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Orlando Weeks


    Orlando Weeks’ forthcoming new album ‘LOJA’ (Portuguese for ‘store’) was written in both London and Lisbon. Recording began in earnest in January 2023 at the beautiful Chale Abbey Studios with longtime live collaborator Sergio Maschetzko as producer, supported by co-producer and engineer David Granshaw. In its latter stages, Nathan Jerkins (BULLION) contributed additional production and mixing.

    Lead single ‘Dig’, featuring Rhian Teasdale (Wet Leg), is 3 minutes of half argument, long worn-out promises being remade and road weary offences being retaken.

    The record features a number of other key collaborators including Katy J Pearson, Tony Njoku, Oliver Hamilton (Caroline) and Alejandro Aranda (Scary Pool Party).

    The core musical contributions come from long standing live collaborators Sami El-Enany, Luca Caruso, William Doyle and Alexander Painter.
    A love letter to his new home, lyrically ‘Loja’ toys with both the fantastical and stark realism. There are sleeping giants in Track 2's 'Best Night' and the final song on the album, ‘Beautiful Place’, tells the story of a beach death.

    The novelty of a new city afforded Weeks the opportunity to romanticise his present and reevaluate his past.

    The first live performances in over a year will be at Copeland Gallery this June. During a 4 day/night residency, Weeks will preview music from 'Loja' alongside an exhibition of the prints and drawings that are the accompanying visual aspect of the album.


    Side A
    1. Longing
    2. Best Night
    3. Wake Up
    4. Dig Feat. Rhian Teasdale
    5. You & The Packhorse Blues
    6. Good To See You

    Side B
    1. My Love Is (Daylight Saving)
    2. Please Hold
    3. Sorry
    4. Tomorrow
    5. Beautiful Place

    Liana Flores

    Flower Of The Soul

      Liana Flores is a London-based English-Brazilian singer-songwriter influenced by Bossa Nova, 60s British folk, and the Romantic poets, calling to mind artists from Nick Drake and Astrud Gilberto to contemporaries like Laufey and Faye Webster.

      With her music, Liana aims to open a window to the sublime in the everyday, simplicity, emotional candor, and the rhythms of the seasons - inviting each listener into what she describes as a “fantastical realm.”


      1. Hello Again
      2. Orange-coloured Day
      3. Nightvisions
      4. Crystalline
      5. Now And Then
      6. Halfway Heart
      7. I Wish For The Rain Intro
      8. I Wish For The Rain
      9. Cuckoo
      10. Butterflies (ft. Tim Bernardes)
      11. Slowly

      The Mysterines

      Afraid Of Tomorrows

        The Mysterines are a four piece alternative rock band from Liverpool, England.
        Formed in 2016, the angst-ridden, grunge-inspired indie quartet are fronted by vocalist, guitarist, and primary songwriter Lia Metcalfe.

        Their imposing frontwoman melds together more than her lifetime’s worth of experiences with the kind of deep, impassioned vocal you won’t forget in a hurry. In her songs and stagecraft you’ll see and hear everything from PJ Harvey’s raw and ragged stomp to the crazed carnival energy of Tom Waits and eviscerating poetics of Patti Smith.

        The first great British rock band of the post-pandemic era, The Mysterines let us in on Lia’s unfiltered look at life, the universe and everything, complete with serious riffs and an unflinching honesty. 


        1. The Last Dance
        2. Stray
        3. Another Another Another
        4. Tired Animal
        5. Jesse You're A Superstar
        6. Hawkmoon
        7. Sink Ya Teeth
        8. Junkyard Angel
        9. Goodbye Sunshine
        10. Inside A Matchbox
        11. So Long
        12. Afraid Of Tomorrows



          Armed with an already extensive back-catalogue of stunning music, Palace return with the announcement of their brand new, deeply personal, fourth studio album, Ultrasound - out April 5th, 2024. The record’s production sees the band reunited with Adam Jaffery, 8 years after working together on their debut album, and arrives off the back of ‘Part I - When Everything Was Lost’ and ‘Part II - Nightmares & Ice Cream’, the band’s 2023 companion EPs. While writing the first batch of songs for the album, frontman Leo Wyndham’s partner suffered a late miscarriage, which left the band’s chief song-writer bereft and adrift. Ultrasound naturally became an open diary of their year-long struggle from devastation to deliverance.

          “It was incredibly hard to comprehend what had happened, how to deal with it and how to move forward,” Leo says. “The album is the journey of that absolutely earth-shattering experience - starting with a loss, then a period of processing, and then finally acceptance, release and growth. And being in awe of women within that. Their dignity, strength and courage in how they can deal with these things that feel beyond a man.”

          The Cure

          Paris - 30th Anniversary Edition

            The Cure’s 30th anniversary re-issue of ‘Paris’ has now been expanded with the addition of 2 Previously Unreleased Live tracks “Shake Dog Shake” and “Hot Hot Hot!!!”

            ‘Paris’: 2LP Live set was recorded at Le Zenith de Paris in October 1992: Released October 1993

            Includes the singles “Lovesong”, “Catch”, “A Letter To Elise”, “Charlotte Sometimes”, “Close To Me” and fan favourite “Play For Today”

            Remastered by Robert Smith and Miles Showell at Abbey Road Studios, London.

            TRACK LISTING

            Shake Dog Shake
            The Figurehead
            Play For Today
            At Night
            In Your House
            One Hundred Years
            A Letter To Elise
            Charlotte Sometimes
            Dressing Up
            Close To Me
            Hot Hot Hot!!!

