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Oneohtrix Point Never

Again (Blu-ray Edition)

    Again (Blu-ray Edition), features an exclusive Dolby Atmos mix by Mike Dean, Tommy Rush & Sean Solymar, & the original OPN album accompanied by all official music videos. The 17-track collectable, out on Warp Records, features contributions from such wide ranging collaborators as Robert Ames, Lee Ranaldo, Jim O’Rourke, Xiu Xiu, lovelivescrushing, and more.


    01. Elseware
    02. Again
    03. World Outside
    04. Krumville
    05. Locrian Midwest
    06. Plastic Antique
    07. Gray Subviolet
    08. The Body Trail
    09. Nightmare Paint
    10. Memories Of Music
    11. On An Axis
    12. Ubiquity Road
    13. A Barely Lit Path
    14. A Barely Lit Path (Music Video)
    15. Nightmare Paint (Music Video)
    16. On An Axis (Music Video)
    17. Memories Of Music ANIMATIC {Draft} (Music Video)

    Clarissa Connelly

    World Of Work

      Scottish and Danish composer Clarissa Connelly’s debut album on Warp Records, “World of Work”, is set to be released on April 12th. Over the years Clarissa has explored sacred sites and mythology, finding inspiration in Celtic and Nordic culture. For her most recent album, “The Voyager”, Clarissa walked the Scandinavian landscape, channelling melodies from ancient pre-Christian sites. The album received global acclaim and was awarded the prestigious Nordic Music Prize. On “World of Work”, Clarissa explores themes of acceptance and growth, by creating a sonic embroidery, a powerful testimony of her production and composition abilities.


      1. Into This, Called Loneliness
      2. The Bell Tower
      3. An Embroidery
      4. Life Of The Forbidden
      5. Wee Rosebud
      6. The Excess Of Sorrow, Laughs
      7. Turn To Stone
      8. Tenderfoot
      9. Crucifer
      10. S.O.S. Song Of The Sword

      Mount Kimbie

      The Sunset Violent

        The Sunset Violent began in a disused frat house in the American Yucca Valley. Kimbie’s founding members Dominic Maker & Kai Campos began work on their first proper album together since 2017’s Love What Survives – the decision was made to leave London. Campos and Maker relocated for a month to a town in the middle of a desert. The resulting album, finished in London with longtime confidante Dillip Harris and their band mates Andrea Balency-Béarn and Marc Pell, is 37 minutes of Mount Kimbie at simultaneously their most daring and their most giddily infectious.


        1. The Trail
        2. Dumb Guitar
        3. Shipwreck
        4. Boxing (Feat. King Krule)
        5. Got Me
        6. A Figure In The Surf
        7. Fishbrain
        8. Yukka Tree
        9. Empty And Silent (Feat. King Krule)



          Dostrotime is Squarepusher-style fun. Heavy, intense, tear out experimental electronic music for the sheer exhilaration of it. Unapologetically, one for the Squarepunter Massive! In early 2020, Squarepusher had just released Be Up A Hello to huge acclaim, and was gearing up for a worldwide tour featuring some of his biggest shows to date. Then the pandemic hit, and it was all off… Devoid of distractions, naturally the artist headed to the studio to begin recording. He says that “[...]Without customary interruptions, time elapsed differently”. It’s an episode he’s dubbed “Dostrotime”. As such, Dostrotime is an attempt to capture the peculiarity of music catalysed by lockdown being part of the celebration of lockdown’s demise.


          A1. Arkteon 1
          A2. Enbounce
          A3. Wendorlan
          B1. Duneray
          B2. Kronmec
          B3. Arkteon 2
          C1. Holorform
          C2. Akkranen
          C3. Stromcor
          D1. Domelash
          D2. Heliobat
          D3. Arkteon 3

          Danny Brown


            Detroit spitter Danny Brown is a fan favourite for a reason. Few MCs have taken true-blue lyrical ferocity and draped it in a persona as arresting as Danny’s. By the time he released breakout album XXX, he was spearheading a movement of avant-garde internet hip-hop that we still live in the shadow of today.

            “Quaranta”, Brown’s sixth studio album, peels back the curtain to unveil the inner monologues of an artist who’s mystified fans for over a decade. According to Brown, Quaranta is the spiritual sequel to XXX (2011), that infamously catalogued a life lived on the edge at thirty. Quaranta’s core mission statement is of growth, pain, progression, and the view from atop the hill.

            Fresh from a tour with JPEGMAFIA promoting their collaborative album “Scaring the Hoes,” coupled with a period of personal growth, this experience points to heightened productivity that shows no signs of slowing down.

