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20th May, 2016 marks forty years to the day that David Bowie's first ever best-of compilation, including songs from 1969 to 1976, CHANGESONEBOWIE was released. To mark this anniversary the album has now been reissued.


Ltd LP Info: Half of the limited vinyl will be pressed on black vinyl whilst the other half will be pressed on clear vinyl, this will not be mentioned on the sleeve so it will be completely random as to which one you receive.

Grateful Dead


    The Grateful Dead's third studio effort was also the first that the band did without any Warner Bros. staff producers or engineers hampering their creative lifestyle and subsequent processes. As they had done with their previous release, Anthem of the Sun, the Dead were actively seeking new forays and pushing envelopes on several fronts simultaneously during Aoxomoxoa (1968) -- which was created under the working title of "Earthquake Country." This was no doubt bolstered by the serendipitous technological revolution which essentially allowed the Dead to re-record the entire contents when given free reign at the appropriately named Pacific High Recording facility. As fate would have it, they gained virtually unlimited access to the newly acquired Ampex MM-1000 -- the very first 16-track tape machines ever produced -- which was absolutely state of the art in late 1968. The band was also experiencing new directions artistically. This was primarily the net result of the budding relationship between primary (by default) melodic contributor Jerry Garcia (guitar/vocals) and Robert Hunter (lyrics), who began his nearly 30-year association with the Grateful Dead in earnest during these sessions. When the LP hit the racks in the early summer of 1969, Deadheads were greeted by some of the freshest and most innovative sounds to develop from the thriving Bay Area music scene. The disc includes seminal psychedelic rockers such as "St. Stephen," "China Cat Sunflower," and "Cosmic Charlie," as well as hints of the acoustic direction their music would take on the Baroque-influenced "Mountains of the Moon" and "Rosemary." The folky "Dupree's Diamond Blues" -- which itself was loosely based on the traditional "Betty & Dupree" -- would likewise foreshadow the sound of their next two studio long-players, Workingman's Dead (1969) and American Beauty (1970).

    Grateful Dead

    Anthem Of The Sun

    The second Grateful Dead album "Anthem Of The Sun" was released in 1968 and was an adventurous recording mixing studio with live work. Opening with two long pieces the spacey "That's It For The Other One" and flowing into "New Potato Caboose" (sounding remarably fresh on this superb HDCD remastered edition) the album took months to put together unlike their hurried debut. This new editon has bonus tracks "Alligator", "Caution" and "Feedback" recorded live, as well as a hidden track, the single version of "Born Cross-Eyed". Great new sleeve notes and photos in a digipak.

    Michael Nyman, U Shrinivas, Misra Brothers


    Michael Nyman's collaboration with the 'Indian Masters', namely U Shrinivas, Rajan and Sajan Misra is, as the Hindi word "Sangam" so aptly describes, a 'meeting point' or a 'coming together'. This recording is the culmination of a two-year odyssey composer Nyman began with a visit to India in 2000. It had a profound influence on him and these tracks are a labour of love mixing Nyman's minimalist / string quartet work with Indian mandolin and the vocal improvisations of the Misra brothers.


    Cosmopolitan Bloodloss

    "Cosmopolitan Bloodloss" is taken from the excellent Glassjaw album "Worship And Tribute" but also features two non album tracks and a video-enhanced section.



    Trapt have developed from playing support to the likes of Papa Roach and Nickelback into one of the upcoming acts of the nu-metal / hard rock circuit. Featuring twelve original songs ranging from the evocative "Echo" and the blistering "Still Frame" to the massive US hit single "Headstrong", they're a band who will appeal to those amongst you who like The Used, Rage Against The Machine and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers.



      Disturbed's latest "Believe" is both a consolidation and an evolution on their earlier recordings. It's muscular, confrontational power rock that made "The Sickness" so infectiously exciting, but twists things just enough to make the second time sounds as fresh as the first.


      CD Info: Limited version includes video to "Prayer" plus behind the scenes footage of the making of the video. It also features exclusive, deluxe packaging (folds out like a hard-back book).

      Aretha Franklin

      Respect - The Very Best Of Aretha Franklin

      43 classic soul tracks from the 'Queen Of Soul', Aretha Franklin. Any retrospective gives you the chance to reacquaint yourself with an artist you may only know a few songs by. This is a superb collection to discover the supreme female vocalist in the history of soul, from gospel to groove from tear jerking ballad to funky dancefloor fillers, she never gives a bad performance. One of the greatest singers of all time.

      Various Artists

      Tennessee Mountain Home - 23 Bluegrass Gems

      Twenty three bluegrass gems featuring Emmylou Harris, John Prine, the Cox Family, Carlene Carter and loads of top notch C&W acts as well as cutting edge roots musicians.

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