            2LP Black Vinyl
            Side One
            Shake Dog Shake
            The Figurehead
            Play For Today

            Side Two
            At Night
            In Your House
            One Hundred Years

            Side Three
            A Letter To Elise

            Side Four
            Charlotte Sometimes
            Dressing Up
            Close To Me
            Hot Hot Hot!!!

            Another Sky

            Beach Day

              In 2023 Another Sky have made their long-awaited return to music since the release of their critically acclaimed debut album “I Slept On The Floor” in 2020.

              The London-based band’s return is met with a new sound, which has received widespread acclaim across media including support at Radio 1, 6 Music and Radio X. Their comeback song Psychopathexplodes with a bass and guitar riff reminiscent of the 90s and 00s music the band grew up with.

              Lead singer Catrin Vincent, described by NME as a “once-in-a-generation voice”, uses heranger and unique vocals in a sonic rampage. According to the band, Their new album is tryingto convey the human journey from fear and anger through to love and acceptance.

              TRACK LISTING

              1. Beach Day
              2. The Pain
              3. A Feeling
              4. Uh Oh!
              5. I Never Had Control
              6. Death Of The Author
              7. Burn The Way
              8. Psychopath
              9. Playground
              10. City Drones
              11. I Caught On Fire
              12. Star Roaming
              13. Swirling Smoke

              The Big Moon

              Here Is Everything - Deluxe Edition

                The Big Moon are excited to announce the deluxe edition of their third album Here Is Everything. The album features remixes from Marika Hackman and Art School Girlfriend, brand new tracks ‘Summer Still Comes’ and ‘Round Forever’ (which sees bassist Celia Archer on lead-vocals duty for the first time), as well as some exclusive live versions of album tracks.

                Celia Archer on ‘Round Forever’ –
                "Round Forever is about all the time and energy we spend trying to understand ourselves and other people so that we can properly communicate and what a gift that can be. It’s also about how sometimes that’s all a total waste of time and you need to stop working and overthinking and let it go!"

                Following a storming summer of festivals, including a packed slot at Glastonbury in June, The Big Moon recently announced a run of UK + EU shows for December this year. The tour kicks off in Genk on 5th December, taking in Paris, Glasgow, Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham, Bristol and Oxford, finishing up at London’s Union Chapel for a very special stripped-back performance on 18th December. Tickets are on sale now.

                Here is Everything focuses on motherhood, with lead vocalist Jules Jackson giving birth during its inception. The rest of the band doubled-down in the studio, taking Jules’ embryonic song frameworks and stepping forward as one, revelling in an innate, giddy togetherness and with a clutch of genuinely fantastic tunes.

                Here Is Everything was mostly self-produced, with the expert guidance and expertise of co-producers CECIL (Self Esteem, Jehnny Beth, PJ Harvey) and the Grammy Award winning producer Ben Allen (Gnarls Barkley, Deer Hunter, and the producer of Walking Like We Do).

                TRACK LISTING

                1. 2 Lines
                2. Wide Eyes
                3. Daydreaming
                4. This Love
                5. Suckerpunch
                6. My Very Best
                7. Ladye Bay
                8. Trouble
                9. High And Low
                10. Magic
                11. Satellites

                BONUS TRACKS

                1. Summer Still Comes
                2. Round Forever
                3. 2 Lines (Live At The HAC Bow)
                4. This Love (Live At The HAC Bow)
                5. Satellites (Live At The HAC Bow)
                6. Suckerpunch (Marika Hackman Remix)
                7. Trouble (Art School Girlfriend Remix)

                Kurt Vile

                Back To Moon Beach

                  Back to Moon Beach (Verve Records) is an EP by no one’s definition but Kurt Vile’s. For Kurt, this collection is an expression of just how deep his well of non-album material runs.

                  The vinyl edition includes six tracks culled from various sessions over the last four years, representing a wide swath of the inspirational musical community Kurt surrounds himself with.

                  “[Kurt Vile is] the beloved and reliable purveyor of a hazy, zoned-out, weirdo brand of classicist rock.” - Stereogum.

                  “Vile remains our era’s great inheritor of the Neil Young/Meat Puppets/Dinosaur Jr. tradition of bending chords, spooling out hypnotic solos, and chilling with your demons until they start feeling like drinking buddies.” - Rolling Stone.

                  “Loose, sprawling, and filled with spacey but intimate jams that couple drum machines, smoke-curled guitars, and off the cuff vocals, [(watch my moves)] feels like being invited into Vile’s head to sit down and hang out a spell.” - Aquarium Drunkard.

                  “Vile’s sprawling new album captures the magic, loss and wonderment of being alive.” - AV Club

                  STAFF COMMENTS

                  Barry says: Is it an EP? Is it'nt? It really doesn't matter, it's classic Vile, lagging instrumental groove and slow guitar twangs below KV's stoned drawl. Rich, melodic and heartfelt.

