The Dead C


    Disguised as the meandering outpourings of vacant thought and activity dialed simultaneously from zero and ten. Formed in the cauldron of a fevered mistake resolute. Surrounded by ignorance, dis-interest, and the attention of the carefully self-selected. Recorded and burned through a thousand galaxies of dust and doubt and endless infinite wonder, transforming both time and space. Forever exiled to the very bottom of the world to reflect on the struggling desperate pile above. Recognizing any contribution as miniscule and insignificant when placed within the greatness of the other, the dominant insolent preening satisfied, continually shouting the pre-eminence of the first world order.

    Arctic Monkeys

    I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor

      Arctic Monkeys

      Don't Sit Down 'Cause I've Moved Your Chair

        Arctic Monkeys

        Leave Before The Lights Come On



            Fourth album from the acclaimed Belgian quintet.

            ‘Fever’ follows the band’s self-imposed hiatus, a break that saw frontmen and writing partners Jinte Deprez and Maarten Devoldere pursuing different individual interests from both a personal and creative perspective that has ultimately led the band to fashion their most cohesive album to date.

            On reconvening the band had no plans, just a simple desire to better their previous works and to further the band’s story. Both primary songwriters agreed on a less serious vision leaning towards a looser, refreshed sound - less melancholic but retaining their unerring ability to create a hookladen armoury.

            Mercury award winner James Blake releases his 4th studio album Assume Form. The album features collaborations with Travis Scott, André 3000, Metro Boomin, Moses Sumney and Rosalía (BBC sound poll 2019). In the past 2-3 years James has been very busy collaborating with Beyonce, Kendrick Lamar, Travis Scott, Jay Z, Frank Ocean, Oneohtrix Point Never, Mount Kimbie and contributing to the Black Panther soundtrack. As unrestricted by genre as it is always underpinned by classic, emotionally-open songwriting, James Blake’s new album is arguably his most direct, eclectic and pure artistic statement to date. Assume Form also follows a rich period of creative and personal evolution for James, who has spoken candidly about his experiences of mental health, modern-day masculinity, and finding peace. Even the album artwork would appear to represent a fundamental shift for Blake, no longer distorted by illustration, landscape or design, but staring right at you – and into the future.

            James Blake’s is an influence that can be felt throughout the modern musical landscape, often hiding in plain sight; allowing the man himself – as his fourth album suggests – to always evolve. To never settle. To Assume Form.

            Back in stock Cover of I Am Kloot - Coloured Vinyl Reissue by I Am Kloot.

            I Am Kloot

            I Am Kloot - Coloured Vinyl Reissue

              I am Kloot is the second album of the band by the same name. Their music is haunting, melodic and smooth. This second piece yielded five singles, including the hits “Life in a Day” and “3 Feet Tall”. It’s much more than just a standard rock album as it’s expanse their dark and fractured sound. Songs like “From Your Favourite Sky” and “Proof” are just brilliant and shows how they developed after their first release from two years earlier. It’s all a bit more streamlined than before but that’s the strength of the band. John Bramwell is a fine songwriter who created this beautiful marvel.

              I am Kloot was as one of the most interesting bands of its time. Formed from the ashes of The Mouth they stood up and released some very successful releases


              Coloured LP Info: 180 gram audiophile vinyl.
              Gatefold sleeve including insert.
              Limited edition of 1000 individually numbered copies
              on transparent vinyl.

              Back in stock Cover of It Makes You Forget (itgehane) EP by The Orielles.

              The Orielles

              It Makes You Forget (itgehane) EP

                Limited edition 12” EP (300 only). Stamped white label. Heavenly house bag. Featuring a killer remix and dub by Dicky Trisco and Pete Herbert plus the group’s original and instrumental versions. 

                Back in stock Cover of Love Said (Let's Go) - Inc. Ashley Beedle & Flying Mojito Brothers Remixes by 77:78.
                77:78, the new project from Aaron Fletcher & Tim Parkin, card-carrying members of the musical kaleidoscope that is The Bees, are releasing two genius Ashley Beedle remixes of "Love Said (Let’s Go)", the latest track to be taken from their debut album, "Jellies", which was released on Heavenly Recordings back in the Summer. Beedle avoids routine repetition by adopting a retrotastic, almost vintage psychedlia vibe on his version, a million miles away from his typical house re-rubs that characterized his early career. A tidy breakbeat powers the funk, whilst reverb-heavy vox, Wurlitzer and fuzz guitar provide a variety of melodic inflections - top stuff! As well as an instrumental of said remix, the flip of the 12" contains the original version by 77:78 - slower paced with slightly more delicate instrumentation and arrangement but still hitting that sunshine psyche vibe perfectly.

