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The Subways

Uncertain Joys

    UK indie punk favourites The Subways are delighted to reveal their ffth studio album Uncertain Joys, cementing their rightful place as one of the most exciting bands on the current touring circuit, thrilling crowds with their explosive rock sound and wild stage performance. Put simply, it's hit after HIT!


    You Kill My Cool
    Love Waiting On You
    Uncertain Joys
    Black Wax
    Lavender Amelie
    Infuencer Killed The Rock Star
    Swanky Al
    The Devil And Me
    Joli Coeur

    Pulled Apart By Horses

    Reality Cheques

      After a period of rest, refection and transformation, in 2021 PABH signed to their new home at Alcopop! Records for the release of their longawaited forthcoming ffth studio album 'Reality Cheques', wowing press, radio and adoring fans across the country. All big riffs, beautifully crafted song structures and full on contemporary rock hits, the next PABH chapter is inspired by late ‘70s garage rock, post-punk, and heavy weight rockers like Iggy and The Stooges, The Rolling Stones, Bowie and The Cramps... This is Pulled Apart at their very best!


      Pipe Dream
      First World Problems
      Sleep In Your Grave
      Rinse And Repeat
      Devil Inside
      Rat Race
      Positive Place
      Fear Of Missing Out

      Johnny Foreigner

      Waited Up 'til It Was Light

        After 13 and a half inglorious years and a MILLION shows, Waited Up 'til It Was Light, that seminal johnny foreigner debut album, is FINALLY released on limited vinyl via Alcopop! Records, with much kindness to Best Before for letting it happen. Pressed on beautiful red/green ghost splatter wax with a few carefully chosen extra tracks - relive, relearn, rejoice. johnny foreigner are BACK baby. Waited Up 'til It Was Light 2008 press:"The best and most important record not only of this year, but possibly of this decade" - The Line of Best Fit "If you can't laugh at naming a song 'Salt, Pepa, and Spinderella', what can you laugh at?" - Consequence "Awash with striding, bubblegum-blowing cuts, this is an exhilarating and triumphant debut" - The Skinny "Brash, messy, gloriously noisy and tinged with moments of beguiling honesty" - NME "A defnite contender for home-grown debut of the year" - Drowned In Sound "Rebellious, cheeky, funny, loose, and musically solid" - Pop Matters


        1. Lea Room 
        2. Our Bipolar Friends 
        3. Eyes Wide Terrifed 
        4. Cranes And Cranes And Cranes And Cranes 
        5. The End And Everything After 
        6. Hennings Favourite 
        7. Salt, Peppa And Spindirella 
        8. Yes! You Talk Too Fast 
        9. DJs Get Doubts 
        10. Sometimes In The Bullring 
        11. Yr All Just Jealous 
        12. Absolute Balance 
        13. The Hidden Song At The End Of The Record 
        14. Champagne Girls I Have Known 
        15. The Houseparty Scene Is Killing You 
        16. I Heard, He Ties Up Cats 
        17. What Burlesque Won't Stand

        Beach Riot

        Sub Atomic Party Cool

          The debut Beach Riot album is finally here. It’s safe to say that ‘Subatomic Party Cool’ is well worth the wait - a record that’s jam packed with quality songwriting and enormous riffs, one after another, and hits a wide range of musical touchstones along the way. Black vinyl in slip sleeve.

          Full of an infectious energy with more horsepower than the South American farm that guitarist/vocalist Cami left aged just 18 to come to the UK to seek pop stardom (Argentinian horse farming’s loss is Alcopop!’s gain), Beach Riot are a slacker pop force to be reckoned with.

          Beach Riot cite their influences as ice-cream, weird guitars, PJ Harvey, Mudhoney, 4am mozzarella sticks, dark comedy, dungeons and dragons, and Brighton beach hangover fry-ups. We totally get that.