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Liam says: Another outstanding outing from Detroit MC master Danny Brown, 'Quaranta' is a more introspective expedition into Brown's psyche. The flows are as superb as ever, the production is sublime and Brown's lyrics are at some of his best - don't sleep on this!!!

            TRACK LISTING

            1. Quaranta
            2. Tantor
            3. Ain't My Concern
            4. Dark Sword Angel
            5. Y.B.P. Feat. Bruiser Wolf
            6. Jenn’s Terrific Vacation Feat. Kassa Overall
            7. Down Wit It
            8. Celibate Feat. MIKE
            9. Shakedown
            10. Hanami
            11. Bass Jam

            Speedy J

            Ginger - 2023 Reissue

              Debut studio album by Dutch electronic music producer and DJ Speedy J (real name Jochem Paap), Ginger was originally released in June 1993 as part of Warp Records’ Artificial Intelligence series.

              Remastered in 2021, the reissue contains the original design by longtime Warp collaborators The Designers Republic.

              TRACK LISTING

              1. Ginger
              2. Fill 4
              3. Beam Me Up!
              4. R2 D2
              5. Fill 14
              6. Basic Design
              7. Perfect Pitch
              8. Flashback
              9. Pepper
              10. De-Orbit


              O Monolith

                Teeming with melodic epiphanies and layered sounds, Squid’s second album O Monolith is a musical evocation of environment, domesticity and self-made folklore. Like its predecessor, 2021’s critically acclaimed, UK number 4 album Bright Green Field, it is dense and tricksy – but also more warm and characterful, with a meandering, questioning nature.

                Expansive, evocative and hugely varied, O Monolith retains Squid’s restless, enigmatic spirit, but it still holds surprises for those familiar with Bright Green Field. It’s a reflection of the outsized progression of a band always looking to the future. Like its namesake, O Monolith is vast and strange; alive with endless possible interpretations of its inner mysteries.

                STAFF COMMENTS

                William says: The Oxford English dictionary defines ‘squid’ as “an elongated, fast-swimming cephalopod mollusc with eight arms and two long tentacles, typically able to change colour”, which is about as appropriate a definition as any to tack onto this eclectic collection of manic yet thoughtful pieces of music. ‘O Monolith’ is some other dimension’s version of pop music - an honest and unrelenting synthesis of the haunting art, isolation and real-world brutality that inspired it, an earworm that nests itself only in the most obscure recesses of your mind. It would be fit to feature in any year-end list on the strength of bombastic lead single and opener “‘Swing (In a Dream)” alone, but the contemplative “The Blades” and the mind-bending closer with a title that would exceed my world limit, to name a couple, as well as how smoothly the album flows, cement this record’s place as a truly original modern classic.

                TRACK LISTING

                1. Swing (In A Dream)
                2. Devil’s Den
                3. Siphon Song
                4. Undergrowth
                5. The Blades
                6. After The Flash
                7. Green Light
                8. If You Had Seen The Bull’s Swimming Attempts You Would Have Stayed Away



                  Kelela’s next chapter, RAVEN, promises a sonically beautiful and lustrous experience. On RAVEN, Kelela emerges from the tides of her higher self’s oceanic orbit to explore autonomy, belonging and self-renewal as healing across the fifteen-track LP. “Washed Away” and “Happy Ending” have already both been regaled with critical acclaim: Pitchfork called “Washed Away” a “showcase for her swooping soprano” and “Happy Ending” also demonstrative of her “breathy, decorous vocals.” 

                  “I started this process from the feeling of isolation and alienation I’ve always had as a black femme in dance music, despite its black origins. RAVEN is my first breath taken in the dark, an affirmation of black femme perspective in the midst of systemic erasure and the sound of our vulnerability turned to power,” Kelela says about the project.

                  Skillfully straddling the frequencies of R&B and Dance music, Kelela has established herself as an artistic interpolator of music, art and fashion. Her early works Cut 4 Me (2013) and Hallucinogen (2015) were momentous examples of her singular spirit, and cemented her artistry as a leading force in the alternative, underground R&B and electronic worlds. She has since collaborated with fellow visionary artists like Solange, Gorillaz, Andrew Thomas Huang and Danny Brown. Thoughtfully intermixing elegance, futurism, divinity and sensuality, Kelela’s unique perspective has carved a lane that demonstrates style as both a component of art, and art in and of itself.

