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Kathryn Joseph

For Your Who Are The Wronged (Lomond Campbell Remixes)

    Kathryn Joseph releases a new EP featuring reworks of tracks taken from her critically acclaimed 2022 album for you who are the wronged, alongside a brand new song, all created with her long time collaborator Lomond Campbell. Described by Pitchfork as sounding like “unmeditated transpositions of feeling”, Joseph’s complex, quietly seething lyricism sees her songs give voice to those robbed of their own. for you who are the wronged is woven with pain, futility and stasis; delicately addressing subjects of abuse and trauma with peace and kindness and extending a comforting arm to those who seek it. The new EP takes the delicate instrumentation of the original record and builds it up to something bigger, bolder and stronger.


    side A

    A1. What Is Keeping You Alive Makes Me Want To Kill Them For (lomond Campbell Remix)
    A2. The Burning Of Us All (lomond Campbell Remix)

    side B

    B1. Long Gone (lomond Campbell Remix)
    B2. Until The Truth Of You (lomond Campbell Remix)
    B3. Call It Out (lomond Campbell Remix)

    Jonathan Rado

    For Who The Bell Tolls For

      R.I.Y.L. The Lemon Twigs, Foxygen, Richard Swift.
      Jonathan Rado was 1/2 of the Jagjaguwar duo Foxygen.

      One of the most in-demand producers in indie rock, and one half of Foxygen, Jonathan Rado’s recordings for The Killers, Father John Misty, The Lemon Twigs, Whitney, and Weyes Blood devour the canon, and return something distinctly modern. On For Who The Bell Tolls For, Rado’s first solo release in ten years, the producer unveils a refined version of his signature sound, intricately sculpted by anthemic maximalism and good old-fashioned studio magic.

      The album is an exercise in mournful maximalism, transforming the mythos of American pop music into a vibrant meditation on death. The spirit of late producer Richard Swift Rado’s friend and mentor can be found across the collection, imbuing tracks like “Easier” with a tangible sense of loss, and Swift-ian turns of phrase. On other songs, such as the addictive “Don’t Wait Too Long,” Rado paints an arena-ready production with streaks of longing and hopelessness. In many ways, For Who The Bell Tolls For is a musical ode to Swift, nodding to the late producer’s legacy with homespun epics that straddle the line between joy and grief.

      Recorded at Electric Lady Studios, New York and Sonora Recorders and Dreamstar II, Los Angeles, the album features appearances by Rado's frequent collaborators, including The Lemon Twigs, Brad Oberhofer, Andrew Sarlo, Jackie Cohen, and Kane Ritchotte. Despite this esteemed lineup and the gargantuan sound of the record, For Who The Bell Tolls For is a solo album at heart. Rado plays the studio like an instrument, his distinct voice present in every nook and cranny of the structure. This presence can be easily detected in every project that the artist touches, but it’s never sounded so honest, so shimmering, or so Rado as it does here.


      1. For Who The Bell Tolls For
      2. Don’t Wait Too Long
      3. Easier
      4. Blue Moon
      5. Farther Away
      6. Walk Away
      7. Yer Funeral

      Robert Haagsma

      Passion For Vinyl - Part I: A Tribute To All Who Dig The Groove

        This book is a tribute to vinyl, a format that is making a spectacular comeback recently, although for many music lovers it never really disappeared.

        Brazilian superstar Ed Motta came to Holland to buy an apartment, but spent all his money on vinyl instead. When a young Mikael Åkerfeldt of Opeth discovered a scratch on his recently bought Bathory LP he demolished his bedroom. It’s Atlantic’s CEO Craig Kallman mission to own all relevant albums on vinyl. He has 750.000 already. That’s what vinyl does with music lovers.

        In Passion For Vinyl a wide selection of DJ’s, musicians, label owners, designers, record dealers, collectors and engineers like Henry Rollins, Bernie Grundman, Hans Pokora, Chris Ellis, Steffi, Mala, Vaughan Oliver, Lee Dorrian, Jacco Gardner, John Dyer Baizley and many others share their unconditional love for vinyl. They muse about the first record that changed their lives, talk about their prized collectibles and explain why they were determined to keep vinyl alive. Passion for Vinyl also tells the history of Record Industry, the Dutch factory that has been pressing vinyl since the 1950’s.

        The 7” single contains two exclusive tracks from Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell and Rinus’ Garage Feat. Triggerfinger.

        Explosions In The Sky

        Those Who Tell The Truth Shall Die, Those Who Tell The Truth Shall Live Forever - 2023 Reissue

          Originally released at the tail end of summer in 2001, Explosions In The Sky’s second album, Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Die, Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Live Forever was a visceral, speaker-destroying escalation from the modest minimalism of their debut, How Strange, Innocence.

          Remastered with subtle grace by Bob Weston at Chicago Mastering Service, Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Die, Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Live Forever – Anniversary Edition is beautifully packaged with restored original full-color artwork and heavyweight full-color inner sleeve. Exquisitely pressed onto colored vinyl for the first time ever, this is Those Who Tell the Truth at the absolute peak of its ineffable power.


          1. Greet Death (7:19)
          2. Yasmin The Light (7:04)
          3. The Moon Is Down (10:03)
          4. Have You Passed Through This Night? (7:19)
          5. A Poor Man’s Memory (6:05)
          6. With Tired Eyes, Tired Minds, Tired Souls, We Slept (12:05)

          Biff Bang Pow!

