeps - "Ready"
      3. Anatolian Weapons - "Mountain Echoes"

      Side 4
      1. Shelter - "The Four Knights" (dub)
      2. Zongamin - "GGANTIJA"
      3. Akulina - "Waiting"

      You can never really pin down what the excellent Emotional Repose label does and that is exactly the sinking behind the title of its superb All Trades show on NTS. The sheer eclecticism of that show is now reflected in this new two-part compilation, also called All Trades, which offers up little morsels of what they do, something like a sonic tasting menu at a fancy restaurant. There is chugging electronic dub from Apiento & Tepper, industrial clatter from Black Bones, cosmic ambient breakbeat from Paperclip Minimiser and blissed out dub from Yamila & SoFa Elsewhere amongst many more highlights.


      Mine says: Oooof! Some seriously good selections on here that I cannot wait to listen to in full. Highly recommend!


      Side 1
      1. Apiento & Tepper - "606 Dog"
      2. Other Lands - "The Old Ways"
      3. Datasal - "Sea Palace"

      Side 2
      1. Black Bones - "Tipping Point"
      2. Froid Dub - "Item By Item" (dub)
      3. Paperclip Minimiser - "Planarian Wormhole"

      Side 3
      1. Cosmo Vitelli & Die Wilde Jagd - "Elixir"
      2. Amy Denio - "Fresh Fish"
      3. Exotic Gardens - "Soundwaves & Dark Caves"

      Side 4
      1. Yamila & SoFa Elsewhere - "Yo Tampoco"
      2. Valentina Magaletti - "Radio77"
      3. Ocean Moon - "Light Vibrations"

      Tasty Recordings return with another set of straight up, party starting firepower. Five delectable edits cooked up in the kitchen of a handpicked selection of producers, that know a thing or two about splicing the spice into your life.


      A1. Vinny Terranova – Let’s Go People
      A2. Disko Junkie – Just The Two Of Us
      B1. Discotron – De La Disco
      B2. HP Vince – Oh My Love
      B3. FRASER – Chicago ‘93

      The Sofrito crew return with four more tropical bangers to heat up the dancefloor! For the label's fifth outing they join forces with Joining forces with the talented Tropical Treats outfit from Sweden, who you'll remember from the ace "Afrikan Rhythms" 12″ on GAMM in 2009. The "Tropical Soundclash EP" covers raw Afro-funk, heavy cumbia, Caribbean disco and hot carnival rhythms, perfect for your Tropical Discotheque! On side A "Rift Valley Groove" is a wicked piece of Afro-funk, while "Cumbia Colombiana" features a heavy percussive rhythm and blasting horns. Side B opens with the speedy carnival drumming and call-and-response vocal of "Ca Ca Yé" - perfect for a mood change on the dancefloor - with "Tabou For The People" bringing up the rear in Afro-disco style, all played live.


      A Side:
      Rift Valley Groove (Tropical Treats Edit)
      Cumbia Colombiana (Tropical Treats Edit)

      B Side:
      Ca Ca Yé (Frankie Francis Edit)
      Tabou For The People (Sofrito Edit Feat. L. Barrabas)

      Various Artists

      The Men In The Glass Booth: Part 1

        In May 1976 a record was released that would have an unforeseen and lasting impact on the music industry “Ten Percent” by Double Exposure was an early release on the New York independent label Salsoul Records. America was in the grip of a disco explosion with new clubs opening on a weekly basis; Salsoul saw what was happening and swiftly created a sound for their label, heavily influenced by the music then coming out of Philadelphia, aimed directly at New York’s dance-floors. Records like “Salsoul Hustle,” “Tangerine” and “You’re Just The Right Size” by The Salsoul Orchestra borrowed heavily from the beautifully orchestrated Philadelphia International records but added a more percussive, bass heavy depth that New York’s DJs loved. So what was so special about this particular single then? Double Exposure was, after all, just another band, “Ten Percent” just another song; one of many “disco” records released that week. First of all Salsoul became the first record label to make a twelve inch single available to Joe Public - the exotic format was previously only available to DJs as promotional items or bought under the counter at certain record stores. Not only that though, the extended version was created by Walter Gibbons, a DJ at New York’s Galaxy 21 who’d built his reputation making exclusive versions of tracks to play in his sets.

        In 1976 it was unheard of for a DJ to set foot in a recording studio, being seen as little more than living jukeboxes by the serious music industry. Recording studios were strictly the domain of recording artists and producers so Walter found himself in a unique position, gaining access to a world no DJ had been granted before.

        Or so we thought...
        The Men In The Glass Booth tells the full story. Featuring ground breaking re-edits and remixes by some of the Disco era's most influential DJs including Walter Gibbons, Bobby DJ Guttadaro, Tom Savarese, Jellybean Benitez, Tee Scott and John Luongo, this opulent release also includes a 40 page book which features exclusive photos and insights from some of the story's key figures.


        Patrick says: BBE answer the prayers of all us non-millionaire disco fans, taking us on a journey through the alternative 12" history via this exhaustive collection of acetates and DJ edits. Mega!

        **Import item!! {DETROIT}

        - Strictly pre-orders only!

        - Limited copies!


        A1. Marcellus Pittman - Everybody Party
        A2. Javontte - Late Night Love
        A3. Rick Wilhite And Delano Smith Ft Jon Dixon - Neo Solaris
        B1. Rick Wilhite And Delano Smith - 11 Minutes Of Funk
        B2. Jon Dixon - Belle Isle Bounce
        C1. Norm Talley - Dreaming In Detroit
        C2. Gerald Mitchell AKA Soul Saver - KAORI
        D1. Kenny Dixon Jnr - I'm Goin Black
        D2. Delano Smith - Hot Lovely Relations
        E1. Omar S. - VAT 69 (Godson Mix)
        F1. Rick Wilhite And Delano Smith - Pipe Putta 

        Various Artists

        Someone Like Me

          Efficient Space continue with their very highly regarded compilations. And this looks like another classic..

          A humanity-reminding suite of miracle moments, Someone Like Me unites a geographically unbound cast of real people in pursuit of a meaningful connection. Taping their lived experience in economic studios in quiet English counties, Pacific Northwest woodland retreats and the big city bustle of Sydney and Los Angeles, these kindred spirits rendered sheer beauty in the process. Custom pressed folk songs of love, loss and the lord saviour.

          Illuminating minor works from seasoned players such as former Syndicate Of Sound chart-topper Sharkey and late-era Canned Heat lynchpin James Thornbury, the collection simultaneously honours the fleeting amateurism of hobby musicians. With their one shot at tangible vinyl, freshman Lynne Ann Kingan realised her loose bubblegum rocker on campus time, while U.S. Navy recruit Fred Potts cut his unconditionally serene ballad remotely stationed on a Spanish naval base. Spartan production continues to reign with Jon Betmead’s hair-raising gospel, howling into infinite space, and Goldrust’s stripped back garden hymn.

          Throughout the hour-long reflection, faith has an intermittent yet revelatory presence, most overtly with the divine choral soul of Seventh-day Adventist quartet Remnant. More subtly, Gary Ramey and Jim Kennedy both turned to song in their spiritual quests, offering their all to a universal power. An irrefutable compilation cornerstone, the National Office For Black Catholics showcased Charles Murphy’s lionhearted account of the Black experience at a 1971 concert. Five years earlier, high school seniors The Superwomen would use their hauntingly angelic harmonies to address racial inequity with a breathless take on ‘Lowlands’.

          Reaching the furthest corners, Someone Like Me secures the inaugural licence of three homespun masterpieces. Discovered by fluke in the digital haystacks of Youtube and Soundcloud, Jim Huxley’s bedroom pop earworm melds peacefully into Charlie Webster’s synthesized reverie. Meanwhile, Hollywood’s John Agostino introduces us to the bizarre world of tax scam records, with the artist only now learning that his tender psych-folk demos were leaked via a 1977 bootleg.

          Compiled and lovingly restored by armchair digger Mikey Young (Eddy Current Suppression Ring/The Green Child), Someone Like Me pays due service to seventeen rarefied journals of truth and devotion. Adorned with visual artist Chris Fallon’s figure and flora dream extractions, the uniting songbook is further detailed by expansive track-by-track liner notes and a forward from San Franciscan poet Rod Roland.


          1. Sharkey - Someone Like Me
          2. Lynne Ann Kingan - If You Love Me - Hate Me
          3. James Thornbury - So Tan
          4. Jim Huxley - Only A Song
          5. Charlie Webster - Snodland
          6. The Bob Hughes Band - You Broke My Heart
          7. Goldrust - Going Yesterday
          8. Jim Kennedy - You Are The Reason
          9. Jon Betmead - Marie Elene
          10. Charles Murphy - The Foot That's Holding Me Down
          11. Remnant - I Will Set You Free
          12. Fred Potts - Following Rainbows
          13. The Superwomen - Lowlands
          14. Robison Kaplan Ltd. - Don't Say Goodbye
          15. Gary Ramey - You Are His
          16. John Agostino - Loss Of Love
          17. Ritchie Tierney - Please Stop Breaking Me Down

          Various Artists

          Under The Bridge 2

            Under The Bridge 2 is the sequel to the celebrated 2022 compilation album that reunited groups and songwriters who had once recorded for cult label Sarah Records. The new album showcases the continuing creativity of a special group of musicians who have never rested on their laurels.

            Bigger and more expansive than the first album, Under the Bridge 2 is a double LP, containing twenty brand new tracks. There is a huge range of material here, from intense, dark chamber pop to dense shoegaze to out-and-out indiepop. Exciting new groups are unveiled: The Gentle Spring (a new project by Michael Hiscock of The Field Mice); Vetchinsky Settings (a collaboration between Mark Tranmer and James Hackett of The Orchids); and Mystic Village (which features new songs by Robert Cooksey of The Sea Urchins).

            You will also see familiar starry names like Even As We Speak, The Orchids and Secret Shine - bands whose line-ups have remained mostly unchanged since the 1990s. And there are established bands who didn’t appear on the first album but are now represented – bands like Action Painting! and The Hit Parade.

            Most of the tracks are exclusive and unreleased: there’s the first new song from The Catenary Wires since 2021, a brand new fizzbomb from Jetstream Pony, a haunting instrumental from GNAC.

            The emphasis of Under The Bridge is on the new. The bands’ shared history means they have a shared aesthetic, even a shared ethos – they all believe that the future is more important than the past. They are as independent and as uncompromising as ever, but they are still uncynical - and still excited about what Pop Music can be.

            TRACK LISTING

            The Gentle Spring - Dodge The Rain (Previously In The Field Mice)
            Action Painting! - Just Who Are The Cockleshell Heroes?
            The Catenary Wires - Alone Tonight (Previously In Heavenly)
            The Hit Parade - Apple Tree
            Jetstream Pony - Look Alive! (Previously In Aberdeen)
            Soundwire - Everything Is Real (Previously In The Sweetest Ache)
            Leaf Mosaic - The Branch Line (Previously In The Springfields)
            Secret Shine - Captivate This Broken Love
            Even As We Speak - Beauty, You Will Break Us All
            GNAC – Double Ninth (Previously In St Christopher)
            Tufthunter – Chemistry (Previously In Heavenly)
            Useless Users - In This, The House Of The Solitary Bees (Previously In Action Painting! & Secret Shine)
            The Orchids - A Final Love Song
            Wandering Summer - Wake The Silver Dancing Waves (Previously In Boyracer)
            Mystic Village - Open Your Eyes (Previously In The Sea Urchins)
            Boyracer - Unknown Frequencies
            Robert Sekula – Pamela (Previously In Fourteen Iced Bears)
            Vetchinsky Settings - Laugh While You Can (Previously In The Orchids & St Christopher)
            St Christopher - Burnout ’23
            Sepiasound - June In Her Eyes (Previously In Blueboy) 

            Various Artists

            ALFA/YEN Records 1980-1987: Techno Pop And Other Electronic Adventures In Tokyo (LITA Exclusive)

              Recording technology was completely revolutionized in the 80s by the multitrack recorder, with the popularity of 24-channel SSL consoles sweeping the world. Japanese pop music created during this wave of digital improvement is now recognized worldwide as ""City Pop."" Techno Pop was another offshoot born of the same revolution.

              Precise, computer-controlled beats produced by groups like Yellow Magic Orchestra (YMO) introduced a different type of sound to the masses. By now, these works have been brought into the international limelight and continue to be a major influence on today's music.

              At the center of Tokyo’s Techno Pop scene was ALFA/YEN Records. The label left behind an impressive body of work, but much of it wasn't made widely available... until now!

              This new, definitive compilation focuses on the music archives of the YEN Records catalog, available for the first time exclusively at Light in the Attic. This is a true celebration of Japan's Techno Pop scene of the 80s, reissued with the intent that future generations, internationally, will be able to discover, enjoy, and appreciate ALFA/YEN and its significant contributions to the sonic landscape of the 80s and beyond.

              TRACK LISTING

              2. ZOOT KOOK - SANDII
              3. Sakisaka To Momonai No Gokigen Ikaga One Two Three - You An’ Me Orgasmus Orchestra
              4. Drip Dry Eyes - Yukihiro Takahashi
              5. SUKI-SUKI-DAISUKI - Jun Togawa
              6. Parallelisme - Miharu Koshi
              7. Bikkuri Party No Theme - Haruomi Hosono & Yukihiro Takahashi
              8. Sakasa Kenjin Eagas - Apogee & Perigee
              9. Yumemiru Yakusoku - Haruomi Hosono
              10. ROCK - Hajime Tachibana
              11. Riot In Lagos - Ryuichi Sakamoto
              12. Radarman - Jun Togawa
              13. Platonic - Haruomi Hosono
              14. BEAT THE RAP- Super Eccentric Theater
              15. Rap Phenomena - YELLOW MAGIC ORCHESTRA
              16. LEXINGTON QUEEN - Ryuichi Sakamoto
              17. Chanel No #5 No On The Rock - Sheena
              18. Beach Girl - TESTPATTERN
              19. FLASHBACK - Yukihiro Takahashi
              20. Automne Dans Un Miroir - Tamao Koike
              21. Ascending - INTERIOR

              Various Artists

              Eccentric Soul: Consolidated Productions Vol. 1

                Operating in the farthest margins of L.A.’s cutthroat music business from 1961-1991, Mel Alexander’s Consolidated Productions was among the longest running Black-owned independent record conglomerates of the 20th century. Caught up in a confusing web of imprints— including Ajax, Angel Town, Car-A-Mel, Emanuel, and Kris—this first volume gathers 28 smoldering R&B cuts by the likes of Lee Harvey, B.B.Carter, Marilyn Calloway, Del Reys, Deb Tones, De Velles, Gene Russell ’s Trio, Jimmy “Preacher” Ellis, and Ty Karim. Remastered from the original 1 /4” tapes, Consolidated Productions Vol. I includes carefully researched annotation, discography, and photographs from a vital producer.

                TRACK LISTING

                1. James Foster & The L.A. Untouchables - The Time Has Come
                2. The Del-Reys - Don’t You Know
                3. The L.A Untouchables - Money Man
                4. Spider Walker - I’m Mad
                5. The Del-Reys - Walk Proud
                6. Billy Williams - So Called Friend (Oh! What A Friend)
                7. Ty Karim - Lighten Up Baby
                8. B.B. Carter - Cool It Baby
                9. Marilyn Calloway & The 4-Silvertones - My Lover
                10. Deb Tones & The Del-Reys - Knock On Wood
                11.The De Velles - Misery
                12. Ann Stacy - Don’t You Fool Me
                13. B.B. Carter - Leave Me Alone
                14. Marilyn Calloway & The 4-Silvertones - Shut Up (Demo)
                15. Jimmy “Preacher” Ellis -(C’mon) Dance To The Drumbeat
                16. The LA Untouchables- Acey Deucey
                17. Gene Russell’s Trio - Doin’ The Snake Hips
                18. The De Velles - Let’s Do The Hunch
                19. Gene Russell’s Trio - Jet Set
                20. Dynamic Duo And The Penguiness - Turkey Trot
                21. Gene Russell’s Trio - Foggy Bottom)
                22. Lee Harvey - Only True Love
                23. Lee Harvey - Need Of Love
                24. Lee Jones - I Got To See My Baby
                25. Lee Harvey - Prove It
                26. Lee Harvey And The L.A. Untouchables - My Assurance
                27. Lee Harvey And The L.A. Untouchables - If I’m Dreaming
                28. Lee Harvey - False Pride

                Various Artists

                Think I'm Going Weird: Original Artefacts From The British Psychedelic Scene 1966-68 - 2024 Repress

                  A definitive overview of the British psychedelic scene, an epic five - CD/book set that includes more than 50 minutes of previously unreleased music from the halcyon period 1966 - 68.

                  Including the major acts of the era ( The Who, Traffic, Small Faces, The Move, Procol Harum, Incredible String Band, Family, Crazy World of Arthur Brown etc), ‘Think I'm Going Weird: Original Artefacts From The British Psychedelic Scene 1966 - 68’ features many bands who also played London's underground dungeons during the Summer Of Love.

                  Featuring studio demos from the likes of Tintern Abbey, The Soft Machine, Mabel Greer's Toyshop, Genesis, Mandrake Paddle Steamer, Dantalian's Chariot and others plus numerous cult 45s ( July, Caleb, Vamp, Blossom Toes, Sweet Feeling , etc) and fascinating album cuts from such scene stalwarts as T omorrow, Fairport Convention, Kaleidoscope, The Deviants and Elmer Gantry's Velvet Opera .

                  Perhaps most enticingly of all, the collection includes a number of hitherto - unknown recordings by bands who are only now gaining their first public exposure including Eyes Of Blond, Tinsel Arcade, Crystal Ship (whose contribution features lyrics from Pete Brown ) and the semi - mythical 117 , such a legendary name from the era's handbills and posters that they even had a UK psych fanzine named after them in the ‘90s.

                  A dazzling feat of licensing and research, ‘Think I'm Going Weird...’ comes in a 60 - page A5 book format with 25,000 - word track - by - track annotation with some extraordinary and rare photos and memorabilia.

                  For anyone even remotely interested in British psychede lia, it's simply an essential purchase.

                  TRACK LISTING

                  DISC ONE:
                  1 THINK I’M GOING WEIRD – Art
                  2 MY CLOWN (single Mix) – July
                  3 THE VIEW – Gary Walker & The Rain
                  4 UTTERLY SIMPLE – Traffic
                  5 A WOMAN OF DISTINCTION – Caleb
                  6 LIKE THE SUN, LIKE THE FIRE – Simon Dupree & The Big Sound
                  7 LAZY OLD SUN (alternative Version, Stereo) – The Kinks
                  8 PLASTIC DAFFODILS – Atlanta Roots
                  9 PSYCHEDELIA – Ron Geesin
                  10 DREAM STARTS – Elmer Gantry’s Velvet Opera
                  11 TELL ME WHAT YOU SEE IN ME – Strawbs
                  12 FUNNIEST GIG – Manfred Mann
                  13 SUNNY CELLOPHANE SKIES – The Status Quo
                  14 MRS GRUNDY – Plastic Penny
                  15 BUFFALO BILLYCAN – Apple
                  16 CHARLES BROWN – Sweet Feeling
                  17 ROSIE CAN’T FLY – Sleepy
                  18 I KNOW, SHE BELIEVES – The Picadilly Line
                  19 THE LOBSTER – Fairport Convention
                  20 YELLOW BRICK ROAD – The Mindbenders
                  21 THE STORY OF DAVID – Granny’s Intentions
                  22 THE DEVIL RIDES OUT – Icarus
                  23 IS ANYBODY HOME? – The Mirage
                  24 WHY – Eyes Of Blond*
                  *previously Unreleased

                  DISC TWO:
                  1 WORLD WAR III – Dantalian’s Chariot
                  2 SEE THROUGH WINDOWS – Family
                  3 SALAD DAYS (ARE HERE AGAIN) – Procol Harum
                  4 THE TRUTH IS PLAIN TO SEE – Freedom
                  5 SUN SING – Force Four
                  6 MR SMALL THE WATCH REPAIRER MAN – Kaleidoscope
                  7 IMAGE BLOWN OUT – Genesis
                  8 LIFE IS JUST BEGINNING – The Creation
                  9 TAKING OUT TIME – The Spencer Davis Group
                  10 THAT MAN – Small Faces
                  11 YOU’RE HAUNTING ME – The Hi-Fis
                  12 MRS GILLESPIE’S REFRIGERATOR – Sands
                  13 PLEASE RETURN – Rust
                  14 LAST MINUTE – The Nashville Teens
                  15 ALL ALONG THE WATCHTOWER – The Alan Bown!
                  16 THE TOUCHABLES (ALL OF US) – Nirvana
                  17 HALLIFORD HOUSE – The Virgin Sleep
                  18 CATHERINE’S WHEEL – Denny Laine
                  19 GIRL IN THE MIRROR – Christopher Colt
                  20 ELEVATOR (single Mix) – Grapefruit
                  21 WORLD IN MY HEAD – Mike Stuart Span
                  22 UFO – Neo Maya
                  23 THE LAUGHING MAN – John Carter & Russ Alquist
                  24 FLOATIN’ – Vamp
                  25 LIFE DOES NOT SEEM WHAT IT SEEMS – Tinsel Arcade*
                  26 SCENE OF THE LEMON QUEEN – One Step Beyond*
                  *previously Unreleased

                  DISC THREE:
                  1 HAPPENINGS TEN YEARS TIME AGO – The Yardbirds
                  2 HAVE SOME MORE TEA – The Smoke
                  3 WALK UPON THE WATER – The Move
                  4 JABBERWOCK – Boeing Duveen And The Beautiful Soup
                  5 THE MAD HATTER’S SONG – The Incredible String Band
                  6 SHOPLIFTERS – Ivor Cutler Trio
                  7 LOOK OUT THERE’S A MONSTER COMING – The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band
                  8 SARA, CRAZY CHILD (extended German 45 Version) – John’s Children
                  9 BEYOND THE RISING SUN – Tyrannosaurus Rex
                  10 HEY GIRL – JP Sunshine
                  11 MR SUNSHINE (film Version) – Barclay James Harvest
                  12 TICK TOCK – Shyster
                  13 CHEADLE HEATH DELUSIONS – Felius Andromeda
                  14 THE INCREDIBLE JOURNEY OF TIMOTHY CHASE – Tomorrow
                  15 THE BIRTHDAY – The Idle Race
                  16 HOW CAN WE HANG ON TO A DREAM? – The Moody Blues
                  17 YES IS A PLEASANT COUNTRY – Circus
                  18 SUMMER SUN SHINES – The Fresh Windows
                  19 THE BLUE MAN RUNS AWAY – Crystal Ship*
                  20 WHAT’S HAPPENING? – The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown
                  21 MOTHER’S MAGAZINE – Mother’s Pride*
                  22 FLYING MACHINE – Turquoise
                  23 IN THE PARK – The Cortinas
                  24 HUNG UP ON A DREAM – The Zombies
                  25 WE ARE THE MOLES PART 1 – The Moles
                  26 WE ARE THE MOLES PART 2 – The Moles
                  *previously Unreleased

                  DISC FOUR:
                  1 ARMENIA CITY IN THE SKY – The Who
                  2 FREDEREEK HERNANDO – One In A Million
                  3 FLOWERMAN – The Syn
                  4 I CAN HEAR COLOURS – The Motives
                  5 GREEN – The Lion & The Fish
                  6 I’M SO LOW (aka JET- PROPELLED PHOTOGRAPH) – The Soft Machine
                  7 JEANETTA – Mabel Greer’s Toyshop
                  8 COME OVER STRANGER – Canto
                  9 CHILDREN OF THE SUN (demo Version) – The Misunderstood
                  10 BROTHER CAN YOU SPARE A DIME – St. Valentine’s Day Massacre
                  11 (I’M SO) SAD – The Magic Mixture
                  12 YOU’VE GOTTA HAVE LOVE BABE – The Graham Bond Organisation
                  13 RUMBLE OF MERSEY SQUARE SOUTH – Wimple Winch
                  14 COSMIC TRIP – Third Ear Band
                  15 I BRING THE SUN – John Bryant
                  16 POLICE IS HERE – A New Generation
                  17 SPICKS AND SPECKS – The Bee Gees
                  18 DEATH OF THE SEASIDE – The Human Instinct
                  19 BOYS AND GIRLS TOGETHER – Friday’s Chyld*
                  20 CHARGE OF THE LIGHT BRIGADE – Jason Crest
                  21 TOYMAKER’S SHOP – Louise
                  22 PLASTIC AEROPLANE – Medium Rare*
                  23 VENUSIAN MOONSHINE (live At Middle Earth) – 117*
                  *previously Unreleased

                  DISC FIVE:
                  1 PATH THROUGH THE FOREST – The Factory
                  2 FREEDOM FOR YOU – The Attack
                  3 WALKING THROUGH MY DREAMS – Pretty Things
                  4 DON’T GO ‘WAY LITTLE GIRL – The Shame
                  5 MY PRAYER – Tintern Abbey*
                  6 PHANTOM I – Jade Hexagram
                  7 COVER GIRL – Perfumed Garden
                  8 ROSE COLOURED GLASSES – The Tickle
                  9 AMY PEATE – The Orange Bicycle
                  10 DREAM IN MY MIND – Rupert’s People
                  11 SPIDER – Downliners Sect
                  12 WHAT ON EARTH (single Mix) – Blossom Toes
                  13 BUILDING UP A DREAM – The End
                  14 THE CAT – The Merseys
                  15 PANDEMONIUM SHADOW SHOW – Mandrake Paddle Steamer
                  16 WATERWAYS (demo Version) – East Of Eden
                  17 WHICH WAY – The Sorrows
                  18 BUN – The Deviants
                  19 ANOTHER VINCENT VAN GOGH – The 23rd Turnoff
                  20 SMILE AT THE SAD SUN – Champagne*
                  21 TALES OF BRAVE ULYSSES – The Zany Woodruff Operation*
                  22 SITTING ON A BLUNESTONE – Tales Of Justine
                  23 BRAIN – The Action
                  *previously Unreleased

                  Various Artists

                  Beehive Breaks

                    A crate staple for any lover of feminine funk, Beehive Breaks gathers 15 sultry singles from across the Numero-verse. From Sandy Gaye’s Cruella-synched “Watch The Dog That Brings The Bone” to James Brown ’s soul sister #1 Marva Whitney, teenage girl gangs The Trinikas and Promise, Miami’s queen of soul Betty Wright, plus a previously unissued belter from Chicago’s Sonics Band, Beehive Breaks picks up where sister funk left off.

