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Gonzo Goa II - Party Music 86’- 93’

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Sound Migration

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A continuation of the extensive research project initiated last year between Sound Metaphors, Transmigration and surviving eye-witness/historian Ray Castle. An in depth analysis of the dancefloor landscape that developed in Goa during the 80s' and early 90's well before "Trance" became the unfortunate dirty word it is today. Before "trance" was even a genre, Goa was brewing a scene with unparalleled aesthetics, with a constant influx of dedicated collectors and DJs coming and going to this tropical underground dancefloor haven, filtering through vast amounts of emerging electronic music of the times and distilling only the finest of "Special Goa Music". Here is another compilation of our chosen most impactful tracks that would have been soundtrack to a very special and pure moment of freedom in dancefloor culture before the bastardisation of what we now know as "Goa Trance". A highly sought after selection of New Beat, Proto Techno, early Progressive/Trance, Industrial, EBM and House Music. Featuring photographs of the events presented in a double LP gatefold with poster and liner notes by Ray Castle himself. Re-mastered at Manmade mastering in Berlin. A generous body of research essential to any well rounded record collection.


A1. Shikasta - Self Indulgence
A2. Dance 2 Trance - Freaks
A3. Smoke Machine - It's Anything You Want It To Be, And It's A Gas 
B1. Eden Transmission - I'm So High
B2. Fatal Error - Fatal Error
B3. Scarecrow - ROE
C1. Industrial - The Gauntlet
C2. Eat Static - Almost Human Abduction Mix
C3. Pulse 8 - Radio Morocco (Mix 2 Youth Dub Mix)
D1. HNO3 - Doughnut Dollies
D2. Digital Connection - Heatwave (Hotter Mix)
D3. Axel F - Geronimo (Special Instrumental Mix)

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