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Maple Glider

To Enjoy Is The Only Thing

    Maple Glider is Naarm/Melbourne-based singer-songwriter Tori Zietsch. On debut album To Enjoy is the Only Thing, Zietsch's vocals melt into layers of plucked acoustic guitar and lulling piano, drawing on the sombre styles of folk contemporaries with a stark tenderness and introspection that assumes the listener is inside her bedroom as she plays for herself. Striking emotionality is at the centre of this performance, leaning into an intimacy that is achieved by way of deeply personal reflections and velvety melodic compositions.

    In Tori's words: "To me, To Enjoy is the Only Thing feels like walking past tinsel-covered trees in mid-September, swimming along the calanques in the south of France, frost on the hood of a car, darkness at 4pm, lightness until 10pm, Sibylle Baier’s Colour Green, Devendra Banhart’s Ma, Adrianne Lenker’s a-sides, a muted feeling, the perpetual grey fog that swallows the Silver Coast in Portugal, an ugly green dress, the color red, red wine, red blood, red lips, the red of a cardinal’s robe, Switzerland, my mother’s diaries, a coroner’s report, the sun on my face, the end of love."


    Side A
    1 As Tradition
    2 Swimming
    3 View From This Side
    4 Friend
    5 Be Mean, It's Kinder Than Crying

    Side B
    6 Good Thing
    7 Baby Tiger
    8 Performer
    9 Mama It's Christmas

    Aerial East

    Try Harder

      Aerial East’s music explores the space between the conscious and unconscious mind, between what was and what will be. She dives into what she has known - adolescence, heartbreak, coming into a new social consciousness, and managing a perpetual unanchored-ness - in order to find a most surprising place to rest inside: the unknowable.

      As the daughter of a military family, East spent her late childhood in Europe and teenage years in Abilene, Texas. After dropping out of community college, she moved to New York City where she’d meet a group of musicians whom she would come to befriend and collaborate with (including Okay Kaya, Kelsey Lu, Wet + more). She hopes to tell stories we don’t hear often. “I want to tell stories about people in Texas,” she says, “I want to humanize different characters.”

      ‘Try Harder’ is a tight yet eclectic record, both sonically and emotionally. “I didn’t want to hear any drums,” East says. “I was going through a period of high anxiety,” she explains, adding that she listened to a lot of solo-piano to calm down during moments of ungroundedness. “I wanted to make a record to be soothing in the same way [as the piano was for her].” So, much to the initial skepticism of her collaborators, East decided against adding drums to her songs. “I just wanted it to be healing and calm, something you can listen to even if the world is ending,” a feeling we can all relate to. The end result is a beautiful ode to those of us who feel like life sometimes is a little bit harder, that we don’t quite fit in, that our edges are rough – an album-length anthem for sitting in our own discomfort and groundlessness and finding a specific peace with it. 


      A1 Try Harder
      A2 The Things We Build
      A3 Katharine
      A4 Doin Somethin
      A5 I Love Dick
      A6 San Angelo
      B1 Blue
      B2 Angry Man
      B3 Ryan
      B4 Jonas Said
      B5 Brennen
      B6 Be Leavin

      Legendary activist and Afrobeat originator, Fela Kuti, used his music to lament social injustices and political corruption in his native Nigeria. Fela’s legacy spans decades and genres, touching on jazz, pop, funk, hip-hop, rock, and beyond. While this impact can be felt in Nigeria and the entire world, it also greatly affected Fela’s son Femi and his son Made, both of whom carry his legacy as torchbearers for change. Now Partisan Records release two albums from Femi and Made, packaged together and appropriately titled ‘Legacy +’.

