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Kicking Dust : The Goa Way, A Full Circle Compilation

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This beautifully packaged compilation includes liner notes by Tom Colebrooke and excerpts from Tom and Alexis’ interview of Mike Maguire, one of the pioneers of Goa trance. Check the liner notes for more info about the early Goa history!

A little town in India, which was a haven to a bunch of hippie outcasts, was throwing outdoor parties since the day those freaks put their flag down. What was once a gathering around live music blew up into a rave as electronic music started to appear, paving the way to what would eventually become Goa trance.

Full Circle, the duo of Alexis Le-Tan and Joakim, started 10 years ago when Alexis accidentally discovered that some of his old Goa trance records he was about to sell sounded great when played at the wrong speed: 33rpm instead of 45rpm. He called his long-time friend and collaborator Joakim to work on edits of those tracks that became the sound signature of this DJ duo - a slow, heavy and trippy sound that would eventually infiltrate the fringes of the underground club scene via like-minded DJs such as Vladimir Ivkovic, Jane Fitz, Ivan Smagghe and many more.

10 years later and a bunch of releases and remixes behind them, Full Circle decided to tell the story of how this Goa sound came to life. At a time when Trance has made a major comeback and infiltrated many sub-genres of club music, it felt right to look back at where it all started - going full circle, when the seeds of tripped out dance music were being sown.

After all, there are countless compilations about Balearism, the Italian Cosmic scene, The Loft, The Paradise Garage etc but none about the roots of this Goa sound (except for the "Gonzo Goa" compilation, also released this month! - Ed).

This is a compilation of the best tunes played by the pioneer Goa DJs like Laurent, Goa Gil, Mike Maguire amongst others, between the late 80s and early 90s. Proto-house, new beat, early techno, industrial, with a distinct psychedelic tone, a few arpeggios here and there, acid lines, chopped up vocals, all elements of what would later constitute a genre of its own.


Front Line Assembly - Enemy Number One
Joi - A Desert Storm
Agrumh. - Petite Fugue
Clock Dva - Sound Mirror
A2l - Come On
Van Belle - Dreams Final Dance
Syntech - Discontented
Cccp - Orient Express Pogo Mix
Cabaret Voltaire - Here To Go Little Dub
Bleep - Mr Barth In The Sahara
3 Times 6 - You Can Run Razormaid Mix

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