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All Trades: Volume One

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Emotional Response

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You can never really pin down what the excellent Emotional Repose label does and that is exactly the sinking behind the title of its superb All Trades show on NTS. The sheer eclecticism of that show is now reflected in this new two-part compilation, also called All Trades, which offers up little morsels of what they do, something like a sonic tasting menu at a fancy restaurant. There is chugging electronic dub from Apiento & Tepper, industrial clatter from Black Bones, cosmic ambient breakbeat from Paperclip Minimiser and blissed out dub from Yamila & SoFa Elsewhere amongst many more highlights.


Mine says: Oooof! Some seriously good selections on here that I cannot wait to listen to in full. Highly recommend!


Side 1
1. Apiento & Tepper - "606 Dog"
2. Other Lands - "The Old Ways"
3. Datasal - "Sea Palace"

Side 2
1. Black Bones - "Tipping Point"
2. Froid Dub - "Item By Item" (dub)
3. Paperclip Minimiser - "Planarian Wormhole"

Side 3
1. Cosmo Vitelli & Die Wilde Jagd - "Elixir"
2. Amy Denio - "Fresh Fish"
3. Exotic Gardens - "Soundwaves & Dark Caves"

Side 4
1. Yamila & SoFa Elsewhere - "Yo Tampoco"
2. Valentina Magaletti - "Radio77"
3. Ocean Moon - "Light Vibrations"

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