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Fontaines D.C.


    Fontaines D.C. announce details of their highly-anticipated fourth album, Romance. Romance is the band’s first album with producer James Ford and is without doubt their most assured, inventive and sonically adventurous record yet. It’s set to build on the success of the Dublin-made, now London-based band’s acclaimed 2022 album Skinty Fia, which reached number 1 in the UK and Irish album charts and saw the band receiving a host of accolades including “International Group of the Year” at the 2023 BRIT Awards.

    Heralding Fontaines D.C.’s latest creative (r)evolution is the explosive lead single “Starburster”. Inspired by a panic attack lead singer Grian Chatten suffered in London’s St Pancras station, the song is punctuated by sharp feral intakes of breath. Its propulsive beat and unrelenting lyrics establish self-destruction as fantasy before a brief moment of sobering clarity when the drums fall away and Chatten moves from spitting, almost-rap into an almost-psalm, his baritone rich and dreamy. It’s accompanied by a cinematic music video from director Aube Perrie (Megan Thee Stallion, Harry Styles, The Hives) that captures the song’s cathartic intensity to brilliant effect.

    Romance is Fontaines D.C.s most ambitious, expansive record yet, its 11 tracks constellating ideas that have been percolating among Grian Chatten (vocals), Carlos O’Connell (guitar), Conor Curley (guitar), Conor Deegan (bass), and Tom Coll (drums) since they released Skinty Fia in 2022. These ideas crystalised while touring the U.S. and Mexico with Arctic Monkeys as the five band members shared music and found a throughline with artists that deftly build out their own sprawling creative worlds: the attitude and aesthetic sheen of artists like Shygirl and Sega Bodega, the bolshy sonic palettes of hip hop and heavy metal, Mos Def, A$AP Ferg, OutKast and Korn. They had time apart to build more singular visions for what future music could be: O’Connell went to Spain’s Castile-La Mancha and later became a new father, while Chatten spent time in LA, and Deegan in Paris. They laid deeper roots in London. Each member spent time pushing their boundaries – experimental riffs, chord progressions, and far-flung lyrical references without intentions for a record. After wrapping up the US arena tour in Autumn 2023, they spent a month writing together again, three weeks of pre-production in a North London studio, and a month in a chateau close to Paris, sleeping among studio equipment, completely immersed.

    Of the album’s title, Conor Deegan says, “We’ve always had this sense of idealism and romance. Each album gets further away from observing that through the lens of Ireland, as directly as (Mercury Prize-nominated debut) Dogrel. The second album (the GRAMMY-nominated A Hero’s Death) is about that detachment, and the third (Skinty Fia) is about Irishness dislocated in the diaspora. Now we look to where and what else there is to be romantic about.”

    Expounding on the theme, Chatten recalls Katsuhiro Ôtomo’s anime Akira, where the embers of love develop despite a maelstrom of technological degradation and political corruption around its characters. “I’m fascinated by that - falling in love at the end of the world,” he says. “The album is about protecting that tiny flame. The bigger armageddon looms, the more precious it becomes,” while O’Connell adds “This record is about deciding what’s fantasy – the tangible world, or where you go in your mind. What represents reality more? That feels almost spiritual for us.”

    The sonic evolution of the band, who bared their teeth in early records with antagonistic punk sensibilities, is an ascent into grungier breaks, dystopian electronica, hip-hop percussion, and dreamy Slowdive-esque textures that may surprise fans. The shoegaze touchpoints first pressed on Skinty Fia unfold on Romance like a purpling bruise. But any “retro aesthetic”, as Chatten describes it, is left behind. Reflecting on the impending release, Chatten says, “We say things on this record we’ve wanted to say for a long time. I never feel like it's over, but it’s nice to feel lighter.” The fantasy is felt for better or worse, and Fontaines D.C. welcome either end of oblivion.


    1. Romance
    2. Starburster
    3. Here's The Thing
    4. Desire
    5. In The Modern World
    6. Bug
    7. Motorcycle Boy
    8. Sundowner
    9. Horseness Is The Whatness
    10. Death Kink
    11. Favourite

    Alex Kassian's extended rendition of E2–E4 promises a 12-minute electronic odyssey, tailor-made for diverse dancefloors from it’s spiritual home Ibiza and beyond. On the flip side, Mad Professor embarks on a club-oriented version excursion, a rare gem in its own right. This reimagining breathes new life into the classic, offering fresh perspectives for music aficionados everywhere. Hot tip for release of the Summer!


    A1. E2–E4
    B1. E2–E4 (Mad Professor’s Qantas Crazy Remix)

    Personal Trainer

    Still Willing

      If you like pop music to keep you on your toes, Amsterdam’s Personal Trainer provide that service fulsomely on their second album. Essentially the project of Willem Smit (working with co-producer/collaborator Casper van der Lans) on record and a band live, Personal Trainer showed a facility for DIY indie-pop exuberance and experiment in sync with 2022’s debut, Big Love Blanket. Now signed to Bella Union, Willem returns re-energised with Still Willing, a multi-faceted album of shining contrasts and spry melodies, bursting arrangements and subliminal sounds, playful lyrics and self-reflection: in short, a pop album executed with dynamism, vim and charm.

      As Willem says, this is a record fuelled by its extremes: sometimes energetic and loud, sometimes quiet and thoughtful, always full of hidden pleasures. “When I listen to the records I make, the main thing I hope is that every time something happens on them, you’re like, ‘Wow.’ I like to be taken by surprise like that on a record, to kind of be thrown around.”

      Those surprises start at the beginning, where ‘Upper Ferntree Gully’ shows a dreamy side to Personal Trainer before choppy, chunky riffs and electronics take over. Meanwhile, Willem’s anchoring imprint is ever-present: he prefers not to dissect his lyrics, but the title nod to his mother’s birthplace in Australia and opening recording of her voice seed a spirit of warmth and intimacy in the record – the personal in Personal Trainer, perhaps.

      In a sharp left-turn, ‘I Can be Your Personal Trainer’ follows with a buoyant swing. The album proceeds with that duality in mind, always Smit’s work yet always fresh, always seeking. In Willem’s description, ‘Cyan’ is “a weird, happy pop track”, chivvied onwards by contributor Nick Bolland’s sax and leavened by vocal contributions from Dutch alt-pop singer Lena Hessels. “With most of this one I was trying to make myself laugh or at least smile,” says Willem. “And then I started to really like it. Somewhere along the process I found something like honesty or something beautiful in it.”

      Elsewhere, there’s strutting rock in ‘Round’ and vulnerability in ‘New Bad Feeling’. ‘Intangible’ issues another gearshift, erupting from a rising synth line into spry indie-funk pop, where Willem’s innate melodic instincts light the way into uncharted territory for Personal Trainer. As Willem explains, “I tried to make a song that is something I wouldn’t normally do and experiment with that. I like how it turned out because it’s also probably one of the first instances where I had the chorus first and the other parts later, which rarely happens.”

      The plangent sensitivity of ‘Testing the Alarm’ adds playful wordplay (“lallygag in shrubbery”) before live favourite ‘You Better Start Scrubbing’ arrives on album in a joyously abrasive blast of no-wave vigour, its glorious shout-along chorus aided by guest vocals from three members of Dutch alt-rock quintet The Klittens. Finally, ‘What Am I Supposed to Say about the People and their Ways’ signs the album off on a wryly humble note, Willem upholding an inquisitive mindset over the modern bleat of “bleeping know-it-alls”.

      Witty, welcoming and winningly melodic, Still Willing is the sound of an instinctive DIY-pop musician favouring think-on-your-feet exploration and intuition over know-it-all premeditation. Willem’s initial intent was to record the album as if live, but he realised that his chemistry with Casper would not be denied. “I felt that we had grown and built a language together. We don’t have to say a lot, but we understand each other well. There was a lot less like trying out stuff and taking stuff away compared to the last one, because it felt like we were on the same wavelength.”

      As for how they work together, says Willem, the songs and sounds are assembled in detailed increments. “I write the songs and record most of the stuff, like kind of the skeleton, and then we record drums together. That’s the first step, most of the time. From there, we build. I don’t know much about compressors or weird effects. But Casper knows a lot about that and is really enthusiastic. If I want some part to work better, he’s like, ‘Oh, yeah, I have an idea for that.’ And there were times when I would say, ‘Do you feel like playing this part?’ And he just plays it.”

      Recorded between home and – says Willem – “places that don’t cost much to record at”, the result is a DIY pop album brimming with ideas and colour. Whereas Big Love Blanket’s experimental sounds included a celery stick snapping, Still Willing features floorboards, doors closing and “no-input mixing”. Alongside Hessels and The Klittens, contributors include drummer Kick Kluiving and (for half of the songs) bassist Ruben van Weegberg, also Willem’s bandmate in the band Canshaker Pi, who numbered Stephen Malkmus among their producers. Most of the percussion comes from Kilian Kayser, and discreet sounds are served by Abel Tuinstra and Otto de Jong.

      Willem is the epicentre of the band, which originated from impromptu and exhilarating live shows featuring ever-shifting members of different local bands sharing a bustling stage. The live line-up has solidified somewhat but Willem still welcomes the contrast with his recorded work: “When I make the record, it’s me calling the shots. But I can’t tell everyone exactly what to do every second when we’re on stage. There’s, like, shakers flying around or instruments being thrown all over the place, so I don’t have the capacity to control that. And that’s really exciting to me.”

      Big Love Blanket harnessed that energy in 10 excitable pop songs, bright and bracing. Acclaim from Steve Lamacq, Marc Riley, Mojo, Clash, DIY Mag and others followed. Support slots with BC Camplight in 2023 were joyfully received, as was a tour for Independent Venues Week with The Klittens and Real Farmer. Personal Trainer have notched up many festival visits, too, including stop-offs at the End of the Road, Wilderness and The Great Escape. In December 2023, an EP featuring the tracks ‘The Feeling’ (all nine minutes of it) and ‘Babyolifantjes’ (translated: baby elephants) also emerged, recorded with a view to capturing the band’s live form. Soon, Smit and his bandmates will showcase that form with summer festivals including Green Man, Deershed, Truck Festival and Lowlands.

      Meanwhile, Still Willing arrives as a fervid expression of Willem’s home-recording and studio methods, tethered to inviting pop instincts and rich with the fertile promise of more to come. Willem doesn’t want to tell you what or how to think about the album but, he says, “It would be awesome if people like it and buy the record, so that I can make another one.” On the strength of Still Willing, he’s fit for the long distance.


      Side A:
      1. Upper Ferntree Gully
      2. I Can Be Your Personal Trainer
      3. Cyan
      4. Round
      5. New Bad Feeling

      Side B:
      1. Intangible
      2. Testing The Alarm
      3. Still Willing
      4. You Better Start Scrubbing
      5. What Am I Supposed To Say And Their Ways

      Various Artists

      Down To The Sea & Back: Volume Tres. The Continuing Journey Of The Balearic Beat - Compiled By Balearic Mike & Kelvin Andrews

        After a 10-year hiatus, Balearic Mike and Kelvin Andrews return to continue the journey of the Balearic Beat with another edition of their distinguished Down To The Sea And Back compilation series, presenting a formidable new set of rare and obscure records.

        With Vols. 1 and 2, the well loved duo showed us that not only are they serious collectors but chroniclers of a scene, assembling lost gems and unheard marvels into Balearic mythology. Reaping, along the way, accolades such as Piccadilly Records’ Compilation of the Year, and featured on Lauren Laverne’s BBC6 Music show. For Vol. Tres, Mike and Kelvin team up with Copenhagen-based Music For Dreams label – themselves no strangers to the Balearic archives. The compilation features 16 tracks, every selection accompanied by an essential background story in the liner notes of the gatefold vinyl and CD booklet.

        As fellow comrade and beloved friend Luke Una puts it: “From Greek acid folk, Balearic bossa, outsider pop and electronic chug, to cosmic machine soul, majestic songs, odd numbers, proto-techno new wave to dubbed out 5am technoid, bass buggin deepness and ethereal outer-space Detroit via San Francisco. This album is a story. A story from the heart, with over three decades digging and grafting in the trenches. In a world of faux, pastiche, counterfeit and aggrorhythm fakes, it oozes a wholesome intuitive authenticity. Majestic songs, odd numbers, cosmic dreaming and late night astral travelling as we all hold on together.” 


        A1 Josete Ordonez - Objetos Perdidos (Dagobert Böhm Version)
        A2 Robert Williams - I Believe You're The One
        A3 Lee Ryda - Electro Eyes
        A4 Francisco - Heal Yourself
        B1 Vidderna - Villfarelser
        B2 Meo - Cikuana
        B3 The Emperor Machine - Dying By Wits (Original Mix)
        B4 Tri Atma - Yummy Moon (Long Version)
        B5 Pressure Drop - Unify /Rip Up (instrumental)
        C1 Enzo Carella - Malamore
        C2 Ad Vissar & Daniel Sahuleka - Giddyap A Gogo
        C3 Le Couleur - Underage (Original Mix)
        C4 Sunshine Jones - Fall In Love Not In Line (Extended Vocal Version)
        D1 Car Crash Set - Fall From Grace
        D2 Len - Steal My Sunshine (Version Idjut)
        D3 Mcraft - She Sells Sanctuary

        Various Artists

        Do You Have The Force? Volume 2 - Jon Savage's Alternate History Of Electronica 1978-82

          Jon Savage's second eclectic voyage through Post-Punk era Electronic music, Disco, Experimental & Proto-Techno 1978-82.

          Re-mastered with care & attention from the very best available audio sources for maximum listening pleasure..

          This compilation is selected and curated by renowned cultural commentator, writer and film-maker Jon Savage. Amongst many highly revered projects Jon has produced the definitive work on Punk Rock in “England's Dreaming” and the documentary & book “Teenage” The Creation of Youth, 1875 - 1945. He is also the biographer of Joy Division & author of the top 10 Sunday Times best seller "This Searing Light, The Sun & Everything Else" The Oral History Of Joy Division in 2019. His new book The Secret Public: How LGBTQ Resistance Shaped Popular Culture (1955-1979) is published in in 2024.