                Also included is a modern electronic dance remix of "Chilli" by The Flying Mojito Brothers. Propelling the track with a loose n baggy house beat, the instrumental palette is flipped to contain a variety of new elements, with just the original vocal remaining intact. It's still tastefully done though, with funky keyboards and bass working beautifully together while the fx sweeps and added perc give it a new found flamboyancy. It's bound to find favour with beach n boat parties when the weather warms up a bit!

                FORMAT INFORMATION

                Ltd 12" Info: Limited to 300 copies.

                Back in stock Cover of Sistahs by Big Joanie.

                Big Joanie


                  The Daydream Library Series of records and tapes is the independent house label of Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth) and Eva Prinz’s publishing imprint Ecstatic Peace Library ( The Daydream Series was established in 2018 to provide a label for emerging musicians, both local and international. In this series curated by Eva Prinz, Thurston Moore & Abby Banks a limited edition number of vinyl or cassette albums will be released in a pristine “collector’s edition” package with the highest quality recordings, impeccable design and will include handmade fanzines with the album’s liner notes, interviews with the bands. The first year of releases will offer genre-crossing music including opera, classical, punk rock and sound-healing. Each album in THE DAYDREAM LIBRARY SERIES will include a limited edition fanzine edited by Eva and Thurston with the musicians. The very first record in the Daydream Library series is London’s black feminist punk band Big Joanie’s debut album ‘Sistahs.’

                  ‘Sistahs’ is an optimistic album about friendship, melancholic memories, and the belief in a modern future. Eva & Thurston discovered Big Joanie playing live supporting The Ex in Islington (London) earlier this spring and ran to the merch table to discover the band didn’t have a record with all the songs that had just mesmerized the audience.

                  BIG JOANIE are Stephanie Phillips (singer/guitarist), Estella Adeyeri (bass) and Chardine Taylor-Stone (drums). The band formed in 2013 and released their first EP ‘Sistah Punk’ in 2014 and the single ‘Crooked Room’ in 2016. As part of London’s thriving DIY punk scene BIG JOANIE have played with locals Shopping; toured with US punks Downtown Boys; and Dutch Punk band The Ex; and performed at the first UK Afropunk festival. Inspired by The Ronettes, Nirvana, Breeders and Jesus and Mary Chain, Big Joanie have described themselves as being “similar to The Ronettes filtered through ’80s DIY and Riot Grrrl with a sprinkling of dashikis.” Big Joanie recorded ‘SISTAHS’ over several sessions from November 2017 to January 2018 at Hermitage Works Studio with producer Margo Broom. The album title derives from the band’s belief in sisterhood and female friendship. One of the main reasons for coming together was to create an atmosphere to be “completely ourselves as black women and discover what was possible to realise in those spaces.” The album cover features Steph’s mum Joan, whom the band is named after, and her aunt on holiday in Wales. Outside of the band all three members are involved in communitarian activities whether running the festival for punks of colour Decolonise Fest, volunteering at Girls Rock Camp, or leading the Stop Rainbow Racism campaign which works to stop racist performances in LGBT venues. SISTAHS 

                  Back in stock Cover of We're Your Friends, Man by The Bevis Frond.

                  The Bevis Frond

                  We're Your Friends, Man

                    A 90 minute blast of grown up angst that engages the best classic rock touchstones from Young and Stills guitar battles to Love’s tender melodies, Dinosaur Jr’s buzzsaw guitars and Hendrix at his most expressive. “Harking back to the liberating songcraft of The Beatles but with a jagged edge, intense swathes and swerving changes that give it a transatlantic propulsion, a kinship with the likes of Husker Du.” Record Collector. Featuring a selection of poignant pop songs impregnated with mature riffs and memorable one liners from the pen of the much covered (Lemonheads, Mary Lou Lord, Teenage Fanclub, Walkingseeds) Nick Saloman. Embracing Saloman’s tongue in cheek one liners and clever use of prose, ‘We’re Your Friends, Man’ bristles with incisive wit and poignant observations. Press Quotes : “Arguably Britrock’s most prolific one man cottage industry.” Uncut // “Saloman is an accomplished songwriter and guitarist influenced by a slew of guitar heroes.” Big Takeover // “For the past 30 years, one man has kept the psych freak flag flying.” 

                    FORMAT INFORMATION

                    2xLP includes MP3 Download Code.