                  TRACK LISTING

                  CD (9 Tracks)
                  1. Another Good Year For The Roses (5:34)
                  2. Touched Somethin (caught A Virus) (6:31)
                  3. Back To Moon Beach (8:15)
                  4. Like A Wounded Bird Trying To Fly (5:29)
                  5. Blues Come For Some (5:09)
                  6. Tom Petty’s Gone (but Tell Him I Asked For Him) (8:15)
                  7. Must Be Santa (5:12)
                  8. Passenger Side (3:10)
                  9. Cool Water (Single Mix) (4:29)

                  VINYL (6 Tracks)
                  Side A:
                  1. Another Good Year For The Roses (5:34)
                  2. Touched Somethin (caught A Virus) (6:31)
                  3. Back To Moon Beach (8:15)
                  Side B:
                  1. Like A Wounded Bird Trying To Fly (5:29)
                  2. Blues Come For Some (5:09)
                  3. Tom Petty’s Gone (but Tell Him I Asked For Him) (8:15)

                  The Mysterines

                  Begin Again

                    Alt rock wunderkinds The Mysterines have returned with their new single ‘Begin Again’, an enthralling precursor to their monumentous support slots with the Arctic Monkeys on their stadium tour this summer. 

                    ‘Begin Again’ is the first single to be taken from The Mysterines’ forthcoming LP, and sees the four piece build on their signature introspective lyricism, stripping instrumentation back for an incredibly powerful set up and delivery. It’s the sound of a band truly refining and maturing their craft, and speaking further about the single Lia Metcalfe says: “Written during a full moon in a barn in the West Country, ‘Begin Again’ felt like finding a key to the spirit realm the evening it arrived. It felt like I was embarking on a surreal journey of self dissolution; think of the first verse as a set of instructions, and see how far reality stretches.”

                    TRACK LISTING

                    Side A - Begin Again
                    Side B - Etching

                    Art School Girlfriend

                    Soft Landing

                      Art School Girlfriend, Aka Polly Mackey releases her second album Soft Landing, via Fiction Records. The album is self-described as a series of “small euphorias”, it is an album that finds Mackey shifting her sound towards tactile electronics whilst retaining the floating melodies of her debut.

                      With the announcement, Mackey has released one of her strongest tracks to date, titled “Close To The Clouds”, which follows the success of standalone single “A Place To Lie” earlier this year. “Close To The Clouds” is an integral part of Soft Landing, with the central refrain providing the album with its title, and the song unfurling into climbing, arpeggiated synths amidst acid-house indebted drums.

                      Soft Landing follows Mackey’s 2020 debut album, Is It Light Where You Are? an album made in the wake of a tumultuous time and released during one. Soft Landing feels like Mackey’s true debut, a record of curiosity and playfulness with songs that sound like they are falling effortlessly into place.

                      STAFF COMMENTS

                      Barry says: A hypnotic trip through percussion-heavy minimal wave, airy IDM and shoegazing dancefloor electronics, 'Soft Landing' is a wonderfully evocative and beautifully rendered whole, and a huge leap for Mackey from her already stellar debut.

                      TRACK LISTING

                      1. A Place To Lie
                      2. Close To The Clouds
                      3. Real Life
                      4. Waves
                      5. Blue Sky Feat. Tony Njoku
                      6. The Weeks
                      7. Laugh My Head Off
                      8. Out There
                      9. Heaven Hanging Low
                      10. How Do You Do It
                      11. Too Bright

                      Tame Impala

                      Lonerism - 10th Anniversary 3LP Edition

                        2022 marked the 10th anniversary of Lonerism. To celebrate, Tame Impala present fans with a deluxe 3LP reissue of the album that features previously unreleased demos from the era.

                        Recorded in both Western Australia and Paris between 2010 and 2012, Lonerism was Tame Impala’s breakout record. It received critical acclaim from the likes of Pitchfork and NME and is regarded as one of the best albums of 2012.

                        This expanded deluxe edition of the album features the singles ‘Feels Like We Only Go Backwards’ and ‘Elephant’ amongst the original album track list, plus:
                        • 2 previously unreleased demos
                        • A full side of album demos
                        • Deluxe 24-page booklet

                        Lonerism’s artwork is by Leif Podhajsky and Kevin Parker, and the album was mixed by Dave Fridmann. Anniversary edition artwork designed by Erin Knutson and Immanuel Yang, with additional photography by Matt Sav and Kevin Parker. 

                        TRACK LISTING

                        Side A:
                        Be Above It
                        Endors Toi
                        Apocalypse Dreams
                        Side B:
                        Mind Mischief
                        Music To Walk Home By
                        Why Won’t They Talk To Me?
                        Side C:
                        Feels Like We Only Go Backwards
                        Keep On Lying
                        Side D:
                        She Just Won’t Believe Me
                        Nothing That Has Happened So Far Has Been Anything We Could Control
                        Sun’s Coming Up
                        Side E:
                        Retina Show (Unreleased Demo)
                        Sidetracked Soundtrack (Unreleased Demo)
                        Side F:
                        Assorted Sketches, 2010-2012



                          Multi-Award winning, hugely influential musician Feist returns with Multitudes, her sixth solo album and first since 2017’s Pleasure.

                          Multitudes was produced by Feist with longtime collaborators Robbie Lackritz (The Weather Station, Bahamas, Robbie Robertson) and Mocky (Jamie Lidell, Vulfpeck, Kelela). Blake Mills (Bob Dylan, Fiona Apple, Perfume Genius) and Joseph Lorge came in to mix, with Mills as a co-producer in the final stages.

                          Multitudes took shape soon after the birth of her daughter and sudden death of her father, a back-to-back convergence of life-altering events that left the Canadian singer/songwriter with “Nothing performative in me anymore.” As she cleansed her songwriting of any tendency to obscure unwanted truths, Feist slowly made her way toward a batch of songs rooted in a raw and potent realism which is touched with otherworldly beauty.

