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Skip James

The Rough Guide To Skip James

    Skip James was a Delta blues enigma, whose mesmerizing guitar playing and haunting voice produced bluer than blue masterpieces. This beautifully re-mastered collection of his seminal 1931 recordings shows why his otherworldly blues cast its spell on many blues greats from Robert Johnson to Eric Clapton.
    Arguably the greatest of the original Delta blues guitarists with his mesmerizing and truly unique style. 'The Rough Guide To Skip James' highlights his diverse repertoire of songs ranging from deep, dark Delta blues to upbeat barrelhouse piano tunes and spirituals.


    Hard Time Killin’ Floor Blues
    I’m So Glad
    Drunken Spree
    If You Haven’t Any Hay Get On Down The Road
    Cherry Ball Blues
    Be Ready When He Comes
    Little Cow And Calf Is Gonna Die Blues
    Devil Got My Woman
    How Long “Buck”
    Jesus Is A Mighty Good Leader
    Cypress Grove Blues
    Illinois Blues
    22-20 Blues

    Various Artists

    The Rough Guide To Legends Of The Delta Blues

      This collection brings together six pioneering figures whose legacies encapsulate the very essence of the Delta blues - the cornerstone of American popular music and the bedrock of rock'n'roll.

      Like arrows through time, these seminal tracks belie the age in which they were recorded. Seminal recordings by six Mississippi Delta blues legends - Skip James, Tommy Johnson, Bukka White, Charley Patton, Willie Brown and Son House. Following on from the success of other blues titles in the Rough Guide range this is a must-have album for blues and guitar enthusiasts. All the tracks have been lovingly remastered using pioneering restoration techniques.


      Skip James - Devil Got My Woman
      Tommy Johnson - Cool Drink Of Water Blues
      Bukka White - Fixin' To Die Blues
      Charley Patton - It Won't Be Long
      Willie Brown - Future Blues
      Son House - My Black Mama - Part 1
      Skip James - I'm So Glad
      Tommy Johnson - Canned Heat Blues
      Bukka White - Shake 'Em On Down
      Charley Patton - I'm Goin' Home
      Willie Brown - M & O Blues
      Son House - Walkin' Blues

      Various Artists

      The Rough Guide To Chicago Blues

        With its roots in the Mississippi Delta, the Chicago blues exploded onto the scene in the late 1940s as an electrified and souped-up brand of blues.

        This Rough Guide features many pioneering artists including Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf and Little Walter, whose influence helped shape the future of rock music.

        An album which traces the development of the Chicago blues scene during its late 1940s/1950s heyday and presents some of the finest blues guitar tracks you will ever hear from the likes of Buddy Guy, Otis Rush and Earl Hooker. Also Includes tracks by Harmonica pioneers Little Walter and Sonny Boy Williamson II.

        Lovingly remastered using pioneering restoration techniques.


        Muddy Waters - I Can’t Be Satisfied
        Otis Rush - All Your Love (I Miss Loving)
        Billy Boy Arnold - I Wish You Would
        Howlin’ Wolf - Back Door Man
        Junior Wells - Messin’ With The Kid
        Buddy Guy - First Time I Met The Blues
        Sonny Boy Williamson II - Do It If You Wanta
        Earl Hooker - Blues In D Natural
        Little Walter - My Babe
        Jimmy Rogers - Chicago Bound
        Otis Spann With Robert Lockwood Junior - Take A Little Walk With Me
        Baby Face Leroy - Rollin’ And Tumblin’ (Part 1)
        Jimmy Reed - Big Boss Man
        Elmore James - The Sky Is Crying
        Bo Diddley - I’m A Man

        Various Artists

        The Roots Of Jazz

          From humble origins in New Orleans to its journey upriver to Chicago, this Rough Guide charts the 1920s “golden age” of jazz with classic tracks by legends such as Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington & Jelly Roll Morton as well as many other pioneering artists.

          Seminal recordings by trailblazing jazz artists who paved the way for what has become a global phenomenon. Includes the instrumental brilliance of soloists including Eddie Lang, Bix Beiderbecke and Earl Hines. Following on from the success of other American roots titles in the Rough Guide range, ‘The Rough Guide to the Roots of Jazz’ is the perfect overview of the emerging styles and key performers of early jazz on one album.