      Both albums that make up ‘Legacy +’ are steeped in the tradition of Afrobeat invented by Fela, but each also offers their own unique vision. Femi’s 'Stop The Hate' honors Fela in a traditionally fun, sharply political, and affirming way. Meanwhile Made’s ‘For(e)ward’ is a modern and progressive freedom manifesto, pushing boundaries of the subgenre even further. Made also performs every instrument on his album. Both albums also feature portraits of Femi and Made, done by Brooklyn-based artist Delphine Desane, whose work was recently featured on the cover of Vogue Italia. 


      says: Kuti's lineage continues to inspire new generations as well as keeping the hips of dancers thru the ages shaking. Made follows in his grandfather and fathers footsteps; rightly pairing politically-leaning lyrics to the inferno of Afro-beat that the family are famous for.


      Femi Kuti - Stop The Hate

      1. Pà Pá Pà
      2. As We Struggle Everyday
      3. Stop The Hate
      4. Land Grab
      5. Na Bigmanism Spoil Government
      6. You Can't Fight Corruption With Corruption
      7. Show Of Shame
      8. Privatisation
      9. Set Your Minds And Souls Free

      Made Kuti - For(e)ward

      1. Free Your Mind
      2. Your Enemy
      3. Blood
      4. Different Streets
      5. Higher You'll Find
      6. Hymn
      7. Young Lady
      8. We Are Strong

      Fontaines D.C.

      A Hero's Death/I Don't Belong

        Barely a year after the release of their hugely acclaimed debut album 'Dogrel', which earned a Mercury Prize nomination and Album of the Year 2019 at both BBC 6Music and Rough Trade record store, Dublin’s Fontaines D.C. have returned with an intensely confident, patient, and complex follow up album. 'A Hero's Death’ was released on 31st July 2020 via Partisan Records – it arrives battered and bruised, albeit beautiful - a heady and philosophical take on the modern world, and its great uncertainty.

        The 7” features two tracks from the album – “A Hero’s Death” and “I Don’t Belong”. I


        1. A Hero's Death
        2. I Don't Belong

        Fontaines D.C.

        A Hero's Death

          Barely a year after the release of their hugely acclaimed debut album 'Dogrel', which earned a Mercury Prize nomination and Album of the Year 2019 at both BBC 6Music and Rough Trade record store, Dublin’s Fontaines D.C. have returned with an intensely confident, patient, and complex follow up album. 'A Hero's Death' arrives battered and bruised, albeit beautiful - a heady and philosophical take on the modern world, and its great uncertainty. 


          says: Following the moody brilliance of the universally lauded ‘Dogrel’ was never going to be easy. Such a weight of expectation! Add to that a relentless schedule that goes with maintaining the momentum of success and a lifestyle that stretches minds and bodies to the limit (all too often beyond) and Fontaines D.C. could well be forgiven for buckling under the pressure. They certainly weren’t immune. Instead of blunting their creativity however, they channelled the world weariness and cynicism into their music, giving darker breadth and depth to the snarl and vigour of their debut. Grian Chatten is as poetic and articulate as ever, his wry observations irreplaceable, but here they are shot through with defiant nihilism and a wish for independence, from everything and everyone.

          They cite the Beach Boys as an influence on this album, but, while their chopping, post punk growl certainly has added harmony and changes of pace for sure, this ain't surfing weather. Where they do throw in a ballad, the gorgeous drunken drawl of “No” that closes the record, it's under leaden Dublin skies. The glorious, rolling sneer of “Televised Mind” and the tortured glam of the title track are perhaps other standouts, but then this album is full of them. All killer, certainly that.

          ‘A Hero's Death’ is absolutely and identifiably Fontaines D.C., it couldn't be anyone else, but it’s a leaner, more layered and brooding upgrade. If ‘Dogrel’ was a victory, ‘A Hero's Death’ is a reflection on the cost. It’s just magnificent.


          A1 I Don't Belong
          A2 Love Is The Main Thing
          A3 Televised Mind
          A4 A Lucid Dream
          A5 You Said
          A6 Oh Such A Spring
          B1 A Hero's Death
          B2 Living In America
          B3 I Was Not Born
          B4 Sunny
          B5 No


          Welcome To Bobby's Motel

            Who is “Bobby,” you ask?