          The Girl Who Runs The Beat Hotel - 2023 Reissue

            "Someone Stole My Wheels""Love's Gone Out of Fashion" "She Never Understood" "He Don't Need That Girl" "She Shivers Inside" "The Beat Hotel" "The Happiest Girl in the World" "If I Die" "Five Minutes in the Life of Greenwood Goulding" "The Whole World Is Turning Brouchard!" + "It Happens All The Time" "It Makes You Scared" "Sunny Days" "The Death of England"

            TRACK LISTING

            Someone Stole My Wheels
            Love's Going Out Of Fashion
            She Never Understood
            He Don't Need That Girl
            She Shivers Inside
            The Happiest Girl In The World
            If I Die
            Five Minutes In The Life Of Greenwood Goulding
            The Whole World Is Turning Brouchard!
            It Happens All The Time
            It Makes You Scared
            Sunny Days
            The Death Of England


            The Man Who Died In His Boat - 2023 Repress

            “When I was a teenager the wreckage of a sailboat washed up on the shore of Agate Beach. The remains of the vessel weren't removed for several days. I walked down with my father to peer inside the boat cabin. Maps, coffee cups and clothing were strewn around inside.

            “I remember looking only briefly, wilted by the feeling that I was violating some remnant of this man's presence by witnessing the evidence of its failure. Later I read a story about him in the paper. It was impossible to know what had happened. The boat had never crashed or capsized. He had simply slipped off somehow, and the boat, like a riderless horse, eventually came back home.”

            The Man Who Died in His Boat is an album of unreleased songs recorded alongside the Dragging a Dead Deer Up a Hill album.

            TRACK LISTING

            01 6 
            02 Vital 
            03 Cloud In Places 
            04 Being Her Shadow 
            05 Cover The Long Way
            06 Difference (Voices) 
            07Vanishing Point 
            08 The Man Who Died In His Boat 
            09 Towers 
            10 STS 
            11 Living Room

            The Who

            Who's Next - 50th Anniversary Edition

              Following recent super deluxe editions and multi-format releases of classic Who albums – The Who Sell Out, My Generation, Tommy and Quadrophenia, we follow with Who’s Next – considered by many to be the band’s greatest album. The album was a ground-breaking musical achievement and raised the bar for other artists to follow and continues to inspire to this day.

              At the start of a new decade The Who, and in particular their main song writer Pete Townshend, faced an unenviable dilemma. How do you follow up on an international sensation called Tommy?

              The response was an ambitious, futuristic but prescient project named Life House.

              The ideas contained in Life House predicted a dystopian world which seems all too familiar today. Themes of environmental change, all too powerful corporations and technology, such as the internet, which the public knew nothing of at the time. 

              TRACK LISTING

              CD ONE: WHO’S NEXT (Remastered):
              Baba O’Riley
              Love Ain’t For Keeping
              My Wife
              The Song Is Over
              Getting In Tune
              Going Mobile
              Behind Blue Eyes
              Won’t Get Fooled Again

              CD ONE: WHO’S NEXT (Remastered)
              Baba O’Riley
              Love Ain’t For Keeping
              My Wife
              The Song Is Over
              Getting In Tune
              Going Mobile
              Behind Blue Eyes
              Won’t Get Fooled Again
              CD TWO: Bonus Tracks
              * Previously Released With New Remix
              ** Previously Unreleased
              Behind Blue Eyes (Record Plant, NYC Sessions – Version 1) [Take 15, March 16, 1971]**
              Getting In Tune (Alternate Mix) (Life House Demo)**
              Mary (Alternate Mix) (Life House Demo)**
              Love Ain't For Keeping (Record Plant, NYC Sessions) [Take 14, March 17, 1971]*
              Pure And Easy (Olympic Studios Mix) (Life House Demo)**
              I Don't Know Myself [Eel Pie Sound Studio – New Unedited Mix]**
              Too Much Of Anything [Original 1971 Vocal]**
              Time Is Passing (Live At The Young Vic, London – April 26, 1971)*
              Bargain (Live At The Young Vic, London – April 26, 1971)*
              My Wife (Live At The Civic Auditorium, San Francisco – December 12, 1971)*
              Baba O’Riley (Live At The Civic Auditorium, San Francisco – December 12, 1971)**
              Won’t Get Fooled Again (Live At The Civic Auditorium, San Francisco – December 12, 1971)**

              1LP Half-Speed Master / Back Vinyl / Coke Bottle Coloured Vinyl:
              Side A
              Baba O’Riley
              Love Ain’t For Keeping
              My Wife
              The Song Is Over
              Side B
              Getting In Tune
              Going Mobile
              Behind Blue Eyes
              Won’t Get Fooled Again

              4LP: Black Vinyl Box Set:
              LP ONE: WHO’S NEXT (Remastered)
              Side A
              Baba O’Riley
              Love Ain’t For Keeping
              My Wife
              The Song Is Over
              LP ONE: WHO’S NEXT (Remastered)
              Side B
              Getting In Tune
              Going Mobile
              Behind Blue Eyes
              Won’t Get Fooled Again
              Side C
              * Previously Released With New Remix
              ** Previously Unreleased
              I Can't Explain*
              Summertime Blues**
              My Wife*
              Baba O'Riley**
              Side D
              * Previously Released With New Remix
              ** Previously Unreleased
              Behind Blue Eyes*
              Won't Get Fooled Again**
              Side E
              * Previously Released With New Remix
              ** Previously Unreleased
              Baby Don't You Do It*
              Magic Bus**
              Side F
              * Previously Released With New Remix
              ** Previously Unreleased
              Introduction To Tommy**
              Amazing Journey**
              Side G
              * Previously Released With New Remix
              ** Previously Unreleased
              Pinball Wizard**
              See Me Feel Me**
              My Generation**
              Side H
              * Previously Released With New Remix
              ** Previously Unreleased
              Naked Eye*
              Going Down*

              Philip Watson

              Bill Frisell, Beautiful Dreamer : The Guitarist Who Changed The Sound Of American Music

                The definitive biography of guitar icon and Grammy Award-winning artist Bill Frisell. FEATURING EXCLUSIVE LISTENING SESSIONS WITH: Paul Simon; Justin Vernon of Bon Iver; Gus Van Sant; Rhiannon Giddens; The Bad Plus; Gavin Bryars; Van Dyke Parks; Sam Amidon; Hal Willner; Jim Woodring; Martin Hayes & Dennis Cahill'A beautiful and long overdue portrait of one of America's true living cultural treasures.'JOHN ZORN'The perfect companion-piece to the music of its subject.'MOJO'Outlines the subject's life in a series of scrupulous strokes and intimate interviews that are rare in such undertakings . .