          A1 Dee D. Jackson-Automatic Lover 4:07
          A2 Telex - Moscow Diskow (Original 12" Version) - 5"20
          A3 Soft Machine - Soft Space 8"56
          B1 Qondile-African Dawn 2"54
          B2 Gaz Nevada - I.C. Love Affair 6"30 (Original 12" Mix Version)
          B3 I Signori Della Galassia - Archeopterix 4"00
          B4 Cerrone - La Secte De Marrakech Suite 4"33
          C1 John Foxx-Burning Car 3”15
          C2 Thomas Leer & Robert Rental – Monochrome Days 4”01
          C3 Cabaret Voltaire-Red Mask 6”54
          C4 Caution – UFO 5"30 (Original 12" Mix Version)
          D1 Martin Rev - Nineteen 86 4"36
          D2 Pascal Comelade - Sequence 1 2"55
          D3 The Flying Lizards - An Age 2"31
          D4 Throbbing Gristle - Beachy Head 3"39
          D5 Terminal City -Mugin For Unknown 5”40

          Causa Sui

          From The Source

            On ”From The Source”, Causa Sui's first new studio album in four years, the band has created some of their most ambitious music ever – simultaneously travelling through the sonic landscapes that has come to define the group's sound and pushing towards new horizons.

            With the four bandmember’s ties to jazz, experimental and ambient music, Causa Sui is something of an anomaly in the ever-growing European psychedelic rock scene. Always following their own path. Never before has the group's wide ranging influences been more meticulously weaved together as on ”From The Source”, from groovy Zamrock and electric jazz to floating post-rock, Sabbath riffage and hypnotic kosmische. The album was recorded during months of sessions in their own studio, refining each part gradually through intense explorations, yet keeping room for improvisation and favouring “magic” takes over clinical perfection. The temperament of the music spans white-iron hot & sub-zero chilled with every ebb and flow in between. Dynamic range has always been central to Causa Sui but on this set the band explores it to a new degree - every track twists and turns, seamlessly leading the listener down unpredictable paths. The pinnacle of the album, and arguably of the band's singular ethos in general, is the sidelong odyssey, ”Visions of a New Horizon” - a 24 minute suite in seven parts. An appropriate closing monument on the album that marks the 20th anniversary of the band this year.

            TRACK LISTING

            Sorcerer's Disciple
            Dusk Dwellers
            The Spot
            Visions Of A New Horizon

            The The


              The The’s first studio album of new songs in a quarter century!

              The 12 songs on Ensoulment encompasses characteristic topics ranging from love & sex, war & politics, life & death – to the meaning of what it is to be human in the 21st century.

              Singer-songwriter Matt Johnson is joined by long-standing THE THE members James Eller (bass), DC Collard (keyboards), Earl Harvin (drums), and Barrie Cadogan (lead guitar). The album also marks the return of co-producer and engineer Warne Livesey, who previously worked on landmark THE THE albums Infected (1986) and Mind Bomb (1989). Additional performances include Gillian Glover (backing vocals), Terry Edwards (horns), Sonya Cullingford (fiddle) and Danny Cummings (percussion).

              TRACK LISTING

              SIDE A
              1. Cognitive Dissident
              2. Some Days I Drink My Coffee By The Grave Of William Blake
              3. Zen & The Art Of Dating

              SIDE B
              4. Kissing The Ring Of POTUS
              5. Life After Life
              6. I Want To Wake Up With You

              SIDE C
              7. Down By The Frozen River
              8. Risin’ Above The Need
              9. Linoleum Smooth To The Stockinged Foot

              SIDE D
              10. Where Do We Go When We Die?
              11. I Hope You Remember (The Things I Can’t Forget)
              12. A Rainy Day In May

              Los Campesinos!

              All Hell

                The UK’s first and only emo band Los Campesinos! return with their highly-anticipated seventh album, ‘All Hell’. It is perhaps their most ambitious and assured album yet, whilst simultaneously recalling everything we’ve come to love about LC! over their faultless discography. Recorded between October 2023 and February 2024, it is the first album to be wholly self-produced by band member Tom Bromley (having co-produced previous albums ‘Sick Scenes’ and ‘NO BLUES’). The album is also self-released on the band’s own Heart Swells record label.

                In the band’s words ‘All Hell’ is an album about…
                Drinking for fun and drinking for misery // adult acne // adult friendship // football // death and dying // love and sex // late-stage capitalism // Orpheus // day dreaming // night terrors // the heart as an organ and as a burden // Tears of the Kingdom // the punks on the playlist // increments of time // climate apocalypse // the moon the moon the moon///

                Los Campesinos! have become one of the most important and influential cult acts in the UK since they formed in the mid-2000s. Starting out in the Cardiff indie scene and soundtracking Budweiser adverts, the seven-piece’s musical evolution since then has been slow, steady and remarkable. From the frenzied chaos of debut album ‘Hold On Now, Youngster…’ (2008) through 2010 breakthrough ‘Romance is Boring’ and the self-mythologising of latter day highlights ‘NO BLUES’ (2013) and ‘Sick Scenes’ (2017), their discography is an interconnected web of niche references, big swings and unflinching honesty.

                Making self-professed sleeper hits for weeping dipshits, they’re as influenced by The Beautiful South as they are US emo, with emotional intensity and connection always at the core. Their lyrics are a treasure trove of football references, tales of romantic woe and painfully frank exorcisms, which have been tattooed across hundreds of fans’ bodies and served as comfort and insight during that break-up you had (there’s a reason the band’s tagline is “your ex-girlfriend’s favourite band”).

                Now with the release of ‘All Hell’, Los Camp! approach their third decade as a band more brilliant, more potent and more vital than ever.

                TRACK LISTING

                Side A:
                A1 The Coin-Op Guillotine 04:19
                A2 Holy Smoke (2005) 02:56
                A3 A Psychic Wound 04:02
                A4 I. Spit; Or, A Bite Mark In The Shape Of The Sunflower State 01:24

                Side B:
                B1 Long Throes 04:19
                B2 Feast Of Tongues 05:02
                B3 The Order Of The Seasons 03:57
                B4 II. Music For Aerial Toll House 00:52

                Side C:
                C1 To Hell In A Handjob 04:11
                C2 Clown Blood/Orpheus’ Bobbing Head 03:57
                C3 Kms 02:35
                C4 III. Surfing A Contrail 00:39

                Side D:
                D1 Moonstruck 03:28
                D2 0898 HEARTACHE 05:16
                D3 Adult Acne Stigmata 02:54


                Viva Hinds

                  Beloved Spanish indie rockers Hinds are back with their utterly triumphant fourth album, VIVA HINDS. Written by the band’s co-founders, co-vocalists, co-guitarists and co-songwriters Carlotta Cosials and Ana Perrote, it features their first-ever fully Spanish language songs, as well as first collaborations with the likes of Beck and Fontaines D.C.’s GrianChatten. Recorded in rural France, the album was produced by Pete Robertson (Beabadoobee), engineered by the GRAMMY-nominated Tom Roach, and mixed by GRAMMY-winning engineer Caesar Edmunds (The Killers, Wet Leg).

                  Shortly after the band made their debut ten years ago, they hit what felt like an insurmountable obstacle – they had to change their name from Deers to Hinds for legal reasons. But, as their fans began to greet them at shows by cheering “¡VIVA HINDS!”, the band soon realized that what initially felt like an ending was actually just the beginning. Fast forward to 2023, and VIVA HINDS was written by Cosials and Perrote after a series of endings. They hit a creative rut after releasing their 2020 album The Prettiest Curse, and their bassist and drummer devastatingly decided to leave the band. They also split with their management team, lost touring revenue due to lockdowns, and were without a label for the first time. But when Perrote and Cosials got together to write again it became clear that their connection, one so special that they call themselves “millionaires in friendship,” would be all they needed to get them through. VIVA HINDS – the most accomplished, sonically adventurous, honest and celebratory record of Hinds’ career – is only the beginning.

                  TRACK LISTING

                  1. Hi, How Are You
                  2. The Bed, The Room, The Rain And You
                  3. Boom Boom Back
                  4. Stranger
                  5. Superstar
                  6. Mala Vista
                  7. On My Own
                  8. Coffee
                  9. En Forma
                  10. Bon Voyage

                  Warrington-Runcorn New Town Development Plan

                  Your Community Hub

                    Warrington-Runcorn New Town Development Plan's new album, Your Community Hub, compellingly continues his sonic exploration of the New Towns movement. The issues the councillors, planners, and architects set out to solve still resound and echo throughout society.

                    For the latest instalment in this unique project, Gordon Chapman-Fox turns his laser eye to focus on Community and the Community Centres that populated Warrington and Runcorn in order to provide all the facilities people needed within a five minute walk from their home. These planning ideas predated the current discussions of fifteen minute cities by fifty years.

                    Those 50 years have seen a decline in our community centres and services: handy access to a GP or dentist, Post Offices, youth clubs, local shops, banking and much more. Successive governments have undermined and eroded those basic services. The decline in community services has also been matched with a decline in community and shared experiences with a knock-on effect on the population's health and well-being. The disastrous austerity policies imposed over the last 15 years have exacerbated this long, slow reduction in available spaces for people to meet and communicate, with seemingly no recognition of the societal impact that causes. Short-termism at the expense of the community and how we live our lives.

                    Margaret Thatcher's statement that "there is no such thing as society" has been taken as a mission statement by successive Conservative governments who have aimed to remove as much support and communality from the citizens as possible. It continues now, the wrong-headed idea that everyone can be left to fend for themselves.

                    Chapman-Fox's latest album decries the cruelty of where we find ourselves in 2024 and his quiet incandescence about the loss of optimism for what communities should be and could be. It's his most powerful work, and as always, it will deeply resonate with those who tune in to his unique vision and unparalleled productions.

                    As ever, beautifully packaged and designed by Gordon, the album artwork features photographs from the archive of the architect Peter Garvin, which was kindly provided by his son Richard Garvin. The photographs show Peter's work on the Castlefield Community Centre, a sleek modernist structure clad in white ceramic tiles.

                    TRACK LISTING

                    1. A Shared Sense Of Purpose 
                    2. Rapid Transport Links 
                    3. Cul-de-Sac 
                    4. Summer All Year Round 
                    5. Facilities For All Ages 
                    6. Pedestrian Shopping Deck 
                    7. A New Town With An Old Sense Of Community



                      “I want it to feel like you’re right there in the room with us.” And in 10 songs and 40 minutes, Wunderhorse capture the raw power and energy that has set them apart as one of the most formidable live acts of recent years. With rugged hooks, unfiltered noise, and fierce melodic sensitivity, ‘Midas’ rips up the script of traditional second albums and establishes the band as an endlessly addictive and rousing generational talent.

                      In late 2022, the release of their debut album ‘Cub’ saw singles ‘Purple’ and ‘Leader of the Pack’ dominate radio airwaves. Landmark performances filling Glastonbury’s Woodsies Tent (FKA John Peel Stage) and selling out London’s Kentish Town Forum months in advance were followed by tours with Pixies and Fontaines D.C., signalling the band’s arrival as one of the most prominent and exciting new guitar acts in the UK.

                      With Grammy Award-winning producer Craig Silvey (The Rolling Stones, The National, Florence + The Machine) on board for their sophomore record, the band looked to do something different. Their goal – in the very same studio that Nirvana put ‘In Utero’ to tape and PJ Harvey recorded the Mercury Prize-nominated ‘Rid of Me’ – was to push themselves outside of their comfort zones.

                      “There’s absolutely no faking on this record,” ends Slater, “it's not supposed to be perfect; it’s supposed to be a snapshot, even if it is a bit of an ugly portrait. That's how it was then, and that's how you're gonna see it.” And it sounds like you’re right there in the room with them.

                      TRACK LISTING

                      1. Midas
                      2. Rain
                      3. Emily
                      4. Silver
                      5. Arizona
                      6. Superman
                      7. July 
                      8. Cathedrals
                      9. Girl
                      10. Aeroplane

                      Crack Cloud

                      Red Mile

                        Crack Cloud has always been something beyond a rock band: both profound and grand, vaporous and elusive.

                        The first iteration of Crack Cloud was formed nearly a decade ago as a proxy-rehab outlet on the fringes of Calgary. Over time, two EPs and accompanying visual pieces were produced out of the residence known as Red Mile. By 2017, several members had relocated to Vancouver, working out of harm reduction centers and low-barrier shelters. Sobriety, self-reformation and the idealism of their work further formed an ethos for Crack Cloud. It was during these years that the band produced their astounding 2020 album ‘Pain Olympics’. At once, their vision became expansive, cinematic.

                        Now, ‘Red Mile’ is a bit of a homecoming. Members have returned to Calgary. But Calgary/home has become a liminal space, a place of flux. After a decade of personal and collective growth, what does home even mean? ‘Red Mile’ is, for them, something like samsara: a return and a rebirth.

                        ‘Red Mile’’s sound breathes expansive energy into the circuitous, street bound sonics of Crack Cloud’s prior material. Fizzling synths intertwine with chiming pianos. Songs layer like Russian nesting dolls; one may find a Ramones chorus set within a desolate Western prog soundtrack only to watch it erupt into a joyous anthem. Real-ass guitars — alternately lilting, scuzzy and soaring — ring out across wide sun-bleached spaces. In 2024, the cumulative effect is (in rock instrumentation terms) naturalistic. Any whiff of embalmed nostalgia is absent. Even the close of the album – a winding, alllllmost Jerry Garcia guitar noodle that leads us out of ‘Red Mile’ – is delivered without sentimentality.

                        Principal songwriter Zach Choy’s lyrics are cutting but merciful, with a sharp self awareness that never slides into self-satisfaction. Crack Cloud as artists are critical — and ultimately as forgiving — of themselves as they are the melting world around them. The songs balance an easy charm and cathartic power: affirming life without denying death.