            Enter Pottery. Enter Paul Jacobs, Jacob Shepansky, Austin Boylan, Tom Gould, and Peter Baylis. Enter the smells, the cigarettes, the noise, their van Mary, their friend Luke, toilet drawings, Northern California, Beatles accents, Taco Bell, the Great Plains, and hot dogs. Enter love and hate, angst and happiness, and everything in between. Beginning as an inside joke between the band members, Bobby and his “motel” have grown into so much more. They’ve become the all-encompassing alt-reality that the band built themselves, for everyone else. So, in essence, Bobby is Pottery and his motel is wherever they are.

            But really, Bobby is a pilot, a lumberjack, a stay at home dad, and a disco dancer that never rips his pants. He's a punching bag filled with comic relief. He laughs in the face of day-to-day ambiguity, as worrying isn’t worth it to Bobby. There’s a piece of him in everyone, there to remind us that things are probably going to work out, maybe. He’s you. He’s him. He’s her. He’s them. Bobby is always there, painted in the corner, urging you to relax and forget about your useless worries. And his motel? Well, the motel is life. It might not be clean, and the curtains might not shut all the way. The air conditioner might be broken, and the floors might be stained. But that’s okay, because you don’t go to Bobby’s Motel for the glamour and a good night’s sleep, the minibar, or the full-service sauna. You go to Bobby’s Motel to feel, to escape, to remember, to distract. You go for the late nights and early mornings, good times and the bad. You might spend your entire life looking for Bobby’s Motel and just when you think you will never find it, you realize you’ve been there all along. It’s filthy and amazing and you dance, and you love it.

            The 11 songs on ‘Welcome to Bobby’s Motel’ don’t just invite you to move your body; they command you to. Fusing reckless, manic energy with painstaking precision, the record is part post-punk, part art-pop, and part dance floor acid trip, hinting at everything from Devo to Gang of Four as it boldly careens through genres and decades. The music is driven by explosive drums and off-kilter guitar riffs that drill themselves into your brain, accented with deep, funky grooves and rousing gang vocals. The production is similarly raw and wild, suggesting an air of anarchy that belies the music’s careful architecture and meticulous construction. The result is an album full of ambitious, complex performances that exude joy and mayhem in equal measure, a collection that’s alternately virtuosic, chaotic, and pure fun." 

            TRACK LISTING

            01 Welcome To Bobby's Motel
            02 Hot Heater
            03 Under The Wires
            04 Bobby's Forecast
            05 Down In The Dumps
            06 Reflection
            07 Texas Drums Pt I & II
            08 NY Inn
            09 What's In Fashion?
            10 Take Your Time
            11 Hot Like Jungle



              Ultraísta are releasing their first new album since 2012's self-titled debut. "Tin King" is a collection that defies easy categorization, and one that proves that Ultraísta — Grammy-winning producer/engineer/musician Nigel Godrich, best known for his two decades helming Radiohead’s groundbreaking studio output; celebrated drummer Joey Waronker, who’s toured and recorded with everyone from R.E.M. and Beck to Roger Waters and Elliott Smith; and singer Laura Bettinson, an acclaimed solo artist whose work combines synth-driven electropop and dreamy vocal looping — is far more than just the sum of its remarkable parts.

              TRACK LISTING

              1. Tin King
              2. Harmony
              3. Anybody
              4. Save It ’til Later
              5. Ordinary Boy
              6. Mariella
              7. Water In My Veins
              8. Bumblebees
              9. The Moon And Mercury


              A Beautiful Thing: IDLES Live At Le Bataclan

                ‘A Beautiful Thing: IDLES Live at Le Bataclan’ is the brand new live album from IDLES, recorded at Le Bataclan in Paris on 3rd December 2018, at the close of a 90 date world tour. The album celebrates the band’s success over the last two years, featuring songs from ‘Brutalism’ and ‘Joy as an Act of Resistance’, and highlights their overall message of unity, and of healing through community.

