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Mark Seven's Parkway label presents its first compilation to date - eight exclusive hot jams from studios of the producer's that have defined this highly refined label over the last thirteen years.

Operating out of Stockholm and curated by DJ and producer Mark Seven, Parkway has been instrumental in showcasing the best of modern boogie and new, proto-house leaning productions with that Zanzibar-era aesthetic. Much like Star Creature, Red Laser and People's Potential Unlimited, there's a strong identity and character running through all the releases on the label - these aren't simply pastiche retro-fetishes; instead his small roster of artists have all had similar sonic goals in mind - characterized by the use of vintage drum boxes, rolling percussion, sampled vox, mid-tempo grooves and big, squelchy, analogue b-lines. You just know its a Parkway production within the first 16 bars and this pedigree is demonstrated beautiful on this V/A long player. Highly recommended! 


Matt says: Killer comp from one of the great modern hubs of boogie and proto-house sounds - Parkway. After steadily carving out its sound over the last decade or so, it's great to see its gilded roster in all its glory with not a single duff track across the eight on offer. Mark Seven and friends - we doft our cap!


A1. Drivetyme - FM Jamming
A2. The Whole Truth - Falling
A3. Charley Kelly - You Gave Me Love
A4. T-Kutt - Whatt U Say
B1. Trey Risqué - Search The Nite
B2. Parkway Rhythm - Keep Reachin'
B3. Parkwerks - Inherit Dub
B4. The Whole Truth - Believe (Purple Mix)

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