                          Largely written and workshopped during an intensely communal experimental show of the same name through 2021 and 2022, the songs on Multitudes developed in parallel with and were deeply influenced by the mutuality of the unconventional experience. The production, developed by Feist with legendary designer Rob Sinclair (David Byrne’s American Utopia, Peter Gabriel, Tame Impala) was formulated to bring people together as they re-emerged from lockdown while providing an outlet for connection between artist, art, and community.

                          TRACK LISTING

                          1. Hiding Out
                          2. In Lightning
                          3.Love Who We Are Meant To
                          4. Forever Before
                          5. Red Wing
                          6. Rings Off
                          7. Borrow Trouble
                          8. Of Womankind
                          9. Become The Earth
                          10. Martyr Moves
                          11. Calling All The Gods
                          12. Song For A Sad Friend

                          Self Esteem

                          Prima Facie - Original Theatre Soundtrack By Rebecca Lucy Taylor

                            Ahead of the one person play's West End closing night this weekend, Taylor has shared her 14-track soundtrack for the acclaimed theatre production, which is written by Suzie Miller and directed by Justin Martin, and sees Jodie Comer (Killing Eve) play criminal defence barrister Tessa Ensler. Prima Facie will come to a close on Saturday (18 June) at London’s Harold Pinter Theatre, before heading to Broadway in spring 2023. The soundtrack follows her 2021 Self Esteem album Prioritise Pleasure.

                            STAFF COMMENTS

                            Barry says: The wonderful Rebecca Lucy Taylor presents a rich, moving soundtrack to Jodie Comer's stage show of the same name. 'Prima Facie' is RLT at peak emotional intensity, presenting saturated piano and shadowy reverbs beneath her deeply affecting vocal melodies. A wonderful standalone listen, and i'm sure perfect as a soundtrack too. Legends, both.

                            TRACK LISTING

                            1. The Winner 03:26
                            2. To See From Here 03:41
                            3. Chambers 03:42
                            4. Chambers Continued (How Cliché) 01:35
                            5. The Process 03:17
                            6. Perfect 2 Me 03:05
                            7. Perfect 2 Me (Reprise) 02:14
                            8. To See From Here (Reprise) 02:38
                            9. Second Place (Cab Rank Rule) 04:16
                            10. Lean Back And Think Of Justice 03:50
                            11. Cross Examination 01:48
                            12. I Have No Power Here 03:52
                            13. How Dare You 01:48
                            14. 1 In 3 (I'm Fine) 04:02

                            The Big Moon

                            Here Is Everything

                              THEMES: Motherhood, parenthood, birth, lockdown, friendships, love.

                              The last time you heard them it was welcoming the release of their dazzling second album, Walking Like We Do, back in January 2020, when life was very different to how it is now. That was a coming-of-age record, bold songs for Saturday nights and sad songs for Sunday mornings. So much has changed, continues to change, and promises to change some more. And in this world of constant change, we yearn for the familiarity of a constant. Thankfully, one constant remains the unique, jubilant, unassailable bond that sews this brilliant London band together and what that does for their music, too. Another such constant is their collective ear for melody and knack for writing smart, sharp, and infectious indie-pop knockouts.

                              Like so many records landing in store and on streaming services right now, Here Is Everything was conceived during the weight and worry of lockdown in a pandemic. Worlds were turned upside down and inside out. Lives became seismically different, whilst every day a carbon copy of the last. So, whilst Covid pulled the duvet tightly up over our heads and sat on it whilst we muffle-screamed that we could not breathe, it was also the unlikely backdrop to welcoming new life. Vocalist Juliette Jackson might have started lockdown teaching fans how to play guitar on Zoom to help pay the rent (including, to her eternal bemusement, one Courtney Love), she ended it as mother to a super little human being.

                              Here is Everything documents the arrival of that fragile but mighty baby in real time, and the excitement and fear felt by this fragile but mighty mother. Meanwhile, the rest of the band doubled-down in the studio, taking Jules’ embryonic song frameworks and stepping forward as one, revelling in an innate, giddy togetherness and with a clutch of genuinely fantastic tunes.

                              The record is introduced today by Wide Eyes, a pure, uplifting song of collective jubilance. It sounds like a band in the form of their lives, having the time of their lives, and against all the odds. It sounds instantly like The Big Moon whilst sounding unlike any of the music that’s gone before it.

                              Here Is Everything was mostly self-produced, with the expert guidance and expertise of Adam Cecil Bartlett (Self Esteem, Jehnny Beth, PJ Harvey) and the Grammy Award winning producer Ben Allen (Gnarls Barkley, Deer Hunter, and the producer of Walking Like We Do).

                              TRACK LISTING

                              1. 2 Lines
                              2. Wide Eyes
                              3. Daydreaming
                              4. This Love
                              5. Sucker Punch
                              6. My Very Best
                              7. Ladye Bay
                              8. Trouble
                              9. High & Low
                              10. Magic
                              11. Satellites

                              The Amazons

                              How Will I Know If Heaven Will Find Me


                                Matt here. Just wanted to reach out and let you know a few things about the record you’re about to, or are already listening to!

                                How Will I Know If Heaven Will Find Me is a record largely inspired by the long distance relationship I’ve been in over the last couple years, and more specifically, the 7 months spent apart in 2020. The album was largely written in the converted attic I live in, in the centre of Brighton.

                                The songs that went on to make up this record were originally only to be shared between me and my girlfriend. You can imagine, after a few months, that phone calls and Whatsapp and FaceTime begin to wear a little thin, especially in the face of not knowing when we’d be reunited. Writing and sharing music became a way for me to feel like I retained some kind of power, to bridge the distance between us.