                        Recorded predominantly between the outskirts of Joshua Tree California, and Calgary, Alberta, this record is informed by a bittersweet mélange of old and new. The sprawling, novelistic structures of their previous albums are condensed and sharpened, while maintaining their refusal to delve into superficiality. Through playful melodies and elliptical guitar soliloquy, they deliver a final product of exceptional depth and distinctly unprecious warmth. Crack Cloud have produced a mature, vital work that interrogates the platitudes of the rock-n-roll lifestyle, but ultimately exalts its sacredness.

                        ‘Red Mile’’s de facto thesis statement “The Medium” is itself a rock song meditation: an ode to the form and its practitioners. This genre that — typical, repeatable, corporatized as it can be — somehow still has the power to help us live through life. We see the dusty sentiment of “I love rock and roll” exhumed, taken apart, and stitched back together. It’s a song guided by faith — if the medium helps us proclaim our love today, it’s worth protecting from derision tomorrow. We live in an era where music seems to love hitting its head against the wall. Crack Cloud’s ‘Red Mile’ is the sound — the feeling! — of the bricks giving way.

                        TRACK LISTING

                        SIDE A
                        1. Crack Of Life
                        2. The Medium
                        3. Blue Kite
                        4. Lack Of Lack

                        SIDE B
                        5. Epitaph
                        6. I Am (I Was)
                        7. Ballad Of Billy
                        8. Lost On The Red Mile

                        Dinked Edition Bonus CD:
                        1. Wretched Ways - US38Y2446309
                        2. Down The Drain - US38Y2446310

                        The Dream Machine

                        Small Time Monsters

                          ‘Small Time Monsters’, the second full-length album from The Dream Machine, is set to be released this April on Run On Records/ Modern Sky.

                          If 2022’s critically-acclaimed debut album ‘Thank God! It’s The Dream Machine…’ was their first and most wild child, then ‘Small Time Monsters’ is its refined younger sibling. The psychedelia, euphoric choruses, flashes of surf guitar and B-movie references are all there, amongst the familiar reflections of life in their beloved and faded seaside town of New Brighton, but this time the wilder elements are controlled, the songs packed into three-minute pocket symphonies.

                          Lead single Frankenstein is an anthem for the sugar-rush generation, an infectious, rattling earworm that recalls everything from haunted rockabilly to the sun-drenched melodies of Blossoms. Elsewhere on the album, the pulsating surf-stomp of ‘Cindy’s Eyes’, a small-town story of unrequited love, has a chorus to fill the most cavernous arena.

                          Produced by The Coral’s James Skelly, the album was partially recorded at The Dream Machine’s rehearsal space, then stitched together in Skelly’s
                          Kempston Street Studios. There’s a refined, more literary quality to singer and primary songwriter Zak McDonnell’s lyrics; explorations of everyday life, teenage doom, B-movie monsters, family turmoil, and coming-of-age tales in the familiar backdrop of life in modern Britain. ‘Small Time Monsters’ is the sound of a band breaking free from the small town into the big world.

                          TRACK LISTING

                          Side A
                          1. Frankenstein
                          2. Cindy’s Eyes
                          3. My Father’s Son
                          4. Holding On
                          5. Cathedral
                          Side B
                          6. Tonight, I’ve Got Heaven In My Arms
                          7. Posters Of You
                          8. Wind-Up Bird
                          9. The Horse
                          10. Wolfman
                          11. Bring Back The Wonder

                          Jon Hopkins


                            By turns devotional, empowering and nurturing, Jon Hopkins’ forthcoming RITUAL is a 41-minute electronic symphony built from cavernous subs, hypnotic drumming and transcendent melodic interplay. Tense, immersive and ultimately triumphant, it is a culmination of themes explored throughout his 22-year career, and acts as the kinetic counterpart to 2021’s Music For Psychedelic Therapy.

                            A single piece unfolding over eight chapters, RITUAL is personified by depth and contrast. Taking ceremony, spiritual liberation and the hero's journey as inspiration, it taps into an ancient and primal energy.

                            Featuring long-term collaborators Vylana, 7RAYS, Ishq, Clark, Emma Smith, Daisy Vatalaro and Cherif Hashizume, RITUAL came together within the second half of 2023, but initial seeds were sown in 2022, when Hopkins was commissioned to compose for the stroboscopic Dreamachine experience in London. A project that felt ceremonial from the outset, this shorter piece was the embryo of RITUAL, with Hopkins gaining inspiration from the feeling of intention that is inherent in the Dreamachine space.

                            RITUAL is both emotionally and sonically heavy, whilst retaining a warm, live feel, where the juxtaposition between softness and intensity forms the core of the whole. So take time, prepare and immerse in RITUAL for 41 minutes of uninterrupted listening: sonic divination of the most potent form.

                            TRACK LISTING

                            1. Part I – Altar
                            2. Part Ii – Palace / Illusion
                            3. Part Iii – Transcend / Lament
                            4. Part Iv – The Veil
                            5. Part V - Evocation
                            6. Part Vi – Solar Goddess Return
                            7. Part Vii – Dissolution
                            8. Part Viii – Nothing Is Lost

                            Thom Yorke

                            Confidenza OST

                              In January it was revealed that Thom Yorke composed the original score for Daniele Luchetti’s film Confidenza, an adaptation of the Italian drama based on Domenico Starnone’s novel of the same name. XL Recordings announces that Thom Yorke’s Confidenza original soundtrack will be released digitally on April 26, with vinyl and CD to follow on July 12.

                              Confidenza follows Yorke’s previous full-length score and original soundtrack for Luca Guadagnino’s 2018 Suspiria remake, Suspirium receiving a GRAMMY-nomination for Best Song Written for Visual Media. Produced by Sam Petts-Davies (Suspiria, The Smile Wall Of Eyes), Confidenza sees Petts-Davies and Yorke working again with the London Contemporary Orchestra alongside a jazz ensemble which included Robert Stillman and fellow The Smile bandmate Tom Skinner. In 2019 Yorke contributed music to Edward Norton’s Motherless Brooklyn and in 2022 he wrote two original tracks for the series finale of Peaky Blinders.

                              As of late, Yorke has been touring with The Smile (Tom Skinner, Jonny Greenwood, Thom Yorke), who released their second studio-album Wall Of Eyes in January which follows the band’s 2022-debut album A Light For Attracting Attention.

                              TRACK LISTING

                              1. The Big City
                              2. Knife Edge
                              3. Letting Down Gently
                              4. Secret Clarinet
                              5. In The Trees
                              6. Prize Giving
                              7. Four Ways In Time
                              8. Confidenza
                              9. Nosebleed Nuptials
                              10. Bunch Of Flowers
                              11. A Silent Scream
                              12. On The Ledge

                              John Grant

                              The Art Of The Lie

                                Following the runaway success of his last LP, Boy From Michigan, which crashed the UK Top 10 back in July 2021, legendary singer-songwriter John Grant returns with his hugely-anticipated sixth album, The Art Of The Lie.

                                Released 14th June via longtime label Bella Union, The Art Of The Lie is Grant’s most opulent, cinematic, luxurious album yet and confirms Grant’s status as a modern electronic auteur. Grant likens the musical flavours of The Art of the Lie to the sumptuous Vangelis soundtrack for Bladerunner or the Carpenters if John Carpenter were also a member. While undeniably a John Grant record, nestling humour into tragedy, bleeding anger into compassion, there is a musical ambition and nerve to ‘The Art of the Lie’ which offsets its most political and personal moments.

                                The Art of The Lie was produced by Grant and Grammy-nominated producer Ivor Guest who is perhaps best known for his work with Grace Jones & Brigitte Fontaine. The album features an array of celebrated musicians including Dave Okumu, Seb Rochford and Robin Mullarkey.

                                TRACK LISTING

                                1. All That School For Nothing
                                2. Marbles
                                3. Father
                                4. Mother And Son
                                5. Twistin Scriptures
                                6. Meek AF
                                7. It's A Bitch
                                8. Daddy
                                9. The Child Catcher
                                10. Laura Lou
                                11. Zeitgeist

                                Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

                                Wild God

                                  Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds return with new album, ‘Wild God’.

                                  “I hope the album has the effect on listeners that it’s had on me,” Cave says. “It bursts out of the speaker, and I get swept up with it. It’s a complicated record, but it’s also deeply and joyously infectious. There is never a masterplan when we make a record. The records rather reflect back the emotional state of the writers and musicians who played them. Listening to this, I don’t know, it seems we’re happy.”

                                  Across ten tracks, the band dance between convention and experimentation, taking left-turns and detours that heighten the rich imagery and emotion in Cave’s soul-stirring narratives. It is the sound of a group emboldened by reconnection and taking flight. There are moments that touch fondly upon the Bad Seeds’ past but they are fleeting, and serve only to imbue the relentless and restless forward motion of the band.

                                  Produced by Cave and Warren Ellis, and mixed by David Fridmann, Cave began writing the album on New Year’s Day 2023. With sessions at Miraval in Provence and Soundtree in London, the Bad Seeds added their unique alchemy, with additional performances from Colin Greenwood (bass) and Luis Almau (nylon string guitar, acoustic guitar).

                                  “Wild God…there’s no fucking around with this record. When it hits, it hits. It lifts you. It moves you. I love that about it.” Nick Cave

                                  TRACK LISTING

                                  1. Song Of The Lake
                                  2. Wild God
                                  3. Frogs
                                  4. Joy
                                  5. Final Rescue Attempt
                                  6. Conversion
                                  7. Cinnamon Horses
                                  8. Long Dark Night
                                  9. O Wow O Wow (How Wonderful She Is)
                                  10. As The Waters Cover The Sea

                                  Orlando Weeks


                                    Orlando Weeks’ forthcoming new album ‘LOJA’ (Portuguese for ‘store’) was written in both London and Lisbon. Recording began in earnest in January 2023 at the beautiful Chale Abbey Studios with longtime live collaborator Sergio Maschetzko as producer, supported by co-producer and engineer David Granshaw. In its latter stages, Nathan Jerkins (BULLION) contributed additional production and mixing.

                                    Lead single ‘Dig’, featuring Rhian Teasdale (Wet Leg), is 3 minutes of half argument, long worn-out promises being remade and road weary offences being retaken.

                                    The record features a number of other key collaborators including Katy J Pearson, Tony Njoku, Oliver Hamilton (Caroline) and Alejandro Aranda (Scary Pool Party).

                                    The core musical contributions come from long standing live collaborators Sami El-Enany, Luca Caruso, William Doyle and Alexander Painter.
                                    A love letter to his new home, lyrically ‘Loja’ toys with both the fantastical and stark realism. There are sleeping giants in Track 2's 'Best Night' and the final song on the album, ‘Beautiful Place’, tells the story of a beach death.

                                    The novelty of a new city afforded Weeks the opportunity to romanticise his present and reevaluate his past.

                                    The first live performances in over a year will be at Copeland Gallery this June. During a 4 day/night residency, Weeks will preview music from 'Loja' alongside an exhibition of the prints and drawings that are the accompanying visual aspect of the album.

                                    TRACK LISTING

                                    Side A
                                    1. Longing
                                    2. Best Night
                                    3. Wake Up
                                    4. Dig Feat. Rhian Teasdale
                                    5. You & The Packhorse Blues
                                    6. Good To See You

                                    Side B
                                    1. My Love Is (Daylight Saving)
                                    2. Please Hold
                                    3. Sorry
                                    4. Tomorrow
                                    5. Beautiful Place

                                    Loose Articles

                                    Scream If You Wanna Go Faster

                                      A rollercoaster of a release, forthcoming debut album Scream If You Wanna Go Faster covers everything from the highs of being pinball champions to the lows of having to deal with rubbish jobs and managers, inviting all-comers to jump aboard and throw those hands in the air like you just don't care

                                      The Loose Women juggled gigging every weekend in 2023 with their 9-5 jobs, somehow finding time to write and record the album, and then still managing to make it to the pub for a pint or two to celebrate.

                                      "We blasted it out in two lots of long weekend sessions to keep the energy high and fast paced, just like our live gigs," say the band of the experience. "Thanks to the fuel of an array of Pot Noodles and medicinal drugs we created a Loose Articles extravaganza bedazzled with big riffs, footy whistles and cowbells to keep you on your toes!"

                                      TRACK LISTING

                                      Mr Manager
                                      Are You A Welder?
                                      Unpaid Intern
                                      I've Nearly Made It
                                      I'd Rather Have A Beer
                                      Pinball John
                                      It's Art
                                      Guitars, Cars, Knickers And Bras

                                      Johnny Cash


                                        Introducing the new album from Johnny Cash titled 'Songwriter'.

                                        Johnny Cash recorded an album’s worth of unreleased, self-penned songs in 1993 ahead of him signing with American Records and his releases with Rick Rubin that re-established himself as one of world’s best songwriters to a new generation of fans. Songwriter’s 11 songs have been updated by his son John Carter and longtime producer David Ferguson.

                                        In early 1993, the legendary Johnny Cash found himself between contracts in his then nearly 40-year career and recorded an album’s worth of songwriting demos at LSI Studios in Nashville of songs he’d written over many years. LSI at the time was owned by his son-in-law Mike Daniels and daughter Rosey, and he wanted to help the family financially while also record some songs special to him. Not long after the fruitful session, Johnny met producer Rick Rubin, and the recordings were shelved as the two embarked on an important and prolific musical partnership that revitalized the Man in Black’s career that would last the rest of his life.

                                        Some thirty years later, John Carter Cash, the son of Johnny and June Carter Cash, rediscovered the songs and stripped them back to just Johnny’s powerful, pristine vocals and acoustic guitar. Along with co-producer David “Fergie” Ferguson, the two invited a handpicked group of musicians that played with Johnny, including guitarist Marty Stuart and the late bassist Dave Roe, along with drummer Pete Abbott and several others, to the Cash Cabin, a hallowed space in Hendersonville, Tenn. where Johnny would write, record and relax, to breathe new life into the tracks, taking the sound back to the roots and heart of the songs.