                “Our show at Bataclan was the end of a very long journey for us. On that tour we learnt so much about ourselves, each other and the audiences we have grown with over the past 10 years. That show was nothing short of catharsis and nothing more than love. We love what we do and the people who have carried us here, there was no hiding that at Bataclan and we are so very grateful that the moment was captured in all its glory, love and fatigue. Long live the open minded and long live the moment.” - Joe Talbot

                STAFF COMMENTS

                says: A beautiful thing indeed, Idles bring all of their vitriol and political fire to the legendary Bataclan, and it couldn't be more perfect a performance. Rawkous, huge and scathing, a live album not to be missed.

                TRACK LISTING

                VINYL TRACKLISTING:
                SIDE A
                1 Colossus (Live At Le Bataclan)
                2 Never Fight A Man With A Perm (Live At Le Bataclan)
                3 Mother (Live At Le Bataclan)
                4 Faith In The City (Live At Le Bataclan)
                5 I’m Scum (Live At Le Bataclan)

                SIDE B
                1 Danny Nedelko (Live At Le Bataclan)
                2 Divide & Conquer (Live At Le Bataclan)
                3 1049 Gotho (Live At Le Bataclan)
                4 Samaritans (Live At Le Bataclan)
                5 Television (Live At Le Bataclan)

                SIDE C
                1 Great (Live At Le Bataclan)
                2 Love Song (Live At Le Bataclan)
                3 White Privilege (Live At Le Bataclan)
                4 Gram Rock (Live At Le Bataclan)
                5 Benzocaine (Live At Le Bataclan)

                SIDE D
                1 Exeter (Live At Le Bataclan)
                2 Cry To Me (Live At Le Bataclan)
                3 Well Done (Live At Le Bataclan)
                4 Rottweiler (Live At Le Bataclan)

                CD TRACKLISTING:
                DISC 1
                1 Colossus (Live At Le Bataclan)
                2 Never Fight A Man With A Perm (Live At Le Bataclan)
                3 Mother (Live At Le Bataclan)
                4 Faith In The City (Live At Le Bataclan)
                5 I’m Scum (Live At Le Bataclan)
                6 Danny Nedelko (Live At Le Bataclan)
                7 Divide & Conquer (Live At Le Bataclan)
                8 1049 Gotho (Live At Le Bataclan)
                9 Samaritans (Live At Le Bataclan)
                10 Television (Live At Le Bataclan)

                DISC 2
                1 Great (Live At Le Bataclan)
                2 Love Song (Live At Le Bataclan)
                3 White Privilege (Live At Le Bataclan)
                4 Gram Rock (Live At Le Bataclan)
                5 Benzocaine (Live At Le Bataclan)
                6 Exeter (Live At Le Bataclan)
                7 Cry To Me (Live At Le Bataclan)
                8 Well Done (Live At Le Bataclan)
                9 Rottweiler (Live At Le Bataclan)

                Cigarettes After Sex return with their anticipated sophomore album. Recorded during night time sessions in a mansion on the Spanish island of Mallorca, the album is a lush, cinematic meditation on the many complex facets of love - meeting, wanting, needing, losing...sometimes all at once. The album was self-produced and engineered by Greg Gonzalez, and mixed by Craig Silvey (Arcade Fire, Yeah Yeah Yeahs).

                TRACK LISTING

                1. Don't Let Me Go
                2. Kiss It Off Me
                3. Heavenly
                4. You're The Only Good Thing In My Life
                5. Touch
                6. Hentai
                7. Cry
                8. Falling In Love
                9. Pure

                Erika Wennerstrom

                Sweet Unknown

                  There's something somewhat frightening, yet utterly freeing when leaving the confines of a successful band to venture solo — especially a band whose latest record was called "effortlessly brilliant" by critics. But, such is the case with Erika Wennerstrom who is taking a brief vacation from her Cincinnati-based rock band, Heartless Bastards, to deliver her solo debut Sweet Unknown.