          Lovingly remastered using pioneering restoration techniques.


          King Oliver’s Creole Jazz Band - Dippermouth Blues
          Eddie Lang - Eddie’s Twister
          Jelly Roll Morton’s Red Hot Peppers - Doctor Jazz
          Earl Hines - I Ain’t Got Nobody And Nobody Cares For Me
          Freddie Keppard’s Jazz Cardinals - Salty Dog
          Frankie Trumbauer And His Orchestra - Way Down Yonder In New Orleans  Duke Ellington And His Orchestra - Black And Tan Fantasy 
          Louis Armstrong Orchestra - Muggles
          Original Dixieland Jazz Band - Tiger Rag
          James P. Johnson - Carolina Shout
          Bix Beiderbecke And His Gang - Ol’ Man River
          New Orleans Rhythm Kings - Bugle Call Blues
          Fats Waller - Muscle Shoals Blues
          Fletcher Henderson And His Orchestra - The Stampede

          Various Artists

          The Rough Guide To Blind, Black & Blue

            A unique compilation of tracks from blind blues musicians who left remarkable musical legacies in the face of incredible adversity. Featuring many legendary guitarists including Blind Blake, Reverend Gary Davis, Blind Willie McTell and Blind Willie Johnson

            A remarkable phenomenon in the history of the blues was the vast contribution made by blind musicians, whose legacy left a lasting impact on American music to this day. From ‘The Father Of The Texas Blues’ Blind Lemon Jefferson to slide guitar evangelist Blind Willie Johnson, this Rough Guide highlights the blind blues pioneers who, against all the odds and in the face of incredible adversity, were responsible for a musical revolution.

            The image of the blind bluesman is undoubtedly one of the most iconic and meaningful themes in the history of the blues. A diverse selection of tracks ranging from upbeat rags and gospel tunes to earthy blues. Highlighting the incredible contribution made by blind blues musicians that has left a lasting mark on the history of American music . Includes hidden gems by artists shrouded in mystery. Following on from the success of other blues titles in the Rough Guide range. A must-have album for blues guitar enthusiasts. Lovingly remastered using pioneering restoration techniques

            TRACK LISTING

            Blind Blake - He’s In The Jailhouse Now
            Teddy Darby - Lawdy Lawdy Worried Blues
            Blind Boy Fuller - Truckin’ My Blues Away No. 2 (Take 2)
            Blind Lemon Jefferson - See That My Grave Is Kept Clean
            Sonny Terry - Harmonica Stomp
            Blind Joe Reynolds - Third Street Woman Blues
            Blind Joe Taggart - Religion Is Something Within You
            Blind Willie McTell - Stomp Down Rider
            Reverend Gary Davis - The Angels Message To Me
            Willie Walker - South Carolina Rag (Take 2)
            Blind Willie Johnson - Nobody’s Fault But Mine
            Blind Roosevelt Graves - Crazy About My Baby
            Blind Gussie Nesbit - Pure Religion

            Various Artists

            The Rough Guide To The Roots Of The Blues

              Featuring the greatest names in early blues music including Blind Lemon Jefferson, Bessie Smith, Charley Patton and Ma Rainey. The perfect overview of the many different styles and key performers of early blues on one album. An incredibly diverse selection of tracks including bottleneck guitar, barrelhouse piano, classic songster tunes and vaudeville blues. An album which traces the development of blues music during its early recorded history of the 1920s. An unique insight into the first great wave of blues artists who remain an inspiration to this day.

              The first documented description of what we now recognise as the blues occurred in 1903 when the composer and musician W.C. Handy was waiting for a train at Tutwiler, Mississippi. He heard a man playing a guitar by pressing a knife against the strings and singing a song with the line, “Goin’ where the Southern cross the Dog”. Handy went on to become a great collector and populariser of the blues and was hugely influential in bringing this local folk music from the Mississippi Delta to public attention. Along with Bessie Smith, Ma Rainey spearheaded the 1920s “classic era” of recorded blues. Handy’s ‘St. Louis Blues’ were recorded in the mid-1920s heyday of the classic blues era, shortly before the female dominance of the genre was eclipsed by the rougher sound of the country blues. Likewise, many white musicians were heavily influenced by the blues including the ‘Father of Country Music’, Jimmie Rodgers whose yodel-infused blues became a prominent element of his music.