                . a cool, casual victory.'IRISH TIMESOver a period of forty-five years, Bill Frisell has established himself as one of the most innovative and influential musicians at work today. A quietly revolutionary guitar hero for our genre-blurring times, he connects to a diverse range of artists and admirers, including Paul Simon, Elvis Costello, Rhiannon Giddens, Gus Van Sant and Justin Vernon of Bon Iver, all of whom feature in this book.

                A vital addition to any music lover's book collection, Bill Frisell, Beautiful Dreamer tells the legendary guitarist's story for the first time. 'Stuffed with musical encounters, so many that every couple of pages there's an unheard Frisell recording for the reader to chase down.'NEW YORKER'Bill Frisell, Beautiful Dreamer is the definitive biography.'BILL MILKOWSKI, DOWNBEAT'Superb . .

                . the book races along like Sonny Rollins in full sail. Like subject, like writer: this is super-articulate, adventurous prose.'PERSPECTIVE'[Watson's] writing balances unbridled passion and dispassionate research nearly as deftly as Mr.

                Frisell's playing does sound and silence . . .

                compelling.'WALL STREET JOURNAL

                Dan Charnas

                Dilla Time : The Life And Afterlife Of J Dilla, The Hip-Hop Producer Who Reinvented Rhythm

                  'This book is a must for everyone interested in illuminating the idea of unexplainable genius' - QUESTLOVEEqual parts biography, musicology, and cultural history, Dilla Time chronicles the life and legacy of J Dilla, a musical genius who transformed the sound of popular music for the twenty-first century. He wasn't known to mainstream audiences, and when he died at age thirty-two, he had never had a pop hit. Yet since his death, J Dilla has become a demigod, revered as one of the most important musical figures of the past hundred years.

                  At the core of this adulation is innovation: as the producer behind some of the most influential rap and R&B acts of his day, Dilla created a new kind of musical time-feel, an accomplishment on a par with the revolutions wrought by Louis Armstrong and James Brown. Dilla and his drum machine reinvented the way musicians play. In Dilla Time, Dan Charnas chronicles the life of James DeWitt Yancey, from his gifted Detroit childhood to his rise as a sought-after hip-hop producer to the rare blood disease that caused his premature death.

                  He follows the people who kept Dilla and his ideas alive. And he rewinds the histories of American rhythms: from the birth of Motown soul to funk, techno, and disco. Here, music is a story of what happens when human and machine times are synthesized into something new.

                  This is the story of a complicated man and his machines; his family, friends, partners, and celebrity collaborators; and his undeniable legacy. Based on nearly two hundred original interviews, and filled with graphics that teach us to feel and "see" the rhythm of Dilla's beats, Dilla Time is a book as defining and unique as J Dilla's music itself. Financial Times Music Book of the Year 2022

                  The Groundhogs

                  Who Will Save The World - Reissue

                    The final instalment to the trio of masterpieces from the legendary British rock group, The Groundhogs’ gets a reissue on black vinyl for the first time since 1991. Treading more progressive realms ‘Who Will Save The World’ sees Tony McPhee moving away from the blues territory of their earlier releases and towards a heavier more psychedelic sound. Achieving Top 10 album success back in 1972, ‘Who Will Save The World’ is the last record that features the classic line up of Tony McPhee, Pete Cruickshank and Ken Pustelnik.

                    A definitive collector’s item as part of the ongoing Fire Records catalogue campaign. This special reissue features the iconic artwork with sleeve notes and an interview with the original Marvel artist Neal Adams. Also includes a bonus download of an unreleased live recording from their final live show in Pocono, USA.

                    TRACK LISTING

                    Side A

                    1 Earth Is Not Room Enough
                    2 Wages Of Peace
                    3 Body In Mind
                    4 Music Is The Food Of Thought.

                    Side B

                    1 Bog Roll Blues
                    2 Death Of The Sun
                    3 Amazing Grace
                    4 The Grey Maze.

                    Bonus Track Available As DL Only “Music Is The Food Of Thought” (Live At The Pocono Festival, Pennsylvania, 1972) 

                    Midori Takada

                    You Who Are Leaving To Nirvana - Half Speed Remastered

                    Recorded at The Premises Studio (London) and in Tokyo in 2019, "You Who Are Leaving To Nirvana" is a majestic work combining a suite of six Buddhist liturgical chants and a musical creation by Midori Takada. The Buddhist chants come from three types of repertoires: shomyo ("Teisan", "Unga-Bai", "Sange", "Taiyo"), but also goeika ("Kannon-Daiji") and mantra ("Hannya-Singyo").

                    After supervising the recording of the Buddhist chants, Midori Takada added her own compositions, with subtle layers of percussion and the melodies of her beloved marimba, giving full life to the sacred texts.

                    Reverend Syuukoh Ikawa explains: ‘Shomyo is a form of declamation of sacred esoteric texts, inherited over many generations. The power of words goes far beyond their mere pronunciation. I think there is something that words alone cannot really convey. If I recite prayers in a musical way, the feeling transmitted will be even stronger than if I say it normally, in everyday language. I think that the musicality of a work carries a hidden power that cannot be expressed in words alone. The setting of the music has an additional power for you and for those around you who listen to it. The words of a song are not just words set to music. They carry an additional hidden power that cannot be expressed in any other way. Listening to Midori Takada's musical performance, the words truly seem to come alive.’

                    Original recordings of the Buddhist chants are held in the International Archives of Folk Music (IAFM) at the MEG Museum in Geneva.

                    The album sleeve features an artwork by famed Japanese sculptor Katsura Funakoshi selected by Midori Takada.

                    The album comes with in-depth liner notes that include an interview with Midori Takada, a point of view by Zimbabwean scholar, musician and activist Forward Mazuruse, and background information on the project by Isabel Garcia Gomez and Madeleine Leclair from MEG Museum.