                                As a band we were already halfway through writing a very different record, but it became apparent, the more and more I shared these songs with the boys, that this was the story we wanted to tell.
                                Sonically, we wanted to make a record that kicked back against the confines of our houses and bedrooms. We wanted to make music powerful enough blow the roof off and transport us somewhere else. Lots of artists made records to match the slower pace of life over the last couple years which was cool, but we never stopped dreaming about festivals and life and energy and community. I hope that’s reflected in the music.

                                We’ve been incredibly lucky to work with some of our heroes on this album. I expressed to Jim Abbiss (who produced the record) and Craig Silvey (who mixed it) that The Amazons wouldn’t exist without their work, so many times, I’m sure it became slightly irritating. But it’s true and it feels kind of full circle for us.

                                We’ve been in the Fiction and Universal family now for nearly 7 years. We’ve worked with a lot of incredible minds and huge hearts and we are so grateful to have had the opportunity to grow as artists. Each of the last 2 records we’ve released up to this point have been unique adventures and we’ve learnt so much. For us, this record represents the accumulation of all that work and experience, but also the start of a new adventure, that we hope will be the best yet. We’re so excited to have you on the journey and we hope you like the record!

                                See you soon.
                                Matt, Joe, Chris and Elliot. 

                                Nick Mulvey

                                New Mythology

                                  To arrive at this album, the acclaimed artist and songwriter has come a long way – both experientially, musically and philosophically. Musician, composer and producer, Nick’s work pushes boundaries in songwriting and sound, music both traditional and experimental, acoustic and electronic. A founding member of the award-winning British collective Portico Quartet, he left in 2011 to concentrate on his own material. Once solo, he released the Mercury Prize nominated debut album First Mind in 2014, and 2017’s celebrated Wake Up Now, along with a number of EPs. On New Mythology, our shared humanity becomes common sense and this humanity and the natural world are enmeshed. The possibility of flourishing futures becomes real. The album explores the vulnerability of the everyday human experience; becoming a father, sickness and death, navigating the pandemic, but also Nick’s journey to compute the scope and scale of his feelings: an attempt to embody the personal all the way to the planetary – and grasp their true inseparability. ‘Star Nation’, and ‘Begin Again’ - released during the pandemic - both sow the seeds of this interconnected space.

                                  New Mythology was recorded during the pandemic in Paris with renowned producer Renaud Letang [Manu Chao, Feist, Connan Mockasin] at Studio Ferber – which miraculously remained open whilst the city was in lockdown. Nick also credits his friends and family, teachers past and present who’ve helped him arrive at this point – from mentors like the Polynesian ambassador and elder Aunty Ivy, the life’s work of Thich Nhat Hanh, Thomas Berry’s collection of essays evening thoughts and Mac Macartney’s book The Children’s Fire. Further inspiration Nick credits to his beloved homeland of Britain, his ever deepening kinship to the land, ancestors and the living world. Now, Mulvey finds himself at the precipice of change and is ready to share his raw musings with the world.

                                  TRACK LISTING

                                  1. A Prayer Of My Own
                                  2. Star Nation
                                  3. Mecca
                                  4. Brother To You
                                  5. Shores Of Mona
                                  6. The Gift
                                  7. Sea Inside (Third Way)
                                  8. Causes
                                  9. Another Way To Be
                                  10. Mona
                                  11. Interbeing Part 1
                                  12. Begin Again (Love You Just The Same)

                                  Tame Impala

                                  The Slow Rush (Deluxe Set)

                                    • Lift Off Artwork Box (like Currents Collector’s Edition)
                                    • Regular Album 2LP w/ new colour (transparent red) & different artwork elements to original press
                                    • Remix 12" #1 – ‘One More Year (NTS Extended Version)’ // ‘Patience (Maurice Fulton Remix)’ & ‘Patience’ (Original Version)
                                    • Remix 12" #2 – ‘Is It True (Four Tet Remix’) // ‘Breathe Deeper (Lil Yachty Remix)’ & Borderline (Blood Orange Remix)’
                                    • 7" – 2 x B-sides
                                    • Deluxe Booklet
                                    • The Slow Rush 2050 Calendar`

                                    TRACK LISTING

                                    1. The Boat I Row
                                    2. No Choice
                                    3. Breathe Deeper (Lil Yachty Remix)
                                    4. One More Year (NTS Version)
                                    5. Patience (Maurice Fulton Remix)
                                    6. Is It True (Four Tet Remix)
                                    7. Borderline (Blood Orange Remix)
                                    8. Patience



                                      Kavinsky's first album, "Outrun", was released in 2013, followed by a collaboration with The Weeknd on the song "Odd Look".

                                      In 2022, Kavinsky is back with "Reborn", his second album recorded at the famous Motorbass studio in Paris. The first single, "Renegade", has an impactful sound and a powerful chorus, whilst the second single "Zenith” has a more muted and futuristic feel.

                                      On "Reborn", Kavinsky amplifies these sounds without deviating from his relentless trajectory.

                                      TRACK LISTING

                                      Reborn Ft. Romauld
                                      Renegade Ft. Cautious Clay
                                      Goodbye Ft. Sebastien Tellier
                                      Plasma Ft. Morgan Phalen
                                      Cameo Ft. Kareen Lomax
                                      Zenith Ft. Prudence & Morgan Phalen
                                      Vigilante Ft. Morgan Phalen

                                      The Mysterines


                                        The Mysterines have enjoyed some incredible success to date. This includes a sold-out tour just before lockdown in February 2020 a 2nd sold out tour coming in autumn, playlists at BBC Radio 1 and BBC 6 Music.