                                        TRACK LISTING

                                        Side A
                                        1. Hello Out There
                                        2. Spotlight
                                        3. Drive On
                                        4. I Love You Tonite
                                        5. Have You Ever Been To Little Rock?
                                        Side B
                                        1. Well Alright
                                        2. She Sang Sweet Baby James
                                        3. Poor Valley Girl
                                        4. Soldier Boy
                                        5. Sing It Pretty Sue
                                        6. Like A Soldier

                                        1. Hello Out There
                                        2. Spotlight
                                        3. Drive On
                                        4. I Love You Tonite
                                        5. Have You Ever Been To Little Rock?
                                        6. Well Alright
                                        7. She Sang Sweet Baby James
                                        8. Poor Valley Girl
                                        9. Soldier Boy
                                        10.Sing It Pretty Sue
                                        11. Like A Soldier

                                        Bonus Disc (2CD):

                                        1. I Walk The Line (1988 Version)
                                        2. The Night Hank Williams Came To Town (with Waylon Jennings)
                                        3. Sixteen Tons
                                        4. Long Black Veil (1988 Version)
                                        5. Cry, Cry, Cry (1988 Version)
                                        6. Guess Things Happen That Way (1988 Version)
                                        7. Get Rhythm (1988 Version)
                                        8. Ring Of Fire (1988 Version)
                                        9. Folsom Prison Blues (1988 Version)
                                        10. Cat's In The Cradle
                                        11. Hey Porter
                                        12. Wanted Man

                                        Fat Dog


                                          Fat Dog are the most exciting breakthrough band of the past few years, conjurers of the sort of frenzied and wild live shows not seen in the capital for years and now the creators of ‘WOOF’., a brilliant and mind-bending debut album. A thrilling blend of electro-punk, rock’n’roll snarling, techno soundscapes, industrial-pop and rave euphoria, ‘WOOF’. is music for letting go to or, in the words of frontman Joe Love, “screaming-into-a-pillow music”.

                                          TRACK LISTING

                                          Side A
                                          Closer To God

                                          Side B
                                          King Of The Slugs
                                          All The Same
                                          I Am The King
                                          And So It Came To Pass

                                          Hamish Hawk

                                          A Firmer Hand

                                            “Writing this album, I opened up my closet, and a skeleton came out.” In a café just around the corner from his Edinburgh flat, Hamish Hawk is contemplating his extraordinary new record, A Firmer Hand. “The thing that links all of the songs is a sense of the unsaid, whether out of guilt, shame, repression, embarrassment, coyness, whatever it might have been. I realised: I am going to say these things, and not all of them are going to make me look good. The album made so many demands, and I just gave myself over to it.”

                                            At this stage, where only a handful of close associates have heard the finished album, Hawk is still unsure of what the reaction might be from fans, critics, even family. He jokes that A Firmer Hand is the first of his records that his parents might not enjoy. “But the fact that it makes me nervous tells me it was the right thing to do.”

                                            It takes only a couple of listens to be sure that it was a risk worth taking. And just a couple more to determine that A Firmer Hand is the best and boldest record Hamish Hawk has delivered to date. “It’s a bit of a coming of age record,” he says. And a record for the ages.

                                            TRACK LISTING

                                            1. Juliet As Epithet
                                            2. Machiavelli’s Room
                                            3. Big Cat Tattoos
                                            4. Nancy Dearest
                                            5. Autobiography Of Spy
                                            6. You Can Film Me
                                            7. Christopher St.
                                            8. Men Like Wire
                                            9. Questionable Hit
                                            10. Disingenuous
                                            11. Milk An Ending
                                            12. The Hard Won

                                            Loyle Carner

                                            Live From The Royal Albert Hall

                                              Loyle Carner has Mercury and Brits nominations, NME Awards, global brand campaigns, and 2 top #3 albums! After performing at a SOLD-OUT Royal Albert Hall on his 29th birthday, the multi-talented artist is looking to make history once again with this release.

                                              Loyle Carner has been announced as a headliner for 2024’s All Points East. His only London live date for 2024 and his biggest yet, he’ll be playing on Saturday 17 August, joined by special guests including Nas, André 3000, Lianne La Havas, Ezra Collective and Flying Lotus across the East, West and North stages that Carner himself has curated.

                                              TRACK LISTING

                                              Georgetown (feat. John Agard)
                                              Desoleil (Brilliant Corners) (feat. Sampha)
                                              Homerton (feat. JNR Williams)
                                              Blood On My Nikes (feat. Wesley Joseph & Athian Akec)
                                              Nobody Knows (Ladas Road)
                                              Loose Ends (feat. Jordan Rakei)
                                              A Lasting Place
                                              Speed Of Plight
                                              The Cycle
                                              Ottolenghi (feat. Jordan Rakei)

                                              Wild Billy Childish

                                              From Fossilised Cretaceous Seams: A Short History Of His Song And Dance Groups

                                                A compilation to celebrate the release of the brand-new book – To Ease My Troubled Mind: The Authorised Unauthorised History of Billy Childish written by Ted Kessler. When the idea for the book was mooted Billy wanted to put a succinct double album compilation together to summarise his 47 years of making music. This is the result.

                                                My name is William Ivy Loveday, aka Steve Hamper, aka Guy Hamper, aka Jack Ketch, aka Billy Childish. I was born on the Medway, Kent, where I still live. I left school in 1976 when I was 16. Because I have no qualifications I was turned down by art school so went to work in Chatham dockyard as an apprentice stonemason. I later managed to get onto a painting course at St. Martin’s School of Art on the basis of my paintings. Me, Bruce, big Russ, and little Russ formed The Pop Rivets in 1977 and made our first recordings. Our inspiration was punk rock, TV21 and The Swinging Blue Jeans. I learned to play guitar then in 1979 I worked for four weeks at Oakwood Mental Hospital as a ward porter, then me, Mick and Bertie formed The Milkshakes. Our inspiration was Link Wray, the Beatles Live at the Star Club LP, the track ‘Gotta Get the First Plane Home’ by The Kinks and our hatred of new romanticism. Then I was expelled from St. Martin’s School of Art for writing what was described as “the worst type of toilet wall humour.” I beat my father up on his release from prison for drug smuggling. We never paid ourselves in The Milkshakes and put all the money back into making our own records. I kept the money in a bank account under the name of Kurt Schwitters. I lived on the dole for 12 years. In 1985 we formed Thee Mighty Caesars. Our inspiration was Bo Diddley and The Troggs. I became a member of Greenpeace. In 1989 me and Bruce formed Thee Headcoats. Our inspiration being Son House and Downliners Sect. In 1999 me, Wolf and Johnny Barker formed The Buff Medways. Our inspiration was Jimi Hendrix in Beatle boots and The Who before Roger Daltry started wearing his nan’s curtains. Around 2008 me and Julie formed The Musicians of the British Empire. That morphed into CTMF. That blurred into The Chatham Singers. Our inspiration was based on us. Next up it was time for me and Neil to form The Spartan Dreggs, inspired by Homer and A. E. Housman. Other groups arose and fell - making sure no one knew who we were or why. In 2019 The William Loveday Intention emerged - the inspiration being Hollis Brown and the Mississippi Sheiks. Guy Hamper showed up once again, joined by Jamie on Hammond. Some of these group remain; many have departed for distant shores with sharp hidden rocks.Mainly I paint and write poetry and novels. Along with the music I play nothing I do has ever been particularly fashionable but that is rather the point. Even in 1977 we enjoyed saying no. Then, when punk turned into new romanticism, we descended backwards into early rock ‘n’ roll and the blues. In The Milkshakes we were told that we released too many LPs and were committing commercial suicide, so we released four different LPs on one day.Every now and then someone famous comes along and a small crumb rolls across the table and splashes into our tepid soup. Other times nobodies emulate us and prove to be only better. I love pop, but not pop stars. I am only interested in sound and colour and being small scale. I don’t hide behind volume and off stage mixing. I don’t need to play a show because I prefer to sit and have a cup of tea. My work belongs low, close to the ground, to instinct and the elemental. I believe in homemade music, homemade art and homemade cooking. I want to bring back the tram and the horse. Music has been a rewarding hobby over the years. I have met and worked with many good friends, and God saved me from fame.

                                                TRACK LISTING

                                                Thee Mighty Caesars – You Make Me Die
                                                The Buff Medways – Archive From 1959
                                                The Milkshakes – For She
                                                The William Loveday Intention – You Gotta Move
                                                Thee Headcoats – Fingers In The Sun
                                                The Spartan Dreggs – Headlong Fly The Achaens
                                                Thee Headcoats – Punk Rock Ist Nicht Tot
                                                CTMF – Last Punk Standing
                                                CTMF – Bob Dylan’s Got A Lot To Answer For
                                                The Buff Medways – Troubled Mind
                                                Billy Childish And The Singing Loins – I Don’t Like The Man I Am
                                                Billy Childish And Holly Golightly – Upside Mine
                                                The Guy Hamper Trio Feat. James Taylor – Moon Of The Popping Trees
                                                CTMF – All Our Forts Are With You
                                                The Musicians Of The British Empire – Christmas 1979
                                                The Delmonas – I Feel Like Giving In (French)
                                                The Musicians Of The British Empire – Thatcher’s Children
                                                Thee Mighty Caesars – Lie Detector
                                                The Pop Rivets – Fun In The UK
                                                Thee Headcoatees – Hurt Me
                                                CTMF – A Song For Kylie Minogue
                                                The Shall I Say Quois Feat. CTMF – It’s So Hard To Be Happy
                                                Jack Ketch And The Crowmen – Brimful Of Hate
                                                CTMF – Failure Not Success (ALT)
                                                Thee Headcoats – Davey Crockett
                                                The Musicians Of The British Empire – Joe Strummer’s Grave
                                                The Buff Medways – Medway Wheelers
                                                CTMF – You Can’t Capture Time (Slight Return)
                                                The Spartan Dreggs – A Shropshire Lad
                                                The William Loveday Intention – Sex And Flies
                                                Thee Headcoats – The Same Tree
                                                Thee Mighty Caesars – Cowboys Are Square
                                                Billy Childish And The Singing Loins – Song Of The Medway

                                                Various Artists

                                                Everyone's Getting Involved: A Stop Making Sense Tribute Album

                                                  Spanning the tracklist of the original album, the fresh, exciting, and utterly surprising reinterpretations create new content for longtime Talking Heads fans and introduce a new generation to the magic of the music. The brilliant selection of artists recontextualizes 'Stop Making Sense' in popular music and culture, with a focus on generational and stylistic breadth.

                                                  TRACK LISTING

                                                  1. Miley Cyrus - Psycho Killer
                                                  2. The National - Heaven
                                                  3. Blondshell - Thank You For Sending Me An Angel
                                                  4. The Linda Lindas - Found A Job
                                                  5. Él Mató A Un Policía Motorizado - Slippery People
                                                  6. Paramore - Burning Down The House
                                                  7. Dj Tunez - Life During Wartime
                                                  8. Teezo Touchdown - Making Flippy Floppy
                                                  9. Jean Dawson - Swamp
                                                  10. The Cavemen - What A Day That Way.
                                                  11. Bad Bad Not Good (Feat. Norah Jones) - This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)
                                                  12. Kevin Abstract - Once In A Lifetime
                                                  13. Toro Y Moi (feat Brijean) - Genius Of Love
                                                  14. Girl In Red - Girlfriend Is Better
                                                  15. Lorde - Take Me To The River
                                                  16. Chicano Batman (Feat. Money Mark) - Crosseyed And Painless

                                                  Dirty Three

                                                  Love Changes Everything

                                                    Emerging once again from the unending waves crashing upon our fragile time-craft (adrift on the eternal ocean, and taking on water), Dirty Three are (a) back, (b) tangled in seaweed, rank with saltwater and possessed of three rather ominous thousand-mile stares (at least!), and (c) not wasting another minute – as nothing is guaranteed.

                                                    For their first album in over a decade – yep, it’s been since 2012’s ‘Toward the Low Sun’ – they flew in, got together and started playing. End of story. What else is there to say or do but that? Music’s their language, their true love; they never stop listening to that. And like the label says, ‘Love Changes Everything’.

                                                    The Dirty Three – Warren Ellis, Mick Turner and Jim White – formed up in Melbourne in 1992, to play with guitar drums and violin or viola, and within a couple years, they’d broken out – out of Australia, out of anything else they might have been inside of, to boot – and got worldwide. Over the next ten years, they toured over and over the planet, ceaseless like, and cut seven albums out along the way. After this, their unique style of play, fitted together like puzzle pieces, was decoupled, more often than not, and pieced together in many other, fruitful collaborations with many other esteemed talents. Over the past 20 years, they’ve gotten together a few times, renewed the vow, revved the engines and played some shows, or made an album. Like now –

                                                    These are the sounds of Dirty Three getting up to speed again:
                                                    - the original fury of their drums/guitar/violin-or-viola power trio, cutting three unique paths through the wild into sudden convergence –
                                                    - piano-plucked melodies ringing sweetly out over an undulating landscape flowing with guitar, drums, violin or viola, and synths! And broken hills, forests, lakes and deserts. And mountains rising in the distance...
                                                    - mercurial shifts in mood; sudden descent from tumult of flights and heights into deep canyons of heart-struck adagio.

                                                    Equally sudden second-winds, feisty activity in their extremities never really ceasing. Opening depths. Wariness and patience allowing them to get caught up in loops, become ambient, transcend, and then fight their way back in again. Their wild and wandering heart not simply a spry derivative of collective sea legs; a telepathy already old as time evidenced way back in the beginning of their thirty-years-and-some run.
                                                    - such mood! Once desolate fields pouring full of emotion, wandered into, come upon as if by happenstance (but actually sourced by the divining rods in their hands).

                                                    - all of it – everything changed by love and bubbling up with the clarity of just-struck spring water; translucence giving way to muddy gushes of distortion – dirty guitar, smears of violin, drums at times pounded upon beyond the microphones’ ability to receive...

                                                    And when received, and committed to “tape”, or whatever they used – the master could well be carved in plates of amphibole – this music has been untethered from its streams of consciousness and reconsidered as a recording; brought to bear through edits, overdubs and mixes, re-sequenced and made suite-like. Made into this album. These lot were born to be as weathered as they are today. Time doesn’t matter. They make their gathered wisdom of the ages sing like something new every time. It renews. And Love Changes Everything. 