                    Back in stock Cover of The Worst Show On Earth by Evil Blizzard.

                    Evil Blizzard

                    The Worst Show On Earth

                      When Evil Blizzard emerged from the bowels of Lancashire with their debut album 5 years ago it is fair to say they caused a stir. Put on the front cover of The Guardian, and championed by Mark E. Smith (who gave the band the money to record their debut album out of his own pocket) their gruesome mix of four bass players blending Psyche, Krautrock, Post Punk and an unmistakable image saw them launched onto magazines and websites world-wide. Their new album 'The Worst Show On Earth' (on their own newly-founded Crackedankles Records label) presents a logical progression from the previous two, a third stepping stone on the journey into their peculiar sonic dream- or nightmare? -scape.

                      Heavy, grinding, yet commercially viable, this release sees the band truly shake off the ‘gimmick’ tag of the past and stride forward into new musical dimensions. Yes, there’s still 4 basses. But also piano, cello, samples and a general disregard for the basic concept of a ‘pop song,’ with 2 tracks hitting the 10 minute mark. The introduction of keyboards into their live onslaught (you have seen them live, right? Right?!?) has developed their sound to incorporate techno and industrial elements, with recent single ‘Fast Forward Rewind’ hitting the nation’s airwaves aided by its freak show video shot illegally in an abandoned Victorian music hall.

                      The album title came from a less than impressed reviewer. The band, ever self-deprecating, take great pleasure in antagonising their crowd to the point that their dedicated following greet live performances with booing rather than applause. One fan, who has the band logo tattooed on his arm, made his own ‘I Hate Evil Blizzard’ t-shirts. ‘People pay money to hate us. Win/Win.’ 

                      STAFF COMMENTS

                      Barry says: I've listened to this, and despite the name, I have a feeling that the nativity we did in primary school might be considerably worse. This is pretty good, and unlike my nativity, nobody is being sick.

                      FORMAT INFORMATION

                      Coloured LP Info: Blood splattered vinyl.

                      Picture Disc Info: Limited edition picture disc edition.

                      In 1985 Ken Man showed up in the studio with this IBM AT computer. It had a 1/2 MB of RAM and some Voyetra software that could sequence music, becoming the duo’s backing band. Fist Of Facts contributors included Mark Cunningham from Mars, Felice Rosser, Genevieve De Monvel Boutet, Carlos Vivanco, Scott Hartley from the Liquids and a whole host of others.  Fist of Facts expand the natural groove that Liquid Liquid established over their quick career, with a strong political message combined with abstract dub soundscapes. 

                      STAFF COMMENTS

                      Patrick says: Originally released on Helvete Underground in 1988, 'Fugitive Vesco" was (until a few years ago) the only release for this No Wave side project from Liquid Liquid men Sal P and Ken Caldeira. While there are similarities with the disco-not-disco outfit, Fist Of Facts took a more diverse sonic approach, resulting in the accidental Balearic of "First Strike", Industrial dub of "Wa Wa" and snapping warehouse funk of the title track.

                      As we hurtle headlong into the panic inducing reality of a no-deal Brexit, the recent trend for post-everything, irony laced pop seems utterly redundant. If I stick my head out of the musical bubble for even a moment, it becomes abundantly clear that we're absolutely fucked, and I think that calls for a different kind of music. A band who are pissed off but not po faced - cynical but still sincere. A band like Ist Ist.

                      Born out of the brutalism of Ancoats, the four piece fuse early noughties post punk with power electronics into condensed shots of angst and energy. "Everything Is Different Now" is a place where riff and rhythm collide, be it in the bleak and cinematic "Exist", the creeping groove of "Son Is The Father" or driving indie-dancer "Jennifer's Lips". The references are there...Joy Division by way of Interpol, Bloc Party, White House or early Ultravox... but this is far from a fanboy pastiche - Ist Ist combine their influences, create their own sound, then pack it with energy and emotion. If you're after further proof of the talent on offer, check B-side pairing "I Want To Disappear" and "Undignified", ambient meets Kid A balladry and gutteral, gloomy post punk of the highest quality. Get you a band who can do both...

                      STAFF COMMENTS

                      Patrick says: Manchester's post punk masters Ist Ist return with another blink and you'll miss it 12", musing on the constant uncertainty of post-modernity. Essential listening for fans of Interpol, Bloc Party, Joy Division and Radiohead.

                      FORMAT INFORMATION

                      12" Info: Limited 12" vinyl with sleeve photography by Tom Houghton.

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