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Confidence Man’s third studio album sees the delinquent party starters popify 90's UK rave sounds like no one before. Inspired by a recent move to London, meeting their idols KLF, and becoming immersed in the queer club scene, Confidence Man have taken the ideas of hedonism, ecstasy and losing yourself to the music and distilled them into pure a-grade euphoria.

The record spans the electronic spectrum from breakbeat and trance, to left-field Underworld size techno and the “let’s 'ave it” punk energy of legacy artists like The Prodigy. '3AM (LA LA LA)' follows their hugely successful second album 'TILT', which featured breakout single and festival crowd favourite ‘Holiday’. Staunchly defying trends and bringing Janet, Sugar, Reggie and Clarence along for a helluva good time, '3AM (LA LA LA)' feels bigger, bolder and in some ways brutal, but like, in a hot way. '3AM (LA LA LA)' is a welcome escape from the dull wasteland of modern mediocrity, bringing the weird and wonderful world of Confidence Man to the masses.


1. Who Knows What You'll Find?
2. I Cant't Lose You
3. Control
4. So What
5. Breakbeat
6. Sicko
7. Real Move Touch (Feat. Sweetie Rie)
8. Far Out
9. Janet
10. So Tru
11. Wrong Idea
12. 3am (La La La)

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