                                                    TRACK LISTING

                                                    Side A
                                                    Love Changes Everything I
                                                    Love Changes Everything II
                                                    Love Changes Everything III
                                                    Side B
                                                    Love Changes Everything IV
                                                    Love Changes Everything V
                                                    Love Changes Everything VI

                                                    Cassandra Jenkins

                                                    My Light, My Destroyer

                                                      Cassandra Jenkins is quite simply one of the best songwriter-storytellers currently making music. Hers is a specific and singular corner of the Great American Songwriters, artists like David Berman, Adrianne Lenker, Jeff Tweedy and Sufjan Stevens. They’re artists connected by a sense of immediacy, not just in the writing – which is precise, evocative, brutal at times, pitch-back funny right when you need it – but by their delivery, by the way they sing with an immersive, total belief that carries you through their songs. These are the artists and songs that sneak up and really live with us forever, and on My Light, My Destroyer, Jenkins joins their ranks.

                                                      What’s most remarkable about My Light, My Destroyer is it captures an artist at an exciting leap in her evolution. So much about the album feels of-a-kind with its predecessors; field recordings and found sound permeate, narrative songwriting crashes into heady, swirling compositions. Jenkins sings with what can only be described as a powerwhisper (think Sufjan Stevens, Annie Lennox, Margo Timmins or YHF-era Tweedy), her vocals up close and intimate but subtly confrontational. But it all feels bigger here, more finely honed, bolder and richer than her previous work and than her peers. Born and raised in New York City, Jenkins has been touring and performing since she was a child, self-releasing her early recordings before releasing breakthrough An Overview on Phenomenal Nature in 2021. On My Light, My Destroyer, many of the songs are devoted to specific feelings, and to really getting inside those feelings as opposed to getting inside a narrative arc. Lead single “Only one” is one example, as Jenkins’s asserts that a moment, or a song, can be wholly myopic; it can embody a singular feeling, and provides no answers.

                                                      Songs like Devotion, Delphinium Blue, Clams Casino, Echo, and Only One, speak to the liberating quality of focused observation, even to the point of disillusionment. “There’s this idea about disillusionment that I’ve held onto,” she says. “I really appreciate disillusionment as a process to discover new, unexpected outcomes. We let go of expectations this way. Expectations hold us back. It’s easy to focus on jadedness or disappointment but I actually see it more as freedom.”

                                                      TRACK LISTING

                                                      1. Devotion
                                                      2. Clams Casino
                                                      3. Delphinium Blue
                                                      4. Shatner’s Theme
                                                      5. Aurora, IL
                                                      6. Betelgeuse

                                                      7. Omakase
                                                      8. Music??
                                                      9. Petco
                                                      10. Attente Téléphonique
                                                      11. Tape And Tissue
                                                      12. Only One
                                                      13. Hayley


                                                      Million Dollar Baby

                                                        ‘Million Dollar Baby’ is Pixey’s most accomplished and ambitious pop project to date, written between her bedroom in Liverpool and studios in London over the course of a year and a half. Self-produced by Pixey herself, alongside Tom McFarland (Jungle, Olivia Dean, Alfie Templeman) and Rich Turvey (Rachel Chinouriri, Blossoms, The Coral), the record follows her journey of self-discovery as an artist and shedding the illusions surrounding it. Combining her love for 90s breakbeats with her pop prowess and skill as a producer, ‘Million Dollar Baby’ samples and interpolates some of her favourite tracks to not only bridge the gap between old sounds and new, but to craft an entirely new sound altogether.

                                                        “This album is more than just music to me,” she says, “it’s the final form of years of trying to prove myself. I’ve always felt as if I’m so close to something but never quite there. This is the story the album tells; navigating the perception of myself through the male gaze, whilst also trying to take some power back and form my truest identity. The sentiment of the album is this: the path to fulfilment isn’t a performance for others but instead, is a journey of becoming your authentic self.”

                                                        Across her career to date, Pixey has picked up acclaim from The Times, The Sunday Times Culture, Notion, The Forty Five, NME, The Independent, DIY, Dork, The Line Of Best Fit, CLASH and more. She has also received swathes of tastemaker support across national radio at the likes of BBC Radio 1, where she has received a plethora of accolades including Best New Pop, Poppest Record, Future Bop, two Tune Of The Week nods and over 100 plays and 20M impressions across her entire catalogue.

                                                        TRACK LISTING

                                                        Side A
                                                        1. Man Power
                                                        2. Million Dollar Baby
                                                        3. The Thrill Of It
                                                        4. Best Friend
                                                        5. Damage
                                                        Side B
                                                        6. Give A Little Of Your Love
                                                        7. Love Like Heaven
                                                        8. Bring Back The Beat
                                                        9. Oxygen
                                                        10. The War In My Mind

                                                        Dinked Edition Bonus 7":
                                                        SIDE A: MILLION DOLLAR BABY (PIANO VERSION)
                                                        SIDE B: OXYGEN (PIANO VERSION)

                                                        Caoilfhionn Rose


                                                          With her third Gondwana album, ‘Constellation’, Manchester’s Caoilfhionn Rose has come of age as an artist, digging deep to find experimental new ways of expressing her wonder at nature’s beauty, her love of music in all its diversity, and her belief in the restorative powers that both afford in the troubled post-COVID world. Vigorous, searching and ever-curious, Caoilfhionn (say ‘Keelin’) has found a voice at once ancient and modern, intrepidly exploring contemporary technology to transform traditional songcraft for the mid 2020’s.

                                                          The ten tracks on ‘Constellation’ feel rooted in a knowledge of folk, jazz and all the twentieth century’s classic tunesmiths, and yet they seem to create a magical, otherworldly space of her own imagining, blending Caoilfhionn’s core piano with synths, and pitting a live rhythm section and saxophone embellishments against ambient samples and future-facing production techniques.

                                                          Confident, exploratory and often jaw-droppingly sublime, this incredible album properly announces Caoilfhionn Rose’s arrival as a fresh creative force for 2024.

                                                          Caoilfhionn has always pursued music with a fierce commitment. When a period of illness in her late teens caused a delay in starting a Music degree at Newcastle University she used the time constructively. She took a diploma in Music Production and Audio Engineering at Manchester MIDI School (Now School of Electronic Music), which leant heavily towards electronic music, imbuing her with a progressive outlook towards sound manipulation. Later studying music at university in Newcastle, she’d make sound experiments and field recordings, posting tracks online under the alias Audrey Daydreamer, and eventually an EP, under her own name. That was how I got involved with Gondwana,” she explains, “because Matthew [Halsall, label boss] heard the EP, and he came to see me play at a café called The Art of Tea, and asked if I’d like to record for Gondwana.”

                                                          ‘Constellation’ features contributions from Halsall’s rhythm section, drummer Alan Taylor and bassist Gavin Barras, as well as Jordan Smart from Mammal Hands, whose supple sax exquisitely colours the fringes of most of its songs. Also guesting: John Ellis, former member of The Cinematic Orchestra, beatifically tinkling the ivories at the end of ‘Fall Into Place’, and producer Aaron Wood via a raft of ambient samples adding textured loveliness throughout ‘Rainfall’.

                                                          “I love being open to collaboration,” Rose enthuses, “and the record’s a collage, knitting together all these influences, sounds and players, and just really going for it with the experimentation in the production.”

                                                          Constellation’ sees her broaden the range of her singing, from the pure natural expression of her earlier records, to using it more as an instrument, sometimes more as abstract sound than as conventional verbal delivery. “It’s all playful and experimental,” she summarizes, “seeing what we could come up with that’s imaginative.” And she has learnt to use “her artistic license just to let the words be as they are”, to write in a momentary, impressionistic, almost painterly way. One example was how the word ‘constellation’ just fell into her head – “like, out of the cosmos” – while recording that song, so in it went. It also seemed emblematic of many aspects of the album – the theme of connectedness, her little cluster of Gondwana family musicians, and a pervasive feel of stargazing awe in the music. It obviously made a fitting album title, too.

                                                          And so, Caoilfhionn Rose’s collage of differing influences and inspirations, players and processes, cohered into a miraculous and quietly powerful body of work, which stands as a testament to artistic adventure, to both improvisation and hard work, to trusting our connection to nature, other people and music itself. As such, ‘Constellation’ surely deserves to put her on a much bigger stage by the year’s end.

                                                          TRACK LISTING

                                                          1. Constellation
                                                          2. Wandering Mind
                                                          3. Momentary
                                                          4. Josephine
                                                          5. Rainfall
                                                          6. Simple
                                                          7. Fall Into Place
                                                          8. Into Sky
                                                          9. Drifting Dust
                                                          10. A Light In The Middle


                                                          Live In Aston 1977

                                                            The acclaimed Can live series continues with the release of Live In Aston 1977, available via Mute and Future Days (the new EU label created by Spoon Records).

                                                            The series was overseen by founding member Irmin Schmidt and producer/engineer René Tinner, who delicately worked on restoring the archival recordings to the best quality for current modern technology. This record captures the band’s 1977 performance in Aston and features Schmidt (keyboard & synths), Jaki Liebezeit (drums), Michael Karoli (guitars), Holger Czukay (wave receiver & spec.sounds), plus Rosko Gee (bass), who appears for the first time in the series.

                                                            This release features sleeve notes by former Sex Pistol, Glen Matlock, sharing his first-hand experience of witnessing CAN's live show.

                                                            Live In Aston follows the release of Live In Paris 1973, the first in the series to feature Damo Suzuki’s vocals [“…among the greatest documents of their untouchable alchemy…” – Record Collector 5*]; Live In Brighton 1975 [“Pure dynamite… keep them coming” – MOJO]; Live in Stuttgart 1975, [Uncut’s Reissue of the Year, #2 in MOJO’s Reissues of the Year, #7 in The Wire’s Archive Reissues of the Year plus more]; and Live In Cuxhaven 1976, which again featured heavily in the Reissues of the Year.

                                                            TRACK LISTING

                                                            Vinyl Tracklist
                                                            A1 Aston 77 Eins
                                                            A2 Aston 77 Zwei
                                                            B1 Aston 77 Drei
                                                            B2 Aston 77 Vier

                                                            CD Tracklist
                                                            1 Aston 77 Eins
                                                            2 Aston 77 Zwei
                                                            3 Aston 77 Drei
                                                            4 Aston 77 Vier

                                                            Charli XCX


                                                              ‘BRAT’ is the eagerly awaited follow up to 2022’s ‘CRASH’, which reached number 1 on the UK’s official album chart, and promises to be an exhilarating club record built around high art references and social commentary.

                                                              Avant-pop and electronic superstar Charli XCX has become an iconic figure in the arts, having helped expand the landscape of popular music over the last decade by seamlessly traversing the underground and mainstream with her artistic output. Over the course of a trailblazing career, the multi-hyphenate creative has earned critical acclaim for her innovative style and entrepreneurial spirit and seen her forward-thinking approach reshape pop culture in the process.

                                                              Her lasting impact was cemented last year when Charli was honoured with the Visionary Award at the annual Ivor Novellos in London, while she also received the Powerhouse Award at Billboard’s Women In Music ceremony in Los Angeles in March.

                                                              TRACK LISTING

                                                              1. 360
                                                              2. Club Classics
                                                              3. Sympathy Is A Knife
                                                              4. I Might Say Something Stupid
                                                              5. Talk Talk
                                                              6. Von Dutch
                                                              7. Everything Is Romantic
                                                              8. Rewind
                                                              9. So I
                                                              10. Girl, So Confusing
                                                              11. Apple
                                                              12. B2b
                                                              13. Mean Girls
                                                              14. I Think About It All The Time
                                                              15. 365

                                                              Peggy Gou

                                                              I Hear You

                                                                Artist, producer, DJ and cultural trailblazer Peggy Gou announces details of her long-awaited debut album. One of the most hotly-anticipated debut records in recent years, I Hear You will be released on 7th June 2024 via XL Recordings. The ten track album is the culmination of years of work for the Korean-born artist, who’s uniquely revered as both an underground icon and global sensation, sticking by her own unwavering vision to become one of the most in-demand electronic music artists and DJs in the world. Featuring previous singles, the 2023 chart-topping global hit “(It Goes Like) Nanana” and her Lenny Kravitz collaboration “I Believe in Love Again”, the LP sees Gou stepping into the next level of her artistry and boldly claiming her voice through the kaleidoscopic lens of ‘90s house music.

                                                                Talking about I Hear You, Peggy Gou says:
                                                                “I Hear You is more than just my debut album. It embodies countless hours of dedication in my journey to create something timeless, and is a testament to the power of listening, to ourselves and to each other.”

                                                                TRACK LISTING

                                                                Your Art
                                                                Back To One
                                                                I Believe In Love Again
                                                                All That
                                                                (It Goes Like) Nanana
                                                                Lobster Telephone
                                                                Seoulsi Peggygou (서울시페기구)
                                                                I Go
                                                                Purple Horizon



                                                                  Following the force of their introductory singles 'Tabernacl' and 'St Agatha', the band return with an invitation to explore their landscape of violent poetry and gothic propulsion to the fullest extent yet. Prepare to be lulled under their spell once more with the slow-burn of forerunning single, 'Remoter Heaven'.

                                                                  Produced by long-time collaborator Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard's Tom Rees. It begins in a dream state of hypnotic repetition that mounts in intensity, with vocalist Jack Shephard presiding over it all with his distinctive, poetic drawl. His protagonist is revisiting a memory of the pain inflicted by a thorn as a child; "I was awake with feeling", he confesses, before the song takes on the momentum that feels like a triumph over the numbness attendant to adulthood.

                                                                  Of the track, Shephard shares: "I liked the idea of writing a very simple narrative to a big, epic song - something as modest as the story of a child playing in some flowers and then bursting into tears when a thorn pricks their leg. The words are an ode to that sensitivity we embrace when we are young. Then, when we become adults, we insist on subjugating all of that wonderful, absurd rage."

                                                                  'Remoter Heaven' follows on from 'Tabernacl' and 'St Agatha' which earned Slate rave write-ups and support from publications including NME, CLASH, So Young, DIY, Buzz Magazine, The Most Radicalist and more, as well as early radio plays from the likes of Huw Stephens and Steve Lamacq on BBC 6Music, Matt Wilkinson on Apple Music 1, John Kennedy on Radio X and Jack Saunders on BBC Radio 1.