                  TRACK LISTING

                  A1. Washed Away
                  A2. Happy Ending
                  A3. Let It Go
                  A4. On The Run
                  B1. Missed Call
                  B2. Closure
                  B3. Contact
                  B4. Fooley
                  C1. Holier
                  C2. Raven
                  C3. Bruises
                  C4. Sorbet
                  D1. Divorce
                  D2. Enough For Love
                  D3. Far Away

                  Mount Kimbie, Dom Maker & Kai Campos

                  MK 3.5: Die Cuts | City Planning

                    MK 3.5: Die Cuts | City Planning shows how Dom Maker and Kai Campos have grown over the past decade, and demonstrates the two sides of Mount Kimbie’s aesthetic coin - each side produced entirely by either member. Dom’s side, Die Cuts, is colourful and melody-led, thriving on the spark of collaboration; Kai’s, City Planning, is tactile and unpredictable, the product of a deeply personal aesthetic voyage. The two sides complement each other through their contrasts. But in other ways they’re not so different. Both artists present a unique vision which stands apart from their peers; neither side could have been made by anyone but Mount Kimbie.

                    Die Cuts, produced by Dom, was inspired by his move to LA half a decade ago, around the same time as the band’s old friend and collaborator James Blake. The pair began doing production sessions with a series of increasingly big names from the world of rap and hip-hop, including Jay-Z, Travis Scott, ASAP Rocky, SZA, and Rosalia, among many others. Dom’s collaborative work is going from strength to strength, hitting a recent high with his and James’ headturning work on Slowthai’s ‘Feel Away’.

                    Die Cuts is a reflection of this nascent community and Dom’s producerly vision. Skipping between hip-hop, RnB, and electronic pop, the album combines high class songcraft with a delicate leftfield touch, and showcases a cast of vocalists including longtime friends James Blake and Slowthai, alongside new collaborators Danny Brown, Reggie, Nomi, Keiyaa, Wiki, Liv.e, Kucka and Choker.

                    Kai’s side began after the duo’s finest record yet, 2017’s Love What Survives, led to a period of extensive touring. Back home, he was hungry for a change of pace. He found it in DJing, which offered a new kind of performance - unplannable, unpredictable, and thrilling. He has since become a seasoned DJ, clocking in at the finest festivals (Field Day, Dekmantel, Melt) and clubs (Printworks, Fabric, Sub Club, Concrete) and recording numerous mixes, including a slick DJ-Kicks mix in 2018. Following this, he embarked on a project of "intense listening and thinking about listening,” immersing himself in new sounds and music-making approaches.

                    The outcome of this creative journey is City Planning. Wild, warped and loopy, the album twists avant-garde signifiers from on and off the dancefloor into a deft and refined statement. Its sleek beats and stuttering arpeggios are caked with scuzz and personality, making for an album that’s warm and inviting even at its most confrontational.

                    They also share the news that for the first time ever, acclaimed photographers/directors and longtime collaborators, Tyrone Lebon & Frank Lebon are working together with Mount Kimbie alongside legendary US visual artist and sculptor Tom Shannon to create a multi-format creative campaign.

                    STAFF COMMENTS

                    Barry says: It's really interesting to see the two musical parts of Mount Kimbie laid out like this, and as well as both sides being equally as brilliant in their own right, perfectly illustrates the individual influences on their overall sound.

                    TRACK LISTING

                    Vinyl Tracklist:
                    Dom Maker - Die Cuts
                    A1. Dvd (feat. Choker)
                    A2. In Your Eyes (feat. Slowthai & Danny Brown)
                    A3. F1 Racer (feat. Kučka)
                    A4. Heat On, Lips On
                    A5. End Of The Road (feat. Reggie)
                    A6. Somehow She’s Still Here (feat. James Blake)
                    B1. Kissing (feat. Slowthai)
                    B2. Say That (feat. Nomi)
                    B3. Need U Tonight
                    B4. If And When (feat. Wiki)
                    B5. Tender Hearts Meet The Sky (feat. Keiyaa)
                    B6. A Deities Encore (feat. Liv.e)

                    Kai Campos - City Planning
                    A1. Q
                    A2. Quartz
                    A3. Transit Map (Flattened)
                    A4. Satellite 7
                    A5. Satellite 9
                    A6. Satellite 6 (Corrupted)
                    B1. Zone 3 (City Limits)
                    B2. Zone 2 (Last Connection)
                    B3. Zone 1 (24 Hours)
                    B4. Industry
                    B5. Human Voices

                    CD / Digital Tracklist:
                    Dom Maker - Die Cuts
                    1. Dvd (feat. Choker)
                    2. In Your Eyes (feat. Slowthai & Danny Brown)
                    3. F1 Racer (feat. Kučka)
                    4. Heat On, Lips On
                    5. End Of The Road (feat. Reggie)
                    6. Somehow She’s Still Here (feat. James Blake)
                    7. Kissing (feat. Slowthai)
                    8. Say That (feat. Nomi)
                    9. Need U Tonight
                    10. If And When (feat. Wiki)
                    11. Tender Hearts Meet The Sky (feat. Keiyaa)
                    12. A Deities Encore (feat. Liv.e)

                    Kai Campos - City Planning
                    1. Q
                    2. Quartz
                    3. Transit Map (Flattened)
                    4. Satellite 7
                    5. Satellite 9
                    6. Satellite 6 (Corrupted)
                    7. Zone 3 (City Limits)
                    8. Zone 2 (Last Connection)
                    9. Zone 1 (24 Hours)
                    10. Industry
                    11. Human Voices

                    Four remixes of tracks from LoneLady's "Former Things" Featuring reworks by The Other Two (Stephen Morris of New Order), DJ Stingray, DMX Krew, and LoneLady herself.