                    TRACK LISTING

                    SIDE A
                    Sandy Gaye - Watch The Dog That Bring The Bone
                    Betty Wright - Mr. Lucky
                    Marva Whitney - Daddy Don’t Know About Sugar Bear
                    The Trinikas - Remember Me
                    Betty & Angel - Honey Coated Loving
                    Arelean Brown - I’m A Streaker Baby
                    The 20th Century - Hot Pants (Part I)

                    SIDE B
                    Promise - I’m Not Ready For Love
                    Pearl Dowdell - Good Things
                    Fay Cooper - Closer Together
                    Lolla Collins - Save The Children (If There Is To Be A Tomorrow)
                    Soul Revival - Do What You Gotta Do
                    Mae Young - You Got Me Under Your Spell
                    The Ba-Roz - Come Back Boy
                    Sonics Band - Second Avenue

                    Various Artists

                    Tim's Listening Party

                      Demon presents the first official compilation from Tim Burgess celebrating Tim’s Listening Party. “I’d done Charlatans listening parties and some solo album listening parties, and as the Twitter followers grew, I’d repeat it and do it again and again. It was maybe about a week before being told that we were going to go into a lockdown before we actually did something. I saw all the TV stuff, all the kind of crazy things that were happening and thought if there’s going to be a lockdown, there’s going to be something that I can do.” - Tim Burgess

                      Available as a 62 track 4CD Deluxe Packaging set and as a 24 track 2LP, these compilations bring together highlights from the 1,278 Listening Parties
                      that took place. The parties themselves were an eclectic mix of genres and eras, and the compilation reflects that with Suede, New Order, The Chemical Brothers, Sparks, The Breeders, The Lovely Eggs, John Grant, Joan As Police Woman and The Charlatans.

                      Within the top 100 listening parties, artists reflected on the compilation include Iron Maiden, Liam Gallagher, Paul McCartney, John Lennon, The Libertines, MGMT, Dexys Midnight Runners, The Specials and Belle & Sebastian. The
                      booklet also includes an interview conducted by Danielle Perry with Tim Burgess, detailing the cultural importance of the Listening Party during lockdown.

                      TRACK LISTING

                      CD Tracklisting:

                      1. John Lennon - Hold On (Ultimate Mix)
                      2. The Charlatans - One To Another
                      3. The Orielles - Space Samba (Disco Volador Theme)
                      4. New Order - Age Of Consent
                      5. Suede - The Wild Ones
                      6. Supergrass - Caught By The Fuzz
                      7. Joan As Police Woman - Real Life
                      8. Billy Bragg - Sexuality
                      9. The Chemical Brothers - Setting Sun
                      10. Hercules & Love Affair - Blind
                      11. The Breeders - Cannonball
                      12. Belle And Sebastian - Ease Your Feet In The Sea
                      13. The Style Council - My Ever Changing Moods
                      14. John Shuttleworth - Y Reg
                      15. This Is The Kit - Moonshine Freeze
                      16. Tim Burgess - Oh My Corazon
                      17. Sleaford Mods Feat. Billy Nomates - Mork N Mindy

                      1. The Libertines - Music When The Lights Go Out
                      2. The Lovely Eggs - Wiggy Giggy
                      3. Art Brut - Emily Kane
                      4. MGMT - Flash Delirium
                      5. The Specials - Too Much Too Young
                      6. Sparks - Self-Effacing
                      7. John Grant - Black Belt
                      8. KT Tunstall - Other Side Of The World
                      9. The Shins - Girl Inform Me
                      10. Duran Duran - Save A Prayer
                      11. The Streets - Let's Push Things Forward
                      12. Dexys Midnight Runners - Jackie Wilson Said (I'm In Love When You Smile)
                      13. Liam Gallagher - Some Might Say (MTV Unplugged Live At Hull City Hall)
                      14. The Magic Numbers - Love Me Like You
                      15. The Soft Boys - Insanely Jealous Of You
                      16. Talking Heads - Heaven
                      17. Joy Division - Isolation

                      1. Level 42 - Running In The Family (Extended Version)
                      2. Ibibio Sound Machine - Tell Me (Doko Mien)
                      3. Hot Chip - Hungry Child
                      4. Liam Frost & The Slowdown Family - The Mourner's Of St Paul's
                      5. Boy Azooga - Breakfast Epiphany
                      6. Biffy Clyro - Tiny Indoor Fireworks
                      7. Pixies - Debaser
                      8. Georgia - About Work The Dancefloor
                      9. Michael Kiwanuka - Piano Joint (This Kind Of Love)
                      10. Run The Jewels - Out Of Sight (feat. 2 Chainz)
                      11. Róisín Murphy - Murphy's Law
                      12. Tears For Fears - Head Over Heels / Broken
                      13. Paul McCartney - The Kiss Of Venus
                      14. Steven Wilson - Personal Shopper

                      1. Iron Maiden - Powerslave (2015 Remaster)
                      2. Gang Of Four - Natural's Not In It
                      3. Jesus Jones - The Devil You Know
                      4. Dry Cleaning - New Long Leg
                      5. Laurie Anderson - Born, Never Asked
                      6. Echo & The Bunnymen - The Killing Moon
                      7. Metronomy - Corinne
                      8. Flyte - Cathy Come Home
                      9. The Pipettes - Pull Shapes
                      10. Joel Culpepper - Black Boy
                      11. Saint Etienne - Pond House
                      12. Big Joanie - Fall Asleep
                      13. Norah Jones - Come Away With Me
                      14. Kae Tempest - Salt Coast

                      LP Tracklisting:

                      Side A
                      1. John Lennon - Hold On (Ultimate Mix)
                      2. The Charlatans - One To Another
                      3. The Orielles - Space Samba (Disco Volador Theme)
                      4. Suede - The Wild Ones
                      5. Joan As Police Woman - Real Life
                      6. Billy Bragg - Sexuality

                      Side B
                      1. The Chemical Brothers - Setting Sun
                      2. Hercules & Love Affair - Blind
                      3. The Breeders - Cannonball
                      4. Belle & Sebastian - Ease Your Feet In The Sea
                      5. The Style Council - My Ever Changing Moods (Album Version)

                      Side C
                      1. This Is The Kit - Moonshine Freeze
                      2. Tim Burgess - Oh My Corazon
                      3. The Libertines - Music When The Lights Go Out
                      4. The Lovely Eggs - Wiggy Giggy
                      5. Art Brut - Emily Kane
                      6. MGMT - Flash Delirium

                      Side D
                      1. The Specials - Too Much Too Young
                      2. Sparks - Self-Effacing
                      3. John Grant - Black Belt
                      4. KT Tunstall - Other Side Of The World
                      5. The Shins - Girl Inform Me
                      6. The Streets - Let's Push Things Forward
                      7. Dexys Midnight Runners - Jackie Wilson Said (I'm In Heaven When You Smile)

                      Various Artists

                      Funk Tide - Tokyo Jazz-Funk From Electric Bird 1978-87 : Selected By Dj Notoya

                      Following the success of the 'Tokyo Glow' compilation, Wewantsounds once again teams up with Japanese Tokyo-based DJ Notoya to dig the rich Electric Bird catalogue and come with a versatile selection of sunny Jazz-Funk gems recorded between 1978 and 1987 for the label. A tasty selection featuring Yasuaki Shimizu, Toshiyuki Honda and Mikio Masuda, together with a few American musicians such as Ronnie Foster and Bobby Lyle. Most tracks make their vinyl debut outside of Japan and the album has been designed by Optigram/Manuel Sepulveda and is annotated by DJ Notoya. Audio newly remastered in Tokyo by King Records.

                      TRACK LISTING

                      A1. Shunzo Ohno - In The Sky
                      A2. Mikio Masuda - Let's Get Together
                      A3. Yasuaki Shimizu - Summer Time
                      A4. David Matthews & The Electric Birds - Special Delivery
                      B1. Toshiyuki Honda - Living In A City
                      B2. Ronnie Foster - Night Life
                      B3. Bobby Lyle Trio - Night Breeze
                      B4. Katsutoshi Morizono - Space Traveller

                      Various Artists

                      Soul Jazz Records Presents Studio One Down Beat Special: Expanded Edition

                        Soul Jazz Records’ ‘Down Beat Special’ is a rollercoaster Greatest Hits ride through many of the alltime classic tunes hand-picked from across the mighty vaults of, without doubt, Jamaica’s finest ever record label and pioneering powerhouse of reggae music.

                        Seminal tracks such as Michigan and Smiley’s ‘Nice Up The Dance’, Dawn Penn’s ‘No, No, No’, The Wailers’ ‘Simmer Down’, The Eternals’ ‘Queen of the Minstrels’… and on it goes. Non-stop big tunes - ‘Down Beat Special’ is an essential primer to Studio One Records.

                        Originally released as a one-off pressing limited edition (long-since deleted) 7” box set, this new edition is fully remastered and expanded to a massive 18 rare and killer cuts from the Studio One empire.

                        Featuring The Skatalites, Jackie Mittoo, Bob Marley & The Wailers, Horace Andy, Alton Ellis, Lone Ranger and many more, the album features rare and classic tracks throughout.

                        Newly commissioned sleevenotes by Noel Hawks (History of the Jamaican Recording Industry) featuring a track by track historical and musical analysis, label scans and more added to this fantastic collection.

                        TRACK LISTING

                        The Eternals - Queen Of The Minstrels
                        Michigan And Smiley - Nice Up The Dance
                        The Mad Lads - Ten To One
                        Jackie Mittoo - Totally Together
                        Horace Andy - Just Say Who
                        The Skatalites - Addis Ababa
                        Sugar Minott - Live Loving
                        Lone Ranger - Can't Stand It
                        Wailing Souls - I've Got A Burning Fire
                        Bob Marley And The Wailers - Simmer Down
                        Dub Specialist - Hooligan
                        Alton Ellis - Your Heart Is Gonna Pay
                        Roland Alphonso - Do It Good
                        Wailing Souls - You Should Have Known
                        Dawn Penn - No No No 
                        Freddie McKay - You'll Be Sorry
                        Alton Ellis - We Need Love
                        Cornel Campbell - Best To Be Free

                        Various Artists

                        Music Against Misogyny

                          Label Two-Piers announce new compilation Music Against Misogyny, released for International Women’s Day 2023 (Wednesday 8th March). This ‘Charity’ Compilation features artists such as Brix Smith, Panic Shack, Sinead O’Brien, Los Bitchos, Girl Ray, Peaness, Dream Wife, Nuha Ruby Ra, Lande Hekt, Dana Gavanski, CIEL, Momma, ARXX, and more. It has been created to raise awareness of the work and challenges women face daily as well as to celebrate women’s achievements. With this, they are working to challenge gender stereotypes and discrimination whilst fighting for inclusion and equality, not only in the music industry.

                          Two-Piers have teamed up with Music Distributor ‘Republic of Music’ and ALL profits from the sales of this album will go to two charities that we believe do their utmost to help women from all backgrounds from domestic abuse to bereavement and homelessness - Brighton Women's Centre & RISE.

                          RISE is an independent, Brighton-based registered charity that helps people affected by domestic abuse, who offer practical help ranging from direct advice to refuge accommodation for those whose lives are at risk.

                          Brighton Women’s Centre have been supporting self-identifying women in Sussex for over 45 years. We help women from all backgrounds, facing all kinds of issues, to live happier lives. Women dealing with bereavement or trauma, women who have been through homelessness or the criminal justice system, survivors of abuse or discrimination – we’ve welcomed them all

                          All the Artists and Bands on ‘Music Against Misogyny’ have given the use of their tracks for Free to help raise awareness and much needed funds for these two charities so support us by buying a copy!

                          TRACK LISTING

                          SIDE 1
                          A1. Nuha Ruby Ra – My Voice
                          A2. Lande Hekt – Gay Space Cadets
                          A3. Panic Shack – The Ick
                          A4. Sinead O Brien – Like Culture
                          A5. CIEL – Baby Don’t You Know
                          A6. Brix Smith – Fast Net
                          A7. Momma – Motorbike
                          A8. Dream Wife - Leech
                          SIDE 2
                          B1. Los Bitchos – Las Panteras
                          B2. Peaness – How I’m Feeling
                          B3. Girl Ray – Everybody's Saying That?
                          B4. ARXX Ft. Pillow Queens – Call Me Crazy
                          B5. Roe – I Can Change
                          B6. Ailbhe Reddy – Walk Away
                          B7. Lexie Carroll – The Sky Looked Nice Today
                          B8. Dana Gavanski – I Kiss The Night

                          1. Nuha Ruby Ra – My Voice
                          2. Lande Hekt – Gay Space Cadets
                          3. Panic Shack – The Ick
                          4. Sinead O Brien – Like Culture
                          5. CIEL – Baby Don’t You Know
                          6. Brix Smith – Fast Net
                          7. Queen Cult – Better Believe It*
                          8. Momma – Motorbike
                          9. Dream Wife – Leech
                          10. Los Bitchos – Las Panteras
                          11. Peaness – How I’m Feeling
                          12. Girl Ray – Everybody's Saying That?
                          13. ARXX Ft. Pillow Queens – Call Me Crazy
                          14. King Hannah – All Being Fine*
                          15. KID 2 – The Loud Noise Of Your Spine*
                          16. Anna B Savage – The Ghost*

                          * These Tracks Are Exclusive To The CD

                          Music for Swimming Pools has put together their first-ever compilation here and it's a self-titled series that launches with Volume One. It's an assembly of their friends and label family members in with newly discovered gems. Some cuts are exclusive and some of them hint at projects to come, while some are making vinyl debuts. Pete Herbert kicks off with a seductive downbeat jam, Max Essa's 'Sacaton Skylines' is a new age delight and Gafas Du Soul lays down deep sunset house vibes on the gorgeous 'Embers' amongst many other highlights. A fine first collection for sure.

                          TRACK LISTING

                          Side 1
                          1. Pete Herbert - "Legzira Sunrise"
                          2. Fabulous Lover - "Note To Self"
                          3. Uj Pa Gaz - "Lulu" (Pete Herbert Remix)
                          4. Gafas Du Soul - "Embers"
                          5. DSD - "Canto Recanto"

                          Side 2
                          1. Pete Herbert - "Far Flung" (Goldsuite Restring)
                          2. Fernando - "Venus Banfield"
                          3. Max Essa - "Sacaton Skylines"
                          4. Pete Herbert - "South Seas" (Rudys Midnight Machine Reprise)

                          Various Artists

                          You're Not From Around Here

                            The previously unissued soundtrack to the 1964 noir, You’re Not From Around Here, discovered after 55 years in the Louis Wayne Moody archive. A hobo’s b indle full of twangy tremolo, reverb-drenched revenge, and existential echo. Songs of alienation, paranoia, dark alleys, betrayal, prison, prostitution, trains, gun play, feminine betrayal, and the dusty, lonely road of self discovery. A black and white affair trapped under the weight of a post-war technicolor allure, You’re Not From Around Here lives in a universe of moral ambiguity.

                            TRACK LISTING

                            1. Gene Sikora - A Song For Mary
                            2. Cheryl Thompson - Black Night
                            3. Bailey’s Nervous Kats - First Love
                            4. Don McGinnis - Good Luck To You
                            5. Shelley Duncan - Somewhere Down The Line
                            6. Attila & The Huns - The Lonely Huns
                            7. Alvie Self - Lonely Walk
                            8. Eddy Bailes & The Cadillacs - Dark Side Of The Moon
                            9. The Jades - Lost Train
                            10. Hayden Thompson – 16.88
                            11. Slim Martin - Haunted After Midnight
                            12. The Expresso’s - Wandering
                            13. Nicky Roberts - Spaceman (Out Of Nowhere)
                            14. Buzz Clifford - Wouldn’t It Be Nice (To Have Wings And Fly)
                            15. Houston And Dorsey - Ebb Tide
                            16. Charlie Megira - Tomorrow’s Gone

                            Various Artists

                            They Move In The Night

                              Discovered after spending 58 years on a dusty shelf in the Louis Wayne Moody Pictures vault, this previously unissued soundtrack contains a backpack’s worth of grieving guitars, somber surf, and haunting hiss, zipped tight with the teeth of abandonment, dashed dreams, moral ambiguity, fate, tearful goodbyes, and lukewarm diner coffee. Because the long arm of society nips at their heels... THEY MOVE IN THE NIGHT.

                              TRACK LISTING

                              1. Branko Mataja - Tuzna Je Nedelija
                              2. Steve Waltner - Tropic Waters
                              3. Bill Garland - Lonesome Guitar
                              4. Red Garrison & His Zodiacs - Taboo
                              5. Jody Reynolds - Tarantula
                              6. The Infernos - Restless Tides
                              7. The Dropouts - Purple Sea
                              8. Ron Heiss & The Low Notes - Far Away
                              9. Bailey’s Nervous Kats - Rumble
                              10. The Travelers - Melody Of The Moon
                              11. Tommy Dae’s High Tensions - Lost Horizon
                              12. Johnny Blue - Crying Guitar
                              13. The Floresents - Dreamtime
                              14. Kay Johnson - Walk Through The Valley
                              15. The Gospel Hawaiinaires - Life’s A Railway To Heaven
                              16. X-Cetra - Wasn’t There

                              Various Artists

                              The Northern Soul Scene

                                Today's club culture all started with Northern Soul and its roots in the Mod all-nighter scene of London clubs. All the ingredients were there: DJs privy to the latest imports and advance promos, dancers fuelled by illegal uppers, venues which had scarcely opened when the pubs were all but deserted. The records, drugs and clubs have all changed, true, but the lifestyle is identical. Featuring classics from the Northern Soul Scene including Tom Jones, Ronnie Jones, Brotherhood of Man, Sonny Childe, Billie Davis, Tony Newman, Bats and more. Presented for the first time on orange colour vinyl and CD, this is essential for any funk and soul lovers.

                                TRACK LISTING

                                Side A:
                                1. Frankie & Johnny - I'll Hold You
                                2. David Essex - So-Called Loving
                                3. The Flirtations - Nothing But A Heartache
                                4. Fearns Brass Foundry - Don't Change It
                                5. Clyde McPhatter - Baby You've Got It
                                6. Micky Moonshine - Name It You Got It
                                Side B:
                                1. Ronnie Jones - My Love
                                2. Fantastics - Ask The Lonely
                                3. Tom Jones - Stop Breaking My Heart
                                4. Billie Davis - Billy Sunshine
                                5. Amen Corner - Our Love (Is In The Pocket)
                                6. Danny Williams - Whose Little Girl Are You
                                Side C:
                                1. Eyes Of Blue - Heart Trouble
                                2. Bobby Hanna - Everybody Needs Love
                                3. Dave Berry - Picture Me Gone
                                4. John E. Paul - I Wanna Know
                                5. Elkie Brooks - The Way You Do The Things You Do
                                6. Jon Gunn - I Just Made Up My Mind
                                7. Adrienne Poster - Something Beautiful
                                Side D:
                                1. Brotherhood Of Man - Reach Out Your Hand
                                2. Sonny Childe - Giving Up On Love
                                3. Truly Smith - My Smile Is Just A Frown (Turned Upside Down)
                                4. Stevie Kimble - All The Time In The World
                                5. Tony Newman - Let The Good Times Roll
                                6. The Bats - Listen To My Heart

                                Various Artists

                                Intersection On The Point Of Parallel Vol.II

                                New Light Sounds Dark compilation plunging further into the occult and mystery frequencies.

                                Pre-orders essential! 

                                Various Artists

                                Intersection On The Point Of Parallel Vol.I

                                Second volume in a new Light Sounds Dark compilation plunging further into the occult and mystery frequencies.

                                Pre-orders essential! 

                                Super Spicy's Super Spicy Recipe series is back with a sixth mouthwatering offering and once again it's a super hot outing of party-ready house and disco sounds. First up is the irresistibly colourful disco charm of Birdee with the freewheeling 'Underground' and its groove-infused piano. Label boss Monsieur Van Pratt then adds his own spin to a rare groove classic with a lung-busting soul vocal and Pato Watson is in edit mode as he tweaks 'Ella Fue' to perfection. Italian don Paul Older brings some funky jazz fusion sounds to his steamy 'Turkish Lights, C. Da Afro keeps it a party with his 'Nothing But The Funk' and Mexican Juan Soto slips into a more deep and loved-up funk-house vibe on 'All Is Full Of Love'.

                                TRACK LISTING

                                Birdee - Underground
                                Monsieur Van Pratt - My Love For You
                                Pato Watson - Ella Fue
                                Paul Older - Turkish Lights
                                C Da Afro - Nothing But The Funk
                                Juan Soto - All Is Full Of Love

                                Various Artists

                                Merengue Típico: Nueva Generación!

                                  Merengue Típico: Nueva Generación! delves into the heart of Dominican merengue, a genre whose significance often eludes the spotlight. Bongo Joe's venture into unexplored terrain takes us to the Caribbean, specifically the Dominican Republic, shedding light on its musical tapestry. Curated by Xavier Daive, aka Funky Bompa, the compilation unveils rare '60s and '70s gems, providing a glimpse into a transformative period following the fall of the Trujillo regime.

                                  With over 20 years in the Dominican Republic, Xavier Daive meticulously sources original 45s, offering a snapshot of merengue's evolution during a creatively charged era post-Trujillo. The genre's roots, dating back to the 19th-century Dominican Republic, predate salsa, establishing its unique identity with the introduction of accordions via German trade ships. The genre's classic típico configuration emerged in the mid-'60s, leaving a lasting impact on its evolution.

                                  Focused on the explosive '60s and '70s merengue típico scene, influenced by genre pioneers like “Tatico” Henríquez and Trio Reynoso, the compilation showcases technical finesse and high-speed rhythms. Tracks like Rafaelito Román’s "Que Mala Suerte" embody the genre's infectious energy. Aristides Ramírez’s "Los Lanbones" adds a touch of humor, cautioning against pub freeloaders. Merengue Típico: Nueva Generación transcends the realms of a typical reissue; it's an immersive journey into the roots of Dominican merengue, expanding its narrative beyond borders to enrich the global musical landscape.

                                  This compilation goes beyond individual tracks, providing a historical and cultural context, enriching our understanding of the genre's evolution in the Dominican Republic during a crucial period. Designed for both connoisseurs and wild dancefloors, this compilation is not only a historical and cultural exploration but also a treasure trove for DJs seeking to infuse their sets with the vibrant rhythms of merengue típico.

                                  TRACK LISTING

                                  1. Trio Rosario - Cuando Yo Muera
                                  2. Fefita La Grande - Caña Brava
                                  3. Aristides Ramirez - Los Lanbones
                                  4. Bilo Y Sus Típicos - La Negra
                                  5. Negrito Figueroa - Por La Mañanita
                                  6. Trio Royecell - La Pasion De Cristo
                                  7. Victor Suriel Y Trio Rio Verde - La Mecha
                                  8. Rafaelito Román - Que Mala Suerte
                                  9. Bilo Y Sus Típicos - Cuande Baje De La Loma
                                  10. Trio Ramirez - Me Gustan Las Pegajosas

                                  Nu Groove spotlights the artists that made the legendary NYC label a firm favourite of crate diggers then and now with this 12” release of their vital tracks revisited by leading selectors of today. The label, born in 1988 by Frank and Karen Mendez as an outlet for the experimental works of the Burrell Brothers, quickly became a home for up-and-coming genre pioneers. In this fashion, ‘Nu Groove Edits, Vol. 4’ opens with ‘Tonight’s The Night’ by NYC favourites How & Little, AKA The Sound Vandals, re-edited by Italian duo NiCe7. More monikers of Rheji Burrell appear in the collection too, with N.Y. House’n Authority’s seminal classic ‘APT. 2A’ reworked by UK deep tech aficionado Hugo Massien, and The Utopia Project’s ‘File #3’ remixed by Leeds underground duo Mak & Pasteman. Closing out this collection of future classics, GRAMMY award winning production duo Honey Dijon & Luke Solomon return to edit ‘Luv 2 Luv U’ by A.B.T.

                                  TRACK LISTING

                                  A1. The Sound Vandals - Tonight’s The Night (NiCe7 Edit)
                                  A2. N.Y. House’n Authority - APT. 2A (Hugo Massien Rework)
                                  B1. The Utopia Project - File #3 (Mak & Pasteman Remix)
                                  B2. A.B.T. - Luv 2 Luv U (Honey Dijon & Luke Solomon Edit)

                                  Various Artists

                                  Maggot Brain (Issue 15)

                                    BJÖRK: Our cover feature is a career-spanning piece by Tamara Palmer on Iceland’s most noted export since the foundation of their parliament in 930, with a terrifically gorgeous cover image by our illustrator, Marly Beyer. -MARCELLUS HALL delivers a 30-plus page excerpt from a graphic novel about life in indie-rock in the early 1990s that’s just stunning and lyrical and we are so stoked to be able to run it. -Hot on the heels of their world tour, it’s an engaging photo essay from Detroit’s premier music photographer Doug Coombe on the return of garage punk heroes BE YOUR OWN PET. -Mike Turner spends serious time with BMX champion CHELSEA WOLFE, right when she might be suspended from competition for being trans. -Ana Gavrilovska digs deep into the work of up-and-coming multimedia artist WAYNE PHOENIX. -Uncharacterizable instrumental musicians PENGUIN CAFE are back (under the direction of originator Simon Jeffes' son Arthur Jeffes) and Kurt Reighley is writing beautifully on them. (Their first two records for Eno’s label are The Shit.) Cassette tape reviews; Lucy Sante delivers a tribute to the olden days of mp3 blogs, because she writes in every issue and we are lucky AF for this fact; Mimi Lipson weighs in on cats versus dogs in her advice column; Andy Beta talks of Annea Lockwood in the Icons column; the reissue of the issue is a box set of Pauline Anna Strom, by Michelle Dove; Fred Thomas on “why Sonic Youth's most underrated record deserves a second look” (guess which one it is!); an overview of reissue label Mesh Key for a new column on the people who run labels and stuff like that. In the new column Tracked (on music supervisors) Martin Douglas talks to Tiffany Anders, and it’s largely about her work on RESERVATION DOGS! Then there’s the column PHYSICAL GRAFFITI by editor McGonigal, an epic look at dozens of recent LP releases plus a few books (that’s right, it’s a bona fide multi-page record review column), plus the debut of our food column with a disastrous visit to the Russian Tea Room courtesy of noted genius QUINTRON.

                                    Various Artists

                                    Blow My Mind!

                                      “Blow My Mind!” is the natural sequel to the recent, well-received collection “Lost Innocence” and is an essential purchase for the dedicated garage head. It collects together the best of the quirkier imprints from Hollywood’s heyday in the mid-1960s (the record labels Doré, Era and Mira) in a power-packed set comprising many outstanding garage and proto-psych 45s that today are sought-after collectors’ items.