                                                                  Emerging from the depths of Cardiff’s burgeoning music scene and heirs to their country’s lineage of storytellers, Slate are barely touching their twenties, but together, they have command of post-punk which rings with the gravitas of a death knell; a grasp of atmosphere and melody which touches on the ethereal.

                                                                  Their debut EP, Deathless, is their most ambitious act of storytelling so far. Recorded in one take, the narrative of its six tracks takes place within a single room - or, perhaps, one mind. It begins with what the band feel is some of the darkest material they will ever write, to reaching, in its second half, a place of transformation and epiphany. On the EP's vinyl edition, the lyrics are written out like a diary entry, each one penned in another member's hand. 

                                                                  TRACK LISTING

                                                                  1. Remoter Heaven
                                                                  2. The Heir
                                                                  3. Sun Violence
                                                                  4. Deathless
                                                                  5. Shade In Me
                                                                  6. Hailstone 

                                                                  London Grammar

                                                                  The Greatest Love

                                                                    The Greatest Love follows the British trio’s critically acclaimed #1 selling album Californian Soil, which was released in 2021 and earned the band their second BRIT nomination for Best British Group. Arriving over a decade since the trio first entered our consciousness, the new album is a celebration; the sound of a band laying to rest the past and realising a newfound sense of freedom.

                                                                    First single House embodies London Grammar’s new trajectory as frontwoman Hannah Reid delivers the uncompromising lyric: This is my place, my house, my rules. Speaking about the single Hannah said, “House is about drawing boundaries around yourself. When I hit my thirties, my mindset shifted, and I no longer felt like a victim of anything – it all felt within my power. I thought, making music should be fun, and we're gonna make that happen.”

                                                                    Having first formed as teenagers at University, their seminal double-platinum selling debut If You Wait paved the way for what was to become a hugely successful career for the band, the rare longevity of which has firmly rooted London Grammar in British pop culture. Now over 10 years later, the band have sold more than 3 million albums world-wide, with two #1 selling records, 1 billion streams, an Ivor Novello and numerous BRIT Award nominations under their belts.

                                                                    Ted Kessler

                                                                    To Ease My Troubled Mind: The Authorised, Unauthorised History Of Billy Childish - SPECIAL EDITION

                                                                      SPECIAL EDITION SIGNED BY BILLY CHILDISH & TED KESSLER.


                                                                      THIS EDITION ALSO INCLUDES AN EXCLUSIVE VINYL AND SIGNED WOODCUT PRINT BY BILLY CHILDISH.

                                                                      STRICTLY LIMITED TO JUST 500 COPIES.

                                                                      In 1977, 17-year-old Steven Hamper was a stonemason in the dockyards of Chatham, Kent. His heart, however, beat in sync with the punk rock tremors of the era, seduced by its celebration of amateurism. So, in a gesture of revolutionary defiance, he took a 3lb club hammer and smashed his hand, vowing to never work again. In doing so, Steven Hamper metamorphosed into Billy Childish, a true renaissance man.

                                                                      Childish has since remained steadfastly true to punk's DIY cred, becoming one of the most recognisable and authentic voices in whichever artistic endeavour he undertakes. He has released over one hundred and fifty albums of raw rock and roll, punk, blues and folk, written many volumes of searing poetry as well as several autobiographical novels. But what he is perhaps best known for in recent years is his painting, for which he is now critically, commercially and internationally feted. He hasn't changed course in any of his disciplines, though. The world just caught up with the sheer volume of his brutally honest work.

                                                                      To Ease My Troubled Mind is a mosaic portrait collated over a year of interviews with Childish, as well as with close family, ex-girlfriends, bandmembers past and present, friends, foes, collaborators, even his therapist. It is an unflinching, yet frequently spiritual and funny portrait of an artist whose obstacle-strewn upbringing formed the backbone of his work: raised in a broken home and abused as a child, Childish was an undiagnosed dyslexic in remedial class at school who is nevertheless now Britain's most prolific and uncompromising creative force.



                                                                        Kiasmos – Icelandic composer Ólafur Arnalds and Faroese musician Janus Rasmussen – are returning, renewed and restored, with II. The triumphant follow-up to their universally acclaimed self-titled debut in 2014, which re-envisioned minimal techno with orchestral flourishes and weightless production. They’d made most of that album in just two weeks; this time it’s been 10 years. The making of II was a test of their friendship, but also testament to how great musical chemistry can always go the distance and be just the same as it ever was.

                                                                        They worked on a lot of II during the lost year of 2020-2021, including a trip to Ólafur’s studio in Bali. “We spent a month there and wrote a few songs that ended up on the record,” says Janus. The pair sampled traditional Balinese percussion like the gamelan and incorporated Janus’s field recordings of their natural surroundings – the sound of birds, crickets and, on standout track ‘Dazed’, echoing the sunrise over the lush landscape.

                                                                        Kiasmos have an enviable knack for conveying complex emotions and evocative visuals with instrumental music. But this time they’ve got more experience as producers to draw on. The album’s expansiveness can be linked to Ólafur’s intervening years as a Grammy-nominated composer and prominent soundtracker in film and TV. And they’ve subtly shifted from four-to-the-floor to the frenetic broken beats of UK dance music, experimenting more with BPMs, echoing Janus’s time spent DJing in major venues worldwide. There are still those aching melodies that fans know and love but they’re catchier too: tracks like ‘Laced’ and ‘Bound’ have an irresistible, elastic bounce beneath the ethereal palette.

                                                                        “We just want to make electronic music that there isn’t so much of right now,” says Janus, “to take you on a great journey that is a little bit unconventional.” “You have to develop into a new space,” Ólafur adds. But they had to impose limits, too, to keep them both on track and make something memorable. Often Ólafur would refuse to move on to the next idea until they’d perfected a chord progression or beat, to help them stay focused and forge, he says, a “deep understanding of what the song is.”

                                                                        “II is livelier,” says Janus, “but it still retains the signature Kiasmos style of transitioning from a whisper-quiet ambience to an explosive dance beat that can blow your socks off.”

                                                                        TRACK LISTING

                                                                        1. Grown
                                                                        2. Burst
                                                                        3. Sailed
                                                                        4. Laced
                                                                        5. Bound
                                                                        6. Sworn
                                                                        7. Spun
                                                                        8. Flown
                                                                        9. Told
                                                                        10. Dazed
                                                                        11. Squared

                                                                        King Hannah

                                                                        Big Swimmer

                                                                          King Hannah crafts a musical tapestry that seamlessly weaves between the serene depths of meditative pop and the expansive, sonorous landscapes brimming with darkness, wit, and wry humor. Merrick’s vocals, a smoky delight, imbue her words with profound weight and potency, complemented by the bluesy canvases Whittle masterfully paints beneath them. Their sound effortlessly transitions from moments of post-rock expansiveness to evoking the sensation of Springsteen straying onto a gritty side-street off his highway to freedom.

                                                                          In recent times, the duo has graced stages alongside esteemed artists such as Kurt Vile, Thurston Moore, Kevin Morby, and DIIV, captivating audiences at festivals across Europe and North America including End of the Road, Green Man, Primavera Sound, and Fusion, among others. King Hannah’s accolades include being hailed as Stereogum’s Band to Watch, The Guardian’s Ones to Watch, Paste’s Best of What’s Next, and featured in DIY Magazine’s NEU segment, SPIN’s rising artists, and many more.

                                                                          TRACK LISTING

                                                                          A1 Big Swimmer
                                                                          A2 New York, Let's Do Nothing
                                                                          A3 The Mattress
                                                                          A4 Milk Boy (I Love You)
                                                                          A5 Suddenly, Your Hand
                                                                          B6 Somewhere Near El Paso
                                                                          B7 Lily Pad
                                                                          B8 Davey Says
                                                                          B9 Scully
                                                                          B10 This Wasn't Intentional
                                                                          B11 John Prine On The Radio

                                                                          Cigarettes After Sex


                                                                            With X’s, Cigarettes After Sex finally takes center stage as not just one of today’s preeminent indie bands, but as one of the most globally accomplished acts across any genre, whose often unconventional path to superstardom has helped reshape the very definition of success for artists in the modern era.

                                                                            Filled with raw, imagistic, sometimes smutty vignettes set to entrancing, slowburn pop songs, bandleader Greg Gonzalez captures every emotion a romantic arc inspires. But where previous albums have drawn from an amalgam of relationships, for the most part, X’s centralizes on just one relationship that spanned four years. “The record feels brutal,” admits Gonzalez. “I could sit and talk about this loss to someone, but that wouldn’t scratch the surface. I have to really write about it, sing about it, have the music, and then I can start to analyze and learn from it. Or just relive it—in a good way. I don’t have that Eternal Sunshine-thing of wanting to forget.”

                                                                            While continuing to observe classic pop song structures, Gonzalez has moved away from the prior sonic touchstones of the ’50s and ’60s, finding himself now drawn to a ’70s/’80s slow dance. While (in typical Cigarettes style) these changes may be subtle, the overall resulting energy is akin to disco ball-refracted tears on the dance floor.

                                                                            TRACK LISTING

                                                                            1: X's
                                                                            2: Tejano Blue
                                                                            3: Silver Sable
                                                                            4: Hideaway
                                                                            5: Holding You, Holding Me
                                                                            6: Dark Vacay
                                                                            7: Baby Blue Movie
                                                                            8: Hot
                                                                            9: Dreams From Bunker Hill
                                                                            10: Ambien Slide


                                                                            Beauty In Your Wake

                                                                              FINK, Long-established alt-folk trio, return with Fin Greenall’s eighth studio album under the genre-hopping moniker. Coalescing around the emergent urgency in each of the album’s ten tracks and intimate, closed-door sessions in picturesque Cornwall, the soul-reaching ‘Beauty In Your Wake’ is released on the band’s R’COUP’D label.

                                                                              Now resident in Berlin, native Cornishman Greenall, one time collaborator with John Legend, Amy Winehouse, Colin Stetson and more, sought the solitude and back-to-earth atmosphere of the small village of Zennor, on the county’s picturesque Atlantic coast for the agenda-free, organic recording sessions. The band were invited to record at producer Sam Okell’s newly built studio and were the first band to create there. Okell is the Grammy Award-winning engineer and mixer of The Beatles’ Get Back and Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band 50th Anniversary Release.

                                                                              Imagining that those conditions could percolate a lo-fi, classic English folk album, the joint creative restlessness of the band and Okell instead pushed ‘Beauty In Your Wake’ into the expansive realms of FINK’s commercially and critically successful albums of the noughties and 2010’s, and is a triumphant return to self. FINK’s music has always been woven into a broader global tapestry, not least because the band’s music has featured on countless film and TV soundtracks such as Better Call Saul, The Walking Dead, and most recently on the latest series of True Detective.

                                                                              Going ‘overground’ in the music world for the first time in 1997 as a dance-orientated signee to Ninja Tunes’ sister label N-Tone, Greenall’s life in music has travelled diverse roads and lit numerous corners of the international music business. The reformed, classic FINK line-up is the same as that which first recorded the band’s breakthrough album, Biscuits For Breakfast (2006), a release that proved to be a springboard for widespread international touring.

                                                                              TRACK LISTING

                                                                              A1. What Would You Call Yourself
                                                                              A2. The Only Thing That Matters
                                                                              A3. Be Forever Like A Curse
                                                                              A4. It's Like You Ain't Mine No More
                                                                              A5. Follow You Down
                                                                              B1. I Don't See You As The Others Do
                                                                              B2. One Last Gift
                                                                              B3. Don't Forget To Leave
                                                                              B4. So We Find Ourselves
                                                                              B5. When I Turn This Corner

                                                                              Overmono & The Streets

                                                                              Turn The Page

                                                                                Overmono first performed their version of The Streets’ seminal 'Turn The Page' at the 2022 edition of Lost Village Festival to a rapturous response. Hailed by Rolling Stone UK as a "glitchy techno banger”, it has since grown into a word-of-mouth phenomenon and a pinnacle moment in the duo’s critically acclaimed live show. From their Coachella debut to their viral Boiler Room and more recent sold-out headline show at London’s Roundhouse, the track continues to resonate across continents, solidifying its status as a timeless dancefloor anthem. Now available for pre-order on 12” black vinyl with laser etched lyrics on the b-side.

                                                                                TRACK LISTING

                                                                                1. Turn The Page

                                                                                David Gilmour

                                                                                Luck And Strange

                                                                                  The brand-new album by David Gilmour, ‘Luck and Strange’ was recorded over five months in Brighton and London and is Gilmour’s first album of new material in nine years. The record was produced by David and Charlie Andrew, best known for his work with ALT-J and Marika Hackman, with lyrics mostly written by Polly Samson, Gilmour’s co-writer for the past thirty years. The album features eight new tracks along with a beautiful reworking of The Montgolfier Brothers’ ‘Between Two Points’, which sees Romany Gilmour, who performs backing vocals across the album, on vocals and harp. Musicians contributing to the record include Guy Pratt & Tom Herbert on bass, Adam Betts, Steve Gadd and Steve DiStanislao on drums, Rob Gentry & Roger Eno on keyboards and the string and choral arrangements are by Will Gardner. The title track also features the late Pink Floyd keyboard player Richard Wright, recorded in 2007 during a ‘Barn Jam’ at David’s house. The album’s cover image, photographed and designed by renowned artist Anton Corbijn, is inspired by lyrics written by Charlie Gilmour for the album’s final song ‘Scattered’.

