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Cosmosis: Journeys Into The Infinite

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Secrets Of Sound

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Secrets Of Sound sold out their first release in quick fashion and now they return with a second instalment in the Exotic Origins series, designed to take you a million light years away from your current reality and deep into the far depths of space with eight superbly cosmic explorations of ambient and downtempo magic. Italians Do It Better man Johnny Jewel kicks off with some sultry sax-laced sounds, David Lynch's musical partner Dean Hurley crushes on shimmering pads and Pye Corner Audio bring a little intergalactic tension. Elsewhere there are sugary synths from Legowelt, suspensory pads from TM Solver and plenty more to help you escape to another dimension. Add to that the fact it arrives on a random variety of different vinyl colours and comes with a download code, and you've got rather a nice package.


Mine says: Secrets Of Sound follow up 'The Last Resort: Balearic At The End Of Time' with another compilation showcasing a variety of new electronic sounds. SOS 001 didn't hang around long so don't snooze on this one!


Side 1
1. Johnny Jewel - Many Moons
2. Dean Hurley - Outlands
3. Pye Corner Audio - Jupiter Orbit 707
4. RAMZi - Existenz

Side 2
1. Legowelt - Nebia Vera Pelliccia
2. TM Solver - Serious Ambient (SOS Edit)
3. State Azure - Azimuth
4. Lord Of The Isles - Meet Me At The Portal

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