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SKY H1 presents her long-awaited debut album, "Azure", on AD 93. The widespread success of her first EPs and appearances captured the blurring lines between her foundational experiences in drum & bass, grime, dubstep and techno, all tilted towards schematic bursts of pop. "Azure" builds on these foundations and explores a delicate medley of experiences, forms, and functions, culminating in an imaginative and evocative debut album.

The title, "Azure", was chosen to evoke memories of her mother, to whom the record is dedicated. The song titles reference the Access Virus synthesiser, an instrument series that made a deep and lasting impression on dance and electronic music in the early years of the new millennium. The sound is grandiose, luminous and expansive. Meeting somewhere between Tri-Angle records, the producers Rustie & SOPHIE and the post-everything landscapes traversed by her contemporaries - the music finds a natural home in the club, but also confidently strides into other environments such as film, cinema and art installations. 


Elysian Heights
Bird Strike

Christoph De Babalon

044 (Hilf Dir Selbst!)

Technology futurist label AD 93 continue to beam broadcasts and frequencies from alternative and distant dimensions to our reception Earth-based listening devices. Christoph De Babalon here presents a hyped up version of mutant jungle, red shifting tempos across the galaxies and swathing the stems in phazing strings and radioactive pads.

The ghosts of sound system culture still haunt the disc tho, meaning it's gonna sound great and your next outdoor sound clash, testing the subs and mid cabs to the max as it unloads its barrage of breaks and bass. There's some reduced intensity moments, but they're few and far between; instead Babalon seems intent on firing a vertible arsenal of breakbeat shells and machine gun snares from his alien bunker.

Proceed with caution! One beast of a 12"... Hard hats recommended. 


A1. Kein Bild Machen
A2. Hung On A String
A3. Swimmer
B1. Cool Priest
B2. Whats Wrong With Tomorrow
B3. Ether

°s is inspired by patterns in urban nature: language; behaviour; seasons, and alongside poetry, explores the cyclical psychological peaks and troughs experienced during the pandemic. Live multi-instrumental improvisations apply the fibonacci sequence to create melodies and rhythms that mimic fractal patterns in nature, and are situated within binaural field recordings captured during essential travel in the first lockdown.


A1 - 51°30'22.4"N 0°05'17.0"W
A2 - 51°30'59.4"N 0°04'33.1"W
B1 - 51°31'12.7"N 0°12'29.9"W
B2 - 50°49'30.9"N 0°08'40.8”W

Maxwell Sterling is a composer for film, television, dance and multimedia. Originally from Manchester, he graduated from Leeds College of Music and moved to Los Angeles to study at UCLA. His new album "Turn of Phrase" was recorded during stints in places as diverse as the remote coastal town of Morecambe, Los Angeles and London. From the post-club music of the title track, to the tension and suspense captured on the haunting IDM of "Rage Aria" and the mesmerising tones of "Tenderness" serving as the backdrop to a spoken word delivery by Leslie Winer - it's a compelling listen from start to finish that fits wonderfully into AD 93 futuristic vision.

RIYL: Doon Kanda, Faten Kanaan, Pub, Demdike Stare, Mark Fell. 


Eris (2:59)
Turn Of Phrase (5:29)
Rage Aria (6:16)
Decay Time (2:03)
Exuding Latex (2:20)
Speaking In The Tongues Of Angels (6:15)
Tremble Happy (3:29)
2nd Person Chamber Music (1:42)
Tenderness (feat Leslie Winer) (7:48)

AD 93 (FKA Whities) enlist the help of James K who supplies a decidedly serene yet nonetheless complex and advanced palette of sounds for the future-focussed label.

Synthesized vox coalesce with high level synthesis, reversed textures and unrivalled sense of expansiveness; a strong grasp of sound design and sculptured sonic landscapes paint a hollographic, fractal narrative that engrosses and beguils at every turn... This is beautiful yet haunting, nigh-on-pop music that bites your neck with passion.


Patrick says: Whities continue to explore the full breadth of the electronica spectrum with this diverse five tracker from James K. Saturated and celestial glitch diversions wrap around fizzing downbeat and electro-breaks while a guest spot from Yves Tumor guarantees sonic strangeness.


Open Feat. Yves Tumor
Ultra Facial
Subliminal Burn
I Can Not Remember

More futuristic warmth from the AD 93 camp FKA Whities. Amandra (A. Eymery) is a French artist with a smattering of very different releases over a variety of labels. Occupying the same dark, coaital corners as Smagghe and Ivkovic et al; "035" is centred around hazed fractals, encroching tension and tribal to the point of ritualistic drumming. There's plenty reliance on the electricity that powers life on Earth whislt grasping for something decidedly more ethereal and intangible. Destined for late nite play when inhabitions are at an all time low; losing yourself in the smog never sounded so good


Matt says: If and when the clubs re-open there'll be a heady outpouring of energy I reckon - big piano tracks, mainroom bangers etc etc; but what happens post 4AM when everyone's in a writhing mess of xtc-soaked-eroticism?! You need tracks like this of course!


Side 1
1. Perlen Cha Cha (7:43)

Side 2
1. Sarape (6:13)
2. Kapsalon (7:21)

Venus Ex Machina


It's the new year and time for a new sound, so give this winner from Whities alumni Venus Ex Machina a go. Assembled out of digital incantations, choral ambience, layered electronics and no input mixer scree, this warped and weird fusion of gnarly EBM, tough techno and out-there electronica is billed as a requiem for an Earth beset by environmental change. 
Upon an initial listen to the squirming acid and rabid drum boxes of "Quaraquara", I was pretty sure I'd missed my meds this morning, and by the middle of the eerie "Paraquat" the paranoia had seriously taken hold. Still, the polyrhythms and 303 of "Nacht" are on hand to help you dance your troubles away before "Mysterium" and "Grace" offer a little EBM and techno respectively. 'Elephant' serves precise percussion and subtle sound design, before 'Bloodmoon' and 'Avril' sign off with otherworldly ambience. Deep and dope folks.


Patrick says: Tessellating between techno, industrial, EBM and electronica, the menacing 'Lux' is the perfect soundtrack for life right now. Totally fucked in the most appropriate way.



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