                                                                                  TRACK LISTING

                                                                                  Side 1
                                                                                  Black Cat (Gilmour)
                                                                                  Luck And Strange (Gilmour/Samson)
                                                                                  The Piper’s Call (Gilmour/Samson)
                                                                                  A Single Spark (Gilmour/ Samson)
                                                                                  Vita Brevis (Gilmour)
                                                                                  Between Two Points (Tranmer/Quigley)

                                                                                  Side 2
                                                                                  Dark And Velvet Nights (Gilmour/Samson)
                                                                                  Sings (Gilmour/Samson)
                                                                                  Scattered (D. Gilmour/Samson/C. Gilmour)

                                                                                  Billy Mahonie

                                                                                  Field Of Heads

                                                                                    Formed in the first wave of British post-rock alongside the likes of Mogwai in the late 90s, John Peel favourites Billy Mahonie are set to return with the first new music from their original line-up in some twenty-four years. Whilst their debut album ‘The Big Dig’, released in 1999 on Too Pure Records, is considered a classic of the post rock genre, Billy Mahonie always crafted their intricate music with memorable hooks and melodies and performed it with energy and gusto. Theirs was not an aimless, meandering sound, instead the songs and attitude were rooted in punk rock, and still are. Billy Mahonie put the rock into post-rock.

                                                                                    Set for release this coming May 24th via their own label Whistling Sam Projects, ‘Field Of Heads’ sees the band returning with their classic original line-up of Gavin Baker (guitar), Howard Monk (drums), Hywell Dinsdale (bass and guitar) and Kevin Penney (bass and guitar). Whilst this line-up has been semi active for a few years, no new material came to fruition. After their last gig in 2017, however, the band decided it was time to get back into the studio, but with two members living abroad new challenges were faced, but ideas were shared, old ones were resurrected and finally in October of 2019, Billy Mahonie were back in the studio.

                                                                                    Recorded over two long weekends on either side of the Covid 19 lockdowns, the band tracked at The Church studios, owned by their former collaborator and front of house engineer Paul Epworth, with senior engineer Luke Pickering at the controls, allowing ‘Field Of Heads’ to quickly take shape.

                                                                                    New single ‘Kaiju’ gives the music world the first taste of ‘Field Of Heads’ and right from the off, it’s classic Billy Mahonie. Immediately bursting into life with the energy and melody that is so unique to their sound, Howard’s driving drums thrust the music ahead as the guitars and synths weave their way around them. Intricate and shifting, but never at the expense of a tune that sticks in your head.

                                                                                    “This one came from a chord progression myself and Gav first tried out jamming in 2010,” explains drummer Howard. “Needless to say, when Hywell and Kev got their hands on it, it became something no-one ever envisaged. Kev's great title is, of course, the Japanese name for the subgenre of monster-based science fiction. A frenetic riff opens the song and for a counter guitar part only two options remain, play in the minimal gaps or find an overarching theme. We chose both. Kaiju films influence the additional Synths, echoes of those early Japanese movie themes. Some people we have played this to in advance have suggested this track is one we should lead with, as it is kind of where we left off. We agree. It rocks pretty hard. And is a bit funky too. What’s not to like?!”

                                                                                    After nearly quarter of a century, Billy Mahonie are very much back. 

                                                                                    TRACK LISTING

                                                                                    Side A
                                                                                    Atomic Clock
                                                                                    Hearts Vs Minds
                                                                                    Spy Guy
                                                                                    Side B
                                                                                    The More I Know You
                                                                                    Impossible Sky
                                                                                    Dry Season



                                                                                      “Listening closely, influential visions of aquatic realms, such as the mythic Atlantis, and evocations of flying birds (and, perhaps, humans) may reveal themselves. No matter if Statik inspires you to soar above or below the horizon, Actress and Smalltown Supersound promise you a safe and transcendent journey.”

                                                                                      TRACK LISTING

                                                                                      SIDE A:
                                                                                      A1. Hell
                                                                                      A2. Static
                                                                                      A3. My Ways
                                                                                      A4. Rainlines
                                                                                      A5. Ray
                                                                                      A6. Six

                                                                                      Side B:
                                                                                      B1. Café Del Mars
                                                                                      B2. Dolphin Spray
                                                                                      B3. System Verse
                                                                                      B4. Doves Over Atlantis
                                                                                      B5. Mellow Checx 

                                                                                      The Oscillation

                                                                                      The Start Of The End

                                                                                        Following a series of meditative explorations in the form of the Singularity Zone series of releases, The Oscillation have returned with a new sense of vigour and purpose. Refreshed and re-energized, the result is ‘The Start Of The End’, an album that casts more light and shade than ever before to create a mood of hope and re-birth. Be it the celestial majesty of the title track, the melodic infusions that drive opening track ‘War On The Mind’ or the pulsing grooves underpinning ‘Faraway’ and ‘Body Electric’ or even hypnotic repetition at the heart of ‘Mantra’ and ‘The Eternal’, this music brimming with zeal and confidence. And to crown it all, closer ‘Sovereign’ is akin to communing with angels.

                                                                                        At once warm and welcoming, ‘The Start Of The End’ is an album quite unlike anything that The Oscillation have ever released before. Fuelled by optimism and taking stock of what’s good about life and what needs to be jettisoned, the record is a result of spiritual and physical re-charging and cleansing.

                                                                                        Leaving the claustrophobic environs of the big city for a more bucolic backdrop, the change in location has left a profound mark on Demian Castellanos, the creative force behind The Oscillation. Where the exorcism of dark emotions of previous album ‘Untold Futures’ left Castellanos wondering if he’d ever make music again, his new surroundings stirred something within him.

                                                                                        “When I made my new home, I allowed myself time to do nothing for a while,” says Castellanos, “and I then started some new songs without worrying about them being on an album. I just wrote with the mindset to put out something positive.”

                                                                                        He continues: “I did a lot of reflecting on the past and really wanted to change something in myself, but not knowing how and thinking that a lot of people must be feeling the same way.”

                                                                                        Recalling the creation of ‘The Start Of The End’, Castellanos says, “Writing and recording in an environment where I had little contact with people, no hanging out or partying or even having conversations was very interesting.”

                                                                                        The result is an album that’s recognisably the work of The Oscillation while pointing to a variety of new directions. ‘The Start Of The End’ is a line in the sand and one that points to a better tomorrow.

                                                                                        For fans of : Spectrum / Recurring Era Spacemen 3, Loop, AR Kane, MBV, bdrmm, Cocteau Twins , Telescopes and early 90s Creation records..

                                                                                        TRACK LISTING

                                                                                        Side A
                                                                                        War On The Mind
                                                                                        Far Away
                                                                                        The Start Of The End
                                                                                        The Eternal
                                                                                        Side B
                                                                                        Body Electric

                                                                                        Bonus Dinked Edition CD Tracklisting:
                                                                                        Sovereign (Celestial Mix) 26.53
                                                                                        The Eternal (Unseen Mix) 09.17
                                                                                        Body Electric (Magnetic Mix) 08.26
                                                                                        The Start Of The End (Around And Around Mix) 07.38
                                                                                        Aftermath (Fade In) 04.03

                                                                                        Various Artists

                                                                                        Night Train: Transcontinental Landscapes 1968 - 2019

                                                                                          From Dusk, through to Dawn. A collection to accompany the change of the fields, the coastline the colour of the sky outside your window as you take your journey. From the compiler of Music For The Stars comes the next collection for Brighton label Two-Piers. Featuring artists such as J.J Cale, Chris & Cosey, The B-52s, The Asphodells, Bob Lind, Linda Perhacs and The Menahan Steet Band.

                                                                                          …This choice of tracks is just one journey, a celebration of the the beauty created by musicians, the space & sound, the dark & light.

                                                                                          All aboard….The Night Train.

                                                                                          TRACK LISTING

                                                                                          A1. Edward Hollcraft – South Bound Amtrak 716
                                                                                          A2. J.J. Cale – Cherry
                                                                                          A3. Bonnie Dobson – Milk & Honey
                                                                                          A4. H.P. Lovecraft – Spin Spin Spin
                                                                                          A5. The Rationals – Glowin’
                                                                                          A6. Linda Perhacs – Hey, Who Really Cares

                                                                                          B1. B-52’s – Deep Sleep
                                                                                          B2. Nine Circles – Twinkling Stars
                                                                                          B3. The Asphodells – Another Lonely City
                                                                                          B4. Tangerine Dream – Love On A Real Train

                                                                                          C1. Chris & Cosey – Dancing Ghosts
                                                                                          C2. Johnny Harris – Fragments Of Fear
                                                                                          C3. Bill Frisell – 1968
                                                                                          C4. Bob Lind – City Scenes

                                                                                          D1. Tony Joe White – Rainy Night In Georgia
                                                                                          D2. Menahan Street Band – There’s A New Day Coming
                                                                                          D4. The Byrds – Goin’ Back
                                                                                          D5. Earth, Wind & Fire – Drum Song
                                                                                          D6. Leon Russell – Out In The Woods 

                                                                                          William And Jim Reid

                                                                                          Never Understood: The Story Of The Jesus And Mary Chain - Record Store Edition

                                                                                            For 5 years after they'd swapped sought-after apprenticeships for life on the dole, brothers William and Jim Reid sat up till the early hours in the front room of their parents' East Kilbride council house, plotting their path to world domination over endless cups of tea, with the music turned down low so as not to wake their sleeping sister. They knew they couldn't play in the same band because they'd argue too much, so they'd describe their dream ensembles to each other until finally they realised that these two perfect bands were actually the same band, and the name of that band was The Jesus and Mary Chain.

                                                                                            The rest was not silence, and picking up those conversations again more than 40 years later, William and Jim tell the full story of one of Britain's greatest guitar bands for the very first time - a wildly funny and improbably moving chronicle of brotherly strife, feedback, riots, drug and alcohol addiction, eternal outsiders and extreme shyness, that also somehow manages to be a love letter to the Scottish working-class family.

                                                                                            Kate Nash

                                                                                            9 Sad Symphonies

                                                                                              Kate Nash’s new album ‘9 Sad Symphonies’ is her first signed to the legendary Kill Rock Stars label. The album was produced and mixed by Grammy winning Danish producer Frederik Thaae (K Flay, Jada, Crown The Empire).

                                                                                              Marking a new chapter in Kate’s illustrious career, the album’s lyrical scope is both deeply personal and achingly relatable, whilst its orchestral arrangements and melodies draw from Kate’s experience in the world of musical theatre.

                                                                                              Kate Nash is a BRIT Award-winning singer-songwriter, musician and actress known for her fearless approach to music and unapologetic storytelling. A platinum selling artist with a career spanning over a decade, she has garnered critical acclaim for her chart-topping hits and electrifying live performances. From her debut album ‘Made of Bricks’, to her latest releases, Kate’s artistry continues to resonate with audiences and has earned her a dedicated fanbase. She also captivated audiences as Rhonda in Netflix’s Emmy-nominated GLOW.

                                                                                              TRACK LISTING

                                                                                              Side A
                                                                                              Millions Of Heartbeats

                                                                                              Side B
                                                                                              My Bile
                                                                                              Those Feelings
                                                                                              Space Odyssey 2001

                                                                                              Bored At My Grandmas House

                                                                                              Show & Tell

                                                                                                ‘Show & Tell’ is the much anticipated debut album from Bored At My Grandmas House (AKA 22 year old songwriter Amber Strawbridge). With critical acclaim and deserved plaudits lavished on Amber following her debut EP ‘Sometimes I Forget You’re Human Too’, ‘Show & Tell carries on the emotive and philosophical themes of the EP, pinned around themes of connection; with yourself, with the world, with loved ones. There is soul-searching, introspection and a challenge to the ways of the world, all packed into 12 hook filled, shoegaze-fused-indie-pop slices.

                                                                                                Emerging from the hotbed of exceptional guitar music bubbling up out of Leeds in recent years, Amber has been supported by BBC 6Music, BBC Radio 1, DIY, and played Glastonbury, Radio 1’s Big Weekend and more.

                                                                                                Speaking about the album, Amber explains “I want to understand connections and process the emotions which surround them. The album covers topics of queer love, humanity and it’s ‘delusions of grandeur’, mental health, introspection and purpose. It’s one big project of of self introspection and a guidebook to understanding my brain’

                                                                                                ‘Show & Tell’ also marks a brand new release from the exciting new partnership between Clue Records and EMI North, the first physical major label office to open outside London.

                                                                                                If you have a thing for Soccer Mommy, Alvvays, Girl In Red and boygenius, this record is for you. 

                                                                                                TRACK LISTING

                                                                                                Side A
                                                                                                Show & Tell
                                                                                                Friendship Bracelets
                                                                                                How Do You See The World
                                                                                                Side B
                                                                                                I Like What You Bring Out In Me
                                                                                                Don’t Do Anything Stupid
                                                                                                Moving Slow
                                                                                                We See The World In The Same Way
                                                                                                Hide & Seek

                                                                                                Dinked 7” Tracklisting:
                                                                                                Side A
                                                                                                We See The World The Same Way - “4-Track” Version (exclusive For Dinked)
                                                                                                Side B
                                                                                                Show & Tell - “4-Track” Version (exclusive For Dinked)

                                                                                                Goat Girl

                                                                                                Below The Waste

                                                                                                  Goat Girl - Lottie Pendlebury (she/her), Rosy Jones (they/them) and Holly Mullineaux (she/her) are excited to announce their third album “Below The Waste” which is being released on Rough Trade Records. The album was co–produced by the band & John Spud Murphy (Lankum & black midi).

                                                                                                  Pieced together like a collage over an extended period of time, the instrumentation was tracked mostly over a ten-day stint in Ireland at Hellfire Studios, in the shadow of the infamous Hellfire Club itself. They also used Damon Albans, Studio 13. Additional strings (Reuben Kyriakides and Nic Pendlebury), woodwind instruments (Alex McKenzie) and vocals (including a choir made up of family and friends) were added to this framework at a number of locations, from a barn in Essex to Goat Girl’s own studio in South London.

                                                                                                  Singer Lottie on lead track: “I was listening to lots of music at the time by Phillip Glass and Deerhoof that plays with the relationship between tension and resolution which definitely influenced this song. I was yearning for honesty and authenticity in relationships I held with people, probably partly because at the time, like everyone, we were so isolated from one another. But it also felt deeper than that, like the conversations I dreamt of stripped away all of the etiquettes we desperately clung onto and went below the surface to where the most interesting parts of ourselves tend to be suppressed.”