                    Speaking in-depth about the remix EP, LoneLady explains: 'As a huge fan of all things Stephen Morris, I was beyond delighted when he was up for doing a remix of "(There Is) No Logic’" The result is an ecstatic merging of LoneLady and New Order - with amazing attention to detail and driving propulsion so recognisably and brilliantly Stephen-esque - he’s created an irresistible, swaggering banger! It's a dream come true!'

                    'DMX Krew’s remix of Fear Colours has got the playfulness ramped right up with some cheeky but soulful nods…It has shades of a late night at the studio with Wendy & Lisa, the champagne corks and Linn Drums-a-popping, and I love it!'

                    'Working with Bill (Skibbe) again was a joy and we had lots of fun with this. I had dug out a couple of old-school hip-hop samples and reworked a section of "(There Is) No Logic". Me and Bill then went to town creating choppy sections and textures, adding tons of percussion, congas and a wild guitar solo. I was re-reading a favourite book at the time - Wide Sargasso Sea and the vivid colours and tropical atmosphere definitely infused the mix. Enjoy the journey - Manchester meets Jamaica via Michigan!'

                    'The genesis of the Former Things album was early electro / techno, and DJ Stingray’s Vigilance Mix provides the perfect conclusion to the EP, coming full circle with "Threats" receiving the authentic Detroit techno treatment. Revelling in dystopian shadows, brute beats and an ambience of shivery fear - just how I like to end a party.'

                    STAFF COMMENTS

                    Matt says: Amazing to see LoneLady really cement her underground electronic credentials by personally selecting and working with this roster of remixers. I always knew she was a massive dance / club music lover and this EP proves it!

                    TRACK LISTING

                    A1. (There Is) No Logic (The Other Two Remix)
                    A2. Fear Colours (DMX Krew Remix)
                    B1. (There Is) No Logic (LoneLady Sargasso ReWerk)
                    B2. Threats (DJ Stingray 313 Vigilance Mix)

                    Daniel Rossen

                    You Belong There

                      Daniel Rossen, the lead vocalist and instrumentalist of era-epitomizing act Grizzly Bear, announces his first-ever solo LP, You Belong There, via Warp Records. 

                      The landscape surrounding You Belong There is Daniel Rossen’s sophisticated and visceral consideration of what comes after the restless enthusiasm and public fanfare of your youth. It's a riveting 10-song reintroduction to a voice that sounds both entirely familiar and fully re-energized by the act of unfettered expression and newfound self-sovereignty. These songs explore the personally uncharted territory of adulthood, including the troubles left behind and the possibilities that wait ahead.

                      For nearly two decades, Rossen had been a crucial component of Grizzly Bear, whose shared harmonies and interlaced textures reimagined music of the early aughts. He is also a founding member of the acclaimed folk and electronica outfit Department of Eagles. Rossen left the close-knit nest of Brooklyn many years ago, first for an isolated patch of land in upstate New York and then for Santa Fe, where he slowly built the world that is You Belong There largely in his high desert home. Rossen bought himself an upright bass (one of his instruments as a kid), along with the cello and performed almost all of the parts on the album himself, with Chris Bear of Grizzly Bear contributing as a rare guest on “Tangle.” Best known as a guitarist, Rossen took up woodwinds, too, buying several cheap student models and learning just enough to understand the rudiments.

                      You Belong There follows Rossen’s 2012 EP, Silent Hour/Golden Mile, critically acclaimed and rated an 8.0 by Pitchfork, who called it a “majestic song cycle full of fingerpicked notes that babble like tributaries.”

                      TRACK LISTING

                      A1. It's A Passage
                      A2. Shadow In The Frame
                      A3. You Belong There
                      A4. Unpeopled Space
                      A5. Celia
                      B1. Tangle
                      B2. I'll Wait For Your Visit
                      B3. Keeper And Kin
                      B4. The Last One
                      B5. Repeat The Pattern

                      Oneohtrix Point Never

                      Renditions I - Black Friday Edition


                        LIMITED TO ONE PER PERSON.