              There can be little doubt that the blues grew up in the Mississippi Delta as an elaboration on work chants, slave songs, and the lyrical and haunting field hollers. Unquestionably the most influential of all the blues forms, the Delta blues laid the foundations for what was to become rock and roll, with all roads leading to its father figure Charley Patton who served as a major influence on other legendary bluesmen who followed including Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters and Howlin’ Wolf. Along with the guitar, the piano came into its own in the barrelhouses, as roving musicians hammered out high-spirited tunes for the drinkers and dancers.

              TRACK LISTING

              Kansas Joe & Memphis Minnie - When The Levee Breaks
              Scrapper Blackwell - Kokomo Blues
              Ma Rainey - Stack O’Lee Blues
              Blind Blake - West Coast Blues
              Henry Thomas - Fishing Blues
              Memphis Jug Band - Stealin’, Stealin’
              Victoria Spivey - T.B. Blues
              Blind Lemon Jefferson - See That My Grave Is Kept Clean
              Cow Cow Davenport - Cow Cow Blues
              Blind Willie Johnson - Mother’s Children Have A Hard Time
              Dick Justice - Brown Skin Blues
              Bo Weevil Jackson - Devil And My Brown Blues
              Mississippi John Hurt - Got The Blues, Can’t Be Satisfied
              Hambone Willie Newbern - Roll And Tumble Blues
              Clarence “Pinetop” Smith - Pinetop’s Boogie Woogie
              Texas Alexander - Section Gang Blues
              Blind Willie McTell - Statesboro Blues
              Speckled Red - The Dirty Dozen
              Charley Patton - Screamin’ And Hollerin’ The Blues
              Jimmie Rodgers - Blue Yodel No. 1 (T For Texas)
              Bessie Smith - St. Louis Blues
              Papa Charlie Jackson - All I Want Is A Spoonful
              Weaver And Beasley - Bottleneck Blues
              Tampa Red & Georgia Tom - It’s Tight Like That - No. 2
              Tommy Johnson - Canned Heat Blues

              Various Artists

              The Rough Guide To Jug Band Blues

                By incorporating all manner of homemade instruments, jug bands were hugely popular in America during the 1920s and early 1930s. With an unparalleled vibrancy this ‘do it yourself’ and often overlooked approach to music was highly influential in the history of the blues. This LP set was lovingly remastered using pioneering restoration techniques.

                TRACK LISTING

                Memphis Sheiks - He’s In The Jailhouse Now
                Whistler & His Jug Band - The Jug Band Special
                Cannon’s Jug Stompers - Going To Germany
                Birmingham Jug Band - Giving It Away
                Earl McDonald’s Original Louisville Jug Band - Casey Bill
                Tampa Red’s Hokum Jug Band - It’s Tight Like That
                Carolina Peanut Boys - This Will Bring You Back
                Daddy Stovepipe & Mississippi Sarah - The Spasm
                Memphis Minnie And Her Jug Band - Grandpa And Grandma Blues
                King David’s Jug Band - What’s That Tastes Like Gravy
                Memphis Jug Band - Stealin’, Stealin’
                Jimmie Rodgers & The Louisville Jug Band - My Good Gal’s Gone Blues
                Picaninny Jug Band - Bottle It Up And Go
                Old Southern Jug Band - Blues, Just Blues, That’s All

                Various Artists

                The Rough Guide To Barrelhouse Blues

                  Named after the rough and ready bars where labourers gathered to drink and dance, barrelhouse was a raucous form of piano blues that got the juke joints swinging. From early pioneers such as Cow Cow Davenport and Speckled Red to the boogie-woogie legends Pete Johnson and Albert Ammons, this collection charts the rise and incredible influence of this good-time blues. A classic collection of up-beat piano blues originating from the ‘juke joints’ of the rural Southern States featuring many legendary blues pianists including Leroy Carr, Cripple Clarence Lofton and Montana Taylor.