                                      Compiled by genre expert Alec Palao and originally released by Big Beat/ACE on CD only a few years back, it is now available on vinyl for the first time.

                                      Three of the quirkier imprints from Hollywood’s heyday in the mid-1960s were the record labels Doré, Era and Mira. Like most seasoned indie producers in that epoch, their owners Lew Bedell, Herb Newman and Randy Wood struggled to get to grips with the onslaught of rock’n’roll activity that followed in the wake of the British Invasion. But amongst each company’s catalogue of R&B, pop schlock and novelty discs were a number of outstanding garage and proto-psych 45s that today are sought-after collectors’ items.

                                      “Blow My Mind!: The Doré-Era-Mira Punk & Psych Legacy” collects together the best of this venerated repertoire in a power-packed set that also constitutes the first official reissue for many oft-bootlegged titles. Cuts like ‘The Thief’, ‘Slander’ and ‘I’ll Blow My Mind’ would be expensive to acquire in their original, minutely-pressed incarnation. Here, with top-notch sound and extensive annotation, these totemic garage rock items shine brighter than ever. There is the expected quota of attitude-laden classics such as ‘My Baby’s Barefoot’, ‘Just Wanna Be Myself’ and the incredibly snotty ‘So What!!’, along with less heralded gems by bands such as South Hampton Story, the Puddin’ Heads, Yesterday’s Tomorrow and the Search. An unexpected bonus is a superb unreleased cut by ‘Hey Joe’ hitmakers the Leaves, along with off-beat garage- psych titles by Simon T Stokes, the Outlaw Blues and the Wrench.

                                      “Blow My Mind!” is the natural sequel to the recent, well-received collection “Lost Innocence” and is an essential purchase for the dedicated garage head. Compiled by genre expert Alec Palao and originally released by Big Beat/ACE on CD only a few years back, it is now available on vinyl for the first time.

                                      TRACK LISTING

                                      Side A
                                      1. My Babys Barefoot – The Syndicate
                                      2. Do Me A Favor – The Leaves
                                      3. Gotta Hold On – The No-Nâ-Mee’s
                                      4. The Thief – The Motion
                                      5. So What!! – The Lyrics
                                      6. Leave Me Behind – South Hampton Story
                                      Side B
                                      1. Big City Blues – Simon T Stokes
                                      2. The Other Half – Yesterday’s Tomorrow
                                      3. Worryin’ Kid – The Regents
                                      4. She Touched My Soul – John Winfield Jr.
                                      5. Slander – Ty Wagner
                                      6. Now You Say We’re Through – The Puddin’ Heads
                                      Side C
                                      1. They Can’t Hurt Me – The Lyrics
                                      2. I’ll Blow My Mind – Spencer’s Van Dykes
                                      3. I’m Gonna Dance – The Decades
                                      4. The Day Is Hard – The Wrench
                                      5. Climate – The Search
                                      6. Just Wanna Be Myself – The No-Nâ-Mee’s
                                      Side D
                                      1. Non-Stop Blues – The Outlaw Blues
                                      2. Shame – The Front Page & Her
                                      3. Forget Me Girl – The Bees
                                      4. She’s Gone – The Tormentors
                                      5. It’s No Use – Basil & The Baroques
                                      6. To Make A Lie – Unknown Artist

                                      Various Artists

                                      Colin Curtis Presents Jazz Dance Fusion Volume 4

                                        Colin Curtis is back! with another finely curated selection of the best Jazz Dance Fusion records he could find. Volume 4 reflects a combination of new music unreleased music and tracks that have never been on vinyl before or not attained the recognition they deserve. Packed with great Jazz Dance music from the UK and all around the world. The whole purpose of these compilations is to introduce you to fantastic talent and allow you to then go and explore all their works and keep this movement moving!

                                        With brand new & exclusive releases, extremely rare tracks and many only available on Vinyl for the first time from Brazil, Cuba, Japan, Italy, USA, UK and beyond. Showcasing another insight into Colin Curtis's world of Jazz Dance Fusion and highlighting the sheer diversity & talent on offer from Vocal Jazz, Salsa, Latin Spoken Word to Sambas & Fusion, It’s all Here!

                                        TRACK LISTING

                                        1. Bill Ortiz - Fusion/noche Cubana
                                        2. Born 74 & Onj - Tape Your Beat
                                        3. Geew – Still In Love
                                        4. Mary Greer Mudiku – Happy Sunrise
                                        5. The Sultan's Swing - 46 To Somewhere
                                        6. Stefano Di Santis – Unreachable Galaxy
                                        7. Charro Band De Emilio Guerrero – Movin
                                        8. Somos Amigos - Pa'gozar
                                        9. Telmo Fernandez & The Latin Soul Beat - Cuchifrito Pa’ Los Pollos
                                        10. Juju – Clã Samba
                                        11. Moreen Meriden - Caught In A Fever
                                        12. Alfredo Dias Gomes - Samba De Negro
                                        13. Alonso Gonzalez & Jazz Latino - Mr. Fool

                                        1. Venus Dodson – Mother Of The Future
                                        2. Jacques Schwarz-Bart - Mendé
                                        3. Guinu – Eletromandinga (Extended Version)
                                        4. Stefano Di Santis – Nova Laze
                                        5. GeeW - Kyoto
                                        6. Mary Greer Mudiku - I Face East
                                        7. Alfredo Dias Gomes - Vaya Mulatto
                                        8. Juju – Wanting Touch (Instrumenta)
                                        9. Nova Vida – My Only (GeeMix)
                                        10. Lifetime - I'll Bet You Thought I'd Never Find You
                                        11. Tres-Men – Samba De-La Cruz
                                        12. Miho Nobuzane - Ponteio
                                        13. El Caballo Y Su Orquesta - Mambo De Papi

                                        Various Artists

                                        Colin Curtis Presents Jazz Dance Fusion Volume 4 - Part 1

                                          Colin Curtis is back! with another finely curated selection of the best Jazz Dance Fusion records he could find. Volume 4 reflects a combination of new music unreleased music and tracks that have never been on vinyl before or not attained the recognition they deserve. Packed with great Jazz Dance music from the UK and all around the world. The whole purpose of these compilations is to introduce you to fantastic talent and allow you to then go and explore all their works and keep this movement moving!

                                          With brand new & exclusive releases, extremely rare tracks and many only available on Vinyl for the first time from Brazil, Cuba, Japan, Italy, USA, UK and beyond. Showcasing another insight into Colin Curtis's world of Jazz Dance Fusion and highlighting the sheer diversity & talent on offer from Vocal Jazz, Salsa, Latin Spoken Word to Sambas & Fusion, It’s all Here!

                                          TRACK LISTING

                                          1. Bill Ortiz - Fusion/noche Cubana
                                          2. Born 74 & Onj - Tape Your Beat
                                          3. Geew – Still In Love
                                          4. Mary Greer Mudiku – Happy Sunrise
                                          5. The Sultan's Swing - 46 To Somewhere
                                          6. Stefano Di Santis – Unreachable Galaxy
                                          7. Charro Band De Emilio Guerrero – Movin
                                          8. Somos Amigos - Pa'gozar
                                          9. Telmo Fernandez & The Latin Soul Beat - Cuchifrito Pa’ Los Pollos
                                          10. Juju – Clã Samba
                                          11. Moreen Meriden - Caught In A Fever
                                          12. Alfredo Dias Gomes - Samba De Negro
                                          13. Alonso Gonzalez & Jazz Latino - Mr. Fool

                                          Various Artists

                                          Colin Curtis Presents Jazz Dance Fusion Volume 4 - Part 2

                                            Colin Curtis is back! with another finely curated selection of the best Jazz Dance Fusion records he could find. Volume 4 reflects a combination of new music unreleased music and tracks that have never been on vinyl before or not attained the recognition they deserve. Packed with great Jazz Dance music from the UK and all around the world. The whole purpose of these compilations is to introduce you to fantastic talent and allow you to then go and explore all their works and keep this movement moving!

                                            With brand new & exclusive releases, extremely rare tracks and many only available on Vinyl for the first time from Brazil, Cuba, Japan, Italy, USA, UK and beyond. Showcasing another insight into Colin Curtis's world of Jazz Dance Fusion and highlighting the sheer diversity & talent on offer from Vocal Jazz, Salsa, Latin Spoken Word to Sambas & Fusion, It’s all Here!

                                            TRACK LISTING

                                            1. Venus Dodson – Mother Of The Future
                                            2. Jacques Schwarz-Bart - Mendé
                                            3. Guinu – Eletromandinga (Extended Version)
                                            4. Stefano Di Santis – Nova Laze
                                            5. GeeW - Kyoto
                                            6. Mary Greer Mudiku - I Face East
                                            7. Alfredo Dias Gomes - Vaya Mulatto
                                            8. Juju – Wanting Touch (Instrumenta)
                                            9. Nova Vida – My Only (GeeMix)
                                            10. Lifetime - I'll Bet You Thought I'd Never Find You
                                            11. Tres-Men – Samba De-La Cruz
                                            12. Miho Nobuzane - Ponteio
                                            13. El Caballo Y Su Orquesta - Mambo De Papi

                                            The Last Resort: Balearic At The End Of Time is a collection of nu-Balearic sounds from plenty of established names in the game as well as some new and rising talents via Portuguese label Secrets Of Sound. Lord Of The Isles offers an early standout with 'Neptune's Staircase' which has a new age feel as soft synth sequins shimmer up amongst the clouds, Jura Soundsystem brings some gently persuasive rhythms to the fore on their impossibly light and airy 'Flotsam & Jetsam' and Leeds-based Joe Morris layers up loopy late night whispers with dubby currents on 'The New Dawn Will Come.' A soothing collection for overactive minds.

                                            TRACK LISTING

                                            Side 1
                                            Lova - "Lento Levante"
                                            Lord Of The Isles - "Neptunes Staircase"
                                            Daniel O'Sullivan - "Octopolis"
                                            Jura Soundsystem - "Flotsam & Jetsam"

                                            Side 2
                                            Mark Barrott - "Watching Stars Over The Rubicon Beltway"
                                            Joe Morris - "The New Dawn Will Come"
                                            Lovelock - "Eau Sauvage"
                                            Seahawks - "Spirit Of Ether"

                                            Various Artists

                                            Eccentric Soul: The Tragar & Note Labels

                                              Atlanta’s original Eccentric Soul labels - Jesse Jones’ Tragar and Note - captured critical regional R&B, soul and funk from 1968-1976.

                                              Compiling 34 tracks and sprawled across two LPs, this 15-year anniversary deluxe edition appears on vinyl for the first time.

                                              Featuring rare-as-hens’-teeth 45s by Eula Cooper, Tee Fletcher, Richard Cook, Frankie & Robert, Tokay Lewis, Nathan Wilkes, Chuck Wilder, Bill Wright, Sonia Ross, Sandy Gaye, Four Tracks, Young Divines, and several others the label can’t fit on a hype sticker.

                                              TRACK LISTING

                                              Tee Fletcher - Down In The Country
                                              Bill Wright - You Got A Spell On Me
                                              Eula Cooper - Shake Daddy Shake
                                              The Knights - Tipping Strings
                                              L. Daniels - Nitecap (inst)
                                              Frankie & Robert - Sweet Thing
                                              Franciene Thomas - I’ll Be There
                                              Richard Cook - Somebody Got’a Help Me
                                              Frankie & Robert - Love (It’s Been So Long)
                                              The Knights - The Hump (inst)
                                              Chuck Wilder - The Clown
                                              Tokay Lewis - Who Wants Me Now
                                              Nathan Wilkes - Now That I’m Wise
                                              Langston & French - Tumbling Down
                                              Eula Cooper - Heavenly Father
                                              Tokay Lewis - What Can The Matter Be
                                              Richard Cook - Love Is So Mean
                                              Bill Wright - You’re The Only Thing I’ve Got Going For Me
                                              Sonia Ross - Every Now And Then
                                              Sandy Gaye - Watch The Dog That Bring The Bone
                                              Bobby Owens & The Diplomats - Messing Around
                                              Bill Wright - How Can I Hit The Ball
                                              Tee Fletcher - All Because Of You
                                              Eula Cooper - Standing By Love
                                              Four Tracks - Charade
                                              The Young Divines - Deep In Your Heart
                                              Eula Cooper - I Need You More
                                              Chuck Wilder - Why
                                              Sonia Ross - Let Me Be Free
                                              Eula Cooper - Try
                                              Young Divines - Ain’t That Sharp
                                              Franciene Thomas - Too Beautiful To Be Good
                                              Sonia Ross - Breaking My Heart
                                              Four Tracks - You Mean Everything To Me

                                              Jovonn's Body N'Deep label kickstarts the year with the next in the series (Vol 4) of the sought after BND Projects. This release brings standout tracks from the like's of Jovonn (edited by Ben Rebel), Marc Cotterell, Matty Gillespie and good friend Jermias Santiago.

                                              TRACK LISTING

                                              01 Marc Cotterell - Deepha (plastik Factory Vox Mix)
                                              02 Matt Gillespie - Movin
                                              03 Jovonn - Play 4 Today (ben Rebel Remix)
                                              04 Jeremias Santiago - Soul Festival

                                              Various Artists

                                              Northern Soul Classics

                                                A 2LP compilation featuring 42 of the world’s most supreme Northern Soul anthems.

                                                An essential collection for any fan of great timeless music, this compilation celebrates the dance movement that emerged in Northern England and the Midlands in the early 1970s. Be transported back to the swinging sounds of Northern Soul, featuring the soulful classics from Gloria Jones, The Supremes, Smokey Robinson & The Miracles, Dusty Springfield and Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons.

                                                TRACK LISTING

                                                SIDE A:
                                                1. Gloria Jones - Tainted Love
                                                2. Frank Wilson - Do I Love You (Indeed I Do)
                                                3. Smokey Robinson & The Miracles - Going To A Go-Go
                                                4. The Supremes - Love Is Like An Itching In My Heart
                                                5. Martha Reeves & The Vandellas - Nowhere To Run
                                                6. Barbara Randolph - I Got A Feelin'
                                                7. The Flirtations - Nothing But A Heartache
                                                8. Brenda Holloway - When I'm Gone
                                                9. Darrell Banks - Open The Door To Your Heart
                                                10. Jimmy James & The Vagabonds - Ain't No Big Thing
                                                11. Dean Parrish - I'm On My Way

                                                SIDE B:
                                                1. Stevie Wonder - Uptight (Everything's Alright)
                                                2. R. Dean Taylor - There's A Ghost In My House
                                                3. The Marvellettes - I'll Keep Holding On
                                                4. The Elgins - Heaven Must Have Sent You
                                                5. Dusty Springfield - Live It Up
                                                6. Fontella Bass - Rescue Me
                                                7. Dana Valery - You Don't Know Where Your Interest Lies
                                                8. Archie Bell & The Drells - Here I Go Again
                                                9. Edwin Starr - Stop Her On Sight (S.O.S)
                                                10. Barbara McNair - You're Gonna Love My Baby
                                                11. The Tams - Hey Girl Don't Bother Me

                                                SIDE C:
                                                1. Al Wilson - The Snake
                                                2. Dee Dee Sharp - What Kind Of Lady
                                                3. The Velvelettes - He Was Really Saying Something
                                                4. Marlena Shaw - Let's Wade In The Water
                                                5. Diana Ross -
                                                6. Tammi Terrell - This Old Heart Of Mine (Is Weak For You)
                                                7. Paul Anka - I Can't Help Lovin' You
                                                8. Brotherhood Of Man - Reach Out Your Hand
                                                9. Coasters - Crazy Baby
                                                10. Marvin Gaye - This Love Starved Heart Of Mine (It’s Killing Me)

                                                SIDE D:
                                                1. Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons - The Night
                                                2. Harold Melvin & The Bluenotes - The Love I Lost
                                                3. The Exciters - Blowing Up My Mind
                                                4. Shirley Ellis - Soul Time
                                                5. Joy Lovejoy - In Orbit
                                                6. Bobby Hebb - Love, Love, Love
                                                7. Tami Lynn - I'm Gonna Run Away From You
                                                8. Mary Wells - Shop Around
                                                9. The Isley Brothers - My Love Is Your Love (Forever)
                                                10. Tobi Legend - Time Will Pass You By

                                                "The SP Chronicles" pays homage to the legendary SP 1200 sampler. All 6 cuts showcase the versatility & creativity of Broke, Jon Deliz & Golfhead as they use the infamous piece of kit to create sonic landscapes and blunted beats that blend old school and new school elements. Perfect for use alongside an lyrically skilled MC at your local dance; or for turntablist battles, mixtapes etc. TIP!

                                                TRACK LISTING

                                                Side 1
                                                1. Jon Deliz - Ascension
                                                2. Broke - Filter Guitar
                                                3. Golfhead93 - Guns That Burst
                                                Side 2
                                                1. Broke - Go Ahead
                                                2. Jon Deliz - Vicious Cycle
                                                3. Golfhead93 - We Smoke

                                                The twelfth volume of Drumcode’s flagship A-Sides series featuring future-facing cuts spanning the breadth of the techno spectrum, The annual compilation serves to showcase some of Adam Beyer’s favourite demo’s throughout the year, as the label boss enjoys the opportunity to introduce new artists to the label, while showcasing cuts from Drumcode’s mainstays.
                                                Kicking off Part 2 is none-other-than Carl Cox whio makes his Drumcode debut with his remix of Label Boss Beyer's massive Take Me There feat DJ Rush.

                                                TRACK LISTING

                                                A1. Adam Beyer Ft. DJ Rush – Take Me There (Carl Cox Remix)
                                                A2. Matt Guy – Give Me What I Want
                                                B1. A.D.H.S. – 2STEP
                                                B2. Kaiserdisco – Get On The Dancefloor

                                                The twelfth volume of Drumcode’s flagship A-Sides series featuring future-facing cuts spanning the breadth of the techno spectrum, The annual compilation serves to showcase some of Adam Beyer’s favourite demo’s throughout the year, as the label boss enjoys the opportunity to introduce new artists to the label, while showcasing cuts from Drumcode’s mainstays.

                                                TRACK LISTING

                                                A1. HI-LO - SUBMARINE
                                                A2. Alex Stein - Hydra
                                                B1. Marie Vaunt – Dark Room
                                                B2. Ignacio Arfeli - Singularity

                                                Various Artists

                                                Disco Not Disco - 25th Anniversary Edition

                                                  ‘Disco Not Disco’ was a perfectly timed compilation back in 2000. Released when interest in the myths, history and playlists of original New York clubs like Paradise Garage and The Loft was at its peak, the album drew on the outer limits of leftfield disco championed by Levan and Mancuso, bringing together unlikely dancefloor anthems by rock acts like Yoko Ono and Ian Dury, obscurities from cottage labels like BC and Splash and selected oddities from the unique mind of avant-garde hero, Arthur Russell. It was essentially a celebration of the sonic melting pot in New York during the early ‘80s, an era when punk had burnt itself out and disco had become commercial and saccharine; in its place, the post-punk movement threw up brilliant oddities which tore up the accepted rulebook. Since its release, the compilation title has become a by-word for a whole genre of music and remains a landmark collection of its time. This new pressing is a welcome return for an essential celebration of disco’s difficult cousins.

                                                  TRACK LISTING

                                                  1. Yoko Ono – Walking On Thin Ice (1981 Re-edit)
                                                  2. Liquid Liquid – Cavern
                                                  3. Loose Joints – Tell You (Today) (Vocal)
                                                  4. Ian Dury & The Seven Seas Players – Spasticus Autisticus (Version)
                                                  5. Material – Over And Over
                                                  6. Was (Not Was) – Wheel Me Out
                                                  7. Dinosaur – Kiss Me Again (Original Edit)
                                                  8. Don Cherry – I Walk
                                                  9. Common Sense – Voices Inside My Head
                                                  10. Nicky Siano - Move
                                                  11. Indian Ocean – School Bell / Tree House

                                                  Various Artists

                                                  Eddie Piller & Dean Rudland Present... Acid Jazz (Not Jazz): We’ve Got A Funky Beat

                                                    Following the hugely popular first ‘Acid Jazz (Not Jazz)’ release in 2022, label heads Eddie Piller and Dean Rudland return with a second volume, ‘We’ve Got A Funky Beat’.

                                                    The record further takes in the club sounds of the original acid jazz scene in the early 1990s, where obscure funk, soul and rock records were mixed with new productions that turned up at the Acid Jazz (then Denmark Street) offices on a near-daily basis.

                                                    A document of an era, before the internet, where clubs and record stores informed the tastes and direction of the burgeoning London music community and the close-knit groups of producers, musicians, label and shop owners that were constant companions in search of the new sound.

                                                    Ballistic Brothers and X-Press 2 appear alongside unsung heroes such as Night Trains and The Hightower Set.

                                                    Presented in a beautiful geometric graphic sleeve, with a printed inner sleeve documenting the original release designs.

                                                    TRACK LISTING

                                                    1. Super Strut - The Apostles
                                                    2. Escucha Ma Funk - The Hightower Set
                                                    3. Testify - Mains Ignition
                                                    4. Russian Roulette - Night Trains (ft. Afrika Bambaataa)
                                                    5. From The Ghetto - Dread Flimstone
                                                    6. Delancy St… The Theme - Ballistic Brothers Vs. Eccentric Afros
                                                    7. Tranz Euro X-Press - XPress 2
                                                    8. Farside - Jaziacs

                                                    Various Artists

                                                    Jah Children Invasion Vol. 6: Digital Dawn LP

                                                      10 song LP in 2-sided hand silkscreened jacket; blue or green print.
                                                      Three tracks previously unreleased.

                                                      New compilation and long overdue next entry in the long running 'Jah Children Invasion' compilation series! This volume focuses on Wackies' foray into digital reggae, with a killer selection of tracks from the late '80s and early '90s. There are three previously unreleased tunes alongside seven others culled from prior rare and long out of print releases. In DKR style this comes in a 2 sided hand silkscreened jacket.

                                                      TRACK LISTING

                                                      A1. Horace Andy - Drop Off
                                                      A2. Wayne Chin - Won't Do For Love
                                                      A3. Milton Henry - Make It Right
                                                      A4. Jerry Harris - A Little Love We Need
                                                      A5. Chris Wayne - Streets Of Africa
                                                      B1. Horace Andy - Dub Out A Sound
                                                      B2 . Jackie Mittoo - Sorrowful
                                                      B3 . Chris Wayne - Wild Goose Race
                                                      B4 . Chosen Brothers - Majority Rule
                                                      B5. Milton Henry - Now You See The Scene

                                                      Various Artists

                                                      Mega Misses From The Manctalo Discotheque - Compiled By Il Bosco

                                                      As the fable goes: pre-discogs, intrepid disc jocks would often take trips to Italy (many tricking their spouse into believe it was a ‘holiday’!) to source records from the seemingly endless supply of top tier Italo, disco and cosmic record shops across the country. According to legend, the classified sections of local yellow pages and information booklets which would contain the addresses of the record shops and dealers in the area would often be ripped out unscrupulously, thwarting – or at least making it more difficult for – the next vinyl tourist to source out the rare gems amongst the rich seams – a wild west vinyl gold rush if you will.

                                                      Such stories are a rarity these days, with youtube making some of the most underground tracks common knowledge, and discogs almost making any record obtainable – at a price of course. Upgrading his digging methodology, Bosco has developed a secret New Technique to side-step the machine and in doing so obtained a clutch of amyl-soaked fluffers that are so rare, that upon writing they aren’t even listed online! Seriously, he must be communicating with some interdimensional, upper echelon Italo overlords; taking us on a primo-thrust tour through the most unexposed recesses of the Italo disco galaxy.

                                                      Don’t be hoodwinked by their sheer obscurity however; we wouldn’t give a toss if they couldn’t tear the arse off the dancefloor. But they’re all fuckin rhodium grade tackle peeps! Eight neon-drenched late night roman candles of Italo disco decadence that’ll defo have you jizzing rainbow skittles over the dancefloor as you search desperately through the fog for another huff of poppers off Darren.

                                                      Total Discogs market value: as yet undetermined
                                                      Pharaoh Brunson’s Pyramid Points: 9999999999999

                                                      Isle Of Jura present ‘Instrumental Dubs #2’, a deep dive into the world of the dub version and beyond. The A side has a distinct boogie feel, starting slow with a George Kerr produced cut from 1984 followed by a Brit Funk-esq instrumental from Harold Melvin & the Bluenotes originally released on the Philly World label (home to ‘Voice of Q’). The B side closes with the ‘Sweeter’ instrumental mix of boogie bomb ‘Loving Sweet Devotion’ by Idiater Edwards.

                                                      The B side opens with ‘H2S04’ from Mad Professor that defies categorisation, sitting somewhere between electro, disco and dub. Last but by no means least there’s an uptempo dub mix of Original Rockers' ‘Push Push’ making its first appearance on vinyl having only been on the CD single release first time around.

                                                      TRACK LISTING

                                                      Tracy Kerr - If U Want My Loving (Dub)
                                                      Harold Melvin The Blue Notes - Todays Your Lucky Day (Dub)
                                                      Diater Edwards - Loving Sweet Devotion (Sweeter Mix)
                                                      Mad Professor - Hs204
                                                      Original Rockers - Push Push The Underwater World Of Jah (Couteau Mix)

                                                      Trailblazing instrumental synth pop experiments created to soundtrack Japan’s booming 1980s cartoon and comic industries. The brightly futuristic instrumentals on this collection reflect the mindset of composers and musicians who believed in a technological future where everything was possible.

                                                      In the late 1980s Japan experienced a brief but heady period where societal changes combined with new-found wealth to open up a world of possibilities. A huge influx of cash - artificially created by slashed interest rates after an agreement with the US to weaken the dollar relative to the yen - resulted in the inflation of real estate and stock market at a rapid pace. While the economic bubble it created was unprecedented and impossible to sustain, for a while money was in plentiful supply.

                                                      The musical genre City Pop reflected the aspirations of the country’s booming leisure class. Video games flourished with Nintendo's 1983 launch of their Family Computer (or FamiCom). Studio Ghibli was founded 1985 to later became one of the most famous and respected animation studios in the world, and Anime and Manga were established as major forms of entertainment for all generations of the Japanese public.

                                                      Music was no mere footnote to the anime and manga boom: the two forms of media often went hand in hand, and not simply through the presence of background melodies. With generous budgets available, even two-dimensional static manga comics could be released with an accompanying soundtrack of original music known as an ‘Image Album’.

                                                      Composer and arranger Kazuhiko Izu was one such beneficiary of this open budget approach. Written to accompany artist Katsuhiro Otomo’s manga comic Domu, the composer and arranger took advantage of the world-leading (and wallet-busting) Japanese synthesiser technology available at King Records’ fully equipped studio. Featured on this compilation, A3: Act 2 Scene 26 reflected the story’s sci fi themes with a blazingly futuristic yet warmly funky slice of synth pop that presents a joyful celebration of synthesisers and their seemingly endless possibilities.