                    The sleeve features an artwork by celebrated Zimbabwean painter Portia Zvavahera.

                    TRACK LISTING

                    Side 1
                    1. Teisan (0:58)
                    2. Gyatei Gyatei (Drumming) (6:21)
                    3. Unga-bai (4:49)
                    4. Sange (4:50)
                    Side 2
                    1. Taiyo (11:10)
                    2. Hannya-Singyo (3:46)
                    3. Kannon-Daiji (5:50)

                    The Who

                    The Who Sell Out - Half Speed Master Edition

                      Released in 1967 Sell Out was the third album released by the Who, it is remembered for the use of fake adverts and jingles between songs.

                      The album contains songs such as I Can See for Miles, Armenia City in the Sky and Tattoo, and has been mastered by long time Who engineer Jon Astley from the original tapes and is packaged in original sleeve with obi and certificate of authenticity.

                      This black vinyl version is engineered by Miles Showell at Abbey Road Studios using a half-speed mastering technique which produces a superior vinyl cut.

                      TRACK LISTING

                      SIDE 1
                      Armenia City In The Sky
                      Heinz Baked Beans
                      Mary Anne With The Shaky Hand
                      Our Love Was
                      I Can See For Miles
                      SIDE 2
                      Can't Reach You
                      Silas Stingy
                      Rael (1 And 2)

                      The Who

                      Tommy - Half Speed Master Edition

                        Regarded as one of the most important albums of all time, Tommy is a rock opera about a Deaf Dumb and Blind Boy, released in 1969, it reached number 2 in the UK charts and no 7 in the US.

                        The album contains songs such as Pinball Wizard, The Acid Queen and I’m Free and has been mastered by long time Who engineer Jon Astley from the original tapes and is packaged in original sleeve with obi and certificate of authenticity.

                        This black vinyl version is engineered by Miles Showell at Abbey Road Studios using a half-speed mastering technique which produces a superior vinyl cut.

                        TRACK LISTING

                        SIDE 1
                        It's A Boy
                        Amazing Journey
                        Eyesight For The Blind (The Hawker)
                        SIDE 2
                        Cousin Kevin
                        The Acid Queen
                        SIDE 3
                        Do You Think It's Alright?
                        Fiddle About
                        Pinball Wizard
                        There's A Doctor
                        Go To The Mirror!
                        Tommy, Can You Hear Me?
                        Smash The Mirror
                        SIDE 4
                        Miracle Cure
                        Sally Simpson
                        I'm Free
                        Tommy's Holiday Camp
                        We're Not Gonna Take It

                        The Who

                        My Generation - Half Speed Master Edition

                          Released in 1965 My Generation was the debut album by The Who. The album peaked at no 5 in the UK charts and launched the band onto worldwide acclaim

                          The album contains songs such as My Generation, The Kids are Alright and The Ox, and has been mastered by long time Who engineer Jon Astley from the original tapes and is packaged in original sleeve with obi and certificate of authenticity.

                          This black vinyl version is engineered by Miles Showell at Abbey Road Studios using a half-speed mastering technique which produces a superior vinyl cut.

                          TRACK LISTING

                          SIDE 1
                          Out In The Street
                          I Don't Mind
                          The Good's Gone
                          Much Too Much
                          My Generation
                          SIDE 2
                          The Kids Are Alright
                          Please, Please, Please
                          It's Not True
                          I'm A Man
                          A Legal Matter
                          The Ox

                          Michael Chapman

                          The Man Who Hated Mornings (RSD22 EDITION)


                            The Classic 1977 Folk album now reissued on 180m gram vinyl. Feat: Mick Ronson (David Bowie) Andy Latimer (Camel) & Keef Hartley. Insert with extensive sleeve notes by Andru Chapman. Recorded during 1977 at Sawmills Studios, Cornwall, Tapestry Studios, London and Fairview Studios, Hull. Michael Chapman - Guitar and vocals. Keef Hartley - Drums. Rod Clements - Bass. Pete Wingfield - String Synthesiser (Track 1), Organ (Track 2) and Electric Piano (Track 3). Johnny Van Derek - Violin (Track 1). John McBurnie and Vivienne McAuliffe - Backing vocals (Tracks 1,5,6 and 8). Mick Ronson - Guitar (Track 2). Andy Latimer - Electric Guitar Intro (Track 3) and Guitar (Track 9). B.J. Cole - Steel Guitar (Track 5,6,7,8,10).

                            Kathryn Joseph

                            For You Who Are The Wronged

                              "for you who are the wronged" is the much anticipated follow-up to 2018’s "from when i wake the want is", and her 2014 debut "bones you have thrown me and blood i’ve spilled", which won 2015’s Scottish Album of the Year award. If "from when i wake…" was written for love to return, this is where she fights tooth and claw to protect it.

                              Written and co-produced by Kathryn Joseph, it was recorded at The Lengths Studio in Fort William, with producer Lomond Campbell (also a recording artist for Heavenly Records and has previously produced King Creosote). Kathryn is signed to fellow Scottish musicians, Mogwai's Rock Action Records. It will appeal to those that have bought Kathryn's earlier albums plus fans of Lana Del Ray, Laura Marling, Kate Bush, Aidan Moffat, and Erland Cooper.

                              STAFF COMMENTS

                              Barry says: For her third LP, Kathryn Joseph brings all of the brittle balladry and off-kilter weirdness of her previous outings, but imbued with a confidence and cinematic intensity we've not heard before. Beautifully rich and the perfect follow-up to 2018's 'From When I Wake The Want Is'.