          “90s fuzz, big riffs and dreamy harmonies - what more could you want?” - LOUDER

          “Great dynamics, tension and killer choruses” - MOJO

          “Gritty indie-pop brilliance” -The iNewspaper


          Wrong Impression
          Good To Know (That I’m Still On Your Mind)
          Modern Dinosaur
          Unrequited Love
          Medicate For Success
          Sofa Surfer
          She’s A Hurricane
          Serial Scruff

          Bo Ningen

          Bo Ningen

            “When Bo Ningen decided to re-issue their first album on vinyl [for the first time ever. Originally it was only out on CD], they didn’t want to do the usual ‘remastering’ or ‘re-takes’. No. They “re-built” their our own debut album from a decade ago, using exactly the same material/sounds, “re-mixing”” with their new interpretation and perception.. Taigen says “we simply wanna listen to our 1st album again with fresh ears and mind” and we invite you to do the same. 10 Years on, Bo Ningen's debut is more fresh and relevant than it ever has been“

            TRACK LISTING

            LP 1:
            4 Seconds To Ascension
            Yurayura Kaeru
            Gasmask Rabbit
            Post Yohkai
            Post Yohkai (ENA Remix)

            LP 2:
            Koroshitai Kimochi
            Maguro (Merzbow Remix)

            Bo Ningen

            Sudden Fictions

              Sudden Fictions is an ambitious attempt to present musical history as open structure in the simple form of a rock band; a “rock band” questioning itself as to what it can do, in this time of bedroom producers.

              “If this apparent history of music has its root somewhere, and that root leads to a present where rock bands are being pushed away,” explain BO NINGEN,

              “we thought we could dig deep enough to the root, and re-write the present finding a new path leading through an alternative history as a rock band...

              TRACK LISTING

              You Make A Mark Like A Calf Branding

              Bo Ningen


                A welcome return for Bo Ningen, showcasing the first cut from their brand new record, with a lead single that is as intense as it is melodic, hinting at the slightly more accessible, though still incredibly intense, tone of what’s to come. Backed with a fascinating remix from Yokohma experimentalist Foodman.

                TRACK LISTING

                B.C (Foodman Remix)


                Oh Dearism

                  itoldyouiwouldeatyou are that most beautifully human of things: a contradiction. They are a group of young people with the wisdom of older souls; they are angry as hell, and they are loving and kind; at times they are violent, but with a fragility that underpins everything they do; they are deadly serious, and they are seriously irreverent.

                  The multi-faceted indie-punk/emo/experimental collective will release their debut album Oh Dearism later this year via various formats in a collaboration from Alcopop! Records, Failure By Design Records and Beth Shalom Records. It’s a startling debut that should instantly mark them out as one of the most very special bands that the UK underground DIY scene currently has to offer

                  TRACK LISTING

                  Earl, King, Whatever
                  Gold Rush
                  Young American
                  Almost Zero
                  Gathering Things Together And Not Dividing Them
                  Get Terrified
                  Greek Fire
                  Goodbye To All That

                  Happy Accidents

                  Everything But The Here And Now

                    Everything But The Here And Now marks a real period of growth for the fledgling outfit, who have concentrated on pushing the whole sound of the band forward from the solid DIY roots they sunk on 2016 debut album You Might Be Right.

                    Exploring new territory that includes washes of synths, keys and atmospheric production courtesy of Hookworms’ Matthew “MJ” Johnson (Drenge, Doe, Martha, Honeyblood), they’re also forging ahead into new lyrical pastures that reflect the often turbulent, yet upward trajectory of their experiences as a band and in their personal lives.

                    In their short lifespan, Happy Accidents have already garnered attention from publications including Noisey, DIY, Kerrang! Magazine and Upset. After catching the attention of BBC Introducing London, the band went on to be be played by Annie Mac and Huw Stephens at BBCR1, Steve Lamacq at BBC 6music and John Kennedy at Radio X.

                    The Spook School

                    Could It Be Different?

                      If a debut LP is an artist’s introduction to the world and their sophomore release is their now-or-never moment, their third is their most cathartic: they’ve made it out, they’re here.

