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BMX Bandits

Star Wars - 30th Anniversary Remaster

    To celebrate the 30th Anniversary of BMX Bandits seminal sophomore LP, Star Wars, Past Night From Glasgow will release the remastered album on vinyl to coincide with May 4th (Star Wars Day).

    Featuring the classic Bandits line up: Stuart, McAlinden, Blake, Kelly, Keen and MacDonald the album is jam packed full of chiming guitars and catchy choruses, not to mention the odd spectacular ballad.

    The sleeve has been updated (new wallpaper no less) and now features a die cut photo frame with an inner printed horse, how's that for classy updates?


    1. Come Clean
    2. Think Tank
    3. Smile For Me
    4. Green Grow
    5. Retitled
    6. Life Goes On
    7. Disguise
    8. Students Of Life
    9. Extraordinary
    10. Do You Really Love Me?
    11. The Sailor's Song
    12. Star Wars


    Music For Animations

      These recordings are all that remain of the animations experiment.

      Some doubted they even existed at all but we are able now to bring you the 16 slices of pop punk perfection that many thought were lost forever.

      So rare and top secret that we can tell you no more, other than that every single record will in some way be unique and likely of a completely different colour.


      Theme Song (What Are We Gonna Do Now?)
      Life As We Know It 
      Road To Nowhere
      Blow Your Mind
      On A Mission
      Time For Action
      It Must Be An Alien
      Keep Movin’ 
      The New Heroes
      The Future
      Got To Go
      Bad Reputation
      Another Day
      This Is Not A Phase
      Stop The Revolution
      We Don’t Need It

      The Bluebells


        What can you say about Sisters that hasn't been said already? Well what about "Now featuring 2 bonus songs produced by Elvis Costello"? That's not been said before for sure.

        The band were never perfectly happy with the version of "Everybody's Somebodys Fool" which opens the album and have thus chosen to replace this with a different (more Bluebells) version and we will be including - for the first time - the Elvis Costello produced "Aim In Life" and "Some Sweet Day"

        The album will feature new liner notes and some updated art - whilst remaining your favourite sister of all. 


        1. Everybody's Somebody's Fool
        2. Young At Heart
        3. I'm Falling
        4. Will She Always Be Waiting
        5. Some Sweet Day
        6. Cath
        7. Red Guitars
        8. Syracuse University
        9. Aim In Life
        10. Learn To Love
        11. South Atlantic Way
        12. The Patriot's Game

        Close Lobsters

        Post Neo Anti (Arte Povera In The Forest Of Symbols)

          Six years in the making, this is the new album from Close Lobsters. A joint release between Last Night From Glasgow (Glasgow, UK) and Shelflife Records (Oregon, USA), it includes the single “All Compasses Go Wild”. Close Lobsters first came to wider prominence with the track ‘Firestation Towers’ on the NME’s C86 compilation. They signed to Fire Records and released their debut single ‘Going To Heaven To See If It Rains’ in October 1986. They released a second single ‘Never Seen Before’ in April 1987, which strengthened their reputation as one of the leading emerging indie bands. They went on to release two albums: ‘Foxheads Stalk This Land’ was released in 1987 and ‘Headache Rhetoric’ in 1989. Rolling Stone’s review of ‘Foxheads Stalk This Land’ called it “first-rate guitar pop from a top-shelf band. Close Lobsters could have been just another jangle group, but they have a lot more going for them than just chiming Rickenbackers.”


          says: Close Lobsters were one of the greatest bands from the so-called C86 era. They did not "shamble", they could actually play their instruments. But best of all: Close Lobsters wrote brilliant pop songs. Seems like they've done it all over again!


          All Compasses Go Wild
          The Absent Guest (No Thing, No There)
          Bird Free
          Let The Days Drift Away
          Now Time
          New York City In Space
          Under London Skies
          Wander Pt. II


          A Gift From Midnight

            The debut album from Fenella walks the path where Martha Wainwright meets Edith Piaf – a Torch Singer with a dazzling vocal range. The album crosses many musical boundaries, from Jazz to Folk to Cabaret. This is a joint release between Last Night From Glasgow and the students of Riverside Music College and their Little Tiger imprint. Fenella are vocalist Mairi Whittle and guitarist/pianist Jack Boyce. 

            TRACK LISTING

            1. Pretty Abbey’s Mantra
            2. Shooter
            3. The Western Way
            4. A Gift From Midnight
            5. Roses
            6. (I Swear I’m Not Being) Malicious
            7. I Cannot Die This Bored
            8. The Pusher’s Lore 
            9. I Will Not Win.


            Slight Disconnects

              Glasgow indie favourites fourth studio album is a spectacular study in the art of the pop song, both reflective and forward looking. Jam packed full of hooks and classic bis choruses the album also has more reflective moments as you would expect, some 17 years after their last lp. Debut single “Sound of a Heartbreak” will be released in January 2019 and will be premiered on Radio 6 Chris Hawkins show. Bis are Steven Clark (Sci-fi Steven), John Clark (John Disco), and Amanda MacKinnon (Manda Rin). 

              TRACK LISTING

              1. Sound Of A Heartbreak,
              2. (I Wanna Go Out With) Someone Else,
              3. Dracula, You Broke My Heart,
              4. Home Economics,
              5. We Dream Of Canada. 
              6. This Slight Disconnect,
              7.Hot Dog At The Rock Café,
              8. There Is No Point (Other Than The Point That There Is No Point),
              9. Combination Rock,
              10. The Big Sunshine.

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