                                                      Kan Ogasawara was another composer who made early mastery of the litany of synthesisers, drum machines and sequencers that had become available. Two tracks written to accompany the 1985 period manga Yume No Ishibumi are featured here; Honowo’s experimental electronic textures add spice to a jaunty electro pop melody that recalls the Rah band’s 1983 hit Messages From Stars; the jazz-tinged Utage rounds out Ogasawara’s shimmering synth textures with beautifully crafted backing from legendary musicians Yuji Toriyama (guitar), Pecker (percussion) and Jun Fukamachi (piano).

                                                      Before becoming one of the pioneers of Japanese Kankyo Ongaku (Ambient Music), Takashi Kokubo worked on the proto techno track Kiki (Jungle At Night). It was put together for the 1984 anime film Shonen Keniya (Kenya Boy) using some of the most expensive music technologies available at the time. This Africa-Inspired dance track offers a contemporary parallel to the early techno music that young Detroit based producers were then creating using cheap Japanese Roland drum machines and synthesisers.

                                                      This is the first compilation of Japanese anime and manga soundtracks curated by Kay Suzuki and Rintaro Sekizuka from Vinyl Delivery Service (a Tokyo based online record shop which also operates in East London's renowned wine and hifi shop Idle Moments). With a cover by artist Kazuki Takakura and two pages of liner notes, this vinyl only compilation of music never before released outside of Japan, captures a vital aural snapshot of an era whose forward-thinking sounds went hand in hand with cutting edge technology.

                                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                                      Matt says: A selection of era-defining Japanese electronic music that's had everyone from Horsebeach to Ruf Dug salivating at the bit! City-pop, neon-boogie, undefined synthscapes and an inflated sweetness synonymous with the Anima & Manga scenes.

                                                      TRACK LISTING

                                                      1. Kan Ogasawara - Honowo
                                                      2.Ichiro Nitta - Shadow Rhythm
                                                      3.Kazuhiko Izu - Act 2 Scene 26
                                                      4.Yoshinobu Hiraiwa - Into The Jungle
                                                      5.Takashi Kokubo & Nobuyoshi Koshibe - Kiki (Jungle At Night)
                                                      6.Kan Ogasawara - Utage
                                                      7.Open Sesame! - Scrab
                                                      8.Keiichi Oku - Ryoko’s Theme 

                                                      Time to Attack the Dancefloor once more as we supply some heavy Disco & House weaponry. Featuring the brand new remix of Opolopo's storming 'Stroke my Disco' by dutch funkateers Fouk who double down on the Piano and Clav workouts for the peak time. Exclusive new material from Wipe The Needle who's 'Skyscrapers' track is a modern Jazz-Funk masterpiece, heavy on the flute and soulful bass. On the flip Dave Lee takes it back to '97 with his rework of Backroom Productions 'Classic Vibe' which sees him flex his house-ier muscles, re-arranging the classic elements and adding extra keys to this much loved underground tune. Finishing off the EP is Dave's remix of nu-soul diva Raquel Rodriguez, where he crafts Raquel's dynamic vocal delivery over chunky Disco drumming & soulful synths before letting loose into Roy Ayers-esque vibes finale!

                                                      TRACK LISTING

                                                      Opolopo - "Stroke My Disco" (Fouk Remix)
                                                      Wipe The Needle - "Skyscrapers"
                                                      Backroom Productions - "Classic Vibe" (Dave Lee Remix)
                                                      Raquel Rodriguez - "Undone" (Dave Lee's Disco Blend)

                                                      Various Artists

                                                      Soul Jazz Records Presents PUNK 45: There’s No Such Thing As Society - 10th Anniversary Edition

                                                        Soul Jazz Records’ new 10th anniversary edition of their long-out-of-print Punk 45: No Such Thing As Society. This is a one-off limited-edition heavyweight special-edition coloured vinyl pressing and download code.

                                                        The album charts the rise of underground punk and post-punk in the UK from 1977-81.

                                                        This new edition is fully remastered, repackaged and includes five new tracks from 23 Skidoo, Notsensibles, Pretty Boy Floyd, The Astronauts and The Impossible Dreamers.

                                                        The album is a collection of seminal, classic, obscure and rare punk and post-punk singles from the likes of The Mekons, Johnny Moped, The Killjoys, The Rings and many more which all chart the rise of independent music and Do It Yourself culture that exploded in the wake of punk and during the years of Britain under Margaret Thatcher.

                                                        The album comes complete with text, biographies on each of the bands, exclusive photos and original record artwork. Limited-edition super-loud, super-heavy double gatefold-sleeve vinyl edition complete with full sleeve-notes plus download.

                                                        TRACK LISTING

                                                        1. The Users - Sick Of You
                                                        2. Johnny Moped - Incendiary Device
                                                        3. The Astronauts - Everything Stops For Baby
                                                        4. Pretty Boy Floyd And The Gems -
                                                        5. Rough, Tough, Pretty Too
                                                        6. 23 Skidoo - Last Words
                                                        7. Notsensibles - I'm In Love With Margaret Thatcher
                                                        8. The Rings - I Wanna Be Free
                                                        9. The Now - Development Corporations
                                                        10. The Killjoys - Johnny Won't Get To Heaven
                                                        11. The Impossible Dreamers - Spin
                                                        12. The Lines - White Night
                                                        13. 'O' Level - East Sheen
                                                        14. The Jermz - Power Cut
                                                        15. Roses Are Red - Can't Understand
                                                        16. Eric Random - 23 Skidoo
                                                        17. The Nerves - TV Adverts
                                                        18. The Mekons - 32 Weeks
                                                        19. The Freeze - For J.P.S. (With Love And Loathing)
                                                        20. The Scabs - Leave Me Alone
                                                        21. The Cravats - You're Driving Me
                                                        22. The Shapes - Wot's For Lunch Mum?
                                                        23. The Cigarettes - They're Back Again, Here They Come
                                                        24. Disturbed - I Don't Believe
                                                        25. Puncture - Mucky Pup
                                                        26. Josef K - Radio Drill Time

                                                        Kicking off our new Toolroom Trax vinyl series which celebrates the best releases from Toolroom’s sister label is Italian super-duo Twolate with the incredible new single 'Baila'. A straight-up 4 to the floor club shaker, with powerful hard-hitting drums, deep punchy afro vocals with carnival whistles and percussion hits that will turn the dancefloor into a fiesta. Two dance heavyweights collide on our next offering; best-selling house artist CASSIMM and Chicago house royalty Gene Farris for their latest collaboration 'Party People'. With numerous #1 singles and remixes on Beatport and Traxsource, CASSIMM returns to Trax with his notorious sound of feel-good, high-energy house music, team that with Gene Farris as he effortlessly delivers another irresistible vocal hook. 'This is for my people, my party people'. James Haskell kicks things off on the b-side with 'Check It Out'. With numerous releases on D4 D4NCE, LoveJuice and of course Toolroom, James Haskell is fast gaining support from the scenes top tastemakers including Bob Sinclar, Leftwing : Kody, David Guetta, Tita Lau and Dombresky to name a few. Gracing club hotspots around the world, James Haskell is set to top the charts with his Tech House and Big Room sound. Closing out the Sampler is Toolroom Trax A&R and Music Curator Danny Rhys with his percussive tech house weapon 'Sibali'. Following on from his 2021 Traxsource number #1 single 'Damn Good', in collaboration with house vocalist legend Mr. V. With releases on respectable labels such as Farris Wheel Recordings, Flashmob, HouseU and There Was Jack, Danny Rhys boasts high, feel-good energy, bumpy basslines, rolling percussion and infectious vocals that has since gained respect from AAA talents such as Gorgon City, TCTS, Kryder and of course Mark Knight.

                                                        TRACK LISTING

                                                        A1. Twolate - Baila
                                                        A2. CASSIMM, Gene Farris – Party People
                                                        B1. James Haskell – Check It Out
                                                        B2. Danny Rhys – Sibali

                                                        A counterculture movement united by an expansive, experimental and deeply soulful sensibility, Japan’s rebel protest music challenged the status quo and changed the country’s music industry in the process.

                                                        The birth of Japan’s nascent acid folk scene was rooted in the messy and invigorating political climate of the late 1960s. It is a story of Dadaists, communists, pharmacists and cult leaders, led by a young generation of upstart students, artists and dreamers hellbent on turning their world upside down.

                                                        Born on the campuses of Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka, and centred around newly formed independent label and left-wing stronghold URC, this uniquely Japanese form of folk expression provided an outlet for musicians who were tired of aping Western sounds and instead found ways to sing in Japanese and integrate traditional forms in new ways.

                                                        At the forefront of this movement was Yellow Magic Orchestra’s Haroumi Hosono, a polymath innovator whose band Happy End released the first Japanese language rock album, and whose influence would go on to be felt across Japanese music for decades. Alongside, and informed by the Kansai scene’s Takashi Nishioka and Happy End collaborator Ken Narita, they experimented with cadences and accents of the Japanese language to open the door for others to experiment with their own forms of psychedelic folk too.

                                                        Some, like Nishioka, were more inspired by Dadaism than drugs, while others, like Kazuhisa Okubo, would ultimately find work as a chemist, having founded two further folk groups that flirted with varying levels of success. Obstinately uncommercial, relentlessly creative, the music featured on Time Capsule’s Nippon Acid Folk represents a broad church of influences.

                                                        Perhaps the wildest addition to this congregation however was Hiroki Tamaki, a classically-trained violinist and committed iconoclast, whose synth-prog odysseys hinted at his obsession with the divine. Subsumed by the teachings of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, he penned an album in praise of the infamous religious leader of which two superbly mind-bending tracks are featured on this compilation.

                                                        Charting the decade from 1970 to 1980 as the dreams of political and spiritual liberation seeded in the ‘60s turned to dust, Nippon Acid Folk surveys a little explored corner of Japanese music history, but one which ultimately laid the foundations for an independent music industry, launching the careers of Hosono and others in the process.

                                                        Nippon Acid Folk 1970-1980 is pressed on 12” vinyl and represents the start of Time Capsule’s deep dive into Japan’s rich history of folk and psychedelic soul music.

                                                        TRACK LISTING

                                                        A1: Hiroki Tamaki - River
                                                        A2: Happy End - Kaze Wo Atsumete
                                                        A3: Takashi Nishioka - Manin No Ki
                                                        A4: Ken Narita - Gingatetsudo No Noru
                                                        B1: Hiroki Tamaki - Beautiful Song
                                                        B2: Niningashi - Hitoribotch
                                                        B3: Tokedashita Garasubako - Anmari Fukasugite
                                                        B4: Akaitori - Hotaru 

                                                        Various Artists

                                                        Call Me By Your Name - OST - Reissue

                                                          Call Me By Your Name, the film by Luca Guadagnino, is a sensual and transcendent tale of first love, based on the acclaimed novel by André Aciman.

                                                          Summer of 1983, Northern Italy. An American Italian is enamored by an American student who comes to study and live with his family. Together they share an unforgettable summer full of music, food, and romance that will forever change them.

                                                          The film received widespread critical acclaim, particularly for Chalamet, Hammer and Stuhlbarg's performances, Guadagnino's direction, and the screenplay. Call Me By Your Name won a variety of awards, including an Academy Award, BAFTA, GLAAD and the 23rd Critics' Choice Award amongst others. Sufjan Stevens' song "Mystery of Love" was also nominated for the Academy Award for Best Original Song.

                                                          Luca Guadagnino wanted the film's music to be connected to Elio, a young pianist who likes to transcribe and adapt pieces to get close to Oliver. The music is used to reflect the time, the characters' family, level of education and "the kind of canon they would be a part of."

                                                          Guadagnino found himself resonating with Sufjan Stevens' lyricism through his work and initially asked Stevens to record an original song. Eventually, Stevens contributed three songs to the soundtrack: "Visions of Gideon", which was used at the end of the film, "Mystery of Love," which was featured in the film's first trailer, and a new rendition of "Futile Devices" with piano. Stevens penned the songs by using the script, the book, and the conversations with the director about the characters. It marks Sufjan Stevens' first soundtrack for a feature film.

                                                          TRACK LISTING

                                                          Side A
                                                          1. Hallelujah Junction - 1st Movement - John Adams
                                                          2. M.A.Y. In The Backyard - Ryuichi Sakamoto
                                                          3. J'adore Venise - Loredana Bertè
                                                          4. Paris Latino - Bandolero

                                                          Side B
                                                          1. Sonatine Bureaucratique - Frank Glazer
                                                          2. "Zion Hört Die Wächter Singen" - Alessio Bax
                                                          3. Lady Lady Lady - Giorgio Moroder & Joe Esposito

                                                          Side C
                                                          1. Une Barque Sur L'océan - André Laplante
                                                          2. Futile Devices (Doveman Remix) - Sufjan Stevens
                                                          3. Germination - Ryuichi Sakamoto
                                                          4. Words - F.R. David
                                                          5. È La Vita - Marco Armani

                                                          Side D
                                                          1. Mystery Of Love - Sufjan Stevens
                                                          2. Radio Varsavia - Franco Battiato
                                                          3. Love My Way - The Psychedelic Furs
                                                          4. Le Jardin Féerique - Valéria Szervánszky & Ronald Cavaye
                                                          5. Visions Of Gideon - Sufjan Stevens

                                                          Optimo (Espacio) started life as a weekly club night. It was born at The Sub Club in Glasgow on a wet, windy, wintry November Sunday night in 1997. Run by JD Twitch and partner in crime Jonnie Wilkes, Optimo was a reaction against what felt like an increasingly conservative musical soundtrack in clubs there at that time. Clubland felt as if it had become very bland and a bit too serious; it was the era of the dawn of the Superstar DJ. Clubs often felt like bastions of male energy. The notion of fun had got lost.

                                                          It was no longer the world they had devoted ten years of their lives to already, and lots of their friends felt the same. When the opportunity came up to do a Sunday night at The Sub Club it felt like the perfect opportunity to rip it all up and start again. So they did. There was nothing in the city (or possibly anywhere) like it. (Interestingly, exactly the same thing was going on over here in Manchester with Electric Chair ditching the past around ’96-’97 – Ed)

                                                          After about a year and a half, the club went from having 100 people attending most nights to suddenly one week having 500 people turn up. It was very weird. It was as if a collective light bulb went off in people’s heads in Glasgow. From that week on, until the very last weekly Sunday night at the Sub Club, in 2010, over a decade later, it was packed.

                                                          There were 550 Sunday Optimo nights. A LOT of music was played. People often find it hard to pin down exactly what Optimo is. This has been a positive but also a negative as we live in a world where people want easily defined brand identities. The simplest definition of the music played is music for dancing, which of course is a very broad definition. Even better than trying to define it in words, we have these 2 volumes of music that give a hint of what that might be.

                                                          This is not a “Best of Optimo” or a “Greatest Hits of Optimo” compilation. For people who come to, or used to come to the nights there are of course “Greatest Hits”. But, over such a long timespan they are hits belonging to a certain moment in time and space. Someone who came to Optimo in 1997 would have a completely different notion of the big tracks at the club to someone coming in 2003, or 2010, or today. This compilation is just a snap shot missing several genres that might make up the DNA of Optimo. There is though, a broad sweep through lots of music Optimo loves, that they believe is amazing. Music that they know will rock a dancefloor, that they have played between 1997 and 2023. Of course Optimo nights were not all about rocking the dancefloor. The first hour was always a time for them to play music they loved that often was far removed from the dance. Side 1, Volume 1 of this compilation is the kind of music one might hear at the very start of an Optimo night.

                                                          STAFF COMMENTS

                                                          Matt says: Optimo rightfully sit at the top of the pyramid alongside other storied UK pioneers such as Andrew Weatherall, Terry Farley and Electric Chair. A compilation that's as joyous as it is hard to categorize (a record shop's nightmare infact), there's a little bit of everything across two parts and four discs which perfectly exemplify why this cult night is one of the most celebrated of our nocturnal culture.

                                                          TRACK LISTING

                                                          A1. Brainticket - Places Of Light 
                                                          A2. T.J. Lawrence - Fireplay 
                                                          A3. Robert Rental - Double Heart 
                                                          B1. African Head Charge - No, Don't Follow Fashion 
                                                          B2. Keith Hudson - Nuh Skin Up Dub 
                                                          C1. Smokin' Cheeba - When I Was A Youth 
                                                          C2. The Wad - 15 Inches 
                                                          D1. Idjut Boys & Laj - Foolin' (Beatin On Dave) 
                                                          D2. JBB Et Soprann - Tibi Lap 

                                                          Optimo (Espacio) started life as a weekly club night. It was born at The Sub Club in Glasgow on a wet, windy, wintry November Sunday night in 1997. Run by JD Twitch and partner in crime Jonnie Wilkes, Optimo was a reaction against what felt like an increasingly conservative musical soundtrack in clubs there at that time. Clubland felt as if it had become very bland and a bit too serious; it was the era of the dawn of the Superstar DJ. Clubs often felt like bastions of male energy. The notion of fun had got lost.

                                                          It was no longer the world they had devoted ten years of their lives to already, and lots of their friends felt the same. When the opportunity came up to do a Sunday night at The Sub Club it felt like the perfect opportunity to rip it all up and start again. So they did. There was nothing in the city (or possibly anywhere) like it. (Interestingly, exactly the same thing was going on over here in Manchester with Electric Chair ditching the past around ’96-’97 – Ed)

                                                          After about a year and a half, the club went from having 100 people attending most nights to suddenly one week having 500 people turn up. It was very weird. It was as if a collective light bulb went off in people’s heads in Glasgow. From that week on, until the very last weekly Sunday night at the Sub Club, in 2010, over a decade later, it was packed.

                                                          There were 550 Sunday Optimo nights. A LOT of music was played. People often find it hard to pin down exactly what Optimo is. This has been a positive but also a negative as we live in a world where people want easily defined brand identities. The simplest definition of the music played is music for dancing, which of course is a very broad definition. Even better than trying to define it in words, we have these 2 volumes of music that give a hint of what that might be.

                                                          This is not a “Best of Optimo” or a “Greatest Hits of Optimo” compilation. For people who come to, or used to come to the nights there are of course “Greatest Hits”. But, over such a long timespan they are hits belonging to a certain moment in time and space. Someone who came to Optimo in 1997 would have a completely different notion of the big tracks at the club to someone coming in 2003, or 2010, or today. This compilation is just a snap shot missing several genres that might make up the DNA of Optimo.

                                                          Volume 2 sees the duo pick up the pace, detailing some of the tracks that would comprise of the peak time dancing sessions at the fabled club. There’s house, techno and industrial sounds from the UK, US and afar. Plus the titular disco-not-disco track that would become their nom de plume – Liquid Liquid’s “Optimo”.


                                                          STAFF COMMENTS

                                                          Matt says: The second instalment from the almighty Optimo delving into more hits that made their 25 year running gathering such a cult success. There's more house music than on volume 1, showcasing their love of 4/4 that was equally at home here in Manchester with nights such as Electric Chair. A true treasure of UK culture, all hail Optimo!

                                                          TRACK LISTING

                                                          A1. Chris & Cosey - Take Control 
                                                          A2. Isolators - Concentrate On Us 
                                                          B1. Mike Dunn - Life Goes On 
                                                          B2. KC Flight - Voices (Original Dub Mix) 
                                                          C1. Faze Action - Good Lovin' (Special Disco Mix) 
                                                          C2. Hannah Holland - Ekotypic 
                                                          D1. Divine - Shake It Up 
                                                          D2. XS-5 - I Need More (Extended Dance Version) 
                                                          D3. Liquid Liquid - Optimo 

                                                          In the swirling flow of this 2023 annus mirabilis of Brescia-Bergamo, designated Capital of Culture in Italy, Rebirth has thought to blend together independent musical paths, which were valid but otherwise fragmented. into a collective and identity project called "Brixia Sonora", a tribute to the Brescian music scene in its many facets and declinations.

                                                          Exploring the musical landscapes of the protagonists: Giovanni Battagliola, Paolo Cattaneo, Chris Benoit, Eke, Luca Formentini, Kick, Alessandro Pedretti, Corrado Saija e Giorgio Presti, Maniscalco, Materie, Matteo Gamba, Mattia Fontana. Solo projects, bands, collectives, DJs, and producers - a crossroads of generations and multitudes within which everyone has carved out their own space.

                                                          A collection that is a babel of sounds and a short circuit of universes: minimalism, glitch music, house, jazz, electronica, downtempo, balearica and other experimentations.
                                                          In the name of art and beauty: hence the decision to use as the album cover Emilio Isgro's work, "L Incancellabile Vittoria", an installation located at the "Station FS" of the Brescia underground. This work represents the Vittoria Alata, one of the most iconic, evocative, and symbolic pieces of the city.

                                                          An image of a city and its atmosphere. A city that has made great strides in recent years, but which still has potential to grow and emerge. Freeing itself from isolation and centralizing itself to different geographies and dynamics, the bar of quality has been raised beyond the comfort zone of standardized and repetitive formulas to explore alternative models of research and synergistic expression. The opportunity for interaction, exchange of ideas and dialogue, predisposition to evolution and improvement.

                                                          To provide a more comprehensive overview of this project and close out 2023 in the best way, we have created, with the director Luca Broglia, Brixia Sonora Backstage, a mini-documentary video that features contributions from the artists involved, recorded in some of the city's most iconic locations.

                                                          TRACK LISTING

                                                          A1. Chris Benoit – Brokenspiel (Fred P Remix)
                                                          A2. Kick - New Try (Pedro Ricardo Remix)
                                                          A3. Alessandro ‘Petrol’ Pedretti – Paline (K-Lone 4/4 Remix)
                                                          B1. Matteo Gamba - Scent Of An Old Life (Rahaan Re-Edit)
                                                          B2. Giovanni Battagliola – Askja (Bruise Remix)
                                                          B3. Luca Formentini – Fili (Map.Ache Remix)

                                                          Various Artists

                                                          Eccentric Soul: The Forte Label

                                                            From 1967-1980, Kansas City’s Forte Records captured nearly every iteration of popular Black music; basement beehiver-y from The Ray-Ons and Four Darlings, funky soul from Gene Williams Lee Harris, Louis Chachere, and The Fantastiks, downtempo disco ballads from James Whitney and Sharon Revoal, and the newly independent work of James Brown’s former Soul Sister #1 Marva Whitney.

                                                            Compiled here are 28 of the label’s enduring sides, contextualized with copious photos, ephemera, and essay, all housed in heavy weight gatefold jacket.

                                                            TRACK LISTING

                                                            1. Gene Williams - Don’t Let Your Love Fade Away
                                                            2. Lee Harris - I Am Gonna Get Your Thing
                                                            3. Tear Drops - I’m Gonna Get You
                                                            4. Louis Chachere - The Hen Pt 1
                                                            5. The Fantasticks - Cry Night And Day
                                                            6. Marva W. Taylor - I’ve Lived The Life
                                                            7. The Fabulous Rhythm Makers - Mini, Mini Afro Twist
                                                            8. Tony Ashley And The Delicates - I’ll Never Be Satisfied
                                                            9. The Rayons - You Confuse Me Baby
                                                            10. The Four Darlings - Baby Your Love Is Amazing
                                                            11. Lee Harris - Lookin’ Good
                                                            12. Marva Whitney - Daddy Don’t Know About Sugar Bear
                                                            13. Gene Williams - Whatever You Do (Do It Good)
                                                            14. Everyday People - Is It Really That Bad
                                                            15. The Rayons - Baby Be Good
                                                            16. Tony Ashley And The Delicates - All Along I’ve Loved You
                                                            17. Lee Harris - I’ve Got To Have Somebody’s Love
                                                            18. Everyday People - Super Black
                                                            19. James Whitney - With Fun In My Life
                                                            20. Sharon Revoal - Reaching For Our Star
                                                            21. Marva W. Taylor - Nothing I’d Rather Be (Than Your Weakness)
                                                            22. The Four Darlings - Give Me Love
                                                            23. Unknown Artist - Dearest Lover
                                                            24. The Fantasticks - Live And Let Live
                                                            25. The Fabulous Rhythm Makers - Ya Gotta Be Doing It
                                                            26. Lee Harris - Skate Boogaloo And Karate Too
                                                            27. Tear Drops - Don’t Fade Away
                                                            28. Marva Whitney And Ellis “Gripey” Taylor - We Need More (But Somebody Gotta Sacrifce)

                                                            Various Artists

                                                            Eccentric Soul: The Shoestring Label

                                                              Operating in a basement studio at the confluence of the Mississippi and Missouri rivers, pipeline man Howard Neal and his appropriately named Shoestring label was Alton, Illinois’ answer to a question no one asked. Pressed in minuscule numbers and barely outside the 62002 zip code, the singles by The James Family, Jimmie Green, Pete & Cheez, and Carletta Sue are prime examples of cosmic midwestern disco in search of a break. This heavy weight 10-song LP is housed in a tip-on sleeve, and includes an essay and imagery that complete the picture of this pure expression of small- town soul.

                                                              TRACK LISTING

                                                              1. The James Family - We’ve Got It Made
                                                              2. Jimmie Green - Let Yourself Go
                                                              3. Pete & Cheez - You And Me
                                                              4. Howard Neal And Friends - A Broken Heart Will Mend
                                                              5. Howard Neal - Disco Fever
                                                              6. Jimmie Green - Dance
                                                              7. Pete & Cheez - So Smooth
                                                              8. Carletta Sue - You Keep Holding Back On Love
                                                              9. Jimmie Green - I Need You So
                                                              10. Howard Neal And Friends - You’re All The Woman I Need
                                                              11. The James Family - Radio Promo

                                                              Introducing the Volume 2 of Noire & Blanche's various artists compilations, blending house and Balearic moods in a sultry and seductive style. The 12" features DJs from all over the world, from Brighton with Casino Times to Manchester with North Of the Island (new alias of one Neil Diablo! - shhh!!), and even from Paris. Notably, they have collaborated with long-time label partners such as Tell and Juravlove, while also introducing new talents like DJ Psychiatre and Aguila.

                                                              Tell gets us underway with the coastal moods of "Because I Love You" - which sounds, to my ears anyway, exactly like you're sat at your favourite beach-side cocktail bar towards the late afternoon with the waves retreating back into the ocean and the smell of grilled squid flooding your nose. Neil Diablo's new alias North Of The Island nods to Jose Padilla's "So Many Colours" and Ruf Dug's "Island" LPs with the stacato arps and deep bass of "Kit Kat". There's even a bit of Manuel Göttsching in there I reckon! Very exciting to hear more of this stuff Neil! 