                  But fans of Heartless Bastards need not worry. The band has not broken up. "We'd been going for so long and everyone in the band was just ready for a little break. But I had songs in me that needed to come out. I didn't think it was fair to push them to keep going and I didn't want to do it without them under the band name," explains Wennerstrom, who enlisted the help of HB's Jesse Ebaugh to play bass on 8 of the 9 tracks on Sweet Unknown.

                  While Wennerstrom has always been honest the Heartless Bastards songs she's written, the 9 tracks that make up Sweet Unknown are even more personal and reflective, and for her, quite transformative as well.

                  The album kicks off with the feel-good roadtrip vibes of "Twisted Highway," which Wennerstrom says sums up her musical journey on Sweet Unknown. On the somber psych-rocker "Staring Out the Window," the artist digs even deeper into the inner workings of her mind. The upbeat and optimistic "Letting Go" epitomizes that experience. "Good To Be Alone" is just one sonic outcome of a formative trip to Big Bend taken soon after the band decided to go on hiatus.

                  With Sweet Unknown, Erika Wennerstrom bravely invites the listener in to experience her trials and tribulations of life amist a cozy soundscape of deeply emotive vocals and melodies to what is ultimately the soundtrack to her soul.

                  Americana mainstays Deer Tick return to form with not one but two albums in 2017.

                  ‘Vol. 1’ is quiet, ‘Vol. 2’ is loud - Deer Tick’s dual personalities, finally channelled onto two distinct and equally brilliant records.

                  Die cut covers that resemble picture frames with retractable disco jacket.

                  TRACK LISTING

                  ‘Vol. 1’
                  Sea Of Clouds
                  Card House
                  Doomed From The Start
                  Hope Is Big
                  Only Love
                  Me And My Man
                  End Of The World
                  Limp Right Back

                  Americana mainstays Deer Tick return to form with not one but two albums in 2017.

                  ‘Vol. 1’ is quiet, ‘Vol. 2’ is loud - Deer Tick’s dual personalities, finally channelled onto two distinct and equally brilliant records.

                  Die cut covers that resemble picture frames with retractable disco jacket.

                  TRACK LISTING

                  ‘Vol. 2’
                  Don’t Hurt
                  Look How Clean I Am
                  It’s A Whale
                  Tiny Fortunes
                  Wants / Needs
                  Mr. Nothing Gets Worse

                  Cigarettes After Sex frontman Greg Gonzalez had a clear vision for his band’s gorgeously cinematic debut album. After the phenomenal online break-out success of “Nothing’s Gonna Hurt You Baby”, from the band’s debut EP 1, the Brooklyn transplant (originally from El Paso) wanted to project his worldview on to a bigger screen, a broader canvas. As Greg explains, “This is like the novel or feature-length version of Cigarettes. I wanted it to feel like a complete work, where some of the imagery repeats – like it’s all in the same world. It’s very much a fulfilment of the feelings in the short works.”

                  That sense of fulfilment is richly felt on Cigarettes After Sex, which unspools like the most achingly romantic of movies: immersive, cohesive and transporting. Swooning in the spirit of influences such as Mazzy Star and Red House Painters, its sumptuous songs of love elevate Cigarettes to the ranks of those acts who create worlds of their own, exciting the most devoted kind of following.

