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All Trades: Volume Two

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Emotional Response

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Emotional Response returns with a second volume of its All Trades compilation which is named after its own NTS show. It is just as vast both in terms of style but also the eras it spans with a mix of dub, new wave, slow motion electronics and plenty in between. Tolouse Low Trax kicks off with the filthy dirty and seriously heavy dub glitch of 'Ossia' to provide an early highlight before the likes of Al Wootton get percussive and tribal with 'Altai' and HLM38 channels some African Head Charge on another devastating dub cut. Later on, London's Good Block brings a little more light and sunshine with their lovely 'Strong Relax.'


Mine says: I love a good compilation and Emotional Response deliver not one but two great ones in one go. This one's definitely more on the dubbier side so if that's your jam then don't snooze!


Side 1
1. Tolouse Low Trax - "Ossia Dub"
2. T Woc - "Luminescence"
3. Al Wootton - "Altai"

Side 2
1. Iro Aka - "Generations"
2. HLM38 - "Mystery Train Riddim"
3. Jamie Paton - "Lost Margins"

Side 3
1. Good Block - "Strong Relax"
2. While My Sequencer Gently Bleeps - "Ready"
3. Anatolian Weapons - "Mountain Echoes"

Side 4
1. Shelter - "The Four Knights" (dub)
2. Zongamin - "GGANTIJA"
3. Akulina - "Waiting"

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