                                        A note from Lia on the first single off the album:
                                        In My Head appears to be a love song but that was not the original intention. I did want it to superficially be seen as that but in reality, it's a song about people who struggle with their mental health. Partly autobiographical it is about how sometimes life can feel like you’re being haunted by something out of your control. The song was produced and mixed by Catherine Marks.

                                        NME: "The Mysterines have all the makings for a breakout rock band. Stomping riffs, a brilliant leader in Lia Metcalfe (head-turning vocal range) and the playful mythology-toying that builds their own legend...This
                                        Liverpool gang want it all – and they’re probably going to get it."

                                        TRACK LISTING

                                        1. Life’s A Bitch (But I Like It So Much)
                                        2. Hung Up
                                        3. Reeling
                                        4. Old Friends Die Hard
                                        5. Dangerous
                                        6. On The Run
                                        7. Under Your Skin
                                        8. The Bad Thing
                                        9. In My Head
                                        10. Means To Bleed
                                        11. All These Things
                                        12. Still Call You Home
                                        13. The Confession Song

                                        Self Esteem

                                        Prioritise Pleasure

                                          The follow up to Self Esteem’s acclaimed 2019 debut album Compliments Please, Prioritise Pleasure is a record that reminds us all of the importance of being our unapologetic selves, putting your insecurities out there in the hope that it can be the first step towards healing them. Honest disclosure has always been Self Esteem’s forte, and so each track on Prioritise Pleasure handles difficult themes with nuanced perspective, comforted and counter-balanced with an array of rhythmic flourishes that speak to the eclecticism of her experience and influence.

                                          Having allowed itself grace, Prioritise Pleasure is also a record of great joy. Working again with trusted producer Johan Karlberg [of afro-fusion trio The Very Best], it was stitched together throughout the pandemic in chunked sessions, the time between each batch encouraging Taylor to fully flesh out her ideas. With Prioritise Pleasure, Self Esteem comes one step closer to reminding listeners – and herself – that true success begins and ends with self-acceptance, telling your story in the way that only you can.

                                          STAFF COMMENTS

                                          Barry says: Rebecca Lucy Taylor has an uncanny skill for a melody, and it's clear from both the gritty drive of neo-synth banger 'Prioritise Pleasure', soaring and triumphant but wonderfully formed around a wealth of scatty percussion and tasteful reverb, as well as the earlier confessional spoken word of 'I Do This All The Time'. It's a wonderfully formed and brilliantly clever album.

                                          TRACK LISTING

                                          1. I’m Fine
                                          2. Fucking Wizardry
                                          3. Hobbies 2
                                          4. Prioritise Pleasure
                                          5. I Do This All The Time
                                          6. Moody
                                          7. Still Reigning
                                          8. How Can I Help You
                                          9. It’s Been A While
                                          10. The 345
                                          11. John Elton
                                          12. You Forever
                                          13. Just Kids

                                          Art School Girlfriend

                                          Is It Light Where You Are

                                            ‘Is It Light Where You Are’ is the debut album from Art School Girlfriend, moniker of Welsh producer, multi-instrumental musician and song writer Polly Mackey. Mostly written over a two week period of 14-hour solo studio sessions, the bulk of her album is torn straight from a journal kept throughout 2019. Those pages chronicle the end of a US tour, the tumultuous ending of a six-year relationship and Mackey’s journey back to London from Margate, where she lived and co-owned a book shop with her then girlfriend.

                                            “The record starts with that feeling of being on the precipice of change,” she explains. “Before deciding to pull everything apart, go through it all and come out the other side.” While the lyrics are autobiographical, the full story can be heard in the album’s sonic relief map. “The main theme is duality between light and dark, lightness and heaviness. The production sort of mimics human emotions: there’s a lot of beauty buried underneath these uncomfortable-to-listen-to sounds.”

                                            Lyrical abstractness / concrete meaning. Danceability / lying down ability. Minimalism / fullness. Introspective melancholy / playfulness. Lo fi / hi fi. Drug Store Romeos play with the senses and flip the expectations, finding the sweet spot every time. 

                                            TRACK LISTING

                                            1. In The Middle
                                            2. Is It Light Where You Are
                                            3. Softer Side
                                            4. Give
                                            5. Low Light
                                            6. Colour Me
                                            7. Helm
                                            8. Good As I Wanted
                                            9. Bored Of Myself
                                            10. Eyes On You


                                            God Melodies

                                              Fryars - dubbed the “mad professor of pop” by the FADER - is the musical brainchild of Benjamin Garrett, whose peerless sound has won him fans from Kanye West to Lily Allen to Depeche Mode. Following the buzz around his early work, Fryars released his debut album Dark Young Hearts in 2009, while his second studio album Power - a journey through the imagination built around a story that spans three continents and deals with all the deliciousness of life; love, greed, loss and death - arrived 5 years later through a plethora of difficulties to critical acclaim. Dazed called it “a dazzling electro-pop construct”, while The Guardian praised Fryars for “mixing regret and basic human desires to create something strangely uplifting”. Since the release of Power, Garrett has worked extensively with Lily Allen, co-writing tracks on her number one album Sheezusand 2018’s Mercury nominated No Shame, as well as writing and producing for Rae Morris’ acclaimed 2018 record Someone Out There.