                              TRACK LISTING

                              1. What Is Keeping You Alive Makes Me Want To Kill Them For
                              2. The Burning Of Us All
                              3. Only The Sound Of The Sea Would Save Them
                              4. How Well You Are
                              5. Until The Truth Of You
                              6. The Harmed
                              7. Bring To Me Your Open Wounds
                              8. Flesh And Blood
                              9. Of All The Broken
                              10. For You Who Are The Wronged
                              11. Long Gone

                              DJ Bounce

                              Guess Who's Back / Don't Sweat The Technique

                              Debut release on Bounce 45s from DJ Bounce who tastefully chops up some classic hip-hop dishes for our delectation. On side A, Rakim's '97 boom-bapper, "Guess Who's Back" gets tweaked and boosted for exclusive DJ use - fattening up the low end and extended the drum intros & outros - ideal!

                              Side B sees Rakim joined by Eric B for the duo's high watermark hit: "Don't Sweat The Technique". Bounce keeps his surgery quite transparent on this already-masterful piece of hip-hop history, but again, working DJs are gonna enjoy the jazzy injection of energy and find this heavily pressed, smooth playing 7" a useful addition to their arsenal. 

                              STAFF COMMENTS

                              Matt says: Nice DJ friendly tweaks of two classic slices of US rap. Bound to turn heads and shake booties in the Northern Quarter on a Saturday night!

                              TRACK LISTING

                              Side 1
                              1. Guess Who's Back (4:10)
                              Side 2
                              1. Don't Sweat The Technique (4:10)

                              David Bowie

                              Metrobolist (aka The Man Who Sold The World)

                                November 2020 sees the 50th Anniversary of the release of David Bowie’s The Man Who Sold The World in North America. The album marks the beginning of a collaboration with guitarist Mick Ronson that would last through classic works including Hunky Dory, Ziggy Stardust and Aladdin Sane - as well as the first in a 10-year series of indispensable albums stretching through 1980’s Scary Monsters…

                                Originally titled Metrobolist, the album's name was changed at the last minute to The Man Who Sold The World. The 2020 re-release of the album under its Metrobolist moniker has been remixed by original producer Tony Visconti, with the exception of the track ‘After All’ which Tony considered perfect as is, and is featured in its 2015 remaster incarnation.

                                The Metrobolist 50th anniversary artwork has been created by Mike Weller who was behind the historically controversial “dress” cover which Mercury Records refused to release.

                                TRACK LISTING

                                VINYL TRACKLISTING
                                Side A
                                The Width Of A Circle
                                All The Madmen
                                Black Country Rock
                                After All

                                Side B
                                Running Gun Blues
                                Saviour Machine
                                She Shook Me Cold
                                The Man Who Sold The World
                                The Supermen

                                CD TRACKLISTING
                                The Width Of A Circle
                                All The Madmen
                                Black Country Rock
                                After All
                                Running Gun Blues
                                Saviour Machine
                                She Shook Me Cold
                                The Man Who Sold The World
                                The Supermen 

                                Leila Moss

                                Who The Power

                                  "If you’re going to deconstruct the modern psyche," says Liela Moss, "you might as well dance to it." On her second solo album, ‘Who The Power’, Moss fulfils that remit with all the power its title calls for. After 2018’s deeply personal ‘My Name Is Safe in Your Mouth’ - a debut solo album at times serene, at others stormy, on every front sumptuous - Moss entered a period of profound creative and personal self-reflection. When she emerged, she forged an album of questioning intensity and synth-loaded drama, with the expressive force in her voice refuelled by the urgent desire to interrogate the role of selfhood in fraught times. And, crucially, backed by the urgent grooves needed for the job.

                                  As Moss says of her feelings during the build-up to the album: “To make music for the sake can sometimes feel like a narcissistic thing to do, and very reflective of our times. So much of being a musician and live performer is about projecting energy outward, which can be a beautiful and powerful thing. I experienced a good round of that over previous years, and now wanted to explore my fears of tipping the scales the other way: why should I continue to reenact the narcissistic habits of our generation, desperate for validation, desperate for space, for ‘a platform’?”

                                  Album opener ‘Turn Your Back Around’ is a yearning eco-lament set to banked synths over a propulsive beat. Or, as Moss puts it: “One filthy, upbeat, downhearted, close-your-eyes-and-dance-by-yourself pop song, offered as a parting gift to Mother Earth.” ‘Watching The Wolf’ is another forthright song for today, its brooding, near-gothic swagger framing a righteous modern-day folk tale about wolves converging to unseat a toxic political pundit. A controlled rage shows in Moss’s voice, which grows more liberated still amid the simmering darkwave throb of ‘Atoms At Me’, where Moss issues a call to free the senses from the call to consume.

                                  That sense of freedom further shows in the album’s dynamic focus and passion. The nearceremonial ‘Always Sliding’ draws power from the idea of impermanence, from the call to “keep searching.” ‘The Individual’ sets a Paradise Lost-ish narrative to a sulphurous bassline and lunging synths, while the graceful synths and infectious melody of ‘White Feather’ frame lyrics with teeth. “‘White Feather’ is a lament for the earth, sung with fingers crossed behind my back,” explains Moss. “Humanity is losing connection with something vital, and willingly letting itself slip into an abyss. This isn’t as simple as my reaction to the distressing reality of environmental damage; it is my thoughts on our lousy behaviour to one another.”

                                  Elsewhere, the moody elegance of ‘Battlefield’ and bruised plea of ‘Nummah’ rank among Moss’s finest vocal performances. ‘Suako’ offers pulsing synth-rock impetus to risk starting anew, while the blissful ‘Stolen Careful’ ends the album on a palpable note of revitalisation, all risks rewarded as Moss emerges refreshed in her hunger to explore new, meaningful ways to engage with the world.

                                  As with the widely acclaimed ‘My Name Is Safe in Your Mouth’, that engagement took place close to home. Working again with partner / producer Toby Butler, Moss wrote and recorded the album in their studio in Somerset, where they live with their child. The difference this time, she explains, was a desire “to create something more urgent,” which captured a sense of renewal while conveying a strong sense of despair at modern culture. “Perhaps that oscillating energy is best expressed musically via machines. We spent much of our time playing with vintage synths and drum machines, building a more visceral palette. I wanted the album to convey a depth of field, to be multi-layered yet feel simple, and to groove.”