                        Oneohtrix Point Never announces an exclusive release for Record Store Day’s Black Friday – a 10” featuring re-workings of album tracks “Nothing’s Special” with ROSALÍA and ”Tales From The Trash Stratum” with Elizabeth Fraser of Cocteau Twins.

                        Both tracks are available as bonus tracks on the recent Blu-Ray edition release of Magic Oneohtrix Point Never, originally released 20th November 2020 but are now available here for the first time on limited 10” vinyl.

                        10” in paper inner in printed outer sleeve with spot gloss to cover, includes download card insert.

                        Limited to 750 copies for the UK and Ireland.

                        TRACK LISTING

                        A. Nothing’s Special (Oneohtrix Point Never & ROSALÍA)
                        AA. Tales From The Trash Stratum (Oneohtrix Point Never & Elizabeth Fraser)

                        "absent origin" is the latest album by multi-disciplinary artist Mira Calix released via Warp Records.

                        After periods when many things break down, new things need to be made from fragments. absent origin uses the process of collage to make sense of such fragments. Burrowed deep in rolling hills of books and magazines of her source material, Mira Calix’s studio took shape of a Scandi-Noir detectives office but in place of suspect is Calix herself cut and pasted into the artworks that circle this album. Immersing herself into the history of collage, she researched the various processes applied by artists, as well as the medium's history in relation to the 20th century and political upheaval.

                        Every song on the album was created by applying a different collage process relating to a different visual artist, spanning the history of collage to contemporaries of the practice. The sonic materials are subjected to a myriad of processes; layered, synthesised, constructed and assembled into electronic melodies, textures and complex, frisky dance rhythms that are constantly shifting in surprising ways. absent origin employs collage to make sense of the current moment of displaced voices, disjunction and political unrest.

                        On mark of resistance the collage works of Hannah Wilke have been used as inspiration; Wilke’s work is known for exploring feminist issues and aesthetics which is a fitting source of power and solidarity for the first female signee to Warp. The shredding and recreating continues on silence is silver where Matisse’s later works are referenced and on GARGLE (command V) Hannah Höch’s pioneering collage form techniques can be heard as Calix draws our attention back to the present chaos of politics and media. Syncopated and manipulated voices of rap, poetry and found sound jitter through like Jenga, fractions fractured factions and GARGLE. Although an album of sonic splinters, the consistent form is a stance on changing society for the better through art - an ethos she shares with her muses.

                        Calix’s recording sessions are from all over the world are the many fragments we hear across the record; from India to Tasmania, Jordan to Belgium, China to Uganda, her former home of South Africa, to her current home in Britain. Slicing into these are further recordings of vocalists, percussionists, choirs, orchestras, quartets and soloists, never appearing in the form in which they were originally intended. The record is a polyphony of predominantly diverse female voices held together by pulsating baselines, haunting electronic sounds and orchestrated melodies and with them, we travel.

                        As we travel, we glimpse artifacts, as if from the train window; a familiar voice, an image we once knew, but by the time we are able to focus it is long gone. The album fizzes with a political energy and the interconnectedness of everything. At this moment in time, there is an impossibility of separating one thing from another; the effect is strange and not exactly reassuring. Collage suggests infinite possibilities and each track here is a singularly unique compositional combine, a dizzying hall of mirrors with its own unlikely harmony, it’s own distinctive rhythm. On absent origin, collage becomes the tool to make sense of a present that is often anything but.

                        *Please note that the strike-through and lower casing are deliberate in the album title and track names*

                        TRACK LISTING

                        01. A Mark Of Resistance
                        02. There Is Always A Girl With A Secret
                        03. Silence Is Silver
                        04. Bower Of Bliss
                        05. Wooddrifts
                        06. Nkosezane - For My Daddy
                        07. Like Jenga (only It Reaches All The Way To The Sky And It’s Made Of Knives)
                        08. Doggerland (between The Acts)
                        09. Fundamental Things
                        10. Fractions Fractured Factions
                        11. I’m In Love With The End
                        12. Surrender
                        13. GARGLE (command V)
                        14. Dishàng Shuãng (edit)
                        15. Transport Me
                        16. An Infinite Thrum (archipelago)
                        17. The Abandoned Colony Collapsed My World


                        Near The Westway (RSD21 EDITION)



                          Live To Vinyl Exclusive

                          Manchester’s LoneLady has been a firm favourite with most of our rotating assembly over the last decade. Her infectious mix of kinetic drum rhythms, thin and funky, picked guitar lines and completely distinctive vocal style has proven a winning formula for lovers of post-punk, (any)wave and electro-indie hybrids alike. Her intrepid DIY approach sees her writing and playing all instrumental and vocal parts herself, furthering her credentials as an all-in-one modern studio songstress. On Former Things the blueprint reaches its natural zenith – seeing her galvanized grooves emanate from a modest arsenal of instruments with a spontaneous magic. Whereas previous outings were inspired by the industrial Victorian warehouses which once populated the Manchester cityscape, this new set sees her move location to a shooting range in Somerset, offering up expansive, shiny, dare-I-say-it, playful territories within her music. There’s a degree of sonic affluency which reflects her journey from urban to rural.