                                                              Warm, filtered loops deployed with a fast pace and jazzy inflections characterize Aguila's "Hazy Dew" while Casino Times deliver some ravishing, eyes-down deep house. 

                                                              Juravlove offer up some Balearic-oddball-exotica in "Malishka" (which I think translates to 'baby' in Russian) while DJ Psychiatre sets sequencers to glide mode on the super smooth deep house romp: "Faux Départ". All in all a thoroughly enjoyable excursion into the more blissful and musical corners of modern dance music. Superb! 

                                                              STAFF COMMENTS

                                                              Matt says: Well rounded collection of modern paradise music featuring the new alias of Manchester's Neil Diablo (North Of The Island). Plenty to get stuck into here on the label's second V/A excursion.

                                                              TRACK LISTING

                                                              A1. Tell - Because I Love You
                                                              A2. DJ Psychiatre - Faux Départ
                                                              A3. North Of The Island - Kit Kat
                                                              B1. Juravlove - Malishka
                                                              B2. Casino Times - We Are One
                                                              B3. Aguila - Hazy Dew

                                                              NTS presents European Primitive Guitar, a compilation of instrumental guitar compositions, mapping out European analogues of the American Primitive Guitar movement, spearheaded by John Fahey in the 1950s. European Primitive Guitar spans works directly influenced by and responding to Fahey’s approach to composition, alongside works by artists that arrived at similar conclusions independently. The music is, at once, both starkly traditional and contemporary. This is no more evident than with the opening song on the compilation, Spanish guitarist Albert Giménez’s 1982 composition Conte Xinès. The song draws on numerous idioms of music - flamenco, jazz, ambient music, and guitar soli - within its shimmering arpeggios, culminating as a decidedly Spanish music that has collected the ephemera of the guitar’s travels before returning home. The compilation also explores wider ideas around experimentalism happening in Europe during the time of this anthology. German composer Hans Reichel not only developed new ways of playing the instrument, but also new ways of building guitars - pushing the boundary of what a guitar could be and how it could sound.

                                                              TRACK LISTING

                                                              Albert Giménez - Conte Xinés
                                                              John Lawson - Time Will Say Nothing But I Told You So
                                                              Roberto Menabo - Il Ritorno Dell'Enola Gay
                                                              Dominique - Aquarium
                                                              Zen The Stone Game
                                                              Could Be Nice Too
                                                              Dai Vetri
                                                              Pas Des Deux
                                                              Two Rainbows
                                                              Bojan Drobez - Krog Na Vodi
                                                              Gereon Piller & Gerhard Krause - Blue Winter
                                                              Peter Finger - Second Love
                                                              Andy Bole - That Way
                                                              Enrico Marcandalli - Il Divano Arancione
                                                              Dave Maddison - Phase Shift By Earth
                                                              Martin Kolbe & Ralf Illenberger - Veits Tanz

                                                              Various Artists

                                                              Fool’s Paradise Sampler Vol. 1

                                                              Fool’s Paradise is the exciting new label from Toolroom Records’ Mark Knight - that comes straight from the heart, it’s a natural progression from his hugely acclaimed 2021 album release, ‘Untold Business’, which saw Mark go back to his roots, paying homage to the more funky, soulful, and vocal House from the 1990s from where he came. With a focus on real instrumentation and production, coupled with great song writing, this new Toolroom sub label will be a platform for high quality House music that’s designed to stand the test of time. Launching the new label with a mighty bang and delivering the first in our exciting new vinyl sampler series is head honcho, Mark Knight who joins forces with Australian Toolroom label mate, Sgt Slick and British Soul sensation, Beverley Knight on a dynamite cover of Prince’s 1979 classic, ‘I Wanna Be Your Lover’. Respectfully transporting the song onto today’s dance floors, Mark & Sgt Slick deliver a classy uplifting soulful house production, loaded with funky guitars, warm pads and sublime key performances. Adding the icing on the cake and putting her own stamp on things, Beverley belts out one of her signature spine-tingling vocals, garnished with lush harmonies and BV’s that would indeed make The Purple One proud! Completing the vinyl package is Dance music stalwart, Opolopo, and British Soul icon, Jaki Graham, who together bring the dance floor heat with their new single, ‘Fire’. Powered by a potent soulful house groove from Opolopo, loaded with warm piano hooks, emotive synth melodies and a sublime popping bass hook, ‘Fire’ see’s Jaki flaunt her electrifying vocal talents with a show-stopping performance on this irresistibly catchy song.

                                                              TRACK LISTING

                                                              A1. Mark Knight, Sgt Slick, Beverly Knight - I Wanna Be Your Lover
                                                              B1. Opolopo, Jaki Graham - Fire

                                                              Damian Lazarus presents the sixth volume of his Crosstown Rebels 'Spirits' compilation series, boasting an impressive lineup of Lauren Lane, Cristina Lazic, AJ Christou, TMPLE and more.

                                                              London-based talent Cameron Jack kicks off what looks set to be a breakout year with ‘The Vision’, a bubbly and tribal cut with cosmic synths and loose, jumbled rhythms. Chris Bowl then brings his emotional style to the deep, rolling beats and moody bleeps of ‘Silent Plain’, while NY-born, LA-based house tastemaker Lauren Lane layers in smoky pads and tender whispers to her sublime deep house cut, ‘Fair Game.’ Next, German talent and Degree Records head Marc Lenz brings darker vibes to his track ‘People Are People’, while Rebellion artist Cristina Lazic and previous Lazarus collaborator Leia Contois combine for the alluring vocal soul and gritty minimal drums of ‘So Deep’.

                                                              Mexican Iñigo Vontier is a pioneer in his homeland after crafting a global reputation and his twisted synths, shiny textures and steely drums on ‘That Trippy Sound’ provides that kinda fun and wild Elrow spirit into one peak time package. Next is influential Manchester-based DJ/producer AJ Christou, who has released on the likes of Hot Creations and Cuttin’ Headz. His track ‘Back & Forth’ brings an infectious groove with plenty of flair and catchy drum funk, before TMPLE shuts things down with the deft, new disco grooves and solid bass of ‘The Girl In The Room’, complete with its tender male vocals, warm piano chords and playful synth flurries.

                                                              STAFF COMMENTS

                                                              Matt says: Check that AJ Christou track!! Of course - it's a Manchester ting! But he sits amongst a tasty collection of slick, stylish house music which Damian Lazarus has been spearheading for near twenty years now.

                                                              TRACK LISTING

                                                              A1. Cameron Jack - The Vision
                                                              A2. Chris Bowl - Silent Plain
                                                              B1. Lauren Lane - Fair Game
                                                              B2. Marc Lenz - People Are People
                                                              C1. Cristina Lazic & Leia Contois - So Deep
                                                              C2. Innigo Vontier - That Trippy Sound
                                                              D1. AJ Christou - Back & Forth
                                                              D2. TMPLE - The Girl In The Room 

                                                              Various Artists

                                                              Wamono Disco - Nippon Columbia Disco & Boogie Hits 1978-1982

                                                              In the mid-seventies, discotheques were booming in Tokyo and all over Japan. When the Fatback Band topped the 1975 US charts with their infectious "Do The Bus Stop" hit, Japanese label Victor put out the following year the first Japan made Disco tune with "Sexy Bus Stop", released under the mysterious name Dr. Dragon & Oriental Express, a pseudonym for successful Japanese pop composer Kyohei Tsutsumi. "Sexy Bus Stop" became an instant hit in the country and, taking this opportunity, various Japanese record companies started releasing Disco music. From 1976 until the early 1980s the music was often recorded by skilled studio musicians, rather than by computer input, providing a really solid sound to the dancefloor. Disco music was also spreading into TV series, commercials and anime. From Godiego's monster hit "The Birth Of The Odyssey - Monkey Magic" to Pink Parachute's obscure (and excellent!) "Disco Great Tokyo" tune, this selection explores some of the finest Disco and Boogie music released on the legendary Nippon Columbia label in the late seventies and early eighties. Are you ready? Put your dance shoes on, and enjoy!

                                                              TRACK LISTING

                                                              1. Godiego - The Birth Of The Odyssey - Monkey Magic
                                                              2. Ikue Sakakibara - This Is Hot
                                                              3. Soul Media - I Will Give You Samba
                                                              4. Hatsumi Shibata - Purple Shadow
                                                              5. Yumi Murata - Krishna
                                                              6. Yoshito Machida・Godiego - Ame Wa Knife No Yo Sa
                                                              7. Pink Parachute - Disco Great Tokyo
                                                              8 Hatsumi Shibata - Hazumi De Daite (A Woman In A Man's World)

                                                              Various Artists

                                                              Flux Gourmet - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

                                                                Ba Da Bing is releasing the soundtrack to 2022’s paeon to cuisine prep, Flux Gourmet. A vibrant, four-coursed, 23-track double album, Flux Gourmet includes contributions by Heather Trost, Jeremy Barnes, Marta Salogni, Cavern of Anti-Matter, and Roj (Broadcast), as well as Strickland’s own compositions as part of The Sonic Catering Band.

                                                                British Director and sonic pioneer, Peter Strickland, known for The Duke of Burgundy (2014), Berberian Sound Studio (2012) and Björk: Biophilia Live (2014), has always pushed visuals and narrative to absurd heights. In Flux Gourmet, performance artists taking part in a residency dedicated to sonic catering combining cooking, sound and theater. Food is amplified, microphones are jammed against blenders, and the sizzling sound of the frier turns becomes an ominous rattle. The film’s soundtrack is equally as process oriented, experimental, and kaleidoscopic as its protagonists’ practice.

                                                                Contributors are Cavern of Anti-Matter, Jeremy Barnes, Heather Trost, Roj (formerly of Broadcast), Tim Harrison, Dan Hayhurst and Nurse With Wound.

                                                                TRACK LISTING

                                                                Side A:
                                                                A1. Heather Trost - Early Gardens
                                                                A2. Roj - Trip To The Shops
                                                                A3. The Sonic Catering Band - Death Borscht
                                                                A4. The Sonic Catering Band - The Third Gastric Surge Of The Night
                                                                A4. Jeremy Barnes - The Funeral Table

                                                                Side B:
                                                                B1. The Sonic Catering Band - Greed
                                                                B2. The Sonic Catering Band - HLA-DQ8
                                                                B3. Heather Trost - Early Gardens (earlier)
                                                                B4. Roj - Trip To The Shops
                                                                B5. Nurse With Wound - Hindu Monastery Breakfast
                                                                B6. Tim Harrison - Ohmlette’s Law

                                                                Side C:
                                                                C1. The Sonic Catering Band - Vegetable Trash
                                                                C2. The Sonic Catering Band - A Sedimental Journey
                                                                C3. The Sonic Catering Band - Baron Von Omelette
                                                                C4. The Sonic Catering Band - Dossier De Canteen
                                                                C5. Cavern Of Anti- Matter - Insufflation Tube
                                                                C6. Jeremy Barnes - The Funeral Table
                                                                C7. The Sonic Catering Band - A Pain I Can’t Hold In

                                                                Side D:
                                                                D1. Heather Trost - Early Gardens (earliest)
                                                                D2.Dan Hayhurst - Monday Service
                                                                D3. Marta Salogni - Cross-Contamination
                                                                D4. Roj - Trip To The Shops (closing Down)
                                                                D5. Jeremy Barnes - The Funeral Table (demonstration)

                                                                Frits Wentink’s Bobby Donny is back with six cuts taken from the first nine releases of the Bobby Donny ACE offshoot label. These previously digital only releases from five unknown producers alongside the King of Swing himself, Frits Wentink showcasing the unique sound of Bobby Donny. Presented here for the first time on vinyl and strictly for the discerning house music lover.

                                                                TRACK LISTING

                                                                A1. Nanky Nimbo - Twilight
                                                                A2. Boy Berger - Nexus Fusion
                                                                A3. Frits Wentink - Smack Down
                                                                B1. Prince Palmer - Pressure (Love & Dance Mix)
                                                                B2. Striker Fox - Basecamp
                                                                B3. Wim Waldo - Nightclub Fantasies

                                                                Various Artists

                                                                Jon Savage’s 1983-1985: Welcome To Techno City

                                                                  Continuing his long-running and highly respected series for Ace, spanning year by year since the germination of his 1966 volume for both Ace and Faber Books, Jon Savage serves us up another of his spectacular insights into popular culture, this time for the years 1983 to 1985.

                                                                  Born out of the ashes of post-punk, there were plenty of experimental singles during the early part of this period: Siouxsie’s ‘Swimming Horses’, Shriekback’s ‘Lined Up’, Soft Cell’s ‘Heat’, Echo & The Bunnymen’s ‘Gods Will Be Gods’, and the Smiths’ ‘Girl Afraid’ – a perfect kitchen sink scenario. Pete Shelley and Scritti Politti went the electronic route to great effect, while the Special AKA delivered the perfect riposte to ‘Hard Times’ and having fun on the dole with the under-appreciated ‘Bright Lights’.

                                                                  But by the end of 1984, the true action throughout this period was to be found in electronic, black American and club music: whether the metal beat of Section 25’s ‘Looking From A Hilltop’, Trans-X’s daffy hi-NRG Eurobelter ‘Living On Video’, Shalamar’s pure electro ‘Disappearing Act’, or the new music coming out of Sugarhill and Tommy Boy – Grandmaster Flash, Double Dee and Steinski, and the sampled Malcolm X.

                                                                  This compilation begins in the mainstream and ends in the underground. It was the classic high 80s, before the full downside of the New Right political project was revealed – although the signs were all there – but the pop fizz cloaked a nostalgia that masked the beginnings of social and subcultural breakdown. The tribes were at war, wearing clothes from pop’s past, a dizzying phenomenon that looted the 50s and 60s in a costume drama of confrontation and dislocation.

                                                                  As ever, Jon reports from the thick of the action and provides both front line reportage and academic insight. Play loud and enjoy the trip.

                                                                  TRACK LISTING

                                                                  CD One
                                                                  1. All Tomorrow's Parties - Japan
                                                                  2. Soweto - Malcolm McLaren With The Mclarenettes
                                                                  3. Lined Up - Shriekback
                                                                  4. Telephone Operator - Pete Shelley
                                                                  5. Gods Will Be Gods - Echo & The Bunnymen
                                                                  6. Heat (12-Inch Version) - Soft Cell
                                                                  7. (Hey You) The Rock Steady Crew – The Rock Steady Crew
                                                                  8. Disappearing Act (12-Inch Version) - Shalamar
                                                                  9. Bright Lights - The Special Aka
                                                                  10. White Lines (Don't Do It) (12-Inch Version) – Grandmaster & Melle Mel
                                                                  11. Techno City (12-Inch Vocal Version) - Cybotron
                                                                  12. Swimming Horses - Siouxsie & The Banshees
                                                                  13. Heartbeat (12-Inch Version) - The Psychedelic Furs
                                                                  14. No Sell Out (12-Inch Version) – Malcolm X (Keith Leblanc)
                                                                  15. What Presence?! - Orange Juice
                                                                  16. Girl Afraid (12-Inch Version) - The Smiths

                                                                  CD Two:
                                                                  1. Why? (12-Inch Version) - Bronski Beat
                                                                  2. Love Resurrection (12-Inch Version) - Alison Moyet
                                                                  3. Looking From A Hilltop (12-Inch Version) – Section 25
                                                                  4. Think Fast (12-Inch Version) - Pamela Joy
                                                                  5. Hypnotize (Version) (12-Inch Version) - Scritti Politti
                                                                  6. Close (To The Edit) (12-Inch Version) - The Art Of Noise
                                                                  7. Life's A Scream (12-Inch Version) - A Certain Ratio
                                                                  8. Never Understand - The Jesus & Mary Chain
                                                                  9. Sunspots - Julian Cope
                                                                  10. Johnny Come Home - Fine Young Cannibals
                                                                  11. In The Night - Pet Shop Boys
                                                                  12. Single Life - Cameo
                                                                  13. I Want You (12-Inch Version) - Cabaret Voltaire
                                                                  14. Crazy – R.E.M. 

                                                                  Various Artists

                                                                  Fantastic Voyage: New Sounds For The European Canon 1977-1981

                                                                    By the turn of the 80s, the impact of David Bowie’s ground-breaking Berlin recordings – the synths, the alienation, the drily futuristic production – was being felt on music across Europe. What’s more, the records being made were reflecting back and influencing Bowie’s own work – 1979’s “Lodger” and 1980’s “Scary Monsters” owed a debt to strands of German kosmische (Holger Czukay), new electronica (Patrick Cowley, Harald Grosskopf), and the latest works from old friends and rivals like Robert Fripp, Peter Gabriel and Scott Walker, all of whom had been re-energised by the fizz of 1977.

                                                                    Compiled by Saint Etienne’s Bob Stanley and the BFI’s Jason Wood, “Fantastic Voyage” is the companion album to their hugely successful “Café Exil” collection, which imagined the soundtrack to David Bowie and Iggy Pop’s trans-European train journeys in the mid-to-late seventies. “Fantastic Voyage” is what happened next.

                                                                    Bowie’s influences and Bowie’s own influence were rebounding off each other as the 70s ended and the 80s began, notably in the emergent synthpop and new romantic scenes as well as through the music of enigmatic acts like the Associates and post-punk pioneers such as Cabaret Voltaire.

                                                                    Like “Low” and “Heroes”, some of the tracks on “Fantastic Voyage” are spiked with tension (Grauzone’s ‘Eisbär’) while some share those albums’ sense of travel (Simple Minds’ ‘Theme for Great Cities’, Ryuichi Sakamoto’s ‘Riot in Lagos’) and others find common ground with “Lodger’s” dark, subtle humour (Thomas Leer’s ‘Tight as a Drum’, Fripp’s ‘Exposure’).

                                                                    This is the thrilling, adventurous sound of European music before the watershed moment when Bowie would abandon art-pop for America and the emerging world of MTV with “Let’s Dance” in 1983. “Fantastic Voyage” soundtracks the few brief years when the echo chamber of Bowie, his inspirations, and his followers created an exciting, borderless music that was ready to challenge Anglo American influences. 

                                                                    TRACK LISTING

                                                                    1. Theme For Great Cities - Simple Minds
                                                                    2. Silent Command - Cabaret Voltaire
                                                                    3. Riot In Lagos - Ryuichi Sakamoto
                                                                    4. Eisbar - Grauzone
                                                                    5. White Car In Germany - The Associates
                                                                    6. Nightcrawler - Patrick Cowley
                                                                    7. On A Trouvé - Isabelle Mayereau
                                                                    8. 3,000,000 Synths - Chas Jankel
                                                                    9. No Self Control - Peter Gabriel
                                                                    10. Nite Flights - The Walker Brothers
                                                                    11. Tight As A Drum - Thomas Leer
                                                                    12. The Farther Away I Am - Daryl Hall
                                                                    13. So Weit, So Gut - Harald Grosskopf
                                                                    14. Exposure - Robert Fripp
                                                                    15. Patriarcat –
                                                                    Areski Belkacem & Brigitte Fontaine
                                                                    16. Silicon Chip - Basil Kirchin
                                                                    17. Ode To Perfume - Holger Czukay

                                                                    Various Artists

                                                                    Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The First Psychedelic Era - 1965-1968 - 50th Anniversary Reissue

                                                                      If a single compilation can be attributed to beginning the oldies revolution, it is easily the original 1972 double LP "Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From the First Psychedelic Era, 1965-1968". Compiled by Elektra Records founder Jac Holzman with assistance and input from guitarist and music historian Lenny Kaye, this deceptively haphazard 27-track aggregate became the cornerstone of the serious appreciation of 60s underground music. One important factor that unifies and likewise levels the playing field for all 27 tracks chosen for the first run of "Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From the First Psychedelic Era, 1965-1968" is that they were all issued as singles. Each track is also given a brief bio, which was researched and penned by Kaye. His comments go beyond the facts and figures of the typical discography, relating to the music as the personal experience that it was.

                                                                      TRACK LISTING

                                                                      Side 1
                                                                      1. I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night) - The Electric Prunes
                                                                      2 Dirty Water - The Standells
                                                                      3 Night Time - The Strangeloves
                                                                      4 Lies - The Knickerbockers
                                                                      5 Respect - The Vagrants
                                                                      6 A Public Execution - Mouse
                                                                      7 No Time Like The Right Time - The Blues Projec
                                                                      Side 2
                                                                      8 Oh Yeah - The Shadows Of Night
                                                                      9 Pushin' Too Hard - The Seeds
                                                                      10 Moulty - The Barbarians
                                                                      11 Don't Look Back - The Remains
                                                                      12 An Invitation To Cry - The Magicians
                                                                      13 Liar, Liar - The Castaways
                                                                      14 You're Gonna Miss Me - The 13th Floor Elevators
                                                                      Side 3
                                                                      15 Psychotic Reaction - Count Five
                                                                      16 Hey Joe - The Leaves
                                                                      17 Romeo & Juliet - Michael And The Messengers
                                                                      18 Sugar And Spice - The Cryan' Shames
                                                                      19 Baby Please Don't Go - The Amboy Dukes
                                                                      20 Tobacco Road - Blue Magoos
                                                                      21 Let's Talk About Girls - The Chocolate Watchband
                                                                      Side 4
                                                                      22 Sit Down, I Think I Love You - The Mojo Men
                                                                      23 Run, Run, Run - The Third Rail
                                                                      24 My World Fell Down - Sagittarius
                                                                      25 Open My Eyes - Nazz
                                                                      26 Farmer John - The Premiers
                                                                      27 It's-a-Happening - The Magic Mushrooms

                                                                      A collaboration between Cosmocities & Japanese label Unknown Season, fusing some of their biggest releases from the last 10 years on one piece of vinyl.

                                                                      Remixes come from Jimpster whose Beatless Reprise is exclusive to this release, Nick Holder & KEENE.

                                                                      Limited Pressing act fast.

                                                                      TRACK LISTING

                                                                      A1. Manabu Nagayama & Soichi Terada - Low Tension (Jimpster Remix)
                                                                      A2. Manabu Nagayama & Soichi Terada - Low Tension (Jimpster Beatless Reprise)
                                                                      B1. Luyo - Shanee Feat Erik Van Aro (Nick Holder’s In The Six Remix)
                                                                      B2. Satoshi Fumi - Celestial (KEENE Venao 7am Remix)

                                                                      Swiss Label Black Pattern Records with their 1st year anniversary vinyl release featuring 4 deep houses gems.

                                                                      Dexter's latest piano house track blends subtle vibes, a house rhythm, and festive charm for a dancefloor bomb that marries lively beats with modern elegance.

                                                                      Sunday Night:
                                                                      The boss of Black Pattern Records delivers ‘Sunday Night’ a fast, bewitching groove combining jazz and minimal elements, designed specifically for the club scene.

                                                                      ‘Showcase’ is a genre-blurring odyssey, seamlessly weaving minimal house rhythms and soulful UK garage vibes. Melodic breaks add an emotive layer, creating a hypnotic house anthem.

                                                                      Stelvio returns on BPR with ‘Shakin' a floor-to-the-floor house beat featuring a minimal groove, evolving synth, damaging bassline, and a quality vocalist from the funky scene.

                                                                      TRACK LISTING

                                                                      A1. Dexter Troy - Paradise
                                                                      A2. Mathis Vuilleumier - Sunday Night
                                                                      B1. Aiden Dahlia - Showcase
                                                                      B2. Stelvio - Shakin

                                                                      Various Artists

                                                                      Pushin' Too Hard - American Garage Punk 1964-1967

                                                                        ‘Pushin’ Too Hard’ is a 94-track celebration of 1960s garage punk, a retrospectively named genre first compiled on Lenny Kaye’s seminal 1972 collection ‘Nuggets’.

                                                                        This is raw, exciting music with tons of attitude - fuzz guitars, swirling organs, wailing harmonicas, thumping drums and tough vocals are plentiful.

                                                                        In the mid 1960s, teenage rock ‘n’ roll groups proliferated throughout the USA, often inspired by ‘British Invasion’ bands such as The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and The Yardbirds as well as US styles including surf, blues and folk rock. Most towns and cities had local scenes revolving around dance parties, clubs and ‘battle of the bands’ contests and many of the bands here were regional royalty but never broke nationally.

                                                                        Key bands featured include The Seeds, The Sonics, The Standells, The Shadows Of Knight, The Thirteenth Floor Elevators, Love, The Electric Prunes, Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band, We The People and ? & The Mysterians.

                                                                        There are national US Billboard Hot 100 hits from Sam The Sham & The Pharaohs – ‘Wooly Bully’ (#2), The Strangeloves – ‘I Want Candy’ (#11), The Castaways – ‘Liar, Liar’ (#12), The Beau Brummels – ‘Just A Little’ (#15), The McCoys – ‘Fever’ (#7), The Bobby Fuller Four – ‘I Fought The Law’ (#9), Paul Revere & The Raiders – ‘Just Like Me’ (#11), The Barbarians – ‘Are You A Boy Or Are You A Girl’ (#55), Love – ‘My Little Red Book’ (#54) , The Knickerbockers – ‘One Track Mind’ (#46) and The Seeds – ‘Pushin’ Too Hard’ (#36) presented here in a longer unedited version.

                                                                        Rarities from The Blue Beats, The Dirty Wurds, The Apparitions, The Bedlam Four and The Jackals are released here on CD for the first time while many other tracks have never been released in the UK before.