                                  Widescreen ambitions fulfilled, the result is another bold leap forward for one of alt-rock’s most magnetic, exploratory voices. Over 14 years, Moss’s work with the Duke Spirit (on pause) ranged from brawling riff-rock to more cinematic ventures. Other gigs have included synth-rock recordings with Butler under the name Roman Remains and various collaborative ventures – with UNKLE, Nick Cave, Giorgio Moroder and Lost Horizons, as well as serving as muse for fashion icons Alexander McQueen and Phillip Lim, among others.

                                  TRACK LISTING

                                  1. Turn Your Back Around
                                  2. Watching The Wolf
                                  3. Atoms At Me
                                  4. Always Sliding
                                  5. The Individual
                                  6. White Feather
                                  7. Battlefield
                                  8. Nummah
                                  9. Suako
                                  10. Stolen Careful

                                  The Who

                                  Quadrophenia - OST

                                    Replica LP reissue of the soundtrack from the classic and influential 1979 film, adapted by director Franc Roddam from the Who’s 1973 rock opera, that gave rise to the self-styled mod revival in the UK. Features a searing, star-making performance by Phil Daniels as Jimmy the disaffected mod. Set in 1965, and also starring Leslie Ash, Ray Winstone and Sting as the ‘ace face’, the film is set against a backdrop of the mods and rockers battles of the period. Includes 13 Who tracks, including 5:15, Love Reign O’er Me, Bell Boy & others – several re-recorded and remixed exclusively for the soundtrack. Also features 3 tracks not featured on the original 1973 album – Get Out And Stay Out, Four Faces & Joker James, and classic tracks from the 60s mod era by James Brown, Booker T & The MGs, The Ronettes and others.

                                    TRACK LISTING

                                    Side A
                                    I Am The Sea
                                    The Real Me
                                    I'm One
                                    Love Reign O'er Me

                                    Side B
                                    Bell Boy
                                    I've Had Enough
                                    Helpless Dancer
                                    Doctor Jimmy

                                    Side C
                                    Zoot Suit (The High Numbers)
                                    Hi Heel Sneakers (Cross Section)
                                    Get Out And Stay Out
                                    Four Faces
                                    Joker James
                                    The Punk And The Godfather

                                    Side D
                                    Night Train (James Brown)
                                    Louie Louie (The Kingsmen)
                                    Green Onions (Booker T & The MGs)
                                    Rhythm Of The Rain (The Cascades)
                                    He's So Fine (The Chiffons)
                                    Be My Baby (The Ronettes)
                                    Da Doo Ron Ron (The Crystals)

                                    Peter Doherty & The Puta Madres

                                    Who’s Been Having You Over / Paradise Is Under Your Nose

                                      THIS IS A RECORD STORE DAY 2019 EXCLUSIVE, LIMITED TO ONE PER PERSON.

                                      Listen - 2000 only worldwide on pink vinyl. Who’s Been Having You Over is the first single from Peter Doherty, The Libertines and Babyshambles new band, The Puta Madres. Paradise Is Under Your Nose will be the second single. This special RSD release brings both digital only singles together. These mixes are exclusive to this RSD release and wont be on vinyl again. Peter Doherty & The Puta Madres release their eponymously titled debut album on Friday 26th April though Strap Originals. ‘Peter Doherty & The Puta Madres’ was recorded live to beautifully capture the essence and spirit of the Puta Madres at a family home overlooking a fishing village in Étretat Normandy, over 4 days last summer and mixed at Urchin Studios (East London). The album is engineered by Dan Cox (Laura Marling, Thurston Moore, Florence & The Machine)and produced by Jai Stanley (long time friend and manager). ‘Peter Doherty & The Puta Madres’ is a devastatingly intimate portrait of love, loss, being lost, happiness, tragedy, addiction and the power of the human soul to transcend its darker levels. All the songs from the album were road tested over the last 18 months across Europe at Festivals and headline shows. Tracks : Who's Been Having You Over (CT Single Mix) - 3.41 / Paradise Is Under Your Nose (Single Version) - 4.41

                                      Various Artists

                                      Escape To The Red Mountains / Who The Fuck Is Cup Of Tea? Inc. Lockwood

                                      After teasing our pleasure centres with that excellent sampler and the Studio58 album, Lemonade serve up their newest press of fruits: Lockwood's 'Escape to the Red Mountains' EP. Picking up right where they left off with "Blue Heron" on the sampler, Lockwood's debut EP on Lemonade is a perfect slice of musical escapism. With influences from jazz, house, garage & ambient, Lockwood tell their story about a boy's adventure of becoming a man. Packed with bleeps, bloops, cats in space and broken rhythms, these are  some astral travellin', speakers not handlin', dance floor tremblin' vibrations. Take the trip folks!

                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                      Millie says: This really does have it all, mainly jazz instrumentals but it incorporates different genres seamlessly such as house elements, spoken word, merging an electronic jazz-funk groove and broken beats thrown into the mix too for some good measure. The outcome is brilliant, you’ve got to hear this one.

                                      TRACK LISTING

                                      A. Lockwood - Jane's News
                                      A. Lockwood - What Time Is It ?
                                      A. Lockwood_Escape To The Red Mountain
                                      B. Numen Feat Sadu - Chptr 1
                                      B. Fungku - Nospce/Rip
                                      B. Yarno & Vicking - Elevator
                                      B. Title - Froove
                                      B. Pippin - Tsu
                                      B. Mambelle & Fungku - Calm Before The Storm

                                      Noel Gallagher takes some time out from feuding with shirty brother, Liam to put together a brand new full-length album with his High-Flying Bird cohorts. We kick things off with the decidedly 'D'You Know What I Mean'-y percussive scree, backed with distant shouting, thundering bass and growing shadowy reverbs on 'Fort Knox', obviously setting up a grand and extended entrance piece. From there we move into the stabbing horns and distorted bass of 'Holy Mountain', perfectly displaying his keen ear for melody, and almost irritating ability for penning a ruthless earworm. From there we move into the sleazy rock and roll of 'Keep On Reaching', owing as much to classic rock as it does disco with the harmonising backing vox and effervescent synth-brass. 