                          A detailed equipment list accompanies the LP, going someway to explain how she creates these twangy, bass-banging, arp-studded mechanics. Each arrangement evolves from a basic beat to an unignorable earworm within a typical 16-bar period; the familiarity of her solid construction meaning every single track on the album gets its hook right underneath your skin. Her nonchalant yet candy-covered yearnings remain anthemic across every track; there’s no denying Julie Campbell’s mastery of the chorus!

                          Huge with indie disco heads AND electronic aficionados this LP has remained a constant feature of my record bag throughout 2021 and garnered rightful accolades from the sincerest corners of the creative community.

                          STAFF COMMENTS

                          Barry says: An absolutely top tip for any fans of machine funk or disco, this newest LoneLady outing sees Campbell brilliantly offsetting the more hefty synth grooves with an acoustic levity and lightness of touch. It's dynamic and exciting, filled with moments of clever production and every bit the deserving follow-up to 2015's 'Hinterland'.

                          TRACK LISTING

                          Vinyl Tracklisting:
                          Side A
                          A1. The Catcher / (There Is) No Logic
                          A2. Former Things / Time Time Time
                          Side B
                          B1. Threats / Fear Colours
                          B2. Treasure / Terminal Ground

                          CD Tracklisting:
                          1. The Catcher
                          2. (There Is) No Logic
                          3. Former Things
                          4. Time Time Time
                          5. Threats
                          6. Fear Colours
                          7. Treasure
                          8. Terminal Ground


                          Feed Me Weird Things - 25th Anniversary Edition

                          Warp Records reissue Squarepusher’s debut album "Feed Me Weird Things", virtually 25 years to the day from its original release in ‘96. First released on the now inactive Rephlex label, the album has not been available on streaming platforms until now and has been out of print for more than a decade. This complete edition has been remastered from the original DATs and features two extra tracks which were first released on the B-side of the “Squarepusher Plays… EP” and later featured on the original Japanese release of this album. The edition also includes a 16 page booklet with personal photographs, ephemera and candid notes from Tom Jenkinson, throwing light on the early days of his career.

                          The release follows “Be Up A Hello”, Squarepusher’s 2020 album that was filled with buoyant, dancefloor driven tracks which featured some of the same analogue and digital hardware that was used on “Feed Me Weird Things”. “Be Up A Hello” was also driven by the same hedonistic energy which is perfectly encapsulated in this pioneering album, the first tracks of which he recorded when he was only 19 years old.

                          Musically, “Feed Me Weird Things” is more expansive than the electronic sub-genres it was hemmed into at the time, as it was the first release where Tom Jenkinson highlighted his virtuosic bass playing. Like much of his output after, it also showcases disarmingly intricate melodic composition like on “Squarepusher Theme” and extraordinarily complex rhythmic sequences i.e. on “Tundra” whilst retaining an impressive cadence.

                          The album was a key release for Richard D. James (Aphex Twin) and Grant Wilson-Claridge’s Rephlex label and has gone on to be regarded as one of Squarepusher’s best. As well as a close friendship there was perhaps a bit of healthy competition between Squarepusher and Aphex Twin at the time (!Hangable Auto Bulb” was released in ‘95 and is cited as an influence). However, strong jazz influences and accomplished bass playing set Tom apart from his contemporaries. Richard curated the track list for “Feed Me Weird Things” from tapes that Tom had given him and the record includes sleeve notes written by him too, the only time he has done so for another artist.

                          “The Squarepusher is someone who wonders what the holes of a flute sound like without the flute. Sound like sound never sounded before, Richard Rodgers and Julie Andrews gave us the Sound of music, John Cage and Simon and Garfunkel gave us the Sound of silence and now the Squarepusher gives us the SOUND of SOUND.” - PRichard.D.Jams (taken from the original ‘Feed Me Weird Things’ sleevenotes)

                          TRACK LISTING

                          01 Squarepusher Theme
                          02 Tundra
                          03 The Swifty
                          04 Dimotane Co
                          05 Smedleys Melody
                          06 Windscale 2
                          07 North Circular
                          08 Goodnight Jade
                          09 Theme From Ernest Borgnine
                          10 U.F.O.'s Over Leytonstone
                          11 Kodack
                          12 Future Gibbon
                          13 Theme From Goodbye Renaldo
                          14 Deep Fried Pizza