                                                                                                  TRACK LISTING

                                                                                                  1. Reprise
                                                                                                  2. Ride Around
                                                                                                  3. Words Fell Out
                                                                                                  4. Play It Down
                                                                                                  5. Tcnc
                                                                                                  6. Where’s Ur <3
                                                                                                  7. Prelude
                                                                                                  8. Tonight
                                                                                                  9. Motorway
                                                                                                  10. S.m.o.g
                                                                                                  11. Take It Away
                                                                                                  12. Pretty Faces
                                                                                                  13. Perhaps
                                                                                                  14. Jump Sludge
                                                                                                  15. Sleep Talk
                                                                                                  16. Wasting

                                                                                                  Dinked Edition Tracklisting:
                                                                                                  Side A:
                                                                                                  Ride Around
                                                                                                  Words Fell Out
                                                                                                  Play It Down
                                                                                                  Side B:
                                                                                                  Where's Ur <3
                                                                                                  Side C:
                                                                                                  Take It Away
                                                                                                  Pretty Faces
                                                                                                  Side D:
                                                                                                  Jump Sludge
                                                                                                  Sleep Talk

                                                                                                  Dinked Bonus 7":
                                                                                                  Side A:
                                                                                                  Where's Ur <3 (demo)
                                                                                                  Sleep Talk (fka Mellotron Improv)
                                                                                                  Ride Around (fka Wavey Bye)
                                                                                                  Side B:
                                                                                                  Play It Down (sad Demo)
                                                                                                  Wasting (demo)

                                                                                                  Bat For Lashes

                                                                                                  The Dream Of Delphi

                                                                                                    ‘The Dream Of Delphi’ is an ode to motherhood created in LA, Natasha’s second home, during the Covid-19 pandemic. It’s a sonic archive of a time when Natasha birthed her daughter Delphi earth side. The record weaves together ten song poems, documenting the polarity of navigating both an exterior world that was seemingly turning upside down, whilst also experiencing theprofoundly personal and transformational early moments of mothering Delphi, named after the Greek Oracle, the ancient future teller. The music became Natasha’s sanctuary, born out of stolen trips to the studio, where each track was improvised and completed in a few hours and chronologises her diary like offerings over a period of two years; from “TheMidwives Have Left”; to writing a “Letter To My Daughter”; and all the way through to “Waking up”, as well as a cover of her daughter’s favourite song, “Home”.

                                                                                                    While the storytelling behind Bat For Lashes’ previous albums have traditionally used otherworldly narratives and female lead characters (e.g. ‘Laura’, ‘Daniel’ and ‘The Bride’), for the first time, ‘The Dream Of Delphi’ is about Natasha’s personal experience of themagical and sometimes melancholy intimacy of early motherhood. This record creates a more private form of mythology around the music than her previous work. ‘The Dream Of Delphi’ touches on more of an instrumental “Bat For Lashes” world, and shows Natasha to be both a confident composer and craftswoman of intimate landscapes. While the music creates a more womb-like, ambient space for the listener, it still leaves ample room for her signature dream pop songwriting to vibrate through. Natasha has worked with Brad Oberhofer, Mary Lattimore and Jack Falby on this record.

                                                                                                    TRACK LISTING

                                                                                                    The Dream Of Delphi
                                                                                                    Christmas Day
                                                                                                    Letter To My Daughter
                                                                                                    At Your Feet
                                                                                                    The Midwives Have Left
                                                                                                    Breaking Up
                                                                                                    Delphi Dancing
                                                                                                    Her First Morning
                                                                                                    Waking Up
                                                                                                    The Dream Of Delphi (Extended Strings Version)


                                                                                                    Frog In Boiling Water

                                                                                                      Produced by Chris Coady and written by DIIV (pronounced Dive), Frog in Boiling Water, the band’s fourth full-length LP is a collection of snapshots that explores the brutal realities of end-stage capitalism and overwhelming technological advance. Across 10 dark and dazzling tracks, DIIV documents the collapse from various angles with unusual sensitivity and depth of purpose while expanding their grand, hypnotic shoegaze, to create a transportive, sensual work of hope, beauty and renewal.

                                                                                                      "Musically, we were excited to explore new territory sonically. We collected and cataloged cassette tapes and made tape loops, used samples, weird guitar tunings, crude synthesizers. It’s the least “genre” record we’ve ever made and we’re excited to show everyone the musical world we’ve found."

                                                                                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                                                                                      Liam says: I know it's only May, but this is most likely going to be my album of the year. Following on from their monumental 2019 album 'Deceiver', 'Frog In Boiling Water' sees DIIV still with their shoes set to gaze mode and it might be even be their best yet. With nods to Sonic Youth, Duster, Slowdive and MBV, 'FIBW' is also DIIV's most lyrically dense as it touches on brutal realities of end-stage capitalism and overwhelming technological advance - plus it sounds absolutely massive! The textures/sonics on here are incredible and the best DIIV have ever sounded, I truly can't recommended this album enough!!!

                                                                                                      TRACK LISTING

                                                                                                      1. In Amber
                                                                                                      2. Brown Paper Bag
                                                                                                      3. Raining On Your Pillow
                                                                                                      4. Frog In Boiling Water
                                                                                                      5. Everyone Out
                                                                                                      6. Reflected
                                                                                                      7. Somber The Drums
                                                                                                      8. Little Birds
                                                                                                      9. Soul-net
                                                                                                      10. Fender On The Freeway

                                                                                                      Richard Hawley

                                                                                                      In This City They Call You Love

                                                                                                        The new album by Richard Hawley, 'In This City They Call You Love' sees Richard ditch the distortion pedals and go back into making voice most prominent.

                                                                                                        Following the universal acclaim for 'Standing At The Sky's Edge', the award-winning musical based on his songs, in May Richard Hawley returns with 'In This City They Call You Love', his ninth studio album and his first since 2019's 'Further'.

                                                                                                        'In This City They Call You Love' features 12 outstanding songs, many of which can be described as 'vintage Hawley' and are amongst some of the finest ballads he's ever written. Gorgeous melodies and arrangements are accompanied by his emotive and sonorous voice, which sounds better than ever, and will make this a crowning moment in a hugely successful recording career of almost 25 years.

                                                                                                        TRACK LISTING

                                                                                                        1. Two For His Heels
                                                                                                        2. Have Love
                                                                                                        3. Prism In Jeans
                                                                                                        4. Heavy Rain
                                                                                                        5. People
                                                                                                        6. Hear That Lonesome Whistle Blow
                                                                                                        7. Deep Space
                                                                                                        8. Deep Waters
                                                                                                        9. I’ll Never Get Over You
                                                                                                        10. Do I Really Need To Know?
                                                                                                        11. When The Lights Go Out
                                                                                                        12. ‘Tis Night

                                                                                                        Paul Weller


                                                                                                          In the ever-evolving landscape of contemporary music, few artists possess the enduring influence and innovative spirit of Paul Weller. A recording career that began in 1977 now takes in the release of his 17th solo album and his 28th in total.

                                                                                                          Weller has always demonstrated an unwavering commitment to pushing artistic boundaries while staying true to his roots. "66" promises to be no exception, offering a captivating journey through his continuing musical evolution.

                                                                                                          As the title and artwork by Sir Peter Blake (his first for Weller since 1995’s Stanley Road) indicates, Paul Weller’s new album marks the completion of his 66th journey around the sun and is released on May 24th – the day before his 66th birthday.

                                                                                                          “66” is quite a reflective and inward thinking album that pulls back the camera lens and shines a light on the way Weller’s creativity interacts with his wider world.

                                                                                                          Continually finding new ways to alchemise the miracle of living and the meaning of it all, he draws on fragments of real life, ruminations on spirituality and even childhood memories. There are songs touching on faith, changing circumstances and the fractured realities of life in this turbulent age . But ”66” is positive at heart, bursting with the wisdom and perspective accrued by the business of someone who has really lived and loved.

                                                                                                          The 12 songs on “66” were worked up in Weller’s Black Barn studio over the course of three years with a host of guest musicians. In the recent past, Paul has been an enthusiastic collaborator, but “66” feels like the most fully-realised celebration of that process. Here, there are lyrical contributions from an esteemed roll-call including Suggs, Noel Gallagher and Bobby Gillespie (“Ship Of Fools”, “Jumble Queen” and “Soul Wondering” respectively). “66” also sees the co-writing return of Erland Cooper and duo White Label, and string arrangements from Hannah Peel. Additionally, there are two collaborations with French producer and recording artist Christophe Vaillant (Le Superhomard, while acclaimed Brooklyn trio Say She She add vocals to “In Full Flight”. Peppered throughout the album are turns from an array of old friends including Dr Robert, Richard Hawley, Steve Brooks and Max Beesley.

                                                                                                          "66" is set to be a landmark addition to Paul Weller's illustrious discography, further solidifying his status as one of the defining artists of his or any other generation.

                                                                                                          TRACK LISTING

                                                                                                          Ship Of Fools
                                                                                                          Flying Fish
                                                                                                          Jumble Queen
                                                                                                          My Best Friend’s Coat
                                                                                                          Rise Up Singing
                                                                                                          I Woke Up
                                                                                                          A Glimpse Of You
                                                                                                          Sleepy Hollow
                                                                                                          In Full Flight
                                                                                                          Soul Wandering
                                                                                                          Burn Out

                                                                                                          Fontaines D.C. / Massive Attack / Young Fathers


                                                                                                            Fontaines DC, Massive Attack and Young Fathers have announced the pre-order release of an exclusive, limited edition vinyl record in support of Médecins Sans Frontières / Doctors Without Borders (MSF) emergency operations in Gaza and the West Bank.

                                                                                                            *The 12” vinyl only release, features material from Fontaines DC, and Massive Attack/Young Fathers, and a ceasefire sleeve design by 3D of Massive Attack. 

                                                                                                            The reverse sleeve of the 12” features words written on a hospital whiteboard in Gaza by Doctors Without Borders medic Dr Mahmoud Abu Nujaila – words which went viral on global social media - depicting the desperation of medical professionals and civilians in Gaza. Tragically, Dr Nujaila was killed in a strike a few weeks later.

                                                                                                            "WHOEVER STAYS
                                                                                                            UNTIL THE END
                                                                                                            WILL TELL THE STORY,

                                                                                                            WE DID WHAT WE COULD.
                                                                                                            REMEMBER US"

                                                                                                            Despite repeated deadly attacks on its staff, medics, surgeons, and aid conveys, Doctors Without Borders volunteers continue to offer critical support to the civilians of Gaza.

                                                                                                            Fontaines DC, Massive Attack and Young Fathers have donated their music in full support of the incredible Doctors Without Borders staff working in Gaza today, as a statement for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza and the West Bank, and in solidarity with the Palestinian people living under a brutal military occupation.

                                                                                                            Fontaines DC, Massive Attack & Young Fathers will donate 100% of the profits from this promotional venture to Médecins Sans Frontières (UK - charity number: 1026588) emergency operations in Gaza and the West Bank. The total donation is expected to be in excess of £150,000.

                                                                                                            3D (Massive Attack) said: "The hourly scenes of horror in Gaza, with hospitals and schools bombed to dust and innocent civilians, journalists and doctors killed in unspeakable numbers has been made so much worse by more than ten weeks of abject political failure.
                                                                                                            We're in awe of the Doctors Without Borders medics who place their lives on the line to help innocent civilians in Gaza. The ceasefire EP is a tribute to them, and their incredible ongoing work in truly indescribable circumstances. We stand in solidarity with the people of Palestine”

                                                                                                            Fontaines DC said: “Fontaines DC join millions across the world in demanding an immediate ceasefire and a permanent end to Israel's brutal occupation of Palestine. Since October, Doctors Without Borders have been on the ground in Gaza, where every human is an IDF target, risking their lives to give vital care to the thousands injured by Israel's indiscriminate attacks on the starving and defenceless. We feel utterly helpless in what we can do at this point however we do hope our small contribution to this record can raise some desperately needed funds for Doctors Without Borders in Gaza. Ceasefire Now. Free Palestine”

                                                                                                            Natalie Roberts, MSF Executive Director said: “After more than two months of war, Israel’s unrelenting and indiscriminate strikes on Gaza have caused unprecedented and catastrophic levels of civilian harm. Nowhere is safe. Hospitals that are overflowing with the sick and wounded are coming under fire or being raided by Israeli forces, killing doctors, health workers, colleagues. Our teams continue to do what they can without even the basic guarantees of safety. We desperately want to do more, but for that we need an immediate and unconditional ceasefire.
                                                                                                            Huge thanks to Massive Attack, Fontaines DC and Young Fathers for all their support.”

                                                                                                            *Copies have been packed using different combinations of coloured vinyl and sleeves. All orders are selected at random.

                                                                                                            The Mysterines

                                                                                                            Afraid Of Tomorrows

                                                                                                              The Mysterines are a four piece alternative rock band from Liverpool, England.
                                                                                                              Formed in 2016, the angst-ridden, grunge-inspired indie quartet are fronted by vocalist, guitarist, and primary songwriter Lia Metcalfe.

                                                                                                              Their imposing frontwoman melds together more than her lifetime’s worth of experiences with the kind of deep, impassioned vocal you won’t forget in a hurry. In her songs and stagecraft you’ll see and hear everything from PJ Harvey’s raw and ragged stomp to the crazed carnival energy of Tom Waits and eviscerating poetics of Patti Smith.

                                                                                                              The first great British rock band of the post-pandemic era, The Mysterines let us in on Lia’s unfiltered look at life, the universe and everything, complete with serious riffs and an unflinching honesty. 

                                                                                                              TRACK LISTING

                                                                                                              1. The Last Dance
                                                                                                              2. Stray
                                                                                                              3. Another Another Another
                                                                                                              4. Tired Animal
                                                                                                              5. Jesse You're A Superstar
                                                                                                              6. Hawkmoon
                                                                                                              7. Sink Ya Teeth
                                                                                                              8. Junkyard Angel
                                                                                                              9. Goodbye Sunshine
                                                                                                              10. Inside A Matchbox
                                                                                                              11. So Long
                                                                                                              12. Afraid Of Tomorrows

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