                      Glasgow, Scotland’s indiepop optimists The Spook School, despite personal and political obstacle, made it out, and their latest full-length Could It Be Different? is here. It’s been a journey of self-discovery and feel-good realism; modern, dance-friendly indiepop fueling the fun. They made a name for themselves for their exultant and empowering pop, and now, they’ve shown real growth in nuance. Even at their most beaten down, The Spook School manage to find hope free of naivety. That’s clear the second the album opens with “Still Alive,” and its ascending chorus (and soon-to- be crowd favorite) of “Fuck You, I’m Still Alive,” written by Nye after surviving an emotionally abusive relationship. The song avoids villainizing the past, instead, it celebrates the present and welcomes the unknown future.

                      The energy of working through the wicked exists all over Could It Be Different? “Bad Year” makes personal connections with universal ennui, the debilitating feeling of an atrocious political climate and the desire to do better. Could It Be Different? is a human release a record full of the insecurities and anxiety that arrive after self-awareness, in learning something new and potentially frightening about yourself. But at it’s heart is joy there’s no desolation on the LP, because The Spook School manage to find light in moments of darkness. All things glum must pass even if hope comes only in the form of acceptance.

                      “A theatrical indie pop band that embrace’s life’s misinterpretations and messiness...their noise-pop jams remain as joyful as ever” - Pitchfork “The Spook School are that rare and beautiful thing: a band with something to say.” - The Guardian

                      “Societal norms and gender stereotypes are in the crosshairs of these threadbare tunes...trans love songs that hit home no matter your orientation.” - NPR

                      “Dance music for introverts, love songs for people who are too shy to be in love” - Stereogum

                      Johnny Foreigner

                      Mono No Aware

                        Johnny Foreigner are back with their long awaited 5th album sounding more visceral and vital than ever before – it's unmistakably Johnny Foreigner, but there's a deep subtlety imbued within that twin barrel vocal barrage and something defiantly delicate within those churning riffs… This is tragic pop.

                        But tragic pop that zips and fizzes as if everything depends upon it. Who knows? It probably does.

                        "a powerful message put to a signature style that's beginning to seem defiantly timeless" – The Line of Best Fit

                        "How they top this is beyond me." – Drowned In Sound

                        "You Can Do Better is a perfect execution of a well thought out plan." – DIY

                        "Johnny Foreigner are, thankfully, still showing no desire to slow down." - Clash

                        TRACK LISTING

                        Mounts Everest
                        I Can Show You The Way To Grand Central
                        The X And The O
                        Don’t, Just Don’t
                        Our Lifestyles Incandescent
                        The Worst Of Us
                        Into The Veldt
                        If You Can’t Be Honest, Be Awesome
                        Decants The Atlantic

                        Stagecoach is a pop rock band from the south of England, with a smashing debut album and UK tour coming in May. Huw Stephens span their single 'Map To The Freezer' exhaustively on both his Radio 1 shows. He then invited the band to play the BBC Introducing stage at Reading & Leeds 2010, before naming Stagecoach one of his BBC Introducing acts of the year. In February 2011 the band recorded a live Radio One session at Maida Vale. You may have heard Stagecoach on BBC One's ‘Gavin and Stacey’ Christmas & New Year specials. Channel 4 also used them on season 2 of ‘Skins’. Two of the band’s tracks feature on the international trailer for this year’s breakout British comedy ‘Killing Bono’. The band recently toured with friends Johnny Foreigner, Glaswegian rockers Twin Atlantic and opened for Jimmy Eat World. With a handful of singles and ep's released through indie labels Alcopop! and This Is Fake DIY the first full length album (produced by Rory Attwell) is due early 2013.

                        For fans of: Johnny Foreigner, Pavement, Fight Like Apes, Wilco, Los Campesinos, Prefab Sprout Big melodic gutsy slacker pop!

                        TRACK LISTING

                        1.) Work! Work! Work!
                        2.) Action
                        3.) 56K Dial Up
                        4.) A New Hand
                        5.) Threequel
                        6.) Kings Resolve
                        7.) First And Last
                        8.) Nothing Leads You Astray
                        9.) We Got Tazers
                        10.) I’m Not Your House
                        11.) Video Shop

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