                          If the album’s title conjures tranquil melodies evoking some misty pastoral idyll, that impression isn't immediately dispelled by the dark rock ambience of opener “Resolution Square”. That is abruptly followed, however, by a series of dystopian dreams strewn across a bed of staccato post punk-funk with more in common with The Fall, Gang Of Four and punk cacophony than Vivaldi. There isn’t necessarily a single coherent centre to the album, either musically or thematically, both subject matter and genre co-opted and discarded with abandon, but there is an obvious dig at cold corporate capitalism in “G.S.K.”, inspired by the monolithic slab that is GlaxoSmithKline’s HQ in Brentford and “Global Groove”, a swipe at the detachment of newscast war voyeurism. Alongside these Bright Green Fields presents clipped portraits of modern life’s grinding banality, but it really needs to be experienced as a whole to appreciate its exquisitely crafted and well targeted power. 

                          STAFF COMMENTS

                          Barry says: I can't think of a single band that sound like Squid. Four or five maybe, but no other single band could sound this varied, this coherently i'm sure of it. Meandering math-rock, snarling post-punk and arrythmic indie business coalesce into a wildly inventive and completely unique whole. Staggeringly brilliant.

                          TRACK LISTING

                          1. Resolution Square
                          2. G.S.K.
                          3. Narrator Ft. Martha Skye Murphy
                          4. Boy Racers
                          5. Paddling
                          6. Documentary Filmmaker
                          7. 2010
                          8. The Flyover
                          9. Peel St.
                          10. Global Groove
                          11. Pamphlets

                          The end of 2019 was soundtracked by one of the most unanimously critically acclaimed film scores of recent history, an anxiety-driven joyride paired to the Safdie Brothers’ noir thriller Uncut Gems. Unknowingly, Lopatin captured a universal feeling of dread that cuts even deeper in the current state of world affairs. And now, just as many artists are leaning into a newly discovered darkness as this year closes, Lopatin turns his dial towards a frequency of profound self-awareness on an even deeper journey inwards towards peace. With the backdrop of re-imagined programming for a soft rock-era format that symbolically spans from morning drive into late night hours, “Magic Oneohtrix Point Never”, the name a reference to a misheard play on words of Boston’s Magic 106.7, is a nostalgic and self-referential career defining body of work, collaging maximalist baroque within atmospheric glitter. Here Lopatin has mastered his own autobiography; an ornate musical double entendre from an artist making the most enlightened music of his career.

                          STAFF COMMENTS

                          Barry says: It's always a transcendent experience listening to a new OPN album, and 'Magic..' is exactly that, flitting between ambient synthy business and soaring glitchy vocal streaks. As ever, perfectly produced and with every bit of the sheen we've come to expect.

                          TRACK LISTING

                          Vinyl Tracklist:
                          A1. Cross Talk I
                          A2. Auto & Allo
                          A3. Long Road Home
                          A4. Cross Talk II
                          B1. I Don’t Love Me Anymore
                          B2. Bow Ecco
                          B3. The Whether Channel
                          B4. No Nightmares
                          C1. Cross Talk III
                          C2. Tales From The Trash Stratum
                          C3. Answering Machine
                          C4. Imago
                          C5. Cross Talk IV / Radio Lonelys
                          D1. Lost But Never Alone
                          D2. Shifting
                          D3. Wave Idea

                          CD Tracklist:
                          01. Cross Talk I
                          02. Auto & Allo
                          03. Long Road Home
                          04. Cross Talk II
                          05. I Don’t Love Me Anymore
                          06. Bow Ecco
                          07. The Whether Channel
                          08. No Nightmares
                          09. Cross Talk III
                          10. Tales From The Trash Stratum
                          11. Answering Machine
                          12. Imago
                          13. Cross Talk IV / Radio Lonelys
                          14. Lost But Never Alone
                          15. Shifting
                          16. Wave Idea
                          17. Nothing’s Special

                          Lorenzo Senni

                          Scacco Matto

                            Lorenzo Senni returns with a new album on Warp Records. Nearly 4 years since his well-acclaimed ‘Persona’ EP, the Milan-based multi-disciplinary artist, makes his first move with the momentous single DISCIPLINE OF ENTHUSIASM. In keeping with his distinctive pointillistic style and no drum beat etiquette, this is the next part in Senni’s process, accelerating and expanding his idea of Rave Voyeurism.