                                      'She Taught Me How To Fly' presents a truly diverse set of influences, from dreamy synths to the airy ducked bass and dusty snappy percussives, providing a perfect balance between Noel's brilliantly robust compositional techniques and the more avant construction of mesmeric Krautrock or psychedelia. 'Black & White Sunshine' couldn't possibly be any more geared towards Oasis' fans, with that legendary vocal harmony NG does so well making an appearance, as well as the three-chord progressive lift we've heard once or twice before. 

                                      What is most impressive is that the High Flying Birds have managed to step away from the considerable shadow that Oasis cast, whilst still retaining the melodic elements that made it resonate with so many people.   

                                      TRACK LISTING

                                      CD TRACK LISTING (STANDARD & DELUXE)
                                      1. Fort Knox
                                      2. Holy Mountain
                                      3. Keep On Reaching
                                      4. It’s A Beautiful World
                                      5. She Taught Me How To Fly
                                      6. Be Careful What You Wish For
                                      7. Black & White Sunshine
                                      8. Interlude (Wednesday Part 1)
                                      9. If Love Is The Law
                                      10. The Man Who Built The Moon
                                      11. End Credits (Wednesday Part 2)
                                      (Bonus Track) Dead In The Water (Live At RTÉ 2FM Studios, Dublin)

                                      LP TRACK LISTING
                                      A SIDE
                                      1. Fort Knox
                                      2. Holy Mountain
                                      3. Keep On Reaching
                                      4. It’s A Beautiful World
                                      5. She Taught Me How To Fly
                                      B SIDE
                                      6. Be Careful What You Wish For
                                      7. Black & White Sunshine
                                      8. Interlude (Wednesday Part 1)
                                      9. If Love Is The Law
                                      10.The Man Who Built The Moon
                                      11.End Credits (Wednesday Part 2)

                                      Trembling Bells

                                      Who Call The Law? / Made For The May

                                        THIS IS A RECORD STORE DAY 2016 EXCLUSIVE, LIMITED TO ONE PER PERSON.

                                        Trembling Bells we joined by Stevie "Reverb" Jackson (Belle and Sebastian) on this brand new recording exclusive for Record Store Day. It was recorded by "The Sovereign Self" engineer Luigi Pasquini.

                                        "Who Call The Law?" is an amorous crime caper written by maverick English songsmith, Dan Haywood. It examines the antagonisms that ensue when a relationship disintegrates and the big questions that we are left to face

                                        David Bowie

                                        The Man Who Sold The World - 180 Gram Vinyl Edition

                                          "Even though it contained no hits, The Man Who Sold the World, for most intents and purposes, is the beginning of David Bowie's classic period. Working with guitarist Mick Ronson and producer Tony Visconti for the first time, Bowie developed a tight, twisted heavy guitar rock that appears simple on the surface but sounds more gnarled upon each listen. The mix is off-center, with the fuzz-bass dominating the compressed, razor-thin guitars and Bowie's strangled, affected voice. The sound of The Man Who Sold the World is odd, but the music is bizarre itself, with Bowie's bizarre, paranoid futuristic tales melded to Ronson's riffing and the band's relentless attack. Musically, there isn't much innovation on The Man Who Sold the World - it is almost all hard blues-rock or psychedelic folk-rock - but there's an unsettling edge to the band's performance, which makes the record one of Bowie's best albums." - Allmusic.

                                          TRACK LISTING

                                          The Width Of A Circle 8:07
                                          All The Madmen 5:38
                                          Black Country Rock 3:33
                                          After All 3:52
                                          Running Gun Blues 3:12
                                          Saviour Machine 4:27
                                          She Shook Me Cold 4:13
                                          The Man Who Sold The World 3:58
                                          The Supermen 3:39

                                          The Supremes

                                          Buttered Pop Corn / Who's Lovin You

                                            In 1959, a former amateur boxer started a record label out of his home in Detroit, Michigan. Employing the colors yellow and black and releasing any genre that could become a hit, Tamla Records and Berry Gordy laid the foundation for what would become a global empire. We are proud to announce an ongoing partnership with Universal Music to bring Tamla’s classic early Motown records back to vinyl. Tamla’s stripes label era (1959-61) produced million-sellers, debut releases from soon-to-be global icons, quasi-doowop anthems, and proto-surf experiments, all just looking for the next big thing. To say that they were successful would be an understatement. These are cornerstones of American popular music and they were all housed on this label that was headquartered at an unassuming home on Detroit’s West Grand Boulevard, which would soon become known to the world as Hitsville USA.

                                            Bill Fay

                                            Who Is The Sender?

                                              Ask Bill Fay about his relationship with his instrument and he says something revealing, not ”Ever since I learnt to play the piano,” but “Ever since the piano taught me…”

                                              What the piano taught him was how to connect to one of the great joys of his life. “Music gives,” he says. And he is a grateful receiver. But, it makes him wonder, “Who is the sender?”

                                              Fay - who after more than five decades writing songs is finally being appreciated as one of our finest living practitioners of the art – asserts that songs aren’t actually written but found. He recorded two phenomenal but largely overlooked albums for Decca offshoot Nova in 1970 and 1971. After 27 years of neglect, people like Nick Cave, Jim O’ Rourke, and Jeff Tweedy were praising those records in glowing terms. Recorded in Ray Davies' Konk Studios, North London, Who Is The Sender? sees Bill expanding upon themes he has touched on from the beginning, spiritual and philosophical questions, observations about the natural world and the people in the city he has lived in all his life.

                                              The Who

                                              Be Lucky

                                                7” single, heavyweight vinyl with ‘etched’ b-side featuring ‘Who Hits 50’ logo.
                                                All stock numbered.

