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Jessie Baylin

Pleasure Center EP


    Available for the first time on vinyl.Pressed onto Marbled Black and White vinyl at 45rpm
    "All proceeds from the sale of this EP will be donated to Richard Swift's Fug Yep Foundation"
    Produced by Richard Swift-Performed by Jessie Baylin + Richard Swift
    Recorded together in Nashville, TN @ Baylin's home on four track cassette, November 14-18, 2011


    Coloured 12" Info: Pressed onto Marbled Black and White vinyl.

    Drive-By Truckers

    Live From Austin, TX

      The Drive-By Truckers’ Austin City Limits performance was recorded on September 23, 2008 during their Brighter Than Creation’s Dark tour.

      The band lineup featured Patterson Hood, Mike Cooley, Shonna Tucker, John Neff, Brad Morgan and Jay Gonzalez.

      Lauded by fans as an instant classic and hailed by Patterson Hood as the band’s best filmed performance to date, this acclaimed recording is now on vinyl for the first time ever. 


      Coloured LP Info: Available to independent retailers only on 180g green splatter vinyl.

      All Them Witches

      Nothing As The Ideal

        All Them Witches will return with Nothing as the Ideal on September 4th, 2020 via New West Records. The 8-song set was recorded at Abbey Road Studios in the legendary Studio Two (home to landmark recordings by The Beatles, Pink Floyd, and more). It was produced by the band and Mikey Allred (producer of their 2015 New West debut Dying Surfer Meets His Maker).

        Nothing as the Ideal is the follow up to All Them Witches’ acclaimed 2018 ATW LP and last year’s standalone single “1X1.” Unremittingly forward-looking, the new album is their most experimental work to date. Tape loops coincide with unplugged minimalism. It’s their heaviest album marked by their broadest atmospheres, intimate and pummeling. Nothing as the Ideal is also their first full length album as a paired down trio, their smallest iteration as a band.

        Nothing as the Ideal might forever be known as “the album All Them Witches made at Abbey Road.” Fair enough. You don’t record in a legendary studio surrounded by mics The Beatles used, sitting on the bench where John Lennon tracked the acoustic guitar for “A Day In The Life” without acknowledging that history. There’s no getting away from it. Where the album triumphs, however, is in making that space and that history the band’s own. All Them Witches not only did justice to the moment they were capturing — the sheer adventure of being there, doing that thing — but answered the call of their inspiration as they always do. They succeeded in crafting a defining moment for who they are as a band, with each player’s personality coming together to create a fluidity that is unique unto them. 


        Coloured LP Info: Clear vinyl.

        The power of words isn’t lost on longstanding Americana triumvirate The Devil Makes Three - Pete Bernhard, Lucia Turino and Cooper McBean. For as much as they remain rooted in troubadour traditions of wandering folk, Delta blues, whiskey-soaked ragtime and reckless rock ‘n’ roll, the band nod to the revolutionary unrest of author James Baldwin, the noholds barred disillusionment of Ernest Hemingway and Southern Gothic malaise of Flannery O’Connor.

        In that respect, their sixth full-length and first original material since 2013, ‘Chains Are Broken’ resembles a dusty leatherbound book of short stories from some bygone era. As the band began writing ideas for the record they veered off the proverbial path creatively. 

        Instead of their typical revolving cast of collaborators, The Devil Makes Three stuck to the signature power trio, with one addition. This time they invited touring drummer Stefan Amidon to power the bulk of the percussion.

        Another first, they retreated to Sonic Ranch Studios in El Paso, TX a stone’s throw from the Mexican border to record with producer Ted Hutt (Dropkick Murphys).

        The incorporation of new sounds as well as the experimentation in space finds The Devil Makes Three crafting a new yet still familiar sound. Coupled with a continued focus on in-depth lyricism that tells a story in every song, ‘Chains Are Broken’ is a liberating, rump-shaking collection of past, present and future.

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