                            TRACK LISTING

                            A1.  Discipline Of Enthusiasm
                            A2.  XBreakingEdgeX
                            A3.  Move In Silence (Only Speak When It’s Time To Say Checkmate)
                            A4.  Canone Infinito 
                            B1.  Dance Tonight Revolution Tomorrow
                            B2.  The Power Of Failing
                            B3.  Wasting Time Writing Lorenzo Senni Songs
                            B4.  THINK BIG


                            Take Me Apart

                              With great anticipation, Kelela's debut album emerges as an epic portrait of an artist spanning the past and future of R&B. In her hands, however, the genre knows no boundaries and so Take Me Apart exists as an absolutely singular and fearless addition to a canon of recent classics. From her very earliest work, honesty and vulnerability have been cornerstones of Kelela's art - even when clad in the armor of the avant-garde electronics she so deftly inhabits - and Take Me Apart sees her double down on both the emotional intensity and resonance of her message as well as the sonic seeking she is renowned for.

                              On 2015's acclaimed Hallucinogen EP, Kelela swept listeners along in the rush of ecstasy and the melancholic vapor trail of a hopeful, but ultimately doomed liaison. Hallucinogen would prove to be a turning point, and The New York Times would name it's single, "Rewind", one of the "25 Songs That Tell Us Where Music Is Going". The EP's oversized impact would ignite a period of kinetic worldwide live shows culminating in Kelela crisscrossing the globe on tour with The xx. In parallel with this, 2016 and early 2017 would see Kelela grace a handful of crucial records as a feature vocalist - from longtime ally Solange's majestic A Seat At The Table, to Danny Brown's immense Atrocity Exhibitionand most recently, the star-studded Humanz from Gorillaz. These appearances would be tantalizing signs leading the way to Take Me Apart.

                              Amplifying the ideas explored on Hallucinogen, here Kelela treats relationships and their effects like a Matryoshka doll, unveiling layer after layer to find herself at the center. Expressing an honest vision of how we navigate dissolving ties with each other and yet remain sanguine for the next chance at love, the emotional ricochet is traced across the album's narrative. Take Me Apart stands not only as an intensely personal chronicle, but also a defiant and turbulent statement direct from Kelela; "Despite it being a personal record, the politics of my identity informs how it sounds and how I choose to articulate my vulnerability and strength. I am a black woman, a second-generation Ethiopian-American, who grew up in the 'burbs listening to R&B, Jazz and Björk. All of it comes out in one way or another."

                              TRACK LISTING

                              1. Frontline
                              2. Waitin
                              3. Take Me Apart
                              4. Enough
                              5. Jupiter
                              6. Better
                              7. LMK
                              8. Truth Or Dare
                              9. S.O.S.
                              10. Blue Light
                              11. Onanon
                              12. Turn To Dust
                              13. Bluff
                              14. Altadena

                              One of the world’s most celebrated alternative bands return with the bold and breathtaking follow-up to their international breakthrough record.

                              Grizzly Bear will follow their US Top 10 and UK Top 25 breakthrough record ‘Veckatimest’ with ‘Shields’, a bold yet textured masterpiece.

                              The album comes as a result of the band writing and recording in a more cohesive way than ever before, delivering anthemic singles (‘Yet Again’, ‘Speak In Rounds’) and stunning orchestral climaxes (‘Sun In Your Eyes’) across the space of its ten tracks.

                              Asked which tunes on ‘Shields’ belong to which songwriter, every member balks and explains that, for the first time, these are actually full-band numbers. Both in process and product, this is Grizzly Bear as they’ve never been. The words come matched by a sound that is more passionate than proper, a quality earned by spending less time on the perfect take than on the proper feeling. “This has a different energy behind it,” concludes Ed Droste (vocals). “‘Veckatimest’ was a little more of a polite album; the desire to keep the vocals smooth might have kept a little distance between us and the audience. This one feels a bit more rough and exposed, so that on ‘Shields’, everything speaks for itself.”

                              STAFF COMMENTS

                              Martin says: The ornately wrought ironwork of "Veckatimest" was always going to be a very tough act to follow, but, in my humble opinion, Grizzly Bear have quietly surpassed it with "Shields". The rhythmic twists and turns are still there, as are the intricately crafted, angular song structures and Ed Drost’s aching vocal harmonies; but if in its predecessor’s overreaching ambition emotion and overall direction were occasionally lost, with "Shields" the expression has been honed, and to an exquisite degree. Grizzly Bear are the sum of divergent parts and that’s reflected in their complex, hard to pin down sound – if you need references (and they are loose) then, maybe Jeff Buckley’s muscular anguish and the melodic end of Animal Collective might serve. Best not to take my word for it though, investigate them for yourself; there’s a very, very good chance you’ll find it worth the effort.

                              TRACK LISTING

                              1. Sleeping Ute
                              2. Speak In Rounds
                              3. Adelma
                              4. Yet Again
                              5. The Hunt
                              6. A Simple Answer
                              7. What's Wrong
                              8. Gun-shy
                              9. Half Gate
                              10. Sun In Your Eyes

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