                                                                        TRACK LISTING

                                                                        DISC ONE
                                                                        1.The Rangers – Justine
                                                                        2. Sam The Sham & The Pharaohs – Wooly Bully
                                                                        3. The Strangeloves – I Want Candy
                                                                        4. The Barbarians – Are You A Boy Or Are You A Girl
                                                                        5. The Denims – I’m Your Man
                                                                        6. The Castaways – Liar, Liar
                                                                        7. The Remains – Why Do I Cry
                                                                        8. The Beau Brummels – Just A Little
                                                                        9. The Seeds Featuring Sky Saxon – Pushin’ Too Hard (Unedited Version)
                                                                        10. The Leaves – Too Many People (Single Version)
                                                                        11. The Front Line – Got Love (Trident Version)
                                                                        12. The Brogues – I Ain’t No Miracle Worker
                                                                        13. The Standells – Rari (Extended Version)
                                                                        14. The Spades – You’re Gonna Miss Me
                                                                        15. The Lyrics – So What!!
                                                                        16. The Mad Hatters – I Need Love
                                                                        17. Don & The Goodtimes – Little Sally Tease
                                                                        18. The Coastliners – Alright
                                                                        19. The McCoys – Fever
                                                                        20. The Bobby Fuller Four – I Fought The Law (Single Version)
                                                                        21. The JuJus – You Treat Me Bad
                                                                        22. The Girls – My Baby
                                                                        23. The Raymarks – Louise
                                                                        24. The Emperor’s – I Want My Woman
                                                                        25. Paul Revere & The Raiders – Just Like Me
                                                                        26. Liverpool Five – Heart (Album Version)
                                                                        27. The Bad Seeds – A Taste Of The Same
                                                                        28. Merrell & The Exiles – She’s Gone
                                                                        29. The Bees – Forget Me Girl
                                                                        30. The Misunderstood – Don’t Break Me Down
                                                                        31. The Seeds – Out Of The Question (Version 1, Take 1)

                                                                        DISC TWO:
                                                                        1.The Thirteenth Floor Elevators – Tried To Hide (Single Version)
                                                                        2. Love - My Little Red Book
                                                                        3. The Mojo Men – She’s My Baby (Autumn Version)
                                                                        4. The Electric Prunes – Ain’t It Hard
                                                                        5. Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band – Diddy Wah Diddy
                                                                        6. Dirty Wurds – Mellow Down Easy
                                                                        7. The Outcasts – I’m In Pittsburgh (And It’s Raining)
                                                                        8. The Knickerbockers – One Track Mind
                                                                        9. Rocky & The Riddlers – Flash And Crash
                                                                        10. The Dimensions – Knock You Flat
                                                                        11. The Unusuals – I’m Walking, Babe
                                                                        12. The Shadows Of Knight – Dark Side
                                                                        13. We The People – Mirror Of Your Mind
                                                                        14. Sterling Damon – Rejected
                                                                        15. The Soothsayers – Please, Don’t Be Mad
                                                                        16. The Esquires – Judgement Day
                                                                        17. The Century’s – Hard Times
                                                                        18. The Sonics – You Got Your Head On Backwards
                                                                        19. Link Wray & The Raymen – Hidden Charms
                                                                        20. The Misunderstood – Thunder ‘N’ Lightnin’
                                                                        21. Zakary Thaks – She’s Got You
                                                                        22. The Squires – Going All The Way
                                                                        23. The Blue Beats – Extra Girl
                                                                        24. The Free-For-All – Show Me The Way
                                                                        25. Chris Morgan & The Togas – There She Goes
                                                                        26. The Executioners – I Want The Rain (Vocal)
                                                                        27. Limey & The Yanks – Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind
                                                                        28. The Apparitions – She’s So Satisfyin’
                                                                        29. The Hustlers – If You Try
                                                                        30. The Echoes Of Carnaby Street – No Place Or Time
                                                                        31. Sparkles - No Friend Of Mine
                                                                        32. Velvet Illusions – Velvet Illusions

                                                                        DISC THREE
                                                                        1.The Standells – Barracuda
                                                                        2. We The People – You Burn Me Up And Down
                                                                        3. The Rationals – I Need You
                                                                        4. The Other Half – Mr. Pharmacist
                                                                        5. Neal Ford & The Fanatics – Shame On You
                                                                        6. The Choir – It’s Cold Outside
                                                                        7. The Newbeats – Top Secret
                                                                        8. The Fire Escape – Love Special Delivery
                                                                        9. ? & The Mysterians – Girl (You Captivate Me)
                                                                        10. The Third Bardo – I’m Five Years Ahead Of My Time
                                                                        11. Ken & The Forth Dimension – See If I Care
                                                                        12. The Off-Beats – Tired Of Crying
                                                                        13. The Mistics – Why Baby Why
                                                                        14. The Headstones – Bad Day Blues
                                                                        15. Roy Junior (Roy Acuff Jr.) – Victim Of Circumstances
                                                                        16. The Sparkles - Hipsville 29 B.C. (I Need Help)
                                                                        17. The Jackals – Love Times Eight
                                                                        18. The Galaxies IV – Piccadilly Circus
                                                                        19. Front Page News – Thoughts
                                                                        20. Fenwyck – Mindrocker
                                                                        21. The Jefferson Handerchief – I’m Allergic To Flowers
                                                                        22. The Buddhas – Lost Innocence
                                                                        23. The Ohio Express – Try It
                                                                        24. Tidal Waves – Action! (Speaks Louder Than Words)
                                                                        25. The Liberty Bell – For What You Lack
                                                                        26. Thursdays Children – You Can Forget About That
                                                                        27. The Jades – Come Back
                                                                        28. The Checkmates – Talk To Me
                                                                        29. The New Yorkers – Again
                                                                        30. Georgy & The Velvet Illusions – Mini Shimmy
                                                                        31. The Bedlam Four – No One Left To Love

                                                                        Various Artists

                                                                        Nuggets Vol. 2: Original Artyfacts From The First Psychedelic Era - 1964-1968

                                                                          The follow-up that never was!

                                                                          Nuggets vol. 2 as originally thought of by Lenny Kaye and released to celebrate the 50 years of the legendary compilation.

                                                                          TRACK LISTING

                                                                          Side One
                                                                          1. Do You Believe In Magic – The Lovin’ Spoonful
                                                                          2. 7 And 7 Is – Love
                                                                          3. Little Girl – Syndicate Of Sound
                                                                          4. A Question Of Temperature – The Balloon Farm
                                                                          5. Double Shot (of My Baby’s Love) – Swingin’ Medallions
                                                                          6. Action Woman – The Litter
                                                                          7. Talk Talk – Music Machine
                                                                          Side Two
                                                                          1. I See The Light – The Five Americans
                                                                          2. 96 Tears - ? & The Mysterians
                                                                          3. Open Up Your Door _ Richard & The Young Lions
                                                                          4. Laugh< Laugh – Beau Brummels
                                                                          5. Stop! – Get A Ticket – Clefs Of Lavender Hill
                                                                          6. I Cannot Stop You – The Cherry Slush
                                                                          7. Frustration – The Mystic Tide
                                                                          Side Three
                                                                          1. Run, Run, Run – The Gestures
                                                                          2. It’s Cold Outside – The Choir
                                                                          3. Free As The Wind = The Myddle Class
                                                                          4. Whatcha Gonna Do About It – The Evil
                                                                          5. What A Way To Die – The Pleasure Seekers
                                                                          6. Road Runner – The Gants
                                                                          7. A Little Bit Of Soul – The Music Explosion
                                                                          Side Four
                                                                          1. Black On White – The North Atlantic Invasion Force
                                                                          2. Dance, Franny, Dance – Floyd Dakil Combo
                                                                          3. Going All The Way – The Squires
                                                                          4. You Must Be A Witch – The Lollipop Shopps
                                                                          5. The Witch – The Sonics
                                                                          6. Blackout Of Gretely – Gonn
                                                                          7. The Spider And The Fly – The Monocles

                                                                          Various Artists

                                                                          Image - 2024 Reissue

                                                                            Part of Be With x KPM Library Reissue Campaign, 2024 first time vinyl reissue, 140g vinyl.

                                                                            Impossible to find in the wild, KPM's Image is exactly that; this record paints extraordinary, hyper-vivid scenes with music, in the way only the library greats can. Originally released in 1974, Image is an absolutely stunning listen from start to finish, and arguably the most wanted KPM grail that's still not been reissued - until now! Just too good…

                                                                            Worth the price of admission alone, and likely the reason you're all already drooling about this release, the mellow, dramatic beat of "Image", Brian Bennett's opener and title track, is a Jaylib-sampled firecracker. A reflective, scenic underscore which grows to full orchestra and ends as it begins - it's just beautiful. Next up, swoon to "The Little Orphan" by Neil Richardson featuring strings and harp. It's a deeply emotive, sweeping orchestral piece. Just straight gorgeous. It's followed by "Paradise Island", a lush, horizontal Balearic gem courtesy of Gordon Rees and David Gold; it'll send you into a blissful reverie with its elegant strings and gentle drums. From the same pair, "Forbidden Fruit" is, again, string-drenched but the strings are more insistent, stabbing even, and, with drums and Blaxploitation guitars high up in the mix, it's definitely a funkier proposition. "The Enchantress", again a Rees-Gold special, is a slower, groovy, synthy wonder. Closing out the A-Side, "Phenomena" is a mysterious gem, a Gold solo effort set at a breezier tempo with propulsive percussion and head nod, fast-paced breaks with ace keys.

                                                                            Flip over for "Infinite Expanse", John Scott's dramatic panorama adorned with proud, triumphant horns. Scott's "Static Objects" paints patient, pastoral scenes; there's a serenity and stillness to the proceedings. Next up, Be With favourite John Fiddy delivers shifting shapes and patterns with his wonderful "Metamorphosis", all wah wah, harps, dramatic percussion and strings. It's by turns billowy and blasting. "Cubist Pictures" follows, Neil Richardson's brilliant nebulous, fragmentary piece. Better yet, Richardson's gorgeous, beatless "Analysis" follows, and it's an orchestral beauty featuring cello, harps and woodwind. It's no exaggeration to describe this as transcendental. His "Crystal Ball" presents more static scenes with cello, twinkling percussion and strings, before Steve Gray's fantastically-titled softly-ace "Gliding Through Clouds" closes out this remarkable set.

                                                                            As with all of our KPM re-issues, the audio for Image comes from the original analogue tapes and has been remastered for vinyl by Be With regular Simon Francis. And as usual, the sleeve reproduction duties were handed over to Richard Robinson, the current custodian of KPM’s brand identity.

                                                                            TRACK LISTING

                                                                            A1 Brian Bennett - Image 4:29
                                                                            A2 Neil Richardson - The Little Orphan 2:27
                                                                            A3 David Gold / Gordon Rees - Paradise Island 2:19
                                                                            A4 David Gold / Gordon Rees - Forbidden Fruit 2:19
                                                                            A5 David Gold / Gordon Rees - The Enchantress 2:56
                                                                            A6 David Gold - Phenomena 2:41
                                                                            B1 John Scott - Infinite Expanse 1:46
                                                                            B2 John Scott - Static Objects 2:31
                                                                            B3 John Fiddy - Metamorphosis 2:37
                                                                            B4 Neil Richardson - Cubist Pictures 2:12
                                                                            B5 Neil Richardson - Analysis 2:04
                                                                            B6 Neil Richardson - Crystal Ball 2:38
                                                                            B7 Steve Gray - Gliding Through Clouds 2:55

                                                                            Various Artists

                                                                            Rough Trade Counter Culture 2023

                                                                              As the lights turn off for 2023 and we move into 2024 Rough Trade shops return with their annual Counter Culture series selection. The LP offers 13 tracks whilst the Double CD a full 35 tracks. All bases covered - from the chaotic party fury of Snooper to the unhinged metal of Pest Control to the beer chucking fun fest that is the Mary Wallopers, this has got everything. You got the Death Grips style Lip Critic, an eleven minute sludge workout from Slift, the future Badu soul of Liv.e and new kids on the black Lifeguard with their unique take on post punk.

                                                                              As always Rough Trade Shops live and breath new music and this series stands by that.

                                                                              TRACK LISTING

                                                                              CD Tracklist:
                                                                              CD 1
                                                                              1. Snooper - Running
                                                                              2. Cari Cari - My Grandma Says We Have No Future
                                                                              3. The Mary Wallopers - Cod Liver Oil & The Orange Juice
                                                                              4. Video Age - Away Fromthe Castle
                                                                              5. Miss Tiny - The Sound
                                                                              6. GENN - Days And Nights
                                                                              7. Duvet - Girlcow
                                                                              8. Cloth - Secret Measure
                                                                              9. Lifeguard - 17-18 Lovesong
                                                                              10. Plush - (See It Inthe) Early Morning
                                                                              11. Plantoid - Wander/Wonder
                                                                              12. Lip Critic - The Heart
                                                                              13. Cindy - Why Not Now
                                                                              14. The Lost Days - For Today
                                                                              15. Sam Blasucci - Turn Yourself Around
                                                                              16. Feeble Little Horse - Steamroller
                                                                              17. Tapir - Untitled

                                                                              1. Lynks - Small Talk
                                                                              2. Red Axes - Hey
                                                                              3. Jellyskin - Bringer Of Brine
                                                                              4. Speakers Corner Quartet - 'Can We Do This?' (feat. Sampha)
                                                                              5. Bawo - Terra Incognita
                                                                              6. Marta Del Grandi - Snapdragon
                                                                              7. Big Special - This Here Ain’t Water
                                                                              8. McKinley Dixon - Run, Run, Run
                                                                              9. Debby Friday - So Hard To Tell
                                                                              10. Joshua Idehen - Don’t You Give Up On Me
                                                                              11. Kara Jackson - Why Does The Earth Give Us People To Love?
                                                                              12. Sofie Royer - Mio
                                                                              13. Liv.e - Wild Animals
                                                                              14. Avalon Emerson - Sandrail Silhouette
                                                                              15. Moin - No Neck
                                                                              16. James K - Scorpio
                                                                              17. Pest Control - Buggin’ Out
                                                                              18. Slift–Ilion

                                                                              LP Tracklist:
                                                                              1. Snooper - Running
                                                                              2. Big Special - This Here Ain’t Water
                                                                              3. Moin - No Neck
                                                                              4. Avalon Emerson - Sandrail Silhouette
                                                                              5. The Lost Days - For Today
                                                                              6. Cindy - Why Not Now
                                                                              7. Tapir - Untitled
                                                                              8. Sofie Royer - Mio
                                                                              9. Jellyskin - Bringer Of Brine
                                                                              10. Red Axes - Hey
                                                                              11. Lynks - Small Talk
                                                                              12. Joshua Idehen - Don’t You Give Up On Me
                                                                              13. Kara Jackson - Why Does The Earth Give Us People To Love?

                                                                              Various Artists

                                                                              Soul Jazz Records Presents - 200% Dynamite! Ska, Soul, Rocksteady, Funk & Dub In Jamaica - 2024 Edition

                                                                                Soul Jazz Records’ ‘200% DYNAMITE!’ set the benchmark for reggae-meets-funk compilations that has never been bettered. Jam-packed with reggae tunes that crossed over to become dancefloor hits, such as Tenor Saw’s soundboy anthem, ‘Ring the Alarm’, K.C. White’s classic cut of the seminal ‘No, No, No’ and Augustus Pablo’s ‘Rockers Rock’, ‘200% DYNAMITE’ explores the links between reggae, jazz, funk and soul.

                                                                                Carrying on perfectly from ‘100% DYNAMITE’, this second compilation continues to trace the history of Jamaican reggae and the influence of American styles such as funk and jazz had on this music.

                                                                                Featured here are serious funk and rocksteady tunes from the likes of The Skatalites and Johnny Osbourne through to Jamaican jazz from masters such as Tommy McCook and Byron Lee, as well as some serious dub from the likes of Augustus Pablo, King Tubby and Jackie Mittoo.

                                                                                New bonus tracks on this updated 2023 edition include seminal dancehall party cuts Sister Nancy’s ‘One Two’ and Chaka Demus and Pliers’ ‘Murder She Wrote’, alongside classic soul to reggae covers including cuts of Marlena Shaw’s ‘Women of the Ghetto’ and Odyssey’s ‘Don’t Tell Me Tell Her’.

                                                                                “In Soul Jazz’s outstanding ‘DYNAMITE!’ series, ‘200%’ is the head turner. The label has its finger on the pulse of the now just as surely as it does on that of the past.” - Pitchfork

                                                                                TRACK LISTING

                                                                                Augustus Pablo - Rockers Rock
                                                                                K.C. White - No No No
                                                                                Tenor Saw - Ring The Alarm
                                                                                Johnny Osbourne - Bewitched
                                                                                Pinchers - Agony
                                                                                The Abyssinians - Mandela
                                                                                Sister Nancy - One, Two
                                                                                King Tubby Meets Tommy McCook And The
                                                                                Aggrovators - King Tubby Dub
                                                                                Chaka Demus & Pliers - Murder She Wrote
                                                                                Johnny Osbourne - Ready Or Not
                                                                                Jackie Mittoo - Earthquake
                                                                                Sandra Reid - Don't Tell Me Tell Her
                                                                                The Skatalites Meet King Tubby - Herb Man Dub
                                                                                Kim Harriott - Woman Of The Ghetto

                                                                                Generacja JAZZ is a project showing a fragment of the new wave of Polish jazz, treading its own path, creating, touring and jamming across Europe. Borders don't exist - especially musical - the new generation is engaging with nightclubs, festivals and playlists. The time has now come to show its broader perspective. We created a project which involves a handful of groups that have already racked up debut albums and festival wins, as they set out on their musical odyssey. The groups also have other things in common, like their passion, originality and, for the needs of the project, age - all the artists during the recording of this album were under 30 years old. This is the new generation - the Jazz Generation.

                                                                                For the Jazz Generation record we invited five bands who had already released debut albums: Immortal Onion, Klawo, Rejoin, Twoosty Mayonez and USO 9001. We also reserved two spots on the compilation for the winners of our open call competition, whereby on the basis of the jury's choice (jury: Monika Borzym, Paulina Przybysz, Envee, Wojtek Mazolewski i Marcin Groh Grośkiewicz) we met the winning bands: Kosmos and quietet.

                                                                                The sleeve artist is Kornelia Nowak, who won our open call for young designers and graphic artists. Here once again we could rely on the opinion of a prestigious jury comprised of: Beata Śliwińska Barrakuz, Bovska, Maciej Animisiewasz Grochot, Grzegorz Forin Piwnicki i Marcin Groh Grośkiewicz.

                                                                                Generacja JAZZ LP is also a start of the new imprint - U JAZZ ME, which will be focused on jazz from Poland.

                                                                                TRACK LISTING

                                                                                1. Klawo - Pizza
                                                                                2. Quietet - Scand
                                                                                3. Immortal Onion - Thinium
                                                                                4. Rejoin - We Know U
                                                                                5. Kosmos - Koziołek
                                                                                6. Twoosty Mayonez - Triceradiplodocus
                                                                                7. USO 9001 - Wafloza

                                                                                Various Artists

                                                                                Eccentric Soul: The Saadia Label

                                                                                  After the fall of the Deep City label, Rocketeers bandleader Frank Williams set up shop under the name of his twin daughters Saadia and Giwada and got to work reinventing the Miami Sound. Tracked between 1968-1970, this LP gathers 15 of Saadia’s funkiest and deeply soulful moments, featuring Pearl Dowell, Joey Gilmore, Little Beaver, Frank Williams’ Rocketeers, Robert Moore, Brother Williams, and Sam Baker. Your next sample, first dance, workout jam or closing credits is buried in here somewhere.

                                                                                  TRACK LISTING

                                                                                  1. Pearl Dowell - It’s All Over
                                                                                  2. Little Beaver & The Rocketeers -
                                                                                  Everybody Has Some Dues To Pay
                                                                                  3. Robert Moore - Just Can’t Help Myself
                                                                                  4. Little Beaver & The Rocketeers - Do Right Man
                                                                                  5. Brother Williams - Right On Brother
                                                                                  6. Pearl Dowell - Good Things
                                                                                  7. Joey Gilmore - Somebody Done Took My Baby And Gone
                                                                                  8. Little Beaver & The Rocketeers - Blind Man
                                                                                  9. Joey Gilmore - Girl Your Best Friend Done Took Your Place
                                                                                  10. Robert Moore - Everything’s Gonna Be Alright
                                                                                  11. Little Beaver & The Rocketeers -
                                                                                  Do It To Me One More Time
                                                                                  12. Thunder Lightning And Rain - Super Funky
                                                                                  13. Brother Williams - Cold Sweat
                                                                                  14. Joey Gilmore - Blind Man
                                                                                  15. Sam Baker - Do Right Man

                                                                                  Forth volume of the Vega Records 5x12" bumper pack. A highly detailed snapshot of Louie Vega's iconic label, showing off its world beating pedegree as we close off 2023 and open 2024.

                                                                                  Gems from Leroy Burgess, Two Soul Fusion, Tony Touch, Professor featuring Ndu Shezi & Thebe, Johnny Dangerous, and gospel royalty Bebe Winans plus a cheeky Elements Of Life demo make up special 5 piece vinyl set. With 12 tracks in the sequence there are a select number of talented producers on the project which include Two Soul Fusion AKA Louie Vega & Josh Milan, Pablo Fierro, Johnny Dangerous, Luis Radio, Pietro Nicosia and musicians Axel Tosca and Luisito Quintero. Exploring the musical side of house music and the expressive areas of modern disco - it's got that Louie Vega flair and flamboyance coursing through its grooves! 

                                                                                  They all contribute to these unique pieces of music mastered by the one and only Mr. Herb Powers of PM Mastering and manufactured by Optimal, Germany. Limited pressing. 

                                                                                  STAFF COMMENTS

                                                                                  Matt says: Another bumper pack of musical delights from Louie Vega's camp. All his recent all stars are featured and spread across 5 records it allows each one plenty of headroom and fidelity. For house music aficionados this is a must.

                                                                                  TRACK LISTING

                                                                                  A. Leroy Burgess - Nothing Stays The Same (Two Soul Fusion Remix) 
                                                                                  B1. Tony Touch - Apaga La Laz (Pablo Fierro Afro Latino Remix) 
                                                                                  B2. Leroy Burgess - Nothing Stays The Same (Two Soul Fusion Dub) 
                                                                                  C. Two Soul Fusion - Lovin' (Two Soul Fusion Dub) 
                                                                                  D. Louie Vega & Johnny Dangerous - You Are A Star 
                                                                                  E. Bebe Winans - Let's Go Champ (Two Soul Fusion Piano Dub) 
                                                                                  F1. Elements Of Life - Let Us Shine Ft. Josh Milan (Louie Vega Mix) 
                                                                                  F2. Louie Vega - Where I Wanna Be (Demo) 
                                                                                  G. Louie Vega - Swayin' Demo Ft. Axel Tosca 
                                                                                  H. Two Soul Fusion - Brazillian Soul Fusion 
                                                                                  I. Professor Ft. Ndu Shezi & Thebe Vs Luis Radio, Pietro Nicosia - Unobenga Vs Sermon Of The Drums (Ken Terry Rework) 
                                                                                  J. Elements Of Life - Dusk On The Beach (Demo) 

                                                                                  Various Artists

                                                                                  Late Night Tales: Jamiroquai - 2024 Reissue

                                                                                    Late Night Tales reissues the classic and hard-to- find ‘Late Night Tales: Jamiroquai’, compiled by none other than Jay Kay himself. The 10th edition of what is now a classic series of compilations was originally released 20 years ago, and hasn’t been available on vinyl for over 15 years. A blissful collection of soul, disco, jazz, rare groove, and funk, this collection is an electrifying journey through the aural influences of one of the UK’s most seminal jazz bands.

                                                                                    Jay Kay showcases a wealth and breadth of in- spiration that wouldn’t be amiss on the late-night dancefloors of the Loft (or Giant Steps, for that mat- ter). From The Pointer Sisters’ uplifting and soulful ‘Happiness’ and jazz funk legend Johnny ‘Smith’ Hammond’s ‘Fantasy’ to the anthemic ‘Stay Free’ by Ashford & Simpson and mellifluous ‘Music Of The Earth' by Patrice Rushen, these two discs form a rite of passage into the creative mind of a true musical legend. 

                                                                                    TRACK LISTING

                                                                                    01 The Pointer Sisters - Happiness 3:58
                                                                                    02 Commodores - Girl I Think The World About You 4:33
                                                                                    03 Rufus & Chaka Khan - Once You Get Started 4:26
                                                                                    04 Johnny Hammond - Fantasy 7:24

                                                                                    05 Ramsey Lewis - Whisper Zone 3:01
                                                                                    06 Leon Ware - What's Your Name 4:11
                                                                                    07 Ashford & Simpson - Stay Free 5:22
                                                                                    08 Kleeer – Tonight's The Night 7:13

                                                                                    09 Dexter Wansel - I'll Never Forget 4:28
                                                                                    10 Sister Sledge - Pretty Baby 4:00
                                                                                    11 José Feliciano - California Dreaming 4:11
                                                                                    12 Dexter Wansel - Life On Mars 7:20

                                                                                    13 Lalo Schifrin - Theme From Enter The Dragon 2:22
                                                                                    14 Marvin Gaye - Here, My Dear 2:59
                                                                                    15 Patrice Rushen - Music Of The Earth 3:56
                                                                                    16 Brian Blessed - The White City Part 3 9:31 

                                                                                    2023 marks the tenth year of Music From Memory; a decade of groundbreaking archival releases, cross-generational collaborations and long-standing creative partnerships with their ever-expanding community of artists.

                                                                                    To celebrate this milestone, the label asked their roster of artists to submit a piece of music for an anniversary compilation. As submissions gradually came in, they began to piece them together into what was to become “10”.

                                                                                    Featuring work from artists who were present during the formation of the label, such as Gigi Masin, Joan Bibiloni and Michal Turtle, as well as artists like The Zenmenn, RAMZi and Dea, who have helped the label expand over subsequent years, “10” serves as a natural bookmark of where MFM is musically, whilst simultaneously reflecting on the label's rich musical past.

                                                                                    In keeping with the Music From Memory ethos, the music of “10” spans both time and space, with submissions ranging from Vito Ricci's 'Da Hamptons' (1985) to Yu Su & J. Wilson's 'Mitti Atar' (2023). It crosses the globe, with a total of 10 countries represented across 17 tracks. The final result is an immersive musical compilation that flows perfectly from start to finish.

                                                                                    Tragically, during the last few weeks of finalising MFM066, label co-owner Jamie Tiller passed away in a sudden accident. “10” was always intended to be a way to reflect on the journey of Music From Memory. The fact that it is now also one of the last releases that the team all worked on together adds a whole other level of reflection and makes it all the more special.

                                                                                    * incl. insert liner notes by John Gómez) Artwork by Bráulio Amado. Design by David McFarline.

                                                                                    STAFF COMMENTS

                                                                                    Matt says: MFM compile a thorough and expansive collection looking back at ten years of this highly influential label.

