The Reds, Pinks & Purples

Still Clouds At Noon

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Tough Love

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Recorded as part of the same daydreaming puzzle as Unwishing Well, Still Clouds at Noon brings out the slowcore/sadcore elements that drift through The Reds, Pinks & Purples’ melancholy catalogue. Donaldson names '90s hometown San Francisco acts such as American Music Club and the more obscure Timco as pivotal to his guitar playing and development as a songwriter, both of which shine bright here. The slower tempo ballads on Still Clouds… often culminate in heavy fuzz drenched codas and showcase the more abstract poetic side of Donaldson’s lyricism. There’s an inherent pop-sensibility always at work though, with ear-worm melodies appearing over intoxicating circular riffs.

Formerly a Bandcamp only digital release, this white vinyl version is remastered and adds two unreleased tracks, one featuring Mark Monnone from Australian pop-legends The Lucksmiths on bass. Edition of 500.


1. All Night
2. Happiness All Around
3. Violent Pictures
4. The Future's Just More Of The Same
5. Walking-Away World
6. Still Clouds At Noon
7. Everything You Ever Loved
8. Walk Through Any Wall
9. The House They Went Past
10. Writing Songs

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