                                              TRACK LISTING

                                              1. God Melodies
                                              2. Moscow (feat. Rae Morris)
                                              3. 49
                                              4. Pair Of Dancers
                                              5. Lionel
                                              6. Orange Juice
                                              7. I Won’t Hurry Love
                                              8. Your Parade
                                              9. Wonder
                                              10. Feeling Lonely Is A Shadowy Glow
                                              11. Quail’s Egg No. 1 In C Sharp Major

                                              Billie Marten

                                              Flora Fauna

                                                Flora Fauna is the forthcoming third album from Billie Marten.

                                                Raised in the rolling hills of North Yorkshire on artists such as Nick Drake, Joni Mitchell, Joan Armatrading, and Kate Bush, Marten’s critically acclaimed debut album Writing of Blues and Yellows, was released in 2016 when she was still just 17, while its follow-up Feeding Seahorses By Hand was similarly lauded in 2019 (# 53 in UK album chart).

                                                Flora Fauna, was recorded with Rich Cooper in London. Marten’s new material blends those signature hushed, resonant vocals with a rapid pulse and rich instrumentation, her inspirations now stretching from krautrockers Can, to Broadcast, Arthur Russell, and Fiona Apple.

                                                Built on the minimalist acoustic folk foundations she made a name for herself with, Flora Fauna is a more mature, embodied album fostered around a strong backbone of bass and rhythm. Shedding the timidity of previous work in favour of a more urgent sound, the songs mark a period of personal independence for Marten as she learned to nurture herself and break free from toxic relationships - and a big part of that was returning to nature.

                                                “I wasn’t really treating myself very well, it was a bit of a disruptive time. All these songs are about getting myself out of that hole - they’re quite strong affirmations. The name Flora Fauna is like a green bath for my eyes. If the album was a painting, it would look like flora and fauna - it encompasses every organism, every corner of Earth, and a feeling of total abundance.”

                                                STAFF COMMENTS

                                                Barry says: An uplifting and verdant mix of acoustic guitar, boisterous percussion and bursts of orchestral heft. Martin's voice soars above it all providing a beautifully grounding counterpoint to the jubilant instrumentation. Wonderfully textured and celebratory songwriting throughout.

                                                TRACK LISTING

                                                1. Garden Of Eden
                                                2. Creature Of Mine
                                                3. Human Replacement
                                                4. Liquid Love
                                                5. Heaven
                                                6. Ruin
                                                7. Pigeon
                                                8. Kill The Clown
                                                9. Walnut
                                                10. Aquarium

                                                Kate Tempest

                                                The Book Of Traps And Lessons

                                                Kate Tempest's third studio album, "The Book of Traps and Lessons". The highly anticipated album was crafted with Rick Rubin and Dan Carey over the course of the past five years. It follows Tempest’s previous releases, 2014’s "Everybody Down" and 2017’s "Let Them Eat Chaos", both of which were shortlisted for Mercury Prize in 2014 and 2017, respectively. Last year, Kate Tempest was nominated at The BRIT Awards for Best Female Solo Performer.

                                                A handful of words often tell you everything you need to know. When asked, who is Kate Tempest? She gives a brief, albeit telling answer. “Kate Tempest is the words,” she responds. You haven’t ever seen, heard, or experienced anyone quite like her. Tempest uncovers the missing link between the Golden Ages of literature and hip-hop. The London-born BRIT Award-nominated spoken word artist, rapper, poet, novelist, and playwright rhymes with a century-turning fury. Since her emergence in 2011, she has redefined what it means to be a wordsmith in the Modern Age. To date, she has published three poetry collections, staged three plays, and released two studio albums. Along the way, she entranced audiences on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, NPR’s “Tiny Desk,” and more. Not to mention, she garnered widespread critical acclaim from The New York Times, The New Yorker, Forbes, and more, to name a few. In the midst of this whirlwind journey, she performed a passage of her popular 75-minute narrative poem, Brand New Ancients, on Charlie Rose. Legendary producer and American Recordings Founder Rick Rubin caught the show, tracked down her phone number, and made a call.

                                                TRACK LISTING

                                                1. Thirsty
                                                2. Keep Moving Don't Move
                                                3. Brown Eyed Man
                                                4. Three Sided Coin
                                                5. I Trap You
                                                6. All Humans Too Late
                                                7. Hold Your Own
                                                8. Lessons
                                                9. Firesmoke
                                                10. Holy Elixir
                                                11. People's Faces

                                                The Amazons

                                                Future Dust

                                                  "Future Dust" is an album that retools rock’s dark past for the present day while having an absolute blast. Loose blues grooves, religious references and falsetto backing vocals abound on songs that explore issues including social media witch hunts, eating disorders and depression, but never lose sight of a singalong. The Amazons were the most hotly tipped band of 2017 and followed through with their debut album reaching #8 in the official chart.

                                                  STAFF COMMENTS

                                                  Mine says: Big melodies, big vocals, The Amazons are bound for big things... 'Future Dust' is stadium rock in the making.