                                                                                    TRACK LISTING

                                                                                    Joan Bibiloni - Nits De La Sultana
                                                                                    The Zenmenn - The Legend Of Haziz
                                                                                    Stroer - When You Stopped Sleeping
                                                                                    Androo - W.I.O. Micmac Mix
                                                                                    Joel Graham - Cool Blue Pool
                                                                                    Jonny Nash - Dream It Right
                                                                                    Terekke - Just Ducking Around
                                                                                    Mei Honeycomb - Squeaky Eye Syndrome
                                                                                    Tombolo - Continental Drift
                                                                                    Kuniyuki Takahashi - Forest Dust
                                                                                    Yu Su J. Wilson - Mitti Attar
                                                                                    Gigi Masin - Panama Girl
                                                                                    Ocean Moon - The Ecstatic Alarm
                                                                                    Michal Turtle - Borrowed Times
                                                                                    Ramzi - Baci
                                                                                    Suso Saiz – Kailas
                                                                                    Dea - Undecenial

                                                                                    Various Artists

                                                                                    Waves Of Distortion (The Best Of Shoegaze 1990-2022)

                                                                                      Two-Piers, the label that brought you ‘Pop Psychédélique (The Best of French Psychedelic Pop 1964-2019)’, ‘Garage Psychédélique (The Best of Garage Psych and Pzyk Rock 1965-2019)’ and ‘Music for the Stars (Celestial Music 1960-1979)’ bring you ‘Waves of Distortion (The Best of Shoegaze 1990-2022), a magical journey through the history of the Shoegaze scene from its inception to the current exponents on the scene championing the sound. A perfect introduction to all that is glorious and great about ‘Shoegaze’, and if it takes the listener down a rabbit warren to discover more then job done

                                                                                      ‘Waves of Distortion’ brings in some of the OG (original ’gazer) classics – Ride’s peerless ‘Vapour Trail’, Lush’s ‘Sweetness and Light’ from 1990 and Chapterhouse’s ‘Pearl’ from 1991. They are all incredible and timeless tunes. Then there are some others that were never really a part of that other great music press construct, The Scene That Celebrates Itself, in the case of The Telescopes and their fantastic 1991 single ‘Flying’, and Spirea X’s ‘Chlorine Dream’ from the same year – both are indicative of the post-rave psychedelia that coloured everything at the time and fit perfectly within the Shoegaze scene at the time.

                                                                                      Once we get to 1992, there’s a bit of a gap in the chronology as shoegaze was all too hastily dismissed in the country that birthed it, ignored in favour of grunge and then Britpop, the feedback fading away along with the bands that made it. But something amazing happened. when the s-word was used elsewhere in the world, rather than having negative connotations, it was merely a descriptive term. So, the flame was kept burning in the most unlikely places, waiting for everyone else to catch up once again. It’s no surprise, then, that there are bands on this compilation from America (Ringo Deathstarr, Beach House), Australia (Lowtide, Flyying Colours), Sweden (Echo Ladies) and everywhere in between.

                                                                                      Since the turn of the century, successive generations have returned to the sound, taking it to new and exciting places. Thanks to the internet and streaming and listening to music without context the echo got louder and louder. The original scene may have morphed into a myriad of things, from acoustic Americana to ambient techno and post-rock (as evidenced by Mogwai, who appear here with ‘Kids Will Be Skeletons’), but it was only a matter of time before things came full circle. However it was Slowdive’s reunion six years later that finally made people sit up and take notice. There were scores to settle, too. The backlash Slowdive had faced the first time around went beyond mere music criticism into outright hatred. Their return and self-titled album from 2017 somehow managed to be their best yet and one of the finest examples of the genre to date. It brought in yet another generation of fans – the likes of bdrmm and Horsegirl, both included here, weren’t even born when Slowdive first existed, they were discovering them anew.

                                                                                      So, it’s fitting that this compilation begins with ‘Slowdive’s opener, ‘Slomo’. Neil Halstead and Christian Savill’s chiming guitars seemingly awakening from a 22-year slumber as the song gradually comes into focus. This was more than just a rebirth; it was a reaffirmation that this hard to define genre is here to stay.

                                                                                      And that is why we are here now, all these years later, listening to a compilation that joins the dots between all of this stuff, from the beginning to the present day. The beautiful noise that has soundtracked the past 30 years and will continue to do so for many more. 

                                                                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                                                                      Liam says: This comp looks like it's raided my iPod classic circa 2017, full to the brim of absolute shoegaze classics and hidden gems. With cuts from shoegaze forefathers Slowdive and Ride, to more contemporary additions from the likes of DIIV and bdrmm, this is a must have for shoegaze veterans and newcomers alike! Mega, MEGA stuff!!!

                                                                                      TRACK LISTING

                                                                                      2LP Vinyl:
                                                                                      A1) Slowdive – Slomo
                                                                                      A2) Chapterhouse – Pearl
                                                                                      A3) Ride – Vapour Trail
                                                                                      A4) Blind Mr Jones – Henna And Swayed
                                                                                      A5) The Telescopes – Flying
                                                                                      B1) Lush – Sweetness And Light
                                                                                      B2) Spirea X – Chlorine Dream
                                                                                      B3) Kitchens Of Distinction – The 3rd Time We Opened The Capsule
                                                                                      B4) Pale Saints – Sight Of You
                                                                                      B5) Lowtide – Alibi
                                                                                      B6) Ringo Deathstarr – Kaleidoscope
                                                                                      C1) Horsegirl – Billy
                                                                                      C2) Air Formation – Daylight Storms
                                                                                      C3) DIIV – Taker
                                                                                      C4) Bdrmm – A Reason To Celebrate
                                                                                      C5) Flyying Colours – Long Holiday
                                                                                      C6) Echo Ladies – Overrated – Robin Guthrie Version
                                                                                      D1) Beach House – Lazuli
                                                                                      D2) Mogwai – Kids Will Be Skeletons
                                                                                      D3) Fleeting Joys – Go And Come Back
                                                                                      D4) Ultra Vivid Scene – Mercy Seat
                                                                                      D5) Galaxie 500 – Ceremony

                                                                                      1) Slowdive – Slomo
                                                                                      2) Chapterhouse – Pearl
                                                                                      3) Ride – Vapour Trail
                                                                                      4) Blind Mr Jones – Henna And Swayed
                                                                                      5) The Telescopes – Flying
                                                                                      6) Lush – Sweetness And Light
                                                                                      7) Spirea X – Chlorine Dream
                                                                                      8) Kitchens Of Distinction – The 3rd Time We Opened The Capsule
                                                                                      9) Pale Saints – Sight Of You
                                                                                      10) A.R.Kane – Lollita **
                                                                                      11) Airiel – In Your Room **
                                                                                      12) Lowtide – Alibi
                                                                                      1) Ringo Deathstarr – Kaleidoscope
                                                                                      2) Horsegirl – Billy
                                                                                      3) Air Formation – Daylight Storms
                                                                                      4) DIIV – Taker
                                                                                      5) Bdrmm – A Reason To Celebrate
                                                                                      6) Flyying Colours – Long Holiday
                                                                                      7) Echo Ladies – Overrated – Robin Guthrie Version
                                                                                      8) The Daysleepers – Flood In Heaven **
                                                                                      9) Astrobite – Crasher **
                                                                                      10) Beach House – Lazuli
                                                                                      11) Mogwai – Kids Will Be Skeletons
                                                                                      12) Fleeting Joys – Go And Come Back
                                                                                      13) Ultra Vivid Scene – Mercy Seat
                                                                                      14) Galaxie 500 – Ceremony

                                                                                      ** Exclusive Tracks To CD Format

                                                                                      Various Artists

                                                                                      Jon Savage's Ambient 90s

                                                                                        Following on from 2012’s acclaimed “Fame” Post-Punk , 2015's "Perfect Motion" Psychedelic-Baggy 1988-93 compilations & 2020’s “Do You have The Force ?” Electronic 1978-82, all critically acclaimed. Jon Savage decided to focus upon Electronic music from the 1990s & has compiled an album that trips through a futuristic & musically fertile era highlighting both lesser-known gems & genre-defining cuts ..

                                                                                        ” This music is a new way of looking at the world, a new language” (Jon Savage -Jockey Slut Magazine 1992 )

                                                                                        This compilation is selected and curated by renowned cultural commentator, writer and film-maker Jon Savage. Amongst many highly revered projects Jon has produced the definitive work on Punk Rock in “England's Dreaming” and the documentary & book “Teenage” The Creation of Youth, 1875 - 1945. He is also the biographer of Joy Division & author of the top 10 Sunday Times best seller "This Searing Light, The Sun & Everything Else" The Oral History Of Joy Division in 2019.

                                                                                        TRACK LISTING

                                                                                        Sandoz (richard H Kirk) - Limbo 8:48
                                                                                        Lobe - Placebo 7:02
                                                                                        2 Cabbages On A Drip - Calm 6:34
                                                                                        React 2 Rhythm - Intoxication (clubfield Mix) 6:10
                                                                                        Strange Cargo - Montauk Point 7:12
                                                                                        Rapoon - Bol Baya 9:07
                                                                                        Aphex Twin - Utopia 3 - 7:19
                                                                                        Gol - No Bounds 5:06
                                                                                        Moonwater - Space Indian 6:55
                                                                                        Underworld - Blueski 2:56
                                                                                        U-ziq - Phiesope 6:04
                                                                                        Biosphere - En-trance 4:41

                                                                                        Various Artists

                                                                                        Big Crown Records Presents Crown Jewels Vol. 3

                                                                                          Big Crown is proud to present Crown Jewels Vol. 3. As we are approaching seven years as a label these compilations have given us an opportunity to put the different artists on the label together on the same release. These compilations are something of a calling card for the "Big Crown Sound" where we get to put the most well established next to the newest on the roster and through that paint a picture of the overall ethos of the label. It's been extremely satisfying for us when the fans of one Big Crown artist discover another one because they are label mates. We put out these Crown Jewels comps with the hope that it will continue that process. Even though not all BCR artists can be found in the same aisle of the record store, after listening to Crown Jewels Vol. 3, it should be clear how they all fit on the same record label. When we started Big Crown we wanted to have a label that's only boundaries were defined by our taste, not by genre. Seven years later, we can say we have been able to do that. There is a sound, but that sound stretches into a lot of different directions, but that sound is uniquely ours. Thank you to everyone who has supported us thus far and please stay tuned as we continue pushing our sound and putting out tunes we believe in. 

                                                                                          TRACK LISTING

                                                                                          Side A.
                                                                                          1. El Michels Affair & Black Thought – Grateful
                                                                                          2. Bobby Oroza - The Otherside
                                                                                          3. Surprise Chef – Velodrome
                                                                                          4. Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band - The Healer
                                                                                          5. Synthia Feat. Claire Cottrill - So Low
                                                                                          6. Lady Wray - Joy & Pain (Pete Rock Remix)
                                                                                          Side B.
                                                                                          7. Holy Hive - Ain’t That The Way
                                                                                          8. Les Imprimés - Love & Flowers
                                                                                          9. El Michels Affair - Things Done Changed
                                                                                          10. The Shacks - Trip To Japan
                                                                                          11. Thee Marloes - Beri Cinta Waktu
                                                                                          12. El Michels Affair Meets Liam Bailey - Awkward (Take 2)

                                                                                          Various Artists


                                                                                          More uncommonly good reboots of contemporary jams and reinterpretations of standards (in every sense). Not done for personal shine, just a shared desire to have some real finery, and not just in binary.

                                                                                          Tried & tested sure-shots one and all, we have a VERY limited run available.

                                                                                          ALMACKS provides community in secret spaces. The sublime liminal. Snooze you lose...

                                                                                          STAFF COMMENTS

                                                                                          Matt says: Mysterious but alluring edits from the Almacks crew. Disco, house, r&b, old school hip-hop & soul jams, cut-n-spliced with perfection; sources unknown for me - train spotters get in touch!

                                                                                          Various Artists

                                                                                          Soup Edits 2

                                                                                          The SOUP collective return with their second manifestation of cultural reincarnation.

                                                                                          Four more soundsystem specific artefacts taking in a quintessentially Balearic holy grail, some crisp modern machine-soul, a fine, fine gospel / soul end-of-nighter and a jazz-rock sunset anthem - for the discerning dancers..

                                                                                          Limited copies, flying out already - cop now or cry later! 

                                                                                          STAFF COMMENTS

                                                                                          Matt says: 2nd volume from the so-far anonymous cartel who shed any preconceptions about genre boundaries and deliver four sound system ticklers in various styles and flavours but it's all upper ring pyramid tackle. Buy-on-sight!

                                                                                          TRACK LISTING


                                                                                          Various Artists

                                                                                          Jangle Bells - A Rough Trade Shops Christmas Selection

                                                                                            A Christmas present from Rough Trade Shops for all the pop pickers worldwide. In the world of Spotify, Bandcamp and other digital only releases, Rough Trade Shops decided to compile these releases on one simple Christmas album Jangle Bells. It ranges date wise from 2008’s Allo Darlin’ offering to Marika Hackman’s especially recorded track in the middle of a semi heatwave in 2023. Across the 14 Tracks on the vinyl and 19 tracks on the CD you get everything from Pale Waves beautiful Rendition of Wham’s Crimbo classic ‘Last Christmas’ to Chubby and the Gang’s 'Violent Night (A Christmas Tale)’ which was a flexi only release in 2022. You can sit down and get melancholic with Julia Jacklin or Ellie Bleach or get upbeat and joyous with Linda Lindas and Black Midi who do a pretty faithful version of 'Jingle Bell Rock’. Happy Christmas 2023 from all at Rough Trade Shops.

                                                                                            TRACK LISTING

                                                                                            1. Marika Hackman – Driving Under Stars (Piano)
                                                                                            2. Pale Waves – Last Christmas
                                                                                            3. Allo Darlin’ – Will You Please Spend New Years With Me?
                                                                                            4. Julia Jacklin – Baby Jesus Is Nobody’s Baby Now
                                                                                            5. The School – Shouldn’t Be Alone For Christmas
                                                                                            6. The Big Moon – It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year
                                                                                            7. Los Bitchos – Los Chrismos
                                                                                            8. Linda Lindas – Groovy Xmas
                                                                                            9. Black Midi – Jingle Bell Rock
                                                                                            10. Chubby And The Gang – Violent Night (A Christmas Tale)
                                                                                            11. Peaness – Kiss Me Sweetpea
                                                                                            12. Bubble And Squeak – The Christmas Stick
                                                                                            13. Ellie Bleach – Merry Christmas, Do You Ever Think Of Me?
                                                                                            14. Sinkane – Christmas Wrapping
                                                                                            15. Dream Nails – Lonely Star (Christmas Song)
                                                                                            16. Willie J Healey – Merry Christmas
                                                                                            17. Girl Ray – I Wish I Were Giving You A Gift
                                                                                            18. Stars – Christmas Anyway
                                                                                            19. Alex Lahey – Merry Christmas (I Don’t Wanna Fight Tonight)

                                                                                            Various Artists


                                                                                              We are all artefacts for space travel, to paraphrase William Burroughs. Yet how to facilitate such journeys into either inner or outer space? This luckily is where Rocket Recordings come in, 25 years into their continuing mission. Operating from a 1998 launchpad in Bristol, Rocket’s questing vision has made them pathfinders for a particular kind of psychic terrain. The label may have been founded on disparate and dissolute passions - the vital grit and street-level attack of old-skool Hip Hop and Thrash Metal, the power of repetition, the astral awaydays of Hawkwind, the Fuzz and Wah of garage rock and early Sub Pop and the constellational signposts that connect Can, Funkadelic, Wax Trax Records & Aphex Twin on a map to other dimensions. Yet the stubbornly uncompromising ethos has always been to push beyond boundaries into areas which even the true heads have thus far never ventured. To celebrate a quarter century on the outer realms of exploration, Rocket presents you with a vital celebratory compilation collecting together eight of the current Rocket roster, all offering full-throttle salvos of metaphysical salvation. Resplendent in third-eye-cleansing sleeve art referencing French comic artist Philippe Caza, it’s a travelogue that traverses from the amp[1]damaging repetitive thunder of Gnod’s ‘Nought Sayin’ to the minimal electronic spellcasting of J. Zunz’s ‘Radix’, from the unsettling invective of Shit & Shine’s gleefully ornery ‘What’d You Mean, What?, What’ to the drone-based bliss of Centrum’s ‘Dü är så värdefull’, from Och’s nocturnal revelations to The Utopia Strong’s celestial visions, and from the potent rural vibrations of Smote’s ‘Coal Tongue’ to Goat’s dancefloor-ready ‘Goatsnake’ without losing coherence or focus.LAUNCH300 measures out the widescreen horizons of Rocket Recordings as it embarks on the next quarter century - a label with its feet on the ground and its head mapping out a defiant course for the unknown. Get on board.

                                                                                              TRACK LISTING

                                                                                              1. Smote – Coal Tongue
                                                                                              2. Goat – Goatsnake
                                                                                              3. Och – Inebriantia
                                                                                              4. Shit & Shine – What’d You Mean, What?
                                                                                              5. Gnod – Nought Sayin’
                                                                                              6. J. Zunz – Radix
                                                                                              7. Centrum – Du Är Så Värdefull
                                                                                              8. The Utopia Strong – Harpies

                                                                                              Various Artists

                                                                                              Future Bubblers 7.0

                                                                                                Brownswood Recordings releases the 7th edition of their Future Bubblers Compilation. An expansion of Gilles Peterson's network supported by Arts Council England, the ongoing talent discovery and artist development scheme focuses on developing unsigned talent and building audiences for new left-field music. With support from PRS Foundation as Talent Development Partners, the professional recording, manufacturing and physical release of Future Bubblers 7.0 is made possible. Unlike any other initiatives within music, the compilation acts as a springboard for the musician's careers, with the cooperative model providing direct revenue to the artists by a share of the profits, resulting in a sustainable income to work from. Previous Future Bubblers include artists such as Yazmin Lacey, KinKai, MC Snowy, Forest Law, Victoria Jane, NeOne The Wonderer and Kayla Painter, to name a few.

                                                                                                The 8-track compilation is a musically diverse collection of tracks, fusing genres across Alt-R&B, Dance, Electronic, Jazz, Rap and Trip-Hop. Opening the project, ROMY NOVA flaunts her hypnotic harmonies on a tender offering, 'The Way', whilst Sheffield-born Jackie Moonbather delivers a Funk performance on 'Separate Ways'. Up next, Ney Liqa's 'Blomster' captures a blend of Trip-Hop and Swedish-Pop, fusing her earliest musical influences before Birmingham's very own Landel's cloud-Rap excellence on '2 Many'. Maintaining the ethereal sonic, Petrelli Purple's 'Brisk' is reflective of his ability to curate a "miscellaneous north" sound, followed by MARYSIA OSU's 'Stryder' that highlights her self-coined "harps, beats, and dreams" ethos. Michael Diamond showcases his ability to float between jazz and electronic landscapes on 'Aether' before COEX rounds off the project nicely with 'Reflections'.

                                                                                                TRACK LISTING

                                                                                                1. Romy Nova – The Way
                                                                                                2. Jackie Moonbather – Separate Ways
                                                                                                3. Ney Liqa – Blomster
                                                                                                4. LANDEL – 2 Many
                                                                                                5. Pertrelli Purple – Brisk
                                                                                                6. Marysia Osu – Stryder
                                                                                                7. Michael Diamond – Aether
                                                                                                8. Coex – Reflections

                                                                                                Various Artists

                                                                                                Lost Innocence

                                                                                                  Top-rated West Coast garage sounds from the vaults of maverick genius Gary S Paxton. Acknowledged classics, tantalising obscurities and several previously unheard gems, all from the original master tapes, including tracks by Limey & The Yanks, The Avengers, The Whatt Four, The Buddhas… among many others.

                                                                                                  Compiled by genre expert Alec Palao and originally released by Big Beat/ACE on CD only a few years back, it is now available on vinyl for the first time.

                                                                                                  Various Artists

                                                                                                  Redman International: We Run Things

                                                                                                    The Latest in VPs acclaimed Reggae Anthology series focuses on producer Hugh 'Redman' James - A Reggae Revolution powered by Steely & Clevie and Roots Radics at Channel One and Tuff Gong. Killer after killer from Gregory Isaacs, Conroy Smith, Carl Meeks, Sugar Minott, Frankie Paul, Admiral Tibet etc.Inc. 8pp booklet with extensive liner notes & rare photos.

                                                                                                    TRACK LISTING

                                                                                                    CD Tracks:

                                                                                                    Disc 1
                                                                                                    1. Dangerous - Conroy Smith
                                                                                                    2. Old Friend - Sanchez
                                                                                                    3. New Tactics - Admiral Tibet
                                                                                                    4. Ease Off - Red Dragon
                                                                                                    5. Geow Now - Horace Martin
                                                                                                    6. Old Chain - Da Da Waps
                                                                                                    7. Concrete Jungle - Dave Bailey
                                                                                                    8. One Love - Little Kirk
                                                                                                    9. Slow Down - Frankie Paul
                                                                                                    10. Victim - Gregory Isaacs
                                                                                                    11. Just Be Rambo - Micahel Palmer
                                                                                                    12. Them A Wolf - Sugar Minott
                                                                                                    13. My Lady - Courtney Melody
                                                                                                    14. Careless Whisper - Thriller U
                                                                                                    15. Rougher Yet - Cultural Roots
                                                                                                    16. Heard About My Love - Carl Meeks & Daddy Lilly
                                                                                                    17. Youthman - Carl Meeks
                                                                                                    18. Kolo Ko - Clement Irie
                                                                                                    19. Blinking Something - Pinchers
                                                                                                    20. We Run Things – Flourgon

                                                                                                    Disc 2:
                                                                                                    1. Danger - Carl Meeks
                                                                                                    2. Chisholm Avenue - Gregory Isaacs
                                                                                                    3. Rub A Dub One - Little John
                                                                                                    4. Certain Kinda Rhythm - Frankie Paul
                                                                                                    5. When I Release - Puddy Roots
                                                                                                    6. Yu No Remember - Wayne Palmer
                                                                                                    7. Runnings - Dave Bailey
                                                                                                    8. Weh Dem Fah - Carl Meeks
                                                                                                    9. No Trouble We - Tippa Lee & Rappa Robert
                                                                                                    10. Lady In Red - Sanchez
                                                                                                    11. Come On Home - Sugar Minott
                                                                                                    12. Why I Care - John Holt
                                                                                                    13. Sweet Reggae Music - Cultural Roots
                                                                                                    14. Gimme The Grass - Horace Martin
                                                                                                    15. Hand Cart Man - Frankie Paul
                                                                                                    16. Careless People - Tony Tuff
                                                                                                    17. Roots Man Corner - Courtney Melody
                                                                                                    18. Border - Pinchers
                                                                                                    19. To The Champion - Donovan Champion
                                                                                                    20. It's Over - Thriller U

                                                                                                    LP Tracks:

                                                                                                    1. Dangerous - Conroy Smith
                                                                                                    2. New Tactics - Admiral Tibet
                                                                                                    3. Old Chain -Da Da Waps
                                                                                                    4. Concrete Jungle - Dave Bailey
                                                                                                    5. Weh Dem Fah - Carl Meeks
                                                                                                    6. Yu No Remember - Wayne Palmer
                                                                                                    7. Danger - Carl Meeks
                                                                                                    8. Runnings - Dave Bailey
                                                                                                    9. Chisholm Avenue - Gregory Isaacs
                                                                                                    10. Rub A Dub One - Little John
                                                                                                    11. Gimme The Grass - Horace Martin
                                                                                                    12. When I Release - Puddy Roots 

                                                                                                    Various Artists

                                                                                                    Rockinitis - Volume 5

                                                                                                      With Rockinitis Stag-O-Lee champions electric-guitar blues from the fifties and early-sixties. Unfettered pleasure in the form of Black dance music.

                                                                                                      This fifth installment of the series may be the hottest yet.

                                                                                                      Five-stars all round for the fifth release in the Rockinitis series!

                                                                                                      These compilations highlight the raw and wild sounds of upbeat electric blues from the 1950s and early 1960s.

                                                                                                      A very warm welcome aboard to these exceptional edits impresarios!
                                                                                                      Painfully limited underground nuggets for late-night dancing. A real allstar cast involved: Admin, James Greenwood, Simba and Ricky Chong, all dropping exclusive cuts from their editing suites. 

                                                                                                      RIYL: COMBI, Popular People's Front, Semi-skimmed Edits, Take Away etc.

                                                                                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                                                                                      Matt says: The cult collected series drops its 5th instalment and it's already flying off the shelves! Top drawer edits from an allstar cast...

                                                                                                      TRACK LISTING

                                                                                                      A. Admin - Share Your Boogie
                                                                                                      A. James Greenwood - Dub Attack
                                                                                                      B. Simba - Funkin' You Down
                                                                                                      B. Ricky Chong - Loves Smile

                                                                                                      Various Artists

                                                                                                      Piccadilly Records Compilation 2023

                                                                                                        It’s not an easy feat nowadays to get a record pressed in time for the end of year when there’s so much good music coming out every week, but we’ve once again managed to collect a stylistically diverse, cohesively sequenced collection of our 2023 favourites onto vinyl for your cut-price record buying pleasure.

                                                                                                        Opening up the collection, and responsible for me asking an embarrassing amount of times ‘who is this?’ is the soaring “Kisses” from Slowdive’s new offering, and our well-deserved album of the year, ‘everything is alive’. I couldn’t imagine a better follower than “Failsafe” from Catatonic Sun’s self-titled album, as it takes the spine-tingling heft of the former and slides a little into more psychedelic territory.

                                                                                                        The Nabihah Iqbal album came out of leftfield for me, and once again the eponymous track here is my top cut on the album, providing the perfect segue into Beach Fossils’ “Don’t Fade Away”, which reinforces the lysergic drift we’ve established while adding a little more structure. Closing the side, both bar italia’s “Nurse” and John’s “Service Stationed” provide a move towards more dynamic, post-punk indebted minimalism, with bar italia’s thoughtful garage groove setting up perfectly for John’s undeniable blast of power.

                                                                                                        Jungle keep bringing the goods, and there couldn’t have been any other choice than the funkiest cut on ‘Volcano’, the brilliant “Candle Flame”. This funky banger sets the perfect opener to the B-side, with the melodically pristine “Good Lies” from Welsh duo Overmono bringing us to the dancefloor before shop favourite Matthew Hallsall leads us to the chillout room with his keyboardy jazz odyssey “Mountains, Trees And Seas”.

                                                                                                        There are few tracks that could close out a compilation more perfectly than JIM’s anxiolytic melody-rich “Phoenix”, J-Walk’s brilliant “Cool Bright Northern Morning” (from Aficionado’s essential retrospective compilation) or Jalen Ngonda’s swinging, soaring wonder “Come Around And Love Me”, and here you get them all in one stretch. You lucky people.

                                                                                                        STAFF COMMENTS

                                                                                                        Barry says: Good Ol' Picco Recs eh? Once again bringing you a lovely selection of some of our favourite tracks of the year, on vinyl, for a ruddy good price! What joy. Soak in that tracklist. Feel it.