                  TRACK LISTING

                  Speckled Red - The Dirty Dozen
                  Jimmy Yancey - Slow And Easy Blues
                  Cripple Clarence Lofton - Strut That Thing
                  Will Ezell - Heifer Dust
                  Walter Roland - Watcha Gonna Do?
                  Skip James - If You Haven’t Any Hay Get On Down The Road
                  Victoria Spivey - Hoodoo Man Blues
                  Cow Cow Davenport - Cow Cow Blues
                  Clarence “Pinetop” Smith - Pinetop’s Boogie Woogie
                  Meade Lux Lewis - Honky Tonk Train Blues
                  Pete Johnson & Albert Ammons - Barrelhouse Boogie
                  Montana Taylor - Detroit Rocks
                  Leroy Carr & Scrapper Blackwell - Barrelhouse Woman No.2

                  Blind Willie McTell

                  The Rough Guide To Blind Willie McTell

                    Blind Willie McTell was blessed with an exquisite voice and sublime talent for the twelve-string guitar. This collection highlights his diverse repertoire of songs ranging from ragtime and hokum to traditional blues and gospel. This LP edition includes a download card enabling you to download the full album as well as bonus Blind Willie McTell tracks.

                    The record includes classics such as “Southern Can Is Mine”, “Statesboro Blues”, “Georgia Rag” and “Broke Down Engine Blues”. ‘Nobody can sing the blues like Blind Willie McTell’ sang Bob Dylan in his 1983 heartfelt dedication to the Atlanta bluesman.

                    TRACK LISTING

                    Southern Can Is Mine
                    Broke Down Engine Blues
                    Stomp Down Rider
                    Love Changing Blues
                    Travelin’ Blues
                    Lay Some Flowers On My Grave
                    Statesboro Blues
                    Georgia Rag
                    Mama, ‘Tain’t Long Fo’ Day
                    Atlanta Strut
                    Lord, Send Me An Angel
                    Warm It Up To Me
                    God Don’t Like It

                    Various Artists

                    The Rough Guide To Hokum Blues

                      This Rough Guide presents classic recordings from the heyday of the hokum craze - collection of humorous songs which show a fun and racy side to the blues. Featuring many legendary country bluesmen including Blind Lemon Jefferson, Big Bill Broonzy, Blind Willie McTell and Charley Patton, plus by blues divas Bessie Smith, Ma Rainey and Memphis Minnie.

                      With its early minstrel show origins, hokum was a novelty style that showed a completely different side to the blues that was upbeat, salacious and light hearted. Its spicy style often made repeated and continual sexual references by using clever and subtle (but not always) innuendo. Its popularity would last through the 1930s and its influence has remained part of the blues ever since

                      Thelonious Monk

                      The Rough Guide

                        Thelonious Monk was one of the most innovative and idiosyncratic figures in jazz history. A true originator he collaborated with some of the finest jazz musicians of all time including John Coltrane, Sonny Rollins and Miles Davis. This compilation features many of Monk’s standards including “Blue Monk”, “Round Midnight” and “Straight No Chaser”.

                        Almost from the outset the pianist pursued a singular artistic vision as player and composer and played a key part in the birth of the music which emerged from New York City in the mid-1940s, which, with its new harmonic and rhythmic ideas, ultimately became known as bebop.

                        By the time of his passing in 1982 he’d long established a classic canon, many of which are included here and are a fitting tribute to Monk in 2017, his centennial year.

                        TRACK LISTING

                        Straight No Chaser
                        ‘Round Midnight
                        Criss Cross
                        Blue Monk
                        Brilliant Corners
                        Bemsha Swing
                        Little Rootie Tootie

                        Various Artists

                        The Rough Guide To Latin Rare Groove (Volume 1)


                          This is a 180 gram limited edition LP and includes a FREE download card allowing you to download the full album with bonus tracks.

                          TRACK LISTING

                          Nelson Y Sus Estrellas - Aguardiente Y Pollo
                          Federico Y Su Combo Latino - Todo El Mundo
                          Mario Allison Y Su Combo - Bamba Curé
                          Los Kenya - Esa Mujer
                          Gilberto Sextet - Do You Want To Be Free
                          Piper Pimienta Y Su Orquesta - Pensamiento
                          Spanglish Fly - My Shingaling Boy
                          Los Po - Boy
                          Citos - Estelita’s Boogaloo
                          Rumba Caliente - Papa Was A Rolling Stone
                          Rumba Caliente - Papa Fue
                          Ray Lugo - Yo Lo Que Quiero Es Vacilar

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