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Oh Sees

Face Stabber

    Hey there, human kids,
    Lift your face out of the feed trough and pluck that feculence from your ears. Hark! A sonar blip from beneath the pile of bodies. Boop, blip ughhh….
    People churning like a boiling swamp. Man, this din is nauseating.
    The screen flickers for the first time this year with a transmission from two months in the future:
    “the internet has deemed guitar music dead and you are free to do whatever the fuck you like ….long live the new flesh!”

    This album is Soundcloud hip-hop reversed, a far flung nemesis of contemporary country and flaccid algorithmic pop-barf.
    No songs about money or love are floating in the ether.
    Just memories, echoes, foggy blurs
    Blip-blop goes the scope
    Heavy funk
    Dystopia-punk canons
    Lonnnnng jams
    Bloated solos dribbling down your caved-in chest.
    Human cattle like a beef avalanche, right on your burned out face hole.
    Spider legs fuzz crawling in your brain.
    Lots of curse words for your mom.
    You’ve gotten the over-population blues, so let’s have some art for art’s sake.
    What else are you gonna do?
    Stare at the sky? Please…
    50 carbon copies of you look back at you as you walk the streets.
    Take a breath, you’re going to need it.
    Take drugs, you’re going to need those just to stand in line at the air and water reclamation center soon enough.
    There’s no fruit, buddy.
    You’re at the bleak-peak.
    They will squeeze you till you’re all squeezed out.

    For fans of fried prog burn out, squished old-school drool, double drums, lead weight bass, wizard keys (now with poison), old-ass guitar and horrible words with daft meanings.
    If you don’t like it then don’t listen, bub.
    Back to the comments section with you!
    Over and out

    - John Dwyer.


    Barry says: Obviously the Oh Sees had to release another album on the same week as their top competitors in the 'Who Can Write The Most Albums' game (it's a good one), and much like KG&tLW, they've smashed it once again. It's no surprise that Dwyer has formed a brilliantly heavy but perfectly nuanced mix of production perfection and instrumental devastation. Everything you'd imagine, and some stuff you probably wouldn't. Ace.


    2xColoured LP Info: Limited edition indies only version.
    One LP translucent Red vinyl and one LP translucent Orange and comes with a 24” by 24” folded poster of the cover art.
    Poster only available in this edition.

    The newly shorn Oh Sees waste no time in racing headlong into nightmarish battle with the mighty Orc, and wouldn’t ya know it, they’ve clawed even farther up the ghastly peak last year’s A Weird Exits stormed so satisfyingly. The band is in tour-greased, anvil on a balance beam, gut-pleasingly heavy form, nimbly braining with equal dashes of abandon and menace on this fresh batch of bruisers and brooders, hypnotically stirred into to the cauldron of chaos you’ve come to expect from, ahem, Oh Sees. Fresh blood Paul Quattrone joins Dan Rincon to form a phalanx of interlocking double drums, alternately propelling and fleet footing shifting ground to pinion Dwyer’s cliff-face guitars to the boogie. Tim Hellman keeps it swinging like a battle-axe to the eyebrows. The tunes veer towards the violence of their live shows, with a few tasty swerves into other lanes… heavy to lush, groovy to stately… throughout it remains sinister in its swaggering skulk, manic in its fuzz-fried fugues… they hit all the sweet spots the heads foggily remember, and there’s plenty to sweat over if you just hopped into the sauna. Ew. More evil…more complex… more narcotic… more screech…. more blare…. more whisper… there’s even more Brigid. Less “Thee”, but more of everything else.


    Darryl says: So here we are again, John Dwyer and co. hit the Piccadilly Records End Of Year Top 10 with another staggering album. So what’s changed from last year’s double header winners ‘An Odd Entrances’ and ‘A Weird Exits’? Well, having dropped Thee from their name, Oh Sees have added another drummer to the percussive maelstrom providing an interlocking double-drum accompaniment to their already impressive psych-rock groove. Of course, ‘Orc’ still provides the usual shards of cliff-face noise guitar moments, but the dual drumming has drawn out some of the songs, with extended jamming coming to the fore over the shuffling Can-esque kosmische beat. There’s gentler moments too, with the addition of vocals from Brigid Dawson on a few tracks providing a welcome balance to the proceedings before we’re off again lurching between huge bone-rattling riffs and Dwyer’s vocal screeches. ‘Orc’ is Oh Sees at the very top of their game, a magical sprawling classic.


    2xLP includes MP3 Download Code.

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