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Music For Swimming Pools Volume 1

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Music For Swimming Pools

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Music for Swimming Pools has put together their first-ever compilation here and it's a self-titled series that launches with Volume One. It's an assembly of their friends and label family members in with newly discovered gems. Some cuts are exclusive and some of them hint at projects to come, while some are making vinyl debuts. Pete Herbert kicks off with a seductive downbeat jam, Max Essa's 'Sacaton Skylines' is a new age delight and Gafas Du Soul lays down deep sunset house vibes on the gorgeous 'Embers' amongst many other highlights. A fine first collection for sure.


Side 1
1. Pete Herbert - Legzira Sunrise
2. Fabulous Lover - Note To Self
3. Uj Pa Gaz - Lulu (Pete Herbert Remix)
4. Gafas Du Soul - Embers
5. DSD - Canto Recanto

Side 2
1. Pete Herbert - Far Flung (Goldsuite Restring)
2. Fernando - Venus Banfield
3. Max Essa - Sacaton Skylines
4. Pete Herbert - South Seas (Rudys Midnight Machine Reprise)

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