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An exciting one for the pre-'95 Glastonbury travellers scene, anyone who lived around Hulme Crescent post-XTC fallout and the free party crowds of the Peak District. South MCR and Snowdonia, "Space Out!" is a compilation of psychedelic dub, space rock, embryonic prog and danceable electronica created in the UK's festival scene between 1986 and 1996.

Curated by Belgian artist and producer DJ Athome (Front de Cadeaux) who has focussed on a loosely organized British musical movement born outta the free festivals in Stonehenge and now well known around the globe. It represented a continuation of the psychedelic spirit of the 60s, with altered states of consciousness, dub production techniques, non-Western influences as well as instruments featuring heavily, along with a desire to side-step mainstream venues, labels, and attitudes.

Musically, it took on many forms, from mind-expanding space rock to third eye-opening electronica to shattering psychedelic dub. Visually, the zines, cassettes, LPs, and CDs created by this scene also displayed heavy influences from 60's psychedelia, updated for the late 80s and early 90s.

This compilation is in equal amounts an introduction for newcomers and a confirmation for those who already know that this was without a doubt one of the trippiest and most compelling psychedelic musical movements of the last decades, notable for its hybridity, its sincerity, and above all its wonderfully life-changing effects for listeners and performers alike. Not mention the perfect symbiosis between synthesized chemicals, powerful soundsystems and electronic music.

The compilation is presented in 2LP format, along with a limited edition Riso printed scene which features a foreword by acclaimed philosopher Timothy Morton, along with liner notes by David Borsu, one of the key players of Liège's musical collectives in the 90s and illustrations by designer Andrew Beltran.


Matt says: Mega comp here for any closet crusties, techno-hippies, rave gremlins and free party fairies that populated the muddy fields and warehouses of the early 90s and beyond. I found this sound above the clouds and in the heather moorlands of the Peak District. But simultaneously there were regional variations, often dictated by the maverick and renegade soundsystem owners that powered the scene. The only thing that's missing here is a Suns of Arqa track!


A1. Eat Static - Kothluwalawa
A2. Magic Mushroom Band - Aravinda
A3. The Ullulators - Zulu Proons
B1. Ozric Tentacles - Secret Names
B2. Revolutionary Dub Warriors - Dread V1
B3. Junkwaffel - Substrata
C1. The Ullulators - Simply Conscious Dub
C2. Magic Mushroom Band - Squatter In The House
C3. Ozric Tentacles - Sploosh!
D1. Divine Soma Experience - Music Is Magic
D2. Extremadura - Epsilon

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