                                                  TRACK LISTING

                                                  Side 1
                                                  1. Mother
                                                  2. Fuzzy Tree
                                                  3. 25
                                                  4. The Mire
                                                  5. Doubt It
                                                  6. All Over Town

                                                  Side 2
                                                  1. End Of Wonder
                                                  2. Dark Visions
                                                  3. 25 (reprise)
                                                  4. Warning Sign
                                                  5. Georgia

                                                  The Cure

                                                  The Head On The Door - Back To Black Edition

                                                    The Head on the Door is the sixth studio album by English rock band The Cure, released in August 1985. Preceded by the single "In Between Days" which had reached #15 on the UK singles chart, The Head on the Door was described by Melody Maker as "a collection of pop songs". With it's variety of styles, it allowed the group to reach a wider audience in both Europe and North America. In the United Kingdom, it quickly became their most successful album to date, climbing to #7 on the albums chart. The album is the first to feature drummer Boris Williams. Bassist Simon Gallup, who had previously worked on three major Cure albums of the early 80's, was called back before the recording. In 1985, the band became a quintet with instrumentalist Porl Thompson as fifth official member. The Head on the Door is the first Cure album where all the songs are composed by singer and guitarist Robert Smith only, now available on 180g vinyl.

                                                    24 year old Benjamin Garrett, aka Fryars, has always bucked trends. His startling new album Power has been more than just a labour of love, it's been a near-five year journey of the imagination built around a story that spans three continents and deals with all the deliciousness of life; love, greed, loss and death.


                                                    The Take Off And Landing Of Everything

                                                    ‘The Take Off and Landing of Everything’ was recorded in Real World Studios and at the band’s facilities at Blueprint Studios, Salford. As with previous albums, the million selling ‘The Seldom Seen Kid’ and platinum follow up ‘build a rocket boys!’ it was produced by the band’s keyboardist Craig Potter. The making of ‘The Take Off and Landing of Everything’ saw the band take a new approach to writing and recording. Previously songs were mostly developed by the band as a whole but this new album sees individual members and subgroups take the lead on several tracks.

                                                    ‘Honey Sun’ was written and recorded at home by guitarist Mark Potter, his brother Craig wrote the music for ‘Real Life (Angel)’ and bassist Pete Turner built ‘Colour Fields’ using apps on his iPad. The first track to be heard from the album, ‘Fly Boy Blue / Lunette’ was developed by drummer Richard Jupp alongside Pete and Mark whilst both Guy and Craig were away from the studio.

                                                    The album features several guests including the Hallé Orchestra (‘Manchester’s oldest band’ as Guy affectionately calls them) with Pete McPhail, Tim Barber, Bob Marsh and Kat Curlett adding brass to selected tracks and tour mate and long term friend Jimi Goodwin of Doves adding backing vocals on ‘New York Morning’.

                                                    Despite the changes in approach musically and lyrically ‘The Take Off and Landing of Everything’ contains many familiar elements for fans of the band. Early taster ‘Fly Boy Blue / Lunette’ harks back to debut single ‘Newborn’ in its step change melody and rhythmic shift mid song whilst ‘New York Morning’, the first single proper from the album, carries at its centre the type of life affirming refrain that run through elbow songs from ‘Scattered Black and Whites’ from their debut to ‘Open Arms’ from ‘build a rocket boys!’.

                                                    Sharp eyed elbow watchers will also note the presence of ‘Charge’, which was performed live during the band’s last run of UK arena shows during the ‘build a rocket boys!’ campaign in December 2012. The song demonstrates that elbow retain an ability to deliver the darker side of human nature that echoes the likes of ‘Little Beast’ and ‘I’ve Got Your Number’ from earlier albums.

                                                    Familiar themes return, the welcoming of old friends, the mourning of past loves and, as Guy would say ‘some of the big and little, positive and negative, life experiences that any group of men approaching forty can expect’.

                                                    TRACK LISTING

                                                    1. This Blue World
                                                    2. Charge
                                                    3. Hallelujah Morning (Real Life)
                                                    4. Honey Sun
                                                    5. New York Morning
                                                    6. Fly Boy Blue / Lunette
                                                    7. My Sad Captains
                                                    8. Colour Fields
                                                    9. The Take Off And Landing Of Everything
                                                    10. The Blanket Of Night

                                                    Jamie N Commons

                                                    Rumble And Sway EP - SIGNED COPIES

                                                      ULTRA LIMITED SIGNED COPIES.

                                                      Born in Bristol, Jamie N Commons moved to Chicago with his family when he was six and it was there that he developed a deep love for American music. The first gig his father took him to was the Allman Brothers: "I have strong memories of strange-smelling smoke and the guy next to us howling like a wolf," recalls Jamie.

                                                      Working at Westlake Studios, where Michael Jackson recorded Thriller, inspired a new sonic approach, combining gritty beats, arresting vocals and rousing melodies which, together with experimental arrangements, make these 4 songs unique and inspiring. Alex Da Kid, Eg White (Adele, Florence and the Machine) and Ed Harcourt are on production duties, giving a taste of things to come.

                                                      Ian Brown

                                                      The Greatest

                                                        Cheeky title, but what do you expect? This collects all his singles plus his two excellent collaborations with UNKLE. There's also three re-recorded, and far superior takes on a couple of B-sides and the gorgeous "Forever And A Day." As a romantic lover of the old '45' this is probably Ian's favourite LP that he's done. The photos and artwork are lush and the songs themselves are super-vibrant, catchy and groovy. If you only get one IB album then you better make it this. If you're a fan you'll be made-up with the new versions, and you can finally get to offload that dodgy second UNKLE LP!

                                                        10,000 Things

                                                        10,000 Things

                                                          10,000 Things are rock'n'roll. Their debut album is full of songs about bad relationships, crap jobs, avoiding your landlord on rent day and having a laugh - basically a snapshot of the bands lives.

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