                  Alongside keyboardist Phillip Tubbs, bassist Randy Miller and drummer Jacob Tomsky, the ability of Gonzalez and his band to set a scene and sustain a mood reels you in deeply. On album opener ‘K’, a tale of blossoming love etched in tiny details luxuriates over chiming guitars; on the hymn to romantic compulsion of ‘Each Time You Fall in Love’, the suspended animation of Angelo Badalamenti’s heart-stopping Twin Peaks music is echoed. ‘Sunsetz’ and the gently lilting ‘Sweet’, meanwhile, showcase Gonzalez’s ability to weave impressionistic snapshots of romance into melodies that haunt like memories of past loves, all coalescing around his melting vocals.

                  STAFF COMMENTS

                  says: Gorgeous, slow-mo, late night heart-breakers drift by with classic chords, beautiful vocals and not one bad song in sight.

                  TRACK LISTING

                  1. K.
                  2. Each Time You Fall In Love
                  3. Sunsetz
                  4. Apocalypse
                  5. Flash
                  6. Sweet
                  7. Opera House
                  8. Truly
                  9. John Wayne
                  10. Young & Dumb

                  Cigarettes After Sex

                  EP I.

                    Cigarettes After Sex are an ambient pop group based out of Brooklyn, NY, inspired by the likes of The Cocteau Twins, Red House Painters and Mazzy Star. Since their formation the band have become a word-of-mouth phenomenon, generating over 75 million views on YouTube, all without the support of a label.

                    Having sold out shows around the world throughout 2016, Cigarettes After Sex recently released the single ‘K.’, their first new material in twelve months and are now reissuing 2012’s ‘EP I.’ ahead of their debut album, due summer 2017 on Partisan Records.

                    “A recent upswell of millions of YouTube hits have rained on this romantic, wistful Brooklyn band that plays at a heartbroken crawl. Many of them originated from recommendations via the video platform and a fanbase of pleasantly surprised listeners.” - Rolling Stone.

                    “Cigarettes After Sex’s sound is elemental, hazy, and romantic, but with a noir edge underneath Gonzalez’s androgynous voice. As the band’s name suggests, it’s reminiscent of lying in bed, but its ambient qualities don’t prevent it from being music you can dance to.” – Noisey.

                    STAFF COMMENTS

                    says: Massive shoegaze, slow-mo, heartbreakers roll by like a blend of Mazzy Star and Slowdive. This hits and it hurts. So good!

                    says: Stargazing indie-rock, haunting vocal musings and brilliantly constructed slow-mo balladry. From the longing optimism of 'Nothing's Gonna Hurt You Baby' to the dreamy lullaby that is the aching 'Starry Eyes', this is a wistful and beautiful outing.

                    Partisan Records present ‘Ullages’, the second album from Leeds-based band Eagulls.

                    ‘Ullages’ is an altogether different record from the heady fuzz of Eagulls’ 2014 self-titled debut: the drawn out textured melodies recall the shimmering opulence of The Cocteau Twins and the melancholic majesty of The Cure.

                    Highlights of the last campaign included taking both ‘Later… with Jools Holland’ and ‘The Late Show With David Letterman’ in the US by storm, sharing stages with the likes of Arcade Fire and Pharrell, scooping a major NME Award and playing at some of the world’s most renowned festivals including Coachella, Latitude, Field Day and Reading / Leeds.

                    The artwork is a collaboration with British cult photographer Peter Mitchell.

                    “A title this sour never sounded so sweet” - SPIN (on ‘Lemontrees’)

                    “Their new work is brave, lyrically challenging and accomplished” - Loud & Quiet

                    “There’s always been more to Eagulls than just fire and brimstone. With ‘Ullages’ those widescreen ambitions finally look set to be fully realised.” - DIY

                    “A sparkling sonic environment situated somewhere between The Smiths, Shins and Stone Roses. It’s a lovely development.” - Stereogum

                    TRACK LISTING

                    1. Heads Or Tails
                    2. Euphoria
                    3. My Life In Rewind
                    4. Harpstrings
                    5. Velvet
                    6. Psalms
                    7. Blume
                    8. Skipping
                    9. Lemontrees
                    10. Aisles
                    11. White Lie Lullabies

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