                                                The Boy Who Trapped The Sun


                                                The Boy Who Trapped The Sun is 25 year-old Colin MacLeod - the 'Boy Who' moniker, he says, 'feels bigger and less lonely'. Originally from the Isle of Lewis, a windswept outcrop of the Outer Hebrides, MacLeod was discovered swinging round the rafters of an Aberdeen bar, dishing out Deep Purple covers and, he says, 'generally acting like an arse'. Having smashed his guitar and knocked himself unconscious on stage, he set to cleaning up both the broken instrument and his act. Thus The Boy moved to London, to become a solo artist and an adult.

                                                And so emerged "Fireplace", with MacLeod playing all the instruments bar the strings himself. Hazy opener "Golden" sets the scene, with MacLeod gently drawing the listener into his world. New single "Katy" is more upbeat, a catchy paean to avoiding commitment. Title track "Fireplace" was written when MacLeod was housebound for four days as a fierce storm battered Lewis, while the loose, bluesy "Home" was written in London, about being displaced in the big city - 'This city's not a home, but it's somewhere to get lost'. "Walking In The Dark" is an achingly pretty piano-led track, while the waltz-y, wry "Dreaming Like A Fool" is the tale of ex-girlfriend who tried to stab MacLeod. 'Lately it feels like we're drifting apart', he sings. 'It could be because you're insane'.
                                                Riding on a dream-like descending riff "Copper Down" features exquisite harmonies and a deft, mid-song change of pace. The final track is the haunting, beautifully arranged "Antique Cobweb". There follows the hidden spoken-word outro "Poem", its second verse in Gaelic, wonderfully evocative of the Isle of Lewis and the sea that defines it. "Fireplace" is a beautifully realised debut from an authentic new talent. Listen again and again.

                                                TRACK LISTING

                                                1. Golden
                                                2. Katy
                                                3. Fireplace
                                                4. I See You
                                                5. Home
                                                6. Thorn In Your Side
                                                7. Walking In The Dark
                                                8. Dreaming Like A Fool
                                                9. Telescope
                                                10. Copper Down
                                                11. Antique Cobweb / Poem (Hidden Track)

                                                Francis Harold & The Holograms

                                                Who Said These Were Happy Times

                                                  It's like the first time TAD's "Gods Balls" twatted our tweeters, the first time Pissed Jeans webbed out our woofers, and when we first discovered the skronk-spazz of Wanghead, Scratch Acid, Samhain and Blood Circus all boiled into one exploding pussball. Nasty, horrible, dirgy, brilliant, scary lyrics…and the real grime under the fingernails of the US underground.

                                                  Karen Elson's transformation from fashion’s favourite redheaded ingénue to beguiling chanteuse has been something of a slow burn. In 2003 she provided vocals for a version of Robert Plant's "Last Time I Saw Her" and in 2006 she recorded an English language version of "Je T’Aime… Moi Non Plus" ("I Love You… Me Neither") with Cat Power for a Serge Gainsbourg tribute album, but her main musical outlet has been as a founding member of New York City cabaret The Citizens Band, a downtown collective of musicians, performers, artists and acrobats whose lively Weimar-esque performances have enjoyed successful theatrical runs of their politically thematic shows.

                                                  The 11 original compositions on "The Ghost Who Walks" were all written following Karen Elson’s 2005 relocation from New York City to Nashville. While making her home – and raising two children - in the city of country music, Karen took to writing songs for The Citizens Band and found she had plenty of other melodies in her head. Her and spouse Jack White quickly put a band together: Karen’s cabaret cohort Rachelle Garniez on accordion and vocals, The Dead Weather's Jack Lawrence on bass, My Morning Jacket's Carl Broemel on pedal steel and brother-in-law Jackson Smith on guitar. Jack White took the role of producer and provided drums. Karen added a cover of Garniez's "Lunasa" to the recordings and within a matter of weeks she had an album's worth of material. Two of her more theatrical tracks, "100 Years From Now" and "Mouths To Feed", inspired in part by author Tim Egan’s dust bowl saga "The Worst Hard Time", were originally penned for her cabaret troupe. The rest of the album richly evokes the lonesome feel of country ("Cruel Summer"), the tormented side of the blues ("The Truth Is In The Dirt") and the haunted stories of traditional folk balladry ("Stolen Roses").

                                                  Graphic artist Rob Jones took inspiration from Karen’s penchant for peach and black to create gorgeously smoldering album art.

                                                  STAFF COMMENTS

                                                  Darryl says: A surprisingly excellent album from Jack White's missus, awash with sweet country tinged melodies.

                                                  The Uncomfortables

                                                  Look! Who's Sorry Now?

                                                    The release of "Look! Who's Sorry Now?" follows the success of previous single "Windmills", backed with "Vodka Stomach" and "Set Me Free", this is intense psychedelic-surf-pop with twinges of the Modern Lovers, Twin Peaks and film noir.

                                                    Arctic Monkeys

                                                    Who The F*ck Are Arctic Monkeys?

                                                      The million-selling album opener "The View From The Afternoon" kicks off this new EP; also featured are four brand new Arctic Monkeys tunes. These exclusive new B-sides have only just been recorded and are the first traces of where the band's direction will go next: Still dead sharp with the lyrics, but musically a little less spikey, even a bit melancholic at times... and still a million times better than most of the 'competition'.

                                                      Explosions In The Sky

                                                      Those Who Tell The Truth Shall Die - 2022 Repress

                                                        The debut album from this band that's made up of four soft spoken Texas lads. Steeped in sentimental melodies and dreamy soundscapes, each song lifts you in the air and carries you away, layers of chiming guitars become layers of metallic annihilation in the blink of an eye. Total silence to total violence, enjoy the ride!!!!


                                                        For Girls Who Grow Plump In The Night

                                                          By 1973 Caravan had moved away from their earlier style and this was one of their heaviest rock recordings thus far. Like all these Caravan reissues they have been remastered and feature extra bonus tracks.

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