                                                                                                        TRACK LISTING

                                                                                                        Side A:
                                                                                                        Slowdive “Kisses”
                                                                                                        Catatonic Suns “Failsafe”
                                                                                                        Nabihah Iqbal “Dreamer”
                                                                                                        Beach Fossils “Don’t Fade Away”
                                                                                                        Bar Italia “Nurse!”
                                                                                                        John “Service Stationed”
                                                                                                        Side B:
                                                                                                        Jungle Featuring Erick The Architect “Candle Flame”
                                                                                                        Overmono “Good Lies”
                                                                                                        Matthew Halsall “Mountains, Trees And Seas”
                                                                                                        JIM “Phoenix”
                                                                                                        J-Walk “Cool Bright Northern Morning”
                                                                                                        Jalen Ngonda “Come Around And Love Me”

                                                                                                        Various Artists

                                                                                                        Dreamin’ Wild - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

                                                                                                          Acclaimed label Light in the Attic proudly partners with River Road, Zurich Avenue, and Roadside Attractions to release Dreamin’ Wild Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. The film follows the real-life story of brothers Donnie & Joe Emerson, whose teenage dreams of rock stardom suddenly came true 30 years later. The soundtrack blends vintage recordings by Donnie & Joe (including the cult favorite “Baby”) with exclusive new performances by Donnie Emerson, Nancy Sophia Emerson, and actor Noah Jupe, plus original score selections by composer Leopold Ross (Black Mirror, A Million Little Pieces).

                                                                                                          Jupe, who portrays a young Donnie Emerson, re-recorded several of the duo’s classic songs for the film, including their debut single, “Thoughts in My Mind.” The wistful ballad, which was written and recorded while the brothers were still in high school, was originally released in 1977 on their own Enterprise & Co. label.

                                                                                                          The soundtrack also includes “When A Dream Is Beautiful,” a new song by husband-and-wife duo Donnie Emerson and Nancy Sophia Emerson, and recorded in Nashville by the film’s music producer and multi-GRAMMY® winner Dave Cobb.

                                                                                                          A true story of love and redemption, Dreamin’ Wild centers around Donnie Emerson (Affleck/Jupe), a middle-aged singer-songwriter who learns that a record label is interested in reissuing the album that he and his brother recorded as teens in rural Washington State. Suddenly, the Emerson brothers find themselves thrust into the spotlight, as their 30-year-old album is hailed as a lost masterpiece. While the album’s rediscovery brings hopes of second chances, it also unearths long-buried emotions as Donnie, his wife Nancy (Deschanel), brother Joe (Goggins/Grazer), and father Don Sr. (Bridges) come to terms with the past and their newly found fame.

                                                                                                          Named for the brothers’ 1979 debut album, Dreamin’ Wild is a River Road – Innisfree Production, produced by Academy Award®-winner Jim Burke, Academy® and Emmy®-nominee Pohlad, Kim Roth, Viviana Vezzani, and Karl Spoerri. Casey Affleck served as executive producer, alongside Emmy®-nominee Christa Workman, Dan Clifton, Steven Snyder, and Tobias Gutzwiller.

                                                                                                          TRACK LISTING

                                                                                                          Good Time - Donnie & Joe Emerson
                                                                                                          Kids To School - Leopold Ross
                                                                                                          Baby - Donnie & Joe Emerson
                                                                                                          Donnie Rehearsal Tape - Donnie Emerson & Leopold Ross
                                                                                                          Dream Full Of Dreams - Donnie & Joe Emerson
                                                                                                          NY Times Montage - Leopold Ross
                                                                                                          China Grove - Noah Jupe
                                                                                                          Thoughts In My Mind - Noah Jupe
                                                                                                          Tender Is The Night - Donnie Emerson
                                                                                                          Don't Go Lovin' Nobody Else - Donnie & Joe Emerson
                                                                                                          Rehearsal Freakout - Leopold Ross
                                                                                                          Give Me A Chance - Noah Jupe
                                                                                                          Photoshoot - Leopold Ross
                                                                                                          When A Dream Is Beautiful - Donnie Emerson & Nancy Sophia Emerson

                                                                                                          Various Artists

                                                                                                          Little Richard: I Am Everything (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

                                                                                                            LITTLE RICHARD: I AM EVERYTHING tells the story of the Black queer origins of rock n’ roll, exploding the whitewashed canon of American pop music to reveal the innovator – the originator – Richard Penniman. The soundtrack of the award-winning documentary includes timeless hits from Little Richard like “Tutti Frutti”, “Rip It Up”, and “Long Tall Sally”, plus two covers from Valerie June and Cory Henry, and a piece from the film’s original score, composed by Tamar-Kali Brown.

                                                                                                            TRACK LISTING

                                                                                                            Good Golly, Miss Molly – Little Richard
                                                                                                            Strange Things Happening Every Day – Valerie June
                                                                                                            Baby (demo) – Little Richard
                                                                                                            I’m Just A Lonely Guy (all Alone) – Little Richard
                                                                                                            Tutti Frutti – Little Richard And His Band
                                                                                                            Long Tall Sally – Little Richard And His Band
                                                                                                            Lucille – Little Richard And His Band
                                                                                                            Bama Lama Bama Loo – Little Richard
                                                                                                            Rip It Up – Little Richard And His Band
                                                                                                            Ready Teddy – Little Richard And His Band
                                                                                                            The Girl Can’t Help It – Little Richard And His Band
                                                                                                            Send Me Some Lovin’ – Little Richard And His Band
                                                                                                            Tutti Frutti – Cory Henry
                                                                                                            Legacy – Tamar-kali Brown

                                                                                                            Various Artists

                                                                                                            Hot Sauce Vol. 4

                                                                                                              Here is the much anticipated volume 4 of the Hot Sauce compilation LPs dedicated to the Trojan related UK labels between 1965 and 1975. Hot Sauce Volume 4 features outstanding original Rocksteady, Boss Reggae and early Reggae (“Reggay”) tracks including rare songs, overlooked gems, hidden treasures and a couple of hits. The record labels showcased on this fourth volume are Amalgamated, Big Shot, Duke, Explosion, Grape, High Note , JJ Records, Treasure Isle and Trojan. The tracks here have been selected according to their musical interest firstly, their rarity, and their complementarity. These tracks are all outstanding tracks, “killer tracks”, there is no “filler” whatsoever. The Hot Sauce series is a musical journey across Trojan and its labels highlighting early Jamaican Reggae’s many diverse musical genres and outstanding artists. Since the early 70s “Tighten Up” series, no compilations have really explored these labels in depth on vinyl.

                                                                                                              Various Artists

                                                                                                              Brown Acid: The Seventeenth Trip

                                                                                                                Lucky number 17? You better believe it. We here at Brown Acid have been scouring the highways and byways of America for even more hidden stashes of psych/garage/proto-punk madness from the so-called Aquarian Age. There’s no flower power here, though—just acid casualties, rock stompers and major freakouts. As always, the songs have been officially licensed, and all the artists get paid.

                                                                                                                Kicking off this trip, Grapple’s “Ethereal Genesis” is a heavy psych gem from 1969 written by J. Bruce Svoboda, a.k.a. Jay Bruce, formerly of The Hangmen and The Five Canadians (who were actually the same San Antonio band). The latter’s 1966 garage favorite “Writing on the Wall” has been endlessly covered, but Grapple were never heard from again.

                                                                                                                With a guitar riff that blatantly rips off Sabbath’s “Black Sabbath,” Image’s mostly instrumental lysergic obscurity “Witchcraft ’71” (originally unveiled that very year) also boasts a horror-movie organ intro, a voodoo drum break and some championship chanting. Private press heads might recall late Image drummer John Beke from his ’80s reemergence with country rockers Crossfyre.

                                                                                                                Stone Hedge were a seven-piece rock band out of Michigan with a penchant for Creedence and anthropomorphism. “Smokey Bear” is their 1972 tribute to the official mascot of the U.S. Forest Services—not to mention the A side of their sole single—and it recalls the kind of organ-drenched swamp jam that soundtracked many a Burt Reynolds flick back in the day.

                                                                                                                If you think being a Southern rock band from Milwaukee doesn’t make much sense, that’s probably why Crossfire changed their sound along with their name—to Bad Boy—after signing with United Artists. Bad Boy’s severely underappreciated second album, Back To Back, is a 1978 hard rock jewel, but you can hear their boogie-woogie roots on this rare 1975 single.

                                                                                                                With a band name like Primevil and song title like “Too Dead To Live,” you probably expect some gnarly proto-metal riffage. Instead, you a get a harmonica-drenched, soul-infused rock rave-up from 1972. Primevil would release their sole LP two years later: Entitled Smokin’ Bats at Campton’s, it’s a reference to their trusty singer, harp player (and bat smoker?), Dave Campton.

                                                                                                                Brown Acid regulars already know Pegasus from their appearance with “The Sorcerer” on our Seventh Trip. “Ready to Rave” is the flipside to that 1972 single, in which they explain how they like their whiskey cold and their women hot. It’s another killer glimpse of what might have been if these one-and-done Baltimore hard rockers had been able to keep it together.

                                                                                                                One of two obscure singles released by Texas musician Bobby Mabe in 1969 (the other appears under the name The Outcasts), “I’m Lonely” delivers a heavy dose of vocal soul to the otherwise psych-garage presentation. Fans of fellow Houstonians the Moving Sidewalks—whom Bobby and his Outcasts may well have gigged with—will especially dig this one.

                                                                                                                Cedar Rapids, Iowa, may not be known as a cultural mecca, but they did give us Truth & Janey. This deadly hard rock trio delivered their holy grail full-length, No Rest for the Wicked, back in 1976. “Around and Around” is a Chuck Berry cover that originally appeared on a 1973 single the band released under the earlier name Truth.

                                                                                                                Originally released in 1973, “High School Letter” is the debut single from San Diego rock squad Glory. This infectious bonehead cruncher features future Beat Farmer Jerry Raney and the original rhythm section of Iron Butterfly in bassist Greg Willis and drummer Jack Pinney. Glory is what they got up to after their former bandmates left for L.A.’s garden of Eden.

                                                                                                                “Jack the Ripper” is a mercilessly bootlegged Cleveland classic from 1978 with a serrated punk edge and vocals that recall Mick Blood of Aussie savages the Lime Spiders. Or maybe it’s the other way around—the Lime Spiders formed the year after Strychnine carved off this lethal paean to the infamous Whitechapel slasher of olde.

                                                                                                                TRACK LISTING

                                                                                                                Side A
                                                                                                                Grapple “Ethereal Genesis” - San Antonio, Texas 1969
                                                                                                                Image “Witchcraft 71” - Illinois 1971
                                                                                                                Stone Hedge “Smokey Bear” - Battle Creek, MI 1972
                                                                                                                Crossfire “I Gotta Move” - Milwaukee, Wisconsin 1975
                                                                                                                Primevil “Too Dead To Live” - Hancock County, Indiana 1972

                                                                                                                Side B
                                                                                                                Pegasus “Ready To Rave” - Baltimore, Maryland 1972
                                                                                                                Bob Mabe & The Outcast “I’m Lonely” - Galveston, Texas 1969
                                                                                                                Truth & Janey “Around And Around” - Ames, Iowa 1973
                                                                                                                Glory “High School Letter” - San Diego, California 1973
                                                                                                                Strychnine “Jack The Ripper” - Cleveland, Ohio 1978

                                                                                                                Various Artists

                                                                                                                Bob Stanley & Pete Wiggs Present Incident At A Free Festival

                                                                                                                  “Incident At a Free Festival” is a tribute to the mid-afternoon slots at Deeply Vale, Bickershaw, Krumlin, Weeley, and Plumpton – early 70s festivals that don’t get the column inches afforded the Isle of Wight or Glastonbury Fayre, but which would have been rites of passage for thousands of kids. Bands lower down the bill would have been charged with waking up the gentle hippies and appealing to both the greasy bikers and the girls in knee-high boots who wanted to wiggle their hips. And the best way to do that was with volume, riffs and percussion.

                                                                                                                  Compiled by the venerated Bob Stanley and Pete Wiggs of Saint Etienne, this is the heavier side of the early 70s they summarised on the acclaimed “English Weather” collection. There’s an air of menace and illicit thrills among tracks by Andwella, Stack Waddy and Leaf Hound (whose “Growers of Mushroom” album is worth well over £1,000). Bigger names include the rabble-rousing Edgar Broughton Band and kings of the festival freakout, Hawkwind. They are represented by their rare version of ‘Ejection’

                                                                                                                  For every mystical Tyrannosaurus Rex performance there was something like Atomic Rooster’s Tomorrow Night or Curved Air’s Back Street Luv to capture the spirit of the day and stir the loins of festival goers; the tracks on “Incident At a Free Festival” were inspired by both Chicago’s percussive wig-outs and the Pink Fairies’ anarchic spirit. The sounds were heavy and frequently funky, with a definite scent of danger. Their message was clear and simple: clap your hands, stamp your feet, hold on to your mind. 

                                                                                                                  TRACK LISTING

                                                                                                                  1. Chasing Shadows - Deep Purple
                                                                                                                  2. One Way Glass - Manfred Mann Chapter Three
                                                                                                                  3. Hold Onto Your Mind - Andwella
                                                                                                                  4. Hot Pants - Alan Parker & Alan Hawkshaw
                                                                                                                  5. Do It - Pink Fairies
                                                                                                                  6. Tomorrow Night – Atomic Rooster
                                                                                                                  7. Taken All The Good Things - Stray
                                                                                                                  8. Out Demons Out - Edgar Broughton Band
                                                                                                                  9. For Mad Men Only - May Blitz
                                                                                                                  10. Back Street Luv - Curved Air
                                                                                                                  11. Ejection - Hawkwind
                                                                                                                  12. Meat Pies ’Ave Come But Band's Not ’Ere Yet - Stackwaddy
                                                                                                                  13. Lovely Lady Rock - James Hogg
                                                                                                                  14. Third World - Paladin
                                                                                                                  15. Taking Some Time On - Barclay James Harvest
                                                                                                                  16. Ricochet - Jonesy
                                                                                                                  17. Led Balloon - Steve Gray
                                                                                                                  18. Big Boobs Boogie - Slowload
                                                                                                                  19. Freelance Fiend - Leaf Hound
                                                                                                                  20. Confunktion - Dave Richmond 

                                                                                                                  Various Artists

                                                                                                                  Keb Darge Presents The Best Of Ace Rockabilly 14 Raw And Rare Rockabilly Tracks Hand-selected By Keb Darge

                                                                                                                    Legendary international DJ, Keb Darge, fell under the spell of this music when his Japanese girlfriend forced him to go down to a ‘Rockabilly’ night back in 1989. As soon as the DJ dropped the needle on Johnny Burnette’s ‘Rockabilly Boogie’ Keb was mesmerized. He was soon hunting down the hideously rare top tunes and slipping thousands of pounds into specialist collectors like Boz Boorer’s back pocket, when the legendary guitarist was not recording or touring with Morrissey. Of course, Keb was then taking these records and introducing them to new audiences in his DJ sets worldwide.

                                                                                                                    Although it has taken an age to persuade him, Keb has now applied his perfectionist compiling skills to pick 14 killers to grace this fantastic collection. Ranging from the bopping Glen Glenn’s ‘Blue Jeans and A Boy’s Shirt’ to the almost hillbilly Jimmy Johnson’s ‘All Dressed Up’. This is a must-have compilation not only for those who have been oiling their quiffs for decades, but also those wondering what this “rockabilly” is all about. Keb drops you in at the deep end with no easy-going fillers, and you’ll be glad he did.

                                                                                                                    Keb has written the sleeve notes and with cover art by the legendary Robin Banks – this album looks as good as it sounds. 

                                                                                                                    TRACK LISTING

                                                                                                                    Side One
                                                                                                                    1. Blue Jeans And A Boy's Shirt - Glen Glenn
                                                                                                                    2. The Woman I Love - Gene Terry & His Kool Kats
                                                                                                                    3. Sweet Love - Orangie Ray Hubbard
                                                                                                                    4. Jello Sal - Benny Ingram
                                                                                                                    5. Lonesome Baby Blues - David Ray
                                                                                                                    6. Do Me No Wrong - Pat Cupp & The Flying Saucers
                                                                                                                    7. Cool Off Baby - Billy Barrix
                                                                                                                    Side Two
                                                                                                                    1. Let's Go Bopping Tonight –
                                                                                                                    Al Ferrier & His Bopping Billies
                                                                                                                    2. Jitterbop Baby - Hal Harris
                                                                                                                    3. Raw Deal - Junior Thompson With The Meteors
                                                                                                                    4. Nuthin' But A Nuthin' –
                                                                                                                    Jimmy Stewart & His Nighthawks
                                                                                                                    5. I'm Doing All Right - Jerry Hanson
                                                                                                                    6. Where There's A Will (There's A Way) –
                                                                                                                    Carl Trantham & The Rhythm All Stars
                                                                                                                    7. All Dressed Up – Jimmy Johnson 

                                                                                                                    Various Artists

                                                                                                                    Brazil Classics 1: Beleza Tropical Compiled By David Byrne - 2023 Reissue

                                                                                                                      Brazil Classics 1: Beleza Tropical was Luaka Bop’s first release, and in many ways it started the trend to compile music from other places. Here’s what the guy who put this retrospective together has to say about it: Wow when did this first come out? 1989? Over 30 years ago! I listened to some of the songs yesterday and, well, they hold up, they’re truly timeless songs. Beauty can be pointed. -David Byrne, March 2021

                                                                                                                      TRACK LISTING

                                                                                                                      Side A
                                                                                                                      I. Ponta De Lanca Africano (Umbabarauma) - Jorge Ben
                                                                                                                      2. Sonho Meu - Maria Bethania E Gal Costa
                                                                                                                      3. Só Quero Um Xodó - Gilberto Gil
                                                                                                                      4. Um Canto De Afoxé Para O Bloco Do Ilê (Ilê Ayê) - Caetano Veloso
                                                                                                                      Side B
                                                                                                                      I. O Leãozinho - Caetano Veloso
                                                                                                                      2. Caçada - Chico Buarque
                                                                                                                      3. Cálice - Chico Buarque
                                                                                                                      4. Equatorial - Lô Borges
                                                                                                                      5. San Vicente - Milton Nascimento
                                                                                                                      Side C
                                                                                                                      I. Quilombo, O El Dorado Negro - Gilberto Gil
                                                                                                                      2. Caramba! ...galileu Da Galileia - Jorge Ben
                                                                                                                      3. Caixa De Sol - Nazaré Pereira
                                                                                                                      4. Maculelê - Nazaré Pereira
                                                                                                                      5. Queixa - Caetano Veloso
                                                                                                                      Side D
                                                                                                                      I. Andar Com Fé - Gilberto Gil
                                                                                                                      2. Fio Maravilha - Jorge Ben
                                                                                                                      3. Anima - Milton Nascimento

                                                                                                                      Various Artists

                                                                                                                      Wigan Casino Classics 1973-2023

                                                                                                                        Wigan Casino - the original UK dance culture super club - ran its’ first Nothern Soul All-Nighter in September 1973. It’s last session was in December 1981, and by then its 500 plus frantic All-Nighter had firmly stamped Northern Soul as an integral part of the British music landscape, Wigan Casino Classics 1973 - 2023 proudly celebrates 50 years since the birth of the most important ever Northern Soul venue with 14 all time classic floor fillers. The Sandi Sheldon, Major Lance, The Seven Souls and Johnny Robinson gems were originally released on the Uber cool Okeh label but despite being part of the mighty Columbia Records empire sank without trace on release in the USA only to be discovered (and revered) by UK Soul devotees. The Metros and Lorraine Chandler tracks were produced by Detroit’s mighty Pied Piper Productions crew and demonstrate that Motown were far from the only Motor City set up that knew how to conjure up truly breathtaking music. In Northern Soul lore there is an intriguing story behind all 14 tracks - who produced and wrote them, which Rare Soul detectives - the original crate diggers - discovered them, what DJs played them.. But at the centre of it all is Wigan Casino, the seen better days Lancashire dance hall where 2,500 plus Soul fanatics flocked to every weekend to dance dancedance at the pre Rave era ultimate Rave. The recent 50th Anniversary celebration in Blackpool attracted a 5,000 turn out. The legend lives on. This release marks the return of the always style wise Joe Boy label. Their trademark on point graphics are reinforced with the LP front sleeve being devoted to an iconic photograph by Francesco Mellini taken at the last ever Casino All-Nighter. Soul plus Art from The Heart of Soul.

                                                                                                                        Various Artists

                                                                                                                        50 Years Of Hip Hop: The Solo MC Jams (Black Friday 23 Edition)

                                                                                                                          THIS IS A BLACK FRIDAY 2023 EXCLUSIVE AND WILL BE AVAILABLE INSTORE ON FRIDAY NOVEMBER 24TH ON A FIRST COME FIRST SERVED BASIS, LIMITED TO ONE PER PERSON.

                                                                                                                          IF THERE ARE ANY REMAINING COPIES THEY WILL BE MADE AVAILABLE ONLINE AT 8AM ON SATURDAY NOVEMBER 25TH).

                                                                                                                          Tuff City anthology of early Hip-Hop solo performers with insert 7" half on red, half on yellow vinyl featuring Spoonie Gee, T-SkiValley, Ultramagnetic MC’s featuring Kool Keith, Grandmaster Caz, etc. Tuff City is pleased to present the best possible reissue program of Hip-Hop's first decade. These reissues were made as a tribute to Hip Hop’s 50th Anniversary. Each volume represents an important facet of performers on Tuff City: The Solo MC’s, The MC Crews, The DJ’s and The Female MC’s. Each volume features an inner sleeve with liner notes and bonus 7” insert. Each pressing consists of 750 on red vinyl and 750 of an opaque color specific to the volume (Yellow, Gold, Blue, Orange). A bonus 7” single is slipped in the cover encased in a Tuff City logo sleeve in the style of its iconic 12” singles. The series was also conceptualized as a multiset release to stand side by side with the classic Old School Rarities series (The Funky Drum Jams, The Electro Jams, The Linn Drum Jams & The Disco Jams) issued by our Ol’ Skool Flava imprint.

                                                                                                                          The Solo MC’s kicks off with Harlem’s pioneering Spoonie Gee’s influential “Spoonin’ Rap” from 1979. “Catch The Beat” from T-Ski Valley captures the post-Disco Bronx era of Rap. The side closes with the underground personality Funkmaster Wizard Wiz whose “Knucklehead Rappers” came after he broke from The Undefeated Three. Brooklyn’s Jimmy Spicer delivers a 14+ minute marathon “Adventures of Super Rhyme (Rap).” Grandmaster Caz from Cold Crush is paired with the Fantastic’s Whipper Whip for “To All The Party People” Captain G Whiz from Freddy B’s Mighty Mic Masters closes with his solo 12” track “All The Way Live.” The bonus single features a Kool Keith solo from the Ultramagnetic MCs backed with Grandmaster Caz by himself doing “I’m What Is and You’re What Wants To Be.”

                                                                                                                          TRACK LISTING

                                                                                                                          1. Spoonin' Rap-Spoonie Gee;
                                                                                                                          2. T-Ski Valley-Catch The Beat;
                                                                                                                          3. Funkmaster Wizard Wiz-Knucklehead Rappers;
                                                                                                                          4. Adventures Of Super Rhymes-Jimmy Spicer;
                                                                                                                          5. Grandmaster Caz With Whipper Whip-To All The Party People;
                                                                                                                          6. All The Way Live-Captain G. Whiz;

                                                                                                                          Bonus 7" Single
                                                                                                                          A: Ultramagnetic MC's-Kool Keith Wild;
                                                                                                                          B: Grandmaster Caz-I'm What Is Your What Wants To Be

                                                                                                                          Various Artists

                                                                                                                          50 Years Of Hip Hop: The MC Crew Jams (Black Friday 23 Edition)

                                                                                                                            THIS IS A BLACK FRIDAY 2023 EXCLUSIVE AND WILL BE AVAILABLE INSTORE ON FRIDAY NOVEMBER 24TH ON A FIRST COME FIRST SERVED BASIS, LIMITED TO ONE PER PERSON.

                                                                                                                            IF THERE ARE ANY REMAINING COPIES THEY WILL BE MADE AVAILABLE ONLINE AT 8AM ON SATURDAY NOVEMBER 25TH).

                                                                                                                            Tuff City anthology of Old School group rap classics half on red vinyl, half on gold featuring Ultramagnetic MC’s, PHD featuring Havoc from Mobb Deep, Flavor Unit featuring Queen Latifah, Spoonie Gee with The Treacherous Three feat. Kool Moe Dee, etc. Tuff City is pleased to present the best possible reissue program of Hip-Hop's first decade. These reissues were made as a tribute to Hip Hop’s 50th Anniversary. Each volume represents an important facet of performers on Tuff City: The Solo MC’s, The MC Crews, The DJ’s and The Female MC’s. Each volume features an inner sleeve with liner notes and bonus 7” insert. Each pressing consists of 750 on red vinyl and 750 of an opaque color specific to the volume (Yellow, Gold, Blue, Orange). A bonus 7” single is slipped in the cover encased in a Tuff City logo sleeve in the style of its iconic 12” singles. The series was also conceptualized as a multiset release to stand side by side with the classic Old School Rarities series (The Funky Drum Jams, The Electro Jams, The Linn Drum Jams & The Disco Jams) issued by our Ol’ Skool Flava imprint. The MC Crews starts with the innovative scratch legend from the Bronx, Grand Wizard Theodore with the Fantastic Romantic 5. The classic “Can I Get A Soul Clap?” features a live rhythm section. Spoonie Gee with the Treacherous Three (including Kool Moe Dee) is a relentless tour-de-force that popularized the freestyle concept. A much sought-after 1986 remix of the 1980 “High Power Rap” from The Crash Crew closes out the first side. New Jersey is well represented with “Flavor Unit Assassination Squad.” The Flavor Unit produced by 45 King features Lakim Shabazz, Lord Alibaski, Apache, Double J and Queen Latifah at the turn of the 90’s. The Undefeated Three represent the Grand Concourse section of the Bronx with “U-N-D-E-F-E-A-T-E-D.” The bonus single features PHD from Queensbridge with an appearance from Havoc from Mobb Deep. The flip side is a freestyle from Bed-Sty's Freddy B & The Mighty Mic Masters.

                                                                                                                            TRACK LISTING

                                                                                                                            1. Grand Wizard Theodore & The Fantastic Romantic 5-Can I Get A Soul Clap;
                                                                                                                            2. Spoonie Gee With The Treacherous Three-New Rap Language;
                                                                                                                            3. Crash Crew-High Powered Rap (Remix);
                                                                                                                            4. Flavor Unit Feat Queen Latifah-Flavor Unit Assasination Squad;
                                                                                                                            5. Undefeated Three-U-N-D-E-F-E-A-T-E-D;

                                                                                                                            Bonus 7" Single
                                                                                                                            A: PHD Feat Havoc-Set It Pt. 3;
                                                                                                                            B: Freddy B & The Mighty Mic Masters